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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 20, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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watching the six movies on loop. if you look closely at the table there we have an r 2 d 2 game of operation where you try to pull his little parts out. >> all right. we got to go. "special report." that's very strange. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. fox news has exclusively obtained a copy of the so-called side deal to president obama's nuclear agreement with iran that has led to another wave of opposition from critics. it clearly show allowing iran to conduct the inspections of one of its own major military facilities with ties toyota nuclear program. correspondent kevin corke is at the presidential vacation compound on martha's vineyard with these breaking details. good evening, kevin. >> reporter: good evening to you, bret. you are right about this document. very interesting. fox news exclusively obtaining a document dated july 11th, 2015.
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it certainly supports the a.p.'s reporting that iran will play a major role in the so-called inspection regimen of one of its major nuclear sites at parchin by providing the iaea with crucial information and details. let me show you some of what we have learned. in taking a look at this document it's called separate arrangement two. in it iran would provide the iaea with photos and videos, also environmental samples of select locations at parchin, taking into account some military concerns. it also provides the agency would ensure technical authenticity of activities, meaning making sure that the nuclear work that was happening there was not for weapons development. but here's the rub. the iaea would still use iran's authenticated equipment. all that would be followed by a visit we are told by the iaea director general. as you pointed out very well, that is just some of what has critics calling this international agreement flawed. but clearly that is not the way the iaea sees it.
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>> a misrepresentation. that's how a u.n. nuclear watchdog group is describing an explosive report from the associated press that suggests that iran will be able to self-police inspection of the nuclear site at parchin where the regime has long been suspected of trying to build nuclear weapons. siting a draft report, the a.p. reported that the international atomic energy agency, the iaea, would get data from iran on the site instead of its own inspectors on the ground. a notion the iaea director general rejected, saying in a statement "i am disturbed by statements suggesting that the iaea has given responsibility for nuclear inspections to iran. such statements misrepresent the way in which we will undertake this important verification work." but verification has been a problem in the past. with the iranians as far back as 2004, repeatedly stone walling inspectors about its nuclear activities. state department officials say under this agreement iran won't be able to avoid layers of scrutiny. >> not all of it is human
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inspections. there's other monitoring capabilities at play all the way from the mines to centrifuge activity. and again, i would just say we're very confident that in the intrusiveness of this regimen that's been established by this deal -- >> just how compliance is defined, however, remains a mystery. as neither the white house nor congressional lawmakers have been able to study final details of all of the so-called side agreements between the iaea and iran. >> i think those who even support the deal have to insist that the administration must come forward and reveal what is the content of this agreement between iran and the iaea. >> reporter: meanwhile the white house got a major boost when a senior democrat on the senate armed services committee announced that she will vote to back the plan. missouri senator claire mccaskill saying in a statement "this deal isn't perfect, and no one trusts iran. but it has become clear to me that the world is united behind
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this agreement." defense secretary ash carter declined to weigh in on this iran inspection controversy. but he did point out today, bret, that the u.s. has a very strong presence in the gulf region and is ready to response to the iranians in any aggression should the need arise. >> more on all this with the panel. kevin, thank you. now to a presidential race still almost 450 days away from its conclusion that features candidates sniping at each other in mid season form. an almost daily poll results measuring in great detail each fluctuation in public fascination with this field. we have fox team coverage of the 2016 race. doug mcelway with some very encouraging numbers for a vice president still on the fence. kathryn ha kathryn h kathryn herridge with more questions about how secure hillary clinton's e-mails were. and the story on two republicans matching insult for insult. >> whether it's marco rubio in
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detroit for an economic speech or mike huckabee in israel talking to benjamin netanyahu, the bush-trump battle is knocking all the candidates out of the headlines. it started with duelling town halls 19 miles apart in new hampshire last night. trump threw the first punch at jeb bush. >> i don't see how he's electable. >> mr. trump doesn't have a proven conservative record. >> reporter: the latest quinnipiac polls in the key battle ground states of ohio, florida and pennsylvania, explain bush's new feistiness. trump leads in florida and pennsylvania and runs second to governor john kasich in ohio. bush went after trump again this morning. >> there's a big difference between donald trump and me. i'm a proven conservative with a record. he isn't. i cut taxes every year. he's proposed the largest tax increase in mankind's history, not just our own country's history. i've been consistently pro-life. he until recently was for partial birth abortion. >> reporter: bush adamantly rejects trump's proposal to repeal the 14th amendment, granting citizenship to immigrant children born in the u.s. >> i think people born in this
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country ought to be american citizens. now we got that over with. >> reporter: bush even suggested without the 14th amendment, marco rubio and ted cruz who supports its repeal might not be citizens and able to run for president. >> if people are here legally they have a visa and they have a child who's born here i think that ought to be american citizens. people like marco rubio, by the way, that's how he came. so to suggest that we make it impossible for a talented person like that not to be a candidate for president? or ted cruz? i mean, i think we're getting a little overboard here. we're listening to the emotion rather than to the reality of this. >> reporter: cruz was born in canada to a cuban father and american mother. his campaign fired back in a tweet "ted cruz has not spent a single moment on earth when he was not a natural-born american citizen. just ask his mom." rubio, whose big speech to the detroit economic club was overshadowed by the trump-bush battle was born here in '71. his parents became citizens in
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'75. >> my parents were permanent legal residents of the united states for 15 years before i was even born. so they're talk about people that were in this country illegally. my parents were never in this country illegally. >> hillary clinton attacked both bush and trump in a bilingual video for using the phrase anchor babies. >> anchor babies as they're described. >> if there's another term that i can come up with i'm happy to hear it. >> reporter: trump questioned president obama's birth certificate and citizenship for years and made a huge issue of it in 2008. lately he says he doesn't want to talk about that. rick santorum whose father was an italian immigrant told the national press club that most of his rye values' suggestions won't solve the problem. >> amnesty will perpetuate the problem, not solve the problem. whether it was a path to citizenship in the gang of eight bill or the right to a permanent work permit supported by ted cruz and others, in any event it's amnesty. >> reporter: in 2013, the
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national hispanic leadership council sent a memo to congress urging them to watch their language on illegal immigration and specifically said don't say anchor babies. the cochairman of that organization at the time was jeb bush. and the organization still lists him as an committee member on its web page today. >> carl cameron live in detroit, thank you. apparently the server wasn't the only thing hillary clinton decided to buy herself. the state department now says clinton's blackberry was not government issue, either. and therefore not government encrypted. chief intelligence correspondent kathryn herridge tells us it's all part of evidence in a lawsuit involving the democratic frontrunner. >> reporter: in a d.c. federal court, lawyers for the state department argued that they couldn't do more to search for hillary clinton's records or those of aides huma abedin and cheryl mills because the fbi now has custody of the server and thumb drives. the government was not persuaded. >> the government has conceded they have an affirmative obligation to go back to the fbi, to look at these records and those devices.
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>> reporter: buried in a recent court filing is the admission that the black betters used by abedin and mills were like i destroyed and mrs. clinton was never issued one nor did she use government computers. >> how did the state department think that mrs. clinton as secretary of state was going to go about doing her business? >> reporter: mrs. clinton used a personal ipad that was not certified as secure by state department i.t. specialists. at 2008 intelligence community directive known at icd 503 established the policy. and there can be no approval if quote that information system would result in a high potential impact on organizations or individuals. >> it looks suspicious i must say as well from my counter intelligence vy point. if i were the fbi i would definitely have can hes about the motivation that sounds certainly very unsuited to what the clip tons needed done. >> reporter: asked about the security of her personal devices, the clinton campaign was noticeably silent. the state department spokesman searched his papers for a prepared statement.
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>> there are -- i'll just say there are reviews and investigations going on right now, including by rig and by congress. so it's going to be inappropriate for me to comment. >> reporter: the denver i.t. firm that took on the server account for the clip tonight has now hired a crisis management team. >> they've been getting hate calls and twitter attacks. it's not been fun for them. >> reporter: and significantly, the firm was not very forthcoming about how they landed the contract. >> they say that they submitted a proposal to the clip tons, bill and hillary clinton in 2013 and were hired. they did not tell us it was one of the questions we asked that they didn't answer how they knew that opportunity existed to submit the proposal. >> late today a federal court order was issued in that judicial watch case. the state department is directed to work with the fbi and directed to provide any new e-mails including those deleted by mrs. clinton and recovered as part of the fbi investigation, bret. >> kathryn, thank you. he is not officially running
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at least not yet but vice president joe biden is getting encouragement tonight in the form of new poll results that have him outperforming clinton in head-to-head matchups against republicans. correspondent doug mcelway looks at the numbers tonight. . they say nature beabhors a vacu. the quinnipiac poll shows the e-mail scandal continues suck the air out of hillary clinton's cam bane and vice president joe biden could fill the void. >> certainly one imagines that the people trying to convince vice president biden to run will xerox this poll like crazy and hand it out. >> reporter: the poll focuses on head-to-head matchups in the key swing states of florida, ohio and pennsylvania. no candidate has won the presidency since 1960 without taking two of those big three states. if the election were held today, biden would beat donald trump in florida, in ohio and in pennsylvania. one trouble for biden, he has not announced his candidacy yet. >> you are never as popular as the day before you announce for
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president. then you start going downhill. why? they start replaying the old video of your gaffes and goofs and problems. and joe biden's had a long political career. and he's got a lot of those. >> reporter: biden may have an ace in the hole. >> taking this ride with you is one of the great pleasures of our lives. joe, you are my brother. >> reporter: as his eulogy during the june funeral of the vice president's son bo demonstrated, the president has grown close to biden. he may see his legacy better fulfilled in a biden term, which is more likely some speculate if a justice department investigation into the clinton e-mails ramps up. >> this investigation is going forward because president obama wants it to go forward. and the reason he wants it to go forward is because he does not want her to be the democratic nominee. >> reporter: still, the quinnipiac poll shows biden would have to overcome huge defend sits in the democratic primaries. clinton beats biden among registered democrats in all three vital swing states. among the gop field, bush, rubio
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and trump all lead clinton in florida. in pennsylvania bush and rubio also best her while trump lags. and in ohio clinton retains a thin lead over bush and trump but is now losing to rubio. there are more than 14 months to go before the general election. a political eternity. so these horse race numbers may not mean as much as some of the time-tested leadership traits that are also contained in the quinnipiac poll. governor bush scores best among all the candidates in the areas of honesty, empathy, and ability to handle an international crisis. bret? >> doug, thank you. up next, wildfires out west claim the lives of those trying to fight them. first here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 11 in los angeles says shfs investiga sheriff's investigators plan to recommend caitlin jenner be charged with vehicular manslaughter for her role in a fatal car crash on the pacific coast highway in malibu last february. investigators say jenner was driving unsafely for prevailing road conditions. fox 2 in st. louis where police
3:14 pm
deployed tear gas to break up street protests last night after white officers shot and killed a black teenager who they say pointed a hand gun at them earlier that day. and this is a live look at san francisco from our affiliate out there fox 2. big story there tonight, going after uber for using criminal drivers. reports say district attorneys from san francisco and los angeles are suing the bay-area-based company. san francisco's d.a. says the roster of uber drivers in those cities includes convicted sex offenders, kidnappers and a murderer. the company says it has detact vated the vast majority of those drivers. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway. from "special report." we'll be right back. new bayer pro ultra omega-3 has two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading omega-3 supplement. new bayer pro ultra omega-3.
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three firefighters battling one of the dozens of wildfires in the west are dead tonight. it happened in washington state amid what was called a hell
3:18 pm
storm of flames. correspondent william larginess is in los angeles. >> there's no words to say that this was my life. i loved it here. >> reporter: carolyn hodge is among hundreds who lost their home to raging wildfires in the west. >> we're going to start working on this. cleaning up. and take it one day at a time at this point. >> reporter: others lost more. three firefighters who had just arrived at a small fire in central washington died when winds suddenly shifted and flames consumed their truck. >> we will never forget those firefighters that lost their lives. it hurts deep. but the job goes on. >> reporter: four other firefighters were injured, one remains critical with burns to over 60% of its body. >> these fires have burned a big hole in our state's heart. the smoke is still there and it's thick, but it is not going to obscure their incredible act
3:19 pm
of courage. >> reporter: yesterday police evacuated 3,000 residents and hundreds of cattle from the two towns firefighters died trying to protect. >> it's horrible. i can't even imagine. enough to lose your life fighting fire. it's horrible for a family. >> reporter: almost 30,000 firefighters are on scene in nine western states, fighting 245 active fires. 95 considered large and out of control. the bad news, weather is getting worse. winds gusting 30 miles per hour with temps in the low 90s. >> i am activating oregon national guardsmen and women to begin training to fight oregon fires. >> reporter: they'll join guardsmen from washington, california and 200 active duty soldiers from fort lewis who are undergoing three days of fire training before joining the fight this weekend in washington state. >> raise your right hand to joint army or joint service, you do what your country asks of you. >> reporter: the forest service would not provide details on the fatalities pending
3:20 pm
investigation. however they did identify the victims ages 31, 26, and a 20-year-old fighting fire to pay for college. bret? >> sad story. william, thank you. the hackers behind the release of data from the marital infidelity web site ashley madison dumped more information onto the web today. the associated press reports its analysis show subscribers included hundreds of u.s. government civilian and military employees, some with sensitive jobs in the white house, congress and law enforcement agencies. former reality tv star josh duggar is apologizing for cheating but not specifying whether he used the site even though his name is listed. still ahead, are democrats going too far with political correctness by wiping the names of two presidents off a long-standing political tradition? first a form president begins the fight of his life. [ male announcer ] whether it takes 200,000 parts, ♪ 800,000 hours of supercomputing time,
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announced his resignation to clear the way for early elections next month. alexis tsipras effectively lost his parliamentarian majority after ramming through that bailout package that calls for strict austerity measures. that is fuelling a rebellion within his party. also today greece received its first loan money from its european creditors. another very rough day on wall street. the dow was down 358 today. the s&p 500 lost 44. the nasdaq was off 142. during an upbeat press conference today, former president jimmy carter delivered some devastating news. he's fighting brain cancer. correspondent steve harrigan has more on carter's diagnosis from atlanta. >> reporter: after former president jimmy carter underwent liver surgery for melanoma earlier this month he thought he was cancer free.
3:25 pm
then he learned it had spread to his brain. >> we had an mri of my head and neck, and it showed up that it was already in four places in my brain. i just thought i had a few weeks left. but i was surprisingly at ease. >> reporter: carter smiled and joked with reporters in a 40-minute press conference. the 90-year-old described his life as blessed. >> i was a state senator, then governor, then president of the united states is obviously a glorious event. and we have a growing family. we have 22 grandchildren and great grandchildren. in his 34-year post president sirngs carter has been a globe trotting humanitarian. a trip to nepal to build houses for the poor may have to be canceled for radiation treatments which begin today. carter's during cited tremendous advances in melanoma treatment. >> it's really been sort of the progress of cancer research that there are therapies available to patients like president carter
3:26 pm
that don't have the toxicity that treatments might have had even ten years ago. >> reporter: there was only one flash of politics when asked if there was anything in his life he would have done differently. >> i wish i'd sent one more helicopter to get the hostages and we would have rescued them. and i would have been re-elected. but that may have -- >> reporter: a failed helicopter mission in april 1980 to rescue 52 hostages being held in iran resulted in the deaths of eight u.s. military personnel. the hostages were released after 444 days in captivity just after the 1981 inauguration of president ronald reagan. president carter returns to his hometown of plains, georgia this weekend where he'll teach sunday school. something he's done for the past 25 years. bret? >> steve, thank you. isis terrorists are claiming responsibility for an early morning car bomb attack on a national security building in cairo, egypt. at least 29 people were hurt but no one was killed. the isis affiliate in egypt says
3:27 pm
the attack was to avenge the execution of six convicted militants in may. north and south korea are shooting at each other again. it began when the north lobbed several rounds across the world's most heavily armed border over the resumption of the south's loudspeaker propaganda broadcasts. south korea responded by firing dozens of shells into the north. there are no reports yet of casualties. no grapevine tonight. when we come back, it's becoming a high altitude obstacle course. and the faa has yet to control it. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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the skies are becoming less and less friendly for pilots these days. the faa is reporting a major surge in cases of airplanes encountering recreational drones in places they're not supposed to be. correspondent rich edson is here tonight with details. good evening, rich. >> reporter: good evening, bret. drones are flying dangerously close to airplanes and helicopters, about 650 near misses this year alone there. were fewer than 240 reported in all of 2014. this is according to the federal aviation administration. the faa says those working to contain wildfires in the west have grounded their operations several times because of drones
3:32 pm
flying nearby. in a just-published report the "washington post" counts more than 70 close calls this month alone. it says the faa has acknowledged the growing problem and its inability to effectively address anytime a statement. the faa says it is working with police to identify these drone operators and has "levied civil penalties for a number of unauthorized flights in various parts of the country and has dozens of opened enforcement cases." the risk? one of those small aircraft destroying a propeller, jet engine or windshield as pilots report droeng flying well above their altitude linlts. the report says small unregulated consumer model drones are also flying through restricted air space such as near airport runways, military aircraft and the white house. in april a military scrambled aircraft to intercept a drone flying near the president's home. and in a statement the secret service tells fox it has procedures and protocols in place to address these situations. and now lawmakers are demanding the faa address this.
3:33 pm
>> there were incidents in buffalo and new york, incidents in long island and all over. and so the faa, i've been pushing them. they put out some regulations. it's a good start but it doesn't go far enough. >> schumer says the faa should require dronemakers to use technology in their aircraft to prevent drones from flying through a yet created national list of banned air space. some major drone manufacturers are already using the technology. it's called geofencing. though there are reports of some owners hacking into their drones to disable those limits. bret? >> rich, thank you. one of the convicted killers who led authorities on a three-week manhunt after escaping from a maximum security prison in upstate new york was back in court today. david sweat is pleading not guilty to first degree escape. he was eventually shot and recaptured. fellow inmate richard matt was shot and killed. the democratic party's effort to put as much distance as possible between itself and all things related to the confederacy or slavery has
3:34 pm
resulted in a pretty significant name change. chief washington correspondent james rosen tells us tonight about the impending demise of the jefferson-jackson dinner. >> thank you, iowa. >> reporter: on his path to the presidency, then senator obama wowed attendees of iowa's 2007 jefferson-jackson dinner. the annual democratic forum held in states across the country and named after two revered americans, thomas jefferson, author of the declaration of independence and our third president, and andrew jackson, hero of the battle of new orleans and our seventh president. yet last week, iowa democrats voted to seek out new names for the dinner, citing jefferson and jackson's ownership of slaves and the need to promote inclusiveness. >> it's certainly appropriate for a party to decide who they wish to honor and what values they wish to celebrate. thomas jefferson and andrew jackson, they were slave holders to be sure. but i think their views went beyond simple slavery to a view
3:35 pm
of the united states as a racially exclusive republic. >> reporter: last month connecticut, georgia and missouri voted to jettison jackson and jefferson and others follow suit. joseph ellis is a pulitzer prize-winning historian of early america who finds these decisions silly. >> it's a mentality that's not comfortable with irony and paradox, and that seeks to find answers in the past that confirm their own convictions in the present. you say you're going to drop jefferson out of the party, i mean, he's the author of the most important words in american history. i think they're losing more than they realize. >> reporter: several democrats cited as their impetus last month's removal of the confederate flag from the south carolina state house. but clashes over political correctness have dominated our discourse in recent decades, with the president himself
3:36 pm
weighing in on whether a private company, the washington redskins, should change their name to avoid offending native americans. >> i've got to say, if i were the owner of the team i'd think about changing it. >> in this climate the founders have emerged as special targets. alexander hamilton is being kicked off the $10 bill in favor of a woman as yet unnamed, and the a.p. history course was revised last year to portray thomas jefferson as a colonial elite who used the revolution to preserve his privileged status. bret? >> our in-house historian, james rosen, thank you. the side deal that lets iran inspect itself. we've shown you the document earlier in the show. we'll talk about it all with the panel when we come back. shopping online... as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners... were just as simple? thanks to angie's list, now it is. start shopping online... ...from a list of top rated providers. visit today. boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family.
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3:39 pm
they promised not to cheat, but they'll do their own inspections, thank you, and we'll have to listen to them and see if whether or not they're following the law. here's the bottom line. this deal goes in, nothing
3:40 pm
changes. iran will have a nuclear weapon in less than ten years. >> we are very confident that this very aggressive inspection regimen that's in place in the deal going forward for future is the strongest ever peacefully negotiated. so i think what you're seeing is a reaction to the notion that iran will just get free license to self-inspect. and as i said, the director general of the iaea himself made it clear that that's not true. >> well, fox obtained the actual document, the agreement called separate agreement 2, between the islamic republic of iran and the iaea. and it deals with this arrangement on the verification and investigation of parchin, a military facility in iran. it says "iran will provide photos, video, environmental samples to tiaea.
3:41 pm
each time it says that taking into account military concerns. iran will technically look at this with its own equipment. iran's authenticated equipment. and also the parchin visit will be joined by the iaea director after all of this is true. the iaea director general will visit the facility at the end of this back and forth as iran provides all of the photos, video, environmental samples from the facility. this is actually all in the document as it's laid out. so what about all this? syndicated columnist george will, charles lane opinion writer for the "washington post" and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. george. >> well, the first progressive democratic president, woodrow wilson, famously went off to the versailles conference with 14 points. the first of which was, open
3:42 pm
covenants. it boggled the mind that almost anyone can vote for this thing when they're really buying a pig in a poke because they have not been shown the documents. these same people in congress who said well, we can't tell you whether we're for or against the trade agreements yet because we haven't seen the final documents, these are people who are now preparing to sign onto something that they simply haven't seen. now, the state department spokesman we just saw suggested that what we saul national technical means of verification, satellites and other things, might be a substitute for more rigorous on-site inspection. if so, why were we negotiating so hard all the time about these? it doesn't square. >> and obviously you're talk about a country that hid facilities inside mountains. so they obviously had some history in the past judging by chuck what we know about their past they have to come clean about it as part of this deal. and that's really a question mark as well. >> well, let's be clear what this piece is about with the
3:43 pm
iaea. this is not about anything else except the past. it's about what went on at parchin ten, 12 years ago. and the administration essentially -- >> we know what's going on there now. >> no. this is about -- as far as i understand, the purpose of this separate agreement, it is so that they can establish a baseline and account for whatever military-related nuclear active tis iran had been doing in the past. which is of course important in understanding the future. but it's interesting how the administration is approaching this. they're saying two things. they're saying one, don't worry because it's iron-clad and it's good. the iaea knows what it's doing. you can trust them even though the document leaks no withstanding isn't public. here we're also saying it doesn't really matter that much. that's the other thing that's being said is that this doesn't really affect the fundamental validity of the deal. and i have to say i agree with george. if you're somebody who's got to vote on this in congress, they're asking you to take a big risk. they're asking you to believe those two things without really
3:44 pm
being able to know everything you would want to know. >> here is the corker language in the bill, the iran bill that passed. it's the senate language, the house passed it. this sets up this whole thing of this vote, approving the deal. "the term agreement and all related materials and annexes means the agreement itself and any additional materials related thereto, including annexes, appendices, codicils, side agreements, implementing materials, documents, and guidance technical or other understandings, whether entered into or implemented prior to th or implemented in the future". >> that means they haven't seen it all. >> you don't have to go back to woodrow wilson about openly agree. in the corker amendment as you said the administration is required to turn over everything, including side agreements. it says elsewhere whether contracted with iran with third parties, which is exactly what this is. but chuck, to your point this is
3:45 pm
only about the past. well, the past extends until yesterday. this isn't about what happened 12 years ago. we have no idea what's happened in the last 12 years. the whole idea of this is to know where the iranians were and where the iranians now are on this weaponization. what happens at parchin, it sounds esoteric. it's quite simple. they were developing nuclear detonation devices. if you want to build a nuke you need three things. the fissile material, uranium enrichment, ballistic miss el where you retrieve it. in a way you have to find a way to explode the fissile material. that's what happened in parchin. the administration has promised year after year that we would have to learn everything about the previous research here, meaning up until yesterday, is because that's the key to developing a nuclear weapon. the idea that you can get this by technical means, by national
3:46 pm
technical means by satellite is simply ridiculous. we have had satellite images parchin up until yesterday. all you can see it they're running around with a lot of tractors and they are obviously changing and covering up things. the only reason that we have it, the only reason the administration said that it was a red line is because the only way to know what they did there as a way to have a baseline and to prevent more of it is to have inspectors on the ground. this is asking alex rodriguez to do his own drug test and to phone in the results. >> this is what the iaea director said in a statement saying "i am disturbed by statements suggesting that the iaea has given responsibility for nuclear inspections to iran. such statements misrepresent the way in which we will undertake this important verification work." i mean, this document says iran will provide to the agency photos. iran will provide to the agency
3:47 pm
videos. iran will provide to the agency environmental samples. it's iran's equipment. and then as a courtesy by iran, a visit by the director general at the end and a round table technical discussion between iran and the agency. that's what this document says. >> well, one wonders if this man has seen it or if he says there is a different way of parsing those remarkably clear sentences to come to a different conclusion than the one i think the four of us have. >> well, there's one question i would have, which is the a.p. report was talking about a draft document. i don't know if you have the same -- what he may be hanging it on this is some kind of -- it's been changed since then. but i think we have to be very clear here. i do think the iaea is telling the truth when it says this is what we do with everybody. the point is not everybody is iran. >> yeah. last word. >> well, as i said last night, the guy who was for five years the deputy director of the iaea said that he has never seen such
3:48 pm
a degree. and his job was to supervise the inspections. so he knows, and he says this is extremely unique. that's a redundancy. this has never happened. it is scandalous. the administration is either lying about this or deceiving us. because i don't see any other explanation. unless they show us the real document that was only a draft, show us. >> next up, joe biden gets some good numbers while donald trump and jeb bush get in some good shots at each other and the investigation into those e-mails continues. (wolves howling) when heartburn comes creeping up on you. fight back with relief so smooth and fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. tum-tum-tum-tum-tums smoothies, only from tums.
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test test test. test test test. test test test. test test
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i did not email any classified material to
3:52 pm
anyone on my email. there is no classified material. so i am certainly well aware of the classified requirements and did not send classified material. i am confident that i infer sent nor received any information that was classified at the time it was sent and received and what i think you are seeing here is a very typical kind of discussion to some extent to disagreement among various parts of the government over what should or should not be publicly released. >> in retrospect what was supposed to be convenient has turned out to be anything but convenient. >> hillary clinton, a revolution about emails what's classified and what's not. meantime, quinnipiac has some state-by-state matchups. biden head to head against donald trump, for example, in florida, ohio, pennsylvania, you can see he is beating donald trump there. compare that to hillary
3:53 pm
clinton, in those same three states. and you can see she is losing in florida and winning in the other two states. point being is vice president biden affected by these numbers? we're back with the panel in his decision? george? >> gosh, i hope. so he would bring certain good cheer to this. he has been there before, however. remember he went to iowa in 1988, campaigned hard and cropped out before the caucuses. in 2008 he campaigned very hard in iowa and wound up with 9/10th of 1% of the vote out there. there is some people in politics, howard baker was one for example, nice guy, funny, intelligent, glad to have him in public life, not president. they don't know why but they say that and that could be what the the conclusion they have come to about joe biden. >> chuck? >> well, it's true that biden candidacy looks good in theory. maybe not so good in
3:54 pm
practice he has the gaffe problem to come back and haunt him. the temptation has got to be very strong. in spite the two bad campaigns in the past, he comes in much higher base as vice president now. hillary does seem to be taking on water. the cnn poll today on the email that came out said 56% of the public thinks she, quote: did something wrong in that email thing. that is a very scary number for her. >> there are new polls out that say two thirds now don't trust her. she is not honest or trustworthy. >> i'm sure that biden is looking at all the polls, particularly the ones about the horse race where he does well. he i suspect he will jump. in after all, at his age, this is either the end of his career or one last shot. why not? and we know that we are told that he his dying son wanted him to run. he has a lot of reason to. his problem is that these numbers are all reflecting a man who is in grief, people have sympathy for, sort of
3:55 pm
like him and he is not a candidate. the minute that he declares, he will head down hill. hillary was riding 70%, 80% when she was secretary of state. you become a candidate, you become a target. stuff shows up on tv and your numbers will be drastically reduced. so i think he will enticive to come in. >> one person who is a candidate and is getting amazing coverage all over the place donald trump is now ahead in pennsylvania, in florida, in texas, in north carolina. some of these places with pretty big numbers, chuck. >> the big victory, i noticed today, is he has gotten jeb bush to engage directly. jeb bush who said two weeks ago wasn't going to talk about him going to try to ignore him. now he feels like he has to counter the things that he is saying. that's a huge achievement for trump. >> staying power? >> it lasts until it lasts. i think all the candidacies
3:56 pm
and at this point i have to say appeasement of mr. trump that my wife works for scott walker. all of the candidacies, i think are reassessing how they handle this man. he really resembles what winston churchill said. he is a bull who carries china shop around with him. lots of chaos. >> he has a stadium full in alabama, apparently meeting him tomorrow. we will cover that as well. stay tuned for "special report" family news. go get help, boy. go get help. go get help! right now! if you're a cat, you ignore people. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. go on kitty, kitty...
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congratulations to the family. we ever building the "special report" viewership one viewer at a time. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. tonight, only here "on the record." the denver it company in charge of hillary clinton's private email server giving its first on camera interview, plat river networks under fire. the clintons hired the denver compani' to run their email server but tonight the department of defense admitting the company is not cleared by the department of defense it handle classified information. "on the record's" griff jenkins spoke to the company's newly hired crisis management coordinator. griff? >> greta, we are learning much tonight about that small it behind me platte river networks. the server here was never here in denver but instead in new jersey in some context about security clearance the company telling me at no time were they told any classified information was involved. in fact, that would have been


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