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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  August 15, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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finding a ra y of light. >> and that's going to do it for us. >> we are back tomorrow at 12:00 here on the fox news channel. don't go anywhere. julie banderas is up next with the fox report. >> live entertainment. a butter cow. and fried food and a side of politics. a total of 18 presidential candidates descend on the iowa state fair. good evening, everyone. i am julie banderas. this is the fox report. each contender trying to convince the folks that he or she will have what it takes to lead the free world. iowa will have the first caucus. and among the candidates republican donald trump he is willing to spend upwards of a billion on his presidential campaign. and he brought entertainment of
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his own and giving kids free roadways in the trump helicopter today. >> and they are live and carl, how did trump's day at the fair go. >> reporter: he's certainly fit in the spectacle. the a arrival of chopper and giving kids roadways on the chopper and the news of blasting the u.s. government and jeb bush for his iraq comments and trashed every candidate he could possibly name in what was an hour and half visit here. >> everything we do is wrong. military, we are not taking care of the military or vets or taking care of our country and finances. and we are not taking care of our trade deals. he made statements of justifying the war in iraq. it must be one of the dumbest
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statements. and scott walker, his state has a 2.2 billion deficit. his growth is terrible in terms of the state. oif said it. hillary clinton was the single worst secretary of state in the history of the country. and the world collapse around us while she was secretary of state. >> reporter: donald trump taking on the whole field. and rick sanatorium was the winner of the 2008 caucus. or 2012 caucuses and trying to put together a campaign organization that takes him to all 99 counties here in iowa before labor day. that could be a record in terms of organization and loobking fo a repeat. >> you give me an opportunity. four years ago you did.
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and four years you gave me the opportunity and ignored the polls. and i was at one percent in the polls. two weeks before the iowa caucuses and i was at two percent. but the people of iowa did your job. you listened to all of the candidates. you shuffled through all of the rhetoric. >> reporter: the truth is, even with all of the politicking and presence of the candidates, the vast majority of iowans are not making up their mind for five months. it is going to be a browsing battle and fair and labor day are the kick off for the final sprint for the republicans. >> what democrats were there? >> reporter: obviously hillary clinton. people asked us right up until she arrived when would clinton be here. she got aggressive and had to
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defend herself on the question of her e-mails and went on an offense. you you have to play aggressive politics and she went with a shot at jeb. >> the way it is being used certainly is. and the state department has confirmed that i did not send or receive material marked classified. it is not know me. they confirmed that. i have stated i find it some what curious that jeb bush is doubling down on defending his brother's actions in iraq. if he will do that he is present the entire picture and that includes the agreement that george w. bush made with the maliki government that set the end of 2011 as the date to withdraw american troops. joishgs that statement from bush
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about what happened in the iraq was something that a former senator cha ffe dlchlt e. and he tried to get headlines by going after jeb. >> a couple of days ago jeb bush said in 2009 it was mission accomplished and iraq was a secure place and he's drinking some kind of koolaid to think that iraq was secure. >> reporter: and then vermont senator bernie sanders and caucuses with democrats in the the senate and has an i for independent after his name and he like rick sanatorium needs to catch a wave in order to overcome hillary clinton and lead in the nomination. he trails clinton here in iowa. and listen to the plea. watch. >> everybody said the campaign was a joke.
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who believes that the american people are prepared to take on the economics and political establishment of america? at three and half months went by. we have had huge crowds in iowa and california and oregon, you name it. joishgs -- >> reporter: sounds like howard don't. he lights them up but no scream. five more days of the iowa state fair, julie. >> all right, and you will be there. don't eat too much fried food. it is not good for you. >> reporter: never too much. >> you are so thin you can get away with it. democrats are concerned as you know. the use of the e-mail server
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could hurt her presidential run and bernie sanders is making gains and joe biden is talked about. is it time for democrats to worry about hillary? tweet us at julie banderas and i will read your tweets later in the show. one is hillary is damaged goods and dems will cast their lot for sanders. and the lone republican considering support, he will vote against. it arizona senator jeff flake praised the obama administration for a diplomatic solution. and like uh-huh man rights and support of extremist groups. it will get no republican support in the senate. and several democrats announced
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their support. kevin is live at martha's vineyard. does the white house have the votes to overstand the gop override. >> reporter: in a word, yes, they do. they will have to whip the votes between now and september, but this is doable. but keep in mind, julie. the more democrats pull away more collars are tightening in the white house. there is a number in the house that made it clear they will not go along with the current iran nuclear agreement. along haftings to name a few. and israel. and on the senate side. schummer will be joined boy bob menendez in opposing the deal. and a vast of majority of
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americans in congress would reject the deal. 58 percent to 31. and say they would back the deal. and the vocal opponent has been marco rubio, the gop presidential candidate saying that the deal gives iran an economic wind fall and worst of all, this deal really does very little to inhibit the nuclear ambitions. >> they have given all of this away without any commitment that iran will end the support for terrorism and accept israel's right to exist or return a single american hostage. the deal with iran is not a deal. it is a string of concessions to a sworn adversari of the united states. >> reporter: rubio is one strong block of law makers against the deal. the way i see it, it would be
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a high hill to climb to stop the presidential veto. >> the secretary calls the nuclear ambition. it is not a permanent solution? >> reporter: great question. i will say this in my conversations with the secretary, i found him pragmatic and realistic and as a nuclear scientist, there would be no chance to say it is a permanent solution. he's been forceful in his defense of the deal and said it is the best option available right now. >> we are in the process of trying to increase our security cooperation and doing so with the comfort that iran does not have and will not have a nuclear weapon. the threat of a nuclear weapon, will if anything give us more freedom of action if you like in addressing all of the other
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problems. >> reporter: meanwhile, president obama who spent part of his day playing golf with former president bill clinton, is expected to hit the phones in the coming weeks and wrangle support. >> and as for hillary clinton, she told the iowa audience that the iran deal is the best way forward. she landed in time for a party for jordan. the vote will not happen until september. looks like the white house has the numbers but a lot can happen between now and then. julie? >> thank you. go enjoy the town. and look at the gingerbread houses; they are the best. flights are getting back to normal after technical issues in a air center that caused major
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delays. the fa an is category investigating the problem. the flights had to be revouting and even though restrictions are now lifted, the trouble is not over yet. they are live from regan national airport and boy, what a travel nightmare today. the system is up and working again. but the bad news, passengers are frustrated because they have flight delays and cancellations because of redirected and grounded flights. the flights we are talking about were bound for washington d.c. or leaving dc and new york city area traveling over to the dc region. the problem is that a air traffic center that handles the traffic including baltimore, and washington and dulles
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international. and baltimore/warn wash was hardest hit. 75 percent of the flights were cancelled and some passengers are being forced to stay overnight before they can get back to the travel plans. the faa is working closely with the airlines to get it running and figure out what the problem was. back to you. >> thank you very much. right now allegations of a huge cover up in the killing of this man. now investigators say it is unravelling as three police officers and a prominent and others are placed under arrest. >> and details on a bizarre ordeal and how police solved the case? the solution. well, we have 30 years of customer records. our cloud can keep them safe and accessible anywhere.
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>> throw current or former
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troopers with the california highway patrol are among a group under arrest in the death of a man in central california. corey kaufman disappeared in 2012. his body was found a year later near yosemite national park. a total of nine people are in custody including the officers and a prominent defense attorney in modesto, who investigator ones think was behind a deadly scream. will krarr picks up the story. this is disturbing, well. >> reporter: that's right, julie. the affidavit lays out the twists and turns that the suspects made being behind bars this weekend. the master moind is a defense attorney who is frank carson. he doesn't mind smiling in his mug shot. he was fed up with kaufman and others stealing from his
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property. kaufman disappeared in 2012 and his body was found by hunters in 2013. carson is connected to two brothers who owned a liquor. the brothers say they had nothing to do with a murder. listen to him last year. >> we don't know him. that's what i told him. a guy who died is corey kaufman and he deserves justice. ncarson's attorney said he's innocent and that this is political revenge. >> how are the state officers involved? >> all throw were arrested yesterday. the affidavit doesn't go in to a lot of detail about the specifics. but we know that one former officer, walter wesly faces a serious charge and he left chb
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approximate. and other officers face charges as well. all three had connections to the brothers and they were all three involved in the murder or in the cover up, julie. >> will car. thank you for much. fire is a growing problem for several western states and crews rush to protect lives and property. and new details to rock a chinese city and what an emergency team discovered today. this allergy season,
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>> hi windows stoking the fires. los angeles, firefighters are trying to get a handle on massive flames fueled boy extra
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dry weather. this fire burning a thousand acre and and the federal government is close to running budget. and washington state, fighting the flames. 1500 people forced from a town after lightning sparked fires. and a seattle news photographer caught in the middle of the story. the time and gear douced in fire retard at. and the sefear storms. and hail and tornados. we'll get that from janice dean. >> we are watching the potential for strong storms and hail and damaging winds. we don't have the warning here but just the watch in partings of north dakota dack and
4:24 pm
minnesota. and that is southward in the great plains and central plains. you talked about the wildfireses. the thing that is not helping, it is dry and no moisture. and the temperatures are extreme. past 18 hours we have monsoonal moisture. but the areas that are needing to see it are not seeing the beneficial rainfall in the areas in historic drought. and the desert southwest. and heat advisory in place. and we'll feel 110 to 115. this is little out of control. back to you. >> janice. thank you.
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another survivor pulled from the wreckage in northeast china. this man is lungy to be alive as the number of dead cloims to 104. and investigators say it started when a container ignited. 21 firefighters are are among the dead. and family of the victims and those missing are demanding answers. >> briap, there were more explosions today, it is just said to see the triggering affect and the problem for the people. nthrow days after the massive explosion, 75 miles from/beijing, small exmroes plosions are going off and new worrys about toxic chemicals in the area. five explosions on saturday. and death toll continues to rise. o
4:26 pm
104 people dead. authorities are ordering evacuations to resident two miles after the blast site after sodi sodium cyanide was found. they are about worried about the threat. and the government though on saturday, denied these reports. >> this information is not accurate and no plans to evacuate people and at present no evacuation. >> reporter: china said the water is air are safe. and now the chin chinese government are facing tough
4:27 pm
questions. >> they have been mum about the missing and concerns that the four fires themselves by approximate spreading chemicals that were combust able with area. it was not a thousand yards away from public teacher and aboved, will. >> and pent gob fanaticing to hour one of the more details. and shutting down the prison in guantanamo bay. and a army general retiring after decades of surge. many of him crediting him for the successful surge in iraq. feeling intense lower back pain? did you know it may be coming from being on your feet all day? dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts
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>> this is the fox report. it is the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news. presidential candidates touring the iowa fairgrounds and talking to voters. donald trump took time to bash jeb bush and milwaukee. he vowed to spend a billion of his own money to win. hillary clinton winning with voters at the iowa fair.
4:32 pm
brand new fox news polling revealing that a majority of the americans believe that clinton knowingly lied when she said the e-mails didn't contain classifi classified. she called it all politics and nothing to do with benghazi or national security. four americans died in benghazi in november 2012. she will testify on benghazi sometime this fall. rich, how is she depending herself today. joishgs boy labels she never sent or received class foyed material. that is how classified information made its way on to it. and clinton claims that the controversy surrounding her private server is motivated boy
4:33 pm
partisan opponents and the federal government is navigating bureaucratic procedure. >> that's something they will have to determine. and i think there are disputes among the agencies of what should of or would of been done. and that's something for them to work out. i am repeating the facts. and the facts are, i did not send or receive material marked classified. >> the inspector general said four of the e-mails contained classified information. and a private data center turned over the clinton server to the fbi. >> is this damaging the run for president. >> support is weakening. two months ago voters had a favorable view. and now more find her
4:34 pm
unfavorable. bernie sanders is leading here in a new hampshire poll. and running the gammet elsewhere. clinton put the united states at risk boy mishandling class fifi lead. she enjoying a national lead over her opponents. >> we will get the latest on the congress investigation in to the benghazi terror attack with trey gowdy. and he is change on the subject of benghazi. that is tomorrow on fox news sunday. and new information as president obama tries to follow-through on the promise of closing the prison in guantanamo bay. the pentagon is actively exploring military sites here on
4:35 pm
u.s. soil that may be capable of holding the 100 terrorist suspects that are housed. kristin? >> this all stems from a later this members was congress received from the pentagon. it said that the u.s. military the einvolve them as sites for guantanamo detape -- detainees. and senator pat roberts said not on my watch will terrorist be put in to kansas. the white house seems to be testing the waters with site surveys. >> this was a campaign pledge on president the president part to get rid of gitmo and erase the stain on our national honor that is git me and a international.
4:36 pm
>> he would like to get it done before he heaves. >> that was support on the day that skerry was there for the reopening. this is all he would say. >> at this point there is no rain to ruin or i know, i can't tell you what will happen over the years. and now, there is no plan to do that. >> there are 116 detainees in guantanamo. and pohave been approved for trances fer two other. the transfer for the detainey's is agained the ren rthey are stepping down after a 39 year military career.
4:37 pm
ynl ordrnths iowa near. and then call him theac ash recollect of the >> i have been the luckiest person in the problem be to long alongside them for frop years. snrngs gentlemano spent more time in the war in iraq. he stepped down as u.s. army chief. his division found saddam hussein hussein in a foxhole. >> at the time way was a he kicked down door and raineded up and they had a tough assignment.
4:38 pm
and saddam hussein's hometown in tick rick. the general steps dunn and the army chief who started his contrary, playing football and baseball had time to reflect on those lessons. >> i the world that we live in is so much more complex and difficult. >> and we need to have lfrp months years, he works with general jack photocopy it is a counsellor surgeon general strategy to receive to get it cap. respiratory >> in the from that that is the statistic that vs dooms it
4:39 pm
failure. >> he faced his permanent loss. his son tony lost his last arm. friday he >> most of the time i was destroyed. but she was there in are are for our families. when the general left iraq, he said secttarion violence is almost serry. >> a year later troops were pulled out of iraq and three years later isis wives born. he reflected on what iraq taught him. >> is that, there is limits.
4:40 pm
>> what is your legacy as army chief? >> i was a chief who cared about the soldiers and the army in the future. the general restiered as the war against isis rages. >> we you and watch it paul a. >> the murders of five american service creditdr. the men. were the those words came from vice-president yoi ep is joined the dignaature toories to paand four american marines and a navy petty officer died in a navy support center. the vice-president thanking the
4:41 pm
men and families for their sacrifice in the country. >> the country has and still stands with you. it will remember what you've done it will remember and remind everyone other than who we are at our best and we have a message for perverted cowards around the world. america never yields, never bepds. and never coverses or never stands down. >> the gunmen in the attack. 24 year old extremist born in awe machine was raised rer and and ending the vj day. the japanese prime minister
4:42 pm
reiterating statements about war crimes committed by the speech. he said future generations shouldn't have to keep apologizes. japan hasn't done enough to make up for the past war clouds. >> and veterans lay the wrecks. to honor the service. that a sift in the that was reiner >> elizabeth and the royal family presiding over the ceremonies. prince charles and others laying a wreth as fighter planes moved overhead. and firefighters in korea
4:43 pm
celebrated 17 years of being released from japan's. >> and the booel tell you how they wrapped down. and a rink and what investigate ares say it sopucker up for peace and marking several years as the end of world war ii. ♪ when you kiss me. and when you do, you will miss me. me. chlorred ...become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. new one a day proactive sixty-five plus. with high potency vitamin b12... ...and more vitamin d. technology empowers us it pushes us to go further. special olympics has almost five million athletes
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watch as these magnificent creatures take flight, soaring away from home towards the promise of a better existence. but these birds are suffering. because this better place turned out to have a less reliable cell phone network, and the videos on their little bird phones kept buffering. birds hate that. so they came back home. come home to verizon and now get 12 gigs for $80 a month plus $20 per line. verizon. come home to a better network. >> taking on the irs and they seized the bank account three years ago and more than $60,000 and several withdrawals raised
4:47 pm
red flags and lelind viter reported that law makers are waiting on the treasury department for the rest. >> they get out of bed and it is the second of the day and he inspects his herds regularly. and we are told that the cows have few complaints but he does. >> you work hard and the government can take your money for no reason he showed up at the creamery about guns and questions about approximate the dairy's past sales. we'll take $12,000 but approximate we are better approximate off if you can keep it under ten. we fill it out. >> it is under 10000 and meant
4:48 pm
no paper work and do it enough and it is called structuring. and illegaline if you declare all of the income. >> you have any idea what is structuring. and the banks failed to tell the client. >> and it is a possible 450,000 fine. and they are leading the irs keep 30000 of his hard earned money. they faced tough criticism about approximate the case and others like it. >> that was unconstitutional and reasonable and stupid. >> we are simply saying we will
4:49 pm
not going after the asset seizure. that is not retroactive and he believes that $30,000 is likely gone, he will keep fighting and he believes what the government did is not right.
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>> two parachutist are injured one critically after a jump went horribly wrong. the pair were jumping near lake
4:53 pm
michigan. one landed on the beach and reported to be seriously injured. and now it was a navy leapfrog team. and that clipped the edge of the rooftop and fell to the street with a parachute beapproximate hind him. officials cancelled the performance scheduled this afternoon. >> four teens make their first court appearance it is our top story as we go in america. florida, investigators say the suspects pistol whipped the victim who was vacationing from texas and forced him in the back of his suv. it happen outside of the hotel in orlando. they bound the man with duct tape and zip ties. and the man's wife started to
4:54 pm
worry when she hadn't heard from him. and officers say they heard the man screaming for help and the suspect abandoned the car and the youngest two turned themselves in. >> they caught up with the 18-year-old and these are teenagers that we are talking about in this case and playing a deadly came. >> older stipulate suspects were later arrest exclude one of them is a known gang member. bis wis, hundreds of people evacuated when a water wave creates a massive sinkhole. no one was hurt and residents spent the day without running water. and in michigan, extreme weather blamed for a stage fo collapse in flint. there was heavy winds and rain no one was hurt in the collapse. >> new york city. 3, 2, 1.
4:55 pm
smooch. world war ii navy veterans lead a reenactment. they are puckering up for peace. >> we were married the next day and we had a unique situation. we are privileged to honor all of the greatest generation and celebration. >> they hold theentious vent every five years to mark the end of the war. that's the fox watch across america. >> earlier in the show, we asked you is it time for democrats to seriously worry about hillary clinton's 2016 run. who is the answer. sanders or biden or we don't know. >> if democrats cared about truth and character they would have abandoned her.
4:56 pm
biden is about all they have. we'll have more after. this canned can clear ♪ ♪ (dorothy) toto, i've a feeling we're not in kansas anymore... (morpheus) after this, there is no turning back. (spock) history is replete with turning points. (kevin) wow, this is great. (commentator) where fantasy becomes reality! (penguin 1) where are we going? (penguin 2) the future, boys. the glorious future. (vo) at&t and directv are now one- bringing your television and wireless together- and taking entertainment to places you'd never imagine. (rick) louis, i think this is the beginning
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>> johnnie, a, tweets this. if this were any other person that person would be in the jail at this point. if clinton has to it drop it will be warren. >> i think it has yet to be announced. hillary jumped in too soon. >> and as you read. this long past. hillary will not get the nomination, can you take that to the bank. and fox news, two best weekend shows. no wonder they are kicking a nothing to do with hillary but i had to read.
5:00 pm
it thank you for tweeting and keep the conversation going and tweet me@jowly banderas. that is how fox report on this saturday. thank you for watching. goodnight from new york. >> i am here at freedom fest the world's biggest gathering of people and tonight's topic is the american dream still achievable? the founder of whole foods the head of the restaurant chain carl's, jr.. and the man who helped to build modern lowe's vegas and made a couple billion dollars to read it. our topic, what happened to the american dream? that is our show. tonight.


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