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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  August 10, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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if you would like more information go to adventure in the after the show show today, we'll actually feed these guys. right? >> that should be good. >> yes, yes. >> you should have seen her run out of the room. >> so fast. so fast. >> i wrestled the -- >> fox news alert now. protests bill: protests marking the death of michael brown turn violent as gunfire erupt in ferguson just hours ago. now a man listed in critical condition after opening fire on police.
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uma: there were vigils for michael brown as protesters came out at night throwing rocks and opening fire on police officers. >> the suspect engages them with gunfire, he struck the windshield 4 or 5 times. the police return fire from inside the van and they don't know if they hit him or not. they don't really know. bill: what happened last night. >> reporter: today was build with large -- was filled with large mostly peaceful protests. several businesses were looted. several police officers were pepper sprayed by protesters. another privilege was cut in the face when a rock was thrown.
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then everyone took cover as heavy gunfire broke out. two groups were shooting at each other for almost a minute straight. the suspects fired at the officer. the officers returned fire at man who is said to be in critical condition. >> there is a small group of people out there that are intent on making sure we don't have peace that prevails. i don't know how else to say that. >> reporter: the father of the shooter says his son was a close friend of michael brown. around 2:00 a.m. two teenagers were shot in a separate incident in a driveby shooting. bill: were the officers wearing body cameras? >> a lot of the police officer
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there along the skirmish line did have body cameras on. but the plainclothes officers involved in that shooting did not have body cameras on. they currently have 75 body camera for more than 800 police. they are on guard today, several protest groups say they are planning for a massive day of civil disobedience. billuma: more concerns about say of americans abroad after terrorists opened fire at consulate in turkey. the attacks come after a shooting at the police station in istanbul. >> reporter: there was violence in turkey and america was one of the targets. the shootout happened in front of the u.s. consulate.
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a man opened fire. our contact in turkey confirms they are thought to be linked to a far left anti-american terror group. a police station as you noted in istanbul hit by a suicide bomb attack leaving three dead. elsewhere in southeastern turkey there were more attacks. the kurdish government in the past weeks and months have stepped up their war as well as finally cooperating with the u.s. and it war on isis. >> co-understand den or not, just this past weekend, all of s. presence in turkey stepped up dramatically for it war on isis.
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jet were flown over to the nato base. the u.s. long wanted to be able to use this base to hit out at isis strongholds. some of those targets, they had to use the aircraft carriers in other bases. officials are not telling us when the airstrikes will start. we are looking at several days, maybe a couple week before it ramps up, but it's very important and it couldn't come a minute too soon. bill: a growing crisis a dramatic video. 150 migrant with 650 boats make it to greece from syria. it is. >> the story for the embattled greek government overwhelmed by
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refugees. 50,000 arrived in greece in july alone and the cash-strapped government is asking the european union for help. bill: carly fiorina getting a lot of attention since her debate performance last thursday. with chris wall as sunday she said this. >> we have seen an uptick in financial support and in support generally so it's very exciting. i'm going to keep staying out there talking to as many voters as i can about the issues i think our nation faces and why i can win the job and why i can do the job. bill: good morning for you. i was in the room as moderator with martha. we thought she did well but i was floored by the reaction of the people who watched her on
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the more tore. -- on the monitor. >> she has been going to new hampshire and other early states winning over voters one by one. every voter who comes away from hearing her speak comes away impressed. right now she is in -- she had not had the national exposure she got thursday. the question is now does it result in rising poll numbers. bill: governor bush said she was wrong about women. >> donald trump said are we
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republicans crazy? do we want to alienate 53% of the american voters in the other candidate didn't criticize trump so much as defend megyn kelly. the question is where do these polls go? i think a lot of observer have gotten out of the donald trump poll business. we'll have to see what happens in the next week or two. bill: i think sometimes there is an initial impression and sometimes a lasting impression. what do you believe is the lasting impression from last thursday? >> it was a very, very controversial thing, donald trump kind of sucked all the oxygen out.
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but everybody else did okay. if you think of a debate in the past like rick perry's blooper. none of that happened. nobody hurt themselves. most of them wanted to go out there, do fine, not make any big mistakes and move on. marco rubio made a good impression. some people like ben carson's performance but nobody actually hurt themselves. bill: it was a tough night, tough questions and raised the bar for the democrat and the networks to meet it. wisconsin governor scott walker says he should not be focusing object donald trump, but rather hillary clinton. stay tuned for that, just about minutes past the hour. >> a lot is on the plate right now, and high stakes.
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-up frank gifford has died. we are told he passed at his home and it was sudden and it was natural causes. he was named pro football's most valuable player. it seems he never had a time out in his amazing career playing offense and defense. he joined the broadcast booth of monday night football. among his survivors is his wife, "today show" host kathy give. frank did was 84. >> listen how people talk about him.
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bill: this post other has been in jail for a year and his fate could be decided soon. uma: president obama saying the credibility of the u.s. is on the line if congress rejects the deal with iran. bill: this woman raped, tortured and murder. >> i believe there is a blood trail from washington, d.c. to sacramento. this administration throws buckets of nails in front of ice.
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uma: a an american journalist is in prison in iran and he's one of three americans currently being held in that country. today the hearing is suppose to be the last one before a verdict is reached. >> when i have a people cutting christians' head off and you have a border where it's medieval times. it's got to be as bad as it ever was in terms of the violence and horror. we don't have time for tone. we have to go out and get the job done. bill: donald trump says the
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president is not doing enough to help christians in the middle east. my next guest, governor sununu, served as white house chief of staff under george w. bush. you said the president is indifferent. what did you mean by that comment? >> i want to give credit to democratic congresswoman and frank wolf for the focus they have been giving to this. they got congress to pass a law that requires the president to appoint an 10 invoice to represent christians and other minorities in iraq and he failed to do that. and he's had that responsibility for a year on a piece of legislation he signed.
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the news release and the comments by his press secretary when they talked about the 21 egyptian coptic christians that were beheaded by the islamic state. they refused to comment that they were christians, deliberately omitting the fact that they were christians. there seems to be a sense that they don't want to admit there is a focus by isis in eliminating the christian community that part of the world. bill: the numbers are staggering. explain the indifference. why do you think that would be if your theory is right. >> i don't know. it's a blight on this administration. this administration is hard to figure out. they do things that are really coming out of the depths of the president's head without any rivalries, and this certainly is
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one. the christian community is an important part of the middle east. the middle east is the birthdays of christianity, and to have it is he thattically decimated without the president fulfilling his obligation to appoint an envoy befuddles me. in 2014, a group that keeps track of faith-related deaths. nigeria number of one, strafl central african rub number two and syria number of 3. it's estimated 500,000 christians fled their homes fearing for their lives. those number ofs are extraordinary. >> that's where it's unbelievable the president and his administration don't want to take a leadership role. it's good politics.
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do something politically wise and deal with this crisis that is there are created in the middle east in trying to destroy the christian community. bill: 7,000 christians from northern iraq have been found -- have found refuge? jordan. that country has stretched the limits in terms of taking care of them. in contrast in libya and egypt. the islamic state seems to take them hostage and hold them potentially for ransom. is there a distinction there? >> no, the whole attitude over there of this issue right now is there is -- the jihadi islamic community is decided they thanked an opportunity to pure if i if you will, the region. this is ethnic collection at its
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worst. the "new york times" had an article on this a couple days ago. this is not liberal versus conservative republican versus democrat. this is america standing up to its responsibility for dealing with horrible issues like this around the world and one can only hope the white house wakes up. >> reporter: the christian ex dulls continued. bill: did you bring this up over the weekend or did you ask about it. >> i brought it up a number of times and to be asked me about it. uma: soccer fans out of control. take a look. getting into an all-out brawl. this scene was right here there the u.s. we'll thousand what happened -- we'll show what you happened. bill: they are suppose
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bill: hope is fading for two teenagers lost at sea in florida. the coast guard ended their search about a week ago. the families released a statement sthaig continue to pray one day their sons will return. uma: federal officials work overtime to contain a massive water contamination in colorado
6:25 am
and new mexico. it was caused by a mishap in the project of the environmental protection agency. the water is a mustard yellow color at this point. the governor of new mexico describe can the magnitude of the spill. >> you see something that you are not supposed to see. uma: the epa says the spill poses to stealth risk at this point. >> reporter: that's what the agency is saying right now. but take a look at the striking color of the ani murks s river from the -- of the river from the air.
6:26 am
it surprised millions. it's hard to convince area wres don't there is no threat and those who live there are devastated. >> i love my piece of heaven. this is my sanctuary, this is my place of peace. >> reporter: the governor flew over the area and promised her state would do everything possible to hold the federal government responsible for the cleanup. it has released 300 million gallons of contaminated water so far and continues to do so at the rate of 500 gallon per minute. this water is not just important for colorado and new mexico, right? >> that's right. water flows downstream to millions of people who depend on it.
6:27 am
>> the water allows our metropolitan areas to grow. they are relying on large part on water that originates in our state. so the interconnectiveness is highlighted in a tragedy like this. >> reporter: the epa says the high levels of contaminants that make up the spill is cadmium and zinc. bill: a visiting team knocks it out of the park and a fan catches it in the stand and does not want it. what happens next is what you need to see,. uma: carly fiorina taking aim at donald trump and surging. >> i didn't get a phone call
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from bill clinton before i jumped in the race? i didn't. maybe it was base hadn't given money to the foundation or donated to his wife's senate campaign. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. bill: a man shot by police in critical condition in ferguson, missouri. this since the protests against the shooting of michael brown turned violent. turkish media reporting one of the gunmen who attacked u.s. embassy was killed. a tree fell on a firefighter while he was fighting the sierra fire near lake tahoe. uma: republican presidential
6:32 am
candidate carly fiorina says her campaign has seen a surge since the debate last week and her message is starting to catch on. >> i'm about to leave for south carolina. we are going to talk to as many people as we can through every medium there is. i will continue to do what i have from day one. i will talk to anyone and answer questions. i'm not afraid to talk about anything. the more people get to know me, the more people support me. uma: ladies, welcome, great to have you here today. many people are sending lots of praise to carly fiorina in the debate and she is keeping a laser-like focus on hillary clinton. does she need to expand her
6:33 am
conversation to larger issues, focusing on the economy and foreign policy? >> i don't think those are two different issues. of course, she need to focus on carly fiorina. one of her answers on the serious topic of iran was used during the prime time debate for those candidate to respond to. she is right the more people she gets in front of, the more people like her. she is not afraid to talk about her record and she has a good message. she thinks the political class in washington, d.c. in both parties has failed americans and that resonated with people across the country. uma: do you expect her to do well in the next few weeks? >> carly fiorina did everything you would want a candidate to do
6:34 am
in that first debate. she out performed her fellow candidate and got mentioned in the second debate. the bad news is her opponent weren't that impressive. i'm not sure she would have fared as well in the prime time debate. i don't think it's a good idea to call any opponent a liar with 15 months to go. and everything she talked about in term of fixing government and creating job, her business record undercuts. that's a challenge businessmen and women have confront along the way. so she'll have the same challenge going forward. >> reporter: she herself says she is ready to take on anyone who challenges her record in the business world. she raises a point that others have been fired as well. people like steve jobs and
6:35 am
michael bloomberg. given that. do you think this is going to be a negative going forward particularly given the fact she had a lay off 30 thousand people who were eventually fired when she talks about jobs. >> she talks about the other ceos who have been fired as result of making such decisions. she he when you are at the top of the pack and go against the status quo some people don't like that and ultimately it could end up in you losing your job. she thoroughly he can explained her layoffs at hp and her record there. carly fiorina didn't call hillary clinton a liar. she says hillary clinton has lied about some thing like benghazi. there are other thing we can
6:36 am
talk about in terms of hillary clinton lying about them. fiorina isn't at the end of the road when it comes to her pointing out the lies on a variety of issues. uma: what's the different if you say thing don't add up with the record. >> you can point those thing out. everybody does. but to use the word "liar," where do you go from there. she appeals to a small part of the republican party. it may help her in a small republican primary, but it won't help were with conservative voter. she doesn't have the standing to credibly make those claims with voters and she has to go up from there. what left to say probably can't be said on tv without a 7-second delay. to go back to her business record, neither steve jobs nor
6:37 am
michael bloomberg have run for president. mitt romney did. she not only drove hp into the ground. she got a $40 million sense of package and got rewarded for her failure. people on the right and left when they talk about fairness in the economy, i think carly fiorina is going to have a tough time talking about that. >> we would have equal pay in the workforce if we got rid of the unions. carly fiorina is tapping into hillary clinton's lies which is becoming a problem for hillary clinton across the country in swing state. general elect voters are saying they don't trust hillary clinton. she has not called her a liar, she said she lied on a number of
6:38 am
issues. uma: ladies, obviously this story will continue to generate heat over the next several weeks and we'll be watching it closely. thanks so much for joining us today. bill: yankee top hitter red gardner can catch just about anything he sees coming at him. yankee stadium. a fan would gather the ball, then throw it back on the field. only this time it hit gardner in the back of the head. just a bounce. he was a good sport. he said i have a hard head. uma: soccer fans not waiting to get inside the stadium to duke
6:39 am
it out. a wild brawl erupts in the streets. even before that game kicks off. fists flying along with debris. bill: benjamin netanyahu going after president obama and the republicans in congress. with the critic on the republican side here is what they are saying about the iran deal. >> it has to do with this dangerous place this world with be as the result of a deal in which we didn't get anything. we didn't even get four hostages out and iran gets everything they want. than before! so he can rapidly prepare his presentation. and when he perfects his pitch, do you know what chris can do? and that is my recommendation. let's see if he's ready.
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through the air as the soccer fans clash before a major league soccer match between the red bulls and the fc. police quickly arriving to restore peace. >> i will tell you one thing. i would rather have carly fiorina doing our negotiation than john kerry, maybe we would have got and deal where we didn't give everything away. but the issue for us is to have a congress that stand up and says not on the no, but hell no to a regime that's going to use it for terror. >> obama broke every rule of negotiation. yes, our allies are not perfect but iran is at heart of most of the evil going on in the middle east through their proxy.
6:44 am
bill: republican hopefuls saying they would tear up the iran nuclear deal. some prominent democrats agree. president obama taking aim at benjamin netanyahu. katie macfarland, good morning to you. you heard what everybody had to say, they will reject this deal. your question after that is what will they do then? >> it's a sign of desperation that president obama is making these assumptions that the republicans are like the hardliners in iran. what he's assume can is the iranians won't cheat, and by the time they get nukes they will change. but what is dawning on people is what if they do change? candidate are saying we reject the lawn deal. what will you do next. rubio said i will make the
6:45 am
sanctions tougher. some people said we have a military solution. i am interested in hearing if any of them have a reagan-style solution. throw out the leader, hope that best happens, but reagan style, you maneuver them and encourage opposition and giving covert aid to the opposition so the people themselves rise up. bill: and keep the economic egg sanctions on. >> we'll reimpose by basically lifting the national security waiver on the existing sanctions. the sanctions expire in about a year and a half. as president if i would lift the national security waiver. the merit can sanctions are the most important sanctions of all. bill: sound like he touches on some of what you were saying.
6:46 am
>> he gets it. the american sanction are the most important. kerry says other countries will do business with iran, china, russia, we might as well let those sanctions expire as well. no, the american sanction are the the most important. even if the other countries are lifting their sanctions, the united states has a powerful economic tool to use through the banging community. in iran they are not chanting death to china, death to russia, death to france. they are chanting "death to america." bill: over the weekend the president had pointed word for benjamin netanyahu. but i don't think anyone was surprised by that comment. i think what surprised a lot of people was this comment from last week last wednesday. if those hardliners were most comfortable with the status quo. it's the hardliners chanting death to america who have been
6:47 am
most opposed to the deal. they are make common cause with the republican caucus. bill: the common cause is the phrase here. he said what i said is absolutely true factually. but since then chuck schumer came out and said he will not go for this deal. are they making common cause with the hard liners in iran? >> he said it's just the hard liners in iran to dismiss them. the hardliners are not some people in a rally in downtown tehran. they are the bosses of the country and the people month negotiated the deal. to say if you don't want my deal you have must want war, the president has no other options i ghes his mind other than today it laying or war. the others have other options. even schumer in his statement of yes was against the iran deal
6:48 am
talked about encouraging the democratic reform. so obama is already wrong. alternative are the not just war or my deal. iran in a nuclear iran and nuclear proliferation in the middle east. and that's more important than any crisis any president has dealt with since the fall of the iron curtain. bill: your tack would be go reagan. covert aid, economic pressure. that seemed to be the policy for a long time until we entered into these new negotiations, then things changed. >> yes, because the iranians think they have us on the run. what did the ayatollah do in response to this deal? he issue offed a pamphlet saying how to annihilate israel and how we tricked the u.s. into a good
6:49 am
deal for us and bad deal for them. that should tell you everything you have need to know. uma: another illegal immigrant accused of murder in california. suspected of brutally murdered a u.s. veteran. new details on why he was free despite this history of violent crime. bill: thousands are forced from their homes. we are live on the fire line with details on that today. the goodness that goes into making a power kale chicken caesar salad is rivaled only, by the goodness felt while eating one. panera. food as it should be.
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bill: dramatic rescue in los angeles county. a car scratch over a 300-foot
6:53 am
embankment. both are expected to survive and both are very, very lucky. uma: we have new details in the horrifying case of an illegal immigrant accused in the brutal murder and rape after woman in california. he and another man are accused of raping, torturing and killing 64-year-old u.s. air force veteran. >> reporter: if either the obama administration or california enforced immigration law police say marilyn ferris would be alive today. police knew testify was here illegally but under start slaw could not cooperate with the feds. they knew of he was in jail but
6:54 am
did not take the necessary steps to deport him. >> they can point the fingers at the sheriff, and it gets started at the top and reaches the lower levels. when the federal and state governments fail to do their jobs it falls on the shoulders of the local governments. we are not equipped to handle it in pour jail system. >> reporter: marilyn ferris who dragged satellites at vandenberg fair force base was assaulted and bothen with a claw hammer. this happened in the middle of this national debate over the death of kate steinle in san francisco. uma: why wasn't he deported. >> reporter: lawmakers and the
6:55 am
system set it up so he would not be. unless you are convicted add felony or three serious misdemeanors you are not depeartd. he was pea rested on a felony what he phones charge and drug possession. but the d.a. pled that down because california detriple nammized drug possession. california require as warrant which the feds knew of but didn't file. police charged him with felony sexual assault bit of swawls downguide a misdemeanor and the locals released him under the sanctuary law. police say this is happening all the time because we have 3.5 million illegal immigrants. bill: ferguson, missouri once again on the brink.
6:56 am
shots fired repeatedly. the latest from missouri this morning. uma: presidential candidate scott walker says republicans need to stop fighting among themselves and focus on someone else. >> we spend a lot of time talking about hillary clinton. we should be talking about hillary clinton on that last subject because everywhere in the world hillary clinton touched is more messed up today. ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ (dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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it's from daddy. sfx: dad's voice i love you baby girl. duracell quantum lasts longer in 99% of devices so you can always be there. ♪ verges police shoot a suspect after coming under fire in ferguson, missouri a year after the death of michael brown. there were dozens of shots ringing out earlier with hundreds of protesters in the street.
7:00 am
they were tracking a gunman when he approached an unmarked car and fired and officers returned fire leaving him in critical conditions. hundreds gathered to mark a year since the fatingshooting of michael brown. another fox news alert, two women open fire in a terrorist attack on a u.s. consulate in turkey. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom." a lot going on to talk about. i am bill hemmer and i hope you had a good weekend. >> i am uma in today for martha maccallum. the u.s. diplomatic mission in istanbul rocked turkey. no one injured and one person waseracy


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