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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  August 20, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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woman's obituary reading please do not vote for hillary clinton. she died of lung cancer last week and now it's going viral. she grew to dislike clinton after the handling of the 2012 benghazi attacks. that wraps it up for us. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> hi, friends. good morning. today is thursday the 20th of august, 2015. donald trump not letting the pc police get in his way. >> so you know what? give me a different term. what else would you like to say? >> [ inaudible ]. >> i'll use the word anchor baby. >> we've got all the highlights. that's not all. next on his list, jeb bush. >> meanwhile, since the e-mail scandal, hillary clinton's aides all have received new cell phones. so what is on the old cell phones?
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and there go the servers in this dramatic interpretation of what may have gone on. we're going to explain some crazy stuff that's gone on behind the scenes of the clinton campaign coming up. >> where did you get that video? >> "office space." >> oh, i didn't see that movie. >> it's good. >> really? how does it end? hey, kids, go pose by that buoy. oh, that's not a buoy. that's a bomb. the story behind that shot in just a moment, because mornings are better with friends. that was a picture of a boy and a buoy. no way i would have sat there. you don't see the word buoy spelled out enough, but we're going to tell you about what's going on. anna is filling in for elizabeth today. >> yeah, the girl between two boys. >> getting ready for your
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weekend marathon. ainslie, true you're going to be doing the news? >> very true. thank you, brian. let me tell you the headlines. there's chaos in the streets right how. new overnight, st. louis police launching tear gas into the crowds protesting after the black man was shot by police. take a listen. [ gunfire ] that's the tear gas. 18-year-old man was killed after police say he pulled a gun on officers. 150 people staging a protest immediately after throwing bricks and bottles at police. a vacant house set on fire, businesses burglarized during all those riots. at least nine people arrested. the wildfire spreading across the western u.s. now turning deadly. three firefighters killed in washington state. shifting winds caused the fire to change direction and taking them by surprise. four other firefighters injured, one of them critically this morning. all seven states affected,
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stretched thin, trying to fight the 100 or so fires burning now out of control. california's in the worst shape right behind washington state. the smoke even visible from space using nasa satellites. and a terrifying sight. crews scrambling to stop the earth from literally crumbling after a 17-foot-wide sink hole reopens in tampa, florida, in a suburb. two years ago in that same spot, the ground collapsed underneath a house and swallowed jeffrey bush while she was sleeping in his bedroom. he was only 36 years old, and his body was never found. >> bringing back bad memories. it's hard to believe it's happened again. i miss him a lot. that's the only reason i drive out here. i miss him h i love him. >> that's his brother. officials say the 20-foot-deep sink hole poses in danger. they believe recent heavy rains weakened the ground. crews are working to refill it.
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a british family thought their kids were posing with a buoy on a beach. turns out it's an active bomb. the children's parents say they were fascinated by the barnacles when the metal ball washed onshore. their 4-year-old son played around with it, touching it, knocking on it. the family says they're shocked to find out it was a united states mine bomb. and those are your headlines. very scary. back to you guys. >> just something else to worry about at the beach. >> right? sharks and alligators too apparently. >> now bombs. all right. thank you very much. ainslie just returned from the iowa state fair. all the candidates have been in iowa or will be there this weekend. last night a couple of them, in particular jeb bush and donald trump, did a couple town halls. it was donald trump's first. he said he had, i think, 2,500 people in attendance. meanwhile, 19 miles down the road in a town called miramac in new hampshire, there was jeb
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bush in front of 150 members of the vfw. >> donald trump says, i have an idea. i'm going to see if i can outdraw him. he certainly did. they were taking each other on. >> one thing trump said was, do you know what jeb bush's supports are doing right now? they're sleeping. let's take a listen to what both of the contenders have to say about one another. >> i have a proven conservative record. consistent proven conservative record. mr. trump doesn't have a proven conservative record. he was a democrat longer in the last decade than he was a republican. >> you know what's happening to jeb's crowd, as you know, right down the street? they're sleeping. they're sleeping now. jeb bush is a low-energy person. for him to get things done is hard. he's very low energy. he said the other day one of the dumber things i've heard ever in politics when talking about iraq. that we, the united states, he
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said, have to show them that we have skin in the game in order to go into iraq. we've lost $2 trillion, thousands of lives, wounded warriors who i love all over the place, and he's talking about we have to show them that we have skin in the game. between common core, his active love on immigration, and skin in the game with iraq, that's the third one we've now added, i don't see how he's electable. >> that hit on trump from bush is something that we're starting to see from a lot of the candidates. is he really even a republican? you go back to the fox news channel debate we had, and when they were asked if they would rule out a third-party run and donald trump, you know, he raised his hand and said, no, i'm not going to rule that out. >> trump has said over and over again he's evolved on issues. politico did a little math. they said if donald trump's plan was put into place on immigration, the total cost would be $166 billion.
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>> mean while, jeb was on with bill bennett yesterday. they were talking about donald trump's -- a component of donald trump's immigration plan would be, you know, to end birthright citizenship. there are in many instances women who get across the border, have their baby, and because they have the baby here in the united states, they're automatically, thanks to the 14th amendment which was designed to regard slavery, their children are americans. then they invariably wind up to stay here in this country. well, yesterday jeb made it very clear he likes parts of the 14th amendment. he does not want to ends birthright citizenship, but what he did say is if people do just that, if pregnant women come into the country just to have babies, it's got to be better enforced. >> yeah, enforced and find out their intention. for example, people come here, they'll get married, there will be a scam going on. they won't be truly in love like all of us.
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and they will just become citizens. meanwhile, donald trump brought that up with bill o'rielly. then the debate started about once you call these babies once they're here. is it derogatory to say anchor babies? so he used the term anchor baby. hillary fired back at him. i thought the give and take with donald trump -- >> hold on, how did hillary fire back? >> how did she fire back? through twitter. >> she did. there it is. she says this. jeb bush, they should just be called babies. i guess donald trump said the change was priceless on the same topic. what do you mean it's derogatory, a reporter said. what should we call it, donald trump said. just tell me what it is. by the way, in the end, he starts saying, i'm going to stick with anchor babies. listen. >> you said you have a big heart and that you're not mean
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spirited. are you aware the term anchor baby, that's an offensive term. people find that -- >> you mean it's not politically correct, and yet everybody uses it? give me a different term. what else would you like to say? >> [ inaudible ]. >> i'll use the word anchor baby. >> that political tough speak is what has made trump so popular. being politically correct is not something i'm going to try to be if you make me president. i'm going to make america great again. he goes on and on. >> so, you know, some of the political left say anchor babies is a derogatory term. mr. trump, who is not pc says he's going to continue to use it. what term would you used? e-mail us, facebook us. we're not going to say nine sentences. >> it's very complicated to describe the people who are taking advantage of us. >> because the baby born here is
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anchored here. >> anchors a whole family to the united states. anyway, let's talk a little bit about this. you know, the spin from the clinton campaign is just unbelievable. yesterday jennifer palmieri, who's a communications expert for hillary, said she probably didn't think this through very well because it didn't turn out to be a good thing to have this home server that was easily hackable. at first what hillary said, the idea was to say, well, i never got anything classified. then she back pedaled and said, okay, i never got anything that was marked classified. now, according to a conference call yesterday, they say, really, it's just a case of the intel community erring on the side of classification. they classified it afterwards, which is complete bs. but nonetheless, what they're doing is now throwing the intel community under the bus. >> so that's the latest e-mail spin from the clinton campaign. but also this, jim.
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don't call them criminals. campaign prefers to call them passive recipients of unwitting information that became classified. are you buying that? >> in other words, hillary clinton wound up getting information, this top-secret stuff, the classified stuff from state department people. you know, they just sent it her way. she didn't know that it was secret. come on, you can't blame her for that. >> so then they started looking. what are we going to do in terms of can the aides' e-mails be put into play? the judicial watch wants to know what the e-mails are about. they also want to be able to get these blackberries. number one, i thought it was fascinating that hillary clinton, a secretary of state who's never issued a blackberry -- >> she probably got hers at the
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kiosk at the mall. >> remember that clip we showed at the top of the hour here from "office space"? >> yeah. >> so evidently the aides handed in their blackberries, wiped them out first. seems as though, according to their spokesperson, they don't know what happened to them. really? they can't find them? i don't understand. they're outdated. they got rid of them. should we just get rid of the constitution because the paper is outdated? you're supposed to be keeping these for records. >> what about the church lady who said, isn't that convenient? >> so the blackberries are missing and the hard drive wiped clean. we've brought you up to date. now 13 minutes after the top of the hour, this. >> lawmakers just had another surprise inside the iranian nuclear deal. they get to pick their own inspectors. iranians inspectors inspecting the old iranian plants. how will members of congress feel about that? then, he says he quit the
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republican presidential front runner donald trump standing by his plan to end birthright citizenship here in the united states. can a proposal so controversial, some would say, get him elected? right now, the man who worked for donald trump, former senior campaign adviser roger stone. great to have you here. >> great to be here. >> you remain one of his most vocal supporters. why? >> i love this immigration plan. for example, it's exactly why trump is doing well. bold, forthright, and now out there it. i think some are misinterpreting the 14th amendment. trump is absolutely right. the social costs of all these illegal immigrants coming in and laying out anchor babies is financially unsustainable in the long term. >> sure. ultimately the 14th amendment was to help the slaves after the civil war. now it's being used in the fashion that it is. mr. trump said -- i believe i saw him somewhere on television last night, actually, in new
3:18 am
hampshire where he was talking about, you know, it's too complicated to change the constitution, so there are legal remedies. >> yeah, ann coulter has an excellent column on this. and she's got several chapters in her book about it. she's absolutely right and trump has grasped something important. it's not incidental that scott walker and ted cruz are now backing the trump position. although, in fairness to senator cruz, this has always been his position. this is at a minimum very good nomination politics, and trump will be prepared to fight it out in a general election. >> speaking of the general election, if it were donald trump versus hillary clinton, there's a brand new poll out that, you know, i'm sure the clinton campaign can't be happy about. she's losing ground. he's gaining ground. he's now just six points behind. i think that would be technically within the margin of error.
3:19 am
why is he surging? >> because people like blunt talk. they think we have a broken political system that has been broken by the career politicians. all of his opponents, with the exception of dr. carson and carly fiorina, are career politicians. beyond trump, they're the only other ones moving up. secondarily, it's trump's independence. you can't buy him. you can't bully him. you can't push him around. the lobbyists, the special pleaders, they would be in tough shape if trump became president. he really has the potential to bring real conservative reform. and has cared the ruling class to death. >> you watch the professional pundits and the people in washington, they talk about, you know, so he's surging right now, he'll flame out. why? >> those are the same people who said he would never run. those are the same people who said he would never file his financial disclosures, which he filed on time. it was jeb bush who filed for extensions. they're the ones who said he would fall flat on his face.
3:20 am
now he's soaring and he keeps getting better. i love his immigration plan. i can't wait to see his economic and job growth plan. his new book is now out in paperback. for those who say he has no plan, he has no substance, read his book. >> you sound like you're still working for him. >> well, i'm part of the movement. i'm not on his staff, but i'm 100% behind donald trump. >> all right. roger stone, pleasure. thank you very much. 20 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, there are more and more reports of drones getting in the way of airplanes, so here's a good idea. stop selling them at the airport. it's true. we're going to tell you about that. and the five body pains you should never, ever ignore. we'll tell you what they are. the doctor's got the information coming up.
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fox news alert now. north and south korea exchanging fire at the border as we speak. officials from the south saying a rocket was fired at one of their loud speakers that had been blaring anti-north propaganda. they responded by shooting dozens of shells across the border. and the arrest of an illegal wearing a scuba suit leads authorities to an elaborate underwater drug tunnel near the california-mexico border. the man was caught with 55 pounds of cocaine inside vacuum-sealed packages. and hamas claims they captured a dolphin spying for israel. the terror group claims the dolphin, like this one, had a remote control camera and a dart
3:25 am
gun. there you go. and there's the camera. all right. i'll look into that, flipper. 24 minutes after the hour. we've all had headaches or stomach aches, but the ailments we may consider to be minor could be signs something is far more serious with our health. here to reveal the five red flags we should not ignore is dr. kelly powers. first up, you say jaw pain. it's not something we ought to ignore because it could be a sign of a heart attack. >> absolutely. warning sign, huge red flag that your body is telling you. jaw pain, although it could be other things, related to dental pain or trauma, but if it comes with left arm pain or chest pain, don't ignore it. and family history plays a huge role. specifically, if it's moving around where you can't pinpoint where it is, and if it waxes and wanes. so strong and sharp, then dull. bring yourself to the er, get tested. >> okay. next up, morning headaches.
3:26 am
sometimes this happens to me if i haven't had my coffee. but this could be a sign of what? >> this could be a sign of a brain tumor. but they're very rare, good to know, does not occur often. however, this is not your, you know, had a couple doccocktailse night before headache. the keyword is chronic. >> what about leg pain? >> so posterior leg pain, and more specifically, unilateral, meaning unsided. if you have pain in your leg it could be a sign of a blood clot. they can be stationary. if they move and travel throughout the body, they can get lodged in the lung, heart, or brain and cause a stroke or death. it's important to get checked out. >> okay. next up, pins and needles. >> lower extremity, even in the hands. this could be a sign of diabetes. according to the american diabetes association, about 30 million people in the u.s. have
3:27 am
diabetes. according to the cdc, about 9 million of those are undiagnosed. if you have pins and needles, bring yourself to the pod yat rik surgeon, primary care, a quick test to get tested for diabetes. >> this isn't just if you've been sitting wrong on your legs. what about severe stomach aches? >> specifically in between the naval and the breastbone. if it's occurring in this area, this could be a sign of a gastric ulcer, especially if tough nausea in the morning. definitely bring yourself to the primary care physician. it's a good thing to get checked out. >> we don't want to ignore these five things. dr. powers, thank you so much. 27 minutes after the hour. up next, a mother's desperate 911 call when she comes face to face with a gunman at her front door. listen. >> you heard a shot being fired? hello, ma'am? >> hear how she saved her two
3:28 am
children. that's next. then, lawmakers just found another surprise inside the iran nuclear deal. iran gets to pick its own inspectors. how does that work? first, a big happy birthday to pop star demi lovato. she turns 23 today. padvil pm gives you the healingu at nsleep you need, it. helping you fall asleep and stay asleep so your body can heal as you rest. advil pm. for a healing night's sleep.
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prospered in the town ofe hattington.
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never flashy, he only made the classic bowler. then suddenly the day's trend became preposterously tall. his raymond james financial advisor reminded him that focusing on the long term is always fashionable. the fad was indeed a passing one. his patience paid off, allowing him to one-day hang up his hat with confidence. life well planned. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you. a fox news alert. police looking this morning for the gunman who shot a father trying to protect his wife and children from a violent home invasion. >> heather joins us live with terrifying details. >> terrifying to say the least. imagine this, coming home from a beach vacation and four teenagers are waiting to rob you. that's exactly what happened to
3:32 am
the lash family from atlanta. two teenagers approached michael and whitney lash. they were on their front porch. the teens apparently asked for a carjack while the other two teens were on the street. as the teens forced their way in, michael was shot twice in the leg trying to stop them. whitney called 911 while fleeing out of the back door with her baby in her arms and being shot at. >> we're being robbed at gunpoint. i just ran outside with my baby. there's a black young man at the front door. he just pulled a gun on my husband. >> go ahead and get the -- you heard the shots being fired? hello, ma'am? [ screaming ] >> michael needed emergency surgery. whitney and their 2-year-old son and infant daughter were luckily unharmed. all four of those teenagers are still on the run. surveillance video from a nearby business shows them walking
3:33 am
toward the home shortly before the attack. police officers releasing a sketch of one of the suspects who had a stud piercing between his eyes. a go fund me page to cover medical expenses for the lash family has raised more than $76,000 so far. michael, by the way, is expected to make a full recovery. back to you. >> happy to hear that. >> we played part of that 911 call leading up to the scream. we're going to play this in a while. you can hear the mother saying, not the baby, not the baby, don't shoot the baby. it is a terrible story. >> yeah. all right. we need to switch gears and hand it over to ainslie with the headlines. >> good morning. thank you. the latest shocker coming out of the iran nuke deal. tehran will now be sending in its own inspectors to investigate a suspected nuclear weapons facility. this is all part of a secret deal that was struck between
3:34 am
iran and the u.n. agency that normally carries out these inspections. this is likely to throw president obama's nuke deal into turmoil as he has claimed reliable inspections are key to trusting iran. caught on cam rarks the terrifying moment a burning barn in an amish farm village in maryland explodes. dozens run for cover. the blast happening while a firefighter sprayed a diesel tank with water to keep it cool. 70 amish joining firefighters to fight those flames. the barn was totally destroyed. amazingly, no one was hurt. three good samaritans coming to the rescue of a woman fighting off a burglar. >> sir, don't ever do that again. in the name of jesus, you don't have to do that. if you were to ask me for anything, i would have helped you. >> talking to the suspect there being held down was loading items into a car when a man tried to steal her purse and some donuts.
3:35 am
the three bystanders rushed over and held him until police could arrive. the woman was not injured. well, it's a problem airline pilots are dealing with all too often. >> about a mile back there was a drone flying just by the abandoned airport here. >> the port authority of new york and new jersey now begging the area's three major hubs to stop selling drones in their terminal shops at the airports. and those are your headlines. >> thank you. >> a little crazy they would do that. >> sell drones at gift shop? >> yeah, why not just rocket launchers. >> laser pointers too. all right. 25 minutes before the top of the hour. it's so far a nice day here in new york city. maria, i'm sure you're going to tell me there's wild weather out west and it's going to be a hot one. >> that's right. especially here in the
3:36 am
northeast, we're going to be looking at not just quiet weather conditions early this morning, but it's also muggy as you head out the door. we had a lot of cloud cover. we have a storm system approaching our area. parts of the northeast and across the mid-atlantic, you're going to be dealing with heavy storms rolling through. there's even the potential for some isolated severe weather. so of course we'll be watching for that. anywhere from virginia to parts of new york state. temperature-wise across the plains, it is very cool this morning. take a look at some of these numbers. in tulsa, oklahoma, currently it is 59 degrees. 55 in kansas city. you're in the 50s as well as you head farther north. look at rapid city, 47 degrees right now. so it actually feels a lot more like fall across parts of the plains, an area that's typically very hot this time of year. that's incredible to see. those temperatures will be rebounding. the plains widespread in the 80s. in minneapolis, only the middle 70s. along the east coast, temperatures staying on the toasty side. 80s and 90s forecast. quickly, tropical storm danny in the atlantic continuing to drift
3:37 am
westward. a lot of dry air in place around the storm. that's really helping to keep that intensity lower. it hasn't been intensifying rapidly. it could bring impacts to the caribbean into early next week. let's head back inside. >> all right, maria. thank you very much. meanwhile, 23 minutes before the top of the hour. in the fox lights, the new thriller "hitman" hits theaters tomorrow starring actor rupert friend who you might recognize from the "homeland" series. >> well, the 33-year-old british native has already made a name for himself on the small screen. now he's taken the silver screen by storm. an elite assassin, the perfect killing machine, nobody messes with agent 47.
3:38 am
the acclaimed video game now turn blockbuster, "agent 47" is the story of one genetically cloned hired gun and his latest mission to survive. the film stars open up on taking on such an epic action flick. >> how did you approach the whole thing? >> now people are more interested in feeling as real as possible. so as far as we're concerned, i think we all wanted for it to feel real and gritty and not batman from the '60s. >> mr. sanders, you're locked in here with me and you just brought me mine. >> because it evolved from a video game, the visual component is really important. you get some of the effects of the gunshots, for example.
3:39 am
you can feel the kind of video game qualities. >> were there certain aspects you had to honor for the video game? >> this feels like a world that's ever expanding. there was a game, then there was an iphone game, then there was a movie, then another iphone game. i feel like this is a world that keeps growing. >> see "hitman agent 47" in theaters tomorrow. >> so in that clip, the guy actually caught a bullet with his hand. >> yeah. >> a lot of matrix moments. >> and this is not based on a movie or a book. it's based on -- >> a video game. >> there you go. >> rated "m" for mature? >> thanks, guys. 21 minutes before the top of the hour. try to answer this question during the commercial break. if that's part of an airplane's door sitting on a golf course,
3:40 am
where's the rest of the plane? >> probably a hole in one. then, hillary clinton continues to down play her e-mail scandal. did you see this? >> what i did was legally permitted. everyone is acteding like this is the first time it's ever happened. it happens all the time. >> no, it doesn't. exposing hillary's deception next. when confronted by reporters yesterday about her ongoing e-mail scandal, hillary clinton had this to say. >> i -- i'm not -- you know, i have no idea. >> i haven't seen hillary awkwardly dance like that since -- well, since earlier this week. by the way, hillary, if you're trying to convince me of your innocence, you really picked the wrong outfit.
3:41 am
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visit to learn more. some quick headlines for you right now. blown to pieces in seconds. look at this. incredible surveillance video showing the moment a motel 6 is torn apart in a gas explosion. it happened in washington state. one person was injured. a criminal investigation is now under way. and golfers left shocked when they discovered that plane door apparently fell out of the sky, crashing on to a course in north carolina. the 15-inch panel door came off an american airlines plane carrying 146 people. as it approached charlotte douglas international airport. the panel apparently covers a hydraulic servicing area. american says it was not a flight safety issue. luckily it did not hit a golfer. now this -- >> you presume to criticize the
3:45 am
great oz! you ungrateful creatures. the great oz has spoken. pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. >> "the wizard of oz" is fiction, but this week something just happened in real life like that. >> personally, e-mails are my personal business. that decision is made by the official. i was the official. the facts are stubborn. what i did was legally permitted. everybody's acting like this is the first time it's ever happened. it happens all the time. >> really? fox news senior judicial analyst. some similarities here to pull away the curtain on hillary clinton's deceptions. first off on that, judge, on that statement alone, she said i'm the official, i choose what's personal and what should be turned over. >> she has the law in reverse. once she's out of the state
3:46 am
department, all the e-mails belong to the state department. they decide what's governmental, what they keep, and what's personal, which they give to her. she took all the e-mails herself and decided what was personal, deleted them, and gave what she wanted to the state department. that's clearly a violation of federal regulations and federal law. >> 34,000, they say, roughly, deleted. 55,000 she claimed yesterday. >> all 89,000 should have been the property and the possession of the federal government. >> who should be outraged by that besides the american people? investigators, the inspector general, the fbi? >> when the fbi is on your trail and there's evidence of you having destroyed evidence that animates them to pursue you more aggressively. she should know that. >> deception number two. the server was for convenience. >> this is the server she said was under lock and key and guarded by the secret service in her and her husband's home. now it turns out, you can't make this up, it was in the bathroom
3:47 am
of an apartment of a part-time employee of a denver computer service company. >> unguarded. >> unwatched and available for anybody that could get in there to assault it. >> we still don't know about that company, which has some legal problems. number three, tell me about this. she's permitted to store and wipe the server. >> absolutely, positively not. when she does that, she is destroying property that belongs to the federal government. >> but it's her personal server. >> that's a -- well, when she diverts e-mails from on to, she's stealing the government's property and taking it for her own. when she then destroys it and doesn't return it, that's another crime. >> all right. number four, the deception you point out, classified e-mails weren't routed to the server. >> that's profoundly rejected by the inspector general of the intelligence community and the inspector general of the state department who has said we found top-secret e-mails on her
3:48 am
server. she didn't wipe them clean. she didn't delete them. when she returned them, they were there. >> number five, she didn't sen or receive anything classified. nothing is marked classified. >> she's using her husband's technical use of words. when she says i didn't receive anything marked class if ied, it's not marked classified. it's marked top secret, secret, or confidential. if she says i didn't receive anything marked top secret, secret, or confidential, she's defying what the inspectors general told us. >> if worse comes to worst, she has her fall back. it was stripped of its classification, and that could have been done by someone else. >> the e-mail we're talk abouting is a satellite image of behavior in a foreign country and interceptions of conversations of foreign agents. how could that not be top secret? >> jennifer palmieri says, i've been exonerated by fox. the report that the original
3:49 am
e-mail request was because of the benghazi investigation. it didn't make any sense to me. does it make sense to you? >> it doesn't make any sense to me. not because she's our colleague but because she's intrepid. katherine has done extraordinary work in revealing the truth here. she's the clinton administration's nightmare. >> got you. judge, thanks a lot. >> thank you, brian. >> 11 minutes before the top of the hour. have you ever been told to do what you love? turns out that career advice, not so good. the tips you have never heard. that's coming up next. >> you always taught me that. >> i teach you so much. then, remember her, the former naacp leader who are lied about her race? now there's another one and it matters.
3:50 am
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3:51 am
and you may now be covered. contact your health plan for the latest information.
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3:53 am
hey everybody. let's get up. let's get moving. seven minutes before the top of the hour. have you ever been told to go the extra mile or find the job you love? what about this classic year advice always be the first to arrive and last to leave. advice like that isn't going to cut it. >> that's right anna. career coach and strategist joins us live now with advice on how to turn your mediocre job into something spectacular.
3:54 am
you've heard find the job you love and do it the rest of your life. >> that would be ideal. i say make the job you love and make it work for you. for instance, as an example here, if you -- if you were to go to -- if you want to grow your network, really excel, in terms of what it is you're going to be doing, you have to grow your network everywhere. most people's network consist of friends, family, coworkers. make it broad and diverse as you possibly can. >> you say do the job you want, not just the one you have. >> that's right. if you want to move up, be promoted, what you want to be able to do is take on the responsibilities of the job you want. demonstrate to management that you're somebody who can step in.
3:55 am
>> be a team player whether the copy machine is broken. if you don't have tasks on your plate, help someone else. >> i can't fix the copy machine. >> there's an expert that can do that for you. >> we haven't specialized ma many -- specialized in that, but you say be known. >> be moan for something. you're the go-to person for. make sure it's something you're good at and you really love. you get known, much more visibility and credibility in the company. >> then any time that issue comes up, the boss goes let's call anna. she's the expert at that. >> that's very true. opportunities come your way because your reputation is one that really grows. >> we need to plan ahead too, right?
3:56 am
manage our careers five, ten years ahead not just here and now? that's right. make yourself a business. think of where you want to be. location, pricing, products, place right. then you have a plan. it's the same for your career. if you don't have a plan, you're not going to succeed. figure out where you want to go and what you need. >> just make sure that your plan is in a place there are customers. say i want to be on a desert island. if there's no one to pay you, you're in trouble. >> it's called being realistic. one of the goals of a good plan is make sure it's realistic and obtainable. >> thank you. good advice. >> thank you. here's what's coming up. a massive jackpot found in florida. millions of dollars of gold coins found in shallow water. can the finders keep it?
3:57 am
we hear the plan of women being put on the front lines. what about women becoming navy s.e.a.l.s. is that a good idea? that debate is coming up. ♪ no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. mom, brian threw a ball in the house! i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands
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4:00 am
hello friends. good morning to you. today is thursday, 20th of august, 2015. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. donald trump started the conversation on anchor babies. he's under fire for using the term. listen. >> you know what, give me a different term. what else would you like to say? i'll use the word anchor baby. >> that's a mouthful. what term would you use? your ideas coming up. >> fantastic. remember her, the former naacp leader that lied about her race? she's got company.
4:01 am
tell you in a moment. >> that's right. >> that's white and right. >> take two. meanwhile, the republican presidential debate just got lip service. >> will i have a pigeon. >> i wanted regular potatoes. so did other people. >> you just froze a baby. you just froze a baby. >> the hilarious story behind the most be bizarre clip you'll see all day. lip sync kings are back. live from new york city, "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ is that cat real? >> it's grumpy cat. haven't you seen grumpy cat?
4:02 am
we are asking for your rival grumpy cat photos. they don't have to be cats. any pets. send us your pictures. >> there is a dog out there now they're referring to as grumpy dog. we'll talk to the owner about grumpy dog and so much more. that's a pretty grumpy dog. >> people say when i'm not smiling i look grumpy. my face looks like this. >> you know who's never in a good mood? ainsley. you don't have a frown. >> it hurts. let me tell you what you missed. chaos on the streets. police in st. louis launching tear gas onto the crowds protesting after a black man was shot by police. look at this.
4:03 am
[ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> an 818-year-old was killed after police say he pulled a gung gun on them. at least nine are under arrest. wildfires turning deadly out west. three firefighters killed in washington state because shifting winds changed direction. the firefighters were unfortunately take opinion by surprise. four firefighters injured this morning, one critically. california in the worst state behind washington. the smoke is visible from space using nasa satellite. unbelievable. and the nuclear deal. teheran will send their own investigators. this is a secret deal struck between the u.n. agency that usually carries out the
4:04 am
inspections. this is likely to turn obama's deal 679. this video is devastating. a massive plant explosion kills more than 100 people in china. an incredible story of survival is coming to light. a tiny puppy discovered among that rubble 72 hours later. no one knows who owns the puppy, totally untouched by the blast. the dog is at the site with soldiers as they're looking for a home for him. how adorable. those are your headlines. back to you. >> not grumpy dog. >> cute and cuddly. >> indeed. yesterday was interesting. trump scheduled second after jeb bush had an event on the books. he said why don't i do something a few miles down the road? let's see who gets bigger crowds. why don't i compare and contrast both our styles, deliveries,
4:05 am
beliefs. >> here's a few take-away points from donald trump. take a listen. >> did anybody hear of art of the deal? bring it up. give me that book. nice guy. should i sign it? give me that book. president obama, secretary kerry, i highly think you should read this book quickly. i heard -- >> he is loving every minute of this, isn't he? >> he is indeed. so, i think he had an estimate of two and a half thousand people in attendance. 8641 down the road in miriam, in help. the headlines in that neck of the woods say it was a battle of town halls, trump won. one of the things he's getting
4:06 am
traction on is immigration. he would like to reform it. one of the things he would like to do is make sure children born to illegals in this country, in many cases come across the border at the 11 t hour before the woman gives birth, does not automatically become citizens. some suggest it will be hard to undo the 14th amendment. he says he can do it through legal ways. >> look what he did before he did his event where he attracted a lot of people. he did a 30 minute unscripted press conference. he sat there 30 minutes and took questions. they were chanting we want trump in the pavilion. he waited. he talked to press, gives them respect. then he gives the people respect. doesn't look like a form delivery. that is his style. >> he answered every question.
4:07 am
we saw hillary clinton take a c couple questions and left. that didn't end well. >> he takes kids up in helicopter rides, lets them taste trump flavored water. >> jeb bush, marco rubio, governor walker, who? they're going to spend a huge amount of money on fighting trump. i say i think that's okay. i love rowdy crowds. isn't this great, the spirit -- the spirit. i'll tell you what. you know what's happening to jeb's crowd down the street? they're sleeping. guys like perry and our senator from south carolina, lindsey graham who's got zero. someone wrote an article i'm a whiner and complain.
4:08 am
i said i do complain. our country is in trouble. we're run by people that are not smart, perhaps not competent. he said i'm a complainer. i complain and whine until i win. then i win. >> according to the polls, he's still leading. meanwhile, going back to the fact that he is really caught fire with his immigration stance. yesterday jeb bush was on the radio with bill bennett, his morning america radio show talking about 14th amendment, kids who are automatically granted status. jeb bush referred to them as anchor babies. a lot of people have use had the term. hillary clinton's campaign tweeted this. jeb bush, they're called babies. >> others say this is a derogatory term and you need to be politically correct. >> i wonder if she'll tweet out
4:09 am
the same mess -- message they're babies? >> we've heard donald trump say i don't have time for political correctness. if i'm president, we will not have this. >> you means it's not politically correct and yet everybody uses it? give me a different term. what else would you like to say? i'll use the word anchor babies. excuse me, i'll use the word anchor babies. >> cathy on facebook write this is. i would use anchor babies when
4:10 am
someone makes babies just to stay here. they are committing yet another criminal act. it's called fraud. >> and david says i call children born in the united states citizens. >> thank you mr. trump for speaking the truth, i say anchors away. you're familiar with the black lives matter group. sean king is one of the leaders over there. for years, his profile said he's biracia biracial. as it turns out a blogger looked into his past, put together a family tree. turns out his father is white. his father is a fellow by the name of jeffrey wayne king. they tracked down the birth certificates. there was one jeffrey wayne king in the state. they talked to his brother and said yeah, that guy is my dad. turns out this guy reportedly is
4:11 am
not biracial. he is white. >> the 35-year-old sean king says his passion for black lives matter came from an episode where he was brutally beat by a white mob. turns out they looked into the police report, and it identified him first of all as white. also, there was one other person involved not an entire white mob. his injuries supposedly were nothing critical. >> if black lives matter, and you want to head that, should you be black? rachel spoke out act her organization. her mom spoke out and had to go on the "today" show to rationalize her skin color. >> are you an african-american woman? >> i identify as black. >> when did you start deceiving people? is. >> i take exception to that.
4:12 am
it's a little more complex than me identifying as black or answering a question of are you black or white? >> why point out an african-american man and say wh your father is a caucasian man? >> not every man can a dad. >> this leader for black lives matter, sean king, his father is white. in the campaign against police brutality, praised as a hero, he's written about racial tension, bullied in his school. the the story was so powerful, oprah winfrey heard his story as the young biracial man and put him through college, four years at more house. turns out the story was not true. >> that's why deception really matters. just because someone is white and identifying as black and wanting to lead the movement,
4:13 am
what's the problem in the first place? the problem is you're deceiving people to raise yourself to a higher level, for example, getting a free ride to college from oprah winfrey. it doesn't seem fair. >> i guess the truth matters. >> hashtag something. coming up straight ahead. >> we moe about the army's plan to put females on the b front lines. what about women becoming s.e.a.l.s? and this lip service. >> i always take it shopping because i want to and because it's got health. >> then i will drink a sorority's gold fish. >> america. don't wait for a chip like this to crack your whole windshield. with safelite's exclusive resin,
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now i know about novolog®. taken by millions since 2001. vo: ask your health care provider about adding novolog®. it can help provide the additional control you may need. the air force and now even the navy s.e.a.l.s all one step closer to putting women on the front lines. with women graduating tomorrow, is it time to change tradition? now the founder and privileged to have with us lieutenant general, founder of service.
4:18 am
we all know general boykin from "black hawk down." >> as a former struck or, this is a tough course. they deserve a lot of credit. the question is where do we go from here? my view is you're never going to put women in range per battalion unless you're going to recruit enough women to form an all female battalion. i'm on record saying i do not believe women belong in the specialized units. i wish the leadership in our military was more focused on readiness of military, restoration of the services to our troops and their families than they are on social experiments. >> you're a retired marine captain. first off, you feel this is about time, correct? >> absolutely.
4:19 am
this is a great step forward. this has been three years in the works. almost 300,000 women have deployed to iraq and afghanistan. they've proven they can fight along side male counter parts, in some cases special ops units. navy leadership came forward saying we're going to open s.e.a.l. to women. marine corps and army are going to follow suit. >> how do you see it general? would it mess up dynamics of the unit? >> conditions of rangers, special forces, delta, s.e.a.l. live in combat -- not talking training, in combat. they're as base and primal as they get. you cannot violate laws of nature without expecting circumstances. those people have never lived in
4:20 am
the combat situation. the leadership for that young captain or major leading these units, it has to make special provisions for females to have some privacy. it's unreasonable burden. >> you would like to see all-female unit perhaps. >> over 100 women have successfully passed marine corps training. well over 100. there's your all-women force. i think the general is wrong. 13 years of warfare have proven women can live in completely horrendous conditions along side i men. they've been doing it on convoys throughout afghanistan and iraq. they have been in combat, fought, died in combat in fact. we should remember that. >> one way or another, we have two rangers that passed.
4:21 am
we have s.e.a.l. to get that opportunity. general boykin, thanks so much. and we appreciate you. >> thank you. anna hits the road. expert tips to help you reel in one on your next one. we're talking about fly fishing.
4:22 am
4:23 am
4:24 am
all right. hollywood news on this thursday morning. >> did you take over this place after mrs. litman died. is that right? >> i bought this house two years ago. >> that place, the home owned by buffalo bill in "silence of the lambs" is for sale. it's an hour outside of pittsburgh.
4:25 am
dungeon not included i'm told. no more truffle shuffle for goonies fans. the owner of the iconic house featured in the movie put up blue tarps and closing the doors to visitors. everyday thousands of people visit the house in oregon. the owner says they park on the lawn, leave beer bottles and cigarettes. look at that. any way, they've changed all that. that's news from hollywood. ♪ ♪ pack your bags anna. time for another road trip. i don't know if you're familiar with where you're going. this is a series we send her around the country to do cool stuff. the smile never leaves her face.
4:26 am
>> let's cross off my latest trip. we were in one of the most beautiful parts of the country outside wyoming. going fly fishing, catching trout, i had one of the best in the biz by my side. >> hey anna cooman. welcome. >> thank you. nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. >> this is an american gem. what a cute town. >> it's the best place. >> let's do fly fishing. >> i've got a full day for you. we're going to have a great time. >> i need to put on my outfit, right? >> let's get you suited up. >> after putting on waders and water proof boots, it was time to head out and get'r done. on our way over to the ranch, we
4:27 am
got the chance to take in the beautiful scenery. we got to seeplenty as the fishing hole is well off the beaten path. >> i've got things for this time of year. >> these really look like bugs. >> we even have a wooley. >> eww. >> all right. i brought a big net to put the big fish in. >> let's go do it. okay. anna, to cast the fly rod, we get lines out in front of us. we start our cast low. we throw it behind us, pause briefly, push and stop. if you watch my stroke, you'll see that. 1:00, 11:00.
4:28 am
because you're an athlete, i think you can get this good. it's rhythm. >> so began our yellow stone. >> lift, pause, push. look at that. >> that was a good one. >> do it again. >> do its aga again. >> one, two, three. >> here he goes. he's on it. he's on it. i got my first one. what do i do? >> now reel. >> okay. >> there you go. hold him right there. enjoy him for a minute. >> that's a pretty fish. >> beautiful. >> what kind of fish is this? >> a yellow stone. >> look. he matches your shirt. oh wow. like a good conservationist, tim and most fly fishermen practice
4:29 am
cash and release. how long can he last out of water? >> 10 seconds. >> let him swim away. excellent. >> wow. >> welcome to cody, wyoming or the wood river. >> want to catch another one? of course i want to. are you kidding me. i could stay out here all day. >> nice action. >> it was a stocked pond. i stayed out there a long time. >> are they good? did you let them all go? >> we let them go. didn't eat any of them. we want to thank pierson and hodges, the good folks at river ranch. they've seen elk, moose. >> where next? >> one of the best road side attractions in america. you're going to see up close and personal a whole lot of wild
4:30 am
life and meet the entertaining rooster that will show us his ostrich ranch. it's the only one in america. >> where? >> in arizona. they've got the fieeed. they're coming at you. >> what about the goat? >> did you see me feed that one? put the feed he licked it out of my mouth. my husband doesn't want to kiss me anymore after that. 30 minutes after the hour. the gop presidential debate gets lip service. >> well, i have a pigeon. lucas don. i always take it shopping because i want to and because its got health. >> i will drink a sorority's gold fish. >> america. >> the lip service is back. the video is next.
4:31 am
>> i don't remember those sound bites. did you wake up in a bad mood? grumpy cat did. they're going to try to cheer you up next. ♪ ♪ [whirring drones] just stay calm and move as quietly as possible. ♪ [whirring drones] ♪ no sudden movements. ♪ [screaming panic] ♪ [whirring drones] google search: bodega beach house. ♪ ♪ [drones crashing] ♪
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4:34 am
and now some politics, kind of. it's your shot of the morning. people behind the viral bad lip reading videos are back. what they do is look at video and try to find other words that the people are not saying. well, now they have taken on the republican debate on fox. >> mr. trump. >> well i have a pigeon. lucas don. i always take it shopping because i want to and it's got health. >> i will drink a sorority's
4:35 am
gold fish. >> this piece, i think it goes like that. and this one -- this -- >> carson? >> ahh. >> what you working on? >> a puzzle. whoa. i don't know how to do this actually. >> we can move on. you're not missing any play time. >> governor bush. >> how would you get a dead mouse on a crescent role with some steak? >> we didn't think it was possible to make the republican debate anymore entertaining. they found a way. >> that's absolutely unbelievable. now the video has nearly 2 million views in less than a day. >> plus the million or two watching now. i wonder if there's somebody out there in america named lucas don
4:36 am
velour. >> i am your father. thank you very much for taking a look. glad we could do that. >> one person that did not think that was funny at all. >> grumpy cat was not laughing. >> grumpy cat in two minutes coming up. this is terrifying. a mother running for her life with a baby in her arms to escape a violent home invasion. >> we were being robbed at gunpoint. i ran outside with my baby. there's a black young man at the front door and just pulled a gun on my husband. >> you heard a shot being fired? hello m hel hel hel hello ma'am. >> michael was shot twice in the leg. whitney, their 2-year-old son
4:37 am
and infant daughter were unharmed. teens are still on the run this morning. surveillance video shows them walking towards the house shortly before the attack. one sketch of a suspect who had a stud piercing between his eyes. if you recognize him, call 911. the beverly 90210 star shannon doherty has breast cancer. this is comes to light after a lawsuit against her manager. she says she may have to have a mastectomy now. a treasure hunter found rare spanish gold off the coast of florida. this comes after 300 years to the day a fleet of ships heading from savannah sunk can during a hurricane transporting coins to the king of spain. after florida taxes, that's 20%
4:38 am
treasure hunters will get the rest of the money. those are your headlines. back to you. >> give me the gold. ainsley, thank you. >> you're welcome. we know grumpy cat is no rookie when it comes to fame. that that's about to change. >> there's a new grump in town. it's the grumpy puppy. we're hearing the latest. >> grumpy cat is not very competitive. it could care less. >> when you saw the image of the grumpy dog online, what did you think? >> i thought it looked evil but super cute. >> that's the laugh. >> how old is grumpy cat? >> three. >> as she gets older, does she get more or less grumpy? >> how do we get as we get
4:39 am
older? >> coming out with a third book, tv shows. how did grumpy cat get discovered as being the world's grumpiest? >> my brother ryan put a picture on. >> a picture of a cat like millions do all the time? >> yep. >> what was it about the cat? >> look at her face. he put a shot on youtube. it went viral. she's the spoke cat for friskies. we're at the taste and create kitchen today. >> what is that? >> it's basically a party open to public. fans can come out and show whether their cats are team tender or team saucey. don't bring your cat. just come out. >> is today the day you think i'm going to make my cat less grumpy? >> i try to please my cat.
4:40 am
she's not going to get less grumpy. >> she loves getting friskies for breakfast and dinner. >> how was she in the taste kitchen? >> she was excited. if you'd like to see grumpy cat in person go over between 9:00 in the morning and 7:00 tonight. >> the headline is, grumpy cat does not feel threatened by grumpy dog. >> it looks evil. >> grumpy. come on. >> definitely grumpy. >> thank you. >> thanks for having us. here's what's coming up on "fox & friends." a sinkhole opens up at the same spot a man was swallow aed live and never found. what's going on? cheaters on ashley madison
4:41 am
exposed. some will get a divorce, others will lose their jobs. families will be angry. do cheaters have any legal rights? peter johnson jr. on that next. ♪ ♪
4:42 am
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4:44 am
music ♪ are you ready to go grab life by the gills. would you like to make an investment you know will pay off? then you belong at bass pro shops. where great gear, great prices and the great outdoors all meet up. terrifying site. a massive 17 foot sinkhole reopens in a florida neighborhood two years after swallowing and killing a man while he slept in his bed. a man we have still not found. fox 13 in tampa is live with more on the possibilities of what could have happened to cause this sinkhole to sink again. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you. right now engineers are trying to determine the best way to strengthen this home without causing other damage to other neighboring homes here in the
4:45 am
area. right now we're in seffner. i want to take you to this video. this is what they're dealing with in this neighborhood. this hole has been described 20 feet deep 17 feet wide. inside of it, gravel, dirt, roots. now seeing this is likely reopening a wound all over again for the family of jeffrey bush. back in 2013 this hole first opened while the 36-year-old slept in bed, swallowing him. >> bad memories. hard to believe it happened again. every time i drive by here, i miss him. i love him. >> reporter: now crews never recovered bush's body. right now we're told by county
4:46 am
workers this could be attributed to rain we've had in recent week that caused the previous repair opening up again. >> sometimes you can't figure out earth. appreciate it. here's steve and peter. >> thank you very much. cheaters exposed on the internet after hackers stole personal snfr information from the website ashley madison. the hackers saying we've explained the fraud, deceit, stupidity of ashley madison and its members. 32 million accounts for affected including people in the military and government. what will consequences of the hack look like? >> consequences steve and folks at home are tremendous legally and socially. 32 million accounts are affected.
4:47 am
15,000 of them are government and military e-mails. names, street, e-mail addresses and transaction details have been revealed as a result of this data drop. >> i heard a story apparently there were a bunch of e-mail addresses to white white is not the white house. somebody made that up. >> correct. the problem is people going online with a couple of sites you can look at e-mail addresses and see if you recognize those. e-mails can did not have to be validated. you could put any e-mail address. there's not absolute correspondence between e-mail address showing up and whether someone was using it or not. >> someone like you could put in peter johnson jr. and your name
4:48 am
pops up. >> right. let's talk about the consequences. a $19 delete button that data would be gone. some folks in military are concerned there morning becauady is a crime in the military. some could be subject to black hail. >> let's say someone gets a divorce over this, can they sue ashley madison? look, this has caused unknown amount of heart ache and there and pain from cheating hearts, people that were thinking of cheating and didn't. i think lawsuits will be bought. i'll say no money damages will be paid as a result of divorce, as a result of being exposed on this site. there will be lawsuits. i think that will succeed in the
4:49 am
end by failure to protect the data of the people who were paying hard dollars, sometimes as much as $1,000 a year based on different features to be part of this cheating site. so there are consequences going forward. we'll see them for years to come. i think people have to understand that the data that's out there is not all accurate. before people start going to divorce lawyers and picking up spoons in the kitchen, they need to have a good and serious talk with their spouse. this has serious, serious consequences in america this morning. >> what do they do with the spoon in the kitchen, throw it like a frying pan? >> i don't know. chase after the husband. >> oh a wooden spoon. maybe that's gone on in your house? >> no, it has not. >> now we know about che.
4:50 am
back in this day 1969, honky tonk woman. hope we have video. ♪ ♪ aha! cinnamon. milk. cinna-milk. cinnamon toast crunch. crunch! crave those crazy squares. cinna-milk!
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has your home taken extra wear and tear this summer? we've got quick and easy fixes to make it feel like new again. a do it yourself website created by friends at this old house. thanks for being here this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> first of all, dull floors. clean hthem and put down a wate base finisher. >> takes how many minutes?
4:54 am
>> ten minutes. >> if you've got a family reunion or boss coming for dinner, boom. >> if you have a leaky shower head, fix it right away. this takes five minutes. put plumbers tape around the threads and brand new washer. it won't leak at all. >> cost on this? >> 2 bucks. amazing. >> finally. >> finally we've got linoleum cracking. heat it with a hair drier, put in acrylic glue. you can even put nail polish in the cracks. >> make sure it matches. >> otherwise it can look tacky. >> totally. >> if you want to change the mood of a room, spray paint. >> take the old, take it off
4:55 am
whatever it's on. i spray it, let it dry. put it back on. i like to do the screws as well so it matches. >> these are before. >> before and after. there are dozens of colors. >> don't put tape around there. there's no way you're going to do that without being messy, right? >> right. >> this is one i've never heard of. omega 3 nuts can help? >> look at this. use walnut, any kind of nut. it has great oils. it will hide the cracks and k f crevices. >> yeah. >> do that while having a cocktail. >> yeah. donald trump says no. is he right? we look at history coming up in the next hour.
4:56 am
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see your ra in a different way. the problem with the iran nuclear deal is that it would increase the high likelihood of the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the region. saudi arabia, egypt, turkey, united arab emirates... let's not forget that iran is the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. the deal will increase the likelihood of terrorists getting a hold of a nuclear weapon. so, that's why we need a better deal.
4:59 am
up and at them. rise and shine. good morning. it's 20th of august, 2015. i'm anna kooiman. donald trump is under fire for using the term anchor babies. >> give me a different term. what else would you like to say? you want me to say that? no. i'll use the word anchor babies. excuse me. i'll use the word anchor babies. >> a mouth. what term would you use? >> excuse me, you're done.
5:00 am
>> you're fired. since the e-mail scandal, hillary clinton's aids have received new cell phones. what happened to the old ones? there goes the server. well actually we may never know what happened. we'll explain what we don't know. >> yes. kids, go pose with that why don't you? >> dad, it's not a buoy, it's a bomb. it's true. it's a bomb. we'll explain why it's there, dangerous, and how the photo came off without a hitch thankfully. mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪ how great is that? >> four years and 3,000 miles in
5:01 am
the making. a dog reunited with his military family. that dog is and his owner are here live this hour. they are parts of the family especially in situations where you served together. >> this is an incredible story. a family is transferred to a place they can't take the dog. they give the dog to somebody to take care of it back home. get a call little while later, the dog died. found out the dog did not die. found out with the chip in the dog's neck. the way the dog got to the family is going to make your day. >> a testament to micro chipping your animals. that's coming up. ainsley joins us with our headlines. >> good morning. violent protests over night in st. louis. police launch tear gas at crowds protesting after a black man is shot by police. an 18-year-old was killed after
5:02 am
police say he pulled a gun on officers. 150 people staging a protest immediately after throwing bricks and bottles at police. a vacant house set on fire and businesses burglarized. nine were arrested. shifts winds caused the fire to change directions. firefighters were taken by surprise. four other firefighters are hurt. one of them critically. it's a problem pilots deal with too often. after 650 drone scares at airports this year alone, port authority of new york and new jersey begging airport stores to stop selling drones. it shows fraud thinking in the face of a dangerous problem. a british family thought their kids were take a picture next to a buoy on a beach. turns out that is actually an
5:03 am
active bomb. the family was picnicking when the large metal ball washed onto the beach. their 4-year-old son touching it and giving it a knock. later they found out it was actually a united states mine bomb. they headed to the beach so see it detonate in a controlled explosion. >> that's the best thing you do, blow up the bomb? don't try to take it out? >> you have to blow it up there. if you move it, it will blow up somewhere else. >> don't want it blowing up on the highway. thank you ainsley. >> you're welcome. jeb bush announced he would be having a town hall at vfw in in new hampshire on the 19th day of august. you know what, donald trump says i'm going to do my first town hall on the same day at the same time. mr. trump appeared in a high school auditorium where there was an overflow crowd.
5:04 am
meanwhile, mr. bush was at vfw post with veterans in attendance. >> i think there was method behind the madness. >> you think? >> yes. they're carrying around paper cutouts masks of his face chanting we want trump for president. make america great. >> he taunted bush in remarks afterwards. >> jeb bush. >> excuse me. former president of the united states, president bush, called his brother and said slow and steady. donald trump is on fire. here's an example of going at each other disagreeing to agree. >> i have a proven conservative record. mr. trump doesn't have a proven conservative record. he was a democrat longer in the last decade than he was
5:05 am
republican. >> you know what's happening to jeb's crowd down the street? they're sleeping. jeb bush is a low energy person. for him to get things done is hard. he said the other day one of the dumber things i've heard ever in politics when talking about iraq. that we the united states, he said, have to show them that we have skin in the game in order to go to iraq. we've lost $2 trillion, thousands of lives, wounded warriors who i love all over the place, and he's talking about we have to show them we have skin many the game between common core, active love of immigration, skin in the game with iraq. that's the third we've added. i don't see how he's electable. >> papers in that neck of the woods saying between the two if it was a dualtrump won.
5:06 am
>> a lot of people say with trump's look at immigration, he's winning over with building the wall. many think that would eliminate republicans from winning because you're alien ating the largest majority. >> jeb bush talking about what the appears to be a conservative principle stance on immigration. the cost on building this wall, cost of deporting all illegal immigrants could be hundreds of millions. >> $160 billion it would cost. >> meanwhile, mr. trump, part of his immigration plan, would be do something about anchor babies born in this country. >> are you allowed to say that? >> i think so. although last night, a reporter tried to pinp down on his use of anchor babies. then this happened. >> you said you have a be big heart and that you're not mean
5:07 am
spirited. are you aware the term anchor babies is an offensive term? >> you mean it's not politically correct and yet everybody uses it? give me a different term. what else would you like me to say? you want me to say that? no. i'll use the word anchor baby. excuse me. i'll use the words anchor babies. >> the first time i heard it was negative connotation was yesterday. jeb bush is still using it. donald trump going to bat for it. this is what i hope all candidates get from trump. they should not walk around in fear of saying the wrong thing. if you say something -- >> every one of them -- >> he says something like this. okay, you have a problem with it. instead of panicking going you just insulted somebody. he said i'm going to stick with it. >> every one has consultants, managers, message people.
5:08 am
>> so do we. we're not a candidate. >> donald trump goes with his gut. we asked whether or not you could come up with a better name than anchor babies. >> matthew said okay, sangctuar wares. >> one says call #babies with benefits. >> that's cool. one said i'm paying for them, so i'll call them what i want. anchor babies it is, exclamation point. >> initially they came up with it to apply to slaves after the civil war. now it's used to apply to anchor babies. next up, formally with the department of justice, adams. he will explain the intend and whether or not you can change it without ratifying or changing the constitution. apparently the answer is yes,
5:09 am
there is a way to change it. all right. let's talk about the clinton e-mail scandal and late pest sp >> nothing to see here. according to the conference call, it's intel community airing on side of classfication. >> just shows it is a scandal. now to explain hillary clinton is not in crisis, it's no big keel. >> hillary clinton we know from the inspector general she wound up with classified, top secret information on devices. yesterday she rolled out the new idea she got it sent to her unwittingly. she refers to spoke people that
5:10 am
said the clinton quote here that she was a passive recipient of unwitting information that was subsequently classified. brian, you mentioned generher spokesperson. she said the problem with hillary clinton having the private e-mail system is she didn't think it through. >> that's the closest to apology that she did something wrong. >> let's hear from hillary clinton herself. to say hillary clinton didn't think it through -- that does not show confidence. how many times have we heard she's the smartest woman in the world but didn't think it through? >> that's called obstruction of justice. >> this other thing we'd like to find out is what happened during her four years in the state
5:11 am
department. to do that, you have people on the record who look at people that use blackberries. it turns out she had a blackberry given to her. so did cheryl. she had a blackberry. wiped them clean first, turned them in. nobody knows where they are. >> they can't find them. have they been wiped clean? don't know. you see the pictures of hillary clinton as secretary of state on a blackberry or iphone. nobody knows where those came from. the department of state did not issue her any of those. those are completely unsecure. now they're referring to the
5:12 am
wipe lauder senator scandal. >> she never answered the question in the first place. is this affecting her in any we? is when you have fbi hot on your trail, what do you think about this? new cnn poll. you have a favorable opinion of hillary clinton. 44% say yes. 53% say to. that's down nine points since march. >> that's right. then another one. do you think hillary clinton did anything wrong many the e-mail situation? 56% said she did something wrong. 39% said she did not. what do you think? e-mail us at democrats taking a risk not putting anybody else forward. who they dating now? they're going to be married to in fall. >> you're seeing the chorus for joe biden. not even the border fence could keep these illegals out of the country. they've got wet suit, scuba gear, and underwater tunnel.
5:13 am
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5:17 am
donald trump the republican front runner pushing his plan to stop illegal immigration. one of his proposals is end automatic citizenship that comes when someone is born on american soil. >> a woman is going to have a baby. they wait on the border. just before the baby, they come over to the border. they have the baby in the united states. we now take care of that baby, social security, medicare, education. give me a break. there's a big question as to whether or not the 14th amendment actually covers this. we're going to find out whether or not it does. >> what is the 14th amendment and was it intended to be used be by illegals as it is today? jay christian adams on our nation's capital. let's start with the 14th amendment. it was written to help slaves wasn't it?
5:18 am
>> passed in 1866. it says that if they were born and naturalized in the united states and not subject to foreign power. they're subject to jurisdiction of united states. they're citizens as a way to make slaves part of america. >> persons born in the united states and not subject to foreign power. so in other words if a woman comes out of mexico into texas, she would be subject to foreign power, the country of mexico. right? >> she's a mexican citizen. the constitution nowhere says that anybody born in the united states, no matter what, is american citizen. that's this bureaucratic tradition that's developed. places in arizona are offering birth packages to women who come across the border to give birth. >> absolutely. to recap, the 14th amendment was it written to guarantee birth
5:19 am
rights citizenship to illegals? you answered it no. is that correct? >> correct. this never touched on people who are green card holders essentially covered by 14th amendment. the supreme court has never come close to addressing the issue of whether or not the children of illegals are american citizens. >> right. mr. trump has said i'm not talking about ratifying the constitution. it can be done simply through the courts. you say it could be done so easily through the building behind you, u.s. congress. >> right. they could fix this in a month. the 14th amendment gives congress specific power under section 5 to enact the 14th amendment, do things under the 14th amendment. one can be to define what is a citizen. what is somebody who's born here
5:20 am
to illegal alien parents. congress could say those are not citizens. >> congress, if they had the will, could do that within a month. the president of the united states, got a feeling, he's going to get out the pen and probably veto it. >> yeah, well good luck. i don't think it would be a popular veto. >> all right. interesting stuff. a little historical perspective. sir, thank you very much. >> take care steve. >> all right. what do you think about that? e-mail us a woman's desperate 911 call when she comes face to face with a gunman at her front door. >> you heard a shot being fired? hello ma'am. >> oh my goodness. hear how she saved her two children straight ahead. imagine no more heating,
5:21 am
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and i am a certified arborist for pg&e.ughes i oversee the patrolling of trees near power lines and roots near pipes and underground infrastructure. at pg&e wherever we work, we work hard to protect the environment. getting the job done safely so we can keep the lights on for everybody.
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because i live here i have a deeper connection to the community. and i want to see the community grow and thrive. every year we work with cities and schools to plant trees in our communities. the environment is there for my kids and future generations. together, we're building a better california. are you heading to the movie theater? might want to leave extra time. movie theaters are now checking bags. carrie drew is in union square in new york city with an extra place. carrie? >> reporter: good morning. regal theater is the largest chain in the country, 570 theaters. now they're checking bags as you enter the movies. we're seeing posters watch ago movie goers bags and packages
5:25 am
may be checked as they come in. last month in louisiana a man shot and killed two and w other himself. two weeks later, a man with a history of mental illness attacked people with a pellet gun, hatchet and pepper spray at a theater in tennessee. regal theater released a statement on the website. itself says we acknowledge this can cause inconvenience. it's not without cause. we're lye out side regal cinemas here in new york city. >> we're usually patient about things like that. anna, let's talk homes. >> yeah. as a homeowner, you probably never realized this was possible. >> how would you like to never pay another electricity bill again? your home could generate more electricity than it uses. it's caused net-zero.
5:26 am
>> it sound amazing. it can generate electricity and the homeowner can receive a credit for electricity it generates. the property man mr. bob massie. thank you for being here. >> thank you very much. >> let's talk about these homes. what things should you check trying to find an eco friendly home? >> these are energy free. when buying homes, make sure they're properly certified local in the market you live and national level. many have tax incentives if you do it. make sure you're dealing with the realtor that understands the specialty homes. when i've walked through these homes -- and i've been through many homes in years i've been in
5:27 am
this -- when you see these homes, you have to have someone explain as a competent realtor. >> isn't it expensive up front? >> yeah, like anything else. when you have something new and growing, progressive, it is. on the other hand when you figure savings -- they break it down for you. they say buy your normal retail home, any type of track home, this is what power and water will cost. these are the savings. they aen tnticipate the questio you asked. >> here's another question. what if you're buying old eco friendly home? >> any time you're buying an older home, look at what kind of repairs that have been done.
5:28 am
check those systems. find out the history of repairs. are they functional? do they meet the codes required today on these type of homes. any time you buy an old home, whether eco or not, get maintenance, repair costs. >> thank you so much. your new show "the property man" airs sunday at 3:00 p.m. herein here on the fox news channel. have a great day. 28 minutes after the hour on your thursday, who do you think should be checking nuclear plants in iran? how about iran? are you serious? we'll have someone explain. it's time for cooking with friends. gretchen is here with her kids making delicious breakfast.
5:29 am
hey gretchen. ♪ ♪ feeling intense lower back pain? did you know it may be coming from being on your feet all day? dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts are uniquely designed to provide immediate all day relief from lower back pain.
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sargento people are real cheese people, three generations spanning over 60 years. they don't believe in artificial this or superficial that. they know that in a world of over-processed there's no substitute for a piece of real. real cheese people believe every casserole deserves a shred of authenticity, every sandwich a slice of legit.
5:32 am
natural cheese off-the-block, 100% real. sargento, we're real cheese people. you heard a shot being fired? hello ma'am? >> not the baby. not the baby. a fox news alert. horror at home. will police on the hunts for a group of teenager who is shot a father protecting his family during a violent home invasion. >> heather joins us now. >> good morning to you and everyone at home. that atlanta family, you just heard there. they got home from a weekend at the beach to be attacked by four teens. four teens attacked them on their front porch and asked for a carjack.
5:33 am
the other two waited on the street. whitney called 911 running out the back door. she just ran out with the baby. >> we're being robbed at gunpoint. >> you heard a shot being fired? hello ma'am. >> the teens had actually forced their way in shooting her husband michael twice in the leg as he tried to stop them. michael did need emergency surgery. he's out of the hospital. we can tell you that. whitney and the 2-year-old son and infant daughter were unharmed. all four teens are still on the run. take a look at surveillance video showing them walking toward the home shortly before the attack. police are releasing this sketch of one of the suspects with a
5:34 am
piercing between the eyes. a go fund me page to cover the medical expenses for the family has raised $76,000 so far. definitely a lucky family. >> just trying to protect the kids. thank you very much. now we go to ainsley who joins us with the news. we start with the most bizarre thing you've ever heard. >> it's unbelievable. thanks guys. here's the latest shocker coming out of the iran nuclear deal. teheran is sending in its own inspectors to investigate the facility. this is likely to throw president obama's nuke deal into turmoil. not even donald trump's border fence could keep these illegali inmmigrants out of the
5:35 am
down trip. a busted scheme after one of the men was caught near a canal. the tunnel entrance leads to a house. cops found cocaine in vacuum sealed packages. a sinkhole reopens in tampa. two years ago the ground collapsed underneath the house wa swallowing a man while he slept in the house. his body was never found. >> i tell him every time i drive by i miss him, love him. >> the sinkhole poses no danger. they believe the heavy rain caused it to reopen again. is this creepy or cool? a photo shopped photo shows
5:36 am
princess diana looking at kate and the baby when christened. it's been shared 260,000 times on facebook. 25 minute battered syndrome befo -- 25 minutes after the hour. we're here cooking with friends, real friends. i haven't met her many minuin q time. gretchen and her children are here. you're ready to do something special. >> i've been up all night like i am every night. >> you know the truth. tell me why you chose dutch pancakes. >> my friend and i use to make dutch babies when i went to her house for a sleep over. i decided to make a recipe
5:37 am
because i loved it so much. i looked on internet and kept looking and looking. i finally found this martha stewart recipe. i tried it out, and it worked. >> christian, you had to sign off before we went through with it, right? >> yeah. >> exactly. >> he does the tasting. >> let's do work. i've got to learn how to make dutch pancakes. >> start with ingredients. what do we put in the blend senator. >> three eggs. >> then what's next? >> next put in three-fourths cup milk. >> christian, do you eat the eggs raw, put on a gray sweatshirt and run ten miles? >> month. >> you seen the movie rocky? >> no. >> you will eventually. what's it rated? maybe he can't just yet. >> then put many the salt. >> congratulations gretchen. exactly like home.
5:38 am
you're not doing a thing. poor kids. >> on the mornings on saturdays. it's actually safe. i want top show you how extraordinary i am pushing the blender button. >> where's the top? >> it's almost dutch. >> go ahead guys. >> this one. >> okay. now. you have to have a cast iron skillet. we have cute little ones. what do you put inside first? >> melt butter first. we don't have it now. you put it on the stove, put two tablespoons of butter and let it melt. >> watch brian. >> wait a second. chris, thanks a lot. you made a smoothie and didn't put the top on. >> that happened to me at home.
5:39 am
>> it's leaking out the bottom. >> that's all right. you have to clean this. >> put it in there. >> i'll stick around. >> look how beautiful. this is when it comes up. >> wow. >> christian, do you sign off on this? >> yes. >> tell the secret at the end. >> put powder sugar and if you want syrup. >> they didn't eat breakfast in the green room. they want to eat this. >> that's great. i promised it to joel. you're out of luck. >> you know what, we were just in italy. they made pizzas all by themselves. >> do we have pictures? i didn't know they ate pizza in italy. >> yeah right. >> you lad to work for your food. >> yeah. they started with the dough.
5:40 am
very proud of them. they're great chefs. they learned all from their mom. >> uh-huh. sure. >> she doesn't cook. >> two pictures worth a lot of money. jennifer anniston anywhere and gretchen in the kitchen. fantastic. one of the best ever. did you have a great time? >> yeah. >> time to grab your skillet. it's breakfast time. >> that's actually hot. is that on? i didn't know that. >> this is actually a real oven brian. >> i didn't know. >> you and i together in the kitchen, bad idea. >> all right kids, stay away from us. thank you. we'll see you in a few hours on the real story. we have seen this time and time again, people lying about b being in the military. >> what have i done wrong? >> you know you can't be in
5:41 am
uniform. >> wow. up next, the woman making sure those folks go directly to jail. plus, they were told their dog was dead. four years later he's found. the dogger, owner, remarkable story straight ahead. ♪ ♪ aha! cinnamon. milk. cinna-milk. cinnamon toast crunch. crunch! crave those crazy squares. cinna-milk!
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5:44 am
despicable acts. people impersonating people in the military, what we call stolen valor. >> what am i doing wrong? >> you can't be in uniform. >> you can't? >> wow. pennsylvania now cracking down on idiots like that. anyone who lies to get veteran's
5:45 am
designation on license will face $2500 fine and up to a year in jail. joining us pennsylvania state senator who introduced this legislation. why does this matter so much to you senator? >> good morning brian. thank you so much for having me. it's an insult to veterans and to our taxpayers when someone falsely makes that claim. pennsylvania is home to nearly a million veterans. we have worked tirelessly over the last number of years to support outreach and programs for veterans. chief among them, the veterans trust fund which allowed us to give driver's license for free to veterans. on their license, they'll have the american flag and word veteran. in doing this program, we discovered, after it was implemented, that people were falsely making that claim. that's an insult.
5:46 am
it was something i was outrage along with many veterans associations in pennsylvania. we had strong bipartisan support. the governor signed the bill into law in july. >> here's a stat you found jarring as well as we did. 190,000 people applied for benefits, for licenses. 350 al applicants were not qualified didn't serve or didn't serve long enough. these people have no problem scamming. i think of all the stores that give veterans benefits because they want to give back. let alone benefits set side by the government. >> many didn't want to carry their dd 214 in the home depot or local coffee shop offering a discount.
5:47 am
we provided it no cost to our as the result ranveterans. it's a great service for anyone who looks at a license plate to thank a veteran who served. i come from a long line of men that served in the military. my great grandfather was wounded in the civil war. i think about his service and how he felt about this country. he fought for the flag as did my dad in world war ii. we put this penalty in place f. you have the false claim, you'll have the consequences before the courts. >> pennsylvania is fed up. senator, thanks for doing this. >> did you so much. >> you're welcome. meanwhile, straight ahead. they were told their dog was dead. four years later, he was found alive. the own eer and the dog live ne.
5:48 am
first, let's check bill live on the show. >> good morning. jeb bush goes after trump. trump returns serve. you'll hear it today. hillary clinton blames the system. carl blames her. he'll make his case live. what we need to understand about her private e-mail system. bobby jindal now with a message for republican challengers on obamacare. he's live this morning when we see you in 12 minutes on america's newsroom. what if one push up could prevent heart disease? [man grunts] one wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease-pneumococcal pneumonia. one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you from pneumococcal pneumonia. an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and may even put you in the hospital. prevnar 13® is used in adults 50 and older to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prevnar 13® if you've had
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it was a reunion four years and 3,000 miles in the making. >> thank you so much.
5:52 am
>> oh. welcome home. >> in 2011 that couple was forced to leave their dog with another family after being transferred from fort bragg over to south korea. they were later told their beloved dog had died. they had been checking in with him. when they arrived in the united states, zeus was very much alive. >> joining us with the the incredible story that's a little confusing. we need to ask questions. u.s. army chief war officer and his long lost dog zeus. good morning. >> good morning everyone. >> ben, to start with, you went to south korea to serve our nation. you get the call the dog was dead. how is the dog alive now? >> it's a miracle. it's one of those -- we actually left georgia in 2011 and left him with friends of ours in north carolina.
5:53 am
getting that call was devastating. we knew deep down inside something didn't seem right. when i got the call saying he was alive, it is a straight miracle. >> what happened? did he escape and they didn't want to tell you? >> honestly, we don't know what the real story is. really at this point, we really don't even care. >> you're just happy he's with you. a good samaritan found him, took him to a shelter. you got the gift of a lifetime. what happened when you answered the call? did you think, is this for real? >> i was this this california with any university, brigade. i got the call, answered it, and they explained to me that miss
5:54 am
williams had found my dog, brought him in ask and had him there. first thing i thought that was a joke. i was told in 2012 he had died. sure enough, they sent me a picture and everything. it was him. >> fast forward. they're going to have the reunion between you, your wife and zeus. they say zeus is in bad shape. heart worm problems. someone from the animal hospital offered to do what? >> drive him 3,000 miles from north carolina back to washington which is simply amazing. the first thing that went through mine and my wife's head, who does this? they don't know my dog, don't know us, volunteered to do it. everybody hah has had a hand in it has been amazing. williams family, the crew.
5:55 am
rachel, entire staff at banfield. it's amazing. >> they never forget. watching it licking your face and your wife's face. >> did he recognized you? >> oh yes. he certainly recognized us. when we brought him home, it was like he never left. >> what kind of dog is he? >> rottweiler mix. >> glad you're back together. ben, zeus. ben, thank you sharing your story. >> thank you for having me. >> he's heard this so many times before, he's bored with it. >> he's wearing isp. >> he's got a micro chip. try to anxious this during the commercial break. if that's an airplane's door sitting on the golf course, where's the airplane? >> not harrison ford's is it? ♪ ♪ ♪
5:56 am
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yoplait original with no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors, and no high fructose corn syrup. here a couple of sorriy stor the road. golfers shocked when a plane door fell out of the sky and onto putting green. a 15 inch panel came off a plane carrying 146 souls as it approached charlotte international airport. the panel covers the hydraulic services area. american says it was not a flight safety issue. luckily nobody got clobbered. take a look at this boy running from his mother and onto the field during a rugby match. he runs for it, dodges every tackle and another 300 feet. another player helps him score.
6:00 am
and they claim they've capture ad a dolphin used for spying. we'll find out. >> that's it for today. have a great day. we'll see you back here tomorrow on the couch. >> bye. bill: a battle royale in the state of new hampshire. donald trump and jeb bush coming out swinging in dueling town halls. >> you know what they are doing at jeb's town hall down the street? they are sleeping. >> he was a democrat longer in the last decade than he was a


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