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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  August 15, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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wrong. that's our show tobtd from las vegas and freedomfest. go live the american dream. from [ applause ] loss right now on "justice." >> this is the usual part sanitization and i may have made up a word of anything that goes on. >> and the fbi investigation of a potential cover-up? it's all just politics, according to hillary clinton. i debate the latest disturbing details with one of her biggest supporters. plus -- >> i don't think i've made mistakes. every time somebody says i've made a mistake they do at polls and my numbers go up. >> the donald takes the hawkeye state by air and by land. both trump and hillary clinton visit the iowa state fair tonight and honeymooning with isis.
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a couple charged with trying to join terrorists. what's wrong with all these american kids who want to kill americans? i ask an expert tonight. hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us. tonight my opening a little different. i want you to come along with me as i track the facts of hillary clinton's e-mail scandal, and at the end of believe that you will agree that there is evidence that she violated the law and that she can not and must not become president of the united states. so hillary decides to conduct state department business not on a but on a personal e-mail serviced bay server in her westchester home. the reason? convenience. why carry all those pesky
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blackberries? but has she been truthful? fact. january of 2009 confirmed as secretary of state she is responsible for making and preserving state department records under the federal records act of 1950. a few month later the regulations are update, requiring that if someone uses a non-agency e-mail they must ensure they are preserved. cfr-12136.22. fact, nine days after the benghazi attack in 2012 congress seeks all information related to that attack, but nothing is handed over by hillary or the state department. fact. while the state department is receiving thousands of foia requests by the court, the press and citizens like you, state department lawyers swear there's nothing of hillary's to provide and take no steps to preserve or even ask her for records.
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fact. congressman and ex-u.s. attorney subpoena hillary clinton's bekzy documents and she even denies she was subpoenaed. >> you state that you never received a subpoena. did you get one in march. couldn't be more plain. the honable hillary r. clinton. >> now hillary denies there are any benghazi e-mails in spite of photos showing her using her blackberry on the way to libya, and when hillary's friend sidney blumenthal is forced to comply with his subpoena he produces several benghazi-related e-mails with hillary putting truth to the lie that she had none. hillary now in panic mode. she with her aides go through more than 61,000 e-mails deleting 31,000 she says are personal, and of the 30,000 that she hands over she says there is no classified information in
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them. >> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. there is no classified material, so i'm certainly well aware of the classification requirements. >> well, the inspector general says in a sampling of just 40 e-mails four contained classified information. her defense. they weren't marked classified. nothing to see here, folks. move along. the truth. they couldn't be marked classified because by not using government servers she actually prevented the government from reviewing her e-mails. had she done so they would have seen material that was classified and she would not have been able to hit the send button. did hillary clinton make a false statement when she appeared before congress and said there
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was no classified information on her e-mails? which her lawyer cheryl mills confirmed in a letter to a federal judge. if it's a lie, it's a violation of 18 usc 1001, and this week it's revealed. the marking top secret in an e-mail that included satellite locations and drones had been removed before it was sent to hillary. more panic, the inner circle. huma abedin, lawyer cheryl mills, all three of them communicating via that private security had their e-mails subpoenaed. might one of them have removed the marking top secret? and if so why? are they co-conspirators in this elaborate effort to prevent government records from being archived and captured? and why was huma abedin paid by the state department, a
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clinton-connected company, and the clinton foundation? was that trio on the same server to provide plausible deniability to hillary so she could raise hundreds of millions of dollars to her so-called not-for-profit clinton foundation? and if hillary made classified information available to a person not entitled to receive it in a american detrimental to the u.s. it's a federal class-a felony under usc-1792. if hillary kept classified information at an unauthorized location she's committed a class "a" misdemeanors under 18 usc 1924, the state out, by the way, that was used to prosecuted general petraeus. now some argue there was no intent. if there was no intent, folks, then why did she issue a warning to all of her own state department employees not to
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conduct state department business on personal e-mails, fabd there was no intent why did she refuse to allow the inspector generals who had oversight over her state department into her state department? but i've got news for you. we don't need intent. it is a federal crime to negligent gently handle classified information under 18 usc 1924, and finally, hillary, why did you wife your server clean? did you delay so you could get rid of evidence? if you did, it's called obstruction and tampering and, by the way, i don't know what took the fbi so long to try to get it. but hillary, if that server has been scrubbed so clean that even fbi experts can not reconstruct your e-mails that tells me you did everything you possibly
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could to prevent anyone from knowing what you were doing while you were our secretary of state. my verdict, based on the evidence, is guilty. what's yours? and that's my open. tell me what you think on my facebook page or twitter #judgejeanine and joining me now former indiana governor, u.s. senators and fox news contributor evan bayh. good evening. >> judge, how are you? >> am i wrong? >> this has been turned over to the fbi and they will make an exhaustive analysis and go along with the questions you ask and along with prosecutors ultimately decide if the law has been violated. >> why did it take 154 days for her to turn over the server that she said she wouldn't and wouldn't give to a third party either? >> well, i don't know why it took so long, but it has been turned over.
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they will go through all of it. i think that the genesis of all this, judge, probably had its roots in her desire to maintain some level of privacy, probably an excessive level to maintain a level of privacy and said publicly a couple things first. previous secretary of states, including colin powell, have also maintained personal e-mail address. >> but they also used a government e-mail. >> come on, you're smarter than, that you're a lawyer. let me ask you this. >> well, they did. >> i want you to tell me why she would have better privacy on a private server and my county in westchester than a government server? what is the advantage to her? >> control of her personal e-mails, but, judge, the one thing i don't understand about this, let's say she had two blackberries and she did exactly what you wanted. she chose the personal one for personal e-mails and the government one for government e-mails. all her personal e-mails would have not been in the public domain. they -- they wouldn't have been
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accessible to anyone. >> it's not what i want. it's what the law says she must do. she is the custodian of records and you've been in government long enough that you've got to archive the government records. she is the secretary of state for her to say -- bind by the way, let me ask you this, 61,000 e-mails. you mean to tell me that in all the years she was the secretary and she's only using her private server she never sent classified information or top secret information. what the hell is she doing? that's her job. well, she said publicly that she did not knowingly send classified information. >> nuancing. >> nor did she receive classesified information. it looks from published reports as if some of her aides may have inadvertently sent her information that either was not classified at the time but then was classified later or perhaps was classified and they mistakenly sent it to her without her knowing about it. >> so now we're pushing it on to the aides.
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let me ask you this because you're a smart guy. >> that's according to published reports. i'm not making it up. >> look, if -- if she says -- by the way, we have some sound on tape i think maybe you want to listen to this. take a listen to this. >> this is the usual part sanization and i may have made up a word, the way it's being used, and the state department has confirmed that i did not send for receive material marked classified. >> today she nuances it material marked classified as to a what she said in the beginning i never sent or received classified so if she had her own private server she didn't give the government the opportunity to review her e-mails so that they could have prevented her from hitting send and sending classified information, correct? >> the server is now in the
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hands of the fbi. >> you don't want to answer me. >> the prosecutors will ultimately decide if a crime has been committed here. i'll personally be surprise federal they reach that conclusion and i'll also be very surprised if the election for the next president is decided by how she used her e-mail server as opposed to the economy and health care. >> it's all about being trustworthy. why should general petraeus be indicted and not hillary? they both have classified information not on a government e-mail. same thing, senator. >> i happen to like david petraeus, and so what i'm about to say is not intended to be a pejorative to him but i do think there's a difference between knowingly and sharing classified information with someone who is your mistress at the time and writing a book and hillary or her aides making inadvertent mistakes. i think there's a significant difference there. >> so because he had a mistress.
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here's the thing. 61,000 e-mails, not a one classified. that tells me she either wasn't doing her job or somebody's hiding something. i want to thank you for being with us tonight. it really is great having you on, senator. >> thank, judge. >> all right. and the race for the white house is in full swing. many of the presidential candidates chomping on corn dogs to deliver their message at iowa state fair. with me now is the president of the republican political organization gopac strategist david abella. good evening, david. >> judge, good to be with you. >> good to be with you, to have you with us anyway. hillary is blaming the republicans saying it's not about an e-mail server. this is all about politics. is this right? >> 23 clinton whether a term in the dictionary it would be defined as scandal caused by one's own secrecy and evasi evasiveness. all of this is brought about her because of her being coy and not
6:14 pm
wanting to give up information and changing her story and, look, for republicans we need to make sure an easy layup doesn't turn into a three-point shot and allow the facts to come out because they are on our side. she's got some trouble here. >> all right. i want you to listen to this. we've got some sound on tape. >> jeb bush is a puppet to his donors. no question about it. he's got lobbyists. i know them. >> look, david, there is no denying that donald trump is on fire. do you wish that your other candidates like jeb, for example, might get some of that fire in the belly? >> well, look, there's no question that donald trump is flying high literally today as he flies his.into the iowa state fair. candidates are going to all have their ups and downs and mr. trump is on a high and he, just like all of the candidates, are going to have to take the
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enthusiasm that they have going right now for them and the crowds that he's getting right now and actually turn them into actual votes when iowa has their south carolinauses and new hampshire their primary and the other states start coming down. he's got his office open now and so we'll see where this race is in a few months but certainly mr. trump is on a good high. >> seems like he can get past anything he says that if other candidates had said, it david, they would be apologizing for the next six months and probably hiding underneath a rock, but not donald. >> he does have a unique appeal, and he does have an ability to keep the message on what he wants to be talking about, even today in the iowa state fair. everything is about him. >> well, you know, i wonder why is iowa so important, by the way? what is it about the iowa state fair? what is that about? >> well, iowa is important because it's the first contest
6:16 pm
in the nomination process. the iowa caucus comes before everything else. as far as the iowa state fair, i don't know how relevant it is in determining our nominee, but, judge, i've got an idea. why don't we make the iowa farrell advantage by gop candidates have to eat at least 15 of the 75 available fried foods in order to be in the next gop debate. >> if they ate 15 of the fried foods they might not make it to the next debate, you know. anyway, david avella, thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you. >> coming up, a prominent congressman has a stern message for the president, and john kerry as well about the deal with iran. you'll hear it when i talk with him next. then, murders are up in the big cities across the country. is this anti-police sentiment the reason for it? i want answers, and i'm going right to a former big-city police chief to get them.
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growing outrage tonight over
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the observe ma administration's iran nuke deal and the complete lack of transparency about an alleged secret side deal. a new poll shows if it were up to americans 58% would reject the deal. so why does our president insist on closing the deal? earlier i said down with house intelligence committee member congressman mike pompeo who is demanding answers. take a look. congressman, thanks for being with us. now, i want to talk to you obviously about the iran deal, and we had five united states administrations who were, you know, sanctioning iran because of their nuclear program and now we have the obama administration who wants to, you know, cut this deal with them. you hear something that josh earnest said that caused some questions in your-mile-per-hour. take a listen to this. >> in the case of our negotiation with iran the united states doesn't have to make any concessions. this is about the iranian regime
6:22 pm
significantly rolling back key aspects of their nuclear program and agreeing to a whole set of inspections that will verify their complianced with the agreement. >> all right. congressman, is it true that the united states didn't have to make any concessions? >> no, ma'am, i can't imagine that the initial negotiating position was to give souleymane a couple billion dollars to allow the iranians to keep every single centrifuge inside the country, to allow them to continue their ballistic missile development program. those are not only concessions but major concessions to put america's national security interests at enormous risk and to hear the president's spokesman say america made no concessions is absurd on its face and an attempt to mislead the american people in the most fundamental way >> you wrote a letter to john kerry, and i assume you outlined in the letter what you just mentioned. did you get a response from him? >> we've not heard back from secretary kerry. i cannot possibly imagine he's
6:23 pm
going to concur with what the president's spokesman said. i can't believe john kerry doesn't understand the depth of the concessions that the american negotiators do. the american people do. by 3-1 they think the americans gave more than the iranians did. they are convinced that this is a bad deal for our country is and i'm very hopeful when we get back to washington we'll vote to reject this deal and override the president's veto and get back to getting a deal where we actually take nuclear weapons away from the ayatollah. >> right. i understand, and what is disconcerting to so many and is as well is that there are two side deals that the administration has seven different answers on and john kerry says he hasn't seem them that involves the inspection of some of these sites. what do you know about the side eagreements? >> yes, ma'am. senator cotton and i discovered the existence of the side deals, at the core of the agreement about verification. the administration has told more stories about the secret side deals than hillary clinton has told stories about her server.
6:24 pm
it is absolutely the case that these are important parts of the deal. no american has read those side axwreemts. that means that the iaea has read them, the ayatollah has read them, but secretary kerry, our president, no member of congress has had a chance to read those agreements, and how -- how you could vote to support this deal withouting in access to all of the language in the agreement is absolutely beyond me. >> all right. senator lindsey graham says, you know, what if we don't have access to these agreements, i as chair of the senate appropriations won't let out the $88 million that the taxpayers give to the iaea to do these inspections. do you agree with that? >> i think we've got to do everything we can to get access to those documents. it ought to start with asking for them. secretary kerry wrote me in another letter and said that america doesn't even have the right to ask for the documents. i mean, on what planet does one believe that the united states of america doesn't have at least the power and the tenacity to
6:25 pm
request access to important parts of a nuclear deal that the president himself said is one of the most historic deals in the history of the united states? we ought to ask for the documents and withhold funding and do everything it takes to give the americans access to this. >> on the face we have american hostages there. they get to keep their nuclear program and their ballistic missile and they have a side deal with the iaea we don't know anything about and we give them a couple hundred billion dollars. what do we get out of this? >> i say we got nothing. the president would say the alternative to this deal is war. that's a simple bold assertion that is widely known toss false. what we need to do is lead and exert american power and put pressure on the iranian leaders and get the deal the president
6:26 pm
promised us. taking away nuclear weapons from the radical clerics in iran was his his goal and we didn't get it. >> they are still chanting death to america and this commander goes to russia and russia is the main weapons provider to iran. we're getting the money soon and let's go buy some weapons in russia. how come we didn't stop that very quickly? >> i have no idea. the president has repeatedly allowed our enemies to cross red lines. it's why america s has found itself in a weak position. >> congressman mike pompeo, thanks so much for being with us tonight. >> thank you. murders are spiking in major cities around the country. what's the reason and how do we stop it in the former chief of police is with us next. plus, it's an epidemic. two more illegal immigrants accused of brutal murders this week alone. where is the accountability for all of this? an expert joins me next. don't go away. [meow mix jingle slowly and quietly plucks] right on cue. [cat meows]
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. air travel on the east coast is slowly getting back to norm a. thousands of passengers experiencing hours of delays or had their flights cancelled. an automation problem at an air traffic center in virginia is the cause. the problem has been resolved. technicians are trying to figure out what cause it had. former president bill clinton hitting the links with president obama on martha's vineyard today. civil rights leader vernon jordan and former trade ambassador ron quirk rounded out foursome. president obama and mr. clinton will be joined by their wives tonight for jordan's 0th birthday party. president obama is halfway through his vacation and is scheduled to return to washington august 23rdch the president has been spending his time playing golf and dining at noted restaurants on the island. i'm patricia stark and now back to 9:00 justice with judge jeanine." you're watching the most powerful name in news.
6:32 pm
welcome pack to "justice." new fears tonight as murders spike major wide in several major u.s. cities. joining me now former boston police chief. good evening, chief. thanks for being with us. homicides are up in big cities nationwide, new york, baltimore, chicago, detroit, milwaukee. why? >> judge. i think we've had some benefits in the past couple of years where we drastically reduced crime and maybe we're seeing we can't get crime lower than this but we have a new found challenge to law enforcement in america. it hasn't been this way since our troops returned home from vietnam, but individuals want to engage law enforcement in confrontations, and many of those confrontations are violent confrontations. my overs used to chase individuals with firearms. they would try to throat firearms and get away and now they are turning and threatening officers and engaging them in deadly force. >> with those very firearms. you know, do you think this is going to get worse before it
6:33 pm
gets better? >> i hope not. i hope it gets better. >> how is it going to get better? >> well, you've got a lot of police officials looking at what can we do to make sure we've trained our officers properly, we've supported them and given them the right equipment and done the community outreach and engainingment strategy to get the community to understand that the police aren't the enemy. the police are actually the people you call when there's an act of violence and when you want somebody to help you and they are there to help and we've got to make sure we're training and quipping our officers and at the same time educating and outreach to the community to make sure they know what we're doing and why. two conversations going on. >> chief, with all due respect, this is nothing new. when i was a kid, and i'm no spring chicken, i mean, was taught to respect the police. now all of a sudden we've got to reach out and ask people to respect the police? >> yeah. it's a respect across our society. we saw a fire fighter shot the other day in inans dent. i represent nurses in massachusetts who are being caughted and threatened by patients and their families. it looks like there's just a
6:34 pm
non-appreciation for authority and non-appreciation for individuals who are out there trying to engage in positive activity, and we've got to change that culture in america. >> well, let me ask you this. is that culture in america and that -- that sense of being wronged by some communities, is that being perpetuated by the white house? >> well, i don't know that. i know that there's huge divisions right now. law enforcement feels like it's on its own and not being backed up, and officers are afraid to go out and do their jobs proactively. at the same time the community feels law enforcement isn't working with them and using overaggressive tactics. we've got to make sure that we have both those conversations together. where we police the community we don't occupy it, but we do it in a way that's safe for the officers and at the same time a way in which the community accepts and wants us to police them. >> but wouldn't you agree that the president going to visit prisons and telling the united states attorneys through eric hold their they are not going to
6:35 pm
prosecute some statutes that were passed by congress, by saying, you know, the drug laws we're not going to enforce them and we're going to take nonviolent criminals out, and i don't know but but pretty mitch every drug case that i handled as a d.a. or prosecutor or investigated involved the use of a gun, some kind of gang operation. i mean, we're talking about violence although the offense may be drug-related. do you think the president is being naive about, you know, the reality of the drug culture in our society? >> i think the drug culture in our society is huge and spent the majority of my career doing narcotic enforcement but the majority of the people in the drug culture are selling drugs to support their habit. there are those who engage in violent activity in the drug culture and that's what we need to focus on, those who engage in violence. those who as you say, judge, have the weapons and those who engage in violent activity. unfortunately, we don't have enough offices and resources to deal with the drug culture america has.
6:36 pm
we have to focus on the violent individuals and those individuals need to feel consequences and be held accountable when they engage in violence. you can right now carry gun and there's basically no consequences for felons illegally carrying guns. that has to stop. they know that. they have to hold them accountable. >> maybe the u.s. attorneys, again, the white house, making sure that these cases are prosecuted and do the sting operation and gun-running stuff, all the stuff you did and i did as a davmt fine. let me ask you this. homicides going up across the country. in your city of boston as well, and incidents of home-grown terror are -- are occurring more and more. >> sure. >> how are the police going to fight both problems, and what do we do to, you know, give them the morale boost their they need? >> we have to make sure our officers are well-prand, well-equipped and supported. they have a difficult job. we to stand behind them. when they are right, let's support them. when they are wrong, let's hold them accountable and let's make
6:37 pm
sure they were properly trained, properly equipped and properly deployed. we've got two missions right now in the united states of america. we've got homeland where isis is trying to kill us, and we also have hometown secure. we've got to merge those missions and work with our communities to identify individuals who engage in violence, whether it's inspired by some type of islamic fundamentalist isis state or it's a terrorist in the streets of boston who belongs to a gang and indiscriminately fires bullets into parks where there's children. we need to work with all of those and work together as a community to hold those people accountable. >> and you certainly know having been involved in the boston bombing yourself. daniel linskey, thanks so much for being with us. >> judge, thanks for having me. >> my plesh-hour. >> we had scheduled new york city police commissioner bill bratton to join us. he had accepted abut couldn't de
6:38 pm
to police business. two morrill heels involved in murders. this is becoming a regular occurrence. how do we stop the slaughter? with me now is the director of the center for immigration studies mark corkian. good evening. where is the disconnect? we're hearing stories like this every day? why? >> part of the reason is we're hearing about things that used to happen but we didn't know about them before. we actually ironically starting under president bush, put in place a system where when people are arrested and fingerprinted they are now checked with homeland security as well as the fbi. before that wasn't the case, so now we're finding out about lots more criminals who turn out to be illegal immigrants whom the government decides not to take into custody, at least under obama so those people then go out and commit other crimes and
6:39 pm
may kill people and do other things and now the federal government frankly shares the responsibility pause they knew about these people and committed crimes and they were in custody and the immigration service told the local cops we don't want them. let them go. it's sort of the other side of sanctuary cities. in sanctuary cities the cities say we're not going to cooperate with the feds, but what obama has done is also create a kind of sanctuary nation where even those cops who do want to cooperate are told no, we don't want the illegals, just let them go. >> you know, what is amazing about that in the last couple of weeks we had kate sustainle and marian fairies and the last homicide in florida, a 17-year-old girl, her 19-year-old boyfriend and her mother and an unborn baby. that's one illegal and four -- three murders and one of an
6:40 pm
unborn. >> and the interesting thing this most recent killer was from belize in central america, and do you think that down in central america they haven't heard about obama's policy to let people in who cross the border and kind of just give them a peeves paper and led the them go? of course they have. what that does is send the message, look, come and get in while the getting is good. this guy, the killer in florida you just talked about, only snuck into the country from mexico a few weeks or few months ago. it's a relatively recent thing. well, federal border is so well controlled, how did he do that? >> clearly, that's a problem. you know, when you have the president, you know, with his policies and you hear from the border patrol agents we let them in, you know, because they are from central america and they have problems there and we don't have fingerprints, we don't have medical records, we don't know who they are, they have no identification and have ms-13
6:41 pm
tattoos on them, yeah, i'm a murderer, i killed someone, and the policy is we've got to let them in. >> yeah. >> how does this end? >> i mean, it doesn't end well frankly. you know, what we've seen is both last summer it was in the news a lot, but it's also happening now is this surge of people from central america coming in. a lot of them are moms with kids. a lot of them are teenagers or even older who are pretending to be teenagers and there's no way, like you said. they have no documents. we don't know how they had other. they are 17. some of them are 19, 20, 21, and we're just letting them in. in fact, just in the past couple of weeks the detention centers for some of these people in south texas, because a handful of them were in fact detained pending their hearings, well, the judge has now told the government they have to close them and let all those people out so even the minimal kind of pretend enforcement that the
6:42 pm
obama administration has engaging in looks like it may not continue. >> well, you know, the whole idea of, you know, saying you've got to let them out of these centers, this administration is flying them all over the country, into maine, into virginia, and into california. they get a free plane ride, too, and the american people are fed up and hopefully this is going to change because we can't allow ourselves to be victims over and over again of individuals with criminal records and people have to stand up. anyway, mark krikorian, thanks so much for your expertise. >> thank you. >> up next, honeymooning with blood thirsty terrorists. two american newlyweds charged with trying to join isis. why does this keep happening? my next guest tries to give me some answers. stay with us. ♪ they lived. ♪
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tonight new details in yet another case of home-grown terror. they look like normal mississippi newlyweds. 19-year-old jaylen delshaun young and 22-year-old muhammad oda dakhlalla arrested by the fbi on the way to the airport. they said that they were on their way to their honeymoon destination in turkey but instead the lovebirds were planning to travel to syria to join isis. with me retired u.s. marine lieutenant colonel dr. zasser. she's an honor student, a cheerleader and daughter of a cop. he's a psychology student and his father a well-known muslim parrot crashing. why are we seeing more and more of this and what is happening to these kids? >> well, judge, it's because it's insanity. it's the same thing over and
6:48 pm
over and we keep expecting different results and we're baffled and you see the quotes from "new york times" and the papers writing how do the normal kids become this way and the bottom line is we're ignoring the rat callization that's happening because the lens, judge, the lens that we're used to go look at these cases, be it the tsarnaev brothers in boston or the other individual arraigned in california who was going to join isis and others, the bottom line is the lens we're using is one of violent extremism, and long before the last few months of radicalization these two youths were getting into a separatist ideology, a belief in the islamic state. she told the fbi agent that she celebrated with the chattanooga terrorists did the marines and she said she wanted to go give little cubs for the islamic state and if you look at the mosque of the father, i'm not saying they preached violence, mosque, is linked to hudah-tv and the home page has a
6:49 pm
page that says islam does not believe in the free speech of the west but believes in a different system, a different system. it took me only five minutes, judge, because i understand this and i'm trying to fight it but we're bare. we're not fighting it. and allowing them to being pulled into islamist nationalist. >> a lot of people say they are young and impressionable and want adventure. is the isis allure because they feel disenfranchised? why don't they have an allure for america and the american dream? why are they rejecting us? this young girl knew that the subjectgation of women and rape is common. she's not out of her mind. >> because the program coming from 56 countries of the oic is about demonizing america, about demonizing israel, demonizing democracy and freedom. they are being told -- she was going saying her new husband was going to go correct the image of isis because the western media was portraying them as enslaving
6:50 pm
women and beating them and they want to correct that so, therefore, you say what's on the other side of the coin. pro-american freedom and pro-liberty coming from our mosques and islamic organizations is not happening because all we're symptom of violence. it's like the drunk parent who is say that our drinking, our alcoholism at home has no effect why our kids are caught drunk driving. our government doesn't want to pay attention to it. we can't engage reformers. maybe we need to look at the islamic center of mississippi and say wait a minute. why there's so many videos linked to their website. that might be for years have been radicalizing these individuals against america. >> it wouldn't be politically incorrect for us to do that kind of thing. thanks so much.
6:51 pm
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now for the results of
6:55 pm
tonight's poll. will the e-mails affect hillary clinton's chance of nomination. nancy says the past is gone. let it go. nancy, really? she apparently doesn't know the law when it comes to her job as secretary of state. you tell me what successes she had. maybe i just didn't hear about them. rose mary says she has so many people lying for her, she might be able to get through this scandal. sydney says sweet mercy. i hope so. cannot imagine that this is the type of person we want in the white house. karen said, i would love to say yes with absolute but i'm afraid she has a well oiled machine that it will make her tout be
6:56 pm
the victim. she denied she got the subpoena. she lied and said she didn't have any and then she scrubs her server. thanks for great responses. i love reading what you think. check out my thoughts and pictures and news throughout the week plus great behind the scene photos. you all love my dog. that's it for us tonight. remember you don't have to miss justice. thanks for joining us. facebook, friend me and follow me on twitter. see you next week. i'll be here. ♪ [music]
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>> it is 9:00 p.m. on the east coast and a moment of truth has arrived. >> okay guys it's a big night it's a big night for us. let's have a great show. here we go. >> thanks. live from quicken loans arena in cleveland, ohio. >> you're doing great. meagan i need you to make a sports reference. >> they are lined up like you might do at a sporting event. >> yes. jump in. say you're at the home of the cavaliers. the crowd will love that. >> we're in the arena that the cleveland cavaliers play in. >> we did our warm up. we were in the


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