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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  August 11, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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maybe it's a statue from a lost civilization. or maybe it's a rock. >> a cloak? that's so 80s, jon. thank you for joining us, everybody. >> heather nauert is in for gretchen on "the real story." it starts now. >> take care. we start out with a fox news alert. about a young couple in court today in the state of mississippi facing charges that they tried to join isis. they are not what you might expect. i'm heather nauert in for gretchen carlson today. the mississippi couple includes young teenaged woman who is reportedly the daughter of a police officer and her would-be hubbed is a recent college grad. details of their elaborate plan just coming to light as they sat side by side in court earlier today. laura engel is live in our new york city newsroom. laura, this is quite a plan that this young couple had. >> it is indeed, heather. the couple arrested at an airport in mississippi over the weekend for allegedly conspiring to join isis, using their
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honeymoon as a cover to travel overseas. the 19 and 22-year-old were denied bond and remanded to the custody of the u.s. marshal service at the detention hearing today. both are accused of conspiring and attempting to provide material support to the islamic state. they secured passports and made arrangements to fly to istanbul via amsterdam. they're confessed to attempting to travel to turkey for the purposes of joining isis in syria. they're local citizens and educated. one graduated mississippi state university in may with a bachelor's degree in psychology. young was an honors graduate from high school. she told an informant she was hoping the two would be medics helping the injured. the family members say they're stunned and did not expect this at all. >> gee, what a honeymoon.
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i want to ask you about this. there was an arrest of an isis wannaby from new jersey. what can you tell us about that? >> 20-year-old nadarsada who was part of a group of people they say they've been investigating for quite some time. he appeared in newark federal court yesterday. he was charged with trying to provide material support to isis. all of these carry a maximum of 20 years in prison. a u.s. attorney said he allegedly sent electronic messages voicing his hatred of the united states and communicated his desire to form a small army that would include his friends. another man had provided him with the name and number of an isis contact near the syria border to help him travel to isis-controlled territory. they say the plan was an active one. >> thank you. nearly two dozen people arrested overnight in ferguson, missouri, after a fourth night of protests there. demonstrators have been
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gathering to mark the one year since the shooting of the unarmed teenager michael brown. no shots were fired last night, unlike the day before. but some protesters threw bottles and rocks at police. officials are now operating under a declared state of emergency. the st. louis metro police are in control of the town of ferguson. that is where our will carr is today with what we can expect tonight. what are police telling you? >> reporter: well, heather, they're trying to decide if they're going to implement a curfew tonight after protesters, many of whom are from out of state, have clashed with police the last two nights. there were tense moments after 10:00 p.m. last night when some protesters turned violent, picking up anything they could and throwing it at police officers. in the end, 22 were arrested. nobody was hurt. >> they need to give us leeway if they want us to try to control this in a civil way.
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we don't want ferguson to have a black eye. we don't think we're anti-police. we do want good cops. >> reporter: earlier in the day more than 120 people were arrested for blocking parts of i-70 during rush hour and for swarming the courthouse. we just got their booking sheets. almost all are from somewhere other than ferguson, including new york, minneapolis, denver, many from st. louis as well. you are seeing outside agitators come in and stir things up here in ferguson. michael brown's dad took to facebook yesterday saying, i'm quoting, our marches were all done very peacefully, so please be careful and mindful and protect your yefselves from tho who would like to this be unsuccessful. the detective charged with unloading on an 18-year-old the other night has been charged with several charges. he remains in critical
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condition. >> a lot of business owners have significant damage done to their businesses last time around. what are they doing this time to try to protect their property? >> reporter: the scars are still very fresh from the riots we had seen over the past year. some businesses have decided to close early. some decided to remain closed over the past couple of days. other business owners are taking it upon themselves to arm themselves and sit inside of their businesses on their property in case there is more looting. we saw some looting sunday night. last night there wasn't any looting and business owners hope that replicates itself tonight and throughout the rest of the week. they tell us that right now really the only thing that they can continue to do is simply hang on. haef heather. >> will, thank you. politics now. governor jeb bush delivering a major foreign policy address this evening at the ronald reagan library. his campaign releasing this excerpt. quote, and where was secretary clinton in you will a of this. like the president himself she opposed the surge and then
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joined claiming credit for its success and stood by as the hard-won victory was thrown away. what can seriously argue our family and friends are safer today than in 2009? >> in the meantime donald trump was on fox and "friends" today talking with steve doosy about isis. listen. >> i'm the most militaristic person there is. now that we're there and you have these guys chopping off christians head, i say cut them off where they're getting their wealth, at the oil. >> joining me now is simon rowsenberg, a former bill clinton campaign adviser. larry o'connor, editor at large for i was sitting there as steve was talking to donald trump this morning. boy, did that idea of taking the oil from iraq -- we get blamed
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for it anyway -- got a lot of traction in social media. what do you expect for donald trump as a result of the comments? >> it did. donald trump is speaking to angry and frustrated americans who are really, really frustrated over hillary clinton and barack obama's debacle in iraq, all of that hard-fought victory that we saw in iraq has been wasted. now isis is rolling through it. unlike jeb bush who is going to give a very important speech, as he says. but he is not actually offering any solutions that we can see. donald trump is offering a solution. you may not agree with the solution, but donald trump excites people because he takes the bull by the horns and says, let's just go in and fix it. >> we have not heard jeb bush's plan yet. he plans to deliver it. we have broad overviews. simon, one of the things we expect him to talk about is the withdrawal from iraq. he calls it pre-mature and says it was a fatal error. that's something a whole lot of military leaders have agreed
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with. doesn't jeb bush have a point there? >> listen, i think this will be one of the most heavily debated points in the presidential campaign over the next year and a half. it's the democrats' view that the argument bush and republicans are making that everything was good in iraq until obama got there is ridiculous. we know that in the first iraq war george bush didn't take out saddam hussein because the advisors were worried that if they unleashed the chaos in iraq that his brother did we would have an unending war there. there were a lot of mistakes made. larry, let me finish. a lot of mistakes were made by bush. i'm not going to say everything barack obama has been perfect. >> they had a rapid draw-down. >> the notion that things were in good shape when obama game into office is a joke. >> larry. >> simon, what you rather that iraq circa 2008 or circa 2015. i think most americans recognize
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things were better before barack obama and hillary clinton messed it up. with regard to jeb bush's -- i know we don't have the whole speech, heather. he is so spooked by his brother's legacy that there is no possible way he could institute tonight some sort of policy that brings america's troops back in there. >> we'll watch that 9:00 p.m. eastern time. we're getting our brand-new polls in as a result of the debate. from suffolk, university, out of iowa. donald trump leads the republican field in iowa. 17% among likely gop caucus voters. followed by scott walker, marco rubio, ben carson. jeb bush coming in seventh behind ted cruz and carly fiorina. gentlemen, let me ask you this. with the money and the name i.d. behind jeb bush, what does it tell you at 5%? >> well, it tells me that all of the national polls have been a popularity contest. now that they've seen the debate on thursday night they've gotten
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to see some people. like carly fiorina who i've been saying is a dark horse here. things will tighten up. remember, in 2011 rick perry was leading the polls nationally. mitt romney number two and michele bachmann was a solid third. >> it's early. simon, the last word here. >> sure. i think we've seen movement. trump is still holding strong in all the polls post debate. ben carson and carly fiorina are asserting themselves. it's a moving race. the next set of debates like the fox debate last week will be very consequential in the early days of the republican debate. >> thank you very much, gentlemen. have a great day. a must-see interview coming tonight. trump appearing on "hannity." watch tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. we'll see what comes out of that. in the meantime we have new information on what caused the deadly crash that severely
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injured the comedian tracy morgan and killed a passenger in his limo last year. the driver of the walmart truck that slammed into morgan's limo had been awake for more than 28 hours before that crash and failed to reduce the speed of his vehicle from 65 miles an hour to 45 miles per hour in a construction zone. officials also say that limo passengers were not wearing their seat belts, which contributed to the severity of their injuries. 28 hours awake. that is something else! with the administration reportedly looking at a plan to shut down the prison at gitmo, there is fresh opposition standing in his way from inside his own administration. judge andrew napolitano will explain that just ahead. a major interstate shut down after a semi slams into a bus packed with prisoners. plus, how is this one for a bizarre police chase, what this guy is doing and why cops brought him in.
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a frightening crash to tell you about in the state of arizona. a department of corrections bus slamming into a semi truck that had rolled over on interstate 8. this happened around 1:00 a.m. local time. the bus was carrying about 50 inmates. the bus driver and several inmates were hurt and taken to hospitals. no word yet on their conditions. all of the inmates have been accounted for. this one is quite a story. you're going to love to hear about this from the judge. a new roadblock is developing for the white house plan to close guantanamo bay. it centers on where to house the detines. the justice department nixing a plan to move them to a top security prison in illinois. another possibility the naval
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bringing in charleston, south carolina, also facing objections. this after defense secretary ash carter raised concerns about the detainees and security later this summer. >> we have to be very clear. there are people in guantanamo bay who cannot and should not be released. because they will return to the terrorist fight. therefore, we need a place where we can detain them in the long term. we have been forbidden to create such a place in u.s. territory. >> secretary carter seems to be standing in the way of transferring about half of the 116 detainees who are still held at gitmo. joining me now, andrew napolitano. i thought this was settled a few years back. there was talk of putting them in illinois and that was nixed. now we're talking about this again. >> very unusual for this administration not to be talking in lockstep. the attorney general saying one thing and the secretary of defense saying one thing and the white house saying a third thing. here is the law. the president can close down
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gitmo overnight if he wants and he can transfer them to any federal facility in the united states of america or anywhere in the world where it's safe to house them. why he is letting his cabinet secretaries debate this in public is beyond me. >> there is a law that doesn't allow taxpayer dollars to be spent to transfer these guys to the united states. what do you do about that? >> i think the president would argue -- this is a very lawless president. but here he lasshas a legitimat argument. he would argue it's an unconstitutional law. he is in charge of federal prisons. he can move prisoners from one prison to the next without getting congress's authority. they're under his custody once detained. he could move a prisoner from colorado to new jersey, from gitmo to colorado if he wants to and the congress cannot interfere. >> unless there is public outrage over this. i can't imagine anyone wants them in their back yard.
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>> this president, who doesn't seem to care about public outrage anymore when he does things he thinks will help his legacy. is he concerned about the outrage, congress, the courts? the courts will not get involved. >> what do you mean the courts won't get involved? >> if the president moves these people, i can't imagine a judge interfering with the president's ability to move them because he has the authority to move prisoners. if the congress were to sue the president, as they've done, i think the lawsuit would be thrown out. his only fear is a legitimate one, public outrage. whatever you think of these people, nobody wants them in their back yard. >> the president is on his way out and may not care about what people think. >> it's more about how history will treat him, not about his popularity at the moment. >> what's your prediction? we have 116 of those guys sitting at gitmo. they're supposed to be the worst of the worst, so we're told. >> here is my prediction. we are going to wake up one
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morning and find out that, under cover of darkness, gitmo was closed and these guys have been moved to a, b, c, d and e maximum security facilities in the united states. >> we saw what happened in upstate new york. >> that was a disaster because they had help on the inside. but that should be a fear that the president would have. >> no kidding. all right. judge andrew napolitano. let me ask you one additional thing. would they have additional legal rights on u.s. ground that they don't have already? >> one would expect that argument to be made but the supreme court has ruled that their legal rights in gitmo are the same as if they were here. they already have the rights. this is a federal judge sitting in d.c. assigned to hear cases in gitmo. >> you can't make this stuff up. >> no, you can't. >> judge, thank you so much. high-altitude chase ends with one person in custody. why officials pursued this guy in his motorized glider. presidential candidate rick
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santorum joins us live. few could beat michael jordan on the basketball court, of course. how about in the courtroom? why the nba legend went before a judge today. >> i want that case. ♪
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. it's summertime. a terrifying scene on the jersey shore where police say a young boy was injured while digging a hole on the beach and the sand suddenly caved in around him. officials say life dguards and bystanders freed the 12-year-old. he was flown to a nearby hospital and is listed in stable condition. a man released from custody
11:24 am
after leading officials on a chase over the state of california. the suspect flying over a prison in this motorized glider. the local sheriff's department thought that he was dropping contraband in there. chief correspondent jonathan hunt is live from the california newsroom. only in california! how did it this play out? >> he's 67 years old. he's been flying motorized paragliders for 15 years. he had never been involved in a police chase until yesterday. that's after he went up in his paraglider and got far too close to a jail in northern california county. for the comfort of the cops who were watching him. so a sheriff's department helicopter went up, fearful that he might be dropping drugs or weapons into that prison, or even involved in some sort of bizarre escape attempt. they buzzed him a couple of times and then eventually r ron nagan landed in a dusty field. that's when the sheriff's deputies landed their chopper
11:25 am
just behind him, jumped out and apprehended mr. nagan and had a chat with him. turns out it was mistake. he was out for a joyride. he had no idea he was near a jail. he said he didn't hear the helicopter's sirens because his paraglider was too noisy. no harm, no foul. he was sent on his way. that wasn't the only unusual police chase in l.a. yesterday. the news directors there must have been loving this one. >> yeah. everybody loves hthese chases. earlier in the day. look at this white box truck. it went speeding along the 5 freeway. very busy freeway, as you well know. speeds at up to 80 miles per hour. turns out as well that that box truck was loaded with something like 1600 gallons of diesel fuel. so as it wobbled along there it's anybody's guess what might have happened had it actually flipped over.
11:26 am
eventually the driver left the freeway. he plowed headlong into some concrete barriers. you'll see that coming up in just a moment. and then, when he eventually got out, actually we're going to see it there. he goes into the concrete barriers. look at this. if you were in one of those cars. here he goes, boom! nobody was hurt. he jumped out. a little foot chase. he eventually laid down behind the van and waited for the cops to come along and arrest him. all in all a very entertaining day in the history of l.a. car chases. thankfully nobody hurt in either of them. >> that is the best point! thank you so much. we'll see you real soon. republican presidential candidate ted cruz on a certain bus tour campaigning. carl will be live with the details. a court ruling that could redefine the big money world of college sports, and it comes down to whether or not university football players are considered school employees.
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offering 400 bunks for $75 apiece. there you go. okay. let's talk politics now. senator ted cruz unveiling a have you strategy for his presidential campaign kicking off plans to build a nationwide network starting with a bus tour of key southern states. our chief political correspondent carl cameron is live in memphis, tennessee. tell us how cruz' approach is different from the other candidates and the way they're campaigning. >> reporter: welcome to mississippi. he was earlier in tupelo today. he started the trip four days ago in south carolina and is barn-storming by bus all the way to oklahoma. what trues is doied cruz is try ahead of the pack where he has been campaigning aggressively all along and taking his advantage in cash and his opportunity to come to the south
11:32 am
and court conservatives and build the equivalent of a national organization that will sustain him for the long haul, particularly into next march when about half of the delegates will be selected and the battle could get really tough. a short while ago they got acquainted with another fire marshal. standing remotely in a heck of a lot of enthusiasm. he made it very clear, bluntly stating he is counting on the south to put him in the oval office. watch. >> i view the role of the southern states, together we're going to ensure that the next republican nominee is a strong and genuine conservative! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: and he believes that he is the one. he's been talking a lot about campaign conservatives, a reference to many of his rivals who he says are adopting staunch positions but given their political history in many cases,
11:33 am
as a governor or senator, haven't had real achievements, where in ted cruz's case he's shown his ability to fight whether it's going after gop leaders or taking credit or blame for one of the shut downs recently that advocated house republicans to pursue. >> is he planning to let up on any early states? >> reporter: no, no, no. this is not about changing the emphasis on the early states, iowa, new hampshire and south carolina. it's worth noting that, in the spring of last year, right after the 2014 mid-terms -- this year after the 2014 mid-terms, ted cruz was in iowa aggressively. he has had over 100 meetings with the pastors in iowa. and evangelical conservatives can hold sway in iowa. that's where the trip starts. that's the emphasis on later. the idea that somebody like scott walker, who is doing well in iowa but has not raised as much money, might have a hard time competing unless he wins
11:34 am
everywhere. the cruz campaign believes it can come in second in two or three of the early states but then really cut the field down with a strong organization in the south. he is the only one out here in mississippi. other candidates have hit a couple of the states in the last few months but nowhere near the number of times ted cruz has. he has money, second only to jeb bush in terms of super pac and hard money in the campaign. he is number two. he has the cash to be out here ahead of the rest of the pack. >> we just saw him in the new suffolk poll with 7% with carly fiorina in iowa. carl cameron, thank you. donald trump on "fox & friends" this morning saying the united states should cut off the terror group's oil revenue and put american boots on the ground. former florida governor jeb bush is set to outline what his campaign is calling an aggressive new strategy against isis in a speech this evening at the reagan presidential library. joining me now to talk about his
11:35 am
plan, rick santorum, pennsylvania senator and 2016 republican presidential candidate. great to have you with us. let's talk about your plan to deal with isis. >> the plan is really to do exactly what needs to be done to eliminate their calaphate. they're gaining ground, not losing ground. cutting off the oil would be great, all the things the candidates are talking about. but you have to take ground. we're not doing that. that's because we don't fund the kurds, who are willing to take back some of the ground. we don't directly fund them. >> would your solution be arming the kurds or to put troops on the ground? >> more. we also need to fund the jordanians. jordan is overrun by refugees. they would like more military aid to engage in the fight, and we're not providing it to them. >> to a lot of americans sitting
11:36 am
here, a lot of folks probably don't have a big stomach for putting a lot of americans on the ground. how many are you thinking about under your plan? >> it's a combination of, again, funding the indigenous forces there, the iraqi, kurds, jordanians as well as providing additional boots on the ground, number one to help coordinate the activities. more air strikes, a lot more air strikes that need to be done to soften up the isis positions. and, if necessary, to provide some boots on the ground to special forces primarily to help support these other indigenous forces. >> i want to make sure i'm clear here. in terms of the u.s. boots on the ground, which you would be talking about as primarily special operations. is that right? and air controllers? >> it's a combination of things to support the other forces as well as provide some specific tasks that we can do to help neutralize the isis forces that are against us. i want to ask you about donald trump's idea of taking
11:37 am
the oil and taking the revenue. heck, we get blamed for it anyway. people around the world say you take oil even though we haven't. what do you think? >> it's a bad idea. the united states is the number one producer of oil in the world. the fact that we'd go in there and seize foreign assets? that's something the united states has never done before. it's against everything that we believe in. we don't fight for mercenary purposes. we fight and enhance the security of our country, not to rob people of the resources they have. the iraqi people need the resources. the folks in that -- by the way, syria too, need the resources to restart their economy. for the united states to confiscate those is a horrible idea. >> i want to ask you about the campaign at home. 17 candidates. resources are limited. presidential candidate rick perry, there were reports that his team has stopped paying some of its staffers, including some
11:38 am
of those at his austin headquarters. how are things looking for your campaign in terms of financing? >> we just announced a couple new hires today, in new hampshire and iowa. we're building out our team. we feel confident. heading to iowa tomorrow for a seven-day swing. we feel confident that we're going to do extremely well when the voters of iowa and the voters of the rest of the country start to focus in on who they really want to be froms and they start looking at the record. someone who has a great record of accomplishment and someone who has been outside of washington and knows how to fix it. that's the combination. having experience and plus being outside and watched this zoo going on for the last ten years and come in here and clean house and make things happen. >> senator rick santorum, thank you so much for joining us from washington today. best of luck. we are expecting a major ruling from the national labor relations board on whether or not northwestern university scholarship football players are considered university employees.
11:39 am
now, that would allow them to form a union and also potentially redefine college sports altogether. let's go to blake birrman live from the campus of washington university. when would the ruling come in. >> reporter: we talked to two analysts. one told us they feel this would come down at some point in october, that's right in the middle of the college football season. this one coming up in the upcoming days, the middle of the college preseason. either way the stakes are high. if the national labor relations board rules in favor of the players at northwestern university seeking to form a union, that could open the door for other college football players and possibly other student athletes to unionize. northwestern is arguing the athletes are students first, not employees, the former star quarterback at northwestern was the one who led the huddle in this case. he is arguing that players are
11:40 am
employees based on the hours that are involved and the millions of dollars that college football players, in a lot of cases, generate. heather, depending on how the ruling comes down, this could disrupt the ncaa. >> strong arguments. especially the last one you pointed out. what kind of shot do the players have at actually winning this deal? >> reporter: one of the analysts told me yesterday that labor union in latin -- he was joking -- means employer loses. another one said to me he thinks this is 60-40 in favor of the northwestern players. keep in mind a local official has ruled in favor of the players at northwestern. what's going on here in washington is the appeal to that. here at howard university, i was speaking to the head coach earlier today. he told me his players are not necessarily paying attention to this now, but if the northwestern players win this case, it's something he feels they would keep an eye on and then look their options from
11:41 am
there. and you could possibly see that happen all over the country. >> wow! we'll be watching. thanks a lot. a mid-morning storm triggering this massive dust storm in phoenix. take a look at this. traffic cameras capturing a fast-moving dust storm, approaching the area with rain and following closely behind. thank goodness for that. cutting power to many parts of the phoenix area, leaving tens of thousands in the dark and causing flight delays and diversions at the airport. officials say the whole thing was over in about an hour. drones, they are wildly popular. getting even more so. they're also posing more of a safety risk for pilots and firefighters as well. how do we get a handle on this before tragedy strikes? >>. new 911 calls capturing the terrifying moments before a deadly shootout between a gunman and police. >> your dad's in the house? >> no. the gunman. >> who is it? >> i don't know.
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here is what america is clicking on today. tragedy for the reality tv show deadliest catch. the ship captain and star of the hit series has died at the age of 50. no word on a cause of death so far. move over, yogi. this bear in georgia hopping into the passenger seat of this work truck and stealing the driver's lunch. he swiped all the grape sodas and delivered the treats to her cubs waiting nearby. how cute! move over cows. firefighters in the uk rescuing three cows from this abandoned swimming pool. no word how they got there. officials say the crews had to use specialized animal harnesses to get them out. drones are posing major problems across the country. on july 21st, the drone came dangerously close to a plane landing at jfk international in new jersey.
11:46 am
two days later a pilot had to make a sharp turn to avoid a drone flying at 1,000 feet. on sunday four separate crews reported seeing a drone near newark international airport, one of the busiest airports in the country. drones hampering efforts to fight the devastating wildfires out west. there have been 13 suspected instances in which drones have interfered with fire fighting planes this year, 11 of them happening since june. that's up from just four last year. john langford is the chairman and ceo of aurora flight sciences corporation. john, thanks for joining us. a lot of folks starting to become concerned with the safety with all these drones flying around. what do you say about that? >> hi, heather. thanks. it's obviously a topic that's gathered a lot of interest recently because aviation is inherently dangerous but we've made it safe by careful regulation, process and procedures over the last hundred years. we have a lot of new entrants
11:47 am
today. it's important that they get brought into the system as well to keep the system safe. >> a lot of folks in the industry are saying basically the feds are powerless to regulate this. they say they have commercial drone regulations they're working on but that won't be able until next year. the hobbyist, the folks who own those things, that's not regulated at all. >> right, heather. i think there are four basic things that we need to do. the first is that the faa does need to implement these proposed rules. they've been on the boards for a number of years. they were put out in draft form a few months ago. they need to move ahead and get them out there. the second is nasa has been working on a comprehensive solution to this. that work needs to be pushed out as soon as possible. the third thing we have to do is require all of the airplanes to self-identify and have collision avoidance features on them. >> when you say airplanes, do you mean the drones? how does that work? >> right. everything that flies in the
11:48 am
national airspace is considered an airplane by the faa, and the small hobby drones just as much as the large professional activities. the kinds of things we're a talking about, a lot of the recent issues arise from these hobby type vehicles that have developed a lot in capability and are now being -- entering the airspace in very large numbers. >> they're in large numbers. as we reported, a lot of planes have had near misses with those things. that thing gets sucked into an engine of an airplane and that could cause real trouble for the pilots and those aboard. what do you do? as somebody who works in the industry, what does your industry do to try to protect us? >> we have to push forward with the regulations that are already under way. we know how to solve this. this is a matter of the regulations have not kept up with the introduction of the technology. it's sort of gone into that exponential phase of widespread introduction. we need to accelerate the
11:49 am
introduction of the regulations. >> you don't sound too terribly concerned about some sort of tragedy potentially happening. >> i think all of us in the business are very concerned about it. the history of air traffic regulation is that it has historically been driven by accidents or disasters and we're hoping that this would be one time that we didn't need to follow that pattern, that we could get the regulations out there ahead of some accident. we've known how to do this for many years. we just need to get on with it and implement the regulations. >> the feds are supposedly doing it. everything we are reading, it could take quite some time. we'll keep following this. hopefully it won't take a disaster to get things done in washington. jong langford, thanks for joining us today. >> thank you so much, heather. fire crews responding to a call. they find a train trestle completely on fire and on the verge of collapsing. why they're telling locals to expect to see smoke for days. a terrified man calls 911 to
11:50 am
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11:53 am
wild pictures coming in from kor gone. fast moving grass fire completely engulfing this train trestle. 50 firefighters were battling the flames before they pulled back. investigators believe that the fire started on the trestle and spread to the brush below eventually two to three acres. no injuries reported. but officials say residents and businesses could see smoke for a few days. well dramatic 911 calls reveal the moments before a shootout took place in north
11:54 am
carolina. we have more on this story. >> hi heather. it all went down outside of charlotte. investigators still trying to work out all the details but this appears to have been sparked by jealousy and fueled by alcohol. neighbors say jeffrey willings had been drinking before he grabbed a gun, walked over to a neighbor's house and knocked on the door. when the door was opened, police say he opened fire killing him. his 27-year-old son was inside the house and called 911. >> he's in the house. >> your dad is in the house? >> the gunman. >> who is it? >> i don't know. i don't know who he is. he just killed my dad. he just killed my dad. >> a woman named deborah was apparently inside the house. she was shot and wounded. neighbors say childers was married to the shooter but was
11:55 am
romantically involved. calling 911. >> take the first side street. take the first side street, please take the first side street. >> moments later police arrived to an active shooter. they spotted the suspect in front of his home wearing a pistol and holding a rifle. he shot at police striking and wounding two officers. the officers returned fire killing the suspect. the officer's injuries are not considered life-threatening and all of the officers involved have been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. by all accounts, the shooting appears to be justified. >> thank you so much. michael jordan one of the greatest ever on the basketball court. he is now taking on a fierce opponent in a court of law. why? we'll tell you the details next. e company will only
11:56 am
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11:59 am
from the basketball court to a court of law michael jordon suing a grocery store chain for the unauthorized use of his name in an ad. >> the nba legend set to testify against the grocery chain over magazine ads and congratulating the chicago bulls star. that ad showed jordan's number 23 and under that coupon for 2 off a steak. a judge previously ruled jordan's persona was used without his permission. now the determination of damages will take place. jordan is seeking $5 million. boston's mayor wants to do away with an old baseball tradition calling for a ban on chewing tobacco in fenway park. the move would effect teams from little league to the red sox. the mayor filing an ordinance that covers everything, every athletic facility in boston. he hopes kids don't see their heroes chewing tobacco, that
12:00 pm
they just won't start. thanks for joining us. i'm heather in for gretchen. we're seeing the first poll since the republican debate on fox news channel and they reveal -- you'll decide about the race. for starters, donald trump is still leading. but it now appears his performance cost him points in one stay we'll show you and a lot of the surveys say they're less comfortable with the idea of a president trump. how he's stacking up against his strongest rivals including scott walker and marco rubio. john kasich seems to be surging. one poll has him in a tie with donald trump and jeb bush. plus, having money problems. gosh, have you been watching tv or on the internet in the last 24 hours you know that wasn't a real question. that was one of those things anchors say.


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