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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 17, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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tomorrow, speaking of rick perry, he's going to come back. is he on the ropes? will he throw in the towel? a lot of people are saying probably he will. thanks a lot for watching. i'll see you tomorrow. hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle along with geraldo rivera, jessie waters, dana perino, and tom shillue. this is "the five." since day one of his campaign, donald trump's been vowing to crack down on illegal immigration, and he's just detailed how he plans to do it. unveiling an agenda that includes a repeal of the president's executive order. >> however you want to refer to it, the executive order for the president -- >> the executive order gets rescinded. >> you'll rescind that one too?
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you'll rescind the dream act, daca? you're going to split up families. >> no, we're going to keep the families together. we have to keep the families together. they have to go. >> what if they have no place to go? >> we will work with them. they have to go. chuck, we either have a country or we don't have a country. >> one thing trump doesn't lack is confidence. he's certain americans are going to be happy with his plan to deport millions of illegals. >> chuck, it will work out so well you'll be happy. in four years, you're going to be interviewing me and going, what a great job you've done, trump. >> it sounds like he's got a plan. he's trying to explain it to chuck. what, you're going to break up families? no, we're going to keep the
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families together. we'll work with them. they have to go. what he's saying is the whole family will be deported. am i wrong? >> let me say the one point i like about trump's plan before i tell you about the many things you don't like. i appreciate most of our audience will agree with trump more than me. but one thing that i agree with trump on is mexico and other nations are complicit on undocumented immigration. they should bear some fiscal responsibility, whether you take it out of the balance of payments between nations, however you work it. that is the good part of trump's -- >> he's saying no more free ride. >> when it comes to nicaragua, el salvador, i agree with them.
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do you remember elian gonzalez? >> uh-huh. >> multiply that by 2 million. can you see this whole notion of citizen-born children in the united states being forcibly deported to be with their undocumented parents in the country of origin? this is a program that is so draconian i can't imagine how donald trump thinks the latinos and the asians will be respond. >> i love how chuck todd is out there whining about where are these deported illegal aliens going to go. chuck, why don't you put them up in your place? he's got a big mansion. what are they going to go? well, they're going to go somewhere. why doesn't he take them? >> it's unrealistic is what trump is suggesting.
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>> maybe we send them down to the border. maybe the illegal alien families build a wall. then when the wall is finished, they get amnesty. it's called earned amnesty. it's going to be a trail of tears. it's a simple plan. protect the borders, protect the families, protect jobs. i don't buy the crocodile tears from these liberals. we know what they think is going to happen. we saw what kelly osbourne said. you can't deport all the illegals. who's going to clean the toilets? they think of these people as servants. if these mexican women were coming to this country legally and having babies to vote republican, the democrats would be building a bigger wall than trump. you're calling me a hypocrite, geraldo? >> i'm calling you a partisan politician. >> i think you're right and i think most people are not going to buy this compassionate argument. they don't think it's going to
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happen anyway. >> you think they're just going to line up and get on a bus? >> no. >> on the 300,000 buses it would take. >> i'm still pinching myself. is this all happening right now? is this real? go ahead. >> i think most people think that that wouldn't happen, that in wouldn't be mass deportation. they like the sound of the plan. >> this has been my problem from the beginning. it sounds good, but it is totally unworkable. you're selling people a bill of goods to make them feel better. you're not going to bring back all the jobs from china. the mexicans are not going to build a wall. they're not going to do it. the other thing, the dream act, when president obama signed that, i think the approval rating for that was somewhere near 70%. and i thought at the time, who in the future would ever try to take this back.
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no republican candidate is ever going to do that. it can only be -- it could only stay. now you have president trump -- maybe that's a freudian slip -- saying it's going to happen. i would love to see you and you have to go find some families an round them up and say, sorry, i know you've been here and your kids were born in the bronx, but you're from costa rica and you're out of here. i don't want any federal government employee to have to do with what you're coming up with. >> i think the federal courts are going to toss out the executive amnesty to begin with. >> let's talk about the judicial system for a second. he's suggesting doing away with birthright citizenship. you're telling people in america we're going to end that. one of the things that drives people crazy about president obama is the imperial presidency. >> are you surprised that a
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politician is saying he's going to do things in a primary and maybe doesn't when he's president? this happens all the time. >> do you think the supreme court is going to overturn -- >> no. >> they're not going do overturn birthright citizenship. you're going to deport all of them and bring it back? >> it's lip service. >> and you're okay with that? >> every single politician says that. this is how they get elected. >> but you're in journalism. don't you want to hold people to account? why are you praising him for saying it? >> i said that i like the border plan. i like defunding -- >> there's a lot you could support in that. >> i like bolstering the manpower -- >> that's not what you said though. what you said is you're for rounding up the families. >> let me give you one practical
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problem. they're going to do away with birthright citizenship. that means only the children of citizens will be citizens of the united states. how will they tell when the baby is the maternity ward which is a citizen baby and a non-citizen baby? everybody in the country is going to need a national id card. everybody has to be registered. so this trillion-dollar program with a national id card is the way america is going to run? it's obscene. >> the next time isis comes here and we find out isis came across the southern border, we'll go whoops. >> illegal penetration by the southern border -- >> do you lock your doors at night?
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>> yes. >> you don't want the country to lock its doors? >> do you want a smart answer or do you want to joust? >> he kind of wants both. >> i want the truth, geraldo. >> trump is right when he says you can't have a sovereign nation without secure borders. they're going to buy shovels and ladders if you build a fence. this 10% of the crops in this country that are going unpicked because of a shortage of labor, it's obvious that we have to expand the temporary worker visa program. >> we're also at lowest record unemployment right now. the balack youth unemployment i like at 30%. >> will the black youth go to the fields of the san joaquin
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valley? i absolutely do not. the construction area is one area i think there's a problem that has to be worked. >> you brought this up, so let's just pull this up. trump's immigration policy paper. mexico's leaders have been taking advantage of the united states by using illegal immigration to export the crime and poverty in their own country. the cost for the united states have been extraordinary. u.s. taxpayers have been asked to pick up hundreds of billions in health care costs, education costs, welfare costs. black americans have been particularly harmed. this is the point that you two are discussing. >> i don't believe because he says it is so. i absolutely fight the congressional budget office, which said that the undocumented immigrants, the 11, 12, 13 million, however many there are,
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they're a net positive. they pay the social security to accounts that are fake that they have no chance of ever redeeming. these are the people who will bring the immigrant energy to the country. i say it knowing that the vast majority of our audience agrees with you over me. i'm urging people to take a second look. this plan by donald trump -- god bless him. i love the guy -- is a farce. you said it yourself, jesse. you think that this would never come to pass. why promulgate -- what does he want? a civil war between african-americans and latinos now? >> he said the latinos and the blacks are both going to vote for trump. >> i think my point was great in that most people, even people supporting trump, i think most
2:12 pm
people think he's not going to be elected president, but they're supporting him -- like he said in the debate. if i wasn't here, you wouldn't be talking about this. >> i agree with that. i actually think there's something donald trump could do which would be more effective. if he wants to talk about african-american youth unemployment, there's two liberal policies that have really lead and exacerbated it. if you're in a state and you have a choice between buying a robot and hiring two teens, you choose the robot because it is economics. the second thing is the negative consequences of obamacare and the part-time worker issue has really exacerbated the african-american unemployment issue, so i think there are things he could actually talk about. >> right. >> i know i got a lot of hate for sending this out today. alex wrote an article on the
2:13 pm
federalist website. donald trump on immigration, i encourage people to read this. if you care about this issue and want to know the facts, there's a lot in here that can open up your mind. >> that was really nice. thank you for -- >> reading recommendation. >> absolutely. there's lots more to discuss. more jousting is next. hillary clinton keeps making jokes about the e-mail server scandal. stay with us on "the five."
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all right. you got to love kimberly guilfoyle. hillary clinton's e-mail scandal isn't going away, although she wishes it would. >> you may have seen i recently launched a snap chat account. [ cheering ] i love it. i love it. those messages disappear all by themselves. >> when jokes like that fall flat, she can always revert to type and blame the right-wing conspiracy and benghazi while
2:18 pm
she's at it. >> let's be clear. seven exhaustive investigations have already debunked all of the conspiracy theories. it's not about benghazi. and you know what. it's not about e-mails or servers either. it's about politics. >> but will her attempts to shrug it off work? >> in a way, it reminds me of the nixon tapes. thousands of hours of secretly recorded conversations that nixon thought were exclusively hers -- his, he was not going to get him. hillary clinton initially took that position. >> tom, we're going to have to start with you because you do stand-up for a living. you're the host of "red eye." you know how to deliver a joke.
2:19 pm
your critique of hillary clinton. >> her joke-telling technique, it has roots in history. it's the town crier technique. hear, ye, hear ye. how did the chicken cross the road? >> that would have been better actually. >> i mean, that's her joking technique. she uses it a lot, and then she puts the stress on the wrong words. is this a joke or not? after the joke, she gets serious again. conspiracy theory. it's very weird. and she has a friendly audience. they're cheering everything she says. >> i love your impression. >> her jokes are written for her. >> who's doing it? >> maybe she thinks it's funny
2:20 pm
because she thinks obama is going to pardon her. i have no idea. it's not funny because the democrats are drafting, like gore, to save her because she's going to implode. this makes lois lerner look smooth. when you look at the republicans out there debating, none of them are under investigation by the fbi. chris christie, could you imagine during bridgegate if christie handed over a wiped server or rove during the plane deal? here's the wiped server. it's crazy. >> kimberly, let me ask you about that because she's in the middle of a federal investigation about a serious issue regarding classified information. they found 305 more possibilities and we found out the private company that was hosting the server might have an entirely backed up server, is
2:21 pm
now the time to joke? >> no. >> if you're a federal investigator, do you watch that? >> you're laughing all the way to the judge and the jury because they're going to use that. she's trying to say this is based on a conspiracy. it's pretty appalling. and she wants to be president of the united states. it's getting much worse for her, to me. she's imploding. it is like 5.1% of what they've looked at. they're not done. if, in fact, they get ahold of that duplicate server where everything is backed up, forget it. >> geraldo, they went through the e-mails and they decided what to turn over and whatnot. if this backup exists, all the excuses go out the window. >> didn't your boss once tell a
2:22 pm
joke about looking for weapons of mass destruction? >> and it fell flat. >> it fell flat. >> that was at a fun dinner. >> globally broadcast. it was a terrible joke, and it came with a g.i.s were dead can't be anymore serious than that. politicians sometimes have bad judgment. they should stick to their profession, which is not joke telling. i was pretty surprised to see bob woodward making that expa e expansive comparison to watergate. so far they have come up with nothing other than the fact she used a private e-mail server. she's not the first secretary of state to do that. >> yes, she is. >> she's the first one to do it exclusively, not to do it. when you send an e-mail, it's not deleted.
2:23 pm
first of all, it's not deleted on the machine you deleted it from. there's a whole other source. >> why is she hiding it if it is all out in the open? >> because she doesn't want to be embarrassed. >> one of the e-mails has her asking for instruction and asking for a book that teaches you how to double delete e-mails. this is interesting about the state department. the state department finds out that this thumb drive exists with all the e-mails on it, and they know they've seen classified hits on it. instead of the state department going to get the thumb drive, what do they do instead? they send a safe to the lawyer's office and say just hold this for us. nobody else would get this white glove treatment. >> george w. bush was making fun of a failure that he admitted to, that his failure to find weapons of mass destruction.
2:24 pm
poking fun at himself. hillary is saying you people are crazy and you're all drumming up conspiracies, and i'm totally innocent. she was making fun of the people accusing her. it was the opposite. >> the president is supposed to get up and give entertaining remarks. that's the purpose. not as somebody is trying to get elected. >> i know it's not the same, geraldo, but -- >> it has nothing to do with hillary. >> nothing to do with hillary? >> are you going to bring up all the phony stories? >> i never said anything about that. why was there no security on the anniversary of 9/11? >> despite repeated requests for
2:25 pm
extra security given the real threat in the area. >> the scandal was that it was happening and they were talking about this videotape. it was a lie on that day. >> i don't see any terrorism. >> all right. fine. we can always get back to the iraq war on this show. ahead, donald trump, we can get back to him too, is stepping up attacks on his fellow candidates, so how should his fellow opponents fight back, or should they? that's next. moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression.
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the republican debate is over, but donald trump is still firing away at his opponents. >> when jeb bush raises $114 million, i know those people who gave him the money. i used to be one of those people. he's like a puppet for those people. walker grew up a little bit in iowa, became the govern of the state. they have tremendous deficits.
2:30 pm
carly was a little nasty to me. careful, carly. she ran hewlett-packard into the ground. her stock value tanked, that she l laid off tens of thousands of people, and she got viciously fired. >> and some are firing right back at him. >> i think all the bravado and the you're stupid kind of language, it doesn't really get us anywhere, but it also makes you think that imperiousness that he's just going to say, i'm donald trump and therefore it is so. >> it's not clear to me that donald trump is a republican first of all based on his wi willingness to run a third-party ticket. >> carson and cruz, both of them
2:31 pm
have not attacked the donald. yet they're number two and number three. do you see any correlation there? >> yeah, outsiders and more of a populist message that people are really gravitating towards, so there's definitely a similar ideology there. it's delivered in a different way, but they've chosen not to get into the fray and that's smart. why should they? they're doing just fine and in fact, they're kind of pulling from the same swell. it would be bad advice if someone told them to do that. >> carly fiorina took a shot at the debate and it looked like that was a bit of a warning shot that donald threw at carly. don't mess with me. >> he said be careful, carly. if i was his team, i would say, you know what, boss, back off a little bit on attacking women. i think that would be a smart
2:32 pm
move. i grew with kimberly. i would treat him like a ghost just because i think enough of those candidates have to tend to their own knitting, and they have a lot of work to do on their own. now, it could be they're getting pressure from their fundraisers and supporters saying, why aren't you going after him. if you remember right before the florida primary in the last cycle, romney went after gingrich and he hit him hard and that was what was able to knock him out. with 17 people in the race, focus on yourself. i think right now just treat him like a ghost. >> here's some lines of attack. i'm going to throw these out there. you tell me if they would stick on donald trump. i don't want my son shifted off to water because putin insulted donald trump's hair. or don't run the country like a casino. we're not going to my kids' future.
2:33 pm
here on immigration you say, does the trump corporation hire illegals? now, you want to deport them. do you think those are legitimate ways to attack him? >> i think the effectiveness of donald trump is twofold. he's so good at that counterattack. he's an excellent -- he's totally gotten social media and the effectiveness of social media to give someone the business. when he goes after jeb for taking money, as all politicians other than a billionaire have to, when it has a kernel of truth, that's what makes his ripping counterattack so effective. >> would you go after trump? would you go after his hair? >> no, i wouldn't go after his personal stuff because that's what he tends to do. go after his positions.
2:34 pm
i would go after him. it's early now, so you might as well get in the fray. who is getting the most attention in the press? rand paul. >> and i said shehe's growing o me. >> ted cruz is playing nice with trump and where is ted cruz? >> ted cruz is coming up in the polls. he's doing very well. he's jumped up in the polls. >> i think you should fight with trump. now's the time. get it out. >> there's an interesting thing about trump and carson being so high up in the polls. you couldn't find more polar opposites in terms of approach and temperament. >> trump and cruz? >> no, trump and carson. both of them are not career politicians. i get that that's part of the appeal. >> the headline here before we go to commercial is dana is warming up to rand paul. ahead, one nfl player is making his son give back trophies he got because he
2:35 pm
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pittsburgh steeler james harrison knows what its like to work hard. he made it into in the nfl and helped his team win two super bowls so when his son came home with two trophies for simply participating, he posted that. everything in life should be earned. i'm not about to raise two boys to be men making them believe they're entitled to something because they tried their best. it should drive you to want to do better. >> agreed. >> it's going viral. >> for good reason. >> dana, you're a bit of a graduation grinch, are you not? >> i am. i don't have children, so take this with a grain of salt.
2:40 pm
you have two lovely daughters, and i love them. i'm not for any graduation but for high school and college. you're expected to graduate from ki kindergarten and fifth grade and eighth grade. i think he's absolutely right and his boys will do better in life because generation x is at a point where we can be managers. we're having to manage them. generation x cannot get along that well with millennials in the workplace for a reason. nobody gave us a trophy for finishing high school. >> that's right. >> and you don't get a trophy just because you came to work today and you completed your task as assigned. >> jesse wants one. >> i think he's great, and i'm going to be a huge fan of his. i'm a big sports fan. >> geraldo, you think it is kind of harsh.
2:41 pm
you think every kid should get a trophy? >> i think you can have graduated trophies. >> even more trophies? >> you're redistributing trophies. >> not everybody is the best or the brightest or the tallest. i think you've got to encourage participation, and the way you do it, i think, sometimes is to give some kind of recognition for effort. >> the fake trophies. you have the coaches award, the most improved. >> the most improved, i used to do that. >> you did something beyond just showing up. >> or the spirit award. >> i have an admission to make. my daughters just got participation awards. they got it. one of my daughters took it and she smashed it on the ground. i think she actually dropped it. i think deep down maybe she realized she didn't deserve it.
2:42 pm
she was about to cry, and we got her another one. so she has two participation trophies. >> i just came back from coney island and i made sure all the kids won the game where you spray the water. the best one won first. the next best one won second. the third one, i made sure i was aiming everywhere else. >> kimberly, what are you thinking? >> it's not the way we run things in my house. let me tell you something. if you get injured, you don't go to the hospital. you rub dirt on it. this is how i was raised. my dad would get a popsicle. tape it. that's it. it was good. that's what we would do. no times going to the emergency room. pull it together, right? my dad would be to my brother,
2:43 pm
don't come home from sports unless you're bleeding. life is hard. >> life is hard, but this is the same guy who refused to go to the white house when two presidents, bush and obama, invited him to the white house when the steelers won the super bowl. you know, i just think that's way too disrespectful. >> well, you want to invite the steelers to the white house. >> invite what? >> give me a break. >> maybe we shouldn't have trophies at all for kids. i'm for that. >> i'm for that. >> why? >> have you ever watched kids' sports? none of them are that good. >> it depends on who you're watching and who your kid is. >> have them play against me. i'll dominate. still to come -- >> and only then.
2:44 pm
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the media can't seem to get enough of donald trump with reporters following his every move. >> where are the children? get them over here. that's great. i love children. i love iowa. great place. let's give them a helicopter ride, okay? all right? good. i don't know. let's go see. >> sometimes there's been a backlash against rich kids like mitt romney. >> mr. trump? >> yes. >> are you batman? >> i am batman. >> totally batman. today the frenzy moved to the courthouse in lower manhattan where the presidential candidate showed up for jury duty after waiting around like all the other jurors. ultimately, dismissed. he'll not be called back for
2:49 pm
jury duty for six years. it was as if elvis showed up. >> he's just like us. imagine in mitt romney embraced his wealth and if a kid say, are you superman? no, i just look like him. he would probably be president right now. >> that would have been amazing. he does look like superman. mom, i know you used to love that guy, romney. you should marry him. he loves it. you know, mom, he can afford us. >> do you think that'll translate into votes? >> absolutely. he's a billionaire, man of the people. he's just like the common man. i think he won the iowa state fair. he had a pork chop on a stick.
2:50 pm
>> fried pork chop. >> i think he needs to do a coin toss. i think he does the nascar rally. i think he comes down the steps of air force trump with his wife with the long legs. he has the whole presidential image and the media is a sucker for it. >> from 1920. i think the last president that wore white shoes was harding. >> be careful, tom. >> be careful, tom. >> i think he's great. he's a lot of fun. >> we would have the hottest first lady ever. >> yes. >> thank you. >> but why the charade with the jury duty? he's donald trump. don't call him for jury duty. >> everybody gets called. >> there are certain forms that democracies follow. >> then they let him go. >> let me tell you something.
2:51 pm
when we put a camera on him and we have a fox news alert that says he's about to go to the little boy's room, then we'll know we've hit rock bottom. >> cnn actually paused to allow the natural sound of trump's ascension of the steps into the courtroom. i swear to god. >> what does that tell you? >> we'll pause our commentary to allow you to enjoy the sound. >> he's got the "it" factor. this is a year and a half before the election. >> we don't even need an election. >> it's a coronation. >> do you think he's topped at 25%? >> not necessarily. i would never say that. i know somebody apparently said that. >> latinos won't vote for him. asians won't vote for him. >> why won't asians vote for him? >> because of the immigration
2:52 pm
fact factor. >> black people certainly won't vote for him. >> how many people like trump? it's 25% of the republican primary base voters. that's not a huge percentage of the country. >> only 18% of republican registered voters vote in a primary. the numbers get smaller. there's not a lot of room for error. >> it's 25% of 18. >> i think they all turned out at the steps of the courthouse today. "one more thing" is next. can a business have a mind?
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a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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it's time now for "one more thing." dana, what do you have? >> i'm going to take a little more serious approach with my "one more thing" today. last week, i read a new yo"new times" story. from the piece, the -- it is in your religion that you should enslave these women and rape them. they have to be held in rooms. people come in, they have to turn around. they decide if they're going to be sold or not. a total of 52 hundred of these women were abducted last year
2:57 pm
and at least 3100 are still being held. i want america to think very seriously about having an argument about a fake blond woman here in the united states when future generations are going to ask why did you stand by and do nothing. i just hope we have a better answer for them than we do right now. >> let's punish them. >> we should do something. >> let's not forget about this. this is a very important topic and they need our help. they cannot be forgotten. >> i went to chicago to do a program with steve harvey. he has a terrific daytime show. it was a program "what men really think." it was the man panel. that's jennifer hudson's husband next to me and todd chrisley and
2:58 pm
bill rancic, the original winner of "the apprentice." first of all, it was a live audience of 2,000 men. at my old daytime show, it was a very funny daytime show. it reminded me of my show. that was a cher look-alike contest. he had lenny kravitz wardrobe malfunction and would you marry a stripper. >> i hope you said no. >> i beg your pardon. >> san francisco, go west coast with me. san francisco giants, my favorite baseball team. on september 30th, they're hosting a "full house" theme night when you go to the game and they have a little video here to promote it. take it a look.
2:59 pm
♪ everywhere you look, everywhere you look ♪ this show is so wholesome and so nice. i watch it to this day. i have to get back there for this. >> university of alabama sorority released a video that got half a million hits. now, the university sorority had to take down the video when a writer criticized the video for being full of white bred bimbos
3:00 pm
objectifying themselves. put the video back up. >> we have no time. >> we don't have time for tom? >> watch "red eye." >> i'll tweet it. >> i'll retweet it. as the clinton e-mail crisis grows exponentially, the comparison to watergate heat up. good evening, i'm in for bret baier. hundreds more potentially classified e-mails have been identified by investigators reviewing hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server during her time as secretary of state. clinton is trying to dismiss it as partisan politics. ed henry has tonight's top


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