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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  August 15, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> stabler, stabler. stabler. >> i don't want to watch any more. tonight on "red eye," hillary clinton wants you to respond using only emojis. i guess she likes her reviews done by highlight magazine. and "sesame street" is moving to hbo. will this lead to more puppet nudity? first, a news break. live from america's news head quarters, i'm patricia stark. another survivor pulled from the wreckage in northeast china, following this week's explosions and fires.
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the death toll climbing to 104. investigators say the blasts started wednesday at a warehouse for hazardous chemicals. the two-mile zone has been evacuated to teams can clear the dangerous contaminations. the area is still experiencing small explosions. media reporting the warehouse was storing more chemicals than it should have been. the families of the victims and those missing demanding more missing. and hundreds of migrants from the middle east remain at the serbian and macedonian border. they're looking for political asylum in hungary. 1500 people a day are trying to get into hungary before the government finishes work on a razor wire fence at the bord the arizona senator says he'll vote against the iran nuclear deal. his decision means the obama administration will not be
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getting the bipartisan support it wanted. while he praised the president for trying to find a diplomatic solution, he says the agreement gives iran too much leverage on issues like human rights. vice president joe biden attending a memorial ceremony in chattanooga, tennessee today. four marines were killed in shooting rampage last month. the vice president calling the murders of the five american service members the act of a perverted jihadist. mr. biden thanking the men and their families for their sacrifice for their country. i'm patricia stark. now here's "red eye." for all your headlines, log on to ibanez. now here is "red eye." welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey. hi, andy. >> happy day over at the news desk. >> really, why is that?
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>> it is international left handers day. >> is that right? >> no, it is left. but it is a day to help the most creative people on the planet. >> i am right handed. >> like i said. it is a day to celebrate the most creative people on the planet. you can take your dumb school desks and scissors and shove them up your -- -- >> her last name is a mouthful of awesome. i am here with joanne though saw chin ski. joanne nosuchunsky. i only booked him because he has the same name as my family. matt walton. >> keek. >> did i say geek? >> she is the other half of my back man turner over drive cover band taking care of lizth ess. lizness. and he is the inspiration for the film "taxi driver 2" the funny years. next to me is the author of "follow that car".
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let's start the show. >> student loans? more like student groans. on tuesday hillary clinton decided to speak to the kids with their long hair and rock and roll and their emoji. the super hip, democratic candidate started to pretend she is worried about the sky rocketing college costs. so she asked the mill millennials to describe their feelings by tweeting how does your student loan debt make you feel. tell us in three emojis or less. >> i suppose i don't even have to say that this backfired spectacularly. but i will say it. this backfired spectacularly. they tweeted "the fact that people with college loan debt communicating emojis is the whole [bleep] problem. she said is there a condescended too emoji? and twitter user summed it up best by tweeting ironically,
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this connects with me as a young person. did i have to say ironically? we all got that one. and isn't it jimmy, she said tell us in three emojis or less. >> she doesn't know an emoji off the bat. but let's say this. in her defense she had better ideas than this, but she accidentally deleted them from her server. >> that's why i came to you first. >> liz, as a millennial, did this speak to you? >> thank you. >> did this speak to me? >> total cheese like velveeta. >> this is slightly reminiscent of prince charles trying to break dance in the 80s with young black youth back in the day. you know, if you have to try and be youthful it is not a good thing.
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and something tells me she personally didn't tweet this out, but that's when they dwet dwet -- that's when they get into trouble. >> if she did, would you think she would be hipper with her tweet? >> oh yeah. >> she was going after the wrong demographic. people who don't use emojis are not in college, out of college, and they have no idea what the massive affect of college debt is on their lives until they are my age. i dwraj waited in 1995 with $40,000 worth of pell loans. i have been paying $400 a month ever since and my principal is now $39,000. i wish i wassed -- i was kidding. i can tell you how the emojis. when you are 22-year-old you think you can conquer the world. >> it isn't a student issue. get out of school and you can
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candefer. it. >> the world is my oyster. >> you know what, i am not giving her any of myiy -- my emojis. it gets us a little better. hillary is not one of those people. and obviously this is not going to backfire. those who usey mow screes -- those who use emojis don't do it correctly. the point is to use it in a sarcastic manner. >> i have been trying to use the emojis. we are trying to connect to the kids, but i don't know. they never really represent my true emotions. do you find that? >> they don't have an emoji for everything i am feeling. it is a more diverse life. i have a kid. so where is that emoji? when my kid throws a dvd out the window at 82 miles an hour. i don't have the emoji. i feel left out. >> they have the sports ones like a pair of ice skates or
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something like that. those come in happenedy. >> there should be droplets of blood that trail from the skates. or the pizza slice added to a gunpointed to a head in the shape of a skull. >> the homeless emoji. >> i think you make an excellent point. it is true. there was a complete miss fire because the people who use emojis have no sense of what is now the largest debt in american households besides mortgage debt. this is about to explode. >> the marriage emoji is something you would use. >> what i find ridiculous about the whole thing is she is reporting to care about the student debt. meanwhile shooy is charging the schools $500,000 to give a speech. like she is almost driving up tuition single handedly. where is the emoji for no speech hillary. >> that's your tweet after the show. now i think that sending out tweets and asking for responses, that's a real desperate attempt at trying to
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connect with your audience. meanwhile we asked you to see which picture of hillary on her cell phone was the best one. let's look at our contestants. >> fantastic. and with overwelming four votes the winner is how do i turn off candy crush? >> is she at the u.n or something? i think she is offsetting the pink. >> it is great. next story. rand paul is now doing impressions of a certain gop rival. here is the senator at a town hall event. >> the reason i tell women they are ugly is because i am so good looking.
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everybody knows i am good looking, right? or my other one is, i am -- i don't have to be smart. i am rich. if i am rich i don't have to be smart, right? >> he nailed mike huckabee, did he not? actually they tell me that's trump. and trump responded as he does by doing an impression of rand paul. take a look. >> bing, bing, bong, bong, bing, bing, bong, bing, bing. >> that's a pretty good rand paul. >> actually that speech wint on for -- that speech went on for 45 minutes. attacking the dwofl game trump -- golf game rand paul asked me to play golf and i will more easily beat him in the world of politics. he is getting into politics,
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is he? >> first of all let's go to the impression. what do you think of rand paul dead on impression? >> you have to bring it in the election cycle. bernie sanders is doing an impression of a homeless wino. it is impressive the level of commitment. i get it. he is driven to this. that's what has become of the cycle. i think the candidate that is going to win this nomination is the one that switches general -- genders. if i am rand paul i punt on manhood. >> hasn't caitlyn jenner taken the sails out? >> her ratings have not been very good. it was all over the place, all media, all the time. >> i appreciate you taking my suggestion seriously. >> the part you are right about is that he is doing this to try to compete with trump who is doing all kinds of
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outrageous things. i think the best play would be to less like trump and more like yourself. obama is cool and that's a persona he puts out there. people like that. hillary is a grandmother who is wise and sassy. if she stays that way people will like her authenticity. rand paul is the marx brother that they gave up for adoption. if he could sustain that he would be fine. >> he was doing a rand paul impression. he had a high voice and it sounded more like rand paul than donald trump. >> beware when they pull out the check tablecloth shirt, tom. did you notice you are wearing almost the same shirt only on a smaller version? you have to look at the outfit and say are you trying too hard to fit in with the atmosphere and that's something on top of everything else? rich little calls, and he doesn't want his job back. the shirt is too distracting. >> ted cruz is a master
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impressionist. he did like almost everybody on the simpsons. >> it was not good. at least i respect ted cruz for committing more to it. if you are going to try to impersonate -- >> you have to commit. >> yes. >> some people do the impressions and they say i am trump. that's like they are sustaining who they are as their interpretation as an impression. i don't know, but there is something to be said about the more you talk to him, it is bobbie gindle said i will put trump's name in my speeches and interviews and then i will actually be you ever covered -- actually be covered. $not even about -- it is not even about like ability. it is name recognition. >> rand paul is talking about trump every day. he is making fun of him and getting in fights with him. ted cruz decided to go the other route and not offend the voter and he is not getting any press, is he?
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>> lyndsay graham went for the phone smashing moment that was embarrassing, but everybody talked about him. i don't know if that is helpful. >> well, here is the thing about trump. he went after his golf game and that is below the braided belt, isn't it? >> listen, for the 1% that's as low as you go. never attack a man's golf game. >> i think rand paul is doing -- he is doing it pretty well now. do you remember we were making fun of rand paul a couple weeks ago that nobody had heard of him. he has come back. i think it is the fights that engage people. >> it works. >> in a crowded field, these are puppies that try to get adopted. you don't adopt the puppy who sits in the back and does nothing. you do the one that scuffles and gets attention. that's what we are watching right now. >> that's the pup poohy that is miserable. >> we are not adopting puppies. this is not about bringing a pet home. this is about hiring a leader for four years of the american
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experience. >> i agree completely, but i think at this stage of what we are watching, it is really reality tv. i think the trump campaign -- i think what we are watching is charlie sheen's winning tour all over again. >> trump announced he will visit the iowa state fair on saturday. in the press release he stated mr. trump will proceed to the fair and meet and greet. he will be seeing the butter cow. do you know the butter cow? >> do i know the butter cow? it is a cow made of butter. >> i covered the ohio state butter cow for six years straight in local news. >> explain to me here. i am just becoming uh qeanted. acquainted. why do you cover it six years straight? >> it is the butter cow. >> does it melt? >> first of all it is refrigerated. everybody rushes in because it is boiling at state tears. it is disgusting. it is either that or eating the corn and the colonels go down people's cleavage and
8:16 pm
then you watch them dig them out. >> but people get to use the butter to put on their food? >> oh no, you just look at it and worship it. >> is it wasteful then? they are wasting the butter? >> that is an excellent question. >> until trump's son shows up and slaughters the beast and holds his tail up. the really embarrassing moment for trump at the fair is when the spider spun the web and it said some pig over his head. that was helpful. >> that's good. >> and they still slaughtered him. >> i wish i could go out there because my:00 pell law group, we would love to hit them with our campaign song. take a look. >> ladies and gentlemen, president of the united states , donald j trump. >> bump, bump. >> ♪ i've got a feeling -- >> you are going to love president trump. >> tonight is gonna be a trump
8:17 pm
night ♪ tonight is going to be a trump night ♪ >> our politicians are stupid. our leaders are stupid. >> ♪ tonight is gonna be a trump night. >> i only care about one thing. bing, bing, bong. bong. >> i smell world tour. >> we can perform live. >> while are you there don't miss the mayonaise goat. >> you had me there. coming up, yesterday i called mark cuban a cuban dictator. tonight we get a real one, castro. and don't forget to set your dvr to record. just do it.
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his 89th birthday by reminding everyone he was still alive. one day ahead of secretary of state to cuba. castro decided to return the favor and stick the u.s. with a bill. he wants compensation for the trade embargo that has been in effect since 1962 writing about the usa and the official communist newspaper "grandma" castro referenced the bombing of hero she ma -- hiroshima and nothing go saw key. and he said he violated commitments made by fdr. you should read the article. it gives new meaning to living in the past. maybe we should pay his bill. then we can send him a bill for the 80s when he emptied the beaches this miami.
8:22 pm
while we're at it, a bell for the property he seized when they took over the country and turned it into a prison island. do you see how committed -- how excited i get talking about this stuff? i miss the cold war. liz, i forget that castro saw live. >> do you call that alive? he is pumped up with formal formaldehyde. do we see he is moving? >> he is always propped in a chair. he was driving around on a bus. >> but he was propped up. >> yes, he was. >> the serious question is how dare he? people can't be surprised by this, but he is telling us we owe them money? how about they seized coca-cola plants, exxon mobile, hilton hotels. let's call it even. >> that would be the funniest thing that he called it even because he seized these huge p cs. is he still calling the shots or is it raul who has so much
8:23 pm
personality? >> the propped up fidel castro is running the show. >> weekend at fidel's. >> the great thing is the classic cars. and they will open it up and we will go down there. there is actually a shell of an economy and nobody can buy a new car so they refurbish the old ones. >> about the specific notion of them having these amazing cars people come up to me on the street and have been talking about this. i look leak i know something about cars. people come up to me and assume i am a guy who knows about gears. what i have been told is all of their cars can't get parts, and so you are driving a buick with hyundai parts. the idea of a pristine car collection does not exist. >> people say oh now with the embargo it is all of those wonderful old cars. we will see the end of the
8:24 pm
cuban life. they row -- romantasize the peasantry. >> matt, it seems quaint these days. one of the last holdouts of the old communist era, it almost seems quaint. we forget about the murder and human rights abuses. >> oh that? >> the thing is i think we established a treaty here and this a foot note. there is an arrow that says turnover. and the directions are in spanish. when did they become china? it is laughable. their economy hillary -- will recover when we start to go down there on carnival cruiseships. >> opening relations will help them obviously. but many people down there in the cuban community in florida
8:25 pm
they like the embargo. they want regime change. >> that's right. we love change, but we also hate change. change is a lot to deal with. slow movements are best. >> all of these dictators live so damn long. 89? what is down there. we need to take whatever is down there as the fountain of youth. jeez, 89? you are supposed to forget. >> they have the best health care system in the world. that's what i learned in college. >> paging dr. feel god. dwash dash -- dash paging dr. feel good. they get this amount of meat. maybe that's what is keeping them healthy. they also have never had cell phones. they don't have the cancer
8:26 pm
that could be attributed to some of that. now it is all gonna change. >> fantastic. it is a new era. coming up, half time with tv's andy levey. i better get my coffee ready. . hi my name is tom. i'm raph. my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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i'm patricia stark. the western u.s. getting hit with heat this weekend, with many areas experiencing triple digit temperatures. in california, temperatures reaching 107 in the san fernando valley. palm springs hitting 118 degrees, and death valley hitting 123. the national weather service says phoenix broke a record saturday, 115 degrees. that tops the old record of 112 set in 1992. outside of yuma, arizona, these folks took to the old swimming hole to try and beat the heat. and those high temperatures helped to stoke more wildfires out west. this fire burning nearly 1,000 acres. more than two dozen major fires have destroyed thousands of acres over the past couple of weeks. and in washington state, crews fighting wildfires from the area
8:31 pm
while evacuations continue. about 1500 people forced from their town after lightning sparked a wildfire there. and air flights are getting back to normal after technical issues at an air traffic center near washington, d.c. caused major delays today. the faa says it's investigating the cause of the problem. flights needed to be rerouted around the air space, even though restrictions have been lifted. thousands of travelers experienced hours of delays and cancellations. >> we got on the flight and we sat there and sat there and about 40 minutes, we were on the tarmac and after the realization that planes were not necessarily going out, because they were all piling up, they told us they would try to secure us a gate, because we had been here all day. welcome back.
8:32 pm
time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levey. >> how are you? >> great. >> did you miss me last night? >> i did. >> we barely made it without you. >> i just assumed there were month mistakes. >> that was true. we had to be careful to not make mistakes because who was there to clean them up? >> nobody. >> let's start at the top. the tweet should have said three emojis or fewer instead of three emojis or less. you are incorrect. as the oxford english dictionary points out when you see the supermarket lines that say 10 items or less and people say it is or fewer, no because it is referring to the total amount and not each item individually. the same thing applies here. >> have i to think about that. you are -- i have to think about that. you are rocking my world. >> a lot of people are correcting this tweet on twitter and i laughed. i would argue the pleasure of
8:33 pm
emojis should be emoji. but people say both. i don't like it though. are you still thinking about that? >> i am because the -- i feel like the -- you got me on the 10 items or less. i feel like the three emojis -- >> emoji. >> i will think the rest of the show. >> you said people who use emojis are thought aware of the crushing debt of student loan. it is not until older. i get what you are saying and that's true for me. i don't know if it is true these days. the cost of college is so ridiculous now, and i think students now -- everyone talks about it. >> the cost of college is ridiculous. >> my point is everybody talks about it now and they are aware of it, even if they wouldn't normally be because they are 22 and don't care.
8:34 pm
they hear about it so much they are aware. >> they have no perspective. i'm sorry i having trouble concentrating because this set is like swimming through an acid trip. it is like getting sucked up in a tornado in slow motion. >> mission accomplished. >> joanne, the p oi nt is to use them in a sarcastic manner, but there are people who use them for reals, as the kids say. >> why? >> i don't get it. >> then i am not friends with them. i get texts from older relatives. >> when i was a kid you had to build your emojis out of thimbles. >> exactly. >> this is not the first time hillary has tried to reach out to millennials on twitter. can we put up the tweets? here she tweeted remember when gas prices were on tweet? she said free health care is
8:35 pm
bae and paying for health care is ratchet. >> that's good. >> actually those were done by my friend over at rand paul's trump impression. you said the candidate who will win changes gender. i would say it is donna trump and marcia rubio and carl fiorina. >> you said hillary is a grandmother who is it wise and sassy. i think you meant amoral and unethical and will hopefully be in jail soon. >> liz, you had a problem with rand paul's shirt and you pointed out that tom's is similar. who do you think pulled it off better? >> tom. the checks are smaller. the television term is mora. >> i am still getting over lamar alexzander stealing my
8:36 pm
plaid shirt. >> we are still getting over emojis or fewer. >> trump is not wrong. rand paul is doing this because he is tanking in the polls, right? >> i think he is 100% right. >> living off his fumes. >> right now paul and rick perry have to be considered the two biggest disappointments in the republican field. >> but rick perry is having a great bake sale on saturday. >> leave rick perry alone. he seems like a nice man. >> you pointed out that ted cruz has gone the other way. he noted that he is not getting any press. his goal is not to get press. his goal is to hopefully pick up trump supporters if and when trump bails. >> i guess that's true. he is playing the long game. >> you covered the fair for six years straight. i imagine that is better than being covered by the ohio state fair for six years
8:37 pm
straight. >> well, you will never know. >> drop the mic. >> it was a job. >> we all have to pay the bills. >> the u.s. owes cuba millions of dollars. tom, people at this time -- people tittered. it was the boat they took to the shores in 1956 to launch the revolution. that's where the name comes from. >> it is a good name then. >> liz, r routers reported that castro went after america for disrupting the world economy by abandoning the gold standard. now i think he may be a ib lar tear yen. a libertarian. >> if you have to back to nixon for that, the abandoning the gold standard, this is something that gets people extremely emotional. i don't care.
8:38 pm
>> castro is like five minutes away from sharing a bunker with glen beck. >> it is true. >> bring the formal formaldehyde with him. >> you were mad because dictators live so long. i can't believe he is 89. he doesn't look a day under 107. i am done. >> thank you, andy. it is time to take a break. i will take you down to "sesame street" when we come back. the keys to this home belong to mark and alissa anderson. they bought the place four months ago on what was arguably the scariest day of their lives. neither has any idea what the future holds for them. but they bought into a 30-year mortgage anyway. that was bold. they must really believe in themselves.
8:39 pm
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we'll take care of it. we put members first. join the nation. thank you. most important story of the day. mitt romney's dream has become a reality. big bird will no longer be funded by pbs. "sesame street" has a new home at hbo. the next five seasons of the iconic children's television show will air on the same network that brought you "game of thrones," "true blood" and" the cat house." they will produce 35 episodes up from 18. pbs will be allowed to show the episodes thine months after the dsh dash nine months after the original air date. we have a clip from the upcoming season. >> did somebody make a wish? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. me wish me could have [bleep].
8:43 pm
>> what kind? >> chocolate [bleep]. >> okay. i am here to [bleep] your [bleep]. >> you can do that? >> i think so. i just need a [bleep]. >> you have to give them something for paid tv. they are paying a lot of money. do you think this is a good fit for hbo? >> i do. i have hbo go and my kids use hbo go. now they can watch "sesame street" in the car. i am looking forward to full frontal piggy. i am looking forward to "real 6" with big bird and snuffy. >> it gives a new meaning to snuffy, doesn't it? liz, now i am getting it. he is right with the tablets. that's where it comes in. >> listen, they will get a you lot of money for that exchange. that way they can make better decisions and better programming. i find it unbelievably ironic. it was a show that people
8:44 pm
could learn for free. and now you have to be a pay tv subscriber to learn how to read. do you know how annoying this will be for people? the first couple episodes will be exclusive to hbo. and that's how they will do it. don't worry, you will still get these eventually. it is the complete an at this time that you sis of what sesame street was supposed to be. >> i remember when i was a kid it was the same episode for four months and then they put a new one on. >> you can watch it from the 70s and you would get the seam benefit. it is sponsored by the letter h. >> but we would be man of the terminology. it is not big bird. it is plus sized bird. >> snuffalopagaus you annoyed mooy. he was like in solitary confinement, not showing his face in public. >> it was motivational
8:45 pm
problems. he was always oh bird,huh, huh, huh. >> he had a slow thyroid. what is wrong with you? >> i think bird does too. playing along at home fantastic drinking game, type snufalupagous into your phone. >> i tried it. do a shot every time you get spell checked. you can't actually type it into a phone. it is physically impossible. i defy you. >> i don't know why you have tried it. you can tell me later. >> you are not from sesame street generation. i feel like i was the first -- "sesame street" premiered for me. >> it is still playing so i did grow up wile it was on the air. >> but the power faded. that's when they introduced elmo. >> my years were more barney when i was i younger. i was more of a barney kid. my issue is it will air on pbs
8:46 pm
nine months later. when you are a kid, that's when you absorb information the most. they can learn other languages and everything so quickly. this is really classist. it is the parents who can afford to pay for the higher learning versus the parents who can't. >> pbs, commercial tv has them on the run. nickelodeon has the two kids channels. nick jr or whatever, and it is all one. they have good programming. a lot of their shows are better than the pbs stuff. >> i was obsessed with "the original speed racer" and kimba the why lion. white lion. you can't talk to me about "sesame street" it was so simple. if you wanted something more exciting, now i am wondering what joanne just talked about which is the purple dinosaur. a big purple something on hbo, pay tv after dark. >> that's the thing. "sesame street" was in my wheel house.
8:47 pm
are you probably an electric company gal, right? >> i was hr puff and stuff. >> that was totally psychedelic. the best show -- what happened to mr. rogers? they should show repeats of that show. that was the best show for kids. >> he is no longer with us. it would be reruns, wouldn't it? i met him as a child matter of fact. >> i had albums, lp's of mr. rogers. >> "mr. rogers" and" sesame street" was the aderol. it calmed you down. mr. knowledge roughers, i will -- mr. rogers i will change my shoes and put on my stheekers. mr. hooper, what is going on? it was chill. it calmed me down. i like the pace. barney, that gets me anxious. >> television for ids c, it is all crack thousand. crack now. they are hoped up on it. dream works does great things and pixar. it is good movies, but it is
8:48 pm
too much. >> have you ever watched "baby einstein"? >> it is slow. >> it is interchange only. interchangeable. if you ever dropped acid it is the same thing. tinker toys and playing. >> when the baby was out i would sit and watch. >> it is compelling jie. we will close things out with a bedtime story. esurance was born online. which means fewer costs, which saves money. their customer experience is virtually paperless, which saves paper, which saves money. they have smart online tools, so you only pay for what's right for you, which saves money. they settle claims quickly, which saves time, which saves money. they drive an all-hybrid claims fleet, which saves gas, which saves money. they were born online, and built to save money, which means when they save, you save. because that's how it should work in the modern world. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call.
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up to our sports heros. . when i was a kid we looked up to our sports heros. they made a list of the greatest films of all time, and "air bug" wasn't in it. not even "air bug 4". the list features such greats as "hoop dreams" and "rocky". >> baseball, the american past
8:53 pm
time. there is a thunderstorm coming and i don't think he can play. you'll see why. >> that is a great sports film. >> matt? >> yes? >> deflate gate would make a great film right? >> well, making a point about the sports heros and heros in these movies. what is the great sports movie made about a modern athlete? i can't think of one. because modern athletes are all cheaters. >> yes. probably. >> or they just got caught. >> you know, "61" didn't make it. >> "major league". >> we're relying on "roling stone" to come up with the
8:54 pm
hottest sports movies. rocky is on there. >> it stunned me they had "victory". a world war ii soccer escape from prison movie ahead of "miracle" and "rudy". >> and i don't like they mix documentaries and narrative films. >> they made this list for getting attention and omitting things strategically. it was "the hustler". paul newman is one of the greatest movies of all time. >> there are parts they left out. it's "bring it on", and what about "step up" and "step up the
8:55 pm
streets"? >> and they had the "big lebowski". >> yes. >> two classics, "ryan's song" and "the champ". >> yes. but "rudy" is sad, but happy. >> yes. >> but that is on the list. >> it is on the list. should have been number one. >> i watched it as an 8-year-old kid. you know how filthy and vile it it is? >> your parents let you watch it? >> no, i watched it on hbo, you know back in the day on the box. you can watch other channels and i mean playboy. you know when hafing becomes
8:56 pm
life threatening to a child? i was laughing so hard my life was in danger. >> what is else on the list? oh, "miracle". they had documentaries but didn't have "miracle on ice". >> yes, and about the philadelphia flyers. >> they can do 30 great films. >> tom weren't you in a film? the tonya harding story? >> it >> a true classic, yes. okay. thanks so much. that does it for me. let's go out with my campaign, my proposed campaign song for donald trump. ♪ [ music ]
8:57 pm
♪ [ music ] >> i only care about one thing. bing bing after we are all inside for a while, it gets pretty stuffy.
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