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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 7, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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the so-called ice curtain 28 years ago today. what a moment. thank you for being with us. i'm gregg jarrett in for shep. "your world" is next. >> we always had a feelings it was a big deal, but this big a deal? consider this. last night, more than 24 million americans tuned in to that big opening fox presidential debate. 24 million viewers. we had never seen a cable news broadcast of any sort, of any length, get anything close to that number. that big, that important, and maybe that riveting. now, what is to credit or at least get the blame for that? depending on where you are in the political spectrum, either donald trump or just a lot of fighting or maybe it is this next guy. the former florida governor, jeb
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bush, joining me now in new hampshire. governor, very good to have you. >> thank you, neil. great to be with you. >> are you prized at the number -- surprised at the number? that's a lot of people. >> i shook hands with about 150 people at lunch today, at a lobster place, and every person there said the saw the debates. then i saw the numbers were as you said. it was a lot of interest in this campaign. our country is going on the wrong track and people want to hear from candidates that have a view about the future of our country, how we can grow our economy and fix a few really big complex things. so i think there's real interest, sincere interest. >> there was some disappointment expressed in your performance, governor. i'm sure you heardded. tepid, uneven, coming from yahoo!. cautious, maybe overly sew, "the los angeles times." jeb bush stumbles, cnn. bush seemed nervous, using his own lines.
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unconvinces with his own lines. jeb bush's performance will probably not reassure party elites, that from "the new york times." what do you think of that any. >> i thought i did great elm attacked about thing the that were important to me. i answered the question of immigration with a specific machine zuo can grow our economy again and respect the rule of law and secure our borders. i got to answer the education question. we should be on offense on education. this whole idea that somehow we're not the party for education reform, i have a proven record as governor of the state of florida that i want to take to washington, dc. we have too many children that aren't gain think power of knowledge, and i know how to change big, complex things, and i got to tell the florida story. i thought it went fine. >> so you're not troubled when a lot of people say, watch thing debate, i got the sense that you certainly got your footing as the debate went on. but at first it was trump, trump, trump, trump. what did you think?
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>> look, i got enough on my own plate to sort out to try to analyze donald trump is way above my pay grade. he garners attention with his language. he is larger than life. but this debate last night showed that he doesn't have a lot of specifics, and ultimately the guy or gal who sits behind the big desk in washington, dc has to have plans for the future of this country, and that's what campaigns should be about. how are you going to fix the border which right now is forrous, how are you going to make sure we have a tax code that doesn't stymy the next generation of job creators. fix the mind, numbing regulations that exist. and how to create a more secure world with american leadership. so i'll lay out those proposals, defend them, and go forth to the american people and say, this is how we build a brighter future for our children and grandchildren. >> you mentioned mr. trump and you had said in the past, what he has said outlandish stuff you
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have refrained from going tit-for-tat but you said last night that mr. trump's language is divisive, where we're going to unite people with a hopeful, optimistic message. i assume what you meant is that donald trump's message is not. >> i want to win. i want to win the presidency. a conservative has to win to fix these things, and languages that divides us -- this reminds me of barack obama as president. all he does is push people that don't agree with him down to make his side look better and the divide makes it hard to solve problems. i don't think we'll win that way. a whole lot of people are defly disaffected. the believe their future will not be bright. six million more people in poverty. the middle class has had declining income for a long while. we should be talking about issues that give people a sense their lives will be better, not about how bad things are or the kind of language that is really, really divisive that preys on
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people's legitimate angst. >> one thing that came atrium donald trump would not rule out running as an independent and supporting the party nominee if it was not him. could you support him if he were the party nominee. >> didn't raise my hand, did i? as i've always done since the beginning, since i was. i'm going to support the republican nominees but it's it's going to be me bus over the long haul people will want to know i have the candidate can win, number one, and number two the person needs to have the leadership skills to fix these things. i religion entrust the voter in the republican caucus and primary states in february and then going forth in march. i trust them to make this decision as it's always been. and i'm confident i'm going to be the nominee for the party. >> i got a sense that part of what he was saying, thatdependsn
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and maybe he could extract a deal. if you were the nominee, governor, would there be some sort of a deal or something that you would offer to keep him from bolting? >> look, that's way too premature. i have three more stops today. going to atlanta tomorrow. i'm off to the reagan library on tuesday. i have events all over the country. i'm full-time at this. i have no clue what the future holds as it relates to mr. trump. hope he stays as a republican. and i hope that i win to be honest with you. >> when he what coming at you and talking about, no offense, governor, he was saying, but the last three months of your brother's administration were a total disaster, saying that sets the stage for barack obama. how did you feel about that? >> this is politics. it's the contact sport, i get it. my focus is on how do we fix the
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most convoluted tax coat in the world so we can grow again. how do we fix the most convoluted regulatory system in the world so that businesses can start up. you know this. more businesses are failing today than starting up. people don't believe their future is going to be bright, and that their children are going to have less opportunity. that's a great challenge. no all this personalities on the stage. i worry about people that are struggling to rise up right now. their dreams are being limited. that what i focus on. who is winning in the here and now is not that relevant to me. >> one last question, and that is you did get -- his comments about mexicans and more to the point, we're told about your wife, really got under your skin, and you used some very choice words to describe him. was any of that true? >> no. that not true. did it get under my skip, anger me he re-tweeted a tweet saying that i'm soft on immigration
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because my wife is from mexico? that is outrageous. unfair mitchell wife is an american, by the way, american by choice. she loves this country. she wants the border to be secure as well so does everybody. one thing i did was i had eight hurricanes and four four tropical storms hit my senate 1 months. i led. i know how to do this and we need a leader that is not going to try to blame everybody else, that accepts responsibility, creates strategy and fixes the things that are broken in this country. >> do you think you were rusty?
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critics and friends say he has been out of office for a while, an iconic figure, the last debate was more than a decade ago. >> if they want to elect a great talker, there's a bunch of people in washington, dc that are extraordinary. look at president obama. he is a fantastic talker. i'm a doer. i'm a doer. i can solve problems. i have conservative principles that are imbedded in who i am and i can apply those principles in creative way ford to us fix these broken systems rather than talking about how bad things are or all this here and now politics stuff. i think the next conversation ought to be about your plans to fix these things and do you have the skills, there is anything in your past that would suggest you have the skills to form he kind of consensus necessary to fix big problem inside the country. when the conversation gets to that you're looking at the next president of the united states. >> governor, the plant parentedhood dustup. you tried to explain that i'm
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not sure we need half a billion dollars for women's health issues. you dialed that back and i was always wondering why did you dial that back? >> well, first of all, we already fund women's health programs. when i was governor we increased the funding. we have community health organizations across the kin trithat do spectacular work. i was talking about the actual $500 million that goes to planned parenthood. i think that's should be defunded. where that goes is a question that congress has to deal with. i'm not suggesting cutting back on women's health clinics. if people got that intention -- got that from the statement i said, then they're wrong. this is clearly my record and this is what i said when i was in front of 11,000 people. no one there seemed to be surprised or confused about what i said. >> people do jump on what you say, governor, maybe because of your standing in the polls and the fact they see you as a prohibitive favorite here,
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donald trump notwithstanding. is the pressure getting to you? >> not at all. i get a sense that the clinton campaign and the democratic party and all of the left wing groups, they do have me as their target, which i wear as a badge of honor. that means they think i'm the one that could defeat their candidate, whoever that person will be. >> do you think you're too much of a gentleman? >> no. look, i think being civil is a good thing. ultimately, we're going to get past the campaign. i know that's going to be really hard for everybody that loves this stuff. but we'll get to the next presidency. and the next president is going to have to work across the aisle. they're going to have to assume that people have good intentions. they just may have bad ideas to be able to forge consensus. you have to assume that people have -- they want the best for their country. not everybody that disagrees with me i consider to have bad
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motives. so, does that mean i'm civil? does that mean i'm too nice of a guy? gosh, i hope we get back to that to be honest with you -- >> i didn't mean it that as a disparaging comment. a lot of people say he is a very nice guy. trying to be above board, not trying to get in the dirt and start throwing mud. do you feel given a debate like last night and debates to come you hmm have to be? -- you almost have to be? >> if i get attacked, don't worry issue'll fight back. i fight harold. i'm a competitive guy. this is really important for our country. i'm going to fight with energy for the ideas i believe in, and the things that i hold true. so, don't worry about that. i'm going to do it with civility. i just can't -- there's no reason to push people down and disparage they're motives every day. we lived with probe barack obama doing this for six years, and our country is far worse off. far worse off. racial depositions are higher.
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people -- i racial tensions are higher, people don't believe the system works for them. people. angry, and i don't want to participate in that and create even worse environment because people really deserve, i think, the kind of leadership that will draw us together to solve problems. >> did you've get any feed back program your mom or your brother ore your dad? >> i got an e-mail from brother george saying, well done, tortoise. my new nick name because i told him i'm the tortoise in the race. slow, steady progress. stay focused, stay steady. dethe right thing each and every day, and that's the way i intend to win, and so he now calls he me to the tortoise. >> a nickname for everybody. let me switch gears inch california there's been news, illegal immigrants have been placed on a city council there, and the a lot of citizens are upset because they are -- they are illegals, and the mayor's argument for putting them on
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there is they have a voice because of the large illegal immigrant community. what do you think of that? >> i think it's outrageous, we have to respect the rule of law. if we're going to turn immigration into an economic driver, which it can be. it can be a strategy to get to four percent growth. we have to apply the rule of law. we have to respect the laws of society, and the idea that illegal immigrants would be on a city council is absurd. just as it is for sanctuary cities to exist. you can't have cities that just blatantly violate federal law and then have the tragedies that take place as they did in cleveland and san francisco recently. this is wrong. it's absolutely wrong. and it creates this feeling that we're never going to get to the proper place for immigration because no one things the borders will be secure and the rule of law applies and they need to think that to get to the elements of immigration reform that will create higher growth. >> governor bush, thank you for
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don't start humira if you have an infection. visit and talk to your rheumatologist. humira. this is a body of proof! do you think that all republicans who are against this iranian deal are in in sync with the mullahs in iran with the deal? let what the president said and a number of democrats have come out against the iranian deal, including new york senator chuck schumer. does that make him, well, like the mullahs? ben stein waying in on that what due you make of that? >> i make of it that mr. obama is desperate. i'm not sure he is well-rested or in good mental health. the idea of comparing loyal, patriotic americans with mullahs and terrorists who want to destroy the united states, destroy israel, is incredible.
1:19 pm
it's element -- almost unbelievable. i think mr. obama doesn't understand have to have a civil discussion. this deal is not 100% terrible. he went down to the lowest level of smear tactics. >> what does he do now that a number of dem croated are coming out against the deal? >> well, he has his most loyal soldiers in congress, and like the soldiers of the godfathers and the godfather, theyll go to the mat for him do anything for him and he may have enough votes to override -- to prevent congress from overriding his veto. obviously the iran deal will get voted down. has there ever been a major foreign policy initiative, major defense initiative, which clearly the president was operating all by himself, he doesn't have the support of his party, doesn't have the support of the opposition party, he doesn't have the support of most of the country.
1:20 pm
what -- who does he represent? does he represent anybody but himself and his love and appreciation of the iranian terrorist regime? who does he represent? >> nancy pelosi still calls it an exquisite document dish. >> what can you say about nancy pelosi. god bless her. i hope she can sleep at night. astonishing that anyone who worked on this deal or defends this deal which could eliminate -- which in a few years will be able to eliminate the state of israel in the blink of an eye can sleep. it shocks me and very saddened by it. i would think conscience would keep any of the people from being able to sleep. let's remember, this is a deal which, while the president can defend it, at the end of the day it's a death warrant for israel. a very, very serious matter. >> you mentioned likely be rejected by congress, but not by enough votes, at least at this point to override a presidential veto. how will that go down.
1:21 pm
our congress rejected it, not by the margin that would end it. >> i think it goes down as a deal that stinks to high heaven. i think it goes down as a deal in which a dictatorialing me la maniac president who does not understand history very well or who has genuine malice towards the state of israel, maybe both, is pushing a deal down the throats of americans and of the world that is, as i said, israel's death warrant. a very, serious matter, and a very serious challenge to human decency. >> ben stein, powerful stuff. one of the finest minds in the country. got scott walker coming up. pat buchanan, too, stick around.
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stiff, cautious, maybe a little unsure, maybe a little rusty from the -- george w. bush saying his brother did a good job. jeb bush insist he well still be the party's nominee next year from president of the united states. former republican presidential candidate, pat buchanan, who served as senior advicer to presidents nixon and reagan, a best-selling author. what do you think of that, senate you hear jeb bush saying, i think i did just fine i. think when all is said and done i'll still be the nominee. >> i think he still has a good chance but last night what happened is a couple other candidates, john kashich and marco rubio was another, they really emerged much stronger and much more effective as potential challengers down the road to take the nomination away from trump. than mr. bush did. mr. bush needs to up his game. he needs more oomph and energy and needs to break out from the
1:26 pm
pack, let's say, of 16, with trump out, and become its real leader against trump, and i don't think he has done it yet. >> do you think he has it in him to do it? i mentioned the idea -- this has been said of a lot of his lieutenants -- he is a nice guy. too nice a guy and he isn't ready for that fight. i don't know if that's fair or not. obviously used to rough and tumble of politics. proved that in florida and obviously worked on his brother's campaign, he dad's campaign. he knows what this is about. do you think he is up to the task? >> i don't know. he was an outstanding conservative governor in florida, a nice man, a decent man. and -- but i have yet to see him out on the -- i don't think he has run since, ten or 15 years. he has yet to show the real dynamism and the drive and energy and really the combativeness to engage that you expect of someone who wants to be the next president of the united states. he has an enormous amount of money and frankly that money is
1:27 pm
going to enable him to lose some early primaries but he has to find a place he can win and has to move out from the crowd, and he hasn't done it yet. >> do you think that -- obviously was angered about the stuff that donald trump had said about his wife and this is the first time he touched on it last night, on how that did bother him. this is from jeb bush talking about donald trump's comments. >> his comments about mexicans and more to the point, we're told about your wife, really got under your skin and you used choice words to describe him. was any of that true? >> no. that's not true. did it get under my skin that he re-tweeted a tweet saying that i'm soft on immigration because my wife is from mexico. that's outrageous. my wife is an american, american by choice shep loves this country. she warrants border to be secure
1:28 pm
as well. so does everybody. >> pat, was thinking whether he needs a reagan microphone moment, something that sets him off or really gets him going. >> i think he does. either that or hey has to show some strength and fire out there in the primaries because i think kashich is just in the to race, he clearly has the energy and purposefulness and the eye of the tiger, and rubio showed something, and frankly, donald trump was mixing it up all night long and everybody is talking today about donald trump and what he said and that's why roger ailes had 24 million people watching. roger is the big winner. >> you haven't seen what fox business network does this whole thing. it's going to be double that. and brett bair is so jealous of that possibility. you watched political cycles come and go andlift is bases on emotion and people's gut effects about a candidate. i can see that guy being
1:29 pm
president. like that guy or don't. who comes out right now of the debates you have seen, of the progress and the polls you have watched, promising? looking promising? >> i've already mentioned kashich and i mentioned rubio. let me mention another guy and that is ted cruz. cruz was very sort of proper and did his debating thing last night. it was not spontaneous. but he clearly has the ability, i've seen, to really move a crowd, and if you get this field thinned out in the later primaries and down to two or three people on the stage, and he is up in front of audiences, i think he has a breakout -- >> never get to that few candidates. so many of them have so much money they can march to cleveland. even if they have no chance itch do. it's so many have so much money. >> after new hampshire, the republican primaries are going look like a creek. they'll be picking up the dead
1:30 pm
and wind all over the place. you can't keep going on if you don't have votes or potential victories. maybe i should have said south carolina. but we're in a big field back in '96 and it was winnowed down completely after the south carolina primary. >> we'll see. i don't know. i think it's going to drag on. i want to bet you a meal on this but i don't like the risk of having to pay up so we'll see. >> it's not like mitt romney's $10,000 bet at least. >> well, one meal at a time. pat, good seeing you again. thank you very much. >> good to see you. >> to pat's comments and those in the race, marco rubio at an event in atlanta, georgia, got very, very high marks and good overnight press on how he performed last night. scott walker, not so much. but is that fair? is he another case of someone who is just playing it a bit too cautiously? next.
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1:34 pm
marco rubio in atlanta, georgia, score very well people
1:35 pm
say he came across as one over the adults in the room. that's just one debate. one night. but i'm sure he would be happy to take that. and a lot of it for going on the attack against one hillary clinton. take a listen. >> if i'm our nominee, how is
1:36 pm
1:37 pm
saying is >> we should actually spend time talking about who the real oopinion net was and it wasn't fellow republicans. it was hillary clinton. a hillary clinton presidency would be a disaster for this country, not just for republican but for americans and that's why i pointed out the contrast. whether it was on the economy, where she believes that growing the economy is growing washington. i believe it's helping get government out of the way, whether it's dealing with foreign policy and the
1:38 pm
obama-clinton doctrine has been a fail. you've everybody in the world that hillary clinton touched is worse off. there's such a sharp contrast and instead of picking fights with fellow republicans i'm going to talk about what we're for and why it's such a sharp contrast with hillary clinton. >> when donald trump said he couldn't assure that he would stick with the party if he were not the nominee, could you support a candidate like that if he were your nominee? >> well, i want someone who is focused on beating hillary clinton. that's where i'm at. i think in the end i'll make a good case to donald trump or anyone else on the stage, either last night or the earlier debate, that our foe is not just for republicans but as americans, the better contrast -- is the people you saw on the stage last night to the people that weren't on the stage, people like hillary clinton -- >> i know that. maybe i wasn't clear. if you could answer that
1:39 pm
question. that if it were donald trump as the nominee and already said if it's not him, he is not sure he could support the nominee, maybe by extension you could you support a guy like that as your party's nominee? >> well, in the end i've said i will support the republican that the voters of this country pick through the primary -- >> even if it's dump donald trump. >> i can support anybody on the stage because i think they are much better pick, not just for the republican party but for the country, than someone like hillary clinton. >> on planted parenthood you mentioned you were defunding, wisconsin defunding planned parenthood years ago. that's earned you the rath of the left, particularly hillary clinton that you left women nowhere to go. what do you think of that? >> that's just a ridiculous claim. we defunded plant parenthood. we actually transferred the money to noncontroversial
1:40 pm
sources to provide for women's health. they. they want the money to do the sorts of thing wes have seen on these horrific video tapes emwere way ahead of that but we transferred the money to other places that could provide women's health without the controversy, and we're ahead of the curve on that. >> now, john kashich says he is with the curve when it comes to gay marriage. it's the law of the land, personally he is maybe old school, not quite comfortable with it but if his daughters came out gay, quoting from him, would love them and support them. if one of your sons came out gay, would you feel the same way? >> i think john is right about that. it's all about love. i pointed out, though, as from a legal standpoint, love -- on a personal basis no matter what family member you're talking about in the end i believe that marriage is between one man and one woman.
1:41 pm
i voted for it and said i think under the constitution, that should be left to the states to decide. but going forward, think that the thing the president should particularly be focused on is protecting the religious freedoms of everyday americans and it's something i think that is inherit in the united states constitution as president, my administration will defend those rights each and every day. >> and you would defend as i think would governor kashich would say it's the law of the land, the supreme court ruled and you would accept that as president? >> well, what i've said is i think i support a constitutional amendment that would allow that decision to be made by the states. in the meantime, i think the most important thing the president should be focused on is making sure that religious freedoms are upheld on something that founders of the country were talking about them. many of them came from other places because of religious persecution and not freedom from religion. it's freedom of religion and i would defend that every day. >> maybe owing to your discuss in the polls and you have become
1:42 pm
a serious candidate, maybe to the left a serious threat, as much as marco rubio, they're going through your financial records and your own personal finances and bills, and much like marco rubio and many americans you have a lot of bills, a lot of college debt. i think a half million dollars in student loan debt for your boys, some visa bills. a lot of debt but a negative of. and the argument always comes up, if he is having trouble handling his own finances how the heck can he handle the nation's. what do you say to that? >> for me it allows me to relate to many everyday americans. i have two kids in college. we have been helping them pay their bills, like a lot of working families. as governor i froze tuition first time ever for years in a row for all university of wisconsin campuses. i watch that much harder to cut
1:43 pm
property taxes and income taxes on working families because i know how hard it is to make ends meet for so men families. as president that's what i would do as well. i would fight hard and win. i wouldn't just fight. i would fight and win every day for working families in the country, and i think americans now more than ever deserve a president who can relate and focus on fighting and winning for them and that's what i'll do. >> do you think there's a possibility -- so many you've up there last night -- that we have a lot of candidates and might not have a nominee by the time of the convention. >> think it's going to be a drawn-out process but that's a good thing. as you saw on the stage last night, a lot of great candidates, good friends of mine up there we have a lot 0 talk about, and as long as the focus is on what we have to offer and not on beating each other up -- that's the approach i'm going to take. americans are sick and tired of politicians who say what they're against and who they're against. americans want to vote for
1:44 pm
something and for someone. we're going to lay out a clear path, talking about reform, talking about growth, talking about safety, and i think between now and time that republicans gather back in cleveland we'll have a great nominee. i hope to be that nominee and i think that puts news a great position to take on hillary clinton. someone who is incredibly out of touch. she could be a pretty good deceiver in chief inlight of the e-mails but i don't think we can trust her to be the commander in chief. i'd love to be the person to make that contrast. >> scott walker now. we told you that about 24 million americans were tuned in to this debate. that is the highest cable news event in history. and i haven't even gotten into how many were watching from other countries. essentially north of the border. the read from canada on what we are doing south of them. after this. and, take a look at the markets.
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one thing that came out is that donald trump would not be among those who could rule out running as an independent and supporting whoever the party nominee was if it was not him. could you support him, knowing that now if he were the party nominee? >> i didn't raise my hand, did? i i'm -- as i've always done since the beginning, since i was 18 years old, i'm going to support the republican nominee. but it's going to be me because i think over the long haul, people are going to want to know that i have -- that the candidate can win, number one, and number two that person needs to have the leadership skills to fix these things. >> all right. so despite a bumpy debate performance, jeb bush still thinks he will be the guy when all is said and done. the read from upnorth, our canadian friend, conrad black. conrad, what do you think of that? jeb bush still very convinced, donald trump notwithstanding, he'll get through this just fine, thank you. what do you think? >> it's very hard to say who is
1:49 pm
going to win i. agree that jeb bush is a viable candidate. i don't think he did any damage to himself. i thought everyone spoke well. i didn't see all of the first group but all of your second heat, the ten people, all spoke well -- >> donald trump as well? >> i thought he spoke well. he is donald. he is a friend of mine and is who he is. i think your overdoing this business of raising hi hand. he didn't threaten to run an independence candidate say just said he wouldn't give a blank check. i think it's being overtressed story. >> rye why raise your hand? >> that's -- donald is mr. outside on this -- >> i understand what you're saying, you seek houston it would be -- how it would be interpreted he is not loyal. >> you have been around this track longer than i have and there's an attemptedded sand bag job. they see him as an interloper,
1:50 pm
and he is an exotic character but i think he will end up supporting the republican candidate, and -- >> you don't envision him running as a -- >> absolutely not. he is not a res perot spoiler, not is -- >> your team was brilliant. my only objection was -- >> do you think that donald trump -- as a big reason for that and does his presence help everybody? >> i guess he is the biggest celebrity in the group but they all spoke well, and they had their different that group. but they all spoke well. they had their different styles. there was reference earlier one of your previous guests while i was waiting for you said that scott walker was a little dull. i thought he was very good. aggressively normal. it reminded me of mr. nixon
1:51 pm
before he was vice president, you know? he was mr. normal. and he was the only one who said that he would revive the anti-missile deployments in the czech republic and poland. i thought he was very specific. i thought they all were good. the point i was going to make was -- >> we've run out of time. >> four years ago they were implausible. if yoyou don't know "aarp". my game when you think aarp, aarp's staying sharp keeps your brian healthy with online games by the top minds in brain science.
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all right. to hear a lot of critics tell it donald trump sucked all the oxygen out of the room. not so. charles payne said it was a good night to remind folks there are a lot of good candidates out there. >> everybody's got to be pleased. anyone on that stachblgt maybe kasich put it best talking about
1:55 pm
his parents look at me. i'm standing on the podium with everyone else running for the president of the united states. he encapsulated the fact if you were seen last night you were seen by 24 million people. how else could you ever get that sort of audience? that's canvassing. >> the fact was, they did offer americans an alternative to what they've been hearing and seeing. >> with so many in the race, america needed that. the candidates needed it but so did the voters. the voters needed to -- it's hard to sift through this. you don't know. listen. it's a bunch of money sitting on the sidelines, a lot of commercials have been run. people just know a little hearsay. this is a great chance for people to listen to everyone say a few things, have a few encounters. not the details that we want yet but it's still early in the race. but i think everyone who was on that podium on that stage in both debates, as a matter of fact, were were winners in that regard. >> jesse jackson might have a slightly different view of the
1:56 pm
debate. what do you think? how do you think he's going to react? party of the rich, tax cuts. you know the drill. >> i know the drill. and i want to talk to him about this. because right now jesse jackson is trying to force silicon valley to up the amount of blacks, hispanics, women. and that was the old civil rights model if you will. the old model was hey, open a door, give us a shot. even though we may not have the skills. in my mind these days in this knowledge economy that we're in, it's okay to knock on a door and say give me a shot but you got to have the skills. and i want to see what jesse jackson has to say about that. it's time to put the onus on everyone, not just society, not just corporations but the person that says give me a shot has to bring something to the table. >> good for you. that should be a pay per view event. it's a little over an hour away when charles payne starts. and that tit for tat is something worth watching. charles follows this closely as well. down weak for the market. same for the dow. running 2% hit for the markets.
1:57 pm
a very volatile week. but interest rates are down. mortgages are cheaper. so even though you've been wiped out, go buy a home. >> if you can. >> if you can. if you can. see? there's the half full glass. we'll look at this this weekend. . new from meow mix with real salmon chicken or tuna. the only treat cats ask for by name.
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