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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  August 8, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> that's it for us julie banderas up next with the fox report. >> and i will see you tomorrow morning. we will be back 12:00 noon. >> and i am julie banderas. republican candidates regrouping after the blockbuster debates, more than half of them wasting no time getting back on the campaign trail. and the red state gathering in atlanta. they had strong debate performances and others are taking the half-hour to fine-tune the message. taking the stage is mike huckabee and ted cruz and jeb bush and scott walker. each one asked to talk about what the world to look like if they were elected president. >> we have to begin to lead again. american leadership is essential
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for a peaceful world and we need to rebuild the military to back it up. >> my grandson and all of his cousins and sisters will say america is the place of the greatest dreams on earth. >> johnathon, scott walker seemed well received at this event and what resonated with the crowd? >> yeah, the wisconsin governor got a standing ovation when he took aim at hillary clinton, the likely democrat nominee and former secretary of state. and walker was critized for not having international experience as his rivals. but he made foreign policy the focus of his speech. and america's deterrence. >> there are times when america must fight. and if we must, americans fight
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to win, you see, the rest of the world must no, there is no greater friend and no worse enemy than the united states of america. (applause) >> reporter: walker are told the audience he would cancel the iran deal is reimpose sanctions. >> what about the other candidates. >> reporter: the other candidates are critical of the current administration's foreign policy. here is jeb bush. >> they are negotiating with our enemies and disarming and never giving concessions in advance and they are pushing away our friends. it is like a lice and wonderland foreign policy and all upside down. our friends should know we have their back. >> reporter: now absent from all of this was donald trump. the organizer of the red state
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disinviting him after trump made remarks about megyn kelliy. julie. >> all right. johnathon in atlanta tonight. thank you. >> and the fox news political insiders are here for a special saturday edition and they will be be weighing in on the debates and what is cooking on the democratic side of the race. you can jump in on our twitter pages@juliebanderas. and looking forward to that. >> a trio of explosions rocking afghanistan's capitol and killing an american solder. one of the attacks targeted camp integrity, a u.s. headquarters for elite special forces. it started a fire fight and lasted an hour and came after two other deadly attacks.
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in all 50 people died and hundreds more were hurt. peter doocey is reporting from washington tonight. who was responsible for these attacks? >> reporter: the taliban and the afghan president is speculating the taliban militants are trying to keep a diversion to keep people in cabal and not paying attention to turmoil in the taliban. long planned peace talks between the taliban leaders and afghan government continue with great strife with members of the taliban. the famous leader omar was dead two years. the state department is not concerned with the motive and issuing a blanket condemnation of the strikes and so the insurgent's disregard for the lives of innocent afghans.
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some actions have no justification. hundreds were wounded and 44 people killed and that includes children and an american service member. >> was there much violent in ka bull. >> last few weeks it is quiet. but deadly. and the u.n. put out a report before the trio of terror attacks. flagging january through june the deadly attack year since 2009 for civilians. 1600 civilians have been killed in that time frame. this targeted camp integrity and a police academy and the neighborhood and the the truck bomb that took out a city block was one of the biggest truck bombs in kabul ever, julie. >> thank you very much. an illegal immigrant arrested
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six times in 16 months now facing murder charges and the police chief is pointing the finger at immigration laws saying the blood trail was from the victim's bed room to washington d.c. the 29 year old pled not guilty to attempted murder and first-degree burglary and assault charges. he sexual assaulted 61-year-old mar ylinferris with a hammer. she died in the hospital. good evening, robert? >> reporter: julie, good evening. law enforcement said there is a lack of communication and cooperation involving illegal immigrants with a police record. want sheriff blamed it on all levels of government from the feds to the state of california. victor ramirez had a string of arrest as you mentioned.
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he was picked up just days before he and another man attacked ferris. he was arrested for possession of meth. we had to sign him out. that's the problem with the system. not only in santa maria but all over the united states. >> reporter: the local sheriff blames federal and state laws for not allowing police to hold ramirez. federal officials asked to detain him and were not told of the release. ramirez and another man were charged with murder, rape and burglary in the brutal attack that claimed that the attack of ferris. she was sexual assaulted. he was arrested times for assault and weapon's charges and driving without a license. it is unclear whether the prosecutors will pursue the death penalty.
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kate stienle was killedbian illegal immigrant. it caws in question the illegals allows to be free in the u.s. >> robert gray in los angeles, thank you very much. right now, sign was division in the democratic party over the iran nuclear deal. will the friction have an impact on whether the agreement passes. plus, a plane's wind shield shattered midflight. >> i fly constantly and this was the scariest ten minutes of my life. i thought when it was happening. have i told everyone that i loved, that i love them?
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and millions more who feel its effects. let's walk together to make an even bigger impact and end alzheimer's for good. find your walk near you at >> delta pilot somehow landing a commercial jet safely after the bad weather shattered the outer layer of the wind shield.
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it was on the way to boston to salt lake city and got caught in a storm and had lightning and rain and hail and caused pretty serious damage. >> we went around the corner and from the window, we could see the shattered wind shield and all over the engine where the nose was struck. it was intense. >> apparently, only the outer layer of the window cracked. and the passenger said the pilots and crew deserve a big thank you for staying cool under pressure. wow, i can't even imagine being on the flight. >> tension in the democratic party after senator schummer announced he would not back the iran nuclear agreement. it pit him against other democratic leaders who said the deal would move forward without his support.
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kristin. >> reporter: top two democrats also came out against the deal. but it was senator schummer's vote that mattered. he's not only the most influential voice but in line to be next democratic leader. obama's administration is questioning whether schummer should get the job. senator schummer siding with the gop against obama and most democrats it will be hard tore lead the dems in 2016. schummer now comes out against the iran deal. schummer said the risk that iran will use the agreement to do their goals is too great. i will be vote to disapprove the agreement. >> i profoundly disagree with
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the judgment made and respectfully suggest that rejection is not a policy for the future. it does not offer any alternative. >> reporter: republicans are praising schummer's decision. mike huckabee called the democratic defection be huge and very significant. >> this is example of statesman ship and we all owe chuck schummer a sincere round of applause for standing up and putting america and peace first and saying no to the iran deal. >> reporter: the white house is down playing the schummer decision. this is not what they wanted before the august recess. >> in the meantime an journalist in iran will have his final hearing on monday. iran held jason more than a ar
4:15 pm
in iran. the hearings are behind closed doors. he faces 20 years in prison if convicted of spying and distributing propaganda against iran. he denies the accusations and his family called the charges absurd. >> outrage in russia after kremlin destroyed banned western food products in spite of starving citizens. putin ordered them burned and steam roled piles of cheese, meat and products. they banned it in retaliation for western sanctions over the annexation of crimeaia. people there are calling on the kremlin to give the food to the hungry instead. >> what health officials are doing to it stop it in its
4:16 pm
tracks. >> you know what they say. it is not the crime. it is the cover up and we have a doozy for you. and the state law maker accused of a scandal to hide a real affair with a law maker. it is all on tape. >> are you serious, what are you talking about? >> it is ridiculous. >> it needs to be over the top. >> who can believe that?
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>> more now on the woman who killed a social worker who removed the suspect's daughter from her home. and someone apparently found the bodies this morning in the home. and police say two of the
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victims appear to have been shot. the victims were related to the suspect, jodi herring. >> a crazy, crazy scandal brewing in the michigan state house. a representative is under investigation, get this, for allegedly trying to conceal his affair with a fellow law maker and cooking up a bigger outrageous story to distract the public. it was all caught on time. he courser was having an affair with gam rant. and courser talks about creating a fake scandal involving a male prostitute and here he explains why. >> i need to if possible inoculate the herd against the politics and unless i have something really awful. >> this is awful.
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>> and you cindi, and how much more awful can you get? >> ben graham reportedly recorded the conversation and when he refused to go along with the plan, he was eventual row fired. courser and graham face investigation and calls to step down. >> four people are dead after a small plane crashed in the new york mountains. they say the aircraft was destroyed on impact and they found the victim's bodies among the wreckage. no word on what caused the plane to go down. the faa investigation is underway. >> health teams on the way to new york tea. as -- city. as the city grapeles with the ledge
4:22 pm
ledgeonary's disease. it has america on edge tonight. nbrian do the officials believe they have the outbreak controlled yet? >> reporter: hi, julie, new york city mayor deblazio believe it was contained captain worst is behind us. that is good news. over the last month 118 people got sick from the disease and ten people died. the outbreak is tapering off and no new deaths or diagnosis in the last few days. the mayor said the outbreak began in water cooling towers in the south bronx that tested positive for the bacteria that causes ledgionary's disease. the city and state are testing
4:23 pm
and disinfecting the towers in the bronx. andrew cuomo putting trained health inspectors and city health workers to test the water cooling towers and testing for the bacteria. people get sick from breathing in water vapors contaminated with the bacteria. it is not contagious from person-to-person. as many as 18000 people are infected nationwide over the year. and 500 in new york and rare for so many in one community to have gotten it here like they have is in the south bronx. fi five new locations tested positive and they were disinfected. two locations less than a mile from yankee stadium. >> what will they do to prevent it from happening again. it is very scary.
4:24 pm
>> reporter: it is. that's why the mayor and city council will have a vote for tougher legislation that will really regular water cooling towers and fine those that don't follow regulations. >> the fact is, we'll handle things differently in the future because this outbreak is a wake- up call. we are dealing with a new challenge and have to deal with it forcefully in different ways. i assure you that all of those changes and precautions and measures will be put in the city aggressively and quickly. >> the city has ordered that all cooling towers be inspected and disinfected in the next 14 days or face a penalty. julie. >> thank you, brian very much. a deadly storm packed 140 miles per hour winds and widespread damage. where is this happening? we'll tell you.
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you heard the presidential candidates go head-to-head on fox news channel. 24 million of you watched. and the fox insiders are here to break down the winners and losers. and we want to hear in from you. what do you think and who do you think won the debate and why? go to our twitter pages at julie banderas. we'll be right back. when i started at the shelter, i noticed benny right away. i just had to adopt him. he's older so he needs my help all day. when my back pain flared up we both felt it i took tylenol at first but i had to take 6 pills to get through the day. then my friend said "try aleve". just two pills, all day. and now, i'm back for my best bud! aleve. all day strong and try aleve pm, now with an easy open cap.
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>> at least six people dead and more than 100 affected by a massive storm in china. taiwan. a typhoon makings laund fafl. and torrential down pours and winds 100 miles per hour. buildings are damaged in several cities and neighborhoods are flooded and popower out ages. and the country is in clean- up mode removing debris and trees. itily 800 rescued migrants arrived after being rescued off of the coast of libya. the group including woman and children fled syria and africa. more than 2000 migrants and refugees have died in the mediterranean street fleeing to europe this year. spain, thousands of people are
4:30 pm
fleeing their homes as out of control wildfireses. and shifting winds are making it difficult to put out the flames. it is including a group from port you goal fighting to bring the fires under control. hungary. bikers race in the underworld cup underneath the city of budda pest. it runs through an abandoned stone mine created in the 16th century. they are forced to navigate around sharp turns. we'll be right back. >> i am julie banderas and this is the fox report. many republican candidates fresh off of the debates and making their case to conservative activist. and can those who performed well in cleveland keep momentum and those in the back of the gap close the gap. we are excited for to you join
4:31 pm
in on the conversation on twitter page. former republican congressman for new york. and pollster for jimmy carter and doug pollster from bill clinton and fox news contributor. i want to go to each of you. winner and losers of the prime time debate approximate. >> the republican party won. the brand which is under assault. i think over all 25 million people watched. and they overall comported themselves in a major league fashion. >> and they spoke in the 30 second and never seen it. >> i never seen a debate ten people was riveting. >> best two hours of politics i have sewn. just think back to 2012, of the republican's debating they look like pigmes compared to this group as a group. the party brand was helped and
4:32 pm
in rubio and kasich. and everybody got something. carly in the day. >> and i said last night on hanity reports of donald trump's demise were exaggerated. he was effective, given the questions he was requested and the challenges he faced. but in the post debate discussion which is where we are now, very different from the debate itself. donald trump has been lashing out and has been unfocused and one of the things as we as candidates and consultants do is have clear messages. trump has yet to come to a message post debate and that has undermined what was a credible performance given. >> and let's remind viewers. it is not to throw soft ball questions. we are supposed to put them to
4:33 pm
the test. >> absolutely. >> they will have conversation with russian president and iranians and we have to know they are tough and can stand up to strong conversation. with that said, which one of the candidates dow you believe that best stood up. ben carson was asked a difficult question. mistakes that he's made in the past and they could be considered embarrassing and he took it like a champ. >> the questions were very good. they worked hard and it showed from the get go. each candidate in his own way had a constitency they were aiming the at. none of them lost support they had. the question is other than than donald that dominants anything. any one of the nine and carly. let's call it ten. other nine and carly. are they ready to burst up out
4:34 pm
of the pack. >> rubio did far better than scott walker. >> kasich was great. >> he did well. and the reason i focus on rubio. walker is conservative and they are in the -- >> i thought rubio who found himself and he reminded me announced and then got lost in the wilderness. but understand one thing. debate is one of two stages. what you do in the moment and what happens afterwards. what is the things that are rerun. and what are people saying. it begins to build its own story and people have to build momentum. we have no polls yet. we'll see and these candidates and some of them need tchltd christie needed something. >> he did okay. >> he did good. and i thought to that extent
4:35 pm
huckabee did well even though no one knows where he's headed. >> and you are right about walker and bush. >> they were flat. >> and walker didn't distinguish himself. he didn't hurt himself. >> they it will need to divide the field up. tea party and establishment. two establishment people, the hot one was among the donor class was jeb bush. but hasn't caught on with the voters. >> didn't catch on. >> and i think it is early still, but those donors are looking at kasich as a back up. they it are comfortable with him and has a tremendous record on paper. >> that undermines christie. >> totally. and in new hampshire kasich is second place in the polls and his strategy is win. >> another winner was hillary clinton. she's had a terrible, terrible couple of weeks. >> i would say so.
4:36 pm
>> and with the investigations, with the scrutiny of the donations and constant attention to the 30000 e-mails and classified information, at least four of them. what her campaign will continue to do is keeping the focus on donald trump, but also the position that a lot of the candidates took on social issues that was responsible for the republican audience and less so than it the general election. >> this audience was so vast. prime time debate 26 million people. second largest cable event. and largest nonsporting event ever. and biggest and obvious to at this time network. and bigger than lamont. and even the 5 o'clock debate which was strange 6 million and would have been the third or fourth larger cable debate. a lot of people tuned in
4:37 pm
rubberneck anything i think when walker said i think this is the kind of thing democrats want to have. when walker said no, i will not make exception for the life of mother. and a 80 percent of the americans. they better be careful. they want to be the general and why rubio decideed to join in that was a mistake. >> hill tweets me. rubio is a modern-day jfk. and ben carson is a smart man and has my full attention. kasich due to his accomplishments and rubio due to strong leadership and communication prowess. >> this is where they profited from donald trump bringing 25 million. >> they kept it real. they didn't start the mudslinging and i believe that people don't want to see mudslinging. >> this was the first round of
4:38 pm
a 15 round heavy weight fight where they take the measure of each other and it is inevitable that 10 or 11 people will go negative to separate themselves and they have money to do it and it will get ugly. >> rand paul when he tried to pick fights. >> he was feisty and on fire. >> he was more than five. he was abrasive. >> one point about him. look i support his position on the fight he's having with christie. but it was clear that christie beat the living daylights out of him. >> what did you think of christie? >> he was compelling. >> and he needed it and he got it and that's the point. people who needed something. rubio needed to get recharged. walker and bush at the top and they were not needing it. carson got attention. he did it at the end and he
4:39 pm
comes across, it is interesting wedding the tweets. he is a force. and they like him because he is different. i am not sure where he will go. >> if you take the moral and you are right there is a goodness to him and he has ten percent and carly who is hot and won the early debate and trump 25 percent. we are up to 50 percent of the gop right away anti- establishment. >> jon stewart and not the former daily show, but the an chiefi lover. after her work in cleveland. carly fiorina will be there. he was the first presidential candidate on the gop to come forward and defend megyn kelly on twitter. >> carly as the only one who was focused on hillary clinton will
4:40 pm
add a dimension that was candidly missing on thursday night and given that the democrats are focusing on the war on women. having carly fiorina attacking is good for the republican party. >> plus, mark said yesterday on the air, boy, she is the arcticulate version of donald trump. and then another words, if something happens, those messages was alienation he's touching, they are there for someone else to get to. >> and the huge question that both of you are raising, will donald trump survive with his base intact given the controversy? >> i appreciate and look forward to us talking about this more. >> it will only get better. >> and john recollects and pack and doug. thank you for coming in and we
4:41 pm
appreciate. it president obama heading out on summer vacation. there are plenty of issues looming and we'll have an update from martha's vineyard. a bystander rising to the occasion. >> this is adrenalin. i honestly didn't think about what was happening. i wanted to make sure everybody was okay. [music]
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it's a clear, taste-free daily supplement that's clinically proven to help keep me fuller longer. new benefiber healthy shape. this, i can do. president obama arrive nothing martha's vineyard for summer vacation. we are getting ready for what promises to be a busy september on capitol hill. white house correspondent kevin cork has more. >> good evening, sun and sand traps and sails for the president as he tries to
4:45 pm
convince law makers of the merits of the iran deal. though he is trying to enjoy his vacation, he has to figure out a way to hold the line on democratic support. despite the criticism in the speech during which he likened gop law makers to hard liners in iran who opposed the deal. and the president is doubling down on the comparison. >> the reason that mitch mcconnell and the rest of the folks in his caucus oppose this and jumped out and opposed it before they read it and posted, it is reflective of a ideological commitment not to get a deal done. >> meanwhile tennessee bob corker delivered the gop address he rejected it is iran nuclear deal or face a war with iran.
4:46 pm
>> iran will go from a weakened state to a robust country without being forced to change his roguish and destructive behavior. the president said it is a choice between accepting this deal or going to war. it is not. >> reporter: law maker ares will not vote on the deal until september. and despite fierce opposition on the gop the white house is banking on democratic support to withstand an override. and right now, they still have the number. >> kevin cork, thank you. >> a robber demanding cash. it is our top story in america. texas, the suspect armed with a large handgun enters the store and ordered everyone to get on the floor and forces one
4:47 pm
employee to take the cash out of the register. >> i wanted to get it done. >> he got away with the cash and not clear how much. no one was hurt. and massachusetts. a flatbed truck and the driver keeps going. he may not have realized he hit the woman who died in the hospital. the driver is tracked down and under investigation. witnesses are in shock. >> it is a tragedy and may she rest in peace. >> michigan, a teacher ricking her life to save victims from a fiery crash. she was driving on the freeway, when she saw the mangled mess of a semitruck colliding with a car. >> as i walk down to see, a man was climbing and trying to pull himself. i grabbed him and yanking him.
4:48 pm
and my face was burning and i could feel the heat from the four. >> other drivers jumped in to help. the truck driver and two people in the car are recovered. >> washington state. a military dog tagging is back where it belongs denningades later. someone contacted her on facebook saying they found it in the yard in seattle. it belonged to her father gary who served in the coast guard 40 years ago. >> i am overwhelmed with emotion. lindsay is an amazing individual. >> it is happy to have the right owners. >> gary had just recently died of a heart attack. >> that's the fox watch in america. >> incredible picture in colorado. a river turned yellow because of a gold mine? we'll explain. what are they doing?
4:49 pm
i love stories like this. this this emotional reunion. a hero war dog back with his handler and we have the heart warming story, next. this allergy season, will you be a sound sleeper, or a mouth breather. well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicines alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right.
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>> all right grab your tissues, folks. a former army contractor reunited with his hero, the service dog from the battles in afghanistan. here is the heart warming story. >> reporter: shelton holland spent $8,000.02 years to be be reunited with his hero who he worked with and shared a room with in afghanistan. holland's hero is a german
4:53 pm
shepherd dog. mak9. they saved hundreds of u.s. servicemen lives, searching a for explosives in the cakanda harprovince. >> an hour he was taken. i will fulfill the promise along the whole journey and i will bring him home and we'll be together. >> it is not easy to get a dog out of afghanistan, after a journey of two weeks, he could come and collect the animal from quarentine. >> i am happy and nervous and so many emotions facing me in the moment. >> come on, come on.
4:54 pm
>> and so after a journey of 5000 miles, an american war hero and the canine was reunited with his handler. and this is only half of the promise to his best friend. >> back in desert. holland said he would take him to see the ocean for the first time. and the dog known as a glory hound and his hand willer went to the south africa south coast. in jo hans burg approximate --. >> a spluj has reached new mexico. the lead and arsenic spilled in the river earlier this week when a clean up crew breached a debris dam. emergency management officials
4:55 pm
are trying to make sure the tainted river water does not treat water treatment plants. tests are ongoing. >> and shelling out more money for eggs may be the new normal. the price for a single carton could be $6 due to an outbreak in the avyan flu hitting the poultry population. the average price rose 76 percent between may and june. >> who do you think won the republican presidential debate and why? collone tweets. rubio and kasich tied and christie did well as well. knoll writes. carly early debate. i liked cruz and carson a lot. big no to bush and graham. huckabee answered the questions
4:56 pm
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ge software. get connected. get insights. get optimized. >> welcome back. we asked who you think won the presidential debate and y. ted cruz showed the leader areship this down theory needed. trump won the prime time debate and carly clearly won the earlier debate. and given continued replays of his battle with chris christie. rand paul won big. and keep the conversation going. we have so many tweets on this topic. we don't have a time to see them all. and that's how fox reports this saturday august 8th. 2018. thanks for watching. stoszil starts right now. n ou
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time. >> mr. vice president if we don't act now it's going to be too late. >> there's a blurring between fiction and reality. because they have a political agenda. >> no new pipeline? >> no. actually this time, no. >> americans control and own their own energy. >> and recycle. >> i am so empowered. >> shut down sea world. >> are your whales being in prison here. should they be free? >> they are succeeding. >> this is


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