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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  August 17, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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don't like it? don't seek membership. problem solved. and kevin posts so their advertise many romantic sized their product like every make-up, clothing, and automobile company out there. shocker! "fox & friends" starts and good-bye. it's monday, august 17th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. he rode high into iowa and he's still riding high in the polls, his plan on immigration. >> we will work with them. they have to go. chuck, we either have a country or we don't have a country. >> so will trump's plan score with voters. we are live on the ground in iowa just moments ago. it's the most incredible video you'll see all day and the driver never saw it coming. look at that, a truck traveling
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down the highway smashes right into the sign. do your kids struggle to wake up for the first day of school or any day of school? here's one way to get them out of bed. >> 1, 2, 3, ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> there you go, the wake-up call that's taking the internet by storm. there's a five-piece ban waiting just around the bend for you because mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪ >> what a weekend in des moines, iowa, the iowa state fair, donald trump flew in and his $21 million helicopter. >> it was the korski?
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>> you had hillary clinton going through the crowd. and somebody said mrs. clinton are you really worried about going to prison over this email thing? so it was a great weekend for politicians in iowa. >> we have all the details. we are live on the ground in iowa. ainsley earhardt is going to join us to bring you the details. >> is tomorrow the caucus or february? >> it's just around the bend. but the excitement is building. >> even though we told you last week that apparently the iowa state fair said no, you can't give the kids a ride in your helicopter, he went across the street. he rented the parking lot over there so he could give everybody a ride. >> right. >> ours, unfortunately, we could not land there with our helicopter. >> we have a helicopter? >> we have some technical difficulties like we don't have one. >> the "fox & friends" helicopter -- >> oh, that one. yeah, you are right. >> the uberhelicopter. >> call blade.
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we're going to bring with a fox news alert. good morning to heather childers. >> good morning to everyone at home. we begin with this fox news alert, though. two planes slam into each other, leaving five people dead. this happened in california. the smal planes plumb metd into the ground and burst in flames. the wreckage sparked a brush fire. they were coming into a landing at an airport south of san diego. this morning, it is unknown exactly what went wrong. the victims' identities have not yet been released. after serving ten months, oscar pistorius will be a freeman. he's expected to be released on parole this friday. he's the first amputee to compete in the 2012 summer olympics, he was convicted of the shooting of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. he claim he thought she was an
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intruder. stabbed in the street and left for dead, a step granddaughter of morgan freeman, e'de e'de e'dena hines was stabbed in the street in new york city. her boyfriend is charged with murder. morgan freeman, wrote i want to acknowledge the tremendous outpouring of love and support my family has received regarding the tragic and senseless passing of my granddaughter. thank you from the bottom of my heart. >>. take a look at this video. look at that. the dump truck, it slammed into the road sign completely. the driver apparently forgot to put the bin back when he was done. amazingly, no one was injured in that. lesson learned there.
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those are your headlines. it might be a lesson to all the dump truck drivers watching right now. >> read the signs that say only yea high. >> fox did a comprehensive poll after the debate. the guy on top, donald trump, he leads all by significant margin as ben carson moves up the charts as does ted cruz. let's look at what donald trump is doing. he's doing what he prommed when it came to one of the most substantive and consequential issues out there. >> some said initially he was too vague. strong on the details and it's coming for. he wants a wall across the southern border and he's calling for deportation of millions of immigrants in the united states illegally and also end automatic citizenship for children born to foreigners born in the united states. also saying the plan must improve jobs, wages, and security for all americans. he laid out on his website the
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three core principles on immigration reform. it's not a nation if it doesn't borders, a nation without laws is not a nation and a nation does not serve its own citizens is not a nation. >> for the candidate who -- the critics had said he's all style, no substance, he's come out with this remarkable political document on immigration. he sat down with -- actually stood up in his 757 yesterday for part of the interview with chuck todd on meet the press. here they are talking about his brand-new immigration reform policy. >> they have to go. chuck, we either have a country or we don't have a country. either we have a country or not. >> how do you do it? >> look at what the cost we have doing it. >> how do you do it? >> do you think there's tremendous costs for the illegals that are in here now? >> of course there are costs. >> tremendous. do you think there's tremendous crime being committed by illegals. >> there's definitely evidence
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that it happened. it's still to the clear. >> it will work out so well. you will be so happy. in four years you are going to be interviewing me and you are going to say what a great job you've done president trump. >> he flipped it there on chuck todd. he wants to triple officers, he wants to defund sanctuary city. he wants detention and not catch and release. and penalties for overstaying a visa and completion of that visa tracking system which is yet to be done and he wants i.c.e. to work with local officials in terms of gang members. >> you are not going to kick out 12 million, 30 million people, depending on the number. you have to find them. >> it's an early christmas gift to conservatives who have looked at the immigration problem in this country and said can't anybody do anything. ann koulter who is far to the right, i think everybody would agree, says this is the greatest political document since the
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magna carta. she said nothing else matters unless we stop them from coming in. also, jeb sessions from alabama says this is exactly the plan america needs and the center for immigration studies says we wish we could say that we would work with donald trump on this. we did not. none of the other republican candidates or democrats, except rick santorum has a sound and well-thought out immigration plan as donald trump. >> hillary clinton says i agree with ann koulter. i'm kidding. eight minutes after the hour. let's go out to iowa. >> it's the 2016 presidential candidates take to the iowa state fair soapbox in des moines, fairgoers forming their opinions in the race for the white house. >> some pulling for jeb and
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others pulling for ben carson and donald trump. >> ainsley earhardt is on the ground to see what is fact and fiction and what is good and what is not. >> you mentioned the caucus. that's why this state is so important. it is on february 1st and the candidates know that so they are here at the state fair because this is an opportunity to meet and greet a lot of those voters. many of those voters. there are only 3 million people that live in iowa. a million people come through the gates at the state fair during the course of 11 days. that's about 1/3 of the state. it's unbelievable. we asked a lot of fairgoers what they are looking for in their candidates, who they like and why. take a listen. >> who are you putting your support behind? >> i will think i'm going to support jeb bush. >> i've seen courage from ben carson and that's one thing i admire about him. he doesn't believe in political coectness. >> i vote for bernie sanders but hillary clinton is a fantastic competitor and experience. she will be very difficult to
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beat. >> trump is stirring the bottom. that's exactly what we need. >> eliminated be my third choice. >> i would go with ben carson and kraryl fiorina. >> now, most of the candidates are stopping here at the state fair over the course of the 11 days. including carly fiorina today. coming up guys, we're going to talk about the food at the fair. stay tuned. >> they put everything on a stick, that's right. >> they sure do. >> you got all those big political stars out in des moines. on this couch, you'll see chris christie about 50 minutes from now and also scott walker joins us in the 8:00 hour. as it's back to school time, have you ever struggled to wake your kids up for class? >> who doesn't? >> we can all relate to that except my husband is doing that today. when you take kids and they are in bed and they don't want to wake up, what would you do, especially in georgia and you have a ten-year-old girl?
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>> i have an idea, call a local radio station. >> and then what? >> then they wake up a kid with a local five-piece band. watch this. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> are you up now? >> yeah. >> are you ready for school now? >> yeah. >> that was the host of the bert show and that is sophie, she's 10 years old, she was woken by a five-piece jazz brass band because her mom was out of idea. >> sophie did say she's going to get ear plugs as part of her defense. >> according to the radio station, apparently if she has trouble getting up in the future, they will be back. so we poised this question to you. what are some of the ways that you wake your child up
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creatively for school back to school for a lot of kids across the country. you can email us and tweet us. >> you can't hit the snooze button on a five-piece band. >> exactly. >> it's amazing, they will get up at 8:00 in the morning to head to the beach, when it comes to school, they can't wake up. coming up, as we just told you, donald trump is leading in the national polls but washington insiders, six in ten say he didn't win the early states. are they right? annual analysis comes up next. if you want to have a baby girl, then skip breakfast? is that true? stick around. we're going to tell you.
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businessman donald trump still leading the pack in the most recent fox news poll but according to politico's bipartisan survey of political insiders in washington, they say he's not going to be able to win the early states. as one new hampshire republican puts it, trump is generating a lot of controversy but he is not taken seriously as a potential president. i have heard from many people who say i love him, i love him, what he's saying, but when asked
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if they would really vote for him, they say hell no. so is trump's big league smoke and mirrors, joining us right now is guy benson. guy, you are not a believer? >> look, i think if you are in the trump campaign, you look at that article, you read all the quotes from these insiders and you say, hey, guys, scoreboard, we're winning, we're winning big. so i think it's a little silly to be completely writing off the guy's chances. he's leading by double digits. >> sure, we're talking about washington insiders. if you look at the top polls, guy, these are people who are washington outsiders who are really capturing things, you know, carly fiorina, ben carson, donald trump. >> and even ted cruz is a bit of an out liar too. >> insiders versus outsiders, the outsider are winning.
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>> of course, they are going to say this type of stuff. i think there is some truth to some of this analysis. in order to win in politics, there are certain laws of political gravity that take hold for anyone, including donald trump. you need to have a ground game. one of the things that trump is going to count on is bringing in from his celebrity some of that appeal. people who are not necessarily engage voters all the time. you have to make sure those people show up to the polls and vote for you. that requires blocking and tackling. i'm not sure if his operation has that level of sophistication at this stage. >> because in iowa, in particular, it's not just dropping by a school basement and voting. the caucus process is very complicated. you got to go in. it's hours long. >> that's right the. there's a long way between nowf. he can maybe boost up his ground game. i think for washington insiders at this moment, to look at the momentum he has and say there's no chance he can win either of these states in which he's leading, premature.
3:19 am
>> sure. the immigration is going to get people who are dead set of this against immigration debate heated up over and offer again the last ten years. when it comes to foreign policy, he opened up a can of worms yesterday when asked about which general that he consults with or gets advice from? he says people on television. he's going to leave himself open there. don't you think? >> yeah. hey, where do you get your military advice? well, from watching television. actually, coincidencely so do i but i'm also not running for president, wanting to be commander in chief so that was a bit of a concerning answer from donald trump. he's put out and you guys discussed it already on the program this human six-page paper fairly detailed on immigration. some policies are controversial and unworkable. if you go to his presidential campaign website and you click on the issues page, there is one issue on the issues page and
3:20 am
that is immigration. no other specifics on anything. that has to change. >> sure and this of course is his signature issue, that's what catapulted him to the top of the heap and that's why we're talking about him today with guy benson. thank you very much. coming up straight ahead, watch this video. a pair of cyclists dodge death after two trucks collide right in front of them. how they managed to survive. if you want to have a baby girl, don't have breakfast. is that true? we're going to separate fact from fiction, straight ahead. >> bad news for the mcmuffin. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> some headlines. here's what's happening today. the search is on for survivors after the wreckage of an indonesian plane was found. 54 people were on board of that air flight when it went down in a remote region of the country. it's believed severe weather caused that crash. >> an isis want abee is set to face a judge today. 44-year-old arafat naji flew to toirk a couple of times to try to join the terror group. pink or blue, that's the question for soon to be parents waiting to welcome their bundle of joy but are there some ways to guarantee that you will have a boy or a girl? dr. nancy serken is an internist
3:25 am
joins us. fact or fiction, if you want a boy, eat breakfast? >> that is fact. >> wow. why? >> the y chromosome tends to like a higher glucose environment. this was a study that was done at northwestern university. it has been replicated. so anybody out there who is trying to have a boy, make sure you eat your breakfast every morning. >> next up, fact or fiction. reach for the salt for a baby girl and eat an all vegetable diet for a boy. >> this is not fact. this is fiction. as a matter of fact, many of the studies have it in reverse. what does it mean? it means we're thinking that the vegetables with the calcium and the magnesium and the salt, the potassium or the sodium makes for a different acidic versus alkaline environment. actually, the studies keep flip flopping. what i say to patients is just
3:26 am
eat a healthy diet. >> fact or fiction, number three, for a boy, ditch the cardio. >> yes. this is true. maybe if you are trying to have a boy, stick to weight training and less cardio because your actual body weight, the set point of your body weight can determine if you are a girl or a boy. >> to clarify, leading up to pregnancy are you talking about that weight? >> yes, we're talking about during the time that you are trying to conceive. >> fact or fiction, for a baby girl, have a jolt of caffeine. >> this is actually the reverse. this is fiction. what we found is that if the dad drink caffeine during the time of conception, the y chromosome will actually swim faster so it will actually have a higher amount of boys than girls. so it's just the opposite. >> a lot of guys reaching for an extra cup of coffee this morning. thank you for the fact or
3:27 am
fiction baby style. >> thank you. have a good day. >> let us know what you think about it. coming up, she wants to be commander in chief but the money and women in charge protecting her say they wouldn't high her to work at mcdonald's. plus a football star is telling his kids to man up and earn it. he's taken away their participation trophies. do you agree with his parenting move? we're going to talk about that. our own football star new york jets star brandon marshall is joining us next live. ♪
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>> get away! get away! i can't move.
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oh, my god. [ bleep ]. >> well, this certainly koala-fies as your shot of the morning. >> this woman is apparently terrified. the animal reached the bike and jumped on the tire. >> they are not supposed to be dangerous. you are supposed to hug them aren't you. this video going viral with 1.7 million views on facebook. do you run for a koala bear or embrace them? >> it's a koala bear. it's a bear. >> it's the fun part of the bear family. these are the fun bears. >> teddy bear. is still a bear. >> right. >> you are dis-koala-fieed right now. >> don't encourage her. we're going to turn to heather childers right now.
3:32 am
serious news to start with you. good morning to all of you and everyone at home. an army parachutist is dead after a sky diving stunt goes horriblery wrong. he was a part of the army's golden night parachute team. he collided with another jumper at the chicago air and water show. >> he hit the building right there and he flipped over and he fell in between and he hit that wall and he fell. >> the golden knights are returning to ft. bragg today, that's where they will have access to grief counselling. a brand-new twist in actress kelly rutherford's bitter custody battle. she filed a federal lawsuit after a new york judge sent her american children to live in mondaco last week.
3:33 am
that judge tossed it out the same day. ruggerford and her ex-husband have been fighting for custody since divorcing six years ago. and detroit's annual dream cruise show becomes a nightmare, the prize camaro belonging to the papa johns's care. the thieves still the trailer. two other cars also stolen, a 1976 chevy chevelle and a 1966 core vet. two cyclists cheat death as a semi crashes into the back of a truck. the two men are just a few feet from all that as all that debris is sent flying and they somehow manage to avoid getting hit.
3:34 am
getting injured at all. by the way, regarding koala bears, i looked it up, although they are cute, cuddly and baby-like, wild koalas should not be approached and handled, they have sharp clause and teeth and use them as necessary. >> also, teddy bears, you can't count on. ted was vicious with mark wallenberg. >> that was a movie. maria molina, entirely different. the weather. >> we're going to start out with space. we have a view of the northern lights that you haven't seen before from astronaut scott kelly. these are the northern lights from space. incredible, very serene image koj out of the iss. we want to take you back toering because we do have a lot of weather to talk about and one
3:35 am
big cold front that's going to be moving across the nation. ahead of it, we have humidity. you are looking at risk for severe weather anywhere from new mexico to parts of illinois throughout the day. possibly an isolated tornado will be possible and that risk continues as we head into tomorrow. the bigger story is how much cooler it is behind the system for many of you. you are looking at temperatures in the 70s right now across parts of the plains and that continues as we head into wednesday. very significant drop in those temperatures. that's it. tell me tebow is back everybody making his debut in a preseason opener against the colts. he's been at gma for the last couple of years. >> new york jets fans may be wondering what's next after geno smith is recovering from the broken jaw in the scuffle with a teammate last week.
3:36 am
brandon marshall is joining us right now. you are a bear expert as a former chicago bear. >> stay away from bears. >> there you go. >> are you scared of cats? >> i won't go here a cat. >> superstition. >> i've been that way since i was five years old. >> we give all our guests cats as a gift. >> i brought you up some training gear. >> that's yours. >> i believe. >> thank you. >> that's fantastic. >> speaking of football, how about tim tebow yesterday? >> he look good, right. i think if you look good, you'll play good and you play good, you get paid good. look at that. doesn't he look good? >> a lot of times we're focuse
3:37 am
look at how they look. but can you get better at 28? can you learn to pass more efficiently, quicker, more accurately at the age of 28? >> a lot of times what we do is we focus on our weaknesses, forget what tim tebow can't do, let's focus on his strengths. he's a leader, he can run the ball and he can throw the ball effectively on the right offense. let's focus on those thing. he's with chip kelly and if he's put in right situation, he will be all right. >> let me ask you this. this is a tough one. it's tough for you to talk about beginning the season this way. everything surrounding geno smith, how does a recover from that, moving into the season at this point? and what's happened? >> well, people think that -- we try to put walls around ourselves, especially the national football league, like your team is invisible, nothing is going to happen, right? >> sure. >> but that's not the case. everyone is going to get hit with body blows, whether it's something that happens in the
3:38 am
house or something out of house, what you have to do is move forward, that's all you can do. people think it's a distraction. it is. it sucks. it was shocking. i'm very disappointed, and feel bad for the kid because he was doing really good but we have to move forward if we want to win and geno knows that and i was sitting right there and i will say this, you know, without going into too many details because we've already moved past it. geno smith did nothing wrong. he did nothing wrong. >> he was sucker punched. >> that's all i'm going to say about that because we have to move forward and i don't want to be a distraction to our team but he did everything the right way. >> no one jumped to his defense. how could a quarterback be a leader and not have anyone defend him? how can you say that? >> he's young and he's 24. he's been in and out of the lineup the last couple of years. there's a lot of question marks. i don't care about the past. i care what he's done in off season and leading up to that
3:39 am
day. to me, he's a leader. he has to earn. i am proud of the kid. i moved in, that was my roommate, and that that is me that he's in a situation, because he was on the right track. >> it's about growth. >> that's what you want to say growth. >> that's kind of what the steelers james harrison was talking about, his two children. the growth. his kids went out and did something, they would you know -- wound up with trophies. >> and gave them back. >> they have to take them back. >> they have to earn the trophies. right now, these trophies are going back until they earn a trophy. what do you think? >> unfortunately, i think that if it wasn't for that mentality, there wouldn't be any james harrison. there wouldn't be any brandon marshall. we have to change that mentality and the respect i say that we're in a world that's all about production, and wins and losses, even our school system should change, the kids, grading system, a, b, c. our kids' emotions and
3:40 am
self-worth is attached to something that's out of their control. it's not about do you win or lose. do you understand the lessons through this? i feel like that machismo is reason some of the things we see the things that are happening in our world today. >> you can't become brn done marshall and james harrison, why are you playing? most people don't. this quote bothered me because sometimes your best is not enough and that should drive you to want to be better. you do your best if you don't start or star. are you wasting your time? and he's saying yes. i say no. but real quick, i want to move on to our foundation because not only are you putting out for the jets but you are giving back. >> project 365. it's all about removing the stigma of mental illness. >> we're going to beak the stigma. so what you guys don't know is project 375 is the green on the
3:41 am
pan tone line. that's what represents mental health awareness. there's this campaign we're doing with we're doing a first time experience through brandon marshall, that's me, a ball in metlife stadium, my first touchdown for the season. all of that is good, you can participate by donating $10. everyone can play and participant. you get first class tickets, put up in a five-star hotel. trip to new york. it could be anywhere in the world. that's all good, but what's really important is how we're trying to do this, why we're trying to do it and that's for our children. we believe that we can break stigma, we can get people the resources they need by starting with our kids, putting on site behavioral health care services in our schools, starting with something as small as cheddar boxes, we're putting all kinds of gifts and cool things where kids are identify mental health
3:42 am
issues, treat it. because the first person that our kids go to is kids. >> it's such an important program and for folks who are watching right now with more information go to our website, "fox & friends".com, we'll link to our website and we'll help a lot of people. >> great work. thank you. >> thanks so much. >> thanks for being here. love that project 375. good work. coming up, and thanks to my shoes. >> they look good. >> revolutionary. >> look at that. >> coming up, a burglar barges in on a 13-year-old watching tv but this kid had some tricks of his own. >> i watch law & order a lot and it just made me think of what to do. >> those law & order skills helped solve the case. he joins us live. want to get by secret service, just be a hollywood
3:43 am
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brand-new news overnight. we have just learn the number of emails sent with classified information from hillary clinton private server just jumped up to 60 and she said zero. could she be in serious hot water? joining us right now is someone who knows hillary clinton quite well, the author of "first family detail." so last week we heard about how the intel community's inspector general said we actually found top secret things were on her email. now, according to the washington times, the story is at least 60
3:47 am
classified documents have been, you know, revealed as part of a foia request. what does this tell you about what was going on with her home-brew server? >> the fbi based on my knowledge of the fbi and my book the secrets of the fbi never would have jumped into this high profile investigation unless they already believed that she had violated the law and it has nothing to do with whether the documents were marked or not marked. if it's classified information, it was stored negligently as obviously it was, then she violated the espionage law and there's no question in my mind that she will be eventually indicted. it could take at least a year but the fbi is conducting an honest investigation. they resisted attempts by nixon to suppress the watergate investigation. they are going to do this independently and honestly. >> you are saying that hillary clinton, it may take a year, it could be longer, but she's going to be charged? >> oh, no question. absolutely not. the laws are very clear.
3:48 am
she violated the laws and, you know, but these things do take a long time. if she's ever president, maybe she will pardon herself. >> will she? that's funny. although now that i'm thinking about it, maybe not so funny. when she was first lady, she has been around secret service agents ever since back in the 90s, how was she regarded by the agents? >> she was so nasty to her agents. these are the little people she's going to champion as their president. being assigned to her detail is considered a form of punishment. agents say nobody would ever hire anybody like that, even at a mcdonald's. someone who treats others who are less powerful with such contempt, and that's the real story of hillary. >> do you know, in addition to
3:49 am
protecting, you know, being right there around the first family, a lot of people try to get into the whitehouse to see the president. some are invited, some are not. tell us about bradley cooper. because this sounds like a security shortfall. >> this is an example of the really corrupt culture within secret management. a high-ranking secret service official in new york ordered agents at the washington hilton when obama was about to speak at the correspondents dinner to let bradley cooper's vehicle into the secure area where only secret service vehicle are held. it has to be searched for explosives. you can imagine the impact on morale. even much more outrageous is when the fact when joe biden comes up to wilmington to his home, he will order agents to
3:50 am
place his military aide with the nuclear football, which has the codes. the result is if we were attacked and obama were taken because there would never be time for military aides to catch up with biden to unleash a counter strike. by the way, when biden goes up there and also at his vice president residents, he likes to skinny dip, which offend s femae secret service agents. they signed up to take a bullet for joe biden but not to see him naked. >> thanks, steve. coming up on this monday, a burglar barges in on a 13-year-old watching tv. but this kid had some tricks of his own. >> you watch "law & order" a lot
3:51 am
and it made me think of what to do. >> and so he did some things based on "law & order." that boy joins us live coming up on this monday. boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain and rain. water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings. the house thought she let the family down. but the family just didn't think a flood could ever happen. the reality is, floods do happen. protect what matters. get flood insurance. call the number on your screen to learn more. quicker smarter earlier fresher
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harder and yeah, even on sundays. if that's not what you think of when you think of the united states postal service, watch us deliver.
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3:54 am
in the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups, the police who represent crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders. these are their stories. >> it's the hit crime show everyone is talking about, including 13-year-old florida boy. >> that's right. reese zittel came face-to-face with a burglar in his own home. he ultimately helped to catch the intruder with help from a tv show "law & order."
3:55 am
that brave young man joins us now. good morning to you, reese. >> good morning. >> it's 9:30 pm on august 10th. what happens in your home? >> a man breaks into my house. >> and you him? >> yes. i had seen him. >> what did he say to you? >> stay in the room i was at. >> you took a look at him first? >> once he came where i could see him. i took a quick skim at him so i could remember what he looked like so i could tell police what he looks like. >> how did you know how to do that? >> i watch "law & order" a lot and it instinctively kicked in for me to just do that. >> were you scared? >> i was terrified. i was not only terrified that i could lost my life. i was terrified approximate for my mom because she was sleeping down the hall in the other room. >> our research team looked up the rap sheet on this guy, everything from weapons, theft,
3:56 am
burglary. now that you know what he's capable of, what's your reaction? >> i'm very happy to be alive after hearing what he has been arrested for. i'm just happy to be alive right now. >> absolutely. takes a lot of your stuff, important stuff. he leaves. cops come. what do you tell the cops? >> i told the cops exactly what i told you. and i told them what he looks like so they could probably catch the guy if they ever see him. >> it was a subway wrapper that helped them solve the crime? it was your subway? >> yeah. >> he took it. cops decide to walk the streets, find him and arrest him. how does that make you feel? >> it makes me happy that he's going to prison. >> all that research kept you and your mom safe sbl not a boob tube. it can keep you safe.
3:57 am
reece, good job. straight ahead 2016 presidential candidate chris christie is here. we'll ask him about donald trump's immigration plan, all about iowa and the insanity straight ahead. >> and jon bon jovi and bruce springste springsteen. where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor. she told me that humira helps people like me get uc under control and keep it under control when certain medications haven't worked well enough. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections,
3:58 am
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3:59 am
4:00 am
good morning to you. today is monday, august 17th. i'm elisabeth hassel bechlt ck. donald trump, to rule out illegal immigration. >> either we have a country or we don't. >> how will his republican competition react? governor chris christie joins us live moments from now. dozens more e-mails surface, suggesting hillary rodham clinton spilled national secrets with that home brew server in her basement. the democratic front-runner? she's just laughing it off.
4:01 am
>> i recently launched a snap chat account. i love it. those messages disappear all by themselves. >> will voters find that funny? that's the big question. >> unbelievable. might be the best boss ever. owner of chick-fil-a shuts down his restaurant for renovations but doesn't lay anybody off. he pays them the entire time and even gives them a raise. mornings, by the way, in case i forget to remind you, are better with friends. ♪ >> outing basketball player, that's part of the story. because she was on the roster of a boys' team, that team's victories were not allowed to count. >> they were disqualified from the competition.
4:02 am
she will be joined by wnba players on our program. a 10-year-old superstar and her team stood behind her, wearing pink jerseys. >> and she's seven foot. governor of the great state of new jersey, chris christie, my state, will be right here with us. he should be here any moment. >> he is actually about four feet to your left. >> i was trying to build up tension, steve. >> he'll be here in a moment. >> he's here. >> we'll find out how he will arrive at the iowa state fair. he will be on tap this weekend. >> right. >> he has a big announcement. >> he could borrow my helicopter if he wants. good morning to heather, who has your headlines for you. stabbed in the street and left for dead. adina hines was brutally
4:03 am
murdered in new york city. her ex-boyfriend, lamar davenport yelled out get out devil as he stabbed her 16 times. is he now charged with her murder. freeman posting this on facebook. i want to acknowledge the tremendous outpouring of love and support my family has received regarding the tranlg sbik senseless passing mief granddaughter, adina hines. thank you from the bottom of my heart. two small planes collided. they were apparently coming in for a landing at brownfield municipal airport south of san diego. at this time, it's still not known what went wrong. the victims' identities have also not been released. the search is on for survivors of a wreckage of an indonesian plane was found. 54 people were on board the
4:04 am
trigana air flight when it went down in a remote region of the country. while it's believed severe weather caused the crash, trigana air has a spotty safety record at best, losing 10 planes over the last 14 years. >> i wouldn't get within 50 feet of this airline. we did some research here. they even had an airplane destroyed while it was under maintenance. >> search and rescue teams are slowly making their way to that wreckage, hampered by mountainous terrain. from down under to up on top, jason day winning the pga championshi championship. >> phenomenal talent, and a major champion. >> some tears of joy right there. 20 under par, breaking tiger woods' major championship record for best score. the runner up, jordan spieth, he finished at 17 under. that is enough to move him up to the number one spot in the golf
4:05 am
rankings, ending rory mcil roy's one-year rank. those are the headlines. back to you. >> very exciting. thank you very much, heather. now we're joined by the governor of the great state of new jersey, chris christie. >> good morning. >> donald trump made that big splash, arriving at the iowa state fair in his million dollar helicopter. how will you be arriving at the state fair in iowa in the next several days? zbhie think a pony. >> a pony? >> pony might be good. >> you might not get there in time. >> you know, it depends. a really good poen. >> i what did you think about donald trump? he has put out this detailed plan and proposal for immigration reform. one of the points that if you were born an illegal immigrant here, you will not have citizenship. what do you think of that? >> if you look at his plan, what he has been saying all along it's nothing new. he's going to build a wall and get the mexicans to pay for t we
4:06 am
have a huge problem on our border. we need to address it. a wall is not going to fix the problem. it doesn't really deter human beings. i've never seen a wall that human beings can't get over, under or around. these folks are coming here to work. >> that's part of it. he also says i want to triple the number of border agents at the border. and the automatic citizenship, where do you stand on that? if a child is born from illegal immigrant parents they become citizens right now. >> our constitution has said over the course of time that's the case. i said recently that has to be discussed in the course of an entire reform package. everything should be on the table to be discussed to try to make sure that what we do is have the most effective system we can to end what's been happening in this country. folks who come here legally should benefit the most. >> you understand the frustration a lot of people feel
4:07 am
about they see we have plenty of law enforcement on the border. the problem is that the guys in d.c. are not telling the guys on the border to enforce them. >> that's the problem with the obama administration. if you don't like the marijuana laws, don't enforce them. if you don't want to enforce immigration, have sanctuary cities. i feel so strongly about law enforcement across the board. that's my background. we need to have the folks in washington, d.c. understand that you have a president who understands the law and will enforce it. not justify the laws we like but all the laws. that's not what the oath says, i'll enforce the laws i like. >> one of your focuses has been through your national security. you saw hillary clinton laughing off her e-mail scandal as it pertains to the classified information. and what could be a compromise of our national security -- watch this. i would love your reaction. >> it's not about benghazi. it's not about e-mails or
4:08 am
servers either. it's about politics. i know that people across the country are following us on social media as well. by the way, you may have seen that i recently launched a snap chat account. i love it. i love it. those messages disappear all by themselves. >> all right. what do you think about that? >> her arrogance is breathtaking. it's breathtaking. why did you have your own private server? official business is done on your official e-mail account. this is not about politics. answer the question. all this other stuff is typical approach of the clintons. when they're in trouble, they blame everybody else. >> you know why she had her own private e-mail server. control. >> well, of course. the problem is that you're the
4:09 am
secretary of state of the united states. what brian just mentioned, talking about now dozens and dozens of e-mails potentially that had top secret, classified information. we all know that's wrong. the problem with secretary clinton is she refuses to even acknowledge it. she doesn't want to answer any questions. she won't answer the keystone pipeline. >> it's politics. >> e-mail cover-up. many say it's ethically wrong, not responsible. in your mind is it criminal? >> the fbi will look at that. there's certainly enough that there should be an investigation. we have to get to the bottom of it. i'll tell you as a former u.s. attorney that there's no question in my mind that if there's classified information on there, she's in trouble. >> you think she will get under linked to take the fall for it? they sent this to me without -- >> listen, secretary clinton is capable of anything and saying anything. we've seen that with just what you saw in that video. what we do know is that she is
4:10 am
the one who set up the private e-mail server in the first place. >> and never told anybody? >> no. and she had everybody use that private e-mail server. worse, she is the one who wiped that private e-mail server clean. >> i have to talk foreign policy with you. over the weekend, donald trump, who wants to be president, leading the republican field came out and said i get my advice from military leaders on television. where do you get your military advice from? >> we've had extensive briefings with military leaders, both current and former during the course of the last year and a half or so. and a number of really good people have coordinated our foreign policy advice. i don't get it from tv. i usually -- >> any names you want to relay? >> no. i want them to continue to give me advice. if you do it in public they tend to get a little skittish about that. >> in new jersey there's a columnist who says that -- the headline is "chris christie's presidential run. time to call it a day, gov." it says you're not going to make
4:11 am
it so you should drop out. >> i love the people who determine the election in august the year before it happens when most americans have not even begun to pay attention to this election yet. fact is that we're campaigning hard in iowa, new hampshire. i'll be in new hampshire this week, iowa this week. what matters more than anything else is that people are sick and tired of washington, d.c. they're sick and tired of the incompetence of government. hillary clinton, like you just saw in that video, who give excuses. one thing in new jersey that people will say about me -- they may agree or disagree with what i've done but they know i don't give excuses. i get things done. >> get off the beach! when you said that, they got off the beach. i still have not been back to the beach. >> exactly right. be careful. >> i got you in trouble over your ties. wonderful wife, mary pat, she was incredible. >> she loved the interview. the ties are still where they are. >> you asked mary pat about -- she didn't like the fact that
4:12 am
you don't pick up your tie. >> i pick them up. she doesn't like where i pick them up and put them. if that's our biggest argument after 29 years -- >> that's right. >> we're doing good. >> what do you have to do to get that same bounce? it is strategy as well. >> no question. you have to get out there and keep hitting the truth about these issues. nothing happens overnight in this business. the things that do happen overnight disappear the next day. everyone needs to be calm and take a deep breath. what we need to be talking about are the things that the american people care about. why aren't we creating jobs in this economy, why aren't we protecting homelands in the way that we should? why aren't whoa talking about to make sure that we'll have a government that enforce the laws in this country. not only at the border but everywhere else. >> could be a pony in iowa this weekend. >> it's going to be a huge option. >> congratulations. you look fantastic. >> i feel good.
4:13 am
>> why is it okay for comedians to mock your weight in this politically correct world we live in right now? >> otherwise the writers would have to work much harder. jimmy fallon, i told him if i left the public scene he would have to hire four new writers. what matters most to me is my health and we worked really hard to get healthier and feel a lot better. ff is minor. i want to be able to walk both my daughters down the aisle when they get married. that's the most important thing. feeling better and looking better is part of t that's a small part. feeling better is the biggest part. >> and hanging out with jon bon jovi this weekend isn't too bad. >> that wasn't bad. jersey guys hanging out together. black lives matters protesters who shut down a bernie sanders' event? >> tell bernie how racist this city is with progressives but
4:14 am
you already did it for me. >> how liberal policies are playing out for african-american voters. one way to get your kids out of bed for school. the wake-up call taking the internet by storm. creeping up. fight back with relief so smooth and fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. tum-tum-tum-tum-tums smoothies, only from tums.
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4:17 am
to keep your internet of things in-sync, in real-time. leaving you free to focus on what matters most. what do you think they'll be doing?
4:18 am
remember those black lives matter protesters who shut down that bernie sanders' event? despite that embarrassment, he is still championing that group. >> let me be very clear. the issue that they are raising is a very, very important issue. and there is no candidate for president who will be stronger in fighting against institutional racism and, by the way, reforming a broken criminal justice system. >> hasn't liberal policies just made things worse for african-americans? joining us now executive director of the black sphere, kevin jackson. they took his microphone away from him. now he's standing up for them. i'm getting dizzy. what is this? >> spoken like a true socialist. right, bernie? there's no place in the world where socialism has worked for black people. socialism doesn't work for black people. communism doesn't work for black folks and bernie sanders is saying we'll fix it all.
4:19 am
we already have a form of socialism in america it's not working very well for black people, looking at the stellar education system failing about half of the black kids trying to get out of high school and the number of blacks that graduate from college are less. the number of blacks entering college are less, number of blacks that own their homes is the least in american history. the number of businesses that blacks have started, which socialists hate, is the least in our history. so the policies have failed blacks miserably. here is bernie sanders, capitulating. >> the poverty rate of african-americans here in 2005 it was 23.8%. in 2013 jumped to 27.8%. this is fact based on these numbers. >> absolutely. >> go ahead. >> absolutely. these are facts. in a time of the greatest
4:20 am
socialist revolution in america under barack obama, the gap between rich and poor has widened which, of course, means it certainly has widened for blacks. what bernie is doing, he is doing what all democrats and socialists and whatever they want to call themselves do. is he pandering to blacks. he has to have that block of votes. the other problem is that i think that -- and strangely, democrats are making gains with respect to immigration and the idea of capitalism works and so on and so forth. bernie will have a tough time selling that message. it isn't just bernie's message. it's hillary clinton capitulating to them, martin o'malley and others. >> kevin jackson from the black sphere, thank you very much. >> thanks, kevin. >> my pleasure. coming up, hillary clinton may breeze through her e-mail scandal without consequence.
4:21 am
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4:24 am
got some quick international headlines on this monday morning. after serving just ten months of a five-year prison sentence, oscar pistorius soon will be a free man. the blade runner is expected to be released on parole this friday. he was convicted in the fatal shooting of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. he claims he thought she was an intruder. facing a judge for trying to recruit online. flew to turkey twice trying to
4:25 am
join the terror group. he has been on police radar since 2001. now he gets his day in court. brian? >> thank you very much, steve. hillary clinton could very well get a pass on using a private e-mail server during her time as secretary of state. a highly decorated marine could be forced out of the corps over a similar e-mail. marine reserves jason bresler sends a classified report to others in afghanistan about a dangerously corrupt police chief. it could have potentially saved the lives of three marines killed in 2012 by gregory buckley jr. his father filed a lawsuit after he felt he was stonewalled by the military after raising questions about his son's death. first off, tell me how jason
4:26 am
bresler figures in to jason's son. >> he twice warned the marine corps about the person who was a threat who ultimately killed greg jr. and two other marines. >> allowed to walk freely on the base and ultimately turned his guns on us? >> exactly. that's what bresler told him. when the marine corps asked him about information about the threat, he sent an e-mail explaining what the threat was. they ignored it and the three marines were murdered. they then stonewalled the buckley families and other families for finding out any information about it. they went to their congressman, peter king. peter king, with a connection through fdny reach ed out to bresler and asked if he would talk to him. he did. they brought up a trumped-up
4:27 am
charge because of the e-mail he sent at their request. >> but the circle is completely clean. now for you, greg, this has to be unbelievable. >> very frustrating. >> you were frustrated before, coming in, telling your story. now you find out somebody else paying the price that could be a cover-up for the reason for your son's death. >> one thing after another at so many different levels. i want jason to be reenlisted back into the marine corps. he doesn't need a dishonorable discharge. he's a hero, as far as i'm concerned. he tried to save my son's life if they just listened to him. they asked him for the information. they asked him to e-mail it over. he did exactly what he told them to do. because he got in touch with me and peter king, they hit with a dishonorable discharge. it's outrageous how they can do something like that. >> tell everybody how your son lost his life. >> he was over in afghanistan, training the military over there and he just -- he turned around and told me straight up,
4:28 am
something is going to happen. terrorists are over here. me and my friends, we just feel t two days before he's coming home after serving his time there, he was in his gym working out with headphones on. >> working out? >> yeah, unarmed in his gym. and chief of police, from what i understand, gave him an ak-47, told him to go into the gym and execute all the marines in the gym. he walked over to my son, who just turned 21 three weeks earlier, and shot him five times. >> the guys we were training kill your son and two others while he was working out. jason bresler knew this ahead of time, reported it. the marines seemed to have ignored it. now everyone is covering their tracks. three people lose their lives and another guy loses his career because no one is owning up to the fact this was a bad guy and we didn't act on it. >> very telling things is that
4:29 am
marines have not held anyone accountable for the lapses that allowed that person on the base and killed three marines. two weeks before the murders sent the warnings directly to that base. whoever ignored those warnings has never been held accountable, never been punished. instead they spent three years trying to destroy his career. >> and in the big picture, it's all about your son, to be honest, and the two other marines who lost their lives, and his career. also, how unbelievable is it for something to be going on with hillary clinton and classified information on her e-mail, wiping out servers and yet they're going after this marine? >> it's ridiculous. to me it's a joke. it doesn't even make sense anymore. it's very frustrating to me and my family. that's why secretary of the navy has to be contacted and everybody needs to take five minutes out of their morning and just get online to lance corporal greg buckley's page. and everything is documented there to do.
4:30 am
it's so simple, five minutes out of your time. i lost my son. i'll never be able to hold my son ever again. but now they're turning around and taking this young man and ruining his career for trying to save my son's life. >> for doing the right thing. >> for doing the right thing. american people need to come together and help me out with this. >> i'm sure your son is so proud you're fighting for him, his memory and justice. thank you so much. >> thank you. appreciate it. 30 minutes before the top of the hour. car stolen with a baby inside. see the amazing reunion between mom and child and how she managed to get her daughter back. plus, here is one way to get your kids out of bed in the morning. the wake-up call that's taking the internet by storm. a 10-year-old wants to sleep in? not that morning. introducing the first ever gummy multivitamin from centrum. a complete, and tasty new way to support your energy, immunity and metabolism like never before. centrum multigummies. see gummies in a whole new light.
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bill's got a very tough 13lie here...... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. this golf course is electric...
4:34 am
♪ >> are you up now? >> yeah. >> are you ready for school now? >> um, yeah. >> oh, my. >> that's 10-year-old sophie, down in georgia, where on the first day of school, her family knew she wasn't going to be able to get woken up. so they called the radio station and there at the bert show they sent over a five-piece brass band to wake her up. if she doesn't get up in the future, they're going to bring the band back. we asked you about clever ways you can get your kids up. because it is, after all, back to you -- school time. >> never had a problem waking up again. >> that's a little brash.
4:35 am
you will be how quickly they will move, marbles in the freezer that you put in their bed. >> border collies are really good at waking up teenagers. >> call in the collie. is it the barking onli licking? >> no, they're not lickers. they're barkers. >> maybe you tasted good. >> do you want to find out? >> i'll look into that. >> now i feel bad. >> you're offended now? >> what's wrong with me? >> do not get a complex over the collie not licking you. heather childress is here with your headlines. >> on a serious note here, an arrest in the deadly june shooting of an albuquerque teen where the call to help ended with a hangup. >> is he breathing? >> he's barely breathing. how many times do i have to
4:36 am
[ muted ] tell you. >> ma'am, you can deal with this yourself. i'm not going to deal with this. okay? >> no. i need -- >> 17-year-old jaden chavez silver died shortly after that call. 18-year-old donovan maze, son of a state congresswoman. witnesses coming forward saying maze opened fire the a house party because of a fight earlier that night. they do not believe that chavez-silver was the target. dispatcher has since resigned and his license has been suspended. baby girl back in her mother's arms after thieves stole a car with her inside. the mom apparently left her car running with her 1-year-old daughter in a car seat while she went inside a 7-eleven. that is when two men jumped right in. >> we see her running and she drove off. >> she was screaming my baby, my baby, my baby. >> the little girl was found
4:37 am
still inside her car seat on the ground in a park. the suspect is still on the run. bitter custody battle. former gossip girl star immediately filed a federal lawsuit after a new york judge sent her american children to live with their german father in monaco last week. the judge tossed her case out that same day, claiming that the dispute belonged in the state system. rutherford and her ex-husband have been fighting for custody since divorcing six years ago. finally the 7-year-old reporter might be the cutest thing you see all day. >> it's unbelievable. are you liking this or what? >> yes, i am. >> feels like any minute now something is going to go horribly wrong and we're going to go flying. >> this little boy stole the show in australia. looks like a lot of fun.
4:38 am
>> what a darling kid. how fun is he? right now it's a pretty nice day in new york city. i tell you what, maria molina, later today in new york city we could break the record for the hottest day in years. >> yeah. temperatures climbing potentially in the 90s out here in parts of the northeast. i want to share with you the weather forecast for areas farther west. a storm system is on the move and is going to bring the risk for large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes across the central high plains. eastern colorado, also even including western parts of kansas. a more widespread area could be looking at strong storms from parts of new mexico all the way to the midwest. as we head into tomorrow, that front will continue on the move and bring the risk for more severe storms across portions of the midwest. the concern with this system is not only the threat for severe weather but dramatic change for temperatures that you'll experience with it as it passes through. ahead of it, you're very summer like. temperatures widespread in the 90s and upper 80s for you out
4:39 am
there. dallas, 97 for your high today. new york city, 93. behind that system only in the 70s and even 60s for some of you. keep in mind, it's the month of august. feeling pretty chilly out there, actually. temperatures will be dipping down in the 60s as far south as texas by the time we head into mid week. >> maria, thank you very much. today could be the hottest august 17th in history. speaking of hot, have you seen these women? cover of the new york daily news today. painted ladies posing with a little boy in the middle of the times square. we want to know, is this just fine or over the line? keep in mind that woman is completely topless. she's just painted. >> and that is her kid? >> no. that's some tourist's kid. >> getting a photo-op. >> maybe go to the super man next time. >> you make the call there. we don't want to sway the
4:40 am
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4:44 am
fox 5's liz delin is live with this story. >> reporter: steve, good morning to you. you hit times square and know you'll see a little bit of crazy, right? we're used to seeing kids posing with the kids. maybe batman. that, we can all handle but topless women, that's something that people aren't willing to see in this part of the city. these women want to pose with you for a picture and they're going to charge you a pretty good amount of money. is this art or is this offensive? the daily new ds a big spread on this over the weekend. today it's the front page of their paper, unofficial tally of women posing topless apparently has doubled since last summer. they're usually wearing just a thong and thinly painted layer of paint across their chest. what they're doing is perfectly legal here in new york. this law protects women to posing topless as long as they're not interfering with things in the city it's
4:45 am
perfectly legal. a business alliance is dealing with a lot of complaints. they want this to end here in times square. back to you. >> liz, reporting live from the crossroads of the world. thank you very much. a little crazy. over to you, list beth. >> yoor right about that, steve. chick-fil-a employees thought they were out of a job when the store was closed for renovations there. they got the shock of their lives when their boss said all 50 employees, not only will you still get paid but you're getting a raise at the boss' own expense. chick-fil-a owner jeff glover and seven-year employee andy. jeff, i would love to start with you. your store is closed five months and you decide you're going to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to your employees while not taking any pay home. why did you decide to do this? >> these employees are the super bowl champions of chick-fil-a
4:46 am
employees. they're excellent at what they do. they've got great chemistry, great team work. i did not want to open this restaurant without them. i would be a fool to lose them. >> andy, you're one of those employees that he is speaking of. not only did your boss say he's going to pay you during the five months you couldn't work but also gave everybody a raise by $1. what did it mean to you when jeff did this, andy? >> it was pretty awesome. it was awesome. i was excited and happy to be part of the team here at chick-fil-a. >> without a doubt. when you went home and told your family and your wife. you got two kids, i read, that you were not going to get paid for five months, did they think you had lost your marbles? >> not at all. in exchange for that they knew we were going to be able to keep this team. that allows me to be a husband, a father and still have the chick-fil-a and i have time for that because of this great team looking out for my interest.
4:47 am
she was very much in support of doing this. >> good woman there. how did you actually -- >> she is. >> how did you get through affording this? a lot of people want to and do have the kind heart that you do. the benevolence is clear. when asked to take no pay for five months, how do you prepare for that and afford it? >> last year, we were squirrelling away money and making sure we had money for the rainy day. and so we just prepared for it in advance to make sure we were there for the team when they needed it. >> andy, what was it like when the team gets back together? you open up this past wednesday again after renovations. what was the mood like there? >> exciting. we're happy to see each other again. i haven't seen anybody in five months. it was good to see everybody back together. >> they missed each other. >> we did miss each other. we did. >> what a team. >> you have your boss right there. what do you say to jeff on behalf of your fellow employees and family? >> thank you. >> it's my pleasure, man.
4:48 am
glad to do it for you. >> we love you guys. this is incredible. what a story. we love that you took the time to share with us and that your chick-fil-a is back up and running. thanks. >> thrilled to be back. thank you. >> let us know what you think about that. how incredible. they disqualified her entire team because one player happened to be a girl. the team stuck together and now they're getting the opportunity of a lifetime. that 10-year-old girl and her inspiring story next. 1974 on this date in history, chicago topped the -- paper lace topped the charts with "the night chicago died."
4:49 am
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
the answer to our fox & friends trivia question of the day is sean penn. our winner is brian kilmeade from new york. >> i, by mistake, gave the name out. >> it's okay. an extra copy of your book. one of their talented teammates happened to be a girl. >> wnba's new york team, team liberty, got wind of this story and wanted to do something nice for komara and her teammates. they brought the whole team out to the game saturday night. >> liberty forward. let me start with you. when you heard your team was disqualified because you were on there, what was your reaction? how did you feel?
4:53 am
>> i felt guilty and i felt sad for my team. >> but your team stuck by you, right? >> yeah. >> what did they do? they wore what shorts? >> pitching shorts. >> to say they love having you on the team. why is it good for you to play with the boys? why do you love doing that? >> it's fun. they're nice and it gets me better. >> you heard about this, what was your reaction? >> a little bit shocked at first. because i think both tina and i have played with boys growing up. at this young age, it's up to us as parents and as an organization to allow the kids to play with each other. you learn so many different skills. you understand that, list beth, having kids. to me it was more of a shock. >> when you heard and when you see your idols here, your players stepping up for you, what does it mean to have these two women step up and be in your corner? >> it means a lot to me. >> of course it does. how cool. >> flash back to when you were this age? >> for sure. i'm very happy that new york
4:54 am
liberty stepped in and did this. i'm born and raised in queens, new york, used to being able to play at half time liberty games and sharing the future. i'm glad they gave them the opportunity to play together. >> we are so blessed to have you on the plaza today. you want to play right now and show us what you're made of? >> sure. >> take a couple shots? >> let's do it. let's do it. >> here is the thing, too. in the bylaws it said she was allowed to play on the team. >> absolutely. >> what have you got for us? >> nerves. it's just nerves. it's too small. it's yst a little nerves. >> you need more warm-up. >> just a little nerves. >> let's go, kimora. >> you got it. you got it. >> there you go. how about a dunk instead?
4:55 am
you want to dunk it? >> get a dunk in. >> go ahead and do it. >> with authority! ahh! >> thanks for being here. >> so great, swin and tina. >> thank you so much for all that you did and all your teammates. finally, as we go out, 302. let's go. thank you very much. coming up on this monday, the most insane video you'll see all day. look at this. up ahead, that dump truck. how did that happen? we'll tell you all about it. >> and this patriotic tradition stops people in their tracks every morning about this time. ♪ can you see by the dawn's early light what so proudly we hailed ♪
4:56 am
>> that will happen again this morning. and we'll introduce you to the men behind it straight ahead on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ (dorothy) toto, i've a feeling we're not in kansas anymore... (morpheus) after this, there is no turning back. (spock) history is replete with turning points. (kevin) wow, this is great. (commentator) where fantasy becomes reality! (penguin 1) where are we going? (penguin 2) the future, boys. the glorious future. (vo) at&t and directv are now one- bringing your television and wireless together- and taking entertainment to places you'd never imagine.
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(rick) louis, i think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
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4:59 am
protect what matters. get flood insurance. visit to learn more. good morning to you. it is monday, august 17th. i'm list beth hasselbeck. donald trump just rolled out his plan on immigration. >> they have to go. >> chuck, we either have a country or we don't have a country. we have a country or we don't. >> come on, chuck. >> we are live in the ground in iowa for you. >> we are. and while hillary clinton continues to laugh off the e-mail scandal, the republican contenders are now demanding answers. >> mrs. clinton, this is not about politics. just answer this question. why did you have your own private e-mail server? >> so is chris christie now calling for a criminal investigation? more from the jersey governor, straight ahead. >> that was from our show,
5:00 am
right? >> an hour ago. >> it's a warning sign this driver should have seen this coming. [ horns honking ] >> what was he thinking? i know this. mornings are better with friends. all right. coming up in this hour, we're going to introduce you to a guy from ocean city, new jersey, who every morning about this time -- what they do is they play the national anthem. and the people up and down the boardwalk there, they just stop and listen. ♪ by the dawn's early light what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last
5:01 am
gleaming ♪ >> they have been doing that for a long time. since september 11th. and they do it right through september 11th of this year during every beach season. you'll meet the people who planned it. >> they also do lee greenwood's "proud to be an american." >> proud american moment right there. for sure. take a note on how they do it. >> both have long legacies in the military. >> absolutely. thanks very much for joining us on this monday. it was a busy weekend for donald trump. he flew his helicopter to the parking lot across the street from the iowa state fair because they said nope, you can't park it here. if you want to give the kids a chopper ride, wanted to give kids' rides and he did. >> he also gave us an indication of his plans on immigration overhaul with these points. he plans to build the wall across the southern border. he noted deportation of millions
5:02 am
of immigrants here illegally will be a priority and called for the end of automatic citizenship born to foreigners in the united states. probably the most standout mention that he made. his plan, he said, will suggest that he will improve jobs, wages and security for all americans through immigration reform. >> he will also triple the number of border guards and has details. little by little, he is giving critics what they want. details. >> next thing, number two thing is the v.a., how he would reform it. let's see how it goes. he's also bulking up his staff. he wanted to detail with chuck todd, who he evcevicerated abou month ago. >> look at the cost of what we have right now. >> the cost of doing it. >> let me ask thank you. >> how do you do it? >> you think there's tremendous cost for the illegals that's in here right now? >> of course there's cost to it. >> tremendous. do you think there's tremendous
5:03 am
crime being committed by illegals? >> there's definite evidence it will happen. >> chuck it will work out so well. you will be so happy. in four years you're going to be interviewing me and saying what a great job you've done, president trump. >> president trump. this is an early christmas gift for anybody in the country hungry for an immigration plan. you might not agree with the politics but it is a plan. ann coulter looked at this and said it is the greatest political document since the magna carta. exactly the plan that america needs and center for immigration study says no other candidate aside from rick santorum who has as sound and thought out immigration plan as donald trump. >> we had the prifl of governor chris christie sitting here and asked him what he thought about it. these are his word. >> it can't be addressed just with a wall. that's not going to fix the
5:04 am
problem. i've never seen a wall that really deters human beings from getting over, under or around. we need to make sure that employers don't employ folks here illegally. these people are coming here to work. >> democrats rejoicing, saying this will give the wrong signal to the hispanic community and this might send the wrong signals. democrats like hillary clinton trumpeting this. meanwhile, so many other candidates in this race than donald trump. he happens to be leading by double figures. surging carly fiorina as well as the second place dr. carson. saying easy, guys. we caucus in february. >> i love people who determine the election in august the year before it happens when most americans have not begun to pay attention to this election yet. fact is that we're campaigning hard in iowa and new hampshire. i'll be in new hampshire this
5:05 am
week. i'll be in iowa this week. people are sick and tired of washington, d.c. they're sick and tired of the incompetence of government. they're tired of folks like hillary clinton. >> he is absolutely right. and i was reading a report out of iowa which, of course, has the first in the nation caucuses. big county republicans said a month ago i didn't give donald trump any chance. but now a number of them feel there's a real good possibility he could actually win the iowa caucuses. is it because donald trump is being donald trump or a rebellion against politics? don't know but it's working for him. one person who has been impacted the most is governor scott walker. he had been number one for, what, about a year? he is now down, i think in the latest cnn poll he is down at three. he is lower in our poll. he will be joining us in about half an hour from right now here on "fox & friends."
5:06 am
>> let us know what you think about the presidential candidates, their stance on immigration and more. we want to know what the voters think as well. ainsley earhardt is joining us from the iowa fair all week long. >> reporter: list beelisabeth, are 75 different foods. i need to hit the gym at some point this week after everything we ate. such an important state. this is the first caucus in the country on february 1st. the next of the nation looks to see who is going to win here. no candidate has ever gotten the nomination ever unless they finished here first, second or third in the state of iowa. why is the state fair so important? they like to come here not just for the food but to shake hands. 1 million people come through the gates here.
5:07 am
incredible crowd. we got a chance to talk to the fair goers yesterday. here is what they had to say about the candidates they're selecting. >> who are you putting your support behind? >> i think i'm going to support jeb bush. >> i've seen courage from ben carson. that's one thing i admire about him. he doesn't believe in political correctness. >> bernie sanders. hillary clinton is a fantastic competitor and has lots of experience. very difficult to beat. >> trump is stirring the pot. we need somebody to get everything off the bottom of the barrel. >> he would be my third choice. >> ben carson and carly fiorina. >> that's not where we made the corn dogs, is it? you might be wondering who is coming today. all the candidates throughout the course of the fair will be coming here. i understand i'm going to come on your show, elisabeth, brian and steve, to talk about the
5:08 am
great fair foods. fried oreo. we had the brisket bacon bette ainsley. >> you were talking about how many foods they have on a stick. they have 70 there in iowa. by tomorrow at this time we want you to have eaten apple pie on a stick, caprese salad on a stick chocolate covered cookies and cream on a stick. after all, you are eating for two. >> and tell us what names are going to stick moving into 2016. >> there is a reason the state fair only comes around once a year. my arteries can only handle so much. and my gym membership definitely needs to be renewed. >> you'll be walking around. and it's a hot day out there. ainsley, iowa state fair. thank you. >> i'm hungry again. >> me, too. she's great. another woman who we love, heather childress, is here to
5:09 am
bring you all the headlines at home. good morning to you. >> definitely looks like fun out there. difficult story we begin with. stabbed in the street and left for dead. edina hines was left for dead in new york city. reportedly her ex-boyfriend yelled "get out devil" as he stab heard 16 times. freeman posting this on facebook. i want to acknowledge the outpouring of love and support that my family has received regarding the tragic and senseless passing of my granddaughter edena hines. thank you from the bottom of my heart. this wreckage sparked a brush fire. this morning that brush fire is out. planes were coming in for a landing at brownfield municipal airport south of san diego. it's not known at this time what went wrong. the victims' identities have not
5:10 am
been released. a senseless tragedy striking our nation's capital. senator's former intern gunned down during a drive-by shooting near a d.c. metro station. he worked for ohio republican rob portman in 2013. releasing this statement saying in part this is a terrible tragedy. matts with a talented young man with a bright future. they do not believe that he was the target. no arrest has been made. check out this crazy video just in to "fox & friends." [ horns blowing ] >> a big oops there. the dump truck slammed into a road sign, completely smashing it to bits. the driver apparently forgot to put the bin on the dump truck back down when he was done. amazingly no one was injured in this incident. >> it sounds like other drivers
5:11 am
were trying to warn him with the honking. >> that white pickup truck was lucky to not get what canned wi -- whacked with the sign. >> exactly. >> donald trump says he gets his military advice by watching some of the people we have on television. how does that measure up to his competition? >> and want a trophy? how about winning first. set an example for taking away his kids petition awards they got for just signing up. what do you think about that? where do you stand? welcome to fort green sheets. welcome to castle bravestorm. it's full of cool stuff, like... my trusty bow. and free of stuff i don't like. we only eat chex cereal. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. mom, brian threw a ball in the house!
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because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. >> who do you talk to for military advice right now? >> well, i watch the shows. i really see a lot of great -- when you watch your show, all the other shows and you have the generals and you have certain people. >> is there a go-to for you? >> probably there are two or three. >> every presidential candidates had a go to. >> probably there are two or three. i like bouldin, a tough cookie. knows what he's talking about. jacobs is a good guy. >> you mean ambassador bouldin. >> yes. >> and colonel jacobs. >> yes. i see him on occasion. >> admitting he turns to tv for
5:16 am
his military advice. is this really what foreign policy could be based on for a future president? here to break it down for us is fox news contributor who served under both president bush and president obama. are you comfortable with the front-runners status when it comes to military advisers? >> the bigger problem here is that he wants the united states to maintain the world -- to maintain status as the military power but completely unwilling to do what it takes to do that, right? he wants to leave the terrorism problem to the middle east. it's a very myopic world view. >> with isis, i thought he wanted to take them on. >> if you'll note, his main
5:17 am
complaint is that the united states is financing the entire fight against isis and believes they're a middle east problem, iraq problem, syria problem. he doesn't fully recognize the threat that they pose to the united states. that's a problem. >> carly fiorina. listen to her and her strategy. >> we have to support or allies in their fights against isis, for example. we ought to be arming the kurds. we've been talking about it for three years. we ought to be giving king abdullah of jordan, another fine man, the bombs he requested. we ought to be sharing intelligence with the egyptians. >> does that seem to be making sense? >> she has a very fine, nuance understanding of the issues, especially for somebody who completely lacks policy making
5:18 am
experience in the government whatsoever. with her, we've got a little bit of the opposite of donald trump. you have to hear if that's going to translate into good policy making. >> which you only know if you get the gig. >> exactly. >> marco rubio has spent a lot of times overseas and does consult with military leaders. here are some of the things that he would do. >> this administration has failed to anticipate impending crisis, ignore the realities of the globalized economy and sought to make america light rather than respected. politics before policy and adversaries before allies. i will undertake a three-part plan to roll back president obama's deal with iran and repair the damage done to
5:19 am
ameri america's standing in the middle east. >> that wasn't as specific as he was capable of. kind of generic. overall, though, gillian, you think all these candidates are behind where they should be on policy? >> woefully undermined. no john mccain whether or not you agree with his vision and his policies, somebody who spent decades working on these issues in different rolls, different capacities. we have nobody who compares to that in this election cycle. they're all doing this mad rush to beef up on foreign policy. i happen to believe it's not something you can beef up on. it's something you've been working on for years or not. >> at the forefront of almost every major military decision. thank you so much, gillian. appreciate it. >> 19 minutes after the hour.
5:20 am
coming up straight ahead, pair of cyclists dodge death after trucks collide right in front of him. how they managed to survive. details straight ahead. don't hate them because they're beautiful. >> sorority under fire for recruitment video that's being called racist and unempowering. (trader vo) i search.
5:21 am
i research. i dig. and dig some more.
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because, for me, the challenge of the search... is almost as exciting as the thrill of the find. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we rebuilt scottrade elite from the ground up - including a proprietary momentum indicator that makes researching sectors and industries even easier. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours.
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i'm a gas service my nrepresentative. n. i've been with pg&e nine years. as an employee of pg&e you always put your best foot forward to provide reliable and safe service and be able to help the community. we always have the safety of our customers and the community in mind. my family is in oakland, my wife's family is in oakland so this is home to us. being able to work in the community that i grew up in, customers feel like friends, neighbors and it makes it a little bit more special. together, we're building a better california. basketball michael jordan could be facing off in a different kind of court today. the former athlete wants $10 million from a now closed grocery store who used his name and number without permission back in an ad in 2009. jordan is expected to tell the
5:24 am
court why he guards his image so carefully. oscar pistorius will soon be a free man, the blade runner is expected to be released on parole this friday, nearly four years before the end of his sentence. the reason? prison overcrowding. of course, he was convicted in the 2013 fatal shooting of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. he thought, he said in court, that she was an intruder. she was not. elisabeth? >> thanks, steve. hissic alabama sorority thought this recruitment video would be harmless, highlighting how fun it would be to join the sisterhood. critics say it lacked diversity and send ace bad message to young girls. one op-ed said it's racially and esthetically -- so hyper feminine, objectifying and it's
5:25 am
all so un-empowering. originally bu lly pulled the vi. facebook and twitter pages due to the backlash there. did they do anything wrong to start? columnist carrie sheffield. do you see anything wrong with this video to recruit sisterhood? >> no. i thought it was so ridiculous f you don't like it, you don't have to join that sorority. i never once danced around in my bathing suit and blue glitter out of my hand. if i saw that, i would say, hey, i don't want to. if these women want to, they're adults. i don't see why people are so mad. >> you see it differently, carrie? >> it's made by women for other women but it speaks to another problem i have with greek life. byu and harvard don't even have greek life, binge drinking, sexual reckless behavior. as taxpayers do we want to
5:26 am
subsidize pell grants? it subsidizes basically your party life. >> also associated with higher graduation rates by 20%. that was not realistic. >> let me ask you this. it doesn't have data bit. but one writer in the op-ed, one of his other quotes likened the fact that men, like donald trump, are buying what they're selling, putting women in a difficult situation there. and the men are buying it and one of them would be donald trump. >> i like how donald trump has become relevant to every single discussion. if those women want to present themselves that way, that's their choice. we should allow women to decide how they want to present themselves. they look like they're having fun. >> you talk about how this is on our dollar in some universities. you have an issue with that.
5:27 am
>> we're subsidizing, as taxpayer force people to go and party and binge drink. go move to cancun. don't make me, as a taxpayer. >> were you in a sorority? >> i just told you, none of my colleges allowed sororities. we spoke on academics and had healthier outcomes. >> i was in a sorority and it was nothing like that. >> government data shows that binge drinking and reckless behavior is associated with greek life. that's what the data shows. i don't think that you can claim no matter what your personal experience was at a macro level as a taxpayer. >> overall college students are binge drinking whether you're in a sorority or not. they do better in their jobs after college. to not even be in one and just say it must be totally negative based on this video showing it. >> i'm not saying it's totally
5:28 am
negative. >> this video was in the news because it's so ridiculous. there's no way that's what a sorority is like. >> seen over 500,000. >> exactly. >> we want to ask our viewers, were you in a sorority, fraternity? what do you think about this debate? we want to thank you both for your opinion. you want a troef sni you have to earn it, says this athlete. and stopping people in their tracks. ♪ o say can you see by the dawn's early light what so proudly ♪ >> new jersey boardwalk honoring our heroes. the men behind this video going viral. they'll join us live. ♪
5:29 am
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5:32 am
people are waking up this morning, talking about what happened at the iowa state fair over the weekend. of course, donald trump flew in, in a helicopter. new polls are out from fox news. he is still in the lead. the big headline really for iowa is that governor scott walker of wisconsin is no longer the front-runner in iowa. >> right. >> now that hillary clinton denying she sent classified e-mails through her personal account even though a brand new report says that 60 messages contained sensitive information. >> so what. >> clinton spent the weekend laughing off the scandal in iowa and martha's vineyards. concern for voters is growing and so are amongst her staff.
5:33 am
martha's vineyard, kevin court. mr. lucky. >> hey, guys, good morning to you. hillary clinton had a little fund-raising trip here to more that's vineyard over the weekend. without a doubt, the e-mail scandal will not be taking a vacation. obviously the feds are now looking into the matter. now in case you're also wondering, she was busy before she came over here to massachusetts. she spent a little part of her day at the iowa state fair. while she was there, she said look, this is all partisan. come on. it's a witch hunt. i've done nothing wrong. one of her gop rooifbls begged to differ. >> the way it's being used certainly is. and the state department has confirmed that i did not send nor receive material marked classified. this is not about me. they have also confirmed that. >> her arrogance is breathtaking. it's breathtaking. mrs. clinton, this is not about politics. just answer this question. why did you have your own private e-mail server? typical approach of the
5:34 am
clintons. when they're in trouble they blame everybody else. >> strong words there from the new jersey governor, chris christie. you certainly can argue that we sort of have seen this happen before. progressives would argue when you get a story that's out there and don't like how it's going you try out different tactics. you try to ignore the story. then you say this isn't a story at all. come on. it's much ado about nothing. sometimes you'll have other people come up and say this is partisan or i've been cleared by a third party. right? nobody is saying i did anything wrong. oh, it was a long time ago. it's old news. if all else fails you always trot out the people don't really care anyway. the doj, department of justice, and the fbi certainly care and they're looking carefully into the circumstance. by the way, fox news confirmed over the weekend that there were dozens of e-mails on her server that have been considered classified by investigators.
5:35 am
it's still not true or we're not certain, that is, if they were classified when they were sent, received or marked as such. you sort of heard that triangulation of clinton talking about that. investigator also continue to look into it. it won't wrap up until january, when the iowa caucuses and new hampshire primaries play out. we'll be watching it very carefully till then. >> i'm interested to see if she gave up the server or they took it. trey gowdy said no, they took it. >> any time investigators said we would like to have it, they're compelling you to give it up. they did exactly what they were instructed to do. >> the fbi went and picked it up in new jersey. have a beautiful day, kevin. from his home office in scottsdale, arizona.
5:36 am
hillary clinton over the weekend as well swroeked about how she just start aid brand new snap chat. she says she loves it because the messages just delete themselves. we're supposed to believe she knows how to snap chat as she found from the e-mails that have actually been released. she couldn't find a fax machine. >> not a joking matter. >> heather is here. >> take a picture of snap chat and it lasts forever. >> really? >> just some advice for clinton right there. getting our first look at the wreckage of the indonesian plane crash, aerial photos showing what is left of the trigana air plane. while it is believed that severe watering caused the crash, trigana has lost ten planes over the last 14 years. >> i wouldn't get within 50 feet of this airline. we did research here.
5:37 am
they had an airplane destroyed while it was under maintenance. the undercarriage collapsed and destroyed the airplane while it was under maintenance. as far as i would be concerned i would stay as far away from this airline as possible. >> search and rescue teams are slowly making their way to the wreckage, hampered by the mountainous terrain. a skydiving stunt goes horribly wrong. 32-year-old sergeant first class cory hood, five tours in iraq and afghanistan, 14-year veteran and part of the golden knights parachute team. he was knocked unconscious when he collided with another jumper at the chicago & air and water show. >> he hit the building right there. like at his calf. and he flipped over and he fell in between and hit that wall and then he fell. >> sergeant hood actually participated in our fox fan weekend this year, parachuting into yankee stadium. he said it was a privilege to
5:38 am
appear at the game. i actually met him. this incredible moment caught on camera, two cyclists. a semi smashes into the back of a truck as it tries to pass, two men riding on the side of the road in russia, a few feet away as the debris goes flying. somehow they manage to avoid getting hit by all of that. very lucky cyclists right there. that's a look at your headlines. >> thank you very much. >> james harrison is a 37-year-old linebacker veteran, 2008 defender of the year. fantastic player still trying to get a starting spot on the steelers. that's not the news of the day. his news is not his skills as a linebacker but tenants as a parent. >> i came home to find out my boys received two trophies for nothing. participation trophies. while i'm very proud of my boys for everything they do and will encourage them ftill the day i
5:39 am
die these trophy will be given back until they earn a real trophy. i'm sorry i'm not sorry for believing that everything in life should be earned and i'm not about to raise two boys to be men by making them believe that they are entitled to something just because they tried their best. cut by the ravens before finding to be a force on the steelers. he didn't have an easy road. had a tough road making his spot there on the team and probably just wants the same for his kids. >> we asked you what you thought about this father, who feels that there's going to be a trophy on the wall, you've got to earn it. kathy said this on facebook. i see no problem with a ribbon or some type of participation recognition but trophies in this instance are complete overkill. >> earning builds character in a child and helps to teach them to strive for more. be given trophies when not earned dimmin issues the
5:40 am
excitement and reward of that trophy. >> that's true. if your parents can afford the registration and you get a trophy, i agree that's something to be challenged but if you do your best and pour your heart out into anything you try to do and you come in second or third and you earn that, you could get that. he's trying to say if you try hard enough and you don't win, essentially you should be happy. i don't really think that that's -- >> don't you think what he's talking about is the whole -- >> everybody gets a trophy. >> the way we start in tee ball. you don't keep score and everybody goes home a winner. that kind of thing. >> yes. >> in real life, you know, scores count. >> by the way, if you've been to a tee ball game or soccer game with a 5-year-old or baseball game or football game and ask a 5-year-old, did everybody win? they'll say no. we won or they won. they know. the adults may be trying to control it but the kids know the
5:41 am
exact score and who came out victorious. >> exactly. keep the comments coming. e-mail us at foxand >> did you hear donald trump say he gets his military advice from the generals on television? where does scott walker get his military advice? that's next. have you seen these women? painted ladies posing in the middle of times square with children. is this okay to be naked except for some latex? >> hope he doesn't get paint on his shirt. >> she's topless. >> is that paint dry?
5:42 am
5:43 am
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5:45 am
immigration, saying he will build a wall across our southern border. make mexico pay for it. and he will deport millions in this country illegally. but would that plan work? joining us right now to react is 2016 presidential candidate, governor of the great state of wisconsin, scott walker, who today is in iowa. good morning, governor. >> which i had cheesecake like the last time. >> that's right. it was national cheesecake day. today is not. come back -- we always have stuff for you here. although you're going to the state fair later today. believe me, they've got everything on a stick. >> i think i'm going to get some pork chops on a stick. >> they're delicious out there. >> donald trump was at the iowa state fair on saturday. donald trump unveiled his immigration policy. what do you think about it? >> earlier in the year i was on fox news sunday and laid out
5:46 am
what i thought we should do, secure the border, build the wall. have the technology, the personnel to make sure it's safe and secure, enforce the law, which i've said for some time means enforcing the law, making sure we don't have sanctuary cities and people are here legally and no amnesty. which i think is similar to what he said and said for a legal immigration, we should give priority to american working families in ways that will improve the economy. those are very similar to what i said on fox news sunday with chris wallace. >> are you giving donald trump's plan a thumbs up? >> well, again, i haven't looked at all the details of his. the things i've heard are very similar to the things i mentioned to chris wallace earlier this year. i went earlier this year. i've been to the border with governor abbott. i've talked to governors not just in texas but across the border states. it's a very real concern, far beyond just immigration, though. it's a concern to secure the
5:47 am
border because of our national sovereignty and public safety and security in those areas. i'm a governor who, when i say i'm going to do something, i do it. >> certainly a topic that a lot of americans are concerned with. it was his core initial substantive issue. he has rocketed to the top of the polls with it. yesterday on "meet the press," he did say, when chuck todd asked him who did you get your military advice from, he watches a lot of television and listens to what a lot of the tv generals and military experts say on tv. where do you get your military advice? >> my national security adviser is a marine by the name of mike fwchlt allagher. he has been with me since the very beginning. we talked to a lot of those same generals, one on one, general keen, maddus. they've all talked to me and others as well.
5:48 am
we have a select group out there. people are trying to dismiss mr. trump because of that comment. in the end what he reflects is a much bigger issue. voters are frustrated, upset, angry with republican leaders in washington because they said they got the senate and would repeal obama care. they got the senate, we'll take on illegal immigration. they've not done that. i get that people have that frustration. i share that frustration. that's why i ran for governor in 2010. my message to people who are upset is not enough just to be upset for your children and grandchildren, for goodness sake, but do something about it. i showed you i could do it. i fought, i won, got results without compromising my conservative principles. in the end that's the kind of leadership people want. >> people are really upset, governor, about the fact that hillary rodham clinton on her private e-mail account had at least two super top secret documents. over the weekend we're learning at least 60 classified.
5:49 am
here she is on friday in iowa, joking about it. listen. >> it's not about benghazi. it's not about e-mails or servers either. it's about politics. i know that people across the country are following us on social media as well. by the way, you may have seen that i recently launch aid snap chat account. i love it. i love it. those messages disappear all by themselves. >> so, governor, she's trying to laugh it off. is this a laughing matter? >> no. it's about trust. it's a much bigger issue. it's about trust. either she's illegal or incompetent. either she knowingly transferred classified information, which makes her illegal or she's incompetent. if she knew it, she's illegal. if she didn't know it, she's incompetent. either way she's disqualified from being president of the
5:50 am
united states. >> the fbi is looking into it. governor scott walker joining us from iowa. have a great day at the fair, sir. >> thank you. looking forward to it. >> all right. coming up on this monday telecast, this patriotic tradition stops people in their tracks on the boardwalk. ♪ o say can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ >> on new jersey boardwalk honoring our heroes by playing the national anthem every day. the men behind the video join us live. first, let's check in with martha mccallum, who i think has been near the beach the last couple of days. >> yeah. what a great scene from the new jersey beach there. steve, thank you very much. i am back this morning. good to be back. the number we've been talking about keeps climbing. now 60 classified e-mails said to be on the clinton home e-mail server and donald trump, new
5:51 am
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5:54 am
i spoke with the maui wowi raise the american flag. watch this. ♪ say can you see by the dawn's early light what so proudly ♪ >> video of that tradition was posted on facebook by a customer and now has received 8 million
5:55 am
views there. representatives of the boardwalk club and we can't say enough how much this has moved 8.8 million who have seen it but those of us here at fox & friends. why did it mean so much to you? >> it's a longstanding tradition taken off by the veterans who support us. small business community in ocean city to continue this tradition and it's humbling to see that respect. >> i have a grandfather that served proudly in world war ii and another grandfather that served in the navy and coast guard. >> my grandfather is a veteran from the korean war as well. it's an honor to pay tribute to them. >> the flag raising happened every day as a way to open up the water park. after 9/11, the response from
5:56 am
the community, veterans took hold and people took an extra personal initiative in being we're going to support our country in this way. >> what does it mean to you and your family to know that people are literally stopping in their tracks to pay their respects? >> i mean, ocean city is the world's greatest family resort. so, it means a lot for us. it's the not only the locals and veterans in ocean city but it's cool to see the people walking the boardwalk in the morning that may not know what's going on but slowly come to a start, their hands go to their hearts or behind their backs and look up to the flags. >> all proud to be an american and star spangle banner every day from memorial day to 9/11. correct? >> correct. >> fantastic. thanks for dropping by. >> thank you. >> proud americans. >> proud americans is right, steve. >> fox & friends when we come back in a minute. hi, i'm matt mccoy.
5:57 am
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we'll talk more about what they do in ocean city, new jersey. raising the flag every day at 9:20. you have about 20 minutes to get out there. >> run from the tv, the radio. see you next time. breaking bill: breaking news. reuters reports an explosion in the center of bangkok thailand. authorities say it happened near a shrine at a major intersection. it's just happening as we peak. -- as we speak. the scope of hillary clinton's email controversy rising today. the number of classified emails rising to


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