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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  August 9, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> that's it. >> it really is. they don't look relieved. they're like get me out of here. thank you all very much. that will do it for the first republican primary debate night of th race. >> it is 9:00 p.m. on the east coast and a moment of truth has arrived. >> okay guys it's a big night for us. let's have a great show. here we go. >> i am bret baier live from quicken loans arena in cleveland ohio. >> you are doing great. megyn i need you to make a sports reference. people like that. >> they are lined up one after the other just like you might do at a sporting event. >> nice, nice. jump in. say you are in the home of the cavaliers. the crowd will like that. >> we are in the arena with the cleveland cavaliers play in. >> we did our pregame warm-up. we were in the locker room like the actual locker room. >> make a joke about carly
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fiorina. say she opened up a can of something. >> bet these guys are glad that carly fiorina didn't appear in the hour because she unleashed a can. >> greg laugh, laugh now. well done. >> all right guys. i am getting hungry. chris, can you hit the buzzer for me. points a gun to your head. when you go to commercial. i have snacks back here. nod your head if you are going to come back for snacks. megyn i have a cookie cake back here megyn. i can have it ready for you. give me a sign. how big a piece do you want. >> after a short time-out. >> okay got it. see you guys soon. >> i am greg gutfeld. please tonight call me g love. here's what's coppi here's what's coming up on the big show. ment one debate down 73 to go.
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who won who lost and who needs a back rub. she needs an intro he to hook up with bill. >> human robot. could this be the start of the human robot war. i noticed my rumba getting quite aggressive. >> the moderators were tougher than danny tree host' face. that's because each one focused on candidate's vulnerability forcing them to move beyond their platitudes or own mythology. >> knowing what we know how with false intelligence and not having security be the first priority when we invade it, it was a mistake. i wouldn't have gone in. >> because somebody doesn't think the way i do, doesn't mean that i can't care about them or can't love them. >> i am going to cry. >> the questions hit everyone where it hurts. a necessary one because their opposition is going to do the same thing only worse.
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if a candidate can't answer tough questions how will he or she have a debate with someone who wants to hammer the stuffing out of you. >> i defunded planned parenthood more than four years ago long before any of the videos came out. >> we think that despite our dens a -- generosity, the peopl who call my office who have been waiting in the united states and paid their fees and hired a lawyer and can't get in. they are wondering maybe they should come illegally. >> the first thing i intend to do is rescind every illegal and constitutional executive action taken by barack obama. >> yeah. look this type of preparation is nothing new. it is when rocky went to russia before the dracko fight. you have to go to the toughest place nationally if you want to beat a giant. if you went to the beach you would have lost and said you went to siberia. not only did we learn a lot about each candidate their temperament their humor their
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instincts it turns out a lot of people watched it with us. thursday's debate had more eyeballs than a fly convention. it was the most viewed cable news show ever. bigger than roden faro. millions never experienced the clarity of carly the sincerity of marco and charm of ben carson did so that very night for an anticipated debate that had more thaks an the last mad max film. maybe the circus element i de test so much helped get the word out. >> that is ridiculous answer i want to collect more terrorists fr -- information from terrorists than people. how do you do that? >> get a warrant. >> america just learned when it comes to candidates the republicans have a deep bench by comparison the democrats have a stool. >> period. >> let's start analyzing
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thursday's event with some very important experts still the complex arted of debate. please welcome members of the urban debate league. we have selma and ieta. thank god i got that right. i like your tie. who do you think won the debate and why? >> well, i would say marco rubio won the debate. the reason for it is because he seems so prepared and confident for what he is going to do as president and went into each issue with so much detail that it showed he is really prepared and he countered all of the others by telling them, no, this is how we need to do it. >> i see the successor on special report right there. >> who do you think lost? >> i think that donald trump lost. in my own opinion, donald trump has no idea what he's doing up there. >> okay. fair enough. >> who did you look up there? >> i agree, i liked marco rubio.
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he knew exactly what he was doing when he got on stage. he knew what he was going to say and knew what to say to get the people to agree with him, take his side. he knew what he was doing. i like that. i am all about professionalism and that's what he had most of the candidates didn't. >> let me know who did you like and who did you dislike? >> i liked john kasich because john kasich brought out really good points. i lidislike rand paul because a of his points were not as strong as marco rubios or john kasich. all of the points were not that great. >> i agree with you by the way. i don't think rand paul's points were that great either. ieta, who did you like and who did you want to hear more from? >> i like ben carson, because he thought that we need more
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intelligence, he thought that as a candidate needs to bring intelligence and things of that nature to the people. >> that's good. before i move on to my other panel i want to ask you sadie, do you ever try to debate your parents ore stuff like if you want to stay out late or get money to go out, do you ever try any of your debate tricks on your parents? >> all of the time. all of the time. it is all about convincing them just like a debate convince them to let you have a certain item forget them to let you go somewhere? >> do you have any dirty debating tricks you can give me? i am terrible at debating? >> i would probably say there's always some type of videotape of your opponents debating. you have to take their weaknesses and use it against them. >> very good. >> selma do you ever get nervous? if so how do you combat it?
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>> all of the time because every time of the big debate i combat it by being myself and trying my best. >> good tip. aida how do you practice? >> i use pens and i point them toward my mouth to make sure i don't stutter as much and elaborate on my words. >> i put my pen in my mouth just so i will shut up. i never know when i am going to say something completely stupid. which is all of the time. thank you very much. i don't think the people i have with me now will be able to surpass your expertise. joining me on the touch the second hottest kennedy since george is host of kennedy week nights from fox business network. so bright i used the space to friday ants. john deboer editor in chief sounds like a comic book job. she is here because it keeps her from begging on the streets for beer money. so sharp you can't carry him on the plane comedian host of the
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podcast, part of the problem. i like the name of that. i feel like sometimes i am part of the problem. >> there's the finger. >> tell me your over all thoughts of the debate. a lot of people were saying it was too harsh. >> i think the trial by fire was wonderful especially for the first debate. it showed that the moderators took this very seriously. took the subject matter very seriously and the candidates all have a lot to answer for as to whether or not they have a record. i appreciate that. i hope when the democrats are exposed to a more liberal forum fox news counterparts do the same thing. it is a really effective thing. >> john, if the moderators weren't as tough that would be the story. fox news went light on the candidates. correct? >> i think you are absolutely right. >> i haven't had the opportunity to further my liberal agenda.
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>> those moderates the three of them brought a serious gain to what is a really silly campaign so far. >> as a liberal i support every candidate especially chris christie. of the ted crews tuz who will c dancing in america. >> is he going to cancel it? >> seems like he played that move he sri. >> we have never met before. i am excited to hear your opinion. who did you like and who disappointed you? >> i like rand paul. full disclosure i love an angry libertarian. i know i am the only person in america that thought he won the debate. i feel for -- image losing someone in 9-11 and then having to suffer through a host>> you are a terrible person. >> that was a hub debate. they were accusing each other of
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different be kind of hugs. >> who hugged who? >> you were watching this debate. we will talk about where he watched it later. what were your thoughts? i use thoughts pleurally. >> i think the moderators asked some difficult questions but they were very fair questions. truthfully a lot of the kids up there didn't answer them. they did a lot of pageant slur they goep around the question to talk about what they really want to talk about. it wasn't much of a debate as much as saying what they want to say. you said americans wants to see some of these for the first time. >> everybody has been cruzzing on their own mythology. who they are was great. he each question went and exposed that. >> it is a really important es serve one purposes is to defend yourself and one record. make a case like i believe it was sadie. you have to make that chase and
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change people's mind. people like ben carson although he is polling are willy well there are a lot of people watching the debate who are seeing him for the first time. radio oo they will have a chance to say what he this want to say. why shouldn't we see them grill. >> the great function is to knock politicians off their script. these aren't really debates. no one is talking to each other. the only opportunity you have to knock a politician off is the talking points and get them to reveal something. >> we had the split screen. i appreciate that. i know i work here but i have to say even as an object i have observer, i appreciated when chris christie and rand paul went at it. it poses a huge risk within the republican party. it's an important exchange that will continue. >> the most important change of the night i believe>> do tell?
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>> no i have to go now. >> first on monday the republican presidents were taking part in a voter's first forum in a place like new hampshire. not everyone did well. jeb pubush seemed happy to be there but avoided a question entirely. >> on legal immigration does a problem of crisis effect a number of folks who brought in legals. >> who does this kinda thing online? i-i-i clicked on some links, ugh the kids weren't even home.
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getting the job done safely so we can keep the lights on for everybody. because i live here i have a deeper connection to the community. and i want to see the community grow and thrive. every year we work with cities and schools to plant trees in our communities. the environment is there for my kids and future generations. together, we're building a better california. we're back, america. >> hillary clinton lies and is still her party's front-runner. she did lie about her benghazi. she did lie about her e-mails and she did lie about her server. >> so will carly go farley?
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joining us, she is as stable as an ikea dresdner a windstorm. i thought carly did great, katherine, but i'm wondering, am i impressed by her because of the competitors around her, which were kind of lack luster? i mean jim gilmore, you know, he could make lurch from adam's family look sexy. >> i forgot he was there. thank you for reminding me. yeah, there was nobody there. lindsey graham, he kind of looked like he was reciting a research paper from memory in the third grade. a lot of other people super board, but she really crushed it. she is classy. i would like to see her on the bigger stage. she is a star. >> okay. >> she has no political experience, i believe. does that matter? >> no, that is wonderful. i owned an hp while she was at hewlett-packard. she has done more for me than any other politician ever. >> i got an hp in college. i don't even know that means.
10:19 pm
that was not even a real joke. so you're okay with her having no political background? >> that's a plus. >> i am okay with it because so many of the people on the stage kept patting their own backs all night. i understand it's important for the american people to understand what you have done in the past and what you'll do for the country and the future. but she spent all of her time actually acknowledging the problems that we have and what she will do to fix them rather than saying what her political background is because she doesn't have one. >> that is like ben carson talking about he does surgery and nobody up there has brains to do surgery. >> thank you for interrupting me. >> yep. >> for a liberal, i bet you can't wait to attack her for being a woman. >> it makes me want to vote for hillary twice. i don't even want to get into this. yes. >> she had passion. and i think that counts for a lot. especially since so many of the candidates in both the bt, the prime time, they had the passion
10:20 pm
of like -- they had a passion of that guy, the continental breakfast at your hotel. no passion. and she did. and i think it won a lot of you are responding to? >> yes, i think you're right. kennedy, she stood out. >> i called it on outnumbered the day before. i assumed she would stand out because she has been doing so much media jousting. she has been holding press conferences. she has been taking questions. open ended questions. not necessarily from audiences that she has curated. and i think that serve herself well. she learned from her political failure running for senate in california. she learned a lot from that. she learned what she was missing and what she was doing well. and she really schooled the candidates on that stage. i want to see her on the main stage again. but the question is if it's another 10%, who do they swap out the bring fiorina in? >> that's a good point. >> no one was saying before this that it would be an advantage for anyone to be in the small debate. and she switched that around.
10:21 pm
>> i said it because as somebody who has been at the kiddie table at thanksgiving, you always get more food because the kids are terrified of the adults at the table. they get the best food. they get to eat early. i get there, and i, because of my height. she was with -- on chris matthews' show. i don't know if anybody saw that. it was quite a confrontation. >> i was one of the nine people. >> exactly. and it was about her comments about calling hillary a liar. it's very hard to get chris matthews to shut up and i think she did it. >> i didn't say she lied about everything. i was very specific. very fact-based actually. you are the one who has made a generalized comment about her, not me. excuse me, secondly, secondly, he will debate -- >> go through your list. >> i will debate her. >> go through your list of where she lied. >> benghazi, e-mails and sevener. i will debate her on the issues facing this nation. i will debate her on her positions. i will ask her, for example, how
10:22 pm
she can possibly continue to defend planned parenthood. i will ask her why she continues to say she is a champion of the middle class, while every single proposal she has put forward making crony capitalism worse and worse and worse. >> at the end, you don't see the end there, he is completely crying. she made matthews into mince meat, kennedy. >> she did. and she held her own. that's why she did well this the debate because she has a substantive response for just about anything, and she can make lists. >> let's skip john, because we know he doesn't care. dave, good, bad, indifferent? >> that was amazing. i got a thrill going up my leg. i loved it. they can't debate. they're great when they're with two other liberals around a panel. >> shut up. >> see? see, look at you, john. you're falling apart. >> look what she did to chris. he is a lion. he is a lion of the liberal cause. >> yeah, that's still --
10:23 pm
>> too much. >> for cecil. >> i love it. she shut him down. that's what you got to do. when someone asks you for a list, you give them a list. and she did. >> thoughts before we move on? >> yeah, notice how because she was a conservative woman and he was a liberal dude there was no sexism controversy about that. however, she held her own because she is a conservative woman and we're strong. >> there you go. just got to go to the gym. my god. i get clocked with those arms. >> time to ache a break. later in the show, we'll show you joanna were doing during the debate. they watched the debate the same way i did. but first, apparently lindsey graham is a world class magician. >> real quickly, 30 second, senator. >> thank you, senator. good evening.
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>> in my opinion it is never too late for the candidates to make voters feel like them. hence this segment. >> it is pandemonium. >> 25,000 dollars for that. >> hillary clinton sat down with an interview in south carolina
10:28 pm
to pick lemonade and laying on her southern accent. >> i am delighted to be here. i love sitting here. thank you for giving me a chance to do that. >> a little guy from arkansas. i said a lot. i said i am not running for my husband's third term i am running for my first term. >> that was about as real as joe biden's hair. >> isn't it evidence she is a full on fake. she might not even be a human being. >> i was watching an episode of "dukes of hazzard". those darn duke boys are at it again. i am sitting here rocking on my porch. >> could it be kathleen she has some kind of disorder like sibyl? remember sibyl had 13 personalties could it be she is actually legitimately another southern person. >> i am a little young but sibyl isn't something i have seen. i am familiar with the cultural
10:29 pm
reference. she really creeps me out. did you see her eyes? it didn't look very human to me. p you should be yourself not just try to be another person. >> to be yourself you have to have a self. >> always don't always be yourself. nobody likes anybody's real life. >> that's true. i am never myself. i am another guy i murdered in 78. >> my theory is, it is one big no. eating cotton candy you have a little bit but to have more you throw up. >> that is a gooda analogy. >> it is like the toffee peanuts that they sell. >> hillary clinton was being one of herself. she used to have a sick southern accent. you remember in that tape where she is laughing about getting the child she had a thick accent
10:30 pm
in that. remember a guy rape add little girl he was laughing about it and there was no feminist in t outrage. >> that's a good point. we should bring that back up. oo oh would you li>> would you the mill ry tattoo? -- hillary tattoo. >> she is a weak candidate. she will be up until she wins the presidency. fake over the top southern accents work through george w. bush maybe it will work for hillary. >> he has no fake southern accent. he's a blue blood from new england. >> i was raised in texas. >> as a young man he's the product of the finest northeastern educational institute. >> don't you love this? he's already blaming bush. >> he was consistent with that hillary clinton liked fading in and out. we have seen this in joe biden.
10:31 pm
al gore was the worst about that. >> they have a way politicians want to be. this is fantastic. from her e-mails we know she prefers hot tea not lemonade. why is everyone ignoring the point? >> that is so true. president oesh dropped a bomb on republicans. defending the iran nuclear deal this week. >> it is the hardliners who have been most opposed to the deal. they are making common cause with the republican caucus. >> does that make chuck schumer one as well. it is one of the president's biggest allies a democrat's democrat. even he can't get behind the deal. he wants death to america, too. or at least dea"death to smoocha fun move tree to rank. under rated i think. i have solutions i think.
10:32 pm
is it fair to compare republicans? >> all of the kids from the first segment wonder what wrecking a movie is. >> that is very true. kennedy, two beliefs here. one is iran wants to wipe the entire population off the map. another one is a desire obama can happily believe in one and dismiss the other. does that make sense? >> i don't even think he's made a good case for detant. john bolton questions whether or not that is a philosophically sound principle. if you are factor in the middle east with nuclear weapons it is not the worst thing in the world. if you are so opposed to iranian hardliners why on earth are you doing a deal like this with iran. it doesn't make any sense. >> oesh's big mistake is not cutting a secret deal with iran.
10:33 pm
>> i have a theory i want to throw out which you can ignore and answer anyway. i think the solution is for america to build and give the boss to iran. it is not going to be used. the bomb is not going to be used until they use it so they will never know if it works. >> the bomb will not be used until they use it. >> is he making sense to anybody else right now? >> listen you -- >> go for it. >> give them the bomb they never know it's infective. it is filled with candy. they won't know until they use it on israel. they drop it and it is a giant pinata. >> it will be filled with artificial sugars. >> still ahead jon stewart is dead tired of doing his show. we will discuss this. ligs let's check in with the live studio audience. >> how many of you think my butt looked awesome in those jeans when i walked in the studio
10:34 pm
today? >> i am
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>> it is a story mainstream media won't touch. why was a friendly bought left to rock? hitchhiking robot who was murdered earlier this week in philadelphia coin a phrase in the city of brotherly love. hitchcock was created a social experiment by canadian researchers oddly all named claude after hitchhiking across germany the netherlands and canada. they gave it a shot at traveling across the u.s. it was bound for san francisco but only made it as far as billings before someone damaged the bot behiyond repair. later the op ed with the hitch bot killing, i hate crime.
10:39 pm
dead robot, hate crimes. this is how it starts of what i call robotic. >> joining me to discuss our robotics correspondent and jolene kent fully functional auto baton with a retractable cup holder. joe, hate crime? >> robot crime is so xi tated. this robot had big dreams. it was going to vegas, going to yellowstone. it had big plans for us. it is a small bucketed body. it is horrendous. >> he wanted to play the slolts which is like havi-- play the s which is like having sex for a robot. i know people think i am crazy when i talk about robot rights. it is a matter of time before
10:40 pm
robots is intis ting wishable to humanity. it is going to p had a pen. we have the time. when it happens we will need rights to protect this because robots have to have feelings. >> of course it does. greg you are not completely off the mark here. perhaps you can call them brothers now. they are also concerned about killer robots coming to life and attacking other countries. it is a concern. but i just don't know why you are concerned. >> the only handicapped robot they have now is a plug. they have to be charged. we think everything is okay. we can unplug them or let them drain. robots can solve that by having a collaborative battalions. robots will have robots behind
10:41 pm
them to charge them with another robot behind that. >> it may sound brilliant but it is a thing already. >> we are on this learning curve. what happens when it swings directly vertical then what do you do? >> i never want you to stop talking about this. you are asking a philosophical question. what is consciousness,greg? >> that's what i am saying. what established a feeling that you can't deny rights, joanne? >> yeah. i don't know. i think we are going to cover this p on the news. it is a sensational story about people killing a robot. if you look at the data robot on robot crime is where it is. >> human -- robot on human crime is pretty huge. there's a lot of doubt>> huge?
10:42 pm
>> like millions. i have antidotal evidence. >> how do we know it wasn't assisted suicide. some wonderful human may have come along. >> that is a thought that you would take away the potential of the beast. >> i saw a robot who was happy. >> what are your thoughts on this? i think this is a serious issue. it may not happen in our lifetime, but maybe your lifetime. >> it is going to happen. yesterday i saw thank you when an elevator door opened. i thought it was stupid at the time but i am not going to feel stupid when the machines take over that. >> when we consider how to make nice with a robot. >> mention robot sex takes it a
10:43 pm
little far. i speak for america when i say come on. >> i don't prefer to call them robots any more. that is robotic. >> they are your friends. >> if they are made on earth they are earthlings. >> let's talk more about slot machines. >> before we go to break a helpful video for i'm of all ages. man buns. you have seen them every where recently on celebrities who don't bathe russell brand. they put it on the top of their head not like a pony tail. what is up with this. a shocking video that argues man buns are something else entirely. behold our first installment of where it comes from. >> they have been around for centuries. most people think they are an extra hair on the heads of guys who like to take life grip it and rip it. did you know man buns are not even from this planet? they are creatures from awesome
10:44 pm
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hand apparently, they also lovee what's up with these things, victor? we decided to give ourselves stickers for each feature we release. we read about 10,000 suggestions a week to create features that as traders we'd want to use, like social signals, a tool that uses social media to help with research. 10,000 suggestions. who reads all those? he does. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this.
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>> they make the worst decision. i startup netflix who announced this week it is allowing employees unlimited maternity and paternity leave after the child's berth. salary employees can return any time they need to and can return on a full- or part-time basis. netflix will keep paying them
10:49 pm
normally regardless of how much time employees take off. the children will be auctioned off to middle earth cannibals. not to be out done microsoft which makes miniature tissues is offering 12 months parental leaves. they have given to birth mothers that's a total of 2,000 weeks. i don't even know what this means kennedy. you have kids. >> i do. >> you are the only person here that has kids. >> they will back fire. the argument is americans don't take enough time off. netflix has a liberal lead policy for vacation and sick days. they eventually breed laziness. they get jobs and work really hard and they are burned out. i am going to adopt a child hire a nanny with my full-time salary and sit around and watch
10:50 pm
netflix. >> i would join kind of foster child and turn them in when i get board. >> they can turn you down because you are a foster child you can sue them. >> you don't plan them ever i have been told. will this do more tharm than good? >> you can't just not go to work. you can't. people say absence makes the heart grow fonder but at work everybody starts to talk about you and hate you. >> that is true. >> if you do this you are the only one your kid is going to like you. abc sense makes the heart grow fonder. >> i should be a mom. >> you would be a great mom. >> i would be a great mom. >> no you wouldn't. is this bigoted against the childless? >> maybe a little bit. if there is a big call for this, it ends up costing the companies
10:51 pm
then no other companies are going to try doing this again. this is where the free market is such an amazing thing. the problem is the government writes a law they cost all of us a lot and they blame it on them. >> that's like the guy who has minimum wage of 70,000 a year and watched his whole company implode. >> i think nexus is doing this because people won't take advantage of it. they don't take their vacation days because they value career and moving along and advancing ourselves over family. while they are offering this it makes them look good and they won't lose any money on it because they don't take advantage of it. >> you seem like the guy who would take paternity leaf after making a puppy. >> i have to make a baby. i have to make one soon. >> this is great because we are all pro family. >> we are. we are very pro family. >> this is a way of netflix getting you to repopulate. maybe that's their grand rapids
10:52 pm
scheme. ra oo net flex is the worst way. you benning watch and don't have sex. >> if you binge watch lexington field. >> that is one of the characters of dynasty. >> last word to you john. i think this is a strategy on netflix to have people time off what do they do? they watch netflix. >> right, because netflix hires all of its viewers. >> yes. >> they do. i just want to work less. >> everyone is working less, fewer hours. thought i would buzz that up. anyway time to take a break. something something john stewart. something something farewell. first a word from our sponsor. >> tired of not being able to keep your beverage fold cold. get a boob kooz zee today.
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>> finally a question that has been bugging me all week. of course jon stewart did not die. don't start tweeting that. the way the news covered it, you would think he left this earth. >> jon stewart won't be around to comment on the republican debate. >> what am i a clown? huh? is that what you say? >> the ir replaceable john stewart. >> stewart said he is just a comedian trackicracking jokes b legacy goes beyond the jokes. underneath the facade was a civics teacher at heart. harry smith, nbc news new york. >> i really did think he died.
10:58 pm
he's fievenlt he's alive. jolene kent katherine joe ann and the student who did an awesome job at the urban debate league. i am greg gutfeld. i love you america. >> so exciting. >> selfie. selfie. yea. debates. >> bret baier. >> bret baier. so good tonight. he is bringing his a game. >> he did that thing. he was the governor. >> nobody is crying. it is like they don't even care. >> really bad. really, really bad. seems like everybody is pro america. >> yeah. >> they all say they are for
10:59 pm
america. >> peach snaps is the worst idea. >> what is schnaps. >> i bet you ben carson drinks red wine because it's good for your heart. he's a doctor. >> how long is this thing? >> i don't know. too long. it is longer than receptions. >> nobody likes receptions. everybody pretends to like inception. >> titanic, that film i could get on board. not literally on board because it sank. >> how about instead of the debate it is like this except it is law and order svu. >> every time they run out of time it would be -- >> law and order svu for president. >> who would be president? >> chris maloney. >> yes.
11:00 pm
>> stabler, stabler. stabler. >> i don't want to watch any more. "america's news headquarters" continues and fox news sunday is next. i'm chris wallace, in the wake of the big fox news debate, where does the race for the gop presidential nomination stand now? >> when you're sitting in a subcommittee just blowing hot air about this, you can say things like that. >> i don't trust president obama with our records, if you want to do it again, go right ahead. >> i'm going to have to earn this. maybe the barrier, the bar is even higher for me. >> we'll talk to two candidates on that stage in cleveland. carly fiorina who is being praised as the big winner in the early debate. >> i didn't get a phone call from bill clinton before i jumped in the race. did any of you get


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