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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 18, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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@greta. donald trump on the o'reilly factor. good night from washington, d.c. see you tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> i just ask god. give me strength. my baby was 7 years old. he wanted to be somebody. >> horrifying violent crime rising rapidly in cities run by liberal mayors and supervisors. there is a reason for that tonight, we will tell you what it is if it was classified information and stored as negligently as it was. there is no question it was. she will eventually be indicted. >> growing among democrats that hillary clinton will be be held legally responsible for the email mess. gutfeld and mcguirk have some thoughts. also ahead, bernie goldberg
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on the republican party. he says it's in trouble and the always understated donald trump will be here. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. is the american justice system on the verge of collapse? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. it is horrifying to watch. as a violent crime rate is skyrocketing in some places run by liberal politicians. that's because many on the left do not want to punish people, especially the poor, who commit crimes. they see those folks as victims of an oppression, ie america. so the u.s.a. is now on the verge of becoming south africa. as you may have heard, paralympic runner oscar pistorius is expected to be freed from prison this week after serving only 10 months
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for shooting and killing his girlfriend. in a bizarre trial pistorius was convicted of culpable homicide after he testified that he shot reva steenkamp in the bathroom of their home because thought she was a burglar. absurd and everybody watching the trial knows it the couple had been arguing. she was trying to break up with hum and ended up death. quite simply south africa should be ashamed. here in the united states the media is larging ignoring the rising stats on violent crime. in new york city run by liberal mayor bill de blasio, murders rupp by 9% in one year. rape up nearly 7%. in chicago, run by liberal mayor rahm immanuel, murder is up an astounding 22%. shooting incidents up more than 18%. criminal sexual assault up more than 6% in the windy city. in los angeles, where the city council is unbelievably left wing aggravated assault up more than 26% year to year.
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total violent crime. up more than 20%. that means thousands of innocent people are dying or being injured because of foolish public policy. here in new york, authorities now let i have a grans openly bother passers passersby and use the streets as bathroom and do whatever they want to do. traffic chokes the city. commuters can't even get into work sometime. the decline is stark and frightening and everybody knows it some of the chaos is coming from the top. as president obama's openly declared so-called nonviolent offenders should be given leniency by the criminal justice system. included in that nonviolent category, people who sell heroin, cocaine, crack, meth, folks who sell poison to kids. estimates are more than 70% of all the crime in this country is drug-related as is child abuse and neglect. yet, the pushers are nonviolent.
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on the border, things are even more intense. according to a texas department of public safety report, in five and a half years, criminal aliens in texas have been responsible for more than 600,000 individual crimes. that includes almost 3,000 homicides in texas alone. so you can see what's happening. in places where the left runs the show, americans are now being put in danger by lenient criminal justice policies. there is no doubt about it. when a society is fine with giving a man who kills his girlfriend 10 months in prison, you don't have a criminal justice system. when a society feels sorry for a heroin dealer, you have chaos. when a society refuses to incarcerate illegal aliens with aggravated felonies on their sheet, you have anarchy. talking points believes that if americans continue to elect far left individuals, the danger to every single
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one of us will soon reach critical mass. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction. with us the governor of new jersey chris christie is with us and running for president. the crime in camden is actually down. >> yes, sir. >> you cross the hudson river to here, it's up. why? >> it's the frustration that everybody feels watching what's going on in new york. but then look down in a place like camden. you know, bill, three years ago we fired the entire camden city police department because of the incompetence, the bloated union contracts and we brought in new police officers, 400 police officers for the same amount of money that we had 240 before. what's happened in three years with strict enforcement of the law through community policing, 61% decline in murder in the last three years in camden. this can be be done but you need to have leaders who are willing to step up, enforce the law. this starts at the top. you are right in the memo. this president encourages
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lawlessness. >> why? >> because certain laws he doesn't like. he doesn't like them, he doesn't enforce them. he doesn't like the marijuana laws in colorado. washington let's them go off and do what they want to do. you want to be a sanctuary city and not enforce the immigration laws no, problem. this starts at the top. we need a president who understands how to enforce the law. >> this is what i don't understand. the case that i just made in three minutes and 30 seconds is overwhelming. the stats are the stats. and people in chicago getting gunned down in the streets, 7-year-olds, right? yet, in california, they passed a proposition last year that let an unbelievable amount of criminals out and what's happened? crime has been up in san francisco and los angeles. every major city. so isn't it the fault of the people. the fault of the people themselves. >> ultimately if you are going to put liberals like bill de blasio in new york city. everyone of us has seen a decline in the quality of life in new york city. what you are seeing over in new jersey where you have
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someone like me as governor and some other cooperative mayors where we say you know what? safety on the streets matters. protecting the security and the safety of everyone, no matter where you live matters. and the only way -- we don't need new laws to do, this bill. just enforce the laws we have on the books. >> you need kate's law. you need indicate's law. >> i support kate's law. >> you need it because in texas 600,000 crimes committed by illegal aliens? 600,000? >> bill, if we didn't have sanctuary cities. >> absolutely. >> if we ha president that said we are going to defund these cities if they won't enforce the immigration law that. >> would help. >> they would be in jail already. >> if you have kate's law, authorities can go in and arrest on a warrant that you have been here illegally and put you away for five years. you don't need any other crime. just that crime. >> but you know that these folks are committing crimes over and over and over again and because of sanctuary cities. >> they can hide. >> that's right. we are not bringing them to justice. we are bringing people to justice in new jersey. that's what we need to do in
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america. >> one of the problems that you are going to have going forward is that the state of new jersey is 467th in the nation in economic growth. that's not good. >>. no let me tell you something you know what we were in i became governor? 50th. >> you moved up four in five and a half years. >> i have vetoed more tax uncreases than any other governor in america. >> is this your fault though. >> absolutely not. let's take what credit we have to give. 192,000 new private sector jobs in five and a half years since i have been governor. do you know now many net private sector jobs we had the 8 and a half years before i became governor zero. >> how are you going to stand up against kasich and walker. >> governor walker does not. we have created more jobs in new jersey by far. by far. >> wisconsin is in the 30's. >> secondly, the other way is, look at what we have done. what people are really frustrated about in america is government spending. i'm the governor in this race who has increased
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government spending in this case lower than the. governor kasich and governor bush during their time republican legislatures the amount of spending they did was double what they did in new jersey. >> the folk also have to see whether the money was well spent. i said that trump was good for the republican party because it brings attention to the robust debate that we are having, right or wrong? >> let's have a robust debate. >> am i right or wrong about trump? is he good for the g.o.p.? >> i think every one of those people on the stage is good for the g.o.p. you saw 10 people on that stage all which were making arguments. i don't think it's just about donald trump. >> you know the audience wouldn't have been in there if it wasn't for him. >> i don't know about that. >> oh, come on. >> i don't know about that bill. the country is very concerned. >> this country is angry. >> this president has been lawless and now he has got a secretary of state who, in my view, is ready to be investigated criminally. >> you are talking hillary? >> for what she has done. hillary clinton, absolutely right. >> she is in trouble. governor, a pleasure to have
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if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. double the cost of president bush the younger's library in dallas. mr. obama's building will be on the south side of chicago. i would like to see it on south dr. martin luther king drive which is known for violence and deprivation. a very bad place. the presidential library there could very well rehabilitate the entire
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neighborhood. joining us now from chicago dr. austin goals buy who teaches there. you are economist, doctor, $1 billion is an awful lot of money for a library, is it not? >> i agree. remember, that's for the foundation and the library. >> are we going to get into the foundation business again now? are we going to have zoom it around? >> two things happen. two things happen over time. one is congress has shifted how much of the money for these presidential library also come from the public and how much has to be raised directly it requires the former presidents to raise more money for themselves because the public is not providing the money. i think that's for good. i think that's for good. >> i you should know this and i don't. do you know how much money the taxpayers kick in towards the libraries? >> i don't know exactly. >> i should know it. >> it has been heavily reduced over time. >> i will find out. >> old style of the public. >> i will find out and i will give it in the mail segment tomorrow. okay.
5:15 pm
so, president obama wants a billion dollars, he sets up this foundation attached to the library and then he can fly around on private jets all over the world and do whatever he wants to do. it's the clinton model. you know what it is. >> i don't think that. i think if people want to give money more power to him. i don't care. i do care about where it is. i want it to be on this dr. martin luther king drive and i want it to be right in the middle of this horrible, horrible section of chicago because if it is, that whole section is going to be revitalized. am i wrong? >> i hope that's right. now, both -- they have narrowed it down to the south side and there is just two locations. and my impression is that the library committee, doing the decision, explicitly wanted economic development, poverty reduction component of the library. if it was on that side, it's the west side. there would be a good impact but over on the east side,
5:16 pm
too. >> no, no, no. it's got to be on the south side where all the gangs are right in the middle of the gang warfare because it will bring so much security in there and the people need to be relieved. i mean, it's like beirut down there. it's ridiculous. i think the president -- because i like his mentoring thing. i like the program. i have helped him with it i think if he does that and makes a tremendous statement and the billion, you know, look, if it's private money as i said, i don't care, i will will find out how much public money there is last word, doctor. >> look, i agree he with that think it's worth remembering that all presidents of either party when they get out of the home of current politics if they invest in things that are good for society, the societies estimation and approval rating of all presidents goes way up. >> sure. that will happen to barack obama, too. >> president obama may even bring you around, bill. >> if it doesn't, bill, library in kenya wouldn't be
5:17 pm
good. a little guest. >> fair analysis. >> thanks for helping us out. directly ahead. bernie goldberg says the republican party may be in trouble because of all the controversy, that trump is engendering. and then the man himself, donald trump will answer questions about his stern immigration proposals. those reports after these messages. some questions can't wait
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find new ways to save energy and money with pg&e's business energy check-up. weekdays with bernie segment tonight. last night i opined that the trump candidacy is good for the republican party because it brings other candidates' exposure, stimulates vibrant debate. talking points memo is posted on bill o' if you missed it. joining us now from north carolina is the man who disagrees with me somewhat with my analysis, bernie
5:21 pm
goldberg and you say? >> you say that i will tell you if trump is good for the republican party when you tell me what happens after trump. if he he doesn't get the nomination or if for whatever reason he decides to drop out o. you know, his supporters are very loyal to him and very protective of him. what happens if trump goes away? do they also go away? >> no, no, no. they will go over to cruz or carson. >> if they do, that's not good for the republican party. >> no, no, no. come on. >> wait a second -- >> -- if tomorrow trump decided he didn't want to do this anymore, his supporters would go to cruz or carson or one of the governors. i mean, there is not that big a gap. >> perhaps you let me make my point. >> oh. >> my second point was and if they don't -- by the way, some of them will go away. but if they don't go away and they hook up with with
5:22 pm
another candidate, like ted cruz, what happens if or when he doesn't get the nomination. do they take their ball and go home and is home where they are going to be. >> some of them. >> on election day? >> some of them will. >> and if they do, that's not good for the republican party. and, bill, it has happened before. >> it happened to mitt romney. >> mitt romney and john mccain, the true believers sat home didn't vote why do you care in the sense that -- >> -- why do i care? you asked me a question. i'm answering your question. >> you are saying that the republican party may lose votes because whoever gets nominated isn't donald trump. but whoever gets nominated, it's their responsibility to persuade americans that their way is best. all right. we can't be looking at that. we have got to let everything fly and trump has stimulated debate. he has given, what's the
5:23 pm
word sukor to those who are angry and they have a right to be angry. all right. and he is in that way he is positive. his weakness, and i will point that out to him as he comes on in a couple of minutes, is that some of his proposals are just not going to happen. go. >> okay. two points. one, if they sit home as they have in the past, because they are true believers, and if they think our guy didn't get it, the heck with all of you. because they make up the frustrated and fed up wing of the republican party. that will not be good for the republican party, again to answer your question. but, you said something else and i wanted to comment on. >> it's a responsibility of whoever it is -- >> -- the people, oh yeah. the responsibility of whoever it is. good luck with that because the true believers don't buy into that. you said he brought people. in you are absolutely right about that i wrote a piece on my website that went up today about this very point. donald trump says he is
5:24 pm
going to deport is 1 million illegal immigrants. that's never going to happen. but you know, those people you are talking about, bill, they don't care if it's ever going to happen. they like the fact -- they want to hear it. >> they want to hear it? >> donald trump says he is going to throw out the constitution which says that if you are born in this country, you are a u.s. citizen, that's never going to happen either. absent a constitutional amendment which will take 100 years. they don't care because they want to hear it. he says he is going to build a wall, is he is going to build a wall and the mexicans are going to pay for it, that's not going to happen either and they don't care. >> they don't care. >> you tell me bill, you tell me, bill. if he has got so many policies that aren't steeped in reality, and these are the people you are talking about who he has brought to the party, you think that's good for the republican party? because i'm not so sure. >> look, here is my take on this and i'm going to ask mr. trump all of the things that you just raised with the -- i you have already gone over -- i already told them mexico is not going to
5:25 pm
pay for the border. okay. americans are angry, all right? and they are angry on the left, too. that bernie sanders is never going to get elected? >> absolutely. >> bernie sanders wants to take your house in north carolina and miami, goldberg. you would be homeless after he got through with you. he is never going to get elected. is it wrong for people to like bernie sanders? no. is it wrong for people to like donald trump? no. that's the way they feel. this is a free country. let them vent. last word. >> absolutely. absolutely. it's not wrong for them to like him. the question was is it good -- did you forget the question you asked me is it bad. >> it's not bad for the republican party. >> it's not good if he helps elect hillary clinton. let me make one very quick point. like you, i know donald trump. i don't know him as well as you do. but i do know him, i have asked him very tough questions. and i have written about him sometimes less than flatteringly. he has been very kind and very civil in all instances.
5:26 pm
i like him. but i'm not sure the oval office is big enough for both donald and his massive ego. >> he will build a high rise on top of it and there will be more room. bernie goldberg, everybody. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. take a look at this video. teenage girl trying to run over other girls with her car. police know who she is, will not arrest her. jesse watters went to east st. louis to find out what's going on. also ahead, hillary clinton joking about her email problems. gutfeld and mcguirk on that. and we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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what the heck just happened segment tonight, there is a growing belief that hillary clinton may, may be criminally prosecute dollars in the email controversy. as you may know, she used her private server as secretary of state. classified material has surfaced even though mrs. clinton said she didn't have any classified material and she deleted more than 30,000 emails. that must have hurt her thumb. a few days ago in iowa, mrs. clinton said this: >> by the way, you may have seen that i recently launched a snap chat account [cheers] >> i love it. i love it. those messages disappear all by themselves. [ laughter ] >> i love the little. i love that i do. i think it was very
5:31 pm
effective and obviously a gest. >> do you think the fbi is going to bring charges -- fbi is investigating from their headquarters, very unusual. do you think they are going to bring charges? >> her servers are in the bathroom of a an apartment in colorado. this is insane. >> how do you know that? >> it was in the paper today. >> the paper? >> yes. i read it and i believe it. no it's true. >> i have to confirm. i have not confirmed it's in a bathroom in colorado. >> i'm telling you. by the way, she doesn't use snap chat her husband probably uses snap chat because the images disappear, it's true. you know it by the way, she should come up with other jokes like i just -- i just discovered netflix now i can blame other videos for acts of terror. >> do you think that joking about it was inappropriate? >> i think it's desperate.
5:32 pm
it's sad. she is in trouble and it's going to be over soon. >> who said this was a joyless and mertless campaign. that was millers, wasn't it? look, to greg's point, how does a 67-year-old lady discover snap chat while one of her top aides husband is anthony weiner. perhaps he turned her on to it, not bill clinton. despite her attempts to dismiss the email scandal, with the lame joke, this is definitely gallow humor. she is in big trouble. she is suppressing. cathy bates in the movie misery. barely underneath the surface she is going to explode. second time on the way to the white house and she is being thwarted. only term she may serve will be in a federal penitentiary. orange will be the new pants suit is what i'm saying to bill o'reilly. >> all right. there is all this speculation. is it legal has some actual legal stuff right after these two gentlemen. now, as everyone knows, we are a nation of zombies with
5:33 pm
the cell phones, people walking around, texting while they are driving. they are texting, mcguirk, while they are on the street. all right. according to the governor's highway safety association, pedestrian deaths are rising dramatically in this country, because people are just walking across the street with their cell phone and kaboom. there they go. and you say? >> i say this is a form of thinning the herd. darwinism. >> oh. >> i don't really feel sorry for these people because they're the same people who are texting and driving and putting other people's lives in danger. and they are not on their phone, you know, reading up on the iran deal or what the 14th amendment is. they are looking at snap chat at their girlfriend's bosoms or some stupid thing. >> do you know that for a fact? >> of course. snap chat is popular with young people and perverts. >> it's homicide by bosom. >> that's right. >> the sad irony is if you die while texting the last thought going through your head will be lol. that is tragic.
5:34 pm
i'm surprised that the numbers aren't higher that it is -- what is like 50% higher in pedestrian deaths since 2005? >> it's risen from zero to 4%. this is pedestrian deaths hit by cars or falling into the pit or snake gets you. >> the victim is a man -- you a man in his 40s. >> that's the average? >> that's the average. 70% of the victims are men. >> yeah. >> their only hope is to learn by walk into a lamp post or crazy homeless person. >> that happens. >> or ending up under a bus. >> there should be a law no texting when you are outside. how about that? >> all right. >> i ended up walking into strip clubs. >> fidel castro has that law. >> o'reilly's law. >> when we come right back, as i mentioned is it legal will weigh in on possible criminal charges against hillary clinton in a respon after that donald trump enters the no spin zone to talk about illegal immigration. that should be interesting and we'll be right back. became preposterously tall.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm boirlg. in the is it legal segment tonight. two very controversial topics, outrage just situation in illinois where a girl tried to hurt other girls with her car has not been arrested after months. but, first, as we have been discussing hillary clinton may face criminal charges down the road over the email
5:39 pm
deal. with us now kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. what is the likelihood? you are a former federal prosecutor, harvard law. >> oh, boy, wow. impressive. what is the likelihood of her being brought up on charges? >> huge likelihood. >> if you talk about obstruction of justice. then they have to show intent. otherwise, that she got. >> that's impossible. >> it is impossible unless other people come in. >> so obstruction of justice goes out. >> as a prosecutor, i always look for the felony first. that would be if she removed classified information knowingly. that would be a felony after three years. >> so in her 30,000 email deletion. >> yes. >> if there was some classified information deleted. >> yes. >> which the fbi might be able to find out. >> can show if they have her server, okay, that's a felony. >> that's a felony. three years. okay. but i would also go over parody. we also know general petraeus tried for a misdemeanor for just having classified information in an
5:40 pm
unauthorized place. >> he had it in his desk. >> she had in t. in a bathroom server. >> i would like for parody to the misdemeanor. >> in your opinion, you were a state prosecutor in california, is is the likelihood that she is charged? >> i think it's going to be very likely if in fact the fbi can get someone to cooperate with them and provide some of that nexus. >> you need a snitch. >> you that would definitely help the case. >> you they have have got to charge somebody else with a national security violation and hope they snitch on her. >> bring them in. >> they are never going to come over and do that. >> there is a tremendous amount of loyalty that buffers around the clintons. so they will try to protect her and insulate her from any liability especially since she is running for president of the united states. >> wait, wait, wiehl. she says it's a huge chance she is indicted. you say? >> i you think an indictment for sure. whether or not. >> for sure? >> we don't know that. >> so we have huge and for sure. all right. i mean, i just want you ladies on the record. >> the evidence, the amount
5:41 pm
of aconsume logs now whether or not she is actually going to be convicted, then that's another story. >> that doesn't matter. if she is charged, her campaign is done. >> right. >> over. >> look for a misdemeanor rather than a felony. >> it doesn't matter. >> it doesn't matter what it is. >> i'm saying from a prosecutorial point of view. >> you can't do that. >> this is a disturbing story that we have covered on is it legal before. a teenager in st. louis illinois who runs her car over some ever the girls she doesn't like. it's on video. everybody knows who did it the cops won't arrest her. so we sent watters to east st. louis to find out what the heck is going on. roll it. [shouting] >> east st. louis police tell me a feud fueled the rage that pushed a teenage girl to plow a car into the crowd. police believe the person behind the wheel was 18-year-old moeisha allen. >> this is the intersection where allen mowed down young ladies in her car and then
5:42 pm
fled. she sat large now. police can't seem to find her. maybe i can. >> we are looking for her. everyone is looking for her. apparently she is here. if you tell her tell her watters world is here to look for her, all right? >> what's she like as a person. >> she very wonderful person. >> are you worried about her? >> yeah. i'm worried about her. >> where does she stay? >> i'm not. >> did you tell her daughter to turn herself in. >> i haven't talked to my daughter how you can tell her to turn herself in when you haven't talked to her. >> does she have a phone? >> she doesn't have a phone. if my daughter did it, you know, it was wrong. >> what's really going on here? >> nobody is on the case. that's the problem. >> so the cops don't care? >> well, they should because this is a serious issue. >> i want to find out what's going on. everybody knows hot woman. >> one is on vacation. the other one is not answering questions. >> this is east st. louis cops? >> correct. one spoke, detective mccoy told the factor today that the 18-year-old suspect is still at large. we know that. >> can't find her? >> can't find her. tips on her. >> maybe she is will el
5:43 pm
chapo, wiehl. >> that would be a greatest escape. >> like they can't find this woman? they don't want to find her. >> this happened on june 27th. >> yeah. >> they did not put her picture out until july 10th. what? >> i hate to say this but it's absolutely true. if this woman had been white and hit the black girls with the car you know. >> sharpton would be out there. >> you know everybody would be out there. this is just about justice. >> she is a mother. she has a child. >> the state has to take this over. >> they have to take care of this. >> but the governor doesn't care. the governor of illinois. we are going to stay on it going to embarrass them. >> aggravated assault. hit and run. >> we are not convicting the girl. she should be arrested and have her day. >> absolutely. >> all right. ladies. donald trump. on deck, we will talk illegal immigration with him when we get back. eltzer heartbun reliefchews.
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they will follow mr. trump's antiimmigrant siren. joining us now from headquarters in new york city is mr. trump. the journal says you are killing
5:48 pm
the republican party over immigration. you say? >> we have to bring our country back. we are in big trouble. we are losing so much to so many and we have to bring our country back. we have at least 11 million illegals in the country not only the jobs they are taking but everything else. you know about the crime wave because i think probably nobody has covered the crime wave better than you. there is a literal crime wave going on. we have said last year $113 billion on illegal immigrants. we have to do something about it and we have to start by building a wall, a big beautiful powerful wall. it can have a gate. it can have a door. we'll let people in illegally but we have to stop what is happening to our country. >> i want to advance the dialogue. the strongest part of your immigration plan in my opinion is the wall. i think it is a doable thing.
5:49 pm
ru rudy giuliani came in and you can do it. i support the wall. we have to have mass deportations, that is not going to happen because the 14th amendment says if you are born here you are an american and you can't kick americans out. if you want to deport people here each and everyone are entitled to due process and it would take decades to do that and the courts would block you at every turn. you must go all that. >> i think you are wrong about the 14th amendment and the whole thing with anchor babies and the concept of anchor babies i don't think you are right about that. >> i can quote it. if you are born here you are an american. >> many lawyers are saying that's not the way it is in terms of this. what happens is they are in mexico and going to have a baby
5:50 pm
they move here and have the baby. they are saying it is not going to hold up in court. it will have to be tested but they say it will not hold up in court. regardless, when people are illegally in the country they have to go. the good ones will work so it is expedited, we can expedite it where they come back in. we have a country. you need borders and you need laws. we have no law. >> i have been saying that for decades but you are not going to be able to deport people who have american citizenship now and the federal courts will never allow mass deportations without due process for each and everyone. do you envision federal police kicking in the doors around the country dragging families out and putting them on a bus? do you envision that? >> i don't think they have american citizenship. if you speak to very good lawyers. i know some would disagree. many agree with me you will find
5:51 pm
they do not have american citizenship. we have to start a process where we take back our country. our country is going to hell. we have to start a process where we take back our country. >> there is a way to do it and that is to try to get the constitution amended. do you know how to do that? >> it's a long process and i think it would take too long. i would much rather find out whether or not anchor babies are actually citizens. >> why don't you test it out? why don't you have your guys file a federal suit now? >> that will happen, bill. >> "wall street journal" says in the fields of california there are food rotting because we can't get americans to go in at $17 an hour plus benefits and pick the fruit and pick the vegetables in california. you need the illegal labor in this. i don't think you need illegal labor. i think you need legal labor. i would make it much easier to get legal people in here to do that work if they want it.
5:52 pm
>> i agree with that. >> absolutely. >> the journal also says hispanic americans will turn away from the republican party in droves because of you even if you don't win they will hate the republican party. what do you say to that? >> in nevada they did a poll, i am leading in every state. in nevada i won the hispanic vote. i have been saying i'm going to win the hispanic vote. i am going to bring jobs back from china, from japan, from all of these places including mexico which is really taking advantage of the united states both on the border and from the standpoint of trade. i will be bringing jobs back. nobody else can do it like me. in the same poll they had me blowing away the competition when it comes to the economy which is a very big factor. >> now, you in order to be president are going to have to win over a sizable amount of the
5:53 pm
so-called independent voters re you know that, right? all the polls based on republican-leaning voters and now you will have to go out. are you going to modify it a little bit? are you going to go out with the scorch and burn tactics so far? >> if you look what happened with romney they say he didn't do well with hispanics. he didn't do well with republicans. they didn't go out and vote. they had no incentive to vote. if you look at the polls on me they have a great incentive to vote. i think they like me in a certain way which is nice. it is nice to be liked. they have a great incentive to vote for me because we are going to make america great again. romney never said that and unfortunately millions of people sat home and didn't vote. we are going to energize. that would have been a big difference.
5:54 pm
>> fair interview tonight? fair? >> say it again. >> was this interview fair? >> you're always fair. you are not going to whine about fox news now? o'reilly this, you're not going to do that right? >> i promise. i think you are terrific. >> don't think i'm terrific. don't think i'm terrific. that's not good for me. i'm worried if you are president i will get deported. that's what i'm worried about. >> we will try like hell to keep you hi here. you have always been fair. >> donald trump. factor tip of the day. i need some advice from you about an important subject. the tip moments away.
5:55 pm
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would you expect me to lose 25 pounds overnight? i'm taking it one cigarette at a time. that's how zonnic helps me quit. zonnic nicotine gum. every victory counts. i need your help in a moment. first the mail. i think your instincts about trump are correct. he will not damage the republicans anymore than boehner
5:57 pm
and mcconnell. i am sick of the decades old collusion between republicans and democrats in the media. they are clueless about the tsunami of rage building in this country. bill chapman, you are clearly promoting donald trump, one of the most liberal candidates in the race. i will no longer watch. dwight arrington, you came down hard for talking about enforcing immigration laws we already have. doesn't matter if kate's law is passed if it isn't enforced. the law mandates kate's law, prison terms and prosecution. anyone who fails to uphold the law will be charged. we got jessica's law passed and rape of children was no longer taken lightly in this country. same thing will happen with kate's law. bill, when will watters fill in for you again? friday. charlene, rock springs, wyoming.
5:58 pm
seems watters always picks women wearing low cut tops to interview. does he like that look? i think it is a coincidence. bill, can't tell you how much i appreciate your acknowledgment of police in the beginning of don't be a pin head show. i do that at every live show and i hope you liked the new material based on the presidential race so far. just five shows in the fall with charlotte sold out. st. louis 30 tickets remain. chicago south florida at the hard rock. vegas at caesar's palace. hazel, just signed up for premium membership. will make an excellent 50th anniversary gift for my husband. glad you're on board. the factor tip of the day last week i spent many, many hours in the atlantic ocean. i had to keep them from drowning
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always remember it. if i tell you you will forget. thanks for watching us tonight. please remember the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight the black lives matter movement takes on hillary clinton. as brand new video reveals tense moments between activists and the top democrat. it ends with them accusing her of, quote, blaming the victim. welcome to "the kelly file." last week hillary clinton took to new hampshire. at that forum leaders from black lives matter planned to confront her about her husband's role in the war on drugs, something the group blames for mass incarcerations of african-americans. but instead of confronting her publicly they did manage to get a private audience with clinton afterwards. now the group has


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