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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 18, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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i'm shannon bream. good night from washington. "on the record" without any stinging tweets is next. donald trump fresh off jury duty and taking no prisoners. trump is blasting his critics who say his plan to get rid of citizenship for children born in the united states or anchor babies is unconstitutional. but the billionaire real estate mogul he is not backing down. here is what he just told bill o'reilly in an interview that you will see right after "on the record." >> when people are illegally in the country, they have to go. now, the god ones, and there are plenty of good ones, will work so it's expedited, we can expedite it where they come back in but they come back legally. bill, we have a country, you need borders and you need laws. we have no law. >> for decades i have been saying that but you are not going to be able to deport people who have american citizenship now and the federal courts will never
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lou mass deportations without due process for each and every one. and do you envision federal police kicking in the doors in barrows and putting families on a bus. do you envision that? >> bill, i don't think they have american citizenship. >> and joining us from g.o.p. alaska candidate sarah palin. >> good evening, how are you. >> let's start with donald trump's immigration plan. let me start first with a wall. he says he is going to build a wall and get mexico toe to pay for it is that possible? >> heck yeah, it's possible. his immigration policy and these common sense plans of his that most americans, i believe, have been thinking just not being able to say because we don't have a microphone like he does the immigration plan of his, especially the wall, that's common sense.
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a shots in the arm to constitutionalists and conservatives who want america to be put first by our leaders and really a shot across the bough to the other candidates because now they are going to have to explain why can't build a wall even though we have been saying it for years there in the political classes in d.c. we have been promising people a wall. now they are going to have to explain to people why they don't support the policies that mr. trump has come out with. >> all right. is it program though, are his policies somewhat incomplete and loot of the illegal immigration isn't coming in through that corridor or a lot of people who get visas to come to this country, stay in this country well past their visas, they overstay their visas. is he going to round those people up? what do we do about those people? >> he is talking big picture, of course, plus specifics, thankfully, more specifics than any other candidate by the way. it will be great to hear all 16, 17 of them rebuild their plans that would trump trump's. i think that's going to be tough to do though.
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but, when donald trump is talking about the um congratulation problems that we have today it, unviolating and incentivizing illegals to come over open borders and to be allowed to compete for or take american jobs and really disseminating the middle class, especially young black men, young hispanic men, where their unemployment rates are 30%, 40%. and cheap labor is going to make that even worse for them. donald trump is talking big picture here when we incentivise any people coming over any avenue, it sends the wrong message to illegals come on over. take illegalre rewarding action as their first step as they are on our land. how much sense does that make? he's to stop that and certainly send a message that america comes first. >> what do we do about the children? it has always been part of our country and constitution
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if you are born here in the united states you are a citizen. he is talking about changing that and there are some other g.o.p. candidates who said it's on the table that they would look at it i assume that this is a constitutional amendment going to the 14th constitution going back to 1868. laura ingraham told me just a few minutes ago in the green room that if you are an ambassador for another nation, there is a specific law that says your children born here are not citizens. i don't know if that's true. she says it can be done by statute. i don't know. the whole concept of people who are born here in the united states, do you support donald trump that they should not be allowed to be citizens or do you disagree? >> well, see and the argument about it's for the children will be used over and over again to kind of portray probably all republicans as being heartless. and nothing could be further from the truth. you know, a plank in our platform is pro-family and a family is a unit. and i believe what mr. trump and probably the other republican candidates, once they do come out with some kind of policy proposals, what they are saying is family is a unit.
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and if their parents broke the law and if they are here illegally, well, they need to get back in line and because family is a unit, greta, the family sticks together. and the kids have to get in line with their mom and dad. >> all right. i detect enthusiasm for donald trump from you. because you embrace many of the things that he said or maybe all of them. are you endorsing donald trump? >> i am so happy that he is running. here's the deal, greta. he is the best thing to happen to the political class since the beauty of the tea party genuine movement rose up and shined light on crony capitalism and pulled the rug right out from under status quo politicians who just kind of embrace that permanent political class. donald trump, he has got these joe six pack issues on his mind and he has got these joe six pack common sense solutions. he happens to be extremely successful and charismatic
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with a very large platform joe six pack. but amazing how it is that he is connecting with the people and what it is that we have been saying all along finally we have someone with the guts who isn't bought by anyone, he doesn't belong to anyone. he is his own man. is very independent. so i am very pleased that he is offering himself up in the name of service to our country. also, having that deep bench though on the republican side of this race is very valuable. it's healthy for the party, good debate. good competition is going to make this much harder. i'm glad they are all running. >> you didn't officially say you are endorsing him but you show a lot of enthusiasm at him. let me ask this sneaky question to see if i can get it out of you a different way. is there anybody else in that deep bench of 17 candidates who you have the same level of enthusiasm as you do for donald trump? >> you know what? i'm like i bet a whole other americans who are saying who is the least political and i
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will go down from there. donald trump, he is -- he is not a politician. dr. ben carson, a brilliant brilliant -- he is going to be great, too, in whatever role he plays in service to our country. he is not a politician. ted cruz is brilliant. these guys, they are great, really glad they are running, especially those who aren't part of that political class that got us into the mess that we're in and then kind of fake it that they are the ones who are going to get us out of the mess. you know, that's nonsensical. >> all right. i detect a little bit of sort of leaning over towards donald trump. you didn't say that specifically but maybe i will get it out of you next time. i don't know. anyway, governor, always nice to so you. >> you too, thank you. >> now, be sure to watch the rest of donald trump's interview with bill o'reilly. that's coming up right here at 8:00 p.m. eastern on the o'reilly factor. that's not over, presidential candidate still flocking to iowa. there is plenty more going
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on besides trump and friday food. "on the record" griff jenkins spoke to ohio governor john kasich and marco rubio. >> what are the voters saying to you and what's your message to them? >> well, i mean, i have been listening to people all over the country. lock, they are frustrated. they want to make sure that they have a job they can keep. if they lose it, they can get another one that can pay them a good chunk of money. they want their kids who have rung up college debts to get a job. the poor want to believe the system can work for them where they can raise not only themselves but their family. and, you know, for me, it's all about the record. people are skeptical of anybody in government and i don't blame them. but i have got a record that, you know, put together a team to be able to do big things like balancing the federal budget which hadn't been done since we walked on the moon and hasn't been done since. i was the chief architect of that. and the economy took off, went to ohio. we were really in bad shape up there. way in hole. now we are cutting taxes.
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up 350,000 jobs. i understand people's frustrations. i think they are also looking for solutions. and they are not looking for promises. they want to know if you say something is you can deliver on it and i think that record will really help me as i move forward. >> a lot of people talking about immigration. trump finally putting out a paper. what are your thoughts on his plan and you talked about this. >> i haven't read his plan. what i have seen from press reports is a couple ideas shares with multiple people. but most are really not something that i think has a chance to pass through congress. i too think we need to deal with immigration. starting with enforcing our imforeign relation laws better and bringing illegal immigration under control. once we have done that we have to modernize our system so that the people we allow to come in, come in on the basis of their skills their merit and not whether they have a relative living here alone. ultimately we have to deal with the fact that we have 12 or 13 million people in this country illegally. most of them have been here longer than a deck called. i think americans understand we are going to have to deal
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with that if they are criminals they can't stay, otherwise, they will have to go through a whole bunch of conditions to get a work permit. we can't do any of that until we first bring illegal um congratulation under control. that's the lesson from our effort the last couple of years. >> i have to point it out television, fine choice of a shirt today, sir. >> we must have the same tastes in clothes. >> good luck here. try not to eat too much of the pork and friday food. it will weigh you down. >> why would i try not to eat more of that. i'm at the iowa state fair. >> enjoy. greta, the sun has fox news channelly come out. the crowds were strong. for the establishment candidates both governor kasich and senator rubio drawing large crowds and talk to chet and cheryl of row did -- rodando, california. they politicians that have gotten something done and they can trust what they
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say. the record and experience helping both of those candidates out here at the iowa state fair. greta? griff, thank you. anthem for hillary. that's right. secretary of state hillary clinton is headed to the hamptons for vacation. before she pitches her beach umbrella she is facing brand new questions over her private email server. we are learning now that the it company that maintained her email account may have been run out of a lot of apartment with servers stored in bathrooms. can't make this stuff up. right? fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry was on the campaign trail today with secretary clinton. is he live in nevada. ed? >> >> good to see you, greta. you are right. we have been calling the company in colorado that handled hillary clinton's personal email account and they haven't gotten back to us yet as to whether this report is true that the daily mail is saying that where her information wound up would be away from her personal server into these other servers in denver as tech it company run out of a
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lot of apartment. the server is kept in a bathroom closet that obviously does not sound secure for a secretary of state. so i pressed hillary clinton at a news conference at a campaign event here in nevada about what is happening with this whole issue. she insisted there is nothing new here. this is just a process issue. that the intelligence agencies are fighting over what's classified, what's not. i pressed her though on whether she leaked classified information, she insisted that that hasn't been proven by anybody. she also pushed back when i pressed her on this report from nbc tonight that the fbi believes that someone tried to wipe the entire server clean and that none the less, the fbi believes they are going to be able to restore some of that data. we may get some of those emails that were deleted back. i pressed her on that subject on whether she personally wiped that serve iser. listen. >> fbi believes that you tried to wipe the entire server. did you try to wipe the entire -- so that there would be no email. no personal, no official, wipe the whole thing? >> well, my personal emails are my personal business,
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right? so we went through a painstaking process is and turned over 55,000 pages of anything we thought could be work-related. under the law, that decision is made by the official. i was the official. i made those decisions. >> now, notice she said at one point in that answer that we went through a painstaking process and then she went to i. republicans on the hill have been pressing and want to find out who is part of the we? who is part of that process? did they have security clearances when they were going through these emails which apparently hundreds of them may have had classified information. so that's one question moving forward. also, the question of where all this goes. fbi investigation that's having political damage for her but also could have legal damage, greta. >> ed, is the campaign the least bit disturbed by this at all when you talked to the lower level staff people who are hanging around? >> they insist that, you know, when you listen to her
4:14 pm
full story that, look, that she believes it wouldn't have been any different if she had had a state department email account, that either way there would have been an issue of classified information coming in or going out. they also insist that there were no classified markings. you have heard them say that there were no classified markings on these emails. so there was no way for her to know that it was classified or not. so they don't think that it's a big political issue or legal issue for them. as you know, in terms the politics, back in march at her news conference at the u.n., hillary clinton said there was no classified information there. she didn't say there was no markings, she said definitively there was no classified information. that clearly turns out to not be true if you listen to two independent inspectors general. and that's one big reason why she has a problem here. >> ed, thank you. and hillary clinton email scandal continues to swirl out of control, the criticism surrounding the former secretary of state is growing by the day. >> she need not blame house republicans for having her own personal server, for exclusively using private
4:15 pm
email. >> this is a self-created crisis by hillary. >> she can scream although wants about how it's just a matter of the right wing attacking her. no, this is about her violation of the law. >> it's pretty clear that she is from all reports that she has broken the law. >> this is where hillary clinton is her own worse enemy and acting as if she is this entitled, you know, i will make my own rules. the key point here is this could upend the entire campaign if you take down the big kahuna. >> if she knew it, she is illegal. if she didn't know it, she is incompetent. either way she is disqualified from being president of the united states. >> is secretary clinton turning into her own worst enemy? even the very liberal "the washington post" columnist eugene robinson is blasting her. writing a column calling clinton out she is lacking respect. only herself to blame. demanding that clinton admit she is wrong. explain why she deleted those emails from her server. and robinson caps it a
4:16 pm
demand that she apologize to the nation. ouch. the "on the record" political panel is here washington examiner susan father rich choo and from the hill kevin sirrer is >> the clinton campaign was add dam that this was something that didn't have legs. here we are several month out and new questions continue to come up. i think that the two points that i would raise is that when you look at that press conference today in which she dodged essentially some key questions, she is leaving the door open for more and more scrutiny and she is not, the second point i would raise, being able to talk about the issues. and meanwhile a socialist from vermont is surging ahead of her in new hampshire, bernie sanders. >> susan, what she said tonight is this personal emails are my personal business. but the problem is that she had that server at her house. that's not she gets to go
4:17 pm
through and figure out which once. that's the arrogance. the thing that's very disturbing for her tonight. >> in addition to that you say we are discovering more and more as we move along here. she is losing her big advantage. at the beginning of, this the outset, she had time on her side to put daylight between herself and this whole server scandal. but instead of going away. it's been oh we are learning new things every day that are more and more disturbing about the way she stored her emails and in somebody is' bathroom closet in colorado. now we are getting closer and closer really to prime time for the campaign season. she is going to be going before the panel and the house benghazi committee you in october. so this thing is going to drag out at least until the fall that would be the earliest it would go away. key primaries primaries in new hampshire and iowa. this could fall apart with bernie sanders nipping at
4:18 pm
heel. do you think hillary clinton can get the democratic nomination tweet yes or no using #greta. there is a donald trump ad. he seems to believe he has got the nomination and he is already going after secretary clinton. this is his ad today. >> ♪ it doesn't matter ♪ it doesn't matter. ♪ it doesn't matter ♪ what difference at this point does it make? >> he is going right at her. >> but i do think the way that he is doing it with a frankness and candidness is something that i think is the complete opposite of the political brand that hillary clinton has. and, again, i think it comes back to this what are the big ideas that hillary clinton is putting out and she hasn't been able to move beyond how her political narrative has been framed. >> we only have a few seconds left.
4:19 pm
the debbie wasserman schultz says they are limiting the debate. other democratic candidates sanders and o'malley mad there is so few debates. is the dnc extension of her campaign. >> at this point she has that healthy 30 point lead. they are still, i think, silently unified around hillary clinton as their candidate. if joe biden jumps into the race all this could change. they still feel like hillary clinton is the one to beat. 30 points in national polling over all these other candidates. i would say just right now she is safe for the time being and i agree with you on that. >> greta i asked o'malley that in iowa and he said yes. two bomb blasts caught in bangkok in two days. a massive manhunt underway. saint paul's very elite new england press school, the one secretary of state john kerry went to is drowning in tonight. is there a senior sex game and did it end in rape? that trial is next. ♪
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wildfires out west so out of control that now the military is being called in. nearly 100 fires burning in seven states and whopping 1.1 million acres. how out of control? how dangerous? 25,000 firefighters are not enough to battle those devastating blazes. fox seattle steve higgins is live in washington where one of the biggest fires is burning. steve, tell me what's going on there. >> >> well, greta, we are talking more than is 100,000 acres in the fires that all surround the valley. dozens and dozens of homes have burned to the ground. we're talking also hundreds of firefighters on the ground and in the sky trying to get a handle, trying to get containment lines around these numerous fire lines. lightning is likely the
4:24 pm
cause of most of these fires. now, this 2015 would be the first time in almost 10 years that soldiers, u.s. soldiers will be brought in to help these wild land firefighters come later this week on thursday, 200 soldiers from nearby joint base louis mccord should arrive. they're going to be sent up for some training and then sent out on to the front lines to try to get a hold on these fire lines. now, there have been reports of looting. we just learned today that a couple of properties were looted by people who were breaking through the evacuation lines and burglarizing homes. i learned today that the sheriff's office tells me that one group of firefighters were actually starting to bring some fire protection to one of the structures. they interrupted a burglary in progress. crooks took off and police were not able to find them. these fires are happening in a small town around chelan in central washington. it's a big tourist attraction from folks from the pacific northwest and through most of the west. this is -- these fires have
4:25 pm
been pumping smoke and soot into the sky. that soot is forcing tourists to flee with their big bucks. i spoke with a fisherman guide who had a week packed full of reservations of people coming in to spend time on the lake, to throw their lawn into the water to get their fish out. he has lost every single booking for the rest of his week. hundreds of people are still under evacuation notices. today the wind has been calm but that's expected to change later this week. >> i know it's been bad in alaska i saw it myself a short time ago and it's bad in california as well right now. steve, thank you. entire land is on edge tonight after second bomb blasted in the streets of bangkok. this coming as a massive manhunt is underway. police are looking for this man wearing a yellow shirt. they are confident he is the bomber in the first bombing where 20 people were killed and more than 100 injured when an explosion ripped through a popular hindu shrine. steven is the reporter in
4:26 pm
bangkok. tell me about what the manhunt and what police are saying about these bombings? >> they are saying the bombings are related. the second bombing, a pipe bomb, similar electronic components were used. and the manhunt, they are continuing for the looking for the man in the yellow shirt. they are saying he is not a thai national. >> what is the motive? you say he is not a thai national. who is he? do they know who he is and what is the motive for this? >> they don't know the motive as of yet. possibly terrorism. there is rumors that it could be related to the uighur incident where they repatrioted 109 uighurs back to china. >> but when they did that, with the uighurs was that recently or. >> it was recently. >> okay. all right now, is this man in the yellow shirt thought to be a uighur?
4:27 pm
>> they don't know. they don't know yet. >> there are no threats. they didn't call in a bomb? there is no notice, anything. we just have a if yellow man in a shirt known to have caused the first bombing with a number of people killed. but as to the second one they don't know if he was part of the second one except if it was the same bomb; is that correct? >> that is correct. >> and i assume that the city is on very high alert. fearing that there might be a third coming along. >> absolutely. checkpoints all over the city. >> steven, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> and one of the most elite prep schools in the nation, the one secretary of state john kerry attendside now embroiled in an allegation of rape. the trial putting spotlight on an alleged game by senior boys to prey on younger girls. we are live in new hampshire next.
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you freak out. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? hey insurance companies, news flash. nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. an elite new england prep school is drowning in scandal tonight. accused of raping a 15-year-old freshman in what one students are calling senior sleuth. dale henson is live in manchester. dale, what are the facts of this case. i you know it's just got started but tell me about this. >> well, the story is that school has a senior sleuth. can be explained as something as kissing or maybe a little petting or might go as far as sexual intercourse. and it's something that the seniors do that they keep
4:32 pm
score and compete to see who can score the most and this was allegedly a student who was a senior owen labrie. and he had picked out the girl for his senior salute a freshman. she says she resisted him. his lawyer he went through two first now he has hired jay carney who represented whitey bulger. jay carney said today the girl was really willing for the whole thing and that they didn't even go all the way we are looking forward to cross-examining her and listening to her testify. her name is being used although the media has decided not to use it but it's being said in court. >> we just have 30 seconds left. i'm curious is that after this encounter, there wases a series of texts that went back and forth between the
4:33 pm
two of them is there any indication that there was a suggestion of force in those texts, not even force but there was sex against her will in those texts? >> well, the texts, depending on whether you are the prosecutor or the defense attorney, the defense attorney says that she showed that she was a willing participant. that she wasn't upset about anything. she was legally more upset about losing an earring than she was about anything else. the prosecution says that she just kind of didn't know what to do and what to say and kids say stupid things when they're put in a situation in which they are uncomfortable. >> dale, i hope you will come back and join us as this trial proceeds. thank you. and the "on the record" legal spaniel here. former homicide detective and criminal defense attorney ted williams and former prosecutor katie phang. katie, at least is far this looks like a he said, she said, which is a very
4:34 pm
difficult case for any jury. >> the burden of proof is going to be on the prosecution to prove 10 charges that have been brought against owen labrie, this kid graduated and got accepted into the harvard. the school he attends is $58,000 a year greta and ted to go to school for tuition, room, and board. i don't know if the parents of these kids know that the senior salute requirement is to bed as many young girls as you can owen labrie got the rectors award for, quote: selfless devotion to school activities. i'm curious whether the selfless devotion to the senior salute is what it seemed like to me. >> i guess sort of divinity student there or at least he has been accepted to harvard divinity school he has delayed it a year. parents divorced sitting at two different sides of the courtroom as he is sitting is on trial for rape. >> the sad commentary about this is this is going to boil down to who you believe. as a matter of fact, the last words that the prosecutor used was that you -- if you believe -- who do you believe this girl and
4:35 pm
the defense is saying you have got to believe -- plain words what we had is this prestigious high school where labrie, where you had john kerry, the secretary of state attended. you had gary tradieux, fbi robert muriel attended this high school. but the bottom line is the girl did not come forward right away. this is not going to be. >> which doesn't mean -- lots of time people don't come forward, especially a young girl. >> i'm not accusing her. >> i you understand that. but that's something that the jury is going to have to sort out is -- >> -- there is not a lot of physical evidence, also. >> you know, katie, this senior salute thing, you know, listen, where is the university? i realize that the school wasn't on the roof top that night. but what in the world is going on at this very elite prep school that apparently this has become a tradition, some sort of where they kiss
4:36 pm
or bed or whatever they do. it's not like i would assume it's not -- i assume this activity is known to be the administration. >> oh, not only is it known but apparently the tradition that's been recognized and passed down from year to year. i think it's highlighting a problem that's happening at this particular school. so it does lend itself to ask is there any liability that the school is facing for having knowledge that this type of stuff goes on and really, you know, labrie used the computer to be able to induce this girl to meet him on the top of the science building when this whole rape allegedly occurred. so there is a lot of things that went into the whole planning of what happened it's a he said, she said event and see what the evidence turns out to be. >> i should say the school denies the event takes place. note i said it's a student tradition. school denies they didn't know anything about it. >> when these guys had some kind of a physical contact with these girls, they marked a certain area.
4:37 pm
and it's my understanding that the school continued to paint over that area. and, also, labrie has said that the school has somewhat knew about this. the school could have some liability in this. >> the trial just got started and we haven't heard the evidence and these are very young people and involved in a very serious matter. both the young woman and a young man. >> absolutely. katie, ted, thank you. former secretary of state hillary clinton deleted 3 thousand emails from her private server that she said were personal. are they really gone forever? "on the record" investigates that. big news in the search for rosie o'donnell's missing daughter. we have a live report coming up. introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months.
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what about obamacare. wisconsin governor scott walker has a plan. it calls for repeal and replace. >> we have a plan that's simple to begin with. it's as simple as. this it starts out with the premise that on my very first day as president of the united states, i will send legislation to the
4:42 pm
congress to once and for all repeal obamacare entirely. [ applause ] >> so what is the governor's plan? instead the presidential candidate wants to lower the cost by reducing regulation and providing tax credit to offset the cost of private plan and allow people to shop for plans across state lines. governor walker will go "on the record" to tell you more about his plan tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. make sure you are here. and the fbi now has its hands on hillary clinton's private email server. they are scouring the device for traces of classified information. but as secretary clinton has admitted she deliberately deleted over 30,000 messages she deemed private. are those 30,000 email messages really gone forever? well the fbi now says they are confident they can recover at least some of those files. how does that work? expert david kennedy joins us. that's news tonight. the fbi says they think they can recover some deleted. is would you expect them to recover all or most?
4:43 pm
>> greta, first of all great to see you again as well. the fbi have a practice called forensics analysis which looks at the hard drive. if you look at the hard drive think of it as a book it looks like a book, too. in a book you have a table of contents which mark different pages where the information is at. same thing when you delete a file that table of contents is erased but the actual data itself is actually in the same location. but it's marked to be overwritten. what can happen what you can do is you can look at that whole hard drive and you can say okay, what data is actually still inside of that hard drive and can we recover it? so you can probably get a good percentage, if it wasn't overwritten a long time ago. so it is a good chance you can uncover some of the data. >> i take it that there is different types -- i mean different quality of deletions. if i hit my delete button that's meaningless. >> that's right. >> it really matters whether it's professionally deleted or not. we don't really know -- we don't know if this was professionally deleted. we know her server was with a private organization. is that a fair description
4:44 pm
of it. >> that's dislul correct. you have hit it spot on. hit sectors in the hard drive erase for a long time. if she used any secure deletion software that goes through and wipes the hard drive that would actually be gone forever. that'sing definitely something the fbi is going to take a look at. >> you can explain this to me? i understand the server was at her house. now i you hear it's in some colorado bathroom closet. where is it? where is likely -- do serve isers physically get moved to these places and then i read in other places with where that the lawyer for the place in colorado said that some of the emails had migrated to other places. help me out with this. so, you know, when you initially set up a mail server to handle email, normally it's in a personal environment. as hillary probably grew in the amount of responsibility in email she had. she probably needed an upgrade. she would move that to somewhere else that could at least facilitate that type of infrastructure. as she kind of grew and moved, she probably had them in a few different places to handle those types of email loads that he she was receiving when she was in
4:45 pm
charge there. so, you know, it's definitely possible that it could be a few different places or locations. and to put in the point it might have been somewhere else she might have used cloud based services which put email in larger infrastructures that can support that type of email. >> i guess i would think that the basement at her chappaqua house secret service would be better than someone's bathroom closet in colorado. all right. suppose i have 200,000 emails can't i you have a server in my home to support that. >> absolutely. that's what doesn't make sense about this whole story. if you look at the email it's not like she is running a full corporation and business where she gets hundreds of thousands of emails a day and require server firms and massive data serve isers. this is email infrastructure that supported her, her campaign, you know, folks that were on her staff. it wasn't a full fledged business so she wouldn't really need a large infrastructure to support this so it's definitely peculiar. >> we will continue to dig into this. >> thanks, greta. >> at this hour, a huge update in the desperate
4:46 pm
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this is a fox news alert. desperate search for daughter of actress/comedian rosie o'donnell. cankatrina joins me. what's the latest. >> she has been found alive and well along with her therapy dogging bear. good news. found in the shore region of new jersey. she is currently in police custody. rosy took to twitter to thank the public for outcry and support in trying to locate the missing girl. >> the report early was that she left about a week ago and had no money and no telephone. what's she been doing for a week? any information? >> that's true so rosy today went public and said she has been missing since august 119. the family reported her missing on august 16th.
4:51 pm
the main concern here is her mental illness. she suffers from a disorder. she hadn't been taking her medication. the family was really concerned that she needed medical attention. the police, when we initially spoke to them over at hollywood they said they weren't too concerned and they were handling more as a run away situation. however, the situation is of course real severe. you know, given the recent events with her paternal mother coming forward and speaking out mere months ago and saying that rosie o'donnell adopted her illegally, this story has a lot of interest again. you know, a lot of speculation was maybe she was heading to see her birth mother. in fact, the one indiana spoke out today saying that she spoke to her only three days ago. when she toke to her chelsea asked her where she was living and she was interested in coming to see her. >> katrienna, thank you. at least the good thing is she is safe. thank you, katrina. a grand new greta podcast set to release today. i sat down with jetta huckabee the wife of mike huckabee find out who they
4:52 pm
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you got this. [ male announcer ] he doesn't need your help. until he does. three cylinders, 50 horsepower. go bold. go powerful. go gator. get ready to speed read the news. a sword turns table on robbers by pulling a sword. armed with a machete. the employee pulled out a huge blade of his own. the robbers saw the size of his weapon and took off without getting a cent. rescuers have now found all 534 bodies of those on board the airliner. searchers also found the plane's black boxes. the flight hope the black box will tell them why the
4:57 pm
plane went down in mountainous weather. poor weather has slowed down the recovery process. pitcher brian mitchell is doing well today. that's after last night's heart stopping moment on the baseball diamond. mitchell was hit in the face with a line drive. mitchell's pitch hit off the bat of batter. the ball coming right back at the pitcher at more than is 100 miles per hour. mitchell crumbled to the ground with blood pouring down his face. then taken to the hospital with a broken nose. the u.s. getting the royal treatment. britain's prince harry is coming to washington, d.c. in october. prince harry will attend a planning event for the 2016 invictus games which will take place next may in orlando. the games bring together wounded veterans from around the world to compete in olympic style sports. let's all go off-the-record. just a few days ago it was the 70th anniversary of japan announcing its surrender ending world war
4:58 pm
ii. when those heroes came home, local communities gave those heroes well-deserved parades it got me thinking about how important it is that we celebrate our military, tell them we appreciate them. and so over the fourth of july, i had a chance, i was part of the welcome ceremony for wounded vets and their spouses in ports as worth, alaska. they were a operation heal our patriots a samaritan's purse program spearheaded by reverend franklin graham. >> i think the word fun needs to be there too. when they get off the plane and the whole community comes out and they have got their flags and they are waving their flags welcoming these couples. many of the couples have told us when they came home they were on an ambulance flight. they went to germany and then they came to walter reid. they didn't have a parade or welcome party. this, for many of them is, kind of a welcome home ceremony that they didn't
4:59 pm
have. it's fun to seat young kids out there, the whole community cheering, shaking their hands, saying welcome to alaska. it warms your heart when you see the outpour of the community. >> yes, it was fun. and it was a fitting tribute. so tonight, a reminder to us all, if you have not had a parade or welcome ceremony to honor your hometown vets, it's not too late. do it. it means the world to our veterans and to their families. and it's a simple way to say thank you. and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. thanks for being with us. we will see you again tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. if you can't watch live, use your dvr. and you have been voting on twitter. do you think candidate hillary clinton can get, will get the democratic nomination? tweeting yes or no, using #greta. and check out those results right there at the bottom of your screen. can you still vote but take a look at what the results are now. make sure every night you watch "on the record" and you vote on our twitter poll. you don't have to follow me on twitter at the handle
5:00 pm
@greta. donald trump on the o'reilly factor. good night from washington, d.c. see you tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> i just ask god. give me strength. my baby was 7 years old. he wanted to be somebody. >> horrifying violent crime rising rapidly in cities run by liberal mayors and supervisors. there is a reason for that tonight, we will tell you what it is if it was classified information and stored as negligently as it was. there is no question it was. she will eventually be indicted. >> growing among democrats that hillary clinton will be be held legally responsible for the email mess. gutfeld and mcguirk have some thoughts. also ahead, bernie


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