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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 20, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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seven years october at least oil is. "your world" is coming up. charles payne to sort it out with the dow in a freefall on this thursday afternoon. >> stock rocked again. the dow diving big-time for the second day in a row. we're talking names you know, disney, netflix, facebook, all getting absolutely crushed. what is causing it? we're all over it. welcome everyone, i'm charles paine in for neil cavuto and this is "your world." we want to start by talking and setting up what happenedcause ts of yesterday. the federal reserve got together, explained their minutes to us, and initially wall street thought what they were saying was that, hey, the economy is still not on track, we're not going to raise interest rates. we came back and then all of a sudden we crashed into --
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yesterday. then today we open under a huge pressure, big names down, disney, a downgrade, people pulling the plug, maybe a situation where, hey, the media stocks are getting hammered today. but didn't just matter but a the main driver pulling the plug was netflix. so, let's set it up. looking at big names. all big winners. now every stock was a loser. let's go to trader allen nuckmon surprise wed had this selloff but when it happens it's unnerving. >> there was no bounce today. so essentially we took out the lows from last wednesday. last week, the markets were under heavy pressure but came back and closed positive. no such luck today. serious pressure all day long. put it in perspective, this
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brings the s&p negative for the year. so we're not in the hole 10% or 15%. we have given back our gain and trading sideways for six months, and still within the range, just the lower end of the sideways act where the market has done nothing and nothing for sick months. >> here's the problem. what's the catalyst to turn is around? i know where you're coming from. the market is relatively unchanged. when you're an investor and scrow sea down 200, down 300, it's scary stuff and you wonder what will turn it around. >> we have had no volatility for a long time. there have been crises over the last five years that have happen the marks up, this hasn't happened in a longtime so people are just getting a little unnerved, but let's see our things respond over the next week or so. we were at 2100 the s&p not so long ago, few days ago. so, think there are a number of factors that can be viewed as a positive. i'm an optimist. you mentioned low energy prices.
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that six-year low helps the consumer. low interest rates, long-term rating at the lowest since april, and you're going to see the chinese currency being devalued and that throws privacy products. so those help the consumer but people are unnerved because the markets have stopped going high. >> allen, help us understand the relationship between us, and china, and the federal reserve. just moments ago shep said the economy is going pretty well. and certain parts we do see housing coming on, unemployment rates relatively low but wages not going up and there's a certain amount of frustration. is the market reacting to that or the inability of the economy to get in second gear. >> it's a fact of when the markets can't move higher, you get a psychological
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disappointment. but you talk about china, you can only get so much information out of china or it's only so credible, but no one was cheering that the financial markets were solved when china's stock market was up 100%. it's pulled back but that market went un100%, so, you have to put that in perspective. we are the financial leader, the global leader. things are still in good shape fundamentally. until proven otherwise the markets bounce back. see if we recovered back above last wednesday's low is which an important point, and see if we can resume what we have didn't doing. >> the message from the floor of the cme is be cool. a hear a lot of noise and it we have more days like this it's going to be hard for nobody stay steady. thank you very much. you helped explain lot. coming up, how to protect your investments. now, though, let's move to the campaign trail and this battle
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building between donald trump and jeb bush. >> jeb bush is a low energy person. for him, to get things done is hard. >> mr. trump doesn't have a proven conservative record him was a democrat longer in the last decade than a republican use, the reason i talk about jeb is he was supposed to do well in new hampshire. he is going down like a lock. >> people are angry about how washington is not working. he tapped into that. resee respect people that feel they way they do but when people look at his record, it's not a conservative record. >> you know what is happening to jeb's crowd down the street? they're sleeping. they're sleeping now. >> this fight is just getting started. to ashley pratt and katie how they see it playing out. katie, tell me, donald trump certainly has the wind in his sails and walking away a lot of swagger. >> he is. he always walked with a lot of
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swagger. that's why he is donald trump. donald trump has set his sights on jeb bush, done a very good job of make his supporters think it's either donald donald trumpb bush but they actually have a lot of in common when it concludes to unfavorability with voters. they're shown neck and neck when it comps to up favorability with the country. it's important because they are known to american voters. people know who they are so they have to do something better and i don't know if sniping at each other is going to get them there but have to do something to get the numbers up to win the nomination. >> i have to tell you, ashley, trump is going to have an event in alabama, started out with a ballroom and now a football stadium. it's resonating. there's no doubt. i got to tell you something. when i see jeb bush and the other g.o.p. hopefuls, they do sort of put me to sleep they
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don't have the jolt. they're just not bringing the electricity. >> i don't know about that, charles. the palls few days jeb bush has not been putting me to sleep, and never has. the point is that trump says something, what has jeb bush done and has he been able to get stuff done? he has. he has a tested and proven conservative record which is why trump is going after him because he doesn't have one. trump is running right now on bloviate. that star is sure to fade and jeb bush is tested on these things. the cut tasks. trump is proposing tax hikes on the wealthiest americans. sounds like hillary clinton. doesn't sound very conservative to me. i mean, he is down -- in "time magazine" he is saying he doesn't know if he is a democrat or not. general jeb bush is saying we need a tested and true conservative leader and i'm here to provide that, and identity
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rather that than someone who does things just like hillary clinton. >> katie, i think you can question both men's conservatism if you go back. a lot of people called jeb bush rino, and donald trump has gotten them excited and they can live with other things maybe he won't give up. i don't know, at the moment right now -- i know the expert says this is a shooting star but at the very moment he is hogging the oxygen in the room. >> it's important to point out that although donald trump is the quoter, front-runner, he is a front-runner in a field of 17 people. i also think it's important to point out that jeb bush, like other republicans, are finally going after donald donald trumps rather than just responding with silly jokes. and when people start pointing out donald trump's regard
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they're going to find out that jeb bush is far more conservative than donald trump is jeb bush the most conservative? not but that doesn't make donald trump a better candidate for conservatives. >> ashley, there's scuttlebutt that some of these big guys like jeb bush going to spend a whole bunch of money real soon. wouldn't caught ail smear campaign but to illuminate the public on donald trump. necessary. right? >> i think it's definitely necessary to expose his less than stellar record on things if you could can say he has a record. i think it's important to do that because voters right enough are somewhat confused why donald trump is in this race? i know i am. it doesn't seem to make much sense. he doesn't know what party he belongs to doesn't know what he stands for -- >> i know nash diknow what you're saying but right now, guys, we just cannot ignore the poll -- >> no one is. >> we need a test of a --
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>> we got to let you go we'll talk soon. another g.o.p. presidential candidate out with his vision for the economy. we'll talk to marco rubio. carl? >> reporter: in detroit he got a big crowd from the detroit economic club and it's main stop particularly when talk about the economy and what happened in detroit, the fact its come canning back, but rubio's big speech was overshadowed by the battle between bush and trump, and in many ways rubio is part of the discussion of immigration. mr. trump said were it not for the 14th amendment and birthright citizenship people like cruz and rubio might not have been qualified to be president. so it's going on. having said that, rubeover today got a strong response for his talking about ways in which to jump start the economy. undo a lot of liberal policies by the obama administration,
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free up regulation and get the economy moving. >> i would overhaul the tax codes. overhauling it to make i pro growth and profamily, because currently it is neither. america will never be the global leader in business in this century with continue to have the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world. the nonpartisan tax foundation found my plan would grow the economy by 15%, grow wages by 12.5%, and create almost 2.7 million new full-time jobs. this helps everyone. >> reporter: rubio's appearance in detroit, definitely got the attention of business leaders and ceos. they want the country to recognize that detroit is on a combback but needs help. rubio's proposal was panned by the "wall street journal" for not being bold enough, the tax cuts weren't big enough. i asked him about that today and he fired right back. >> "the wall street journal" is
1:12 pm
long. we cut top rate by over 10% and for 90% of americans that will signal a significant tax relief. americans paying 15%. i'm proud of the a feature they don't like, the child tax credit. it's expensive to raise children. i know. eye. doing it myself right now. that's important. you want to strengthen america, strengthen families. >> reporter: rubio obviously trying to keep the focus on this, even though immigration and the hot going back and forth between bush and trump is taking up the oxygen and this mention by bush about marco rubio and his heritage, he was born in the united states in 1971 himself parents, cuban americans immigrants w. not citizens until 197 5. he still has natural budgeterright citizenship and shouldn't be done away with. ted cruz, who supports looking at the 14th amendment and possibly doing away with birth
1:13 pm
rightship was born in calgary bus his measure was an american. >> you heave probably all seen this by now. >> oh, no. >> that was marco rubio accidentally drilling a four-year-old boy in the face with a football. fortunately the kid is okay. in fact, he has a message for the candidate. >> hey, rubio, you need to get back to iowa. i'll be ready for you, rubio. >> watch out. he's coming after you. >> we're about to see the great wall of trump? maybe. why ben stein might have other border plans.
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we have to build a wall. we have to get the bad people out. i will build the greatest wall that you have ever seen. >> you can't get mexico to pay for the wall.
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>> of course you can. they can't, because they never would even think -- you know how much mexico is making from the united states? that's peanuts can the wall. >> donald trump not the only republican presidential candidate taking immigration seriously. ben carson was at the border, taking a tour with this guy. what did you show him and what did you educate him about? >> he is just not talking about the issue. ben carson spent from 7:30 in the morning until 10:00 at night, not just in pinal county, receiving law enforcement briefings from me and other deputies-but actually we flew him in our helicopter, show him the drug smuggling routes, the actual caves the cart 'em scouts live on top of mountains, 30 day as a time, and how over a 50-mile swath of land, 30 miles
1:18 pm
from phoenix. so he saw that and then went down to the border, talked to victims, family member who have been murdered by cartel members or criminal illegals and others who have been victimized. so he spent an entire day, understands the issue, very well, very impressed by him, and he -- the media was trying to go after him because he says, why aren't we using the military? this is literally an unsecured border. we have cartels they think they own the place. they control many areas on american soil and this how they freely move billions of dollars of drugs and hundreds of thousands of illegals into our country. >> we have a lot of returning soldiers from the wars in the middle east, a lot of them unemployed. why is that suc to deploy them on the border? >> you're right. i'm a 20-year veteran, army officer, retired, served in iraq. we have done this before and had
1:19 pm
national guard soldiers, dr. carson said yesterday, if he is the president, he will deploy national guard soldiers to, quote, guard america, and that is -- should be their prime purpose to protect our country. >> you guys talked about a helicopter ride. what about drones? has to me an important role for you. no? >> we don't have drones ourselves. we have a couple helicopters and this is why shouldn't be one county fighting the drug cartels. we hasted 76 in one day. they were carrying 108 weapons, including ak-47s. ben carson mentioned absolutely use drones and maybe have the idea of a missile strike to blow up these cartel lookouts where they live in some members of the media were aghast he said such a thing. he goes, we're fighting a war
1:20 pm
here. we should talk to military leaders and law enforcement leaders to see what we need to do -- >> sheriff, what kind of role should the federal government play with the local government? who should be in charge of this? who should have the key responsibility to make those decisions? >> we need a new president. this president just cant cutting it. he as lit'llly -- literally handcuffed us, releasing 60,000 criminals, not just hispanics. we announce an walky, russian, stud danees, convicted of murder. they just released them into our jurisdiction right here. and they're going to commit these crimes again. so we need a new president who is going to stand up for america and enfours our law -- enforce our laws and secure the border. >> how important is a wall? much more you need in addition to a wall? >> great question. everybody talks about the wall. well, i was a come bad engineer
1:21 pm
and this is where we build things and as a young lieutenant in the army, i helped with many other soldiers to help construct a wall south of san diego, a double barrier fence, and we need -- we don't actually need a wall all across 2,000-miles of border but the high trafficked areas where there is illegal smuggling and -- >> i got let you go. great stuff. >> you got it. >> see you again soon. two more isis supporters were dropped the court, but are they a drop in the bucket? next. woman: it's been a journey to get where i am. and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options.
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two isis support ares caught and now they're appearing in court. lauren? >> reporter: both men pled not guilty to all charges at their
1:25 pm
arraignment, and both men could face decade behind bars if convicted on all these charges. we want to bring you up to speed. this is the second court appearance their foe who who first appeared in front of 0 judge in june. the 20-year-old and the 21-year-old are linked to several others plotting to join isis and carry out terror attacks in the u.s. one father was in the courtroom today. they're from queens. his attorney offer "no comment" and they're expected to be back in court for a status hearing. they're charged with attempting to provide material support to isis and attack law enforcement agencies. one of them, a college student from queens, had been searching for ways to construct and detonate an explosive device in order to carry out a terror attack. the george washington a prime target on his list.
1:26 pm
the other one, tried to kill an fbi agent with a kitchen knife when agents came to his home to execute a search warrant. he could face 65 years in prison. the other one, 85 years behind bars. the who have been linked to other isis supporter. official says these are a new example of a new approach to getting these people off the street, once a case is built. a firm case, as opposed to spending more time on surveillance as suspects are attempting to go operational. we have status conference everything in 90 days from now. >> thank you. appreciate it. since these two men were arrested, there have been more than 10 isis-rye letted arrests nationwide. how many are there? former army ranger sean parnell
1:27 pm
says, quite a few. it's unnerving because of the nature of the cells cells cellse difficulties spotting them. maybe we're catching up to them. >> i think we; the fbi and homeland security and local police departments, these guys are overwhelmed and it's not -- it's just a matter of time before these guys -- before isis conducts throwist attacks -- terrorist attacks in the country. we need be vigilant and come together and key an eye out. it's important to have a plan to defeat them on their home turf. >> that's an entirely different story. would it be too apolitical or politically incorrect, rather, to say -- i don't believe there's such a thing at self-radicalization, feels like these kids come here or born here and there's a lot of
1:28 pm
animosity within the household and certain signs, whether at a mosque or work, we we can pick up the trail sooner. >> no question. i reject the notion of lon-wolf attacks. those suggest that these guys were radicalized on the internet, by themselves and not part of a global jihaddist network. we need to be mow pro-active as snip shows in come batting the -- as citizens in combating the terrorists. we need to come together as a people. isis sees the chaos on the streets and the dysfunction our government, the indecision in the white house, and they think that america is weak. they think that america is weak. they're going to strike at the -- >> let me ask you. i'm at work and i work somewhere and there's a kid next to me and
1:29 pm
he starts to say antiamerican things, he starts to do things and starts to compliment isis, who die call? what's the next step? you want us to come together. just call the police. you give them a tip, and it has to be credible intel. don't want to call the police for nothing but you have to be pro-active. if you see something, do something. if you chant do something, get involved, stay in the fight, but you have -- people need to speak out about this stuff. they need to see something that is wrong and speak out against it. >> i got to hell -- tell you i agree a thousand percent. feels like we are getting closer and closer to nipping these things in the but. and we need to. thank you. >> thank you. >> you think last night's town hall for donald trump was wild? wait until you hear what is in store for tomorrow.
1:30 pm
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1:33 pm
going to be 500 people and the room held a thousand, and
1:34 pm
they heard that we were there, and within two minutes that room wasn't big enough. so they went to a room that held 2,000 people, and they heard that wasn't big enough. and now they went to the convention center, and they heard that wasn't big enough. they're going to be 30,000 to 40,000 people in alabama. [cheering] >> move over, leonard skin understand, donald trump is coming to town. lee says dismiss the donald at your own risk. ey start with a banquet room and then higher and higher. the rock star treatment, 50,000 seats. >> that's how hi candidacy started. everybody is like,ing is it a joke? it's important to understand 80% of persons don't believe that any politician has their best interests at heart. donald trump -- >> we have heard this for a long time.
1:35 pm
we always say, throw the bums out. that's been our mantra for a long time. and every single election we re-elect our bums so we have this little -- the end of the last second we gravitate to some politician. donald trump is talking about doing serious things and making promises but the professionals are saying he is peaked. >> i actually think that people should do that at their own peril. he has buying power and is not going anywhere. die think he will win? no, but setting -- >> why wouldn't he win? you say he wouldn't win. >> here's the deal. he is winning in the polls about for every one person that likes him, two or three people hate him. >> so back to the unfavorability thing.
1:36 pm
>> uh-huh. >> i'm told that bill clinton had high unfavorables as well and he was elected and re-elected. >> what could happen her, if trump has to go third party he can't make the lingeries. i can't imagine when they're nothing left between us and the ballot box that people will select him. >> people like him to your point, resonating with folks. we have gone with the politics, both sides of the aisle. $18 trillion in deck. paychecks have gone down and a skins of hopelessness. why wouldn't people gravitate to him? people -- i don't know. why do we write them off so quickly? >> authenticity matters but what i'm looking at is the communication strategist, his message is negative, very angry. what that means is there's room sponsor somebody to come in and paint a picture of a better
1:37 pm
america, that i authentic, people respond to more favorably than trump. >> the key ward is authenticity. with donald -- they don't give e energy. i don't people the electricity. sincerity, perhaps, but electricity that guygets us out of our seats. >> the closest is fiorina. if bidener enters, maybe, bernie sanders, but on the republican side we don't see it. >> must be fine. >> great time. >> stocks, to say they were tanking tanking would be an understatement. the big question is should you be worried?
1:38 pm
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get this one done. ask your healthcare professional about prevnar 13® today. there's no other way to put it. you're looking at it. the dow off 358-points, nasdaq off 141 points, a blood bath on wall street. jim, welcome to the show. i get where you're going to come from here i and i agree except it is really tough for the average investor to see these prints, down 358, down 50, day after day. >> it is, but if you look at the market on historical basis it's fairly routine. now, the last few years it hasn't been. we have not had a 10% correction since 2011 so its unusual. but the market is just marginally down on the year. we have not had interest rates skyrocket. we're not in a recession.
1:42 pm
we haven't had any kind of major terror attack so these are the things that proceed a major selloff. this is normal seasonal correction tied to concerns about the federal reserve board. we have seen this before, and i think while investors can be worried, i just don't think they should panic. >> jim, what is not -- what is unusual is our relationship with china and what is going to happen with them and what is going to do to our economy, what is realup usual is the freefall in crude oil. sometimes it's a good thing but when it gets to me point where it's free falling-not good for the overall economy. >> in texas we're painfully aware of what is going on in oil prices, and i think you hit the nail on the head there it's a freefall. normally when markets start to sell off like the oil market has, producers have time to adjust and make adjustments and they can run their business. on a freefall like this, they haven't had any time to da
1:43 pm
anything. are there concerns? yes. probably going to bes' bankruptcies and mergers and acquisitions at that time have to happen in terms of china, we have seen these kind of concerns in global markets about every other year for as long as i can remember. i remember back in '97 and '98. the currency cries and on and on in terms of china, they're having issues, probably not growing as fast as they want us to believe but probable i already still growing -- >> but to donald trump's point, have they entered into currency war with us? are they going to eat our lunch? >> currency is something i'm concerned about. not necessarily for the united states but for the globe in terms of that whole region. japan is going to have to adjust to the current si moves that china has made. how about korea and the other produce north america that part
1:44 pm
of the world? if you get into an escalated currency war, and this year it has escalate, it's going to cause a problem in europe they're manipulating their currency certainly, and here in the united states, you add the fed that is thinking about tightening and it throws a whole lot of uncertainty into the mix. >> let me -- >> -- concern -- >> let me ask you jim. today the stock that was down hard and let the entire market down was disney. disney, one of the most successful companies in the america, and all of a sudden wall street hates it. that confuses the average investor. they buy good names and names are derailed. >> all their favorites, apple and facebook and most widely held stocks. that happens towards the tail end of a sell off. they to the out the baby wiz the bathwater.
1:45 pm
we call it capitulation. it's that time of year between late july and early october, these things happen. just haven't happened in the last few years and the selloff we have season, top to bottom, 7%, not that up usual. >> don't panic, in fact, get ready to buy. turns out they won't need our inspectors in iran because they already have them, from iran.
1:46 pm
the problem with the iran nuclear deal is that it would increase the high likelihood of the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the region. saudi arabia, egypt, turkey, united arab emirates... let's not forget that iran is the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. the deal will increase the likelihood of terrorists getting a hold of a nuclear weapon. so, that's why we need a better deal.
1:47 pm
1:48 pm
if any member of congress was undecided on the rain deal -- the iran deal a new report may help them make up their mind. john? >> reporter: the report has to do with basically iran
1:49 pm
inspecting one of its own military sites. it's raised a lot of contention and concern among in particular g.o.p. lawmakers. that said, though, the ap, the "associated press," pressured -- published the report of an agreement between iran and the iaea that allows iran's own expect to inspect a site roughly 20 miles southeast of iran that both in the u.s. and sailor suspect -- israel suspect of being used for nuclear research, and the ap reports that iran would provide photos and videos iaea inspectors. it's not directly connected to the iran nuclear a -- accord
1:50 pm
worked but between the u.s. and iran and other countries. still it fueled the concern ab fuels the overall concern about whether iran is essentially being afforded basically more leeway, of course, in inspection of its own military sites as senator lindsey graham said it's like allowing the inmates to run the jail. now, the iaea secretary general said that he was disturbed, charles, by the a.p.'s report. he went on to say it misrepresented the way in which we will undertake this important verification works though he didn't elaborate what that work will entail. if there was any question about this, the obama administration, charles, now acknowledged that iran will be indeed involved with the inspection of its own site. >> john, thank you very much. should this convince congress to just finally kill the deal? former cia operative mike baker says absolutely. mike first, the deal itself that we knew of really seemed
1:51 pm
extraordinarily flimsy. and then the secret side deals certainly raised a red flag. now this has to have put something of a nail in its coffin or at least have some of these people on d.c. thinking this is crazy! >> well, you would like to think so. i suspect that will happen is on the politics side from the democratic senators who have come out against the deal, i think that's just k abu k irk theater. they know they're safe. they know the deal's going to pass. and so they can afford to vote no and please their constituents and worry about their next election. so i don't think this is going to get stopped. i would like to see it thrown back on the president's desk in the sense that he would have to veto any disapproval so that it's his. he owns it finally. he has to take responsibility for it all by himself, basically, because it's supposedly his great deal. but the problem with this, the side deals that we're talking about, the reason why it's important, the parchin military site has been under investigation for over a decade now. and the iaea itself has
1:52 pm
expressed frustration, dissatisfaction for a long time over the inability to get clarity on that weaponization program that's suspected to have taken place at the parchin site. now, the reason why this is important is because that's a ten-year investigation. now as a result of this overarching deal that the u.s. and the p 5 have signed, and want to push forward, they have agreed the u.n., iaea, u.s. has agreed that we'll wrap up this 10-year long investigation by the end of this year. so they're working to compile a report now after ten years of no clarification, they're saying we're going to wrap this up now by december. what are the chances that they're going to do anything to scuttle the overarching deal? so this is being jammed through. there's nothing that tells us we're going to get the verification or the clarity. and if we don't have that, if we don't understand what the past program was about, we can't go forward with an accurate verification program.
1:53 pm
>> mike, what about the idea that the iranians would be able to do the inspecting? i mean, obviously some conflicting reports here. but the initial report was that they would be the ones actually by themselves doing the verifications or whatever. it just seems so crazy. lindsey graham's point is right. the inmates running the asylum. >> right. the iaea has a lot of very hard-work, very professional people. so i don't believe that they've just thrown it on the laps of the iranians and said it's up to you. i do believe they're making a good faith effort to try to oversee to the degree possible the verification process. but they have given the iranians by all accounts -- admittedly some of it's speculation because nobody knows what's in these secret side deals. they've given them a lot of leeway, it appears, including according to a form iaea officials who have been responsible for the past investigation into parchin. so yeah, this is a problem that i think is going to scuttle the deal.
1:54 pm
and like i said, when this deal falls apart, i hope we remember it's obama's deal. >> mike baker, stakes are so high. it's amazing these things keep popping up out of left field. thanks, buddy. appreciate it. still waiting to book your labor day weekend plans? you might be in for a bargain. usaa makes me feel like i'm a car buying expert in no time at all. there was no stress. it was in and out. and it was just easy. usaa, they just really make sure that you're well taken care of. usaa car buying service. powered by truecar. save money, zero hassle.
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1:58 pm
holidays for sure. >> what are you looking at though, lee? is there any specific part? caribbean, south america? where are the real bargains? if i had a certain budget and could go anywhere but wanted to save money at the same time. >> domestic u.s. travel is where you're really going to save money. that's what the airlines are reporting. i think they're saying $248 is the average fare for a u.s. domestic flight which is less than it has been the past couple of years. that will probably rise when it comes to the holidays, but for now it's as cheap as it's been in a couple of years. >> the dollar, the strong dollar is rolling wall street. wall street hates it. but isn't this now also timing when the dollar as high as it is maybe to take advantage of that as well? >> i've been preaching this for about six months now since the dollar started going up against the euro and the canadian dollar. if you're planning that trip to paris or up to alberta, canada, now's the time to do it. because you want to take advantage of the exchange rate. you're getting 1.30 on your money. if you're going to australia i think it's 1.38 now or something like that. you're really getting some bargain for your dollar for the
1:59 pm
first time in like 12 years. >> i went to paris once when the dollar was really high. we went inside a louie vuitton store came out with so much stuff. you can never do that in new york. you just got back from madagascar. you've been to every single country in the world. >> every single one. >> what would you recommend to someone right now don't go on a lot of vacations have a few bucks and want to finally do it. >> i'd probably tell people to go to europe. if you haven't traveled a ton, you can go to europe, suck it up. buy the flight out there. it's not going to be cheaper than it is right now especially if you want to go central eastern europe. go to greece you can get bargains right there for sure. >> do you go to one country and get on trains and go all over the place? is that the best way to do it? >> going to europe for sure taking trains. in europe they have cheap budgetarilies out there you don't actually know about. use some of the european web sites to check for flights. >> strong dollar. take advantage of it. also guys take advantage of my show coming on one hour on the
2:00 pm
fox business network this. market was absolutely annihilated today. a lot of amazing bargains out there. i'll talk to you about it. also i've got the democrat who's going to try to pull the party away from the socialist tent. right now, though, "the five" is next. keep it right here on fox news. hello, everyone. i'm greg gutfeld along with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, brian killmead and she was on morning and mindy. >> in a cnn interview donald trump was asked what he would say to the pope if he were to meet him next month. roll it, sven. >> the pope believes that capitalism can be a real avenue to greed, it can be really toxic and corrupt and he's shaking his finger at you when he said it. what do you say in response to the pope? >> i'd say isis wants to get you. you know that isis wants to go in and take over the vatican. you have heard that. you know that's a dream of theirs to go into italy. if you look at w


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