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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  August 20, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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writing a factor. please remember the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, the dae mon nigh zags of donald trump. as liberal news outlets slam mr. trump's controversial immigration plan, it seems some voters think the media is getting it wrong. good evening, welcome to the kelly file. i'm in for megyn kelly. trump was in new hampshire last night for his first q and a with voters where he wasted no time. bit right citizen to the wall he's proposing to build along our southern border. his supporters cheered at almost every word. but certain news outlets have a different take, very different take. trump's plan would wreak havoc on u.s. society, the washington post declares.
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the next day cnn published an op-ed saying it was clueless. the republicans are now following trump's lead to the bottom calling his plan quote despicable. but as we saw last night, some voters seem to have a very different opinion. watch this. >> they were saying -- i was watching the characters, politicians that are running against me. you can't get mexico to pay for the wall. of course you can. they can't but they never could think of -- do you know how much mexico is making from the united states? and then they say you can't build a wall. it's too big. it doesn't work. well, 3,000 years ago, right, the great wall of china was built. we'd like to have that wall. that wall nobody gets through, that i can tell you. in mexico they were complaining it doesn't work. now they have the walls built
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and they say people go over the walls with the ladder. do you know how tall the wall is? it's like this. it's a little fence. and people put up a ladder they buy at home depot and go over the wall. i'm talking about a wall. see that ceiling up there? higher. >> the former chief presidential speech writer for george w. bush joins us in a moment. but first let's go to frank. regardless of how the mainstream media feels about how trump is saying you've discovered interesting things about how people really feel. >> yes. this is in nevada, one of the key states. we talked to swing republicans and democrats. donald trump did incredibly well. i want to point out three language key to why trump is doing so well. number one, we talks about taking the country back. number two, he talks about rule of law which voters care about, and number three, he challenges political correctness. watch how high the lines go as
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he walks through with those key points, his position on immigration, this is one of the highest tested segments that we've found in this election so far. take a look. >> i don't think i'm mean spirited. we have to get back our country. our country is going down. we have to get back our country. it's based on laws. people like to say undocumented because that's politically correct. i don't say that. these people came in illegally. some are wonderful but they have to go out. now they can come back in, but they have to come in legally. we could even expedite the process. i think that's fine. i like that. and then you have some really bad ones, the gangs roving, hurt people, killing people. you look at what happened to kate in san francisco. so we have to be able to get the bad -- we got bad dudes out there, bad ones. and we'll get them out so fast.
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let me tell you, if i'm president, we'll get this out of here so fast your head is going to spin. >> and that's the issue. if he'd only not said that last sentence, we'll get them out so fast or heads are going to spin, that makes it about donald trump other than fighting immigration. other than that that was perfect communication. >> you really saw people responding there. and when you bring up issues like kate steinle and crimes being committed by illegals, there have been spotlight cases that have happened. he knows what he's tapping into. but what about the high per bely. most people estimate it's impossible. >> the key message here is that when you focus on solving the problem, the voters are with you. but if you focus on your own participation in it, they want to know what you're going to do,
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not necessarily that you're going to be part of it. and i've got another segment for you. this is one of the top ads of this election cycle. notice how sharply the lines go up when trump talks about how the politicians are all about talk and not about action. take a look. >> i don't like what i see happening to america. the infrastructure of our country is a laughing stock all over the world, our airports, our bridges, our roadways. it's falling apart. a terrible thing to see. our politicians are all talk, no action. millions of people are flowing across our southern border. we've got to build a real wall. with all of this our country has tremendous potential. let's make america great again. >> the music sounded like ronald reagan. the reaction was like reagans. you never see the red line and
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the green lines go up in tandem. in this place he's got the perfect message and it's one of the reasons he's doing so well. >> so much of what you've shown us with regard to his comments, it's interesting to see democrats and republicans going up into the 60s, the 70s in agreement on a scale of 1 to 100, the par is tracking together. that is pretty rare i would imagine in much of your research. >> it doesn't happen. and i have to tell you it does explain. i've seen the negative. but you have to acknowledge what is happening right now. and it is the message and the messenger have come together and it's transcending traditional partisanship. not only is donald trump doing well among republicans, he's also doing well among independents and that's very important in a state like south carolina where anyone can vote and it's very important in new hampshire where the independents can participate.
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>> frank lunsz, thanks so much for breaking it down for us tonight. >> joining me now, a fornler chief presidential writer for george w. bush. mark, he is getting a lot of accolades, cheering crowds, thousands of people showing up, tens of thousands. but on this issue of immigration, it's important for anybody looking at him, with any candidate you have to look at their history and what they've said before. all of these candidates have taken heat over evolving or flip flopping on issues. when mitt romney was talking about what people were equating to self deportation, trump was very critical of that. he said basically it was maniacale, a crazy idea. how do you explain the evolution that the voters are more than willing to embrace it although there has clearly been a change. >> what changed since then is the lawlessness of the obama administration. trump is appealing to a segment of the voting block that is
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very, very frustrated with both parties in washington and their handling of immigration. it's not just a rep frublican frustration. there's 80% support of deporting aliens who have committed crimes. what's given rise to trump is obama's lawless executive order giving amnesty. the majority of americans are opposed to that. the killing of kate steinle and obama's refusing to crack down on the sanctuary cities and the revelation that the obama administration has been releasing up to 30,000 convicted felons into our streets every year, people who committed kidnapping, sexual assault and even murder. and the republican party has done nothing about it. americans are -- there's a legitimate frustration. when donald trump says i'm going to take those people and send
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them back so fast your head could spin, that appeals to a lot of people. >> you mentioned that there is so much frustration. it's aimed in so many directions, aimed at the white house, the gop congress. they said give us the house and the senate, we're going the change things and there's still this unfinished business, much of it on the issue of immigration. what do you think the democrats are feeling about this? do you think that as the left, just railed not only on donald trump but on anybody who agrees with him, other contenders in the gop 2016 field, you know, is this a win for democrats? they're going to say -- and hillary clinton has done this repeatedly, videos and tweets, look how crazy the republicans are, they hate immigrants and they don't like minorities and no matter who you pick they're all going to be on the same page. >> i think the person quite frankly who is enjoying it the most the barack obama. barack obama got away with his amnesty and sanctuary cities and
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on top of that he successfully goaded the republican party into a debate that is going to alienate his pan ticks from the republican party for generations. think about the situation we have right now. we have a democrat nominee who is under investigation by the fbi, we have the weakest recover i in america's history, the world is on fire, isis is on the run. republicans are primed to take back the presidency in and what are we debating? repealing the 14th amendment, one of the greatest achievements of the republican party. that's what we're talking about. i think barack obama is sitting back in the white house enjoying this enormously. >> certainly ignited a debate over the 14th amendment and what it does or doesn't mean. we'll take about that later on. thanks for joining us. >> thank, shannon. donald trump and jeb bush boat getting into testy exchanges with the media. both refusing to back down. >> i'll use the word anchor,
6:11 pm
baby. excuse me, i use the word anchor baby. >> your language anchor baby, is that not bombastic. >> should they be using the board anchor baby. governor mike huckabee is here to weigh in live next. plus, protests erupt in st. louis after police shoot and kill a man they say was shooting a gun at them. in ferguson, just one night earlier, a nine-year-old girl was shot and killed while sitting on her mother's bed doing her home work. where were the protests for her? a democrat lawmaker tells an emotional story about being pulled over and feeling abused by a deputy. the shf decides the pull the dash cam video. we have the story on what that happened to reveal. >> he talked to me like i was a child. he was so rude and nasty.
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his work at the quarter center in atlanta but he's optimistic saying he's ready for anything and is only in a little bit of pain. also breaking tonight, the media debate over the term anchor baby heats up after donald trump is called out by an abc reporter for repeatedly saying anchor baby to describe the immigration babies born in the u.s. it wasn't long before other republicans on the campaign trail were asked what they think of the term. check out out. >> are you aware of the term anchor baby, that's an offensive term. >> give me a different term. what else would you like to say? >> american child of undocumented immigrants. >> excuse me, i'll use the word anchor baby. >> do you regret using the term anchor babies on the radio? >> no.
6:16 pm
>> you don't regret it? >> no. do you have a better term? >> i'm asking you. a lot of folks find it offensive. >> you give me a better term, i'll use it. don't yell at me mind behind my ear, though. >> sorry. >> is that not bombastic? >> no it isn't. give me another word. >> undocumented immigrants in the u.s. >> that's not another word. >> democrat 2016 front runner hillary clinton quickly responded to jeb bush tweeting they're call babies and linked to a news story of bush calling for greater enforcement. clinton doubled down today tweeting out suggested replacement terms for anchor baby. how about babies with children or american citizens. joining me now republican presidential candidate, governor mike huckabee. what do you make of this term in. >> i think it's interesting that hill clint wouary clinton would
6:17 pm
they're called babies. for all of the leftists who are having a big problem talking about anchor babies, i'd love for them to have a really cushion on all baby. but the big issue is this. why are people so angry? are they angry because people come to america? no. they're angry because their economy personally has been shot to nothing. people are working part-time jobs, they're barely eking out a living. they look around and 5 million americans have had their houses foreclosed, 5 million lost manufacturing jobs since 2000, 65,000 manufacturing plants have closed and they see they're seemingly a better opportunity for a person who comes here illegally and a person who has been working hard in america. so yes, there's anger and frustration and people are just feeling it. but it's not so much anger at immigrants. it's anger at the federal government's failure to do anything to make the american
6:18 pm
dream live for them. >> and failure to do versus also as mar's then pointed out, he thinks a lot of people are upset because of what the president has done, the executive ores that he's grandfathered in and granted amnesty. >> he said 23 times that he couldn't do it. he said it to hispanic audiences. he said, i can't do that. i don't have the power. the constitution forbids me. how did he go from 23 times not being able to do it to saying i can do it after all. people are frustrated that a president doesn't follow the law. nobody should be above it whether it's barack obama or hillary clinton having all of her e-mail stored in some denver bathroom in a small apartment. i mean people are just frustrated because if they get pulled over been the cops, they're going to pay a speeding ticket. if the secretary of state and the former first lady and the leading candidate for president
6:19 pm
among the democrats violates all of the law as it relates to keeping federal records, well, it's just a political thing they're going after. shannon, that's why people are in a seething rage because they're tired of the duplicity of one set of rules for the elite, those who are in power and a totally different set of rule for the working stifs out there whoever day feel like they're taking anytime the teeth and they can't afford to do for what kids even what their parents could do for them. >> i want to ask you about the international developments today. you met with prime minister netanyahu. and i know you think the u.s. missed an opportunity to influence that region, that the u.s. should have been supportive of the iranians who tried to rise up then. you're saying there's still time for democracy in iran?
6:20 pm
>> there is. in teheran, they were lighting candles because the people of iran are very different than the government of iran. for 36 years this is a rogue terrorist government that has oppressed its people, jailed the dissenters. in 2009, the green movement rose up to put an end to the regime. they would have loved to have had a little encourage from the people of the united states. president obama went to radio silence, so did hillary clinton. iranians were murdered in the streets. we said nothing. we said plenty about the uprising in egypt and stuff about what was going on in syria. but when it came to iranians, we said nothing. >> why do you think that was? >> why are we signing a deal with a bunch of people who have never kept a deal. this is somebody who has been an embezzl embezzler, being convicted for embezzling and then turning your
6:21 pm
books over to let them be your accounta accountant. we didn't teep them from having a bomb, just putting a longer fuse on it. >> how worried is the prime minister, did you gather? >> i'm careful not to disclose, because it was a personal confidential conversation. i've known the prime minister for 20 years. and he's been a long friend. as i say to people within i wasn't there to get his endorsment. he's endorsing no one. i was there to endorse him because i think his voice is an important one to listen to. the people of israel are not timid or afraid. they're been through so much. they're not shaking in their boots. they are realists. they know what it's like to have people who threaten to kill them. they take it seriously when a government for 36 years says we're going to wipe you off the face of the earth. >> you and i have a lot more to talk about how about we do it on fox news sunday, i'm filling in for chris on sunday. >> it's a deal.
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new information tonight on a black lives activist who is being accused of pretending to be black. what his family is now coming forward to say about the controversy over his racial identity. plus, reality star josh dugger personally weighing in on claims that he's a paid member of the adultery website ashley madison. what he's saying today. >> this is the story of my family, we're the duggers. that's me, i'm michelle, there's jim bob, my wonderful husband -- inside that really matter for heart health. new bayer pro ultra omega-3 has two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading omega-3 supplement. new bayer pro ultra omega-3.
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(penguin 1) where are we going? (penguin 2) the future, boys. the glorious future. (vo) at&t and directv are now one- bringing your television and wireless together- and taking entertainment to places you'd never imagine. (rick) louis, i think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. developing tonight, a prominent activist in the black lives movement. sean king was lying about his ethnicity and that he was born to two white people. now a member of king's family has come forward confirming the allegatio
6:26 pm
allegations. for his part king said he's never lied in his race on a comment on twitter yesterday. new development to night in another sex scandal involving josh dugger as dugger himself weighs in on the allegations surfacing this week that he paid $1,000 to use an infamous adult website ashley madison. >> shannon, there are two separate reports that claim josh dugger had two separate accounts on ashley madison including one where he paid top dollar to get a guaranteed affair or his money back. dugger issued two separate statements. he doesn't mention ashley madison in either one but admits that he cheated and called himself the biggest hypocrite ever. quoting, i have secretory over the last several years been viewing pornography over the internet and this became a secret addiction. in the second statement he admits to cheating but left out
6:27 pm
the pornography addiction. his wife anna said she had known about the molestation prior to them getting married but that her husband received counseling. but josh dugger's parents posted a comment saying their hearts were broken when they learned of their oldest son's discretion. they had been the stars of "19 kids and counting" which was canceled. josh dugger was the executive director of the resource count spill. and ashley madison may not be the end of it. radar online reports that josh dugger also had a facebook account under a different name whose friends included strippers and lingerie models. is the reality star now
6:28 pm
known as caitlin jenner heading to jail? protests erupt in st. louis after police shoot and kill a man they say was pointing a gun at them. just one day earlier a 9-year-old was shot and killed while sitting in her mother's bedroom. where are the protests for her. >> we have to keep thinking about just the blessed opportunity that we had. shopping online... as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners... were just as simple? thanks to angie's list, now it is. start shopping online... ...from a list of top rated providers.
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6:32 pm
ferguson pson was shot in her mother's bed while she was doing home work. but there were no protests over here. trace gallagher reports from her west coast newsroom. >> shannon, we should note there is no sign so far tonight of the animosity that filled north st. louis last night when protesters threw bricks and bottles after police who used shields to protect themselves. local businesses were robbed and at least one car was set on fire. the violence was in response to police shooting an 18-year-old armed suspect. officers were serving a search warrant looking for a group of felons. police pursued and claimed one of the suspects turned and pointed a gun. the officers opened fire killing the 18-year-old who they say was in possession of a stolen gun. the other suspect fled and is still at large. inside the house police found more weapons and crack cocaine. the shooting came one year and
6:33 pm
ten days after the shooting deaths of michael brown which started the black lives matter movement. and while the protests raged in st. louis, the ferguson, there is little to no reaction to the death of a nine-year-old who was fatally shot while doing home work on her mother's bed. the girl's mother was also shot and wounded. the motive for the attack remains unclear and there are no suspects. here here is the sergeant who responded to the call. >> as a mother, of course i was hurt. there's a child that's laying there defenseless and someone did this to her. so my main objective here was to get her to a hospital, start the investigation so we can find out who did this. >> and we're hearing tonight of a small tribute to the nine-year-old. this facebook picture of sean williams holding a sign that says stand up for the little
6:34 pm
girl. aside from that, no protests, no gathering, no outrage. >> thank you so much. here now with reaction, milwaukee county shf david clark. good to have you with us tonight. >> my pleasure. >> i come from the camp that all lives matter. hate to see any lives lost here. but we've got a little girl and there doesn't seem like there's the outrage over losing her. >> the social order has collapsed in major gettos across the nation. and we're seeing it again in st. louis. i think this is exhibit a. i've renamed this movement from black lives matter to black lies matter. this movement tries to make it seem like the police are the proprietorship problem. we see this black on black crime going just continually. not too far from the scene where the nine-year-old was. an airman was held up at gunpoint. there was a bullet riddled
6:35 pm
building nearby and you didn't see this mob really gather out and demand that something, you know, within the black community be done to change this. they want to make it about the police. this is nothing more than what happened with this nine-year-old, just an inconvenience with the group to keep the focus on the anti-police movement going on. it is having devastating consequences for good law abiding black people. >> do you think there's a way to have a conversation within the black community? people out are going to say we oar not the ones that can go in there and talk about black on black violence. do you think it's possible within that community to have a meaningful conversation on that in. >> i would like to think that there is but i haven't seen any indication of it. this whole black lies movement is dominating the conversation, they're dominating the stage right now trying to make this about the police.
6:36 pm
the police is the one thing that's right in st. louis, missouri, one of the things that's right in ferguson, missouri. until the mainstream media -- because they've been the propaganda wing for the movement. until the liberal stream media stops fanning the flames and stops giving the mike phone the stage, if you will, to this mob, they're going to continue to drown out the people who really need to step up and who really can make a difference in the american getto. >> do you think this group has some legitimate concerns that need to be addressed. they say that young people in their communities grow up with a fare of law enforcement officers, pointing to incarceration rates saying they're much higher than the population. >> there's a legitimate issue that i see. the police are authority figures in their community. whether people like it or not, they're authority figures and you have to treat them with respect. young black men are going to have to realize that authority
6:37 pm
figures have to be respected. you cannot point a gun at a police officer and expect nothing to happen. you cannot, you shall now, you will not point a firearm at a law enforcement officer. so the other thing, i'm not seeing any data to suggest that any of that is true. the use of force by police across the nation is down considerably and has been over the last ten years. the use of deadly force by police against black males is very rare. as a matter of fact more white males are killed in confrontations with law enforcement officers than black males. and it's by nearly two to one margin. all i'm saying is that i'm not seeing anything to suggest that there's any legitimacy to these claims being made. this is a political movement now and this is going to go on i think all through the 2016 election to help mobilize the black vote. but it's coming like i said at a heavy toll to the good law abiding black people all across america. >> let's hope they find the
6:38 pm
person responsible for the little girl's death. >> they're not helping either, are they? it's the police out there looking for the killer. up next, frank kilmeade is here on today's hot topics including a texas lawmakers claim that he was mistreated during a traffic stop. well there's some dash cam video. first two women to pass army ranger school open um about making history. we'll see if brian can do it. a new attraction in times square, it's got everyone talking. why goon any's fans may need to find a new place too do the truffle shuffle. >> first you got to do the truffle shuffle. come on. do it. come on. do it!
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developing tonight, caitlin jenner is facing the real possibility of manslaughter charges stemming from a crash she was involved in in february. he was not driving safely when her suv rear-ended a lexus sending it into the path of a hummer. you'll remember the driver of the lexus died. the district attorney is expected to make a final decision on charges next week. also developing tonight, there's growing outrage aimed at a texas lawmaker who is spear
6:43 pm
heading a state investigation into the death of sandra bland in texas in a jail last month. that lawmaker claims he was mistreated by a sheriff's deputy during a recent traffic stop. >> talked to me like i was a child. he was so rude and nasty. >> well, the newly released dash cam video suggests that may not be the whole truth. joining us now, brian kilmeade. >> and you're one of our finest guests ever. >> it's great to have you here. listen, this guy made this allegation at a formal meeting. while the sheriff's department said let's pull the dash cam video. here you can see some of, very cordial. the guy was going 94 in a 75 and didn't even get a ticket. >> the set to scene, sheriff clark left, i was talking to him in the green room.
6:44 pm
it's so hard to have a law enforcement officer today from coast to coast because of the attitude. we see it again. now we're using blanket statement to describe what cops are like in texas. this lawmaker decides to take the opportunity to say, same thing happened to me. i was pulled over, i was treated like a child, i was treated by a rude and nasty police officer. the sheriff says, i have an idea. he's watch the video and you make the call. and the call showed a sheriff who is exceedingly polite, got him off the ticket, despite he was going 30 miles an hour -- this is the second time he's been caught doing it. he didn't reich this way he was talked to. even after seeing this video and we all conclude the video, that he treated him fine and that's way you do it when you're speeding, he says, you can't tell me how to feel. that's how i felt. i felt delbelittledebelittled. >> i don't like when you get the
6:45 pm
tickets by camera. you can't argue with that. here they had a conversation and the guy gets off with no ticket. >> disrespect towards an officer. people see that, they get pold over, i'm going to give them an attitude. speak of people who can give you an attitude, these two females who made it through ranger school. he's hear from them. they're making history. >> i had some low points in the swamp in florida but i never actually thought anything was going to be too difficult that it was worth leaving the course. >> there's a point that you hit along the way, doesn't matter where it is, all different for everybody else. but the ability to look around to my peers and see they were sucking just as bad as i was kept me going. >> you have to do 49 pushups, six chinups, a swimming test, a 12-mile march in three hours, four days of month nearing, three parachute jumps.
6:46 pm
on that list how many can you do. don't lie? >> i did them all right before i came here. i apologize for that. i did have to take a shower and i still have mud on me. twe don't have the footage. i'll have to go on. >> it's like the e-mails. we don't have it. >> you shouldn't have wiped your server. 19 women started, only two completed it. now the question is will they be allowed to serve in special forces because right now women don't do it. this is an experiment to see. we had general boingen on today. he said, the dynamics of the unit will be affected negative tiffly. it should with the way it is. this is not the army. it's not the experiments. >> i'm going to arm wrestle you. >> if everything is working well with the special forces, can we leave them alone and work on
6:47 pm
other stuff as much as i salute these women. >> there are naked people in times square. about a block from here. the mayor is talking about getting rid of the areas where you see elmo, batman and naked woman. >> if there's crime on the streets, let's rip up the street. you have naked woman who are painted not naked. >> that is naked. >> it's nothing but skin and latex. they're covered. >> covered with paint? >> yes. >> that's not clothing. >> when you walk by you see a dirty elmo and a very disturbing big bird. now you see women who work out once a week top painting themselves and wanting to take pictures with the tourists. the mayor is obsessed with this. my feeling is can we get the homeless into shelters. can we stop the violent crime and let the basically
6:48 pm
argumentatively naked women do their thing. >> my thing is i love the story quoted elmo and bat month weighing in against this plan. i love it. very quickly, the goonies house, a popular movie. >> it's a land marc thing going on in oregon. 30th anniversary. a lot of people are paying attention. the woman has had it. if you want to blend into a neighborhood, let's get some blue burlap. no one will ever see us. my feeling is this is something -- this is a youthful movie when a group of people get upset that they're forced from a place so they can build a golf course. they find a treasure map. >> are you reviewing the movie
6:49 pm
now? >> it brings people back to their youth and that's why they have to see the house. my feeling is don't buy an iconic house if you don't want people -- that's why i don't live in mt. vernon. that's why i don't live in the amityville horror house. >> the "silence of the lambs" how is for sale. >> we should learn from this. >> i've learned a lot from you. arm wrestling through the commercial. up next, senator rick santorum joins us after his policy people on immigration. we're going to find out why he's targeting the texas senator when he come back.
6:50 pm
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unlike some who are running
6:53 pm
for president today, i was never a member of a gang. i understood amnesty was not a solution. whether it was the gang of eight bill or the right to a permanent work permit supported by ted cruz and others, in any event, it is amnesty. >> that was republican presidential candidate former pennsylvania senator rick santorum earlier today calling out some of his fellow gop competitors on their policies. senator, great to see you tonight. >> thank you so much. >> good to be with you. >> let's talk about ted cruz. you say the visas for highly skilled workers, a lot of folks worried about immigration, this is one of their bills that is forcing american workers out of the specialized jobs. you say senator cruz has it wrong because he wants to increase those. >> he had an amendment to the gang of eight bill that increased the number by five
6:54 pm
fold. this is a huge increase to a category of visas that we're hearing all over the place. you probably saw disney hired a bunch of folks on this program and fired all the american workers. southern california edison. not only did they fire a bunch of people in this program but they had the people come. they had american workers train them and then they fired the workers and put these folks into replace them. this program has been really abused and it is not for highly skilled workers. most of the workers come in are just college graduates. they're programmers and there is a surplus of programmers, americans who want to do the jobs. so i think there's a lot of rhetoric that is being talked about out there about how tough some people are on immigration and the record doesn't match up. i put forth a plan that will secure the border. it will reduce legal immigration to help american workers to get a better job and a rise in pay. >> are you worried about taking
6:55 pm
that position? it's enough that the gop field is taking a lot of heat for talking about cracking down on illegal immigration. you're one of the only ones saying you think legal immigration needs to be shut down by 25% from where it is now? >> still at the end of that 25%, would be the highest level prior to the last 20 years in the history of this country. so we're talking about really going back to historic highs as opposed to this period of time where we see 25 years now. american wages of working people. wages of working people in the last 25 years has gone up 4 cents a year. and we brought in 35 million legal and illegal immigrants to compete against those very workers. i think it is important that somebody in this field stands up for the american worker. not for the business people who are looking for cheaper wages. not for the democrats who care only about politics and votes. but someone for the american work here will say we'll limit the number of legal and illegals
6:56 pm
in this country so people can have good jobs and good wages and support their families. >> you have a plan out early. it is very detailed. folks can check it out online. we'll see you on the campaign trail. >> is the website. and we'll be right back. ♪ have you ever thought, "i could never do that"? have you ever thought... you just didn't have anything left in the tank?
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loved having him on the show even though i beat him in the arm wrestling. thanks for watching. this is "the kelly file." tonight, fresh fallout over hillary clinton's server scandal. >> i don't know how it works digitally at all. >> judge jeanine weighs in. >> jeb bush is a low energy person. for him to get thing done is hard. >> donald trump and jeb bush trade jablgs at duelling town halls. >> he was a democrat longer than he was a republican. >> you are going to hear a lot of arguments against this deal. >> the iranian nuclear deal is now worse than we thought. you won't believe what the administration has given up this time. all


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