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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 18, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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no, it's c pain. >> that's a guinea pig. >> roscoe is the bed bug here in new york. do you watch that? >> i don't watch enough television. >> continue watching it now. gop presidential candidate rick perry campaigning in iowa at this very hour. is he in it to win it? and what does he think of donald trump's immigration plan? he's here. first, jeb bush now taking a jab at the donald. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. trump this is another major bombshell from donald trump that's hit the gop like a bolt of lightning. sarah, everyone is scrambling to figure out how to respond to
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this. >> exactly. republican strategists and insiders are worried that donald trump's plan will hurt the work they've been doing to gain support among hispanics, especially his pledge to end birthright citizenship. it could end up being the measuring stick against which all over candidates' plans are measured. voters can take a look at what the other candidates have to say on immigration and compare it to trump's plan, and that definite how heavy handed it is. >> no doubt about it. having said that, you do have some republicans coming out and saying jeb bush is saying it's not grounded in reality. other candidates are coming out. do we have a core? do we have something that everybody in the gop does agree on? is there some sort of platform that they can build on from there? >> beyond the fact that the immigration status quo isn't working, there's not much consensus among the gop field. donald trump wants mexico to pay
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for a wall along the border. candidates like marco rubio who supported comprehensive immigration reform in the senate. you have the whole spectrum. donald trump may be at one end of that. now the other candidates will have to fall into line along to spectrum. >> considered a shoo-in until the topic of immigration. he caught up with senator rubio and talked about trump's immigration plan just today. >> trump putting out a paper. what are your thoughts on this plan? you talked about this. >> from press reports, ideas that he shares with multiple people. most are really not something that has a chance to pass through congress. >> you can catch the rest of the interview with 2016 hopeful john kasich at 7:00 pm eastern "on
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the record with greta van sustren." he didn't read the plan but knows it couldn't make it through congress. what exactly is he saying? again do those comments hurt him with core republican voters. >> depends on what you're referring to as core republican voters. a softer stance on immigration would be a win for him perhaps. if you're talking about voters that will turn out for a primary in iowa, comprehensive immigration policies won't be very popular. it's a little out there, especially rescinding birthright citizenship. the wall would meet with opposition in congress because they would take -- >> nationwide republicans in
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general want a softer, more moderate stance on immigration? that's not what i'm getting. that's not what i'm seeing in data. you're saying they would be more toward marco rubio than a hard line of donald trump? >> no. in general, candidates frame their campaigns differently for a primary and general election. that's skrust the nature of a presidential campaign. donald trump has gained momentum in this primary among conservatives in a way you might not see him gain momentum if this were a general election with some of his rhetoric on immigration. >> sarah, thanks a lot. really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> donald trump may have a commanding lead, to sarah's point. that's not worrying my next guest. a major jeb bush donor. why is it, david, that so many
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people, so many experts out there dismiss these polls almost out of hand like they don't matter even though trump gets stronger and stronger? >> loo historically, if you look at these polls, this time of the primary process, people have large leads that don't sustain them. look what governor perry did last time, he had a 3-1 lead or something at this point. people like red meat in the primaries. we have to keep in mind what's important for the american people and the voters to remember is that jeb is in this to win it. and that is, he is focused on winning the general election not just the primary. until he's taking more responsible positions and your last segment talked about immigration. it's about economic recovery. we'll have real sustained 4% growth in this country, immigration reform is a piece of that. >> let me jump in here before
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you go into a whole commercial for job. you drop lines like responsible, in it to win it, that first debate he felt like milk toast to me. he had no fire. yet these might be red meat issues in your mind but this is red meat that the american public is clamoring for and both sides of the aisle, by the way. >> again, i think at the end of the day, things will happen like they happened before. and his leadership qualities to be president. so i'm not concerned about where jeb is in the polls today. that's pretty normal. and if you look at history other people have been ahead in the polls at this stage and they don't have the infrastructure you also need to win. this is a national campaign you have to run here.
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and then split apart. >> are you essentially saying that jeb is going to buy the nomination and that whatever people feel right now they'll see enough commercials and enough whatever that they will be swayed from the red meat and go with the guy who spent the most money? >> of course, i wouldn't say that. if you're going to run a good campaign you need to raise some money. that's why you do that. >> does he have the fire in his belly, david? again, i just can't -- when i saw him on that stage, someone who has been through the process so many times. if i'm you, a major donor to this campaign it's a yellow, if not red flag. does very to show more passion to articulate to the american public who he is, to your point? >> i have no question he has the
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fire in his belly and is ready to lead, as he has done before as governor of florida in his record there and as a businessman. he will be just fine. >> how important is it that he wins one of the early primary states? you know, maybe he is on the radar in new hampshire. i don't know about south carolina. is it a smart strategy to go out? by the way, he was the initial front-runner, to your point, by a large margin a few months ago. if he does not score a victory in any of those states, how damaging would that be? >> i think, again, he will be fine. he was second in new hampshire, second in south carolina, second in the national polls, trailing a bit in iowa. that is our good friend, governor branstead has told me and others, and he knows that
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state better than anybody. it is a retail state and you have to spend a lot of time there. jeb will spend time there, as will several members of his family. >> it's a long process, to your point. hopefully, we'll get you back on the road soon. >> thank you. appreciate it. the guy who is helping him is next. lilly baker is preparing for college. she'll use that education to get a job. she'll use that job to buy a home. this is lilly baker. her mom just refinanced their home and is putting an extra $312 a month toward lilly's tuition. lilly is about to take over the world. who's with her? buy in. quickenloans/home buy. refi. power.
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there's another anti-establishment candidate, dr. ben carson. is he also rising. is trump's success actually helping carson? let's ask terry stiles, fund-raiser for ben carson. a major swing toward anti-washington anti-politician. donald trump, dr. ben carson or
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even carly fiorina. is that built-in animosity toward the political class or is trump driving this? >> i think it's built in. the 2016 cycle will be much different than 2008 or 2012. i don't think you can look back at that history and judge anything in 2016 on the basis of that. the average voter realizes that america is broken politically. our politicians got us in this mess and that's why they're turning to donald trump and dr. ben carson. >> any time we do any kind of polling the last decade or so overwhelmingly, the american public hates congress, the white house. they always vote their guy or their gal back in. they hate everyone but their own person. i guess this would establish a different set of circumstances. when it comes right down to it, how would an outsider like dr.
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ben carson be able to not only differentiate himself but say, hey, i can handle the built-in skill set that might be needed to navigate d.c.? >> for a long time maybe we've been using the wrong model when we try to select our presidents. seemed like we picked the best speaker or, even sadder, the one who made the most promises. maybe we should elect a president that has done something, achieved something in their lives. >> even politicians are trying to become nonpoliticians. they've tried to distance themselves to d.c. listen to what scott walker had to say earlier today. >> he i talk to people all across this country, people all across america are fed up with washington.
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i feel your pain. >> it's a crowded field, crowded band wagon. i have the pleasure of interviewing dr. ben carson. this is a game where big players and special interests do plai play a major role. you're helping him raise money. how exactly will he be able to raise money, keep his pledge, particularly those that he questions their integrity with the american public? >> well, back to earlier this year when i was putting together the campaign team for dr. carson, i made a comment to the press that i thought ben would have the greatest movement, grassroots movement of any of the candidates. if you look at the numbers today, he has the great eest -- really looking forward to the one in september. it's helped out tremendously to the standpoint of larger donors.
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people just needed to get to meet them. they needed to get to know him. they needed to understand why he is such a great man. >> no doubt he had the most new twitter followers after that, 24 k, about 400,000 on facebook. how do you translate $10 donations to the hundreds of millions needed to the finish line first? >> we found there's an important part of the campaign where have you to have those -- bring those funds in. that's how you really do your campaign. in the sense of the super pacs, you have to understand that ben has a lot of connections with a lot of folks that have a lot of money. those folks are worried about america. they believe 2016 is the end of the line. if we don't turn it around in 2016, we can't take another four or eight years of what we've
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been doing. we have to have a candidate that will win that general election. they're very, very supportive of his candidacy. >> i tend to agree with you. in 2016, we've got to change things. we'll see how dr. carson does. appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> on the front lines of the immigration battle in texas. find out what gop presidential candidate rick perry thinks of donald trump's immigration plan. he is here with me in a few minutes. and if these images don't get you burned up over the dealings with iran, something we just found out will have you fired up. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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a key democrat that will vote against the iran bill, the nuclear specter was threatened by iranian hardliners to make sure they're kept quiet. you know, first, i want you to take a listen. jeb bush also commented on this earlier today on the iran deal. they don't go quietly into the night. to give them everything they want and nothing to speak of, i think it's the wrong approach. >> two democrats, i guess, so far in the senate have come out against this. >> key democrats. >> key democrats. is that enough to -- really, the clock is ticking. you have over 20 that say they will go with the deal.
1:22 pm
it feels like it will be passed no matter what. >> they have to go home and see what their constituents have to say. but this is like a smelly old onion. you peel another layer and -- >> you're being kind. it's like the grand canyon filled with a bunch of smelly old onions. >> the president said we're going to have the ability to inspect. the iranian leader said no, no 24/7 inspections. they say no, no, you can't go there. the secretary of state said the reason assess so important it will change iran's behavior. they're going to help us out with hezbollah and hamas. the supreme leader came out and said, no, no, no, we are not changing our behavior. in fact, our friends in the middle east, hezbollah, hamas
1:23 pm
threatening israel, we'll give them even more. now we find out there are these secret side deals between the iranian leaders and united nations inspectors and iranian leaders have had the gull to say if you, u.n. inspectors, you neutral guys who don't work for anybody except world peace, if you reveal these, you are going to come to harm. in other words, they're threatening, physically threatening. >> bad actors have always seen the powder blue u.n. helmets as target practice. they've never had respect for them. for good reason. they don't do anything. we have seen where, time after time, iran has never lived up to their promises. >> correct. they have never -- >> we're pushing this deal through. i don't know if they think it's part of the obama legacy no matter what happens but what it was struck down? there's a lot of talk that the administration will go to the u.n. and push it through anyway. >> or the president would act unilaterally.
1:24 pm
the thing with the administration and the president is that iran isn't going to cheat. >> well, they have. they're fools. they've been bamboozled. if they have that wrong, if iran does cheat, which you and i think is likely, and if iran doesn't change, which seems to be likely, the administration will have created a frankenstein monster in the middle east. a wealthy, powerful iran, expansionist, pro terrorists threatening to annihilate israel, chanting death to america. >> and more likely also sparking a nuclear arms race in the middle east. >> nuclear arms are a wash in the middle east, somebody is going to hear about this one. >> no doubt about it. donald trump says his plans will actually fix the border. rick perry, believe it or not, isn't so sure. he's next.
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that's another safelite advantage. safelite repair, safelite replace. bill's got a very tough 13lie here...... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. this golf course is electric... as we all know, donald trump's immigration plan is getting plenty of attention. the question is, will it actually work? we'll ask the presidential candidate who knows the border very well. in fact, the best. governor perry, donald trump finally put on paper what he had
1:29 pm
been talking about. extraordinarily controversial. a lot of people think it's a plan that will work. what's wrong with it? >> well, i can tell you what will work. i haven't looked at all of his plan. what will work is putting the personnel on the right places on the border. you had this strategic fencing in the metropolitan area. one thing that's missing that we have to put in place is the aviation asset, whether it's rotocraft, drones flying 24/7 from tijuana to brownsville to el paso. if you want to secure that border and do it in a timely fashion, that's the only way you can do it. quick response team when they see activities on that border that are illegal or suspicious. sending those quick response teams immediately to address it at that particular point in time, we can secure the border. when i'm the president of the united states, i can promise you one thing. the will to secure the border
1:30 pm
will reside in the oval office every day. >> would president perry have the will to say we know there's a game being played and taking advantage of our kindness where people come here, have children, anchor babies and then everyone ends up coming from their country here and they can't be removed. would you have the will to turn that around and how would you? >> if you're saying will you do away with the 14th amendment you need to look back at a little bit of history. when is the last time we changed the constitution of this country? it was in the early '90s. it took 202 years to do that. i'm a governor that has to deal with finding solutions to problems. i know how to deal with the solution. it's not changing the constitution. it's political rhetoric. >> what is the solution, sir? >> i just told you. it's to secure the border. if you don't secure the border, none of these problems go away.
1:31 pm
you can change all the rules and regulations that you want. if you can get it done, what i will suggest to you that what you can get done is secure the border. all these challenges we face, health care costs, whatever the cost that is driven by people coming into this country illegally, those are cured when you secure the border. this is not rocket science. >> with all due respect, you put the personnel -- >> with all due respect, sir -- >> go ahead. >> families walking through the rio grande and they're being filmed and they know it. if they're telling people, get here. have a baby. you never have to leave. >> no one has dealt with this for 14 years. it's not the state of texas' responsibility to do this. >> i know that but i'm just saying as the president of the united states, building a wall does not seem like it would be
1:32 pm
enough. inducements on the other side are so great. >> i agree with you. building a wall is not going to do it. you'll put a ladder business into pretty good high mode. >> how do we stop it? >> we know how to secure the border, charles. you guys are talking in circles here. put the personnel down there in the right places, the amount that we need, strategic fence in the metropolitan area. use aviation assets. we're not using those technologies today. you could secure the border, charles. that can be done. and the idea that, well, you can't do that, i don't believe that. i have spent more time on that border than anybody. i looked the president in the eye last summer and said if you don't secure that border, texas will. we sent our national guard. we need a president with that kind of will in the white house to secure that border. i'll do t i know how to do it. >> what about the 11 million or so ul legals already in this country? what will be the solution to dealing with them? >> we will figure out a way to deal with those individuals from the standpoint of being able to
1:33 pm
find out who is in this country that needs to be sent back to their country? we can identify those individuals pretty quick with a policy that will work. we have to secure the border. whether it's how to deal with 11 million people, it's political rhetoric until you get the border secure. >> with all due respect -- >> what do you mean you don't understand? >> how can 11 million illegals -- >> no one in the white house has the will to do this, charles. that is the issue. we have not seen a republican or democrat to secure that border. until you get the borrower secure, we are wasting our time. americans know that. washington and the makeup today. they're going to get somebody in there. >> we've got 11 million illegals already here. to say that while you will deal with that once you're sworn in, i don't think, will help you get sworn in.
1:34 pm
people don't work because of illegals taking american jobs. what is your plan to take care of that? >> there are plenty of people working with washington, d.c. when we get into office to take care of that issue. securing that border is absolutely and totally a fallacy and wrong thing for us to be doing. you ought to be able to talking about every day how are you going to be able to secure the border? not deflecting off on all these issues. american people want to see the border secure. it's like a disease. you go to the absolute core of whatever disease you have, stop the immigration coming into america and a lot of these other issues go away. >> i think the inducements on this side of the border are so great, someone will build an el chapo kind of tunnel to get under the wall, hide from the drones. i'm saying that's an important -- i don't think anyone dismisses that. if you don't take care of what -- how does a person pick a train on top of a train from guatemala to the texas border
1:35 pm
and then wait and then come into this country? they want what we have. i don't know that building a wall in and of itself or even with drones that it won't be enough that has a president says once you get in here -- you're wasting your time! >> what we have to have is somebody in the white house who gets up every day, goes to the oval office, charles, with the intent of securing that border. it can happen. it will happen. we haven't elected a person with the will to do t i will get it done. >> are you going to be able to ride this thing all the way through? >> everybody in this country -- i won't say everybody but most of us in this country have had challenges from finances from time to time. in the state of texas, we came up short a couple of times in our budget. i know how to deal with that. you cut the spending. i'm like a small business or a
1:36 pm
guy who has his own personal challenges with our campaign. we cut our spending. we cut back. i know how to have a small footprint. i'm with this in the long hall. i'm going to be in new hampshire and south carolina a lot. >> governor rick perry. thank you very much. appreciate your time, as always. >> good to be with you. you, too. god speed. >> this campaign show is being called a side show, donald trump is all but dominating the gop field. across america, people like basketball hall of famer
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1:40 pm
seriously. it's interesting that the huffington post is taking this line and they want to be taken seriously. >> the decision is completely baseless. the past couple of weeks and months you can see that donald trump does represent the serious feelings of a large group of americans about a serious issue, particularly on immigration but other issues as well. how america americans feel about being ignored for so long by washington elites. i think that's something that's really significant and actually says a lot about our current political situation. for the huffington post to say that that doesn't exist, they're pretending as if nobody is mad in the country, that they're ignoring one person who is the avatar for that frustration. that's the most important thing going on in politics right now. >> reporter: there's no doubt that this is the most important thing going on in politics right now and the huff post ignoring trump actually plays into the
1:41 pm
fact that there are a whole bunch of elitists out there. they're not ignoring trump but his supporters. >> it's at their own peril that huffington post is trying to ignore donald trump. he has tapped into the emotions, frustration and anger of americans. i agree with ben. for them to try to ignore him, he is only getting more media attention. he dominates the news anyway with his personality, whatever he does on his reality show. by him bringing immigration to the forefront on the national headlines, he is driving the political situation and you can't ignore it. >> i don't know how we take them seriously as a media/news organization if they don't listen to the polls. it's not about endorsing a particular candidate but listening to the people. watching the trend and reporting
1:42 pm
them. >> what you're supposed to do. folks want to hear what all the candidates have to say. listen, trump is in the lead. you can't ignore t he hit. he has a plan for what he wants to do, jobs, securing our nation financially, with economic jobs for our individuals. when you listen to what he has to propose -- this is just an analysis, an observation for what he's proposing -- you can't ignore it. >> maybe at some point they blink one way or the other. until then, is this maybe a ploy also to get them in the news cycle? you get a lot of press. after all, we're talking about it. >> it was fine to have donald trump in the entertainment section when he was on reality tv. running for president isn't reality tv even though it may share an unfortunate number of aspects with that in the current cycle. i do want to take issue with the idea that trump is sort of a serious candidate when it comes to the policy side of things,
1:43 pm
supporting 11 to 12 million people. he has talked about the concept of ending birthright citizenship, take a constitutional amendment. just because he's a serious candidate who represents the serious frustrations of the american people, he has already contradicted his own policy when it comes to -- >> it's still early in the process. a whole lot of people haven't put anything out there. the last president that went with the catch phrase, hope and change. >> hope and change. >> we keep saying what all the candidates have to say and take them seriously to the point that it doesn't matter anymore. you guys are fantastic. appreciate it. thanks a lot. hillary clinton wants to help pay for school. now mark cuban is taking her plan to school.
1:44 pm
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1:47 pm
for the republicans trashing hillary clinton plan. mark cuban says clinton's plan could actually make students owe more money. jessica, $300 billion debt free and, of course, don't forget president obama's community college, $200 billion. half a trillion dollars comes from where? and why will that not be problematic? >> the $350 billion actually -- that's one of the reasons republicans don't like it. then it was brought up or introduced to anyone right now who is running, that really deals with the court issues of had an is a multitrillion dollar problem, the rising issue and crisis going on in this country. that's the issue we're talking about that's already over trillions of dollars with 8
1:48 pm
million students and it keeps continuing to get worse. >> here is the irony of that, though. president obama comes into office. he kicks out the middleman and says we don't need the middleman. all of a sudden, tuition sky rockets. to your point, the american public now -- there's $1.2 trillion that we're on the hook to taxpayers for almost $900 billion of that. isn't that the mistake that hillary is going to make? aren't we doubling down on the same kind of mistake? >> part of the problem is that tuitions continue to rise, particularly for state institutions. and because of what happened particularly under the first four years of the obama administration. it makes states buy in at a higher rate. that way, they're decompromising -- you're getting that cut where the federal government is not as much on the hook and then you're giving
1:49 pm
parents also more leeway in terms of cash credits. >> let's be honest about this, okay? again, by taking out the middleman and essentially making money free is the reason tuition has gone straight to the sky and a reason why kids have degrees in things that are not applicable in a modern day economy. this will make it worse beyond the fact that thinking you're going to tax one area of the economy and it won't have repercussi ons and ripples through. you're talking about more free money coming from somewhere else. >> i don't see how there's a correlation between free money and tuition going up. there's an issue of supply and demand. >> if it's free, there will be a lot of demand. if it's free -- if i'm some kid and somebody i never met, you're going to force them to go to college -- >> but it's not free.
1:50 pm
>> it will be free to me, the student. >> it's not free to the student, no. hillary clinton does not give away free college. >> it's not the kind of college plan that anybody watching this show had to >> want to graduate with $100,000 worth of debt they'll never be able to pay back and 8 million of them are defaulting already. >> i don't want so see them graduating with the sort of degrees that they can't get a job to pay back any of the debt. >> that's actual lit the opposite point mark cuban made. he said fewer are getting the liberal arts degrees they need which will be the death of the liberal arts college which is important to our future. not everybody can be an s.t.e.m. student. there are other things people can bring to the workforce. >> this next century will be the knowledge economy. let's face it. people got to have the right skills. even if you think someone else is palg for it don't make the wrong choice. we know this won't work. jessica we'll have you back real soon. scott walker and marco rubio
1:51 pm
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we have duelling gop plans on health care today from presidential candidate scott walk and marco rubio. to carl cameron to break it all down for us. carl. >> reporter: hi, charles. walker got knocked out of first place in iowa. so he's trying to torque up his rhetoric and acknowledge his midwestern low-key tone tends to get drowned out by trump is offering his plan to repeal and replace obama care. he took on both his image and gop colleagues today in washington. >> i may not be the flashiest of the folks. may not have the pizzazz of the people on east of the west coast but i hope you see in minnesota and across america i think like you think. i'm willing to stand up against everyone, including members of my own party. willing to stand up against anyone to get the job done.
1:55 pm
we're not intimidated. >> reporter: he would replace obama care with a variety of popular gop alternatives. tax credits for private health insurance. black aiding medicaid back to the states. allowing people to shop for insurance across state lines and save money. he would pay for it with medicaid savings, insurance tax reform and by eliminating trillions of dollars in taxes. louisiana governor bobby jindal trashed walker's plan today saying it embraces cradle to grave government held care coverage by tying it to medicare age instead of income. marco rubio, meanwhile, laid out his health care priorities in a "wall street journal" yesterday. he was at the iowa state fair today where it was raining and it shortened his appearance. >> we have to repeal and replace the health care law. we have to repeal it and replace it -- >> reporter: the problem for republicans is that they've tried more than 50 times to repeal the aford about care act in congress and had majorities in both houses at times and have been unable to do so.
1:56 pm
they hope with a republican president it will become more politically possible in 2017, charles. >> carl cameron, thank you very much. now we want deeper look into both plans. to betsy mccoin, no one does it better than you. you carve through these things. >> i have looked at most of the gop plans, even ones that haven't been announced yet. let me make it clear they all give tax breaks to people who don't get on the job coverage. they all free you from that one size fits all uncle sam designed plan. they all let you buy across state lines or not buy a plan at all. and they all protect people with pre-existing conditions through state high risk pools. so all of them offer those very important safeguards. kudos to washing for raising the issue of hillary clinton's health plan. because people forget it was so much more coercive than obama care. obama care is luring you with the fares and tv ads and minor
1:57 pm
penalties. >> the pajama boy? >> right. he didn't get me. but he's up there. but hillary said, you will sign up for this plan and you will pay for it or we will garnish your wages. you can't pay for medical care out of pocket. if it's covered by your plan. >> here's the thing, though, betsy. it's pretty clear president obama in his wildest dreams wanted a single payer european kind of style. he took this as far as he could. would hillary take us the rest of the way? >> oh, yes. her plan ace pointed out is far more coercive. it would even limit the kind of health care people could get paying for it themselves. she had an annual limit on how much health care the nation could consume and then hospitals had to start paying doctors and nurses. >> let's focus on these two. ru rubio's plan. >> it's a very sound plan. but he's inviting a lot of criticism from the democrats. they're already trying to bash republicans for changing medicare, when in fact if the truth comes out --
1:58 pm
>> granny off the cliff kind of thing? >> oh, yes. the democrats have already eviscerated medicare. they took the money out of medicare, robbing grandmother spread the wealth. they've imposed a bundling measure thawill make it so hard to get hips and knee replacements. they're pushing this end of life counselling so that seniors will end their lives early. they're even awarding bonus points to the hospitals that spend the least per senior. >> what about this criticism of walker by jindal? is there some validity to that? >> i don't think so. i thought walker's plan was very sound. >> what is it about his plan that is so distinctive than rubio's? >> there are very few differences between walker and rubio except that walker offers the tax break regardless of your income. and that's fair in a way because people who don't get their on the job coverage ought to be able to pay for it with pre-tax dollars, right? and on the other hand, rubio goes after this third rail of politics, changing medicare, which may invite prematurely a
1:59 pm
lot of unfair demagoguery from democrats. >> two things people liked with the president obama's plan. >> liked? >> i mean, the whole thing that you can't be penalized for pre-existing conditions. >> but very few people in the united states ever were. because the states had high risk pools. >> i've got that. but it's a good sound bite that was hard to argue against. >> and the republicans are offering those same protections. >> what about letting the kids stay on your coverage for a long time? >> you bet. every plan will have that. because that was very very popular. >> so can we turn this around, though? the big question is, repeal, replace. is it possible for the next president if republican to do all this? this big thing you carry around, is it possible? >> yes. this is not entrenched. remember, charles, only about 12 million people have signed up for obama care out of a nation of 313 million people. we can get rid of this and be free again. >> let go of an army of irs
2:00 pm
agents. thanks, betsy mccoin. catch my show tonight" make money" starts in one hour in fox business network. we'll talk about h 1 b visas and american jobs. right now, though, "the five" is next. hola, everyone. i'm greg gutfeld along with kimberly guilfoyle, want williams, jessie waters and a glass of alka seltzer. dana perino el cinco. she's using females to hide the e-mails. as a classified e-mail count explodes and hillary's poll number shrivel like a nude beach during a cold snap, all that's left is the sexist card. witness a new pro hillary mailing that states quote all 26 republican candidates have pledged to block access to health care, oppose equal pay for women, and have worked to restrict access to the ballot box." now, that's about as false as


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