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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 19, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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spouses allegedly . >> welcome to "outnumbered." here is sandra smith, harris faulkner, and rachel duffy and today's one lucky guy, host of the greg gutfeld show, greg gutfeld is back. you are outnumbered. >> it feels great. >> the couch is more comfortable than what you sit in. do you fell comfortable? >> but it is white so i can make a messy. >> and all of the body bronzer you have on.
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>> these are not pants. >> welcome. she said her personal e-mails are her personal business and she did nothing wrong. hillary clinton defiant in the face of tough questions from reporters including our own ed henry. she brushed over the use of her private server use breaking secrets. clinton saying yesterday we would be having the same discussion even if she had used a government e-mail account. >> everybody is acting like this is the first time it happens. it happens all of the time. i can only tell you the state department has said over and over again we disagree. >> everybody else is doing it, ed henry, so why can't i. ed henry, are all of the cool kids doing this? >> reporter: you are right.
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what is interesting is she was telling me there and that was part of the exchange, this is routine, it happens all of the time. actually you can say independently objectively, no it doesn't. i am not aware of another cabinet secretary who had their own personal server at their house in new york or anywhere else. that is the 1st part that is not true. secondally, remember at the book end news conference in march at the united nations hillary clinton was saying there is no classified information on the server. two inspector generals are saying the may be. hundreds of e-mails with classified e-mails. in her defense she said there were no markings so she didn't know. that is raising questions about her judgment and if she is telling the truth and if she knew it was classified or not. this is going to come out in the fbi investigation. i pressed her about the server.
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there are reports the fbi believes someone tried to wipe the server of all data but they think they may uncover that and find the e-mails. >> did you wipe the server? >> i have no idea. >> you were in charge of it? did you wipe it? >> like with a cloth? no. >> you know how it works >> i don't know how it works digitally at all. ed, i know you want to make a point, and i can repeat what i have said. thank you all very much. no body talked to me about it other than you guys. >> you can see over the weekend she dismissed this as partisan politics but that is a harder case to make when it is an fbi investigation not just a republican investigation on the hill. the final point is hillary clinton you saw joking about snap chat and loving the messages disappear and joking about the fbi investigation and
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she tried it again yesterday in the exchain -- exchange to me saying i don wipe a server, what do you mean with a towel? there are democratic campaign donors and strategist saying why couldn't she answer that direction question. there is nervousness in the directic circle. >> i give you kudos because you are pressing her on the questions. her comedy stick is bombing. do you get the sense there is panic within her camp? >> reporter: i think worry and concern would be fair and they would reject panic. i remember when pressing on the e-mails and "the new york times" broke the story and they were dismissive and she is more dismissive and now they are pushing back and she is having news conferences. in fairness to her, remember
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where we started when i was chasing her with others and she went 28 days without taking a question about the e-mails, or the foundation, at least she is facing the music. the problem is when she faces the music the answers are not really adding up and that is not from me that is from some allies who are starting to scream what in the world is happening in the came campaign and that is why why we hear joe biden and maybe elizabeth warren. >> you are right. the more she talks the worse it gets. ed henry in vegas, have fun. greg, what did you think of her performance yesterday? >> unintentionally brilliant. it was fantastic. her campaign slogan has to be
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what difference does it make. when she walked away with hand in the air she is saying this is beneath me. she should not use humor to diffuse the situation. it is like a fish trying to serve a tennis ball. she should not be making jokes about wiping when you are hiding the server in a bathroom. if she is president, where is she going to keep the nuclear codes? in the vanity? in the medicine cabinet? she is in big trouble and painted herself into the a corner. she said it is no big deal. how do you apologize when you tell everyone you don't care. >> judge napolitano was on fox business outlining everything she did wrong from the way he handled the serve, turned it over, and now the way she is managing this. >> you walk out with our hands
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up saying what difference does it make. you are in prison jumpsuit orange. i am just calling it -- >> you are not picking the color wheel for her. >> i am not picking the color wheel obviously. someone is in charge of messaging. you had that job on campaign. is there no one she is listening to with regard to the media she had a missed opportunity with the first sit down with cnn. if that had been a hard hitting interview. i mean she was asked the question but she could handle them. if she had that she could have watched the the donations increased. >> when she raised her hand and said no body talks to me about
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it other than you guys. i not she was talking to fox news. no, that question came from a competing network that would usually shield her. she doesn't are the protection of the mainstream media she had. that is changing. i want to show the other side of the equation. we had a major hillary supporter on the fox business network. john mack, the former ceo of morgan stanley, the largest financial institutions in the world and made it clear he is a supporter of hillary clinton when asked if his support was waving in the e-mail scandal and said no and put it off at partisan politics. he is a major supporter and donor to the campaign. you notice how the big supporters and donors to her campaign are not wavering and that is important to point out. >> there is not a real threat on had left. she was wearing the black and
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white stripes the other day and in orange. she has bill clinton as her husband and this worked before. you wonder who is advising her? who is telling her what to say? it worked for her in the past but she is not bill clinton trying to deliver these lines. >> and that is the problem. bill clinton can get away with this because he has a likeability factor. it is not working for her. trey gowdy brought up a great point. if you don't want people to see your yoga schedule or wedding stuff you push delete. no body on the planet goes to the trouble of wiping off a server. it denies credibility. it is more than what difference does it make. this is a woman who put her own personal ambition ahead of national security and in the case of benghazi she was
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spinning and coming up with the video tape story instead of putting attention to saving people's life. >> greg, you kept your yoga schedule privately from me for years. >> it is hot yoga. if you want to see the videos go to my website. >> greg, she used to be a skilled politician back in the day. she was very good. i want to play krauthammer from last night. >> is that a band? a german metal band? >> listen. >> i am waiting for her to say at this point what difference does it make which is her stance and answer. when you think of this it enters the realm of farce. it is as if the answer to punchline of the joke, the answer to it in a closet, in a
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ba bathroom, in a loft in denver and the question is where are the highest secrets of the state department kept. >> richard nixon said wisomethi good. she said with a cloth? >> you would think she would be ready after seeing his swirling around her. and who actually did wipe the server? it wasn't her. somebody else did it. that means they had the chance to go through these e-mails and perhaps they were not allowed to see. whenever she talks. she is like a dmv clerk laughing at the line she caused. she is looking out there going ha you think this is a problem but i am behind here. i don't think she is that skillful and has never been that likable. >> it wasn't remotely presidential yesterday. >> she knows she has to keep it together. she is going to try get through iowa. she thinks she did well at the
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dinner joking. we will see how it goes. >> she is not put together well. her campaign is falling apart. it is like they didn't put together at the start. they should have had a professional put it together. >> it causes divorces, remember? >> candidate on the verge of collapse. another top senate democrat announcing he is against a nuclear deal with iran. why he won't vote for it and if the deal has a future. and hillary clinton may want to watch out for the donald. look at the new numbers and what they mean for the candidates. and after the show, catch more from the web. greg will tell you about his hot yoga class but he will demonstrate them. tweet us questions and comments and tell us what you want us to talk more about.
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new jersey's bob menendez announced he is going to reject
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ini the iran nuclear deal and explained why this morning: >> the purpose of the negotiation was to insure there was no pathway of iran getting nuclear weapons. this deal doesn't approve that. it preserves iran's nuclear structure so they can move in such direction at a time of their choosing. the question is does this put us in a better national security or not and i believe it doesn't. >> menendez is the second senate democratic to announce he will not approve the deal after chuck schumer. senator mcconnell acknowledged there are very new options besides blocking the deal after the ayatollah spoke out saying this is a hollow fantasy that it benefits them. even with schumer and menendez this might be tough. schumer said he is not going to
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caucus or whip anyone or try to bring friends along on the trail. and menendez might be damaged inside the party. >> it is weird we deal with ayatollahs. >> he is on twitter. >> i feel like a batman movie. this is less about iran but we don't trust the white house's ability to negotiate. maybe this is like the end of the cold war. but we look at obama and think we sent a swimmer to an mma fight. there is no way he is going to get a good deal and we are just skeptical. >> because of the bowe bergdahl case and such. >> he traded a squirt gun for five missiles. >> he and the white house have clashed on this. do you think this is brave of
9:19 am
him? sdwl >> he is the target of an investigation by the department of justice. i am not going to bore the viewers with the details and he knows he is being targeted and he knows this is standing out. he said bring it on. i think this is a bad deal. and there is a great piece that talks about the pressure being put on the democrats. are they going to chose the president or the nation? any democratic like gilagrand and others from new york should be kicked out of office if they block this deal because of loyalty. >> what about the enemies abroad? what do you think they see when they look at the situation with united states and iran?
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>> i think they see weakness and that is why everyone is worried this will lead to a nuclear arms race in the middle east. but senator menendez is being targeted. i think they are real thing against him. >> it is clear they are making it an issue. >> totally agree. but i think what he say in spanish is i think he has stuff -- it means you have a tail they could step on. he has stuff against him. >> so, it is me! >> he has stuff against him that they can use. and i think that the fact that he is coming out against this shows how strongly he feels about it. >> that is an interesting point. >> he mocked the president. he said hope is not national security strategy.
9:21 am
he feels very strongly. >> he was challenged after the speech about if the sanctions would stick if the deal doesn't go through. and thanks for coming clean on the tail. i didn't know. >> so i am watching the president recently say yes to arctic drilling. that last people of paper for shell to continue on with drilling and putting more oil in our hands. how does this play through with the iran deal? >> there is an easy answer that is denied by democrats. any time you increase our capacity to produce and possibly export oil in the united states you put us in a better position as far as national security. that is fact. when you look at the democrats coming, menendez and schumer,
9:22 am
democratic support is rising at this time still. we are pointing out menendez but that doesn't paint the broader picture. >> they are going to ram it through no matter what. it. >> we have to go. >> all of this whipping and ramming. >> hillary clinton in damage control mode and how her campaign is taking a page out of 2008 president obama's playbook to calm the democrats worried about her e-mail scandal. dropping poll numbers. and donald trump doubling down on the comments that ending birthright citizenship is the best way to fight the immigration crisis. trump's exchange with bill
9:23 am
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>> republican presidential candidate donald trump gaining syria's ground on hillary clinton in a new poll. the billionaire businessman within striking distance of mrs. clinton in a general election match up 51-45%. the double digit lead clinton held just one month ago and now he race and even more bad news for clinton, survey among all voters chose her favorability rating as their worst levels since 2001. this amid reports hillary's cabins in damage control mode telling jury supporters no bedwetting, the same don't panic mantra used by president obama in 2008. sounds to me like everyone is more and more worried by the day. >> trump was in striking
9:28 am
distance of hillary is a bit misogynist sick. change that terminology and telling somebody not to bed wet doesn't really help from my own personal experience. the point is i go back to the start of this campaign. she was never in good shape. the assumption that she is going to get the nomination a matter what meant she didn't have to try. she didn't have to do anything. she was hidden, happy and that is why now with all this happening she is reacting so a angrily and defiantly and unlikable day. >> we had to assume that. no one else was lined up. now at least there is talk. i mentioned earlier how she did in iowa of 2008. she came in third behind obama and john edwards. that is a sticking point. how did she do with that dinner when the joe bastardi and she was trying to make this go away, donors haven't walked away yet. the one thing they thought
9:29 am
they had to worry about was her personality. now they have something else. it gets complicated the joy was going to be hard enough to soften her up. was going on ellen degeneres. i want people to given credit, she might ask about that e-mail server and it might not be a joke. you don't know. a missed opportunity -- >> i want to get your response to this. james carville wrote a piece, correct the record about private e-mail use and lashing out at the washington post for writing the stories about a full-scale democratic freak out. the media frenzy surrounding hillary clinton's e-mail is bordering on ridiculous. in my life i have seen a lot of nervous democrats stories. i have been a democrat for some time. finding a nervous democrat is as hard as finding a drunk in the french quarter. >> we are looking at these poll numbers not just how hillary is doing but how hillary is doing next to
9:30 am
someone like donald trump. he said hillary could face 20 years in jail. that kind of audacity and bravado is what swept the obama into office and i think he truly understands there is charisma and all these things, going to force the other candidates to up their game and there's nobody on hillary's side forcing her to up her game in terms of likability. bernie sanders is as dull as she is and this competition is going to be good for the republicans in the long run. >> back to james carville is there another side to this? is it ridiculous how long this is going on and how fiercely the media is going after her? >> james carville, the clinton hatchet man for decades is not a credible surrogate. it is laughable what he is saying. you believe he will defend the clintons this is why she is felling. this playbook the clintons
9:31 am
says run have to the work. look at all the scandals, with james carville going out defending him. it has worked before and is not working now. >> how long is she lasting? >> i don't know the answer. i think it is serious, she is on the verge of collapse and there is panic and when you base your campaign on the notion that it is your turn it is bound to fail. >> inevitability. it doesn't work. meanwhile donald trump squaring off with bill o'reilly last night. did you see it? over the in-illegal immigration plan to limit a birthright citizenship. the law grants automatic citizenship to any child born in united states but from says it is the, quote, biggest magnet for illegal immigration and argues the constitutional clause that protects it would not hold up in court. watch. >> you are wrong about fourteenth amendment. the old thing would anchor
9:32 am
babies and the whole concept of bank babies i don't think you are right about that. >> you want me to quote the amendment? if you are born here you are an american, period. period. >> there are many lawyers saying that is not the way it is in terms of this. >> crunch numbers on the illegal immigration plan including deporting illegals and building a border wall, priced at $166 billion and that is a low end estimate but there was the raising of visa fees and other ideas donald trump rolled into this plan. i don't know if they looked at that. that that was just the cost to build the wall. that offsets that according to donald trump so what do you think? >> i thought anchor babies were when you had sex on a bus. could this be a giant plant for future president trump to deport barack obama? >> maybe. >> fourteenth amendment i
9:33 am
want to clear out, donald trump is calling for the end of the fourteenth amendment. there are some things we would want to keep. is included former slaves recently freed when the law was written, when the amendment was written and protect life, liberty or property without due process of law, denying any person, that can't happen. i didn't hear him say do away with the fourteenth amendment. >> i didn't hear that either and i hope bill o'reilly's volume is down on his tv because i will see him later on a factor but from his right when you talk about birthright citizenship portion of the fourteenth amendment that was added in 1968. southern states were trying to deny slaves at the time of lot of civil rights which is why it was put in. it was never intended to a bunch of latinos to flood over the border and have their babies here and have citizenship. the bigger picture, trump is putting a lot of established republicans on the defense saying we don't have a plan to stop illegal immigration.
9:34 am
they are coming and hinged on national television. trump is making a very good point, tough to negate. >> we will break into this conversation. long time sentiment for subway sandwich stores. this is the u.s. attorney talking about the case against him. jerrod vogel has taken a plea deal and this is against allegations he paid for sexual acts with minors and receive child pornography in a case that destroyed his career. details coming in on what this could look like. the government has agreed, you'll get prison a matter what, the government has agreed we won't ask for more than 12-1/2 years and his defense team has said they won't ask for fewer than 15 years as part of the deal and there is money as part of the deal too. he has agreed to pay $1.4 million in restitution to 14 minor victims who each will receive $100,000.
9:35 am
he will be required to register as a sex offender and undergo treatment for sexual disorders. the subway sandwich guy in the middle of this as a u.s. attorney giving all the details for this plea deal is playing out on but we wanted to show you in breaking news fashion what is happening right now with the story we covered on our network. the hackers of a website for cheaters now claiming they posted data stolen in a massive cyberattack on the parent company of adultery website-lead madison. do you think it will shame people into saying faithful? would you stay faithful to your spouse if you thought he or she would see your name on line? stay close. you do all this research on the perfect car. gas mileage, horsepower torque ratios. three spreadsheets later you finally bring home the one. then smash it into a tree. your insurance company's all too happy
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famous name in infidelity, its slowed in life is short, and an affair, the cheating website ashley madison. names of millions of users reportedly posted online according to wires, the leaked data in the pact includes customer names, log in details and e-mail addresses and what users were seeking on this site dating back to 2007. and at troy matteson's parent company didn't take down the side claiming the company uses fraudulent business practice announcing thd yourself here, prosecute them and claim damages and move on with your life, learn your lesson and make amends. you will get over it. will they get over it? there was really fear through a number of households and bedrooms. will this deters she in the future? >> not at all. if you are going to cheat you are going to cheat.
9:41 am
i have been covering this since the beginning on the fox business network and some salacious details out of the actual hack and details being revealed not just names and e-mails but that agees, it is very -- wired magazine is also doing extensive reporting on this story revealed when they got a look at the e-mail addresses, 15,000 of them were military addresses and >> i heard there was going to be correspondence between not just in teams and i like this or that but also actual correspondence between the two parties? >> actual correspondence? >> the people having the affair? >> for sure. >> that is scary for people
9:42 am
because -- >> remember -- >> a name on a website, season talking to each other. >> and when those things -- >> what they did when they met up and some of those things were not happening in your household and that takes into a new level. >> we saw that with governor sanford, the correspondence between him and that women. >> you said once on the five that monogamy is really hard but worth it. i remember having the discussion with you and before everyone starts to blow the they are not on this web site isn't everyone in a little danger by hackers nowadays? everything getting tax before you said i wasn't on that website we should all have things leak about us that could be embarrassing. >> what is way worse was packing of the federal government with all those secret files, the security clearance test, now you cross reference this if any of the moron ashley madison millions of people you could export.
9:43 am
this is a good time for someone named john smith. the issue is names like great gutfield where you can google me and there's only one and you can find out stuff but if your name is john smith and a fine you on ashley madison there are a thousand of them. >> they can match your address. >> change your name to john smith. that is the solution. >> a match your address. >> st. god i live in a trailer. >> just don't cheat. >> you make such a huge point that we are all open to this. anybody can hack if they want to and out of context we all have something we wish the public wouldn't read out of context. >> even in context. >> reporter: we find that
9:44 am
everybody is weird. suddenly we realize everybody has something odd in their background and. nacional they of forgiveness. i don't care what happened in your past. i don't care if you like to dress up. >> it goes beyond that on a serious note. it teaches a lesson how vulnerable we are to this. and it goes back to the old grateful thing, never say anything on papers that you wouldn't say to the person's face. >> we talk to each other and go to singles bars, who needs online? >> it benefits you. a major brawl between the st. louis rams and dallas cowboys and look at this. it got pretty ugly. fans almost caught up in the melee. it doesn't hurt the nfl's image about lack of control or is it boys are boys? pretty big boys. staying in rhythm...
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>> let's get to jenna lee with what is happening in
9:49 am
the second hour of happening now. >> donald trump's immigration policy getting a lot of attention with a proposal to deport illegal immigrants and a constitutional amendment that guarantees first right citizenship. a live report on that word from the white house the president is going to head to new orleans for the ten year anniversary of hurricane katrina. stocks taking a hit today, the dow is down 1%. you can see it trading lower. lot of concerns about the global economy. we will cover that top of the hour. >> looks like a memo. the nfl knocking off the fighting falling on deaf ears. the rams and cowboys had an epic at brawl during a joint practice. wasn't just two players. lots of guys on both sides went at it. it lasted for awhile and almost spilled into the stands.
9:50 am
cowboys receiver brian got popped in the face by a rams quarterback. the second year in a row cowboy players cracked with guys from another team joining -- bearing joint practice. this is an acceptable. can these teens be deported? >> going to a chicago girl, i am a sports girl and i watch hockey and hockey, this of happens all the time. why is it a bigger deal when it happens in the nfl? not like they're going after somebody else's teammate and injuring their quarterback or wide receiver. they are injuring each other. this is on the practice field. >> discussing this is happening in 2015 among these men. should they be arrested or deported? >> at least the list is getting longer. when you get to the point where you have the honor of the team putting that on youtube i will check that box. particularly with the dallas
9:51 am
cowboy is hasn't this been something they encourage? who knows? maybe he got a phone. >> what if this starts happening in the ballet? what if it spreads to the really important sport. >> if this happened, my father and -- my husband is a congressman, if this was in the house presented as i would be disappointed but we give strong buff guys, tell them to throw balls and tackle each other and get upset when they get in fights, keeps going or whatever happens. >> that kind of passion in the house of representatives. >> you want them -- my husband is a lumberjack. i think he will win. >> i love it. >> lumberjack? >> is this just another example of boys will be boys or is this some kind of disgusting trend that must stop? >> discussing trend. at first i thought it was
9:52 am
from the fight the other day, geraldo rivera threatening again, i don't care about the story that much. i can't get passionate about this one. i just don't care. football players getting violent on the field with each other is not exactly where harris hawk their busts in with the news alert. >> i tried to do it. >> you are training these very large muscular men to act aggressively, this is what happens. it is spillover. >> they want us to talk about how bad they are. that is why you saw it on video before the preseason with the dallas cowboys. they want you to see they are so aggressive they will fight each other. imagine what they will do on the football field. >> prevent them from injuring themselves which is a concern when these guys are paid millions of dollars. >> a few extra laps to get
9:53 am
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with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in. >> a new children's book is getting mixed reviews because of its intent to make kids fall asleep and fast. the author wrote, quote, the rat who wants to fall asleep with special techniques which he says will make young listeners relax and doze off in a matter of minutes like having the apparent yonne often aren't speak certain words in a calm and slow manner. reviews praised the book, one critic says it manipulates kids and many of the ideas behind it are sound but bedtime stories
9:58 am
are not to me about getting your child to, countless so with the textile and intentional quarter film references. i have kids, i read bedtime stories, the biggest complaint is i fall asleep. what is the danger? that parents will fall asleep or is this creepy? is this a great parenting tool? >> my parents would do the opposite, they would read me stephen king novels. this is not a problem. the problem is there are no parents around to read to these kids. thank god these people are reading to their children. that is the point of bedtime stories so they can go to sleep so you can get drunk. >> is in about getting them to sleep? bonding time where we encourage them to use theimagin? >> i think it is both the joy of your great storyteller and bonding time and if you read longer than 15 minutes it is no longer bonding time. they go out like a candle
9:59 am
light. after we would fall asleep she whispered words like powerful and smart and kind and love in our e years and i think that is a great idea. >> anytime you get a kid to read that is a good thing. i am not against it one bit because i read to her every -- read to her every night until she falls asleep and i have a 12 chapter books sitting next to her crib because i read that thing, not because she is at the comprehension level yet but it is for the direct purpose of listening to the words, the intonation. is all important. we just told that book. >> is it manipulative? >> isn't the whole point to get them to go to sleep? i want someone to read me this book so i can go to sleep and i saw you laugh when greg said so you can get drunk. >> i think it is good to have you been >> is great to be had is
10:00 am
>> people want you to tweet out a picture. your own personal business. see you this time tomorrow for more outnumbered and now on the web,, click the of the time tab because we are going on, happening now starts now.


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