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  The Kelly File  FOX News  August 6, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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instruct the department of justice to open an investigation into these videos and prosecute planned parenthood for any criminal violations. the next thing intend to do is instruct the darrel of justice and the irs to start persecuting religious liberty and then intend to kansas tell iran deal and finally move the u.s. embassy in israel to jerusalem. i will keep my word. my father fled cuba and i will fight to defend liberty because my family knows what it is like to lose it. >> dr. carlson, closing statement. >> well, i haven't said anything about me being the only one to do anything. so let me try that. i'm the only one that separates siamese twins. [ laughter ] the only one to operate on babies while they were still in their mother's womb. the only one to take out half a brain, although you would think if you go to washington, that someone had beat me to it.
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[ cheers and applause ] but i'm very hopeful that i'm not the only one willing to pick up the baton of freedom. freedom is not free and we must fight for it every day. everyone of us must fight for it. because we're fighting for our children and the next generation. >> governor mike huckabee. closing statement. >> it seems like this election has been a whole lot about a person who is very high in the polls, but doesn't have a clue about how to govern. a person who has been filled with scandals and who could not lead. and of course, i'm talking about hillary clinton. [ laughter ] >> thank you. >> i think america is in trouble but it is not beyond repair. it will take leadership who sees the greatness of this country
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and who believes that once again, we can be one nation you said god. i'll be my best to do that and thank you for your support. >> governor scott walker. >> thanks. i'm a guy with a wife and two kids and a harley. one article called me aggressively normal. i ran for governor because i was worried about my kids' future. then i took on the big government union bosses and we won. they tried to recall me and we won. they targeted us again and we won. we balanced the budget, cut taxes and turn our state around with big, bold reform. wasn't too late for wisconsin and it is not too late for america. that's why i ask for your vote. >> governor bush, closing state. >> here's what i believe. i believe we're at the verge of the greatest time to be alive in this world. but washington is holding us back. how we tax, how we regulate,
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we're not embracing the energy revolution in our midst. a broken immigration system that has been politicized rather than turning it into an economic driver. we're not protecting and preserving our entitlement system, reforming for the next generation, all these things languish while we have these as wedge issues. here's my commitment to you. i did it in florida. we can fix these things. we can grow economically and restore america's leadership in the world so everybody has a chance to rise up will i humbly ask for your vote whenever you get to vote, whether the primary is. thank you all very much. >> mr. trump. closing statement. >> our country is in serious trouble. we don't win anymore. we don't beat china in trade. we don't beat japan with their millions and millions of cars coming into this country in trade. we can't beat mexico at the border or in trade. we can't do anything right.
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our military has to be strengthened. our vets have to be taken care of. we have to end obamacare and we have to make our country great again. and i will do that. thank you. >> gentlemen, thank you. >> it's over. >> that's it. >> it really is. they don't look relieved. they're like get me out of here. thank you all very much. that will do it for the first republican primary debate night of the 2016 presidential race. the candidates will now be joined by the families on stage. we're not done. "the kelly file" starts in a moment. i'll be running over to the other set. how are you?
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>> the family has been here on pins and needles. >> way more nervous. waiting for every answer. waiting for everything. they get up. they get their hugs, their kisses. >> it has to be a big relief. they're only human. just to get this over with. >> at the rick of sounding pollyanna-ish, i think all ten candidates did quite well. >> look at this. look at senator cruz. i think they allemselves well. i thought they all made their points. >> they all had moments. they all had some moment on some issue and they really ran the gamut as far as the different issues. we've been working in that cocoon for a long time. here come one of them now. senator? hi. >> thank you.
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>> hello, mrs. rubio. >> if you can't hear at hole, senator rubio is mocking chris wallace. that's fun. >> it is always good for a laugh. look at all these families up here. >> it is a nice moment. they duke it out. >> this has been fun. we're one down. one down. >> that's it for us. the. >> "kelly file" starts right now. we'll see if i make it. tonight, campaign 2016 is officially on. and the center of the political universe is right here. cleveland, ohio. in the four months since the first major presidential candidate declared, we have witness countless campaign stops, handle shakes, interview. >> knowing what we know now, would you have authorized the invasion? >> and political jabs.
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>> he is a joke on immigration. >> all of a sudden we're in a reality tv show. >> make america weaker and more vulnerable. >> this week was the candidates' real test on the road to the white house. facing off debating in person in front of a packed house and the fox news political team. >> i'm my own man. i govern as a conservative. >> if you think it was bad now, you should have seen it when i got there. >> if i'm the nominee, we will be the party of the future. >> and who falters? >> raise your hand now if you won't make that pledge tonight. mr. trump? >> who was the big surprise of the evening? >> listen, senator, when you're sitting in the subcommittee blowing hot air about this, you can say things like that. when you're responsible for protecting the lives of the american people, then what you need to do is to make sure that --
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>> here's the problem. i know you gave him a big hug. if you want to give him a big hug, go right ahead. i think you're on the wrong side of this. >> i don't think you heard me. you're having a hard time tonight. >> frank luntz is here with his panel of voters. plus an all star analysis plug brit hume, chris wallace, mark, chris. plus, what do democrats think? debby wasserman schultz and bill burton will be here live. >> hi. i'm megyn kelly and i'm over here. live from cleveland on what has been an electric and historic night. at the first major debate of the 2016 election cycle and the night is not over yet. we're here in spin alley.
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and we have a jam packed show tonight. we want to begin with the big picture. who hit all the right notes? and who did not? brit hume is with me now. what did you think? >> it was full of fire work and the audience added a lot to it. the most eye catching moment plainly was the christie dust-up with rand paul over national security and surveillance. as i watched it, it seemed that christie had a comeback for everything. i can guarantee that you rand paul ad heernls for people worried about the surveillance thought did he better. so we'll see. the thing about an exchange like that, where he, christie really went after rand paul. i think he may have damaged rand paul. if you do that, you don't always look good doing it. you may not be the beneficiary. >> let's watch a clip. >> i'm proud of standing for the
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bill of rights and i will continue to stand for the bill of rights. >> and megyn, you know, that's a completely ridiculous answer. i want to check more records from terrorists but less records from other people. how are you supposed to know? how are you supposed to -- i'll tell you. >> get a warnl. get a judge to sign a warrant. >> you know, senator -- >> governor christie, make your point. >> when you're sitting in a subcommittee blowing hot air about this, you can say things like that. when you're responsible for protecting the lives of the american people, then what you need to do is to make sure that -- >> here's the problem. here's the problem. you fundamentally misunderstand the bill of rights. >> explosive is right. >> that was pretty hot stuff. >> the way we had that set up, i had a stand-alone question for rand paul that he was going to ask him after that opening question to christie. we knew there would be a little back and forth but i had no idea
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it would go on that long. it was fascinating. throws the true believers only issue. the others weigh in. >> everybody wanted to know how donald trump did. as far as his ardent supporters are kernel, i think did he fine. the question i think was, how does he expand beyond that base of support? did he stand out tonight in a way to do that? and i don't think he did. i think he did fine. i don't think there was, he got a little testy with you and that was an ugly moment and i think it was ungentlemanly. i think a lot of people won't like that. but i don't think he moved the ball particularly one way or the other. in terms of moments oorgs moments, the best closing statement was ben carson's. it was great. and funny it was -- >> we have a clip of that. let's listen. >> well, i haven't said anything about me being the only one to do anything. so let me try that. i'm the only one that separates
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siamese twins. [ laughter ] the only one that. to operate on babies while they were still in a mother's womb. theon one to take out half of a brain although you would think if you go to washington, that someone had beat me to it. but i'm very hopeful that i'm not the only one willing to pick up the baton of freedom. freedom is not free. we must fight for it every day. everyone of us must fight for it. we're fighting for our children and the next generation. >> scale of 1 to 10. >> that was a 9. way up there. especially given the fact that just previous to that, when he was talking about race. he made an outstanding comment about that. i think a lot of people remember. somebody asked him, npr reporter, he said he was asked about race. i'm a neurosurgeon. a great answer.
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and he topped with it his closing statement. and all the more impressive because this man is a total rookie. >> exactly. really a total rookie. >> let's talk about the news made at the top of the debate. we talk to about whether we expected donald trump to raise his hand and say i will pledge to support. and he refused to pledge. to support the republican nominee. here it is. >> raise your hand now if you won't make that pledge tonight. mr. trump. mr. trump. to be clear, you're standing on a republican primary stage. >> i fully understand. >> the place where the rnc will give the nominee the nod. >> i fully understand. >> that experts say an independent run would almost certainly handle the race over to democrats and likely another clinton. you can't say tonight that you can make that pledge. >> i cannot say, i have to
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respect the person that if it is not me, the person that wins. >> he got booed. now, one presumes, ohio republicans, you can tell from the response to john kasich who got huge rounds of applause. that's not good. >> the point in the debate in which trump made a negative comment about the audience. >> people don't like me. >> you know, mr. trump often feels that you don't like him based on little evidence. that's his thing. >> he said basically, he said as much about you. if you raise any criticism. you don't like him. >> people like the fact that he doesn't take any gunfire. that he's tough. and he, there is a segment of the electorate that wants these big shots to be told off. the media big shots, political big shots. they like that stuff. there is a point at which it looks peevish and petty. that's a risk that i think he
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runs and he gets very close to the line if he doesn't cross it. >> do you think it is a turnoff off the him say, i'm not pledging. what effect does that have? >> i think it is negative in the near material. the question is after a while, remember, he has said in the past. if he is treated fairly. and of course, he's the one who decides what fairly is. that he would not run as a third party. >> jeb bush. did he herself or hurt himself in. >> he maid the best defense i've ever heard him give in any size. on education which has been a burden to him. scott walker. >> he did fine. he said at the end that he was aggressively normal. he think he gave kind of an aggressively normal performance. >> john kasich. >> i think he was himself. in this political season and cycling, from the fact as he little bit of a part time conservative. he has a strong record.
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he is an appealing guy, a very likable guy. i think he did fine but i don't think he hit anything out of the park. fox news moderators. >> you were okay. okay. >> not like brit hume. you set the bar very high. >> i set the bar very high by having my fellow panelists do all the questioning. i kept the clock. >> you're always so gentle russ. thank you to you. >> at the end of the night, what the candidates really care about is how they came across to the voters. pollster frank luntz has established a powerful group for us. frank luntz is here. the ceo of luntz global. what did they say? >> we're about to make some news tonight. i want to you watch how they voted. when you came in here, how many of you had a positive opinion of donald trump overall. how many of you have a positive opinion of him now? who was negative toward donald trump when you walked in here? who is negative now? what happened? you were a trump supporter when
8:17 pm
you walked in. >> yes, frank. you know what happened? i liked him when i came in here because he was not the politician. but right now, he skirted around questions better than a lifelong politician ever has. >> anthony, what was your reaction? >> i was expecting him to do a lot better. he just crashed and burned. he was mean. he was angry. he had no specifics. he was bombastic. >> you walked in here a trump supporter. what happened? >> he just let me down. i just expected him to rise to the occasion and look presidential. he didn't. >> now, i want you to see the dials. there is the most significant clip of the entire session. it opened the debate. you just talked about it. when they asked the candidates to make a commitment to support the republican candidate, trump wouldn't do it. watch what happens with our meters. >> you're not going to make the pledge. >> i will not make the pledge at
8:18 pm
this time. >> all right. >> it was remarkable. what was the issue with that? who had a problem with that? raise your hands. >> divide and conquer strategy. he's splitting the party. he will take the focus away from the candidate who is going to be leading. >> rene? >> if he runs as an independent, he will be basically handing the election to hillary clinton. >> i don't believe that. i don't believe that. i don't think that showed at all. we don't even know if hillary will be the candidate. it doesn't make any sense to me. >> you don't have any issue. >> regardless of who the candidate is. we are all republicans. we either succeed together or we fail together. >> i think he needs to stand behind whoever is the nominee. >> i don't. >> what was your reaction to him when he did that? >> that bothered me. >> the one thing trump did, he
8:19 pm
sucked the wind out of the room. all did he was point at himself and have no solutions for anything. >> i was repulsed by it. >> if he runs third party, republicans lose. period. >> is that what he said? he's running for third party? >> or did he say he wouldn't support? >> i thought he wouldn't promise to support -- >> you guys watched. i don't want this just to be about donald trump. who surprised you? who did better than you were expecting? >> mike huckabee. >> why? >> he was so eloquent. no effort for him. he knew what he was saying. he believed what he was saying and he felt everything he was saying. >> i think ben carson really improved his outlook to me. i thought he came across. >> in the back. >> i was really happy to see ben carson speak up. and he thought about everything. but you need to think he's a surgeon. so he has to think about everything methodically. >> who surprised you, jeff?
8:20 pm
>> really, carson. >> because? >> same thing. he didn't get enough out. he couldn't talk fast enough like the others. but he was eloquent. >> did this debate help answer who you're supporting? yes or no? >>. did the debate cover the questions you wanted them to cover? did you learn about the candidates, yes or no? did they ask fair questions, yes or no? so i'm going back to trump. it is the big story. what went wrong? >> he showed himself for what he is. he is a casino owner. he is a person who just paneleders to people. >> a narcissist? >> when we come back, we're going to show you the number one sound bite of the entire two hours. this one almost broke the dials. it had such a positive reaction. >> frank, thank you. so fascinating. up next, my co-hosts are back with the key moments that
8:21 pm
they weren't able to share with you before things wrapped up and we'll give you a little behind the scenes on our team before we went out. and then charles krauthammer is here on the fireworks we saw moments ago and why he says this is a critical moment tonight. watch. >> to the families of those who died in that war, who say they liberated a country and deposed a ruthless dictator, how do you look at them now and say your brother's war was a mistake? you total your brand new car.
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>> that was senator marco rubio a short time ago with an attack on hillary clinton that doubled as a focus on his own blue collar credentials. joining me with his thoughts on the evening, charles krauthammer. you thought that was an important moment. tell us why. >> and i thought, well, i thought the whole debate was a great debate. they're usually completely overhyped and end up like the super bowl, a snooze. this was gripping right through and i've been thinking about why that is. it was controlled, it was very tight. and the questions were exceptionally sharp. and the proof of that is this. think of how few times you have to ring the bell. normally in these debates, the candidates talk on and on. they play their own tape-recorders in their heads with the stump speech.
8:26 pm
there were so many times here where the candidates actually stopped short and left time because the questions were so sharp, they actually wanted to answer and to get away from the question. and one of the -- i think as a result of that, the real story is the collapse of trump in this debate. i thought this, before i saw the luntz group but i think it is reinforced. the fact is he was out of place. when you think about it, when he's free form, when he's uninterrupted, when he can do the flag of ideas, when he can go on his own and ramble, he is entertaining, he is sharp, and he's actually amusing. but here when he was controlled and in a tight setting, he was lost for most of the debate. and i think it showed that he was in a group of professional politicians whom he mocks, and yet they as a group,
8:27 pm
individually, were able to handle it and to be sharp and persuasive most of the time. but they left him out in the cold. rubio -- there were some winners here. i would say i thought carson, until the last two questions, also looked relatively weak, unable to answer some of the questions. but his closing statement was a brilliant one. and i think it redeemed his evening. but overall, i think the winners were cruz, rubio, and huckabee, and christie. because of the way i think he bested rand paul in the debate about eavesdropping and national security. that was the best expression of his campaign. it was the best way to take on hillary. the other striking thing is how little she came up in the debate. obama did to some extent, but she hardly did at all.
8:28 pm
that i found was remarkable. >> when you say the collapse of trump, what specifically do you think went into that? what specifically did you see tonight in that more controlled environment that you think hurt him? >> well, when he didn't have a chance to change the subject, to ramble on to something else, and had to stick to the questions. when he didn't, it was obvious that he was dodging. he was testy, he was thin skinned, he was honest, i grant him that. when you asked the first question about whether he would support or not, the candidate, that really hurt him in the audience and perhaps in the more general republican audience. but he didn't flinch and he was straightforward about that. but i think when he came to sub stance, there was no substance. you ask about the general, he didn't have a clue. now that's a detail. it wasn't a gotcha question. but it showed, i think, if
8:29 pm
you're not involve in the issues and you don't study up as the candidates did. and you think you're above that, it hurts you. i thought he had a bad night. whether it will reflect in the polls, i have no idea. i thought it was not a night. that was supposed to be his night. the expectations were particularly high so i think he's hurt on account of that. i thought he had a flat night. and the one that i'm not sure he will like. >> he is probably sending out a mean tweet about you now, and me too. so shore up, my friend, shore up. >> i'm sure he is. i think it shows for all of that anti-politician atmosphere in the country, it shows the value of knowing the issues and being a practiced speaker. >> charles, great to see you. >> thank you. >> back now with the takeaway from the front line myself
8:30 pm
co-hosts, chris wallace and bret baier. >> we got through it. >> if people only knew how much work went into that, they would not believe. or what kind of a day we have had. what did you think about trump? in his defense, i understand the points they were making. but one gift he has that is underrated is his humor. he's funny. >> so at the end, when huckabee was delivering that closing statement and he starts going down this litany of things. and i saw donald trump's face. and he was getting very stern. and then huckabee delivers the hillary clinton punch line. and trump grabbed himself and like -- >> yeah. >> i thought that was funny. he does turn it to humor a lot. do i agree this was not his best performance but he was fielding some really tough questions. >> and he's never double it before. >> and we were not holding back on any of it. >> i felt that it was almost two
8:31 pm
different debates for donald trump. i thought he did quite well in the first hour. and one of the things that shocked me. i thought to a certain degree he dominated. because when we started asking about illegal immigration, which is certainly a hot topic, i expected some of the other candidates to go after him. i asked kasich about it expecting him to take on trump. instead, he said i understand donald trump. i understand what he's tapping into, the dissatisfaction. somebody else down the line, christie or rubio said the same thing. and i thought they're kind of scared of trump's support. and i thought at that point, boy, they're kind of scared of the, following the trump path. as the debate went on and there were a series of questions on specific issues, i thought that he faded. and you could begin to see the crowd turning on him. i also have to say, did get kind of an applause. we all identify that the single biggest news question that we had to ask was, are you going to support the republican nominee
8:32 pm
or not? this is a republican debate. it is on the stage where the republican convention will be held in 11 months. when he refused to do, that you could see, it was fascinating in luntz' group. republican voters didn't like that. >> we didn't know what he would say. then there was the question i asked him. the opening question. we spent a lot of time talking about it. it was very hard hitting and it raised some dicey issues. he made a joke out of it by saying it was only rosie o'donnell. i wonder how that will play with female viewers and voters. rosie o'donnell is a woman of he is not the things that he called her. and women final those remarks offensive. so he tried to dismiss with it humor. and then kind of dodged on the other stuff. >> i think winners tonight, senator rubio, i think mike huckabee had a good night. framing things the way he could frame them. he has done this before. in 2008, he was always seen as
8:33 pm
someone who could debate well. i think he did good. i think ben carson handed at the end pretty well. >> we've been doing these gymnastics analogies. like how do i dismount? he stuck the landing. >> i would say, excuse me, in terms of winners. i think marco rubio did very well. and he's been fading in the polls. made the argument. time candidate of change. the candidate of the 21st century. for his voters, cruz really said in effect, i'm the serious conservative. forget trump. i'm the really -- >> i thought rand paul was very fiery tonight. he did not seem as skrimtd as the others. >> one candidate we have not mentioned. jeb bush. he has the money, the name, leading in the polls. >> he paled.
8:34 pm
>> i think rubio will the most moments. under like when we had newt gingrich out there, nobody yelled at us. >> in just moments, frank luntz will be here with the most important moment of the entire night. plus, former top white house messaging experts give their take on which candidate made the best impression. and why bill thinks the following question will live on long after tonight. watch. >> would you really let a mother die rather than have an abortion? and with 83% of the american public in favor of a life exception, are you too out of the main stream on this to win the general election?
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as conservatives, republicans, we keep winning
8:38 pm
elections. we've got a republican house, a republican senate, and we don't have leaders who honor their commitments. i will always tell the truth and do what i said i would do. >> some of our political pros have now weighed in on what they thought the key moments were. voters often have a different take. joining us for the american people's perspective, pollster frank luntz. >> we have some more news from cleveland, ohio. okay, who was the surprise of the night for you? >> mike huckabee. >> why? >> he brought a certain level of past history with inronald reagan's trust but verify, trust but villify. >> marco rubio. huckabee surprised me. i think he was very articulate. very relatable. and he made a lot of very good
8:39 pm
points. >> i want a show of hands. who thought huckabee exceeded your expectations? and i have to do this. who thought trump disappointed you this evening? we got a clip from mike huckabee that was the number one clip of the entire two hours. the lines go up, this almost reached 100. it never happens in the research that we do. let's take a look. >> ronald reagan said trust but verify. president obama is trust but villify. he trusts our enemies and villifies everyone who disagrees with him. the reason we disagree with him has nothing to do with party. it has to do with the incredibly dangerous place that this world is going to be as a result of a deal in which we got nothing. we didn't even get four hostages out. we got nothing. >> that's one of the reasons. we talk about check policy or social policy. our group was focused as much on foreign policy.
8:40 pm
what was so powerful about that clip? explain it to me. >> ronald reagan, the past history -- >> i don't like the fact that my president insults my entire party because we don't agree with his deal with iran. >> why are you nodding your led? >> i agree 100%. i think that was a horrible remark to page the entire party like the mullahs of iran. >> go ahead. >> absolutely. i think that what the president said is just horrendous. this name calling, this trashing, this bashing, everybody on both sides needs to stop. >> this was not the only clip that did incredibly well. ted cruz had one of the high points of this evening. when he addresses isis and what he would do if he was president. remember, the higher the lines go, the more positive the response. let's take a look. >> we need a xlanlder in chief
8:41 pm
that speaks the truth. we will not defeat radical islamic terrorism so long as we have a president unwilling to itter words, radical islamic terrorism. what we need is a commander-in-chief who makes clear, if you join isis, if you wage jihad on america, then you are signing your death warrant. >> you don't see an ideological problem? an ideological problem in addition to a military one? >> so i want to you watch the impact of that. that was one of the strongest statements. i want a word to describe ted cruz. >> next president. >> impassioned. >> next president. >> very intelligent. >> focused. >> a cruz missile. >> smart guy. >> one of the most powerful responses i believe that you'll see an increase with mike huckabee and an increase withcr. did anybody else stand out
8:42 pm
tonight? >> i liked walker. >> why? >> because he stated specifically what he was going to do in both domestic and foreign policy. >> erica? >> he is a phony. they asked him a question about the immigration, illegal immigration and he said 2010? no. he change his mind in march. >> who stood out to you? >> cruz. >> ted cruz. >> marco rubio made a huge head way. in just talking to the various people here, he is very articulate. very impassioned. and some of the ladies like him too. >> when he came in here i was supporting walker. after seeing his performance, i thought it was weak. >> who switched votes here? who switched votes? who did you go to? >> huckabee. >> huckabee. >> huckabee. >> cruz. >> cruz. >> cruz. >> huckabee. >> bad news for donald trump. great news for ted cruz and mike
8:43 pm
huckabee. back to you. >> wow, always so interesting. thank you. tonight's top ten all took the stage hoping to connect with american voters while still presidential. joining me now, two white house inside here's know a thing or two about that. the former chief presidential speech writer for george w. bush, and bill burton, the form he white house press secretary for president obama. this is a nice pairing. i don't know if we've done this particular pairing before. i like it. >> so far, we'll see. overall impressions first. >> i thought it was a great debate. i thought it was substantive and impassioned. and i think the people who you expected to do well, bush and walker and sort of leading alternatives to trump held their own and did okay. i think trump had a really, really tough night. i think that his gift, getting booed coming out of the box for not saying that he would two eschew a third party moment.
8:44 pm
>> this is the moment we're talking about. >> what i say and often time, it is fun, it's kidding. we have a good time. what i say is what i say. and honestly, megyn, if you don't like it, i'm sorry. i've been very nice to you. although could i maybe not be based on the way you have treated me. but i wouldn't do that. you know what? >> that's what trump does. >> trump will be trump. >> that's a trump moment. i think that was offensive. women watching that were probably offended by that. first of all, that he even played the quotes about the things he's said about women. he was sort of doing okay when he said, i'm not politically correct. when he went after you, i thought that that, i think donald trump's strategy seems to be the win the republican nomination without women. >> your thoughts? >> i think on that point with women, republicans have a massive problem with women.
8:45 pm
i think that trump was a part of that. if you look at what walker did with choice, i think they've created a massive problem with themselves in the general election should they get that far. they've shown they're as far to the right on choice as they could be will. >> scott walker, i asked him specifically, you don't favor ever? you would let a woman die rather than -- and he didn't answer that specifically but he complete stand. like i'm pro-life. >> and then rubio corrected you. no, no, don't worry. i am as far to the right on this as you could possibly imagine. >> i realize there are pleblt of pro-life people who say yeah, i'm with him. as i said, yeem% of the american population. that includes republicans want there to be an exception for the life of mother i almost asked the question. would you really tell husbands across america they have to watch their wives die rather than abort a problematic pregnancy? >> right. i think that exchange between and you scott walker was
8:46 pm
something could live all the way to election day of the general election should scott walker make it all the way through. >> was there anybody who put the fear of god in you? i wonderful say that. the problem for the republicans, the one who looked most like a president was jeb bush. the problem was he look like george w. bush. >> a good lightning. >> i think so that you have first tier of trump didn't blow himself up but he hurt himself a little bit. bush and walker did very well. so who in that last tier, the people in the 3%, 4%, made a name for. they? i think christie really did a good job. i think his exchange with rand paul and his exchange with huckabee. he showed himself to be a fighter without being too new jersey. i think he did a really good job when rand paul said the thing about i didn't hug anybody. that was a good line. you were hugging him. >> but christie had a good comeback. >> did he. >> he had a good comeback line.
8:47 pm
i hugged the families. >> do you think christie may have moved out of the lower tier into the medium tier? do you think anybody here tonight that's on the stage of ten will not be on the stage of ten the next time around? >> the interesting thing is if everybody was saying it's possible at the 5:00 debate out of that. i think carly fiorina did that. she gave to it chris matthews right after that. she had a really, really good day. i would not be surprised to see her on the big stage in the next debate. >> she was calm, cool and collected. >> guys, a pleasure. our special coverage continues next with digital politics editor and here thinks might have stepped in it in a quest to beat his rivals. he is on the debate team. i have not yet spoken with him about how he thought it went. we'll find out together next.
8:48 pm
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8:51 pm
news flash, the republican party has been fighting against this for a decade. >> i don't think you heard me. you're having a hard time tonight. >> that was one of the more contentious moments between rand paul and one of his rivals. and senator paul may have had a problem with how that appeared on stage. what do you mean? you thought rand paul came off badly there? >> right. donald trump trumped. did he what he is supposed to do. it is like a billionaire honey badger situation. he does that.
8:52 pm
but rand paul through the evening, there was a sourness. he was trying to get in the mix. he probably got a couple more minutes. i don't know if he actually did but he got more camera time by jumping in. when he did, it wasn't with a joke. it wasn't with a point. it was this sour thing. >> but we're being told the american people, they like angry. i had rubio on. senator rubio on last night. and they said your poll numbers may have been falling because your message is too positive. >> do you know how stupid people are in the field of political analysis? >> present company excepted, obviously. >> that's how i get by. >> what do you think, name two. what were the two big moments of the debate? >> the rand paul/chris christie absolute volcano over the nsa was a hinge point in the debate. you guys going up to that. and i know i'm not allowed to critique a debate that we did.
8:53 pm
that was a very best. just the best i've seen. and i'll leave it at that. up to that point, there was a stiltedness and an awkwardness. they were trying to find their footing and get steady. that face melt off between christie and paul put the debate into the next phase. it gets a little looser. people start showing. they. we start to see more from the candidates. it was also, by the way, and i say. this revealing on substantive issues related to running the country. >> what's number two? >> number two, well, you know what number two was. you did it. >> the trump question? >> uh-huh. and there was a moment. he got a good line with the rosie o'donnell, ha ha ha. >> it was funny. that was a funny line. however, i'm telling you, women at home may not be laughing. even if you don't like rosie o'donnell. she bashes as good as she gets. those particular terms we
8:54 pm
bandied about about a woman, i'm telling you, women don't like that. >> so the first round, ha ha ha, rosie o'donnell. then you continue with the question. and you can see the iron bars going up around him. and he is not going to be able to get out. there was real drama, real tension in that moment as we say, what is he going to do? is he going after megyn? what will happen here. >> and there was an implied threat. >> and i'll tell what you. if he thinks that he's treating you well, i would hate to see the alternative. he was pretty tough. >> let me say this. trump's problem is, you know, he is obviously beloved and the front-runner so the vast majority of the republicans looking at him. >> a quarter of them. >> but they love him. >> but he can't just keep going after everybody who attacks him. for him, let's say he come after me now. he's in a very awkward position. i have some hard hitting questions about what he has said and done to women. then he come after me as the
8:55 pm
female journalist on the team. it creates an awkward dynamic. >> i was in the back. >> so i mean what happens tomorrow. >> the question was, was i going to be somebody else? pivot to a more serious policy guy? no. he showed up and absolutely was himself. that's what he needed to do. you don't get past a quarter. you're tug at 25%. >> one question before we go. we always talk in the polls about likability. ben carson. that last answer. everybody on the show. it is like, you kind of forget about, i don't remember what else he said. but he remember that last answer was so great about, i'm the only one up here who has separated conjoined twins. >> it was warm. nice. ted cruz taungd about his father's alcoholism. scott walker had a nice, that was a nice round. >> i can see -- who cares about
8:56 pm
nice? do you remember brit at the last election, constitution derby. >> there was a little of that but it was nice to hear them be human beings. it was. thanks for everything. a key part of our debate team and we are very lucky to have this man. our debate coverage continues next with the dnc chair and what the candidates said about hillary. >> unlike hillary clinton who has a radical position in material of support for planned parenthood, i defunded planned parenthood more than four years ago, long before any of these videos came out. 40% of the stren detroit, at one point, did not work. you had some blocks and you had major thoroughfares and corridors that were just totally pitch black. those things had to change. we wanted to restore our lighting system in the city. you can have the greatest dreams in the world,
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9:00 pm
parenthood, i defunded planned parenthood more than four years ago. >> this president and hillary clinton who can't even say she's for the xl pipeline even after she's left? s the e a break. candidate, which i doubt, that would be a dream come true. >> we saw candidates go after one another on stage but they also took a few jabs at their potential democratic rival, hillary clinton. with her reaction to the first presidential debate, debby wasserman schultz. great to see you. >> you too. you did a great job tonight. >> thank you. thank you for saying that. >> well, i'll tell you, after watching this debate tonight, i'm confident, more confident than ever that the democratic nominee will eventually become president of the united states. and i sort of feel for my counter part, reince priebus. it is pretty clear why they did everything they could to shrink the number of debates and shrink the exposure. >> what was it tha