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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  August 17, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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river. witnesses say the man was jumping up and down before driving off in his bear costume. >> those are real bears. >> apparently he did drive off in his bear costume. strange. >> thank you for joining us. "the real story with gretchen" starts now. hi. we kick it off with a fox news alert because the number of hillary clinton e-mails flagged as classified getting bigger by the moment. i'm gretchen carlson. a source telling fox news officials flagged more than 300 e-mails that may contain classified data as they continue to comb through messens. chief white house correspondent ed henry live in washington with the latest. the fbi investigation seems to be widening now. and yet hillary clinton was kind of laughing it off in iowa, right? >> she was. pretty remarkable on the campaign trail. let's start with breaking news
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which is that fox has confirmed there are court papers now that the state department filed today in court where they say that the number is 305 e-mails that they have flagged that potentially has classified information. why is that significant? they also say in the court papers they have only gone through 20% of hillary clinton's 30,000 official e-mails. you go through the other 80% and there could potentially be dozens and dozens or hundreds and hundreds more with classified information. this comes as hillary clinton had a string of campaign events over the weekend in the critical state of iowa and she tried to not only dismiss the fbi investigation but actually tried to laugh it off. watch this. >> by the way, you may have seen that i recently launched a snap chat account. [ cheers and applause ] i love it.
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i love it! those messages disappear all by themselves. >> so maybe trying to get in with younger voters talking about snap chat. this is serious business, obviously. look at that right there. what we have confirmed so far with the state department is that 63 of her e-mails did have classified information based on what was released in may, june and july. obviously more of her e-mails coming out now. we expect very soon by the end of the month in august so there will be more confirmed. why are we reporting 305? 305 is what the state department is saying that they flagged that potentially has classified information but they have only confirmed 63 of them so far. the others are around with intelligence agencies combing through to see is it classified or not. >> in any way it is more than two by a long shot. she is diss mmissing this as partisan, but a "washington
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post" reporter that we all know says there are echoes of water gate in her defense? >> bob woodward. he is saying that as he listens to hillary clinton's defense about what she did with the e-mails, 30,000 e-mails and then the 30,000 that she claimed were personal e-mails and deleted, he says he is seeing echoes of water gate and richard nixon. >> if you look at nixon in the history of this nixon would always say everything was fine. it looked good. he didn't remember the bad stuff. and that's human nature. we don't remember the bad stuff. and 60,000 e-mails, my god. >> more important than what anyone else thinks, what do the voters think? we asked specifically about her statement that the server didn't contain classified information.
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58% say she knowingly lied about that. 33% say there is another explanation. there are no markings that there was classified information in those e-mails. you can see from the poll number it looks like the majority of the people are not buying that. >> story is not going to go away. ed henry, thanks so much. potential game changer in the push for the iran nuclear deal as he is not holding back from approving or disapproving this deal. this is folks listening to the iranian supreme leader chanting slogans. the white house taking a major hit in its bid to gain bipartisan support for the agreement as a key republican once considering supporting this deal, the only republican made it clear he will not. he will vote against it. that lawmaker joins me now for his first tv interview since his decision. great to have you on "the real story."
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>> thanks for having me on. >> you originally said you would consider this, that you wanted to do due diligence and you had many conversations and phone calls and you are going to be a no vote. why? >> i have supported the negotiations from the beginning and obviously when there is a big deal like this you have to do due diligence. i wanted to do that. i wanted to go through the hearings and briefings and i did so. after considerable thought and discussion and meetings on this i decided that i would vote no. >> so in the press release you said hoping that iran's nuclear ambitions might change after a 15-year sabbatical might be a bet worth making while giving up tools to deter or modify such behavior is not. what was the crucial reason why you have decided now to say no? do you believe it is because
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they can still build a bomb? >> i think frankly on the nuclear side there is a pretty good inspection regime as it pertains to iran's known facilities. on the nuclear side i think it probably is a bet worth making. however, on the non-nuclear side my biggest concern is the agreement ties the hands of congress and future administrations by saying that we can't impose new or similar sanctions to what is there already to deter or punish iran's non-nuclear behavior. that's not a good bet. >> the president said the two were not interlinked and iran was still a rogue nation and that was not part of the nuclear deal. have you heard from the white house since you decided to say no? >> not since i decided to say no. i had considerable discussions. it was my hope the white house would come to the congress. this would have been better had it been a treaty than the senate could pass what are called ruds or reservations, understandings and declarations where you
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clarify confusion. the president and the administration is saying it doesn't tie our hands but the plain text of the agreement seems to do so. so without clarifying legislation i don't think i have a choice but to vote no. >> the bipartisan effort is officially dead. i want to turn to another key issue talking about immigration. donald trump has been offering specifics of his plan. a nation without borders is not a nation. number two, nation without laws is not a nation. and a nation that does not serve its own citizens is not a nation. you live in a border state and represent a border state. what do you think about trump's plan? >> looking from what he put together that he would build a fence and have the mexican government pay for it and would
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double or increase fees on activity, delay remittances or block remittances, it's not realistic. it's not a serious plan in my view. >> senator sessions says he believes in it. it also would end birth right citizenship thinking that is the biggest magnet for people to come into the country according to trump. >> there have been issues and obviously people gaining the 14th amendment. i don't see that as the big draw to come here. mostly it is the economy and for people who want a better life, obviously. we need better border security. we need a mechanism to deal with those who are here illegally now that i don't think mr. trump has put forward a serious plan. >> i am going to put on the screen the ways in which he plans to pay for the wall and then he will talk about how he will defend the laws in the constitution of the united states for example nationwide
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e-verify. here is what he says. when politicians talk about immigration reform here is what they mean amnesty, cheap labor and open borders. you disagree with that? >> completely. if you look at the plan that the senate put together and passed had significant border enforcement. it had a way for those who are here to get right with the law but not with amnesty. they had to go to the back of the line if they wanted to regularize their status. for open borders i don't know anyone who wants open borders. that's often thrown about but certainly not the plan of anybody that i know in congress. >> senator with the news he will vote no on iron. thank you for your time. >> thanks for having me. time for my take. speaking of donald trump, he still leads the polls with the most recent one being conducted by fox news.
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check out how it shapes out ten days after the first gop debate. donald trump still on top 25% followed by dr. ben carson at 12% and senator ted cruz at 10%. the real winner other than donald trump check out carly fiorina. it's interesting to note the only clear standouts are the nonpoliticians obviously striking a nerve with the american people. i bet what is most surprising is that even though trump was the only contender to raise his hand saying he would consider a third party run, he still is killing it by a long shot with republican primary voters, those you think would have been offended. so what does this all mean? i think it means that round two will no doubt be as popular as round one.
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you can always get my takes on my facebook page and at fox dozens of people demanding answers and justice for a deadly explosion in china. 114 people were killed in last week's blast in a warehouse used to store hazardous materials that reportedly exceeded safety limits. >> reporter: yes, furious protesters were out in force today against what they saw as the ultimate causes of this fire, gross negligence and corruption. meanwhile, 114 have died, 700 remain injured and 70 are still missing, most of them fire men. hundreds of chinese specialists are assessing the damage and chemical contamination which has seen 6,000 people displaced and 17,000 homes damaged and insurance companies say the cost could run into billions. what is known is that emergency
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crews responded to a fire which contained 700 tons of sodium cyanide which explodes on exposure to water. it appears as if the fireman unaware it was there inadvertently caused the fatal blast. the explosion could be felt six miles away and could be seen from space. it has been claimed warehouses were built illegally and far too close to worker accommodations. ordered nationwide checks on safety and hopefully can make a difference in china where we know this is a problem. >> thank you. carly fiorina rising in the polls. she just took the soap box at the iowa state fair. >> can we think of a single instance in which a man's judgment might have been clouded
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by his hormones? any at all? >> who is she referring to with that? state trooper takes off, where he was running and what he did to save a life.
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kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping. time for real talk on carly fiorina. the republican presidential candidate explained why she is a conservative and offering inspiration for all americans. >> everyone of us is gifted by god. everyone of us has the capacity to live a life of dignity and purpose and meaning. our founders created a country in which you had a right to find and use your god given gifts to fulfill your potential. that is what they meant when they said life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. >> fiorina moves up in the latest fox news poll from 2% to
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5% after the first debate. her familiarity has jumped 14% after the first republican debate from 39% to 53% and her likability 20 points up from 23 to 43. that is more than any other candidate since the debate. megyn mccain is a fox news contributor. girl power for carly fiorina. >> amazing. those poll numbers speak for themselves. she is gaining a lot of momentum. at one point i wasn't paying much taepgz to her. now i am a carly fiorina groupie. i really think she is someone to watch. she is really going after hillary, going for her jugular. she completely eliminates the so-called war on women that the left uses which is complete bologna. she is a really amazing candidate speaking the truth and going for the jugular with hillary which we need to concentrate ongoing after her. >> some people say you only can
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have a woman take on a woman. she has been doing that from the very beginning. the other interesting thing is sometimes people said she is probably doing this to run for vp. in a way that is kind of sexist i think. look at her now gaining steam. people didn't know about her. she is also a nonpolitician. >> anti-washington, antiestablishment. to say she is running for vp i think is short sided and a little bit sexist. i couldn't be more impressed with her right now. no one is more surprised than me that she has come out swinging. she really has her talking points down. i loved her dig at hillary clinton and donald trump during the debate. i don't know why i wasn't invited to hillary clinton's wedding. i was eating that up. >> you brought up donald trump. >> god forbid. >> we just spoke about the immigration plan. he attacked your dad a couple of weeks ago.
11:19 am
what do you think about his immigration? people say donald trump doesn't have specifics. now he does. what do you think? >> i think we have to be taking donald trump seriously. he is a real candidate. he is getting really policy specific right now which there is something to his immigration plan i agree with. i think we should do away with sanctuary cities. and i don't know how the semantics of all of this play out. can you imagine the visuals of rounding up 11 million people and deporting them out of the country? i don't see how that is possible. >> it's very interesting because i want to call your attention to the berkeley study and the largest single group of responders, 24.4% supported the most draconian options when asked about whether or not to deport those currently here. it turns out the majority of americans actually according to this study agree with donald
11:20 am
trump. >> that's why i think he is doing so well. immigration is definitely the number one issue, number one or number two people go into the voting booth. he is resonating with a lot of people. the cost is 100 to $200 billion to build the fence. i don't know how this plays out but i will say to donald trump he is getting very specific and he is running to win which is not something i ever thought i would say. i'm sitting here right now and it is the truth. >> he wants mexico to pay for the wall. >> which the mexican president said would never do. >> great to have you as a fox news contributor. target working to make it easier for you. you know what i'm talking about. target, one of my favorite stores. it is easier to buy their products without having to wait in line. you will like this plan, i think. donald trump unveiled the immigration plan including the wall along our southern border with specifics on how to pay for it. what do you think of trump's
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target teaming up with curb side to make the shopping experience easier for you and me. people will be able to use an app to order whatever they want and target will prepare the orders so stop for same day pickup. no need to wait in line. the service will be available at locations in new york and new jersey for now. the host of making money. great to see you again. is this a good business decision? >> we'll see because the
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logistics is interesting. someone calls in or uses the app. toe nail clipper, shampoo, two magazines and pick up my prescription. they are going to have a bunch of people trying to fulfill these things for the customer it sounds absolutely phenomenal. i wonder where they put the pickup. when you go to pick this stuff up you are probably going to go through narrow aisle. they have to have impulse buy. this is the direction we are going into. we want this kind of service. by the way, i think one of the first stores will be the target i go to. >> make sure you take video of it and let me know how it works. for me i would just order online. i don't know. that's what i would think about it that i would go online and i don't want to drive to the store anymore. >> that's the next level. let's talk about delta. they are listing all restrictions for people who book
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basic economy tickets. so the airline's website warns you before you confirm your purchase that you will not be able to do anything hardly with this cheap ticket selection anymore. you will be last to board the plane, last to access overhead bin space and no seat assignment, no refunds, no early boarding, no stand by travel changes. are they shaming us now into buying -- if you buy the cheapest ticket you get nothing. you get penalized. >> they are not necessarily shaming us but shame on the airlines. the service has gotten so terrible. i remember when i was a kid we would get the bag and have wings, cologne. as a kid i was so thrilled. now it is like bring your own lunch. it's absolutely nuts. here is the thing. we had all of these airlines consolidate into four and parked half the planes they decent use.
11:27 am
i understand from a business standpoint why they do that. what they need to say is we will sell you a seat that is uncomfortable. if you don't have medical issues now you will when you arrive and you will hate the world. add an extra day to cool off from the flight. >> now they are going to actually keep people in a line. it will be like different class services. now you have the people who actually wanted to buy the cheapest seat and it would be myself included. we will be the last people over there, the kind that come on at the last minute. those are the people. no overhead space for them. >> how dare you not have enough money or be so cheap you wouldn't go first class. you have to pay a public embarrassment. you fit in the seat, i don't. >> i fit in the overhead compartment. >> if you did -- >> that's the next place we will all go. >> maybe you can do a twofer.
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the same amount of money. >> thanks a lot. i am still going to watch you tonight. great to see you. we can't go yet. >> i'm still on vacation brain. >> we made a lot of money on that fit bit. i got two old names for you, mcdonald's and disney. disney hit hard on the overreaction to the earnings. mcdonald's is counter intative. if i told you it was all time high and whole foods all time low it tells you about how healthy we are and how we only like organic. mcdonald's is going to turn around. disney is oversold. >> you heard it from charles pane. there were other ones you picked doing well. now i will see you tonight. an ohio state trooper being honored for saving the life of a truck driver badly injured in a crash in april. the trooper spending 12 minutes reviving the man while waiting
11:29 am
for an ambulance and pleading with the driver to keep fighting for his own life. >> don't you die on me. don't you die on me, come on. come on! one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. >> wow. the driver has since recovered from his injury. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders wants voters to know this, he and donald trump are not alike in many ways. we will look at what sanders says are the biggest differences. growing outrage. how much the tsa spends on controversial body scanners that critics say often fail to detect the simplest of security threats.
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bernie sanders drawing a big financial line between himself and donald trump making it clear his campaign is a bit different. >> thank you! >> i'm not a billionaire. my family doesn't have a whole lot of money. we are raising our campaign contributions from 350,000 people who are contributing on average $31.20 a piece. that's our response to go out to working class people and the middle class people and gain support. i think that is a little different approach than donald trump's. >> former consultant to the
11:34 am
obama campaign. republican strategist, former spokesperson for president george w. bush. great to have you ladies. margery, bernie sanders pointing out the fact that he is not a billionaire. what is most startling thus far is that he is getting 30% of the democratic vote. he is a socialist. are we completely changing the way in which this country is moving? >> well, i theng right now at this stage in the game those paying attention to the primaries are really the extremes of either party, democrat or republican. i actually find his support surprising, as well. i also found his statements on the campaign surprising in that he does have a lot of reasonableness in him although tllt is extreme left leaning. i found the comparison between trump and sanders hilarious. i could not see more different human beings. sanders does not show up in
11:35 am
expensive suits and particularly polished in the same way. i think he was offended by the fact there was a comparison. he was making it known this is not the same party. apologize for not having a helicopter present at the iowa state fair. >> how did you see it? >> i think there is a lot to compare here. they are both shaking up the the political establishment. they are basically saying there is an anti-washington message saying nothing is being done in washington and want an alternative. they are finding hillary clinton a bore and donald trump exciting. so you have i think more where they are more alike in certain ways than not. >> very interesting analysis. hillary clinton lashing out at critics investigating her e-mail problem while they try to get to the bottom of benghazi. >> i won't get down in the mud with them. i won't play politics with national security or dishonor
11:36 am
the memory of those who we lost. i won't pretend that this is anything other than what it is, the same old partisan games we have seen so many times before. >> i guess she is frustrated. sometimes when people are frustrated they look in the mirror and engage in self reflection and sometimes lash out and blame nonexistent right wing conspiracies. >> is it really partisan games? we reported breaking news with ed henry was 305 e-mails now could be deemed classified. >> well, i think the investigation itself is not necessarily partisan because it is being done by the department of justice and other nonpartisan organizations. the fact that it has perpetuated and been brought up and reinvestigated, it's partisan on both sides. when a democrat is going after a republican in the same way it is usually a democrat led
11:37 am
initiative. so far they have not found anything incriminating on benghazi. i have no problem with investigations being done because justice should be done. aside from just benghazi couldn't she just solve this problem if she just handed over the private server from the beginning or not had it from the beginning? >> hillary clinton is her own worst enemy. she should have from the beginning handed over the server to a third party independent or handed it over. now you have the fbi involved. this is the fact that she should have never had a private server in her own house. she had sent out a document to the state department employees saying avoid conducting any official business on your personal e-mail yet she is following a different set of standards. so i think that is very reflective of the fact that hillary clinton believes she is
11:38 am
untouched. it's not really helpful for her. i think, again, it's becoming a huger controversy. >> the numbers keep going up. today just 40 minutes ago we are at 305 potential classified e-mails. got to wrap it there, thanks. so we now know how much the tsa spent on controversial body scanners. price tag? $160 million for equipment that some investigations later revealed failed to prevent security threats. trace gallagher is live with more on this. is that what it is? >> this body scanner technology has been the back bone of check point screening processes and the country has invested hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars and various body scanning machines. we spent $40 million on naked scanner machines. they had to be pulled out of service because of health concerns not to mention the detailed images of travelers'
11:39 am
bodies. we spent tens of millions on the puffer machines using puffs of air to help detect explosives. they were unreliable. we spent 120 million on the current body scanning machines used in about 150 airports across the country. these are machines that use radio frequency energy to help detect suspicious items. a recent audit found tsa failed to find explosives and weapons in 96% of tests. 96%. not only do they fail to find explosives but simple metal objects which is why the chair of the senate homeland security committee is suggesting airports use metal detectors along with body scanners. we all have to walk through a bunch of different scanners. the company hat makes almost all current body scanners is working on a software patch to improve the machine's reliability but
11:40 am
believe the machines are only part of the problem. they think tsa agents are low paid, under motivated and not very well trained and because of that they don't really know how to use the machines properly so just line the machines up and we will keep walking through them. >> that's pathetic. i'm sorry. i guess my kids who are younger than anyone else doing the work for the tsa got it right when they say why do we have to go through these things? i guess we are finding out. 96% of the time they don't find what they are supposed to. thanks so much. let's go back to this because donald trump is returning to jury duty in new york city after a couple hours off for lunch. he arrived back at the courthouse. he signed autographs. he did not answer what he put down for his occupation or if he used being a candidate for trying to get out of jury duty. before he left for lunch he did talk to reporters.
11:41 am
>> i met some wonderful people. >> where are you going to go for lunch? >> we'll see what happens. amazing system. >> he's not the only famous person doing the jury duty today. bobby moynihan from "saturday night live" is there, as well. time to check in with shepard smith. have you been selected to serve on the jury? >> i have. >> really? was it a fascinating case? >> i got dismissed. something television, something journalism something. >> i have never gotten that opportunity. >> i bet you will now. gretchen, a new international campaign. we are on the sidelines in this one. russia and iran are teaming up to end blood shed in syria. officials meeting with counter parts in moscow and syria's
11:42 am
murderous president has to go iran and russia side with president bashar al assad. he is the one who reportedly killed at least a quarter million of his own people. the latest on the meeting in moscow and the warning at the top of the hour. we'll see you then. >> thank you. a shakeup in the polls following the first republican presidential debate. who is up and who is down? is this guy getting his mojo back in iowa? >> hillary clinton and barack obama have failed this country. they are leading from behind. we need a president who will stand up just like ronald reagan did. across america, people like basketball hall of famer dominique wilkins... ...are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® works differently than pills. and comes in a pen.
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time now for one of my favorite segments of the whole week, our power index and the presidential candidates now focusing on iowa.
11:46 am
that is where we find governor scott walker who faced off against hecklers there. listen to what happened. >> i am not intimidated by you, sir, or anyone else out there. i will fight for the american people over and over and over and over again. you want someone who steps in i'm right here. you can see it. this is what happened in wisconsin. we will not back down. we will do what is necessary to defend the american people going forward. >> fox news digital politics editor joins me now with his prognostication. let's see who is up and down. we will put the graphic. we have scott walker remaining at number two. carly fiorina moves up one to number four. ben carson to number five. marco rubio to number six.
11:47 am
why? >> walker's hold is tennious. we have the first polling out that we have had since the great tsunami of the fox news channel debate move through the ecosystem of the republican field. it came out sunday. here is what we found out. they want outsiders. republican voters want people who are not politicians in a big way. you can say scott walker and you saw his numbers, eclipsed by people like ben carson. the guy is getting pretty good at running for office, but there seems to be the verdict of the fox news debate that people definitely want an outside gang, not a person in politics before. >> that is also the reason why we see carly fiorina moving up, as well. we showed stats earlier. she has gone up giant strides mainly because a lot of people didn't know who she was before that debate. >> that's what we look for. when you talk about your chances
11:48 am
to win a party's nomination it's not where you are in the polls today but how much room you have to grow and are you doing things necessary to take advantage of that space. it's like if you are a company like mcdonald's they have an idea about what you are changing opinions about that is hard. if you are a startup and carly fiorina and dr. carson represent startup enterprises they have room to grow. >> i have to ask you why does donald trump stay at number eight on your power index? >> he hasn't demonstrated he has the ability to broaden his base. if you believe that 20% or 25% is enough to win the republican nomination what you are figuring is that the field stays fragments between now and about the first of march. if that's the case then donald trump can be the republican nominee. he so far shown an
11:49 am
ability to broaden his appeal beyond the supporters who rally in the beginning especially on the issue of illegal immigration. when we saw his plan on illegal immigration it is something that those supporters are going to love but he hasn't shown ability to grow that. if he can't grow it i don't think that 20% or 25% is enough to win the nomination. >> we will have to see. we will be talking about it for months and months. >> and months and months. >> chris, have a great week. >> you do the same. >> thanks. mother nature turning up the heat big time. rising temps breaking triple digits in some spots. and it's so hot some people may need to be careful about their tires. >> just because of the heat.
11:50 am
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welcome back to "the real story." it got really real for some folks on live tv today. earthquake rattled san francisco. all caught on live tv. 4.0 magnitude quake, struck in the middle of one weatherman's live report. >> you name it. everyone was -- my gosh, we're having an earthquake. oh, my goodness. this is a good one. all right. >> that was good one. >> that. >> the quake caused delays during the morning commute but no serious damage, and no one was hurt. pretty calm for an earthquake. right? sweltering weather covering the country, breaking reports and some areas triple digits. complicating conditions for crews fighting wildfires across the west. janice dean is live from the fox weather center. let's talk about the serious stuff first. >> then we'll talk about the weatherman and how calm and cool
11:54 am
and collected he was? >> yes. >> let's talk about the heat first and then talk about the fella because i think i would have tested the profanity delayed control button. we do have heat. we have heat, and it's across the eastern u.s. people are complainingeñ]b([fççp and down the coast, writ feels like 96 here in new york city, but it is august. summer heat, here we good. a cold front moving through so that's going to drop temperatures for dallas and d.c. and new york city, louisville. so by thursday, everybody here in new york city and the fox news control building? 82. so, things will get better, i promise. you cannot complain about the heat here in the northeast because look at the folks across the southwest. heat from 110 to 120 goings and that's going to continue today. look as the temperatures. that's not heat indies -- indices. that's. record temps, 102349 phoenix.
11:55 am
supposed to be used to this but it's still very, very hot outside. a quick look at watches and warnings. we have the cold front moving through, going to bring some relief with the potential for strong to severe storms later on today. n[vsuly gretchen, i have to hant to that weatherman. he held on to his green screen. there he is. >> oh, my goodness. >> he sounds like he is from minnesota. >> he does. but you know what? i just learned, in our control room we have something called a delayed -- >> pdc. >> profanity delayed control button. >> who knew. >> i would be testing that if that earthquake happened here. >> good thing we don't have the big ones here in new york city. >> true. >> apparently it's a big red button. they're telling me it's three big red buttons. we have been here -- how long -- i've been here ten years. i never knew there was a pdc, or three of them in a control room. >> some we test is, gretchen
11:56 am
karlson? >> they're screaming in my ears, no. maybe we'll tweet it. tweet the -- >> pdc. >> can't wait to see it, big red button. :9]"t us. come up to the control room after the show. we'll check it out. "saturday night live" fans, rejoice. here is this guy. making a comeback. with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in. ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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... ...
11:59 am
good news. tracy morgan, preparing for his comeback, reportedly set to host the third show of "saturday night live's" upcoming season. he was a cast member from '6 to 2003. this will he best first time hosting since he was critically injured in a devastating car accident in 2014 that killed one of his friends. donald trump reveals his immigration plans. what da you think? die anna agrees. she thinks birth rights for
12:00 pm
those who were born here should not be taken away but bier rights for future legals should be stopped. bob says his proposal for the wall has no chance of working but likes other parts of the plan. got a lot of comments on that today. thank you for joining us for "the real story." happy monday. i'm grieven carlson. here's shep. >> one-time front-runner following behind. a long shot democrat closing the gap. the new polls show a quickly changing race. where the candidates stand on waging war against isis. which ones want to stay the course, who wants americans boots on the ground and who is calling for tens of thousands of american soldiers in combat. also, breaking today, they work around the clock and bring in billions of dollars-but college athletes will not see a cut, at least for now. we have the realing in a key case that could have changed the face of college sports. then the feds are set to decide at any time now on female viagra. the nickname f


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