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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 20, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> thanks a lot. made a smoothy and daytona put the fox on. >> that why i bring my kids to cook. they learned it all from me. >> not really, they're fantastic cooks. thank you for being part of "the real story" i'm going to cooking class. >> donald trump versus jeb bush, facing off in simultaneous town-hall meetings, and calling each other out by name. an extraordinary news conference. president carter talking about his doctors' battle with the cancer that invaded his brain. >> i am looking forward to a new adventure. >> today, jimmy carter on the treatment ahead. and might want to avoid glancing at your 401(k) for now. so,s taking a huge hit around the globe today. we'll look at the causes and why should shouldn't be too worried about it. let's get to it.
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>> first from the deck this thursday afternoon, politics getting personal between the to be -- two of the top g.o.p. cop concerneds as donald trump goes to one-up his closest rival in classic trump style. holding a town-hall in new hampshire, set for the same time as rival jeb bush's long-planninged event a short drive away. in other words, donald trump trying to not just suck the life and air out of the room but maybe the whole state. set things up for dueling town halls where the differences between the two campaigns have never been clearer. jeb bush's audience greeted him with polite applause, trump's crowd went wild. >> i love the rowdy crowds. the spirit. [cheering] >> you know what? i tell you what. what is happening to jeb's crowd? right down the street. they're sleeping.
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>> he then went on to lie about the size of his crowd. he said there were 2500 there. the room holds but 850, according to the fire marshal. donald trump went on to attack governor bush on everything from the iraq war to this speaking style, but this time jeb bush struck back. >> mr. trump doesn't have a proven differ record. he- -- conservative. let support someone you don't have to guess where he stands. >> analysts call it for bush's toughest attack on donald trump. i trump was quick to strike back and called the fox business network's maria this morning. >> i've always been a conservative person, and my bent has been conservative, and over the last number of years, when i started getting very political i started seeing more and more that is my leaning and that is my strong leaning. >> always been a conservative person. i suggest you check the record. trump then went on to reference
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president ronald reagan, who he says was a democrat who became pretty conservative. carl cameron is covering the 2016 race and following marco rubio in detroit. hello, carl. >> reporter: hi. well, marco rubio's big speech to the detroit economic club has been joe shadowed as a consequence of the battle between donald trump and jeb bush. this is the first time last night and today that jeb bush fired back and then some. on the stump today he continued his defense and went on offense against jeb bush -- excuse me -- against donald trump and made a point of making a list of some of mr. trump's political history. watch. >> i'm a proven conservative with a record. he isn't. cut taxes every year help proposed the largest tax increase in mankind's history. i have been consistently pro life. he until recently was for
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partial about abortion. never met a person that thought that was a good idea. >> and the list went on. bush is making it clear he is not going to take anymore from donald trump, and it's not just the rhetorical aspect of the personal nature of criticisms. it has a lot to do with the political polls. the new quinnipiac poll shows that donald trump is boating jeb bush in florida, one of the bigger starts and the first with winner take all delegates for the national convention. >> some controversial on the campaign trail over the use of a pejorative term or derogatory tomorrow for the children of illegal aliens. >> reporter: the term is anchor babies, and both donald trump and jeb bush have used it. hillary clinton put out a video deriding them for it. this has to too with the argue. over repealing the 14th 14th amendment which guarantees citizenship for the children of immigrants born in
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the united states. trump has said that should be repealed. ted cruz has said that should be repealed. jeb bush pointed to ted cruz and marco rubio, point ought that if the 14th amendment didn't exist, they may not be able to run for president pause they may not be citizens. watch. >> no, no, if there's another term i could come up with, i'm happy to hear it. what we have to focus on is how to secure the border so that people that come in legally don't come. >> reporter: anchor babies. mash co rube you're ted cruz this, campaigns and themselves say they're natural born citizens, read the constitution, and annot a problem with them. when it comes to birth certificates and qualifications for being the president, donald trump is one of the biggest proponents of going after president obama and finding out his birth certificate. >> just happened to carl cameron live on a windy and
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noisy day in detroit michigan. vice-president joe biden performs better than or as well as hillary clinton when they go up against leading republicans in some very important key states. which is probably the most misleading thing i've ever read on television. think about the context here. joe biden not running for anything. sadly, he is dealing with the here horror of a child 'opassed away. nobody is taking any shots. hillary clinton is being attacked by everyone in every party in every state on earth and we're comparing the two. it's silly. it's the finding of a new quinnipiac survey in florida, ohio, and pennsylvania. vice-president biden has not entered the race, obviously, but has not ruled out a run. we'll talk with a pollster to break down the number. first the basic charts.
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in ohio, volunteer biden -- vice-president biden would win today in a very, very, very hypothetical head-to-head matchup against jeb bush, marco rubio and donald trump. you can see if the cases of base and trump -- in the case of bush and trump, clinton holds the lead. vp biden win busy alarger margin in pennsylvania, jeb bush and rubio would beat both secretary clinton and vice-president biden. secretary clinton would lose by more percentage points than the vice-president. both secretary clinton and vice-president biden beat out trump in pennsylvania, but biden holds a bigger load. florida now, rubio -- none of this means anything. and i just said why. this -- go ahead. go to the next thing. this poll means nothing. go. keep going. there we go, let's bring in peter brown, assistant director of the quinnipiac poll. this is one of the reason some
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polls are held tightly and light and others are to be spat upon and with great respect. this is one on which we can pit because joe biden is dealing with a crisis that no parent on earth would want, that no one can imagine. miss son died. no one in his already ore right mind would day a shot at him so he is beloved. hillary clinton is taking incoming from at least 19 candidates, and pundits on every channel and we're talk about how the two compare. admit, please, it is not fair. >> well, life isn't fair. politics isn't fair. -- >> there's not e -- no election today. it's silly. >> in that case, there are any polls that are worthwhile? clearly we're 15 months airplane from the next general election, and polls are like ice cream. they melt away as time goes on. -- >> i just feel like some are worth our time. i feel like some trends are
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worth seeing. some matters on issues are worth having. look at what is happening in florida among those who are running and those with established positions or those making obnoxious statements, but in this case we're talking bat man has been very quiet and is in the grieving process and not facing the attack that any of the rest of them are and ware comparing them as if a its apples to apples and it's more like apples to rocks. >> perhaps, but your reporters, have been reporting that biden and some of his people are taking a close look at running for president this next year. that being the case, regrets about the personal tragedy, but that being the case, it's worth looking at where he would stand should he enter the race, and here's how he expands. he run -- he stands. run s better against hillary clinton and some republicans but doesn't do nearly as well against hillary clinton in primary matchups.
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secretary clinton runs 30 points better than biden in democratic primaries in the key states elm the other thing the poll finds is that secretary clinton has a very poor favorable to unfavorable ratio among voters. many more voters few her unfavorably than favorably. mr. biden is more even on that. half and half. so it's another way of looking where he would be if he and his advisers decide to go forward. >> of course, if he and his advisers decide to go forward, wouldn't you suspect that hillary clinton's campaign advisers and spokesman wouldn't be saying, he is a very good map and we respect him. they'd have something else to say and make an attempt to change the narrative and the narrative would in fact change. right now there's no attempt to do that because he ills not a candidate, he is a vice-president who is living out a personal horror.
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right? >> um, but he is someone who is thinking seriously of running for president. >> if he runs for president he they'll start taking shots and the polls will change. >> maybe they will. it's worth noting that secretary clinton scored better before she active live started campaigning for president. >> before she was in politics and after she was secretary of state, her numbers were real high. get into the race, it's funny what happens. i liker polls most of the time. this just seemed like a question not worth asking. nice to see you, thank you. >> my pleasure. >> the reality show star josh duggar, man alive. the biggest hypocrite if. according to josh duggar. his stunning confession after getting caught in the ashley madison cheating channel. that's coming up. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. raise your expectations. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, control is possible. hypocrisy of the highest order. the reality television star, josh duggar, admits he cheated on this wife and while he publicly claims to be fighting morality he was hiding his own personal failures. the stars of "19 kids and counting" the counselor on the world of morality releasing a statement after report he paid for subscriptions to ashley a web site for people who want to have affairs. duggar's statement reads in part, quote: i have been the biggest hypocrite ever. while espousing faith and family
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values i have been unfaithful to my wife. i'm into ashamed of the double life i am living and am grieved for the hurt, pain, and disgrace marx sin has caused my wife and family and most of all, jesus, and all those who profess faith in him. and duggar asks -- says he asks for everybody's forgiveness. this comes weeks after josh duggar admitted he molested girls, including his own sisters, and then is a mentioned, resigned from family research council. careful who you trust. rich edson in washington, josh doing gar is one of many people caught up in this mess. >> him and tens of million of others. city governments in south carolina, ohio, texas have municipal e-mail addresses listed among those hacked and are investigating them in this whole ashley madison thing, a
12:16 pm
report in "usa today," and the pentagon is investigating. >> i'm aware and of course it's an issue because conduct is very important and we expect good conduct on the part of our people, and to the last part, yes, the services are looking into it, and as well they should be. >> reporter: reports claim there were 15,000 e-mails in ashley maddison constants"" attached. >> do we mow what the hackers are. >> a group called impact team has posted the information on the dark web, a segment of the international only certain web browsers can enter, and those with access are sharing those found. years used george bush dnr there's -- one user entered a
12:17 pm
general address for ted cruz's office, and the "washington post" is reporting a few muppet related accounts. users with names like me want cookies, one, two, three, and rubber duckie, you are one and this with fake names mean many of the more careful users could remain anonymous. >> 19 children, a handful of mistresses and child molestations and counting, thank you. the convicted former virginia governor bob mcdonald could be heading to prison unless the supreme court steps in. attorneys for the former governor asked our nation's highest court to let mcdonald remain free while he appeals his corruption conviction, after a federal court rejected his request. last you're a court convicted the governor and his wife of doing favors for wealthy businessmen in exchange for more than $150,000 in gifts, including a role less, trips,
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golf keep, iphones and a bunch more. a judge eventually sentenced the former governor to would years behind bars. his wife got a year and a day but they've stayed out of prison while they are pursuing appeales. the former governor says he is saddened by the day's decision. again, he may have to report to prison within the next few weeks unless and until the u.s. supreme court decided otherwise. have you soon the dow? oof. sometimes better not to lock. it's now on track for the lowest close of 2015. our next guest says you really shouldn't worry about it because of other things. which famous u.s.a. athlete is now palling around with putin? and asking for russian citizenship? that's coming up from the fox news deck.
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isis militants on the attack, this time targeting cairo. event shaken strategy yore or the scene of a massive car bomb in a security building. officials say 29 people are hurt, including 11 police officers and soldiers, nobody died. it happened about six miles from tahir square, the public square, millions took to the streets in political protest in 2011, lead together to resignation of the president, hosni mubarak. we have images in the slideshow. journalists getting a closeup look at part of the bomb. isis claims the attack is in retaliation for the execution of six convicted militants in may. this a picture of a wounded man being carried away after the bombing at 2:00 in the morning local time. plain clothed officers surveying
12:23 pm
the damage and it's extensive. guarding the top of the national security building. look at the gaping holes. this one is a picture hoyt looked from inside an apartment building near the bomb site. authorities say people across cairo felt or heard the explosion because militants used noisy high-powered explosives. look at this crater. see the man down in it there? it's a huge bomb. left an enormous crater. just outside the national security building and you can see the size of it relative to the person. trouble in cairo today. looks like the former boxing champ roy jones injuries getting his wish, citizenship in putin. he met with vladimir putin in crimea, which russia invaded and took from ukraine. the two had tea because, why not? jones says he wants to use boxing to help build a bridge between the u.s. and russia. he told putin it would be easier with a russian passport and
12:24 pm
putin gave him. >> an wall street, a live at the big board. down 291. we've been than 300 on the session, and analysts say it's because of one thing, concerns over the mess in china, the worldest second largest economy. the number of americans filing for first-time unemployment benefits rose but not by mitch. initial claims rose by 4,000, to a seasonally adjusted 277,000. the economists say if the labor market continues to improve, the federal reserve could be on track to raise interest rates in the near future. rick is is a column is in. sounds like next month? >> yes. stock market goes down. we have to remember what goes on. we have had a terrific bull market since 2009, people have made a lot of money, and now we're seeing investors get shaky. we don't know what is going on in china. it's not clear in the outside
12:25 pm
world. >> china is down an enormous amount from the top. i think some 30%. i forget exactly how much. but we don't have another way of knowing exactly what the chinese economy is like because frankly they won't lot us know. >> right. >> this market tell us us a lot. >> this is not a real stock market to still up something like 100% from a year ago. this is not a completely open market like we're used to here in new york or london or europe. this is open only to select traders in china. the government has a lot of say over who buys and who sells in the market, can even say, you're allowed to sell, not allowed to sell or buy. and they're trying to control a market to do what they want to do in china. you can't control markets. that's what we believe here. seemsseems to be be true in chi. they're trying to exert control over something that is uncontrollable. >> give us your big picture of the american economy. >> the financial markets, a lot
12:26 pm
of worries worries and turbulen. this is happening at the same time the u.s. economy is pretty good. unemployment going down, it's at 5.3%. could go lower. that federal reserve minutes came out and they were talking about something they called maximum employment. might actually be close to the maximum number of people who can have jobs given economic conditions. things are pretty good here. gas is cheap. inflation is low. interest rates are super low. a lot of people have more confidence they have deposit jobs, going to -- decent jobs. we still have trouble but this casino of the best economy we have had in several years. so worries in the stock markets are genuine but does not reflect problems in the u economy. >> so that's why in the political season they're not talking about the economy. >> they're not, but one of the reasons donald trump trump is so popular is because he is tapping into dissatisfied people. they feel like they're getting
12:27 pm
left behind. his candidate skis is an a reflection of a lot of dissatisfied people. >> i if i could say a lot of things that were impossible i might be -- mexico is going by for a wall. >> people are angry and they want an outlet. >> it's contracts you can say whatever people want to hear and it's not true. >> but it's happening. >> it is. >> can't deny it. >> no, we can't. it's happening. rick, thank you. >> don't blame me. >> oh, no, no blame to go around. a whole bunch of people to blame. former president jimmy carter has cancer, it spread to his brain and today he held an incredible news conference so strong so composed, even smiling as he gave details of his medical care and his outlook on life after his diagnosis, and the former president is not pretending the fight ahead is his to wage. california deals with wildfires, earthquakes and droughts. now we're learning parts of the state are sinking.
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visit today. surveillance video shows the explosion that critically injured a gas worker outside the seattle on tuesday. the staffers were gotten out safely. >> a car slid right off a flooded road in charlotte but the driver got out and walked away. officials say storms caused flooding all over the charlotte area yesterday, leaving other drivers stranded in their cars for hours. a guy just set a new world record for speed mountain running. he climbed five different peaks in the swiss alps, each 14,000 feet high. it could take normal people two days to climb one of those peaks. he did all five in less than eight hours. he started climbing mountains as
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and try aleve pm, now with an easy open cap. ran extraordinary news conference from the former president, jimmy carter, announcing his cancer spread to his brain and he is starting radiation treatment today. the globe-trotting, friend to the poor and sick around the world, spoke at the carter center help said he has felt some pain but no weakness or debilitating symptoms and will make his treatment a top priority. >> i have had a wonderful life, thousands of friends, and an exciting and adventurous and gratifying existence. >> the form are president announced that doctors had removed liver cancer -- a tenth of his liver because of the cancer and had discovered it spread to other parts of his body. now he's telling the world there are four spots on his brain and maybe in places other, too soon
12:34 pm
to know. president carter smiled through the news. leading even today with calm in the face of what may be ahead. he is not pretending he is in for a fight against cancer. instead explaining his now is to be a good patient, to follow the advice of his excellent doctors at emory university and be prepared for whatever comes. jimmy carter is 90. steve harrigan is a live at the carter center in atlanta for us. hello, steve. >> reporter: in early august, when surgeons removed bat 10% of president carter's life he thought he was cancer free. he said it was a tough day when he learned that was not the case. >> they showed up, said it was already in four places in any brain. so, i would say that night and the next day, until i cam back up to emory, i just thought i had a few weeks left. but i was surprisingly at ease.
12:35 pm
>> reporter: president carter said it's been toughest on his wife. this celebrated their 9th 9th wedding anniversary this summer. >> every leader i have ever heard of has given him a phone call. >> reporter: a remarkable day today for a press conference about cancer. just so upbeat. president carter smiling and joking with the audience. at one point saying he has been getting a lot of phone calls from people who don't always want to hear his opinions. >> both of the former president bush called me at one time and george w. bush, bush senior, called me. i appreciate thad and my wife is on the telephone with him. president obama called, vice-president called. bill clinton called, hillary clinton called. secretary of state called. first time he called me in a long time. [laughter] >> block. >> carter said there's been a real outpouring of love in his home town of plains, georgia. he heads there this weekend to
12:36 pm
steve sunday school and hopes to keep on doing that for as long he is able. >> thoughts and prayers and love. thank you. terrible news overnight out of washington state. three brave firefighters died battling a wildfire if the seen was to drama when sheriff described it as a hell storm. the firefighters crashed their truck, then got trapped by flames, happened outside the town of twisp, 115 miles north and east of seattle in the middle of just about nowhere. four firefighters hurt, one critical. 29,000 firefighters are battling almost 100 wildfires across the west from washington state to arizona. trace gallagher live in los angeles. what else do we know about what happened with these brave firefighters? >> reporter: we talk often about weather being a firefighter's best friend and worst enemy and appears the is in case the fire was racing and the winds were
12:37 pm
blowing in different directions, meaning the firefighters did not know which way to run for safety. when the fires being pushed by high winds and being fed by dry brush, it's a lethal combination. we don't yet know the details on what caused the firefighters to crash their vehicle, and we adopt in the exactly what type of equipment they had to protect themselves. here's washington governor jay insley. >> the are people who are lost doing what firefighters do, which is to rush towards the fire rather than away. >> reporter: and they did. the white house also released a statement offering thoughts and prayers to the family. you mentioned fewer other forths were injured. one critically, so far it's unclear if they were linked to the firefighters who lost their lives. >> any update on the fires nick progress? >> reporter: too many fires and not enough firefighters. across the west there are more than 200 active wildfires, forest fires, burning 95 of
12:38 pm
those cart governorrize -- categorized as large and uncontained, and because there's only so much air power, the ones threatening hopes are getting top priority. active duty soldiers from fort lewis could be on the firelines tomorrow and the national guard is activated in four western states inch central california, the rough fire, in -- continues to grow. over 30,000 acres, only 3% containment. that's where a christian summer camp and some 2500 residents had to be evacuated. even if you don't live near the fires, the smoke up and down the western region is leading to eye irritation, breathing problems, especially those who suffer asthma. a long nest three -- a long next three months. >> entire sections of california are sinking. up to two inches a month in some spots. the reason? workers have had to increase groundwater pumping during the state's record-setting drought.
12:39 pm
you take out the water, the ground sings, and things just get worse. lillian is over here at bat 6. that's from sinking in. >> well, to get us up to date on california, which they have a lot of problems. earthquakes, the place is on fire, a bad drought, and the drought is what is leading to the sinking. so, they're going through their fourth straight year of the drought the last two years the warmest and driest on record in california so that's relating to sinks. they have to rely on ground pumping decide sorry, this is crude. >> did you do this? >> no. i stole it from the government. so they're having to rely from taking water from the ground and doing it faster than they-replenish. and this is causing problems-especially for infrastructure, like cams, pumping stations, brims, wells,
12:40 pm
roads and bad for farm ares. california is the number one state for agriculture, and they can't just very easily say, okay, we're not going to pump as much water. they had some legislation, they instructed all the local officials to monitor water pumping but have given some counties until 2022 to come up with a system so with the rates that it's going, faster and faster, they're really in for some problems. >> they're sinking. >> yes, alas. >> the first hurricane of the atlantic season on the move. his name is danny, still quite aways from land. it's headed this way. the question is when and what will it be like? that's coming unbelievable! up, in .
12:41 pm
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12:43 pm
two men claim they found a train packed with nazi gold and art and gems that disappeared at
12:44 pm
the end of world war ii. for decades treasure hunters have tried to find the loot in a tunnel system under a castle in poland. one report claims the train may have held up to 300 tons of gold. it's solid. but historians say they're not sure if the train exists, and an attorney says the two men want 10 fors of the value of the -- 10% of the view -- of the value, and officials are willing to pay the reward. >> weather alert. the first atlantic hurricane of the season is upon us and his name is danny. he is just barely hurricane strength, at 75-miles-an-hour, 76, 7 4 , that's the minimal hurricane. the chance are it could get a little stronger. head east of the caribbean's lesser antilles, if it copes on
12:45 pm
the pattern. and then ends up over in the caribbean. 75-miles-an-hour maximum sustained could peek -- pick up steam it's not a tomorrow problem but it's coming. scott williams is at fox 29 in philly. talking bat small storm in size. >> that's certainly right. good afternoon, shep. we're talking about hurricane danny. it's so small i had to circle it. well into the open waters of the atlantic, a thousand miles away from the windward eye islands would you need sever hundred of this to equal hurricane sandy, but looking more symmetrical. you can see the eye and some thunderstorm development around the center of circulation. but look at the forecast.
12:46 pm
it's way away from land and we're talking hurricane force winds only extends outwards from the center of circulation, ten miles. >> so, where is it going? if you knew that. >> all right. we have the latest computer models, and you can look at the forecast track with danny. it could intensify briefly but will run into drier air, maybe maintaining a category 1 status. and moving towards pork -- puerto rico. and take a look at the president. most of them continuous movement to the west northwest, and then as we move toward tuesday marx want to move toward the bahamas. another factor, the dry air. it will encounter drier air, looking at the water vapor, so that can weaken it but we have time to watch. >> updates at 5:00 on the fox 29 news. one of the new orleans most
12:47 pm
famous residents on how hurricane katrina changed her lives and her family. her thoughts ten years later and the future of new orleans. that's next.
12:48 pm
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next week, ten years since one of the deadliest hurricanes in u.s. history slammed into the gulf coast. the most destruct stiff storm our nation has known. the new orleans mayor said he will be hosting president obama, former presidents george w. bush and bill clinton, and planning to showcase the city's resilience. an isn't 2,000 people died because of hurricane katrina weapon all witnessed the devastation, some first hand and watched as families waited days for help. we'll look back at that part of
12:51 pm
the story in a fox news special tomorrow night, 10:00 eastern, 9:00 central. here's a preview. >> these people have been trapped inside their homes or on this bridge for two days. i want to show how you what we found when we went to the edge of the projects, at the beginning of the water contaminated we sewer and human remains. >> we need help. we really need help. the mayor and the for need to do something about this. we're drowning. >> clear to me that they were derelict in duty. i'm surprised worst things happened happened to some of to the leaders. >> we are battling after it and serving time in prison. >> wonder how he is dealing with that? >> we didn't even elect him. they're doing us no good. we're stuck in the heat this project is need. >> officials were saying, we're there, and everything is fine.
12:52 pm
i was there and everything wasn't fine. >> they got old people on the bridge. can't get no water or. >> it's full of food and water and cots and medicine, just outside the perimeter of what we thought would be the worst part of the disaster. >> it collapsed. and there was nobody there to fix it. in time to save lots of lives. hurricane katrina, the storm of a lifetime, airs tomorrow night, 10:00 eastern, 9:00 central. hopefully with audio sweetening right here on fox news cheryl. arthel neville is from new orleans, part of the fabric of new orleans and was there with her family. >> i was working in florida and got the call we had to leave miami and go to new orleans. which is weird because when a system hit mist family left. so i got as far as i could get
12:53 pm
and the water stopped me in my tracks and i couldn't believe what i was seeing. eventually with started telling the temperature that so maple people -- telling the story -- a journalist you're taught the story is not about you. this story was about me. and we got an amphibious boat to get me home to where i grew up. all my -- i couldn't believe it. >> the pictures. >> water up to the rooftop. our house was steeped in water for two weeks, dirty, horrible water me. mom lost everything. i lost my childhood enemy -- enemy yemen -- momentos. >> moment went to -- >> you see the images of the people who were stuck there we weren't stuck there, so i'm happy.that. one thing is when a storm hits new orleans, mississippi miss,
12:54 pm
you grab a couple of bags and leave. so i got a chance to go to the hotel where where my mother wasi hadn't seen him for a month. she she had three grocery bags s of her stuff. she said, that's my stuff i brought with me. took everything in me not to cry in front of her because i wanted to stay strong because i knew that was it. >> how lucky you are that you had the means to get out. so many didn't. >> that's what is so sad. a lot of people see the images and don't blame those people for being stuck behind. there irsayrous reasons. didn't get evacuation orders in time. there was some just chaos, quite frankly in terms of getting folks out there. you were there. and some people don't have the mean s.
12:55 pm
it's easy for thus in the comfort of our homes why didn't you do something. not everybody can just do michigan. >> the storm tacked on to a little island -- the first thing to be hit and then up the mouth of the pearl river and was a mississippi storm, not a new orleans storm. it was -- the water rushing up the river, and coming over the levees that destroyed northerns. the wind and the water that leveled south mississippi, gone and parts are still gone. we'll look back and the lessons of hurricane katrina, tomorrow night, 10:00 eastern, there's no host of the show. the storm is the star and we'll all just sort of tell stories along the way. think it's a great look back from our specials unit. >> thank you for your great coverage and loving new orleans so much. >> i do.
12:56 pm
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on this day in 1977 nasa tried to find out if there's anybody out there. it launched voyager ii from cape canaveral. nobody on board but she spacecraft was carrying a recording of greetings in dozen of languages just in case. no word of any alien hearings, but voyagey ii the first spacecraft to get a look at the planet neptune, and nasa scientists expect it to keep beaming back information for another few years. on a mission that began 38 years ago. when news breaks out we'll break in because breaking news changes everything and this iryour breaking news. two minutes ago we crashed through the 17,000 mark with the dow down 350-plus. the lowest levels on the dow since october of last year. clearly almost down 2%. that said, the overall economy is really doing pretty well. unemployment hovering around 5.3. gas at lows we haven't seen in
1:00 pm
seven years october at least oil is. "your world" is coming up. charles payne to sort it out with the dow in a freefall on this thursday afternoon. >> stock rocked again. the dow diving big-time for the second day in a row. we're talking names you know, disney, netflix, facebook, all getting absolutely crushed. what is causing it? we're all over it. welcome everyone, i'm charles paine in for neil cavuto and this is "your world." we want to start by talking and setting up what happenedcause ts of yesterday. the federal reserve got together, explained their minutes to us, and initially wall street thought what they were saying was that, hey, the economy is still not on track, we're not going to raise interest rates. we came back and then all of a sudden we crashed into --


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