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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 8, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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20 weeks that is a viable life inside the womb. at that point it's the life that we have the right to protect and i think we should protect. so i would pass legislation. outlog abortion after 20 weeks. it is hillary, it is biden, it is the others who insist on allowing abortion well into the life a viable infant. that's wrong and it should be stopped. >> on the same topic governor jindal carly fiorina also on the stage said that she would go so far as to shut down the government over the issue of defunding planned parenthood. would do you that? would you be willing to shut down the government whether it comes to defunding this group? >> planned parenthood had better hope that hillary clinton wins there election 'cause i guarantee under president jindal january 2017, the department of justice and the irs and everybody else that we can send from the federal government will be going into planned parenthood. this is absolutely disgusting and revolts the conscience of the nation. absolutely we need to defund
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planned parenthood. we launched an investigation asked the f.b.i. to cooperate. we just earlier this week kicked them out of medicaid in louisiana, canceled their provider contract. they don't provide any abortions in louisiana. but in terms of the shutting down the government, i don't think president obama should choose to slut down the government simply it send taxpayer dollars to this group that has been caught, i believe break the law but also offending our values and ethics. it's time for republicans there dc to facility too often they give up, they negotiate with themselves and say they'll get rid of the unconstitutional amnesty. they didn't do that. they said they would repeal obamacare, they didn't do that. they didn't shrink the budget. they should feed -- fight to dearthur andersen -- defund this group. >> lindsey graham, this conversation will no doubt go to the war on women and that cutting fund to go this group could be a very broad brush against all of you or anybody who holds this nomination a
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being against women's health or organizations that people will say provide positive things for many women. >> i don't think it's a war on women for all of us as americans to stand up and stop harvesting organs from little babies. let's take the money we would give to planned parenthood and give it to women's health care without having to harvest the organs of the unborn. the only way we're going to defund plan plan is have a pro-life president. come with know iraq and afghanistan. i'll show law they do to women. these mythical arab armies that my friends talk about that are going to precontinuing us don't exist. if i am president we're going to send soldiers back to iraq and syria from being attacked here and keep soldiers in afghanistan because we must. i cannot tell you how much our nation is threatened and how we need a commander in chief who
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understands the threats of that nation. if you're running for president of the united states and do you not understand that we can not defend this nation without morph our soldiers over there you're not ready for this job. >> thank you senator. executive power. it appears that you all have a little bit an issue with it at the moment. i want to move through this as quickly as i can from stage left to stage right. on the second day of his presidency january 22, 2009, president obama signed one of his first executive orders. that was close guantanamo bay in cuba. still open today. what would be your first executive order? governor gilmore start. >> it's not a matter of what the first executive order would be, bill. the matter is what order exists now that shouldn't exist. the president has done an executive order with respect to illegal immigration that is illegal. illegal. it creates a contempt for the
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law, for the rule of law. if i was the president of the united states, i'd go look at every executive order that exists right now and determine which ones want to be voided because the president shouldn't be legislating. not through that vehicle or any other. we should be relying upon the leadership of the congress to pass the laws. >> senator graham? >> change the mexico city policy organizations overseas and restore the nsa that's been gutted. we're going dark whether it comes it detecting the next attack. we have gutted our ability to detect the next attack. i would not stand for that as president of the united states. i'd take the fight to these guys, whatever it took as long as it took. >> governor jindal, your first executive order would be what? >> repeal these unconstitutional legal orders whether it's amnesty or this president going around the congress, whether obamacare to restore the rule of law. i'd also go after the sanctuary cities. do everything we can to make sure that we are -- we are prosecuting and cutting off funding for cities harboring illegal aliens and make sure the
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irs is not going after conservative or religious groups. i would protect religious liberty, our first amendment rights so business owners, christian, don't face discrimination for having a traditional view of marriage. governor perry? >> a pretty busy day. but that iran negotiation is going to be torn up on day one. we're going to start the process of securing that border. i'm also going to take a bottle of whiteout with me to get start on all those executive orders that mr. obama has put his name to. >> that will be a long day. >> it will. >> senator santorum. >> we're going to suspend this for four years and repeal every executive o every regulation that cost american jobs and is impact our freedom and second, the first amendment defense act which is protecting religious liberty. if it's not passed by then, which i suspect it won't boughts president will veto t i will institute an executive order to make sure people of faith are not being harassed and persecuted by the federal government for standing up for religious beliefs.
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>> miss carly fiorina. >> we begin to undo, i would begin by undoing a whole set of things that president obama has done whether it's illegal amnesty or there latest round of epa regulations. let me go back to something that's very important. we have been debating right here the core difference between conservativism and progressism. i am a conservative because i believe no one of us is any better than any other one of us. every one of us is gifted by god whether it is those poor babies being picked over or it's someone whose life is tahjed up in a web of dependentence. progressives don't believe that. they believe some are smarter than others. some are better. so some will need to take care of others. that is the fight we have to have and we have to undo a whole set of things that president obama has done to get at the heart of his disrespect and disregard for too many americans. >> governor pataki? >> i defeated mario cuomo and the first day in office my first executive order i revoked every one of the executive orders that he had enacted overt prior 12 years.
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i would do that to brack. ['s executive orders. but i'd sign a second one as i did in new york as well having a hard hiring freeze on adding new employees, except for the military or defense related positions. i signed that executive order when i left the workforces in new york state had been reduced by over 15%. we can do that in washington. i will do that in washington. >> thank you all. >> moving tonight next question. president obama promised hope and change for the country yet 60% of americans are not satisfied with the shape that the country is in right now. many think a america has lost its can do spirit and that is not the nation it once was. ronald reagan was con fronted with a similar atmosphere and he said that it could be morning in america again. jfk said it was a new frontier. fdr said we had nothing it fear but fear itself. on this level, carly fiorina can you inspire this nation?
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>> this is a great nation. it is a unique nation in all of human history and on the face of the planet because here our founders believed that everyone has a right to fulfill their potential and that that right they called it life, liberty the pursuit of happiness comes from god and cannot be taken away by government. we have arrived at point in our nation's history where the potential of this nation and too many americans is being crushed by the weight, the power the cost the complexity, the ineptitude the corruption of the federal government. and only someone who will challenge the status quo of washington, d.c. can lead the resurgence of this great nation. i will do that. >> we're talking about tapping into historic levels of leadership and lifting the nation in this kind way we are discussing. senator santorum, how do you it? >> i came to washington d.c. in 1990. that sounds like a long time ago. it was 25 years ago. i came by defeating the
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democratic incumbent. i came as a reformer. i started the gang of seven and it led to the overtaking of 40 year democratic rule of congress because i stood up to the old boy network because i believed that washington was not the solution that washington was the problem, like ronald reagan said. i was a child of ronald reagan. i went there and for 16 years i fought the insiders and was able to get things done. that's the difference. we need to let someone who will stand with the american people, who understands its greatness who understands what an open economy and freedom is all about. but at the same time, has a record of being able to get things done in washington like we've never seen before, reforms, everything from moral and cultural issues to economic issues. those of you who have health savings accounts. it's something we introduced. it's a private sector solution that believes in freedom. not obamacare that believes in government control. those are the things we brought and we were able to get things done. if you want someone who is not
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going to divide washington but gets things done, then you should make me your president. >> thank you senator. senator lindsey graham? >> thank you. first thing i'd tell the american people, whatever it takes to defend our nation, i would do. to the 1% who have been fighting this war for over a decade, i'd try my best to be a commander in chief worthy of your sacrifice. we're going to lose social security and medicare if republicans and democrats do not come together and find a solution like ronald reagan and tip o'neill. i'll be the ronald reagan if i can find a tip o'neill. my parents died whether i was 21 and 22. we own add restaurant, liquor store and lived in the back. every penny we needed from social security -- every penny we got from social security, because my sister was a minor we needed. today i'm 630. i'm not married. i don't have any kids. i would give up some social security to save a system that americans will depend on.
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half of american seniors will be in poverty without a social security check. if you make me your president i'm going to put the country ahead of the party. i'm going to do what it takes to defend this nation. this nation has been great to me and that's the only way i know it pay you back. >> thank you. >> thank you. i need a two word answer to the following queery. in 2008, then senator barak obama described hillary clinton as quote likeable enough, end quote. what two words would you use to describe the democratic front runner? governor practice pakistan tacky. >> divisive with no vision. no vision at all. >> carly fiorina? >> not trustworthy. no accomplishment. >> secretive and untrust a worthy. >> good at e-mail. >> governor jindal? >> socialist and government dependence. >> not the change we need at a time we plead it. >> governor? >> professional politician that can't be trusted. >> not a lot of compliments.
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to be continued. >> now every candidate will have the opportunity to make a closing statement tonight. each candidate will have 30 seconds and we start with governor perry. >> this is going to be a show me don't tell me election. i think america is just a few good decisions and a leadership change at the top away from the best years we've ever had. i think that the record of the governor of the last 14 years of the 12th largest economy in the world is just the medicine america is looking for. 1.5 million jobs created during the worst economic time this country's ha since the great depression while the rest of the country lost 400,000 jobs. we're talking about a state that moved graduation rates forward from 27th in the nation to second highest -- as a matter of fact if you're hispanic or african-american in texas, you have the number one high school graduation rates in america. americans are looking for
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somebody that's going to give them hope and there is a place there this country over the last eight years in particular that talked about hope every they didn't just talk about it, they delivered it. that was the state of texas. if we can do that in texas that 12th largest economy in the world, we can do it in america. our best days are in front of us. we can reform those entitlements. we can change that corporate tax code and lower it. we can put america back on track on a growth level and a growth rate that we've never seen in the history of this country. manufacturing will flow back into this country. it just needs a corporate executive type at the top that's done it before and i will suggest to you nobody's done it like rick perry has done it overt last eight years. if you elect me president, we will bring incredible growth back to this country you and as someone who has worn the uniform of the country that's how we build our military back up. >> thank you governor.
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senator santorum? >> i'll tell you how optimistic i am about america. karen and i have seven children. you don't have seven children and bring them piano this world if you're not optimistic about the future of there country. i am, but people are upset and upset for a reason about the future of there country. donald trump actually seized on it when he talked about immigration. i think the reason did he is because immigration is sort of an example of what's broken and what's wrong in washington d.c you see one side, the democrat. with immigration all they care about is votes. they don't care about america. they just care about bringing as many people in so they can get as many votes. on the other side, sowf many republicans, and whoa they care about? helping business make profits. there is nobody look out for the american worker. i'm doing that. i'm the only one on the stage who has a plan that reduced and going to reduce immigration going to do something to help the american worker. you combine that with a plan to make manufacturing in this country number one in
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manufacturing, you've got someone who will help revitalize and give hope to america with the place that is the most hopeless today that's why i ask for your support. >> thank you. governor jindal? >> we've got a lot of great talkers running for president. we've already got a great talker in the white house. we can not afford four more years of on the job training. we need a doer, not a talker. we also need a nominee who will endorse our own principles. jeb bush says we got to be willing to lose the primary in order to win the general. let me translate that. that's the establishment telling you to hide our conservative principles to get the left and the immediate why to like us. that never works. we do that again, we will lose again. we will deserve to lose again. one principle, for example we've got it embrace is on immigration. we must insist on assimilation. immigration without assimilation is an invasion. we need to tell folks who want to come here they need it come legal. they need it learn english adopt our values, roll up their sleeves and get to work. i'm tired of the hyphenated
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americans and the division. i've got the backbone, i've got the band width and the experience to get us through is this. i'm asking folks not just to join my campaign, but join a cause. it is time to believe in america again. >> thank you governor. >> carly fiorina closing statement. >> hillary clinton lies about benghazi. she lies about e-mails. she's still defending planned parenthood and she is still her party's front runner. 2016 is going to be a fight between conservatism and a democrat party that is undermining the very character of this nation. we need a nominee who is going to throw every punch not pull punches and someone who cannot stumble before he even gets float ring. i'm not a member of the political class. i am a conservative. i can win this job. i can do this job. i need your help. i need your support. i will, with your help and support, lead the resurgence of
3:17 pm
this great nation. thank you. >> thank you. senator graham? >> we need somebody ready to be commander in chief on day one who understands there are no moderates there iran. they've been killed a long time ago. that the ayatollah is a readycal jihaddist who really means it when he chants death to america and death to israel. this deal has given him -- we need a president who can solve our problems, bring us together. we're backing greece if we don't work together. at the end of the day, ladies and gentlemen our best days are ahead of us only if we work together and i intend to put this country on a path to success by working together and doing the hard things that should have been done a very long time ago. >> governor pataki, closing statement. >> with all the candidates, why me? my background is different. i look at washington and i hear the talk and i see the promises and it seems nothing ever
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changes. washington gets bigger. tax get higher. the american people feel more distance from our government. i had the opportunity not just to run but to win in the deep blue state of new york three times and not only did i win but i then worked with democratic legislature to put in place the most sweeping conservative reforms of any state in america. taking us from the most dangerous state in america to the fourth safest. reducing our welfare rolls by over a million and replacing over 700,000 private sector jobs. i can govern by bringing people together. and also i've been tested there a wino one else has. i was governor on september 11 and i'm proud of my leadership and bringing new york through that time. when i left, we were stronger, we were safer. we were more united than at any time in my lifetime. we need to bring people together in washington. the talk has to stop. the action has to begin. people can promise you something.
3:19 pm
i delivered in the blue state of new york. i will deliver for the american people. if i have the privilege of leading this country. >> thank you governor. >> governor gilmore? >> i was a conservative governor of virginia. i governorred that way and that's my track record. the key thing that we're seeing now is serious challenges of this country that must change. that's why i offered a specific program to the people of america tonight to address the fundamental problem of getting our country growing again getting our economy growing wages up, opportunities for people. second the international crisis we are facing is most dreadful and most dangerous. i have the experience as a prosecutor attorney general governor, united states army intelligence veteran governor during the 9-11 attack, chairman of the terrorism commission for this country it's time for real substance and real experience. that's what i'll offer to the people of the united states in this dan city for the presidency. >> thank you. >> that concludes the first
3:20 pm
debate of the 2016 republican primary. we'd like to thank all seven of you for being here today. later the night is just begun. coming up next, "special report" with bret baier. you'll see him live here. bill o'reilly on "the o'reilly factor" at 8:00 o'clock. >> at 8:50, our next debate hosted by bret baier, megyn kelly. that's it for us. "special report" starts now. a shakeup on day two of the influential red state gather not guilty atlanta. presidential hopefuls mike
3:21 pm
huckabee senator ted cruz, jeb bush governor scotty scott walker, duration the audience. most notable is who was not there. welcome, i'm arthel neville. >> i'm eric shaun. front runner donald trump, he was scheduled to give the keynote speech tonight. but instead his invitation has been rescinded. that because of the controversial comments he made about fox news anchor megyn kelly during an interview on another network. jonathan serrie lab following this all live. >> reporter: hi. donald trump was originally scheduled to speak at a red state tailgate party which was supposed to take place a few miles away from where i'm standing at the college football hall of fame. however, the organizer disinvited him after his controversial remarks about fox news anchor megyn kelly. so instead, the final candidate to speak today was wisconsin governor scott walker. he's been criticized in the past
3:22 pm
for not having as much international experience, made foreign policy a focus of his red state speech. he told the audience he would cancel the iran deal on day one of being elected president and reimpose sanctions. >> i remember my brother and i tying ribbons around a tree? front of our house during the 444 days that iran held 52 americans hostage. iran is not place we should be doing business with. >> reporter: earlier today candidates mike huckabee and jeb bush spoke at the gathering of conservative activists and ted cruz received a loud round of applause when he pledged to reverse some of the decisions of the current administration. >> on january 20, 2017, the first thing i intend to do is
3:23 pm
rescind every single illegal and unconstitutional executive action taken by barak obama. [ applause ] >> reporter: a total of nine gop presidential contenders have spoken here at this influential conservative gathering. eric? >> in talking about the issues, thank you. arthel? >> top democrats stepping away from the nuclear deal with iran, including influential senator chuck schumer. what kind of message does this send to the world if congress rejects the deal negotiated by the u.s.? five other powers and iran. >> i would describe this as an announcement that was not particularly surprising to anybody here at the white house even if it was disappointing. but it doesn't change our
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time for a quick check of the headlines we're following for you. arlington, texas police officer fatally shoots a college football player. investigators say is the-year-old christian taylor, a sophomore, was killed during a struggle after reports say he tried it use his car to crash through the windows of a buick dealership. police claim he was trying o rob it. his family denies that. a juror in the colorado movie theater shooting trial says she hopes there is no backlash over its decision. this after the panel failed to agree on the death penalty because of a lone juror who refused to back that. instead, james holmes will spend the rest of his life in prison. target is announcing it's removing gender labels from its children's sections. advocates saying the change is a step towards removing gender
3:26 pm
limitation in childhood. the taliban claiming responsibility for a horrific attack on a special ops base in afghanistan, killing one american soldier and wounding at least two other americans in this strike. this just hours after explosions rocked heavily populated areas on the afghan capitol. peter doocy in washington with all the details. >> reporter: the taliban is now taking responsibility for this bloodshed and the afghan president says he thinks he knows why they did it. his office speculates the taliban is trying to create a diversion so that nobody pays attention to their internal political problems as members of the taliban jockey for positions that do not include omar, the taliban leader who we found out has been dead for two years. things have been relatively quiet for the last two weeks in kabul, but that all changed in a
3:27 pm
horrifying way on friday. first a truck bomb senatened a -- flattened a city block killing 15. then a suicide bomber in a police uniform detonated in front of a police academy killing 20 recruits. finally, the attackers set their sights on the u.s. military special forces headquarters in kabul at camp integrity. killing one american and injuring two others. women and children were among the 44 people killed. for that reason, the state department says these attacks quote, demonstrate again the insurgency's complete disregard for the lives of innocent afghans. such actions have no justification. afghanistan has a pretty big problem right knew because before terrorists killed dozens of people yesterday the united nations had already released data earlier this week that the first half of this year has been the deadliest half year in
3:28 pm
afghanistan for civilians since 2009. almost 1600 innocent civilians were killed there just between january and june. arthel? >> peter doocy thanks so much. chuck schumer this week came out against this iranian nuclear deal. that was an act of burge bravery and i salute him for doing that. >> that was ted cruz of texas praising a liberal democrat. new york senator chuck schumer who stung the white house this week by announcing he will not support the iranian nuclear deal. schumer one of the nation's top democrats, the likely successor to harry reid. now he's being attacked by former obama administration officials and white house spokesman josh earnest for going against the president. so what does this mean for the looming congressional vote? on the deal that's coming up in september, a former c.i.a. analyst and the senior vice president of the center for security policy. fred schumer says no for several reasons. one, he cites no any time
3:29 pm
anywhere inspections. he's critical that has to be approved bay commission. he's worried iran can get a nuke in ten years. not to mention icbm's and the hundreds of millions of potentially for terrorism. where is senator schumer wrong? >> i don't think he's wrong. i think this was stunning criticism by liberal democrats and i think it's a game changer. i think he has provided cover for democrats who do not want to go along with this terrible deal. he put the lie to president obama's claim that american opponents to this deal are republicans and common cause with death to america chanting iranian hard liners. third, i think is really important, schumer's made it clear that the president is worried. obviously they're worried that a prominent democrat came out against this deal and that this is going to help undermine it and that's why the president's people attacked schumer so viciously and i might add that the tablet, this is a jewish
3:30 pm
online journal right and left contributors, wrote an editorial on friday complaining the president's rhetoric on this is code language not just for anti-semitic remarks but to try to blame american jews that this goes down. eric this is frankly out of bounds kind of criticism and the president has to stop it. >> in terms of schumer he did the quarterback sneak right in the middle apparently of the fox news debate the other night and now apparently he is not going to be lobbying the other senators but saying they should vote their conscience. should he go out and make his case one by one to each of his fellow democratic colleagues? >> i hope that he will. i think he was surprised that there were attacks from some groups on the left and the white house. but this is a matter of principle. this is not a right or left thing. it's not an american or israeli thing. this will severely undermine international security because it sets a glide path to an iranian nuclear weapon and
3:31 pm
provides over $100 billion in sanctions iran will use for terrorism. but even if schumer does not lobby for this, i think he provides cover for many other members of congress to vote against it. >> the president says this will stop iran from creating a nuclear bomb, in a inspection will work, and the supporters of this say this is the best way to get inspections. look what schumer's colleague of new york, also fellow democrat said. if we reject this deal, we do not have a viable alternative for preventing iran from obtaining weapons. without a deal, without inspectors on the ground, we will be left in the dark as iran resumes its pursuit of the nuclear weapon with only months to go before it could enrich enough material for a bomb. fred isn't it at least better to have some inspections or some ability than no inspections at all if there is no deal. >> this agreement does not provide inspections for all nuclear sites. it only provides inspections of declared sites. there is an appeal process to
3:32 pm
get access to other sites and if we press for sanctions if iran does not allow access, iran pulls out of the deal. so iran has leverage to protect sites where it's engaged in nuclear activities. it is my hope that the people of new york will call senator jill grant and say senator schumer was right. you have to stop this agreement. this agreement is a threat to the united states, it's a threat to israel and senator you're wrong. >> and finally two other prominent members of the congressional delegation from new york are also against it. steve israel, who raised a lot of money as a congressionallic campaign chairman at one point and then angle of the bronks is jewish. do you think more will follow and what is your prediction when this deal gets to the house? >> steve israel is not just against the agreement, he said he's going to campaign against it. if you read angle's comments and others at the foreign affairs committee this week, they are angry at this agreement. they're saying there is going to
3:33 pm
help iran became a hedgeman in the middle east. it will be destabilizing i think this is trouble and i think schumer's decision could be a game changer. >> do you think this will be enough o stop it? >> at a minimum it's pretty clear we're gog have a majority in the house and senate against it. i still think it's going to be an uphill battle to get a veto proof majority to vote a resolution of disapproval against this deal. consider this, if this is such a good agreement why didn't the president submit it as a treaty to the senate using the provisions of the constitution on the approval of treaties? instead we have this bizarre process where we had to pass a resolution of disapproval by a veto proof margin and i don't even get into the fact that the senate and the house don't even have all the agreement. there are secret side agreements that congress can't see. i think is really a mess. ot about a month to go and clearly there is dissension as well as some support for it.
3:34 pm
we thank you for your analysis. >> thank you. the "washington post" reporter accused of spying on iran expected in court monday for what his attorney says is probably his last hearing. he was detained just over a year ago and charged with espionage. his lawyer says she'll devote monday's court session to defending him. he faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. he holds dual american and iranian citizenship and was serving as a "washington post" tehran bureau chief. there has been a deadly outbreak legionnaire's disease in new york city that was getting worse. coming up, what the cdc officials are saying now as they try to scramble to stop that a infection are spreading. carly fiorina gaining some momentum after her performance in thursday's so-called happy hour debate. will it be enough to land her on the main stage at the second debate next month? >> i didn't get a phone call from bill clinton before i
3:35 pm
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test. test. test. test. test. test. rrn new york governor andrew cuomo is deploying more than 150 health work force test cooling towers in the bronks for possible traces of legionnaire's disease. this comes after that disease has so far killed ten people and sickened more than 100 others. it is the worst outbreak legionnaire's in new york city's history. you may remember 34 people died back in 1976 after the outbreak at a hotel in philadelphia. bryan llenas is live at the lincoln medical center in the bronks with the very latest on this outbreak. hi. >> reporter: hi. new york city's mayor saying that he believes the
3:40 pm
legionnaire's disease outbreak has been contained and the worst of it is behind us. but they still don't know why exactly this unprecedented outbreak happened in the first place. over the last month, 108 people have gotten sick from legionnaire's disease here if the south bronks, new york. ten people have died. there have been no new deaths in the last two days and no new diagnoses in a city in the last four days. the mayor says they are sure the outbreak began in water cooling towers in five locations in the south bronks which tested positive for back tear why which causes legionnaire's disease. a type of severe pneumonia. cooling temperatures provide cool air and heat for buildings. people get sick from legionnaire's from breathing in water vapors contaminated with the bacteria. you don't get from drinking water and it is not contagious. the city and the state have now been testing and disinfecting water cooler towers throughout the bronks. governor cuomo deploying 150
3:41 pm
trained state health inspectors to test at least 100 water cooling towers today. officials are taking samples and testing for the bacteria. the cdc says as many as 18,000 people are infected with legionnaire's every year and over 500 a year in new york. but it's rare that so many in one community have contracted it here. the city will vote on new legislation wednesday which would more strictly regulate water cooling towers atop city buildings. >> the fact is we're going to be handling things very differently in the future because thisout break is a wake-up call. it now tells us we're doling with a new challenge and we'll have to deal with it very forcefully and very different ways. i assure you that all of those changes, all of those precautions, all of those measures will be put in place in this city very aggressive complete very quickly. >> reporter: the city has ordered all buildings in new
3:42 pm
york to inspect and disinfect all of their cooling towers over the next 14 days or expect a penalty. so far they have found five new buildings in the area, one especially near yankee stadium infected with the bacteria. eric? >> that's amazing. we'll have a lot more on legionnaire's disease tomorrow at 12:30 and the doctors join us for sunday house call. thanks so much. you might have just watched the debate here on fox. lots of analysts saying former hewlett packard ceo carly fiorina emerging as the only clear winner in either of the gop presidential debates praised for her fluid delivery of lines on iran, illegal immigration and washington gridlock. take a listen. >> we're at pivotal point in this nation of the policyics as usual will not do the job anymore. honestly truly as i said in that debate, whatever people are upset about the political class and the government have failed them.
3:43 pm
so we need to try something different now. >> the question now is, will her newfound momentum keep her rolling through 2016? susan estridge is here, the professor of law and political science at usc and a fox news contributor. susan, let's start here. what was it about her performance and platform that propelled her to the lead? >> well, i think she was just herself. she ran here for senate, in california we're a little more familiar with her. but this is what debates are supposed to be. they should be an opportunity for candidate like carly fiorina, who has not gotten a lot of attention to get the eyes of activists and the media on her and see that she has something to say. she's very articulate. she's very smart. i don't agree with her on a lot of issues, but she's certainly to be taken seriously as a candidate and with hillary on the democratic side, it only makes sense that the republicans should welcome a strong
3:44 pm
republican woman who you every know, might be a vp candidate even if she doesn't make it to the top. >> what is it now that carly fiorina should do to maintain this momentum and to be able to position herself against a more formidable candidates? >> well, she's got -- she's doing exactly whether she has to do. she's out there everywhere right now trying to capitalize on the momentum and the media. i am certain that her fundraising operation has moved into high gear to sort of prop her up. my guess is that not the debate itself but all these clips and all these stories which is what a lot of people are going to see and hear, are going to at least propel her up to the top ten or whatever it is that you need to be for the next debate. i think it's a god thing. all this attention of donald trump, donald trump, donald trump. about time some attention is paid to a serious woman
3:45 pm
candidate who has got something to say on the republican side. >> and it's clear that she's going to get that attention. as you know, the upside, there is going to be more money flowing into her campaign. the down side, the bigger the profile, the the bigger the target. what are carly fiorina's weaknesses? >> the target is probable low going to be jobs, and job creation and while she was the ceo of hewlett-pack arrested, a lot of jobs moved overseas. that wasn't unique to hp, i should say in fairness. it's not an industry that didn't see jobs move overseas. she's going to get some criticism for that. she's going to get some criticism. she's never held a position in government. we've seen, i think barak obama proves that it isn't that easy actually. it's pretty tough to make washington work right. for somebody who doesn't have governing experience, that will be raised. but let's face it, a lot of those guys on the platform don't
3:46 pm
have governing experience either. donald trump has never gordon robertsoned anything. ben carson has never governed anything. the fact that she's running and has job experience gives hear god answer. but those are going to be vulnerabilities. everybody in this race has vulnerabilities. >> so how far can carly fiorina take this? >> you know, i suppose i should have saved it for last. but my here gee if she can deal with her negatives effectively if she can run a strong campaign do i think she'll be the nominee? no i think i still put my money on jeb bush after all or somebody a little more conventional. but i think she'll get a hard look for vp because if hillary is the nominee as i expect she will be, i think there will be a little bit of that mccain-like thinking of what if we put a woman up there? they're not gog put a woman on the top of the ticket. and carly fiorina could easily find herself as the leading candidate for vice president which i think would be frankly
3:47 pm
good for the republicans and not so good for the democrats. >> we will watch and talking about this a whole in the the weeks and months to come. always good to sigh. >> thank you. >> don't forget you can read susan estridge's syndicated columns in newspapers across the country every wednesday and friday. also tomorrow don't miss fox news sunday chris whales sits down with carly fiorina to discuss her changing campaign. check your local listings for those times. >> that should be interesting. they say it's happened again. illegal immigrant accused of attempted murder. alleged victim was a woman who was raped and beaten with a hammer inside her own home and later died. is there the latest example of cooperation between local police and the feds have failed yet again? >> federal government and the state government's failed to do their job. it falls on the shoulders of local government.
3:48 pm
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>> now the strength of the islamic state. isis forcing hundreds of christians from a town in syria
3:52 pm
this has a mixed population of sun ni muslims and christians. isis abducted 200 residents including dozen was christians in recent days. christians made up of a percentage of the population. a million people have been displaced and a quarter of a million people killed in the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe. >> an illegal immigrant arrested for raping and murdering a 61-year-old woman in her california home. victor ramirez pled not guilty. he was one of two men charged in the deadly attack and on probation for battery and drug possession. robert gray has more details in the west coast newsroom robert? >> reporter: that's right. the latest incident highlighting a lack of cooperation with local
3:53 pm
and federal. victor ramirez had a string of arrests and picked up just days before he and another man attacked marylinferris. she died days later. officials are blaming the state laws and feds here. >> i believe there is a blood trail from washington d.c. to sacramento to the bed room of marilin. they throw buckets of nails in front of ice. they are dumping thousands of prisoners back in our streets under 8909. >> the the shift blames the federal and state laws for not holding ramirez. federal officials were not told of the release they say. another man was charged with murder and rape and burglary in the brutal attack. ramirez was arrested six times
3:54 pm
in the the last 16 month, for assault and burglary. and he pled not guilty in this case and remains in custody. >> it is too soon in our process for me to make a decision of whether it will be a death penalty case and prosecuted as a death penalty case. the way it is foiled now, that is the option. >> this attack comes weeks after an illegal immigrant killed kate stienle stienle. back to you. >> robert gray thank you so much. >> it is a good idea to keep your seat belt fastened and here is the reason. severe weather forced a delta airline to divert to denver.
3:55 pm
can you so the damage to the plane. golf balled size hail whalloped the plane in flight. >> i fly constantly and this was the scariest ten minutes of my life. >> we went around the corner and we could see the shattered wind shield and a hole over the engine where the lightning and the the nose of the plane was missing. >> the passenger gave a shout out to the pilot and flight attendants and deserve a big thanks for the cool and professional way they handled it. go delta. >> can you imagine the pilot. it was right in the face. >> and look at this footage right now. wow. mexico's most active volcano erupting and sending massive amounts of gas and ash in the air. no evacuations were reported. >> a thousand-year-old tradition
3:56 pm
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you. >> chinese sky lanterns they are a popular alternative than fire work ands they are banned near detroit. they are pretty and could have caused accidental fires and the residents complained about the lanterns landing on their property.
4:00 pm
>> i can understand that. >> that's it for us julie banderas up next with the fox report. >> and i will see you tomorrow morning. we will be back 12:00 noon. >> and i am julie banderas. republican candidates regrouping after the blockbuster debates, more than half of them wasting no time getting back on the campaign trail. and the red state gathering in atlanta. they had strong debate performances and others are taking the half-hour to fine-tune the message. taking the stage is mike huckabee and ted cruz and jeb bush and scott walker. each one asked to talk about what the world to look like if they were elected president. >> we have to begin to lead


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