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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  August 21, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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philly fan heartbroken one player is no longer on the team. will mcowisz is devastated after the news. don't miss night ranger performing for the all american concert series. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. ♪ >> happy friday, friends. today is the is 21st of august, 2015. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. cheating website ashley madison, hundreds of federal employees who are on the list. and a celebrity apologizing this morning. that's not good. did you see what donald trump said about bow bergdahl on wednesday. >> we get a trader named bergdahl, a dirty rotten
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traders. in the whole -- old days -- >> could that straight talk get the donald sued? we'll tell i what's happening this morning. he will be shocked. the middle east is burning, the stock market collapsing and we're 16 trillion ddsr $in debt. the government made it a priority to rename the raisen. yes. it's insulting. mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> where is the band? >> i just saw them in the elevator. there were a dozen of them coming out. i said how many rockers can you
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fit in one elevator, thelevator. >> night ranger, i've never seen them perform during the day. this could be an exclusive. hang out with us. >> i wonder if they will use those night vision glasses. we've got a brat -- great day planned in the 8:00 eastern time hour. drop by. >> you may want to bring an umbrella though. >> rain or show. -- rain or shine. >> the is the iowa caucus tomorrow. you would think the general election or last primary is tomorrow. >> it is going to be an exciting election season but changing gears a little bit more fall-out this morning over the data leaks from cheater website ashley madison. it turns out hundreds of government employees are on the list that was spilled all over the internet. >> and one celebrity apologizing
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19 kids and counting star josh duggar now admitting to being a customer. >> the way they traced this back, most people did use their official work email addresses to these accounts, they traced. ip addresses back, they found a lot of them trace back to taxpayer funded government computers. they found more than 20 federal agencies had people, employees who were accessing ashley madison. now the state department won't comment about this. they are one of the agencies involved. the pentagon, though, is another matter and secretary of defense ash carter did acknowledge yesterday they were aware of this and it's something they were looking into. the real issue is you have a lot of people in this town that have security clearances and this could certainly open folks up for blackmail. there is an investigation going on. the rule vary from agency to
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agency. it's whether this sort of thing, accessing personal websites on your work time is even permissible. so that's a whole other matter, but the idea of national security being in jepd ardy because of the potential for blackmail, means there is going to be an investigation to determine who was actually visiting this website. >> that's a little embarrassing with the ip address. doug, regarding the fact that they have looked into this and they traced the ip addresses back to government facilities. there was a story a day ago that a number of them were -- they had a return email address of white, but the white house doesn't actually use that as well. >> no, they use a different address. it's certainly possible that people were giving fake email addresses. >> shocking. >> you would have to be crazy to use your work address if you are a government employee if you are
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doing something like that. apparently, some were doing that. the vast majority were using email addresses that may have created specifically for this site, g mail, yahoo, something like that. the ip address follows you. it's a tough way to get away from. a lot of people have some explaining to do. >> the cheaters are figuring i can't use my home address because what if my spouse saw it. everything is out there. every time you use a computer, your ip, there's an address, they can trace it back to you. you can type it what is my ip, and it will show you right there in the search engine and you can say where am i and it will show exactly where you are, so there are no secrets. >> if you are a suspecting spouse and you look through this information and you find your spouses name, they may not have necessarily cheated, they just tried to. apparently there are accusations
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that the website has fake accounts too. >> like mickey mouse. >> look at this hot chick, she's going to want to cheat with you and this account -- >> the old bait and switch. the other thing to keep in mind too, the better communication gets and the more we move forward, i think less and less people are going to be using the computer. in ten years, nobody is going to be on line at all. homing pigeon is going to be the way to communicate. >> four are using their phone. >> i had contact with two people all week. one of them was ainsley earhardt just to toss over to her. hey, brian, this internet thing, it's going to be huge. just wait. >> i'm telling not anymore. a sheriffs deputy is in critical condition after a late night shoot-out in florida. a man inside opened fire of inside a home, the suspect is in
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stable condition. a woman is arrested on prostitution charges. the officer is undergoing surgery. keep the line. st. louis police with brand-new body cameras showing their view of violent protests. hundreds flooded the streets following the fatal shooting of an 18-year-old after he allegedly pulled a gun on two white officers. it sparked outrage and officers were forced to launch tear gas into the crowd. reckless, stupid, and selfish, a judge slamming a 15-year-old daughter get behind the wheel, a decision that left three of her friends dead.
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15-year-old colin copefer. his daughter julia was given 300 hours of community service. and history in the making, two brave women graduate from the army rangers school, one of the military's most physically demanding courses. first lieutenant shaye haver and kristen griest. >> to give me the opportunity to lead my soldiers the best that i can. >> i hope with our performance in ranger school we've been able to inform that decision as to what they can expect from women in the military. that we can handle things physically and mentally on the same level as men. >> the ranger school admitted women this year to determine if the ban on females in ground combat jobs should be lifted.
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believe it or not, donald trump is in the news? >> he is? >> no way. >> what a shocker. >> he was schedule to go to the civic center in mobile, alabama, which seats 500. if you are interested in coming, rsvp. as it turns out, they blew the doors off the civic center. instead of 500, they got rsvps to 35,000. she moved it stadium which seats 50,000 people. >> can you believe this? first in the hundreds, then they had to move it to a main arena now up to 50,000. he's been having these standing room only events and could he even reach the 50,000? that would be unbelievable. >> university of southern alabama. this northeastern billionaire goes to alabama and is a rock star. bottom line is, he's captured
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headlines everywhere by being blunt and to the point and saying a lot of things that we've been talking about here and maybe you at your barbecue. for example, no one has made sense to me given effective rationalization for exchange of five taliban lieutenants for bow bergdahl. how many candidates got up there and called it like they see it like he did on wednesday? >> ls listen -- >> let's listen. >> we get a trader named bergdahl. a dirty rotten traitor. who by the way when he deserted six young beautiful people were killed trying to find him. you know, the old days, bing-bong, when we were strong. >> he got some laughs.
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not by bow bergdahl's attorney, who has to defend him. he says bow bergdahl should go ahead and sue donald trump because he was never charged with tree -- treesen. if he's calling him a traitor and now mr. bergdahl can't get a fair trial and he sudden sue donald trump. >> for defamation of character. >> he's got a tough job though, he's got to defend him from these charges which he's got a whole bunch of people in the army who said he absolutely did. >> bowe bergdahl got use to special treatment, song and dance in the rose garden. >> this is a gift for donald trump. let's take your facts as you know them and the facts i know them. he's been charged with desertion and endangering his family of
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soldiers. do you think they want to go toe-to-tow and defend him? >> it's going to be determine whether or not he's going to wind up because he faces life, five years for desertion, he leaves a note and he's gone. it looks like an open and shut case. will bowe bergdahl sue donald trump? what a story that would be. >> is that even possible? email us. we have a big show coming up. fresh off the hillary clinton server scandal, why that might not only be her problem but it might be the party's problem. she went viral for her tell it like it is approach. remember. >> i've had it with this failed strategy that's halfway, half baked, at this point -- tip toe be friendly to jihadis pushed by this administration.
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private email server violated government policy and has ordered the state department to how to find the email. kristen fisher is live in washington, d.c. with this development. the state department got in trouble because they said, okay, you need to go work with the fbi, find the stuff right now, right, kristen? >> that's exactly what happened. a federal judge is now ordering the state department to work with the fbi and fbi investigators to see if any emails on that private server could be recovered. this all started as a freedom of information act request by the group judicial watch to get information about one of clinton's top aides, the group filed a lawsuit which led to yesterday's ruling. the judge said that private server did violate government policy. buried in that is that the
3:18 am
blackberries used by that aide were likely destroyed. when the personal devices were certified as secure? here's how they responded. >> i would say there's review and investigations going on including by our aig and our congress. it's going to be inappropriate for me to comment. >> meanwhile, the denver firm that managed the server has hired a crisis team to respond to that. >> the job of an i.t. company in the capacity of platte river is to literally manage and protect that data. we don't look at it. we manage it and protect it based on what our clients want. that's when we did here. >> the state department has 30 days to give the judge at progress report. all of this is is occurring at
3:19 am
the same courthouse where the monica liewinsky scandal occurred. >> thank you very much. have a good weekend. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead on this show, a lot more. the president promises to close gitmo. where i will they go? your backyard perhaps. what american cities are being koutd -- scouted right now. a thief tries to rob a woman but he doesn't get very far. watch. the good samaritans and the woman they rescued are here next. good morning. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ good morning. some headlines now. the government is looking for new places to stash gitmo detainees. on the list, the united states of america. that's where we live. the pentagon said they are considering kansas' fort leavenworth. and guess who had citizen birth rights because they were born in think about that. archie monroe jr seen here was caught outside the white house gates sunday despite travel restrictions against him. previously, he had threatened to kill president obama, president bush, president clinton and
3:24 am
hillary clinton. we've got an incredible ending after a woman fights back against a man who snatched her purse and grabbed a box of doughnuts out of her car when she was at annexxon gas station in nashville. >> that thief was left begging for mercy. >> she and bystanders held him until cops arrived. >> sir, don't ever do that again. in the name of jesus, you don't have to do that. if you would have asked me for anything, i would have helped you. >> these guys are the brave bystanders who helped her out. they join us now live. thanks for being with us. temper, i'll start with you, we're glad you are okay. this guy has a long rap sheet. tell us what happened.
3:25 am
you are headed to a business meeting and you go into the gas station for what and what do you find? >> i went to the gas station for doughnuts and water for a group of seniors that i was going to educate them about the power of insurance. i left the gas station storefront to put the doughnuts in the car and grabs the water and went back to grab the waters, leaving the door open after surveying the grounds. there was no one to help me with the water. but i realized i didn't know which waters i paid for so i turned to go back and get my purse and there he was holding it. so we had to chase. >> what did you say to him? >> hey, that's my purse, give it back. >> i don't blame you. greg, you were nearby. when did you hear what was going on and what did you do to react? >> well, actually, i heard -- i was next door, kind of down in a
3:26 am
hole at a care spot location and ij heard a loud pitched scream of please god, help me, help me, someone help me, so i just took off in the direction of the scream. >> good for you. >> when i got there, rob was already there at the drivers side door and some other people were standing around and i just -- i initially just reached in the car to grab his right arm to try and restrain him. >> you know, the state of tennessee is known as the volunteer state and you guys are calling this the tennessee volunteer reaction. rob, what made you decide to step into action? a lot of folk wouldn't have wanted to do that or risk it. >> i think that's the problem in the world period, is people not stepping in to help and i was in a turning lane actually by exxon trying to pull in and i heard
3:27 am
her screaming and so i was able to get through traffic and pull up there and run up there and she was, you know, dealing with him, and he was a very strong guy for his size and i got in there and was able to control him and greg came up just at the perfect time and i was able to put him in a lock and then greg had him on the right side so we were able to control him because he was pretty wild. >> it is wild and we're looking at the video right there where he is in the car and temper you talk to him after they restrain him and what were you trying to get across to the guy who tried to cart off your purse and your doughnuts? >> the important thing to remember is that we make choices and no matter what, he made a choice, and he didn't have to -- especially i know in nashville -- make the choice to hurt anyone or take anyone with so many people in this city to help. >> sure. absolutely. and you know what, to that
3:28 am
point, there are a lot of places in this country where people would not get involved. you might hear a woman scream. you kind of look the other way but rob and greg, you stepped up and you helped her out and now this guy who has been linked to a string of robberies is behind bars. >> and beck -- begging for mercy. thank you for your time today. what a great story. coming up, we told you yesterday about the buried treasure found in the shallow waters just off of florida. wait until you hear what was found inside this abandoned building. >> i wonder what it was. she made national headlines for saying this about president obama. >> i've had it with this failed strategy that's halfway, half baked, tiptoe, be friendly to hi jihadis mentality push by this administration. be a leader. >> she's about to make headlines yet again. brian is bringing her into the studio.
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prospered in the town ofe hattington. never flashy, he only made the classic bowler. then suddenly the day's trend became preposterously tall. his raymond james financial advisor reminded him that focusing on the long term is always fashionable. the fad was indeed a passing one. his patience paid off,
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allowing him to one-day hang up his hat with confidence. life well planned. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you. here we go. breaking news right away and there's ainsley over there with it. ainsley. >> an is overnight raid happened at kiss rocker gene simmons house. ♪ ♪ >> a task force was at the star's los angeles home looking for evidence about a crime that occurred last year while he was away on a tour. police say no one in the simmons family is a suspect in this investigation. and now to extreme weather, watch the terrifying moment a powerful lightning bolt strikes an airplane with people in it
3:33 am
sitting on the tarmac. severe storms grounding flights at atlanta's heart if he would jacks jackson international airport. it did take off two hours later. no problems. no one was hurt. and the return of the grey wolves. the newly released pictures show the animals. they were spotted near mount shasta. we first told you about this coin worth millions of dollars found in the shallow waters of florida. now, listen to this sports thusafters. some urban exploreser found thousands of collectible sports card. they are deemed to be worth $1 million. they were found inside an abandoned factory in detroit.
3:34 am
many of the cards which date back to the 80s and 90s are still in their boxes and not even opened. those are your headlines, guys. thank you very much. when we got up this morning, it was pouring in the new york city area. >> you sleep outside, so you were the first one to know. >> i do and on that coleman tent it was like this all night long. thankfully, maria, it has stopped raining right now. and will it remain dry until 9:00. >> i wouldn't rule out a spotty shower. it does look like the front is clearing the area out and we should be seeing drier conditions throughout the day today across parts of the northeast. the exception will be in new england. taking a look at the radar, you can see the front is still on the move out there and bringing in areas of rain from connecticut, massachusetts, even up to vermont and it's going to continue to race east ward the more showers and storms out there in the forecast there. you could be dealing with delays with the airports as well.
3:35 am
take -- temperatures have rebounded back up in the 90s as far north as rapid city, very rapid warm-up here compared to how chilly we were just a day or two ago. in the atlantic, we have our first hurricane of the atlantic hurricane season. you can see it's danny. it's a category 2 storm moving . we have dry air out there. early next week, we're going to be looking at impacts across parts of the caribbean with heavy rain. switching gears, i want to show you images from south carolina. incredible. it is called an a fire rainbow. an upside down rainbow somewhat, it happens differently from your normal rainbow because of the shape of the crystals that are that far up in the atmosphere and also because of the sun ang angle.
3:36 am
thank you very much, maria. our next guest went viral when she shared her thoughts about president obama's policies after a gunman opened fire in chattanooga, tennessee, killing four of our u.s. marines and a navy sailor. watch. >> radical islam is becoming the rule, not the exception. yesterday's moderate is today's terrorist. i care that this sob killed four of our united states marines i care that our commander in chief is more concerned with muslim sensitivity than the honor and sacrifice made by these marines. this is the 21st time our military men and women have been attack here at home. this is not a middle east problem. this is an american problem. i've had it with this strategy that's halfway, half baked tip toe jihadi. be a leader. joining us now conservative
3:37 am
political commentator and former host of on point, tomi layeren. let's start with the latest on the hillary clinton email server scandal. it's not just her personal server that was unsecured. potentially her personal devices like her ipads, blackberry, things like that. how much of a danger do you think she put our nation in? >> it's very concerning to me. we're looking at someone who could potentially be our next commander in chief. look at what she was able to do at secretary of state, if people aren't watching this and watching her raek, that to me is most telling. how is hillary clinton responding to all of this? she did this to herself. it's very telling who she is going to be if she's our commander in chief potentially. >> the way she dealt with it when ed henry asked her a bunch of questions, did you wipe the server clean, she stonewalled and obfuscate and made a joke
3:38 am
about it. >> she doesn't like to be questioned by people who are outside of the white rope. >> it shows she's above the law. >> of course she does. she talks about everyday american. that's all you have to do. >> she was questioned by ed henry and she was unable to give sufficient answers and the next day she had five surrogates to come out and undo the damage. a federal judge said we wouldn't be here if the employee that we were discussing had just followed government policies and the federal judge also said she flat-out violated those government policies. where is the right wing attack job? that's not the way it happened. >> everything is a right wing conspiracy when you are talking about the democrats. specifically hillary clinton. she's going to tell us its old news. way for it.
3:39 am
this is a liar. call it what she is. she's avoiding questions on it. >> a majority of americans after this have valued her as untrustworthy. let's see where it goes politically. meanwhile because you are kind of a straight talker, we want to know how you feel about some of these politically correct story. let's talk about monsignor charles pope, and in the last week, facebook got ahold of monsignor pope and we don't think it's your name even though in the past they have had a policy never to require everybody on facebook to use their legal name but now they are requiring this guy to do it. does it look like an attack on religion? >> isn't it interesting how they cherry pick which people they don't want to hear from? we're going to see it time to time again, from the irs all the way down the line.
3:40 am
if they are a voice they want to silence, they will go after you. they did the same thing. it has five million views on my youtube channel. before that, it was on facebook. pulled down fume rust times what i had to say. >> that's anybody's guess. >> who is facebook? >> you email it and hope for an answer. sometimes they get back to you and sometimes they don't. >> i'm still waiting for an answer to be honest with you. i feel that's the machine at work. they silence the voices they don't want to hear from it. whoever is pulling it down. we're going to see this, you know, until election day. >> it's interesting regarding the monsignor, because the chief product officer of facebook wrote an apology to drag kings, drag queens, and other members of the lgbt community in 2014, he said our policy has never been to require a legal name, but in the case of monsignor pope, they were requiring a
3:41 am
legal name. >> certain sensitive its they care about that. i'm not twitter verified but caitlyn jenner was verified even before she became a woman. >> they wouldn't give him a government i.d. and now they finally game. he produced something and now he's back on line. >> that good news for him. i want you to see this memorial. some people are offended by this memorial in a certain town. they said there should be a separation between church and state. >> this is in knoxville, iowa, it was one citizen who was upset about it. he went to americans united for separation of church and state. what do you think about this? is this hurting someone? >> i wonder where these people find the time. i think we're all busy working
3:42 am
hard to support our families, who has the kind of time to pursue this to this extent, any time you are talking about fallen soldiers and veterans, leave them alone. we're americans. there are things that offend me every day. political correctness is intellectual dishonesty. i'm tired for that. >> they are coming for you arlington. that's where a lot of crosses there. >> little people of america has contacted the u.s. department of ago culture, we will prefer that you not refer to midget rai raiseins. >> we're not going to be speak anymore. we're going to have to start being mimes. everything you say is going to
3:43 am
offend someone. >> the big picture, you are 23 years old, where does someone get these hard and fast opinions at your age? >> it comes from here. it comes from here, and it comes out of here. that's all i can tell you. you have to be passionate about it. i'm an american. i love this country. that's where it starts. >> i watched a lot of television. >> absolutely. that's where you learn, right? certain stations are better than others. we know that. >> tomi, real pleasure. thank you for coming in from san diego to be with us. >> absolutely. all right. 17 minutes now before the top of the hour. these ladies causing quite a stir in new york city. tomi we're trying to keep this story from you. running around in a few blocks from us in nothing but body paint. the mayor's solution, get rid of times square.
3:44 am
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hey, everybody, let's stretch and wake up. 46 minutes after the hour. quick coast-to-coast headlines. new york city high school here rock after a gas explosion rips through a chemistry lab, injuring three construction workers. students are not due back to the school until next month. an under ground generator blows up in a 19-story high rise that happened in los angeles. a small fire also broke out at the time and was quickly put out. four people injured, two are in the hospital. a drastic suggestion from new york city mayor bill de blasio on how to clean up times square. get rid of it, entirely. there's been growing issue which includes pushy pan handlers and topless ladies parading around in front of children. one rabb buy is leading the way in uniting evangelical
3:48 am
christians and people of the jewish faith. it's in a new biography. joining us is -- >> you've got it. >> it's call the bridge builder. what bridge did you build? >> i have built a bridge between jews and christians that have spanned 2,000 years of history, of animosity and hatred and especially when the evangelical community started, the burr juning movement. i started the first dialogues and today from that situation 40 years ago, today we're now the largest philanthropy in israel, we have 1.5 million christian
3:49 am
donors. >> why did you do it? >> i did it out of a feeling of a calling, if i could use that word. i felt that god was calling me to that. the truth is 13 years old i was the yeshiva boy from new york and received my or did i nation and led a tour of christians and certainly african-american christians, my roommate was a black pastor from virginia. on the first day, i saw him at night leaning over his bed with his hand stretched out to god said lord i'm luckier than moses. moses only got to see the promised land. i got to walk in it. and i realized at that moment that despite the distance of an 86-year-old black pastor from virginia and me a 25-year-old
3:50 am
rabbi from new york, white, we had our tears of thanksgiving to god of bringing us to our spiritual center and that's when i had my calling, if you will, to take that and to bl bridges of healing, of shalom of reconciliation between christians and jews and god has blessed us tremendously from that 40 year ago incident. >> it's called "the bridge builder." thank you for stopping by. good luck to you. >> thank you very much. it's 10 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, there are reports that hillary clinton's biggest supporters are getting cold feet. what does democrat joe trippi has to say about that? >> and trump is opening up about his family and his brother who
3:51 am
fought alcoholism. the interview is a fox news exclusive. ♪ ♪ ♪ i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn. because it gives me... zero heartburn! prilosec otc. the number 1 doctor-recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 9 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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it's notrs either. it's about politics. >> i recently launched a snap chat account. i love it. those messages disappear all by themselves. >> did you wipe the serve is senator. >> like with a cloth or something? >> i did not send or receive
3:55 am
classified marked material. >> presidential democratic candidate hillary clinton is trying everything to escape her e-mail scandal. her team is handling this e-mail crisis. fox news contributor for john edwards and others joe is here to weigh in. is there panic on the left? are you did disturbed by how hillary clinton is handling this? >> there's going to be mishandling from both parties when the the front runner runs into something like this. there isn't a big rush to look for a candidate or anything like that. most believe and i believe she's on her way -- never say never, but now i say she's probably going to be our nominee. >> you're saying that joe even
3:56 am
though you do not know what's in the e-mails turned over or ones that could be retrieved from the server. >> that's the only reason. you don't know. when you asked a few seconds ago about am i happy the way it's been handled -- she's not happy, and i'm not. she was right to say it was a mistake to do this in the first place. since then, i think what's been going on, they're listening to lawyers when you're in one of these messes there's a political answer and legal answer. your political aids tell you to get it out fast. lawyers always tell you -- i don't care what the case is -- don't give the facts out. it seems to me what's going on is first rule. don't listen to lawyers, listen to political advice. deal with it as a political problem. >> that's coming from a political advisor like you. joe, we have to run. you say look out. october is the big day when
3:57 am
benghazi hearings take place. millions upon millions will be watching. thank you. >> thank you brian. have you heard the latest from donald trump? it will astound you even in donald trump terms. across america, people like basketball hall of famer dominique wilkins... ...are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® works differently than pills.
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4:00 am
hello. it's the 21st of august, 2015. cheating website ashley madison is a hot topic at the pentagon this morning. the latest leak revealing hundreds of government employees are on the list. >> you are looking good. what happened to the lights -- when the lights went out on marco rubio at his rally? >> that was a democrat. that was hillary. that was hillary clinton's server. it's been cleaned. >> you mean with a rag or
4:01 am
something? just joking. hillary is not laughing. we'll tell you why. don't ask donald trump to say he's sorry. >> then he apologized like a disgusting, weak, pathetic baby. >> who's the disgusting, pathetic baby he's talking about? something you have not heard from the republican front runner about his family. live from new york city, this is "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ okay. today starring in our all
4:02 am
american concert series brought to you by expedia, night ranger. one of the lead singers wrote the story about his sister. look how fast she's grown up. her name is christy. he wrote it about his sister. members of the band thought he was saying christian. it stuck. in one hour, we'll interview them. >> we'll ask them about that story and maybe make up our own lyrics and they'll change them. >> a happy accident. >> welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> you're set to do eight hours over the weekend. >> i'll be with you monday. >> absolutely fantastic. ainsley, you're in position because you have to tell us the news. >> that's right. i'll tell you what you missed if you're just waking up.
4:03 am
police release body cam video showing the violent protests. hundreds flooded the streets following the fatal shooting of an 18-year-old black man after he alleged areally pulled a gun on two white officers. his death sparked outrage and officers forced to launch tear gas into the crowd after people started throwing bricks and bottles. two officers involved are on paid administrative leave. reckless, stupid, selfish. a pennsylvania judge slamming the new york father who let his 15-year-old daughter get behind the wheel, pay decision that left three of her friends dead. michael's daughter julia flip had the family's suv near the poconos last year. three were all killed. ware to serve 16 years after
4:04 am
pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter, his daughter given 300 hours of community service. more fallout from the data leaks from the cheating website ashley madison. employees included at the white house and congress are on the list. some workers paid for memberships and accessed accounts while working. the pentagon is now investigating. days after it was revealed reality tv star josh duggar had two paid accounts, the 27-year-old announced he had been unfaithful to his wife and called himself the quote biggest hypocrite ever. crews working nearly 12 hours to rescue the days old pup that emerged cold, wet, shaking. otherwise okay. those are your headlines. well, thank you very much ainsley. tonight at 6:00 p.m. central
4:05 am
time, that is when donald trump is going to meet the press in mobile, alabama. he was scheduled to speak to 5,000. now they're moving it to a stadium that seats 50,000 people. what's interesting about this event is though the fact that the mobile county republican party unaware of the trip, they did not reach the -- trump people did not reach out to republicans to set up the trip. it was all done by the trump organization. >> yeah, it started 10,000 people. then 15,000 people. now up to 50,000 people. he said now it's -- it's at the campus of southern alabama. if it's anything like his speech wednesday, there will be no notes. he'll probably open up with a half hour meet the press moment. i don't care did -- if you're a press person and watch the
4:06 am
frustration they have following hillary clinton waiting for one sound bite after going to six events. now all of a sudden another guy leading t leading the race says you have a question? walk up. that's how you show respect and cooperation. >> answer the questions. >> just being himself. he's answering tough questions over the weekend from our judge. you'll see a different side of donald trump which is something we saw wednesday at the town hall meeting, his first time doing that. he's going to talk about his family. he opens up ho alcohol ruined his brother's life, his brother fred, and why he doesn't drink. >> why? >> i just don't drink. i never have. my brother was an alcoholic. most handsome guy you had ever seen. life of the party, friend. he had such potential -- such
4:07 am
tremendous -- most handsome, best personality of anything, better than me. alcohol destroyed him. >> he died of alcoholism. he says i learned from that. he's never had a cigarette. doesn't drink. >> i read an interview when he was raising his children, donald trump, said there are a few absolutes. now it starts to make sense given what happened to his brother. absolutely said his children could not drink, could not smoke, no drugs, no tattoos. meanwhile, she also asked him about something that happened on the other side of the political fence. remember when martin o'malley are -- former governor, speaking at the black lives matter organization. he said black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives
4:08 am
matter. he wound up in big trouble. he apologized. donald trump was asked by the judge about that. he had these strong words about the governor. >> i thought when o'malley made the statement that black lives then said white lives and all lives matter. then he apologized like a little baby. like a disgusting little weak, pathetic baby. that's the the problem with our country. i don't think when you say politically correct. that's incorrect. how can you apologize when you say black lives matter which is true. white lives matter which is true and all lives matter which is true. they don't want you to mention white. what's there to apologize for? >> he solidifies him in another poll. on cover of magazines. i thought for sure they'd rip
4:09 am
him for ten pages. actually they did a good job. they pointed out he's got hard core policy statements there on planned parenthood. i'm not going to defund the whole thing, just the thing with abortions. i'm not going to touch in terms of entitlement program. >> he got the attention and buzz from the animated comments. people were critical about him not laying out his policy. he's starting to do so. you'll hear questions and answers on judge jeanine tomorrow when she interviews trump. >> we'll look forward to that. a sheriff deputy in critical condition after a late night shootout in florida. >> wofl wolfer joins us now live with the details. andrea? >> reporter: good morning to
4:10 am
you. we are live in the neighborhood of port st. john behind me. an active crime scene. the florida department of law enforcement out this morning combing the scene for evidence. this following a shootout last night that happened in this neighborhood when deputies were approaching to serve a warrant for prostitution arrest. a suspect shot at the deputy. the deputy was shot in the exchange of gunfire. the suspect was also shot. we know this morning the deputy has been undergoing surgery throughout the night. he is in critical condition. that suspect in stable condition. we're waiting to hear more details about the deputy. he's married with children. his identity is yet to be released. the brevard county sheriff's office asking for prayers for he and his family. >> thank you very much. indeed. two women about to make history. today they become the first females to graduate from the
4:11 am
army's elite and exhausting ranger school. >> that's a big story. jonathan is live in fort benning in georgia with the details. good morning. >> good morning to you. this is indeed history in the making. the ranger school has been in existence more than six decades. this is the first time in history that you have seen female soldiers graduating from the army's elite ranger school. that ceremony expected to take place at fort benning just a few hours from now. first lieutenant haver and griest successfully completed the two month course operating in grueling environments with limited food and sleep. this is overall assessment of ways to integ women into areas of armed forces previously only open to men only. >> it will be up to senior leaders in the military. i do hope with our performance in ranger school we've been able
4:12 am
to inform that decision as to what they can expect from women in the military, that we can handle things mentally and fi physically on the same level as men. >> some male graduates said they were skeptical at first. he changed his mind when he needed to ask the fellow female soldier for help carrying a heavy load. >> i got a lot of deer in headlights look. everyone was like i can't take more weight. she took the weight and carried it the last half, literally saved me. from that point, no more skepticism. i knew she was going to make it straight through. >> the army says female soldiers were held to the same tough standards as male counter parts. back to you guys. >> excellent story. thank you very much jonathan. >> the question is, are they going to be deployed with the
4:13 am
unit? big experiment. looks like it. 12 minutes after the hour. >> what happened when lights went out at the marco rubio rally last night? >> that was democrats. that was hillary. that was hillary clinton's server. it's being cleaned. it's being cleaned. >> he's good on the fly. >> he was joking. hillary is not laughing. presidential candidate mike huckabee to weigh in on the growing distrust of hillary clinton next. this boy liosing his favorie baseball to a trade. cinnamon. milk. cinna-milk. cinnamon toast crunch. crunch! crave those crazy squares. cinna-milk!
4:14 am
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stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. insurance coverage has expanded nationally and you may now be covered. contact your health plan for the latest information. that was democrats. that was hillary. that was hillary clinton's server. it's being cleaned. it's being cleaned. >> who knew it was running the electrical grid in michigan last night? presidential candidate marco rubio taking a swipe at hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. the clinton campaign isn't
4:18 am
laughing. a federal judge in washington said clinton violated government policy storing official e-mail on her server in her time as secretary of state. most say she did something wrong. what does it mean for the race? >> governor mike huckabee, always great to see you. a judge yesterday said quote, we wouldn't be here if the secretary of state followed the law. >> this has been a tactic they've effectively used. this time it's not a political issue. this is a legal issue. this is one that's going to cost people to ask, why is there a different set of rules for hillary than the rest of us? if you get pulled over, you're going to get a ticket. if the candidate for president
4:19 am
violates the law and protocol of her own agency with regards to classified e-mails and doesn't get busted, you're going to have more outrage across this country. that's what you're seeing. >> ed henry was asking her questions. she's shrugging like that. all you've got to do is simple, answer the question. did you wipe the server clean? she answers with a joke. all she had to say was no or yes. >> the reason she doesn't want to answer is because answers could be incriminating. people have gone to prison for less than that. if in fact that's happened, we're talking about a very serious issue. >> i'm not just saying this because you're here. on your feet, you're as quick as anybody. on her feet, she's as slow everything. we get this news about two side deals we did not know about nor
4:20 am
did congress that allows iran to inspect itself when it comes to one of the mysterious power plants. how do those two things gel? >> it does not gel. putting the iranian s in positin they get to self-inspect, this is putting a mass murderer in charge of managing a gun store. this is absurd. we've put a longer fuse on the with bomb but left the bomb in place to go off. >> with democrats follow menendez? >> i think so. will they follow constituents? people they work for are against this deal. let's hope they know who their boss is and it isn't president obama. >> he's running for president, mike huckabee. >> good to see you guys. thanks. he's captured the hearts of the country as the face of
4:21 am
shriner's hospital for kids. he's got big plans. his dreams are about to come true here on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ so what i'm saying is, people like options. when you take geico, you can call them anytime you feel like saving money. it don't matter, day or night. use your computer, your smartphone, your tablet, whatever. the point is, you have options. oh, how convenient.
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4:24 am
good morning friends. 24 minutes after the hour. our next guest captured hearts across the country as the face for the children's hospital. >> imagine kids who's told his disability will be a life long struggle. imagine the same place that kid is told he can do anything. i don't have to imagine. that kid is me. that place is shriner's hospital for children. >> joining us now, an incredible
4:25 am
kid on his way to doing big things. happy to finally meet you in person. >> thanks for having me. >> what's changed since the commercial started? >> what's changed mostly is i go on the street and people recognize me. it's just awesome. >> you're famous. >> yeah. >> that's the kid that talks about hopes and dreams. what is it about shriner's hospital -- you've been going through since you were born. it's important, why? >> shriner's hospital has a special place in my heart. the countless surgeries, physical therapy, all the numerous friends i've had. they're amazing. i'll never forget it. >> you've been there since birth. what happened? what are your challenges? >> i suffer from a brittle bone
4:26 am
disease. i've broken over 60 bones in my life. shriner's hospital for children helps make my bones stronger and help me fix my bones. >> you got the chance to interview famous athletes. you're a huge sports fan. tell me about this. >> in april, the nfl draft was in chicago. i got to interview a couple of draftees. it was cool. >> what did you ask them? >> they gave me a couple questions. >> you follow sports. you would like to take brian's post as the sports guy one day? >> yes. >> watch out. you play sports as well. we're looking at that video. you do wheelchair basketball. how has shriner's helped you achieve your goals? >> my doctor was initially worried for me. because of shriner's irk --
4:27 am
shriner's hospital, i can play softball and basketball. >> they'll take a child as a patient even if the family doesn't have the money to pay for the procedure. >> yes. that's amazing. i love helping shriner's. they've helped me so much. >> will you do us a favor. we like to do sports, but we're exhausted. will you do the sports for us? >> yes. >> let's begin with a big story. >> one young philly fan is heartbroken that his favorite player is no longer on the team. >> phillies traded utley to the dodgers. >> he can't believe what his dad told him. chase utley played 13 seasons
4:28 am
with phillys and won world series in 2009. he was traded to dodgers wednesday. the boy 's reaction has been viewed 300,000 times on facebook. >> fantastic. >> good to be the kings. lebron james leading the pack for the highest 140 characters brings him in $140,000 because he has 23 million followers. for comparison, kobe bryant brings in $43,000 per tweet. >> i think your twitter is going to get bigger mow. >> you could see yourself doing that everyday right? >> i can. >> what day can you start? >> thank you for making the trip to new york city. your dad a proud man behind the camera with his camera. thank you. your story is inspiring for so many around the world.
4:29 am
>> thank you. >> don't let this fame go to your head. >> okay. >> to people that want to donate, how can they do that? >> go online or call. >> have you not seen the commercial? >> buy the blanket, right? >> yes. >> thank you. >> great to meet you. >> thank you. donald trump pushing to end birth right citizenship. how terrorists are taking advantage of the 14th amendment. stay with us. the night ranger is here for the concert series brought by expedia. we're going to talk to them. >> someone stopped the rain. ♪ ♪
4:30 am
4:31 am
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than warfarin... eliquis had both. that really mattered to me. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. i accept that i'm not as fast, but i'm still going for my personal best... and for eliquis. reduced risk of stroke... plus less major bleeding. ask your doctor... if eliquis is right for you. well get are ready for the
4:33 am
ultimate test for the hot model. >> sports illustrated showing a sneak peek of next year's edition. >> it won't hit the stands until february. we'll wait until then to find out who they are. it's the first time the magazine has done anything like this this. >> model identification. identify them by their neck. >> by their belly button. >> this is sports illustrated going i give up. how do we make this new and fresh? tell us what you think of the masked look. ainsley earhardt in with headlines. >> that's a hard one to follow. thank you steve. now to this fox news alert. explosions overnight rocking this area.
4:34 am
two had to go to the hospital. the blast knocking out power to a concert. she tweeted out we had so much fun in la that we blew the power out. a gas explosion at a chemistry lab. students aren't due back until next month. caitlyn jenner is in hot water. it is recommended she be charged with vehicular manslaughter for a crash that left a woman dead. reports show she was driving too fast and at fault for the crash. it's unlikely she'll face jail time because of a clean police record. donald trump's debate is reigniting whether people born in country should become
4:35 am
americans. two of our enemies benefitted from birth right citizenship. both were born in our country to illegal parents. critics say the government was blocked from taking certain actions or any actions against them because of their citizenship. like a scene from indiana jones and the temple of doom? this big red ball rolling down the streets in ohio wreaking havoc on anyone in its path. high winds dislodged the 15 foot wide, 250 pound inflatable ball which is part of a touring art insulation. it bounced off several cars causing minor damage before stopping at a corner. thankfully no one was hurt. now to maria with our weather. >> tracking a front on the move bringing rain across parts of new england including areas as far south as massachusetts.
4:36 am
parts of connecticut dealing with that rain. on long island flash flood warnings because of how heavy the rain is going through. expect the slow commute in parts of new england. as we head further west across the plains, big story has been how unusually cool it's been. temperatures in the morning hours in the 50s. now seeing them rebounding nicely. climbing to 90s as far north as rapid city. now we go to the atlantic. first hurricane of the season, category 1 storm heading westward. it's expected to weaken. it will bring gusty winds and heavy rain to the caribbean c e coming up as we head to next week. now let's head on stage, steve other, elisabeth, brian. >> this is one of the first times our concert series guests
4:37 am
heckled us. you know them for their hits. one of the classics from the 80s. ladies and gentlemen, night ranger. >> this song is "sister christian." you've been singing a lie. it's not sister christian. it's sister christy. >> that's right. >> what happened? >> every time he would sing is, he would go sister christy. we all thought it was christian. we were like that can't be right. he said my sister is christy. >> that song goes to number five immediately. you said we're going to sing this over the next 20 years.
4:38 am
>> no one said that's terrible. >> you change the lyrics to other songs or song names? >> like with elton john's "tiny dancer." it's toney dancer. >> tell us why you broke up and got back together? >> we were sick of each other like every other band. no. we all went many different directions. in 1996 we looked around. i was in the band the damn yankees. and your favorite band. >> sure. >> and any way, in '96 we got together. we looked around and said let's play a tour in japan. >> we got the original bands together to go to japan. we did, it turned out great. been together ever since.
4:39 am
>> when overseas and many don't speak the language you're singing in, isn't that a problem? >> they sing it in english. they know the words. >> you rock. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> what do you think about fans and how do you keep things fresh and new? >> fresh and new, we do the same set every night. great for us, we have a different ambience in every city. it's great. new stage, new fun, get to see the city. we make the best of it. we like playing our classic hits with everybody singing along. nothing wrong with that. >> how often does night ranger sing during the daylight? >> very often. >> it's beautiful. i love it. >> there we are. >> we're all new again. >> we are the new generation. we wrote a song a long time ago
4:40 am
many 1983. they were saying rock is dead. all these bands were coming out new wave, it's this. it's like wait a minute, you can still rock in america. that's how these people think. we're here to stay, you know what a mean? >> i think it's fantastic. what are you singing for us today? >> lots of us things. >> all our songs. >> no one knows. >> rock america, coming of age, sister christian. ♪ >> 20 minutes from now right here on our stage 48th and 6th avenue. come on down. night ranger, thank you very much. we showed you this question earlier in the week.
4:41 am
remember? >> you mean it's not politically correct and yet everybody uses it? >> is the term anchor baby offensive? our next guest's mom came from south america. we'll talk about that as we roll on live from new york city. ♪ ♪ women kicking down the door. one s.e.a.l. speaks up. it's a must see story today at 2:00. heart health's important...
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4:45 am
a quarter before the top of the hour. first up, 52 million. that's how much cash jennifer laurence raked in the past 1 is months making her the top earning actress according to forbes, $52 million. also on the list, scarlett johansson, melissa mccarthy along with jennifer anniston. 193 feet, the height of a water fall where a daredevil jump eedin eed setting a new re wore a go pro. thousands of collectible sports cards were found inside this abandoned factory in detroit.
4:46 am
now going on the auction block. all right, brian. >> that's fantastic. meanwhile, 15 minutes before the top of the hour. immigration activists, democrats, media join forces against donald trump for this. >> both candidates facing questions about why they used the term anchor babies. >> he's unpoapologetically usin the term the dictionary -- >> is this getting blown out of proportion? the next guest is the daughter of an immigrant and says yeah, it's blown out of proportion. you saw this controversy. what do you think? >> it's ridiculous. i don't find the term anchor baby at all. my mother was born and raised in
4:47 am
south america. she came here as an illegal immigrant. she doesn't find it offensive. it's hillary clinton taking cheap shots at donald trump to score political points. >> one of the reporters was yelling at trump to change views and yelling at jeb bush. hillary clinton tweet this is out, how about using thing term babies, children. >> it's ironic she uses the term baby. she supports planned parenthood. i find the planned parenthood videos ten times more offensive than two words, anchor babies. i find it hypocritical the political correct crowd and hillary clinton finds two words offensive, anchor babies but not the harvesting and selling of baby parts. it's incredible. >> within the hispanic community from what you witness and what
4:48 am
you live, does that seem to be a derogatory term? >> no, it's not. it's not at all. it's just -- it's happening. the term anchor baby has been around for decades. if hillary clinton f offensive, why didn't she speak out last year, year before, when secretary of state? now she's desperately digging the bottom of the barrel trying to find a way to attack him. it's pathetic and not going to work. >> we'll see what's going to happen. i saw both turn around and ask the press, what term do you want me to use? no one had a term. they had two or three sentences. that's not the way it works. >> that's right. >> thanks so much. >> great to be here. brand new research shocking. early cancer treatments like the double mastectomy angelina jolie got may not have helped at all. the doctor here to walk us through it next.
4:49 am
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hey everybody.
4:53 am
the answer to the trivia question of the day. and the winner is -- do we have their name? we don't have is their name. you'll get a copy of brian's book. we'll come back with that. a shocking study on breast cancer is revealing for nearly 60,000 women diagnosed each year, treatment will not make a difference. here to explain it is the director of surgery at the einstein cancer center. explain what it is. >> it speaks to the heart of the matter what is dcis. what that means is that we all contain milk ducts. there are cells within that are behaving abnormally. however they're trapped within
4:54 am
the can duct. in some ways they behave like kans area acancer and in some w not. it becomes dangerous for patients. >> what are aprocedures women ae having? many are saying those are brutal type surgery therapies women have to go through. are you saying the study says it's not going to make a difference and maybe they shouldn't have them? >> this study -- just to go back one second. this may be a precursor for kanszer or a ri ecancer or risk. the study looked at 100,000 patients over 20 years and suggested despite the treatment they underwent whether lumpectomy with radiation or
4:55 am
without or mastectomy, there was a 3% death rate in all comers. the rate put out patients with a higher mortality rate. we're looking to identify those patients who's may be triggered to invasive subtype or occur in sub vasive subtype. >> all of us know somebody who is going through this. what do they need to know to be informed patient? what questions do they need to ask doctors? >> it's a good question. looking at high risk features. in this study, those were young age. african-american decent, large size of the tumor, hormone sensitivity. those properties led to higher mortality suggesting maybe those are more aggressive. maybe more radiation, more
4:56 am
lumpectomies. those would be the questions. we're also learning how to taylorize treatment with more sophisticated techniques. >> as always, be informed, ask our doctor, lots of questions. thank you for your time today. >> thank you very much. 56 minutes after the hour. here's what's coming up on "fox & friends." the cheating website ashley madison, the hot topic at the pentagon as we find out more about who is on the customer list. geraldo rivera joins us next to discuss. and our concert summer series with night ranger coming up. ♪ ♪
4:57 am
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5:00 am
2015. a fox news alert. another police officer shot in the line of duty and this morning fighting for his life. breaking details moments away. the hot topic this morning at the pentagon, cheater website ashley madison. the leak revealing hundreds of government employees and people at the pentagon are on the list. >> wow. did you see what donald trump said about bowe bergdahl? >> so we get a trader like bergdahl. a dirty, rotten, traitor. the old days bing bong. >> bergdahl's lawyer is threatening to sue for deformation. is this a fight that guy wants? really? we'll speak to geraldo about that. mornings are being with friends.
5:01 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i remember the 80s, kind of. it's all coming back to view as we watch night ranger on our summer concert series brought to us by expedia. >> night ranger is coming up
5:02 am
shortly. this song was voted best song ever. >> by whom? >> not sure. >> they're at it decades and still rocking. energy is not lacking this morning. >> here is a prediction. >> what? >> after you hear them sing "sister christian" you'll be singing it all day. we've been playing it on the break and we're singing it every time we have the chance. >> the time has come. >> the 80s are coming back baby. ge geraldo with us in a minute. first ainsley has breaking news in florida. >> we do. serious news. thank you steve. a brevard county deputy is in critical condition after a late night shootout. deputies responded to a home when a man inside opened fire and shot by police. the suspect is in stable condition. a woman in the house was arrested on prostitution charges. right now the officer is undergoing surgery. we'll have a live report at the
5:03 am
bottom of the hour. an overnight raid at kiss rocker gene simmons house. ♪ ♪ >> the task force was at the star's los angeles home looking for evidence for a crime that happened last year while simmons was at home on tour. no one in simmons' family is a suspect in the investigation. brand new body camera video shows the police view of violent protests. hundreds flooded the streets following the fatal shooting of an 18-year-old black male after he pulled a gun on two officers. the death sparked outrage and officers forced to launch tear gas into the crowds after people started throwing bricks and bottles. the officers involved are on administrative leave. history in the making.
5:04 am
in two hours a pair of brave women will graduate from army military school. first lieutenant shaye haver ask and kristen griest revealing what kept them motivated through the grueling training. >> to get the experience of elite leadership school army has provided to give me the opportunity to lead miss soldiers the best i can. >> i hope with our performance we've been able to inform that decision as to what they can expect from women in the military that we can handle things physically and mentally on the same level as men. >> the ranger school admitted women to determine if the ban on ground jobs should be lifted. those are your headlines. back to you anna brian, steve. more fallout over the data
5:05 am
leak from the cheater website ashley madison. >> we are live from washington d.c. with kristen and the details. good morning. >> i have the distinction from reporting from the city with the highest rate of membership from the ashley madison website. you better believe there are a lot of nervous folks here especially since the pentagon is now getting involved in the investigation. the exploration of extramarital affair comes more than a personal matter when you do it on a government computer funded by taxpayers. that's what many were doing, accesses accounts while at work. this includes those that worked at white house, state department, department of lab laborfbi, faa and one at the department of homeland security that worked in the agency's hacking division. to be fair, some e-mail accounts appear to be bogus. anyone can register any e-mail
5:06 am
address on the website. it's tough to sift through what's real and what's not. 19 gigs in data, twice the twice of the leak released earlier this week. 13,000 of e-mail addresses were hosted on government and military servers which is why the pentagon is now investigating. tell you what, i never thought i would be talking about pentagon to you. y madison in the same >> reporting from d.c., according to you, stands for district of cheaters. >> high-tech, that's all. >> alabama, colorado, d.c., followed by new jersey, connecticut. the least cheating state west virginia. >> west virginia mountain -- let's go there. >> i'm not particularly doctrine person when it comes to -- i believe in karma.
5:07 am
what goes around comes around. what you see now, scenarios have come out. they have to reap rewards. they'll be outed. about ashley madison and people in government having the time -- first of all, i think many of these jobs are so thin in terms of their actual duties. they get a lot of money. they have access to electronic world. they dive into that dark internet. they spend the whole day wallowing around as we pay for it. i'm okay with it. where i have a problem -- i've had a checkered past myself. i never claimed to be anything other than what i was. someone like josh duggar, 19 kids and counting, pretending to be a faith-based sanctimonious person caring for god, country, the rest of it. revealed to be a molester of his
5:08 am
teenage sisters and now -- >> it's very embarrassing. >> as it should be to government employees as well. i don't feel sorry for them. >> how many times have we told stories about people in washington that spend the day looking at porn. their bosses can't fire them because they're protected by union. >> i feel the government is bloated and insufficient. you see candidates like donald trump doing well. >> everybody seems to be taking him serious. on the stump wednesday, he decided t decided to talk about bad deals. here's what donald trump said is. >> we get a traitor named bergdahl. a dirty, rotten traitor. who by the way when he desserted
5:09 am
six young beautiful people killed trying to find him. in the old days, bing bong. >> he got cheers for that, but now bergdahl's attorney is trying to sue for deformation of character. >> in terms of slander, action, it's absolutely true what trump said. one of the reason he is resonating well is he says things that are true. the term anchor baby, i don't have any particular with anchor baby. i believe that it can describe a political and legal process by which a family is legalized by the fact a child is born here as per the 14th amendment. i have no problem with anchor baby. >> when the baby is born here, it anchors them to america. >> it is descriptive. i don't like the term illegal alien. that dehumanizes a class of people. i urge everyone not to use it. >> is the 14th amendment
5:10 am
vulnerable? >> it's vulnerable if the states want to change it. i personally in terms of legal interpretation, i totally believe the 14th amendment guarantees the birth right of anyone in this country to be a citizen of the united states. >> originally it was in the wake -- >> i heard debating a couple days ago. i appreciate your passion. i'm advising you as council i think your argument is -- you're a wonderful person. >> thank you. we heard from a number of people that said when you look at way the particular amendment pertained -- >> i know. i get it all. >> right exactly. he say there's an easy remedy. all congress would have to do by statute define the situation. >> i'll bet you everything in my pocket if you want to bet.
5:11 am
>> something needs to be done to get rid of that. >> now he sucked jeb bush into it, dragging republicans to his position on this and many other things. that's why he's dominating this race. he's the innovator. you can find his ideas repug nantd nant. there's no doubt he has energy, charm, frankness to lead the discussion on all of this. >> let me ask you something, if you're one of the 16 following and trailing him what's the geraldo strategy? >> the thing about it, you can't re-invent charisma. when you look at jeb bush, god bless him, when you look at him -- to have a charisma deficit. you'd never see jeb bush leading the cheer leading squad. he wouldn't be the person
5:12 am
dominating the conversation. he'd be a great education secretary. he has good ideas. how do you match pizazz of trump. he's beating rubio in florida. kasich -- we love kasich. six years he was my office mate here at fox. he's done a wonderful surprising job in ohio. still, you're going to see in september is, the cnn debate. trump will once again dominate. i don't see anything that can derail him, not with $1 billion. now talking about bergdahl. he is the luckiest man in the country to be brought back on this deal. this was a great deal for the bergdahl family and for bowe bergdahl. i agreed with it. we don't leave anyone behind, even scum like bergdahl. we don't leave them behind. better he's in the u.s. let him now suffer the legal consequences. >> we're all in greater danger
5:13 am
because five taliban guys are back. >> thanks. >> thanks for coming. we got there. thank you. >> got back to bergdahl. meanwhile, you may not like him, but peter johnson jr. says americans have more reason than ever to rally behind jimmy carter. there he is yesterday in atlanta. peter explains next. and how's this for turbulence? a plane full of passengers struck by lightning and a cellphone rolling at the exact me moment. what are the chances? >> that doesn't look good. ♪ ♪ brilliantly practical scientist harriet tuttle's search for a more efficient life concluded with an unorthodox solution. harriet created four more harriets. together, they were a model of efficiency. however, while identical, they had their own interests, and their own retirement plans.
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call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. thanks for waking up on "fox & friends." you may not have agreed with jimmy carter when in office, but today he's facing the race of his life. joining us peter johnson jr. with two minutes of truth. >> good morning. in the hang over of water gate, america looked to a petition nut farmer from georgia for pain relie relief.
5:18 am
expectations were high. the energy crisis, iran crisis, and is afghanistan made jimmy carter a one-time president. he had a hard time getting most americans top get behind him as president. yesterday as he sat behind the microphone, america fell behind him, stood up and yes, they cheered. president carter has melanoma cancer throughout his body. he has begun radiation therapy to ex tends his life. he declared his faith, love for his wife of 68 years. in a life well lived, he was the model of a stoic and smiling grandfather who said, he was quote at ease with his future. >> now i feel, you know, it's in the hands of god.
5:19 am
i'll be prepared for anything that comes. >> a lot has come. he climbed into a nuclear reactor that had gone bad to help clean it up. as governor, he hung dr. king's portrait as the kkk picketed. he won the noble peace price for efforts to eliminate disease, insure free elections and promote peace. in spite of of accomplishments, many looked at his presidency as one of missed opportunity. president carter spoke in a straightforward way about his regrets and accomplishments. >> i wish i had sent more helicopters to get more hostages. we would have rescued them, and i would have been re-elected. >> the best thing i did was marrying roselan. >> without a blink and tear, carter reminded us of strength
5:20 am
and resilience of america with cancer ravaging his brain. he spoke about the ratification. he said message is one of hope and acceptance. hope for the best and accept what comes. this summer he wanted to go with his wife to build houses in nepal for the 333rd year in a row. chemo is the plan now. he can live another day to fight humanity that consumed him. his love of the lord is front and center. >> i'll teach sunday school this sunday and every sunday as long as i'm physically and mentally able in my little church. >> like carter, many americans face cancer everyday and face issues it provokes with dignity in the face of the unknown. today we witness a profile and courage worthy of a leader of americans, profile worthy of a man who spent a life of one
5:21 am
americans trying to save the world piece by piece. we hope that profile will become part of the march of history. for today. >> i'm ready for anything. looking forward to a new adventure. when you travel, we help you make all kinds of connections. connections you almost miss. and ones you never thought you'd make. we help connect where you are. to places you never thought you'd go. this, is why we travel. and why we continue to create new technology to connect you to the people and places that matter.
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and be able to help the community. we always have the safety of our customers and the community in mind. my family is in oakland, my wife's family is in oakland so this is home to us. being able to work in the community that i grew up in, customers feel like friends, neighbors and it makes it a little bit more special. together, we're building a better california. an explosion near shania twain's concert overnight. look at this. >> the singer was performing at la staple sent isser when the power went out. apparently the underground generator blew up and four were injured. shania made a comeback later tweeting we had so much fun in
5:25 am
la, that we blew the power out. we came back up within minutes and kept rocking. a drastic suggestion from new york city mayor bill de blasio on how to clean up time square. get rid of time square. there's been growing issues which includes pushy panhandlers and topless ladies parading topless in front of children next to toys r us. the mayor says let's get rid of time square. >> what will we do on new year's eve. >> that cost him $20. >> for the picture. hitting the box office today. agent 47 and jesse stars as a
5:26 am
government sleeper agent in "american ultra." >> how will films fair on opening weekend? no one asked me. we asked kevin mccarthy. he goes to these movies for free. what should we expect when its comes to "american ultra." >> thanks for having me on. it's uls an honor. the new film written by max. his father is very famous, directed michael jackson "thriller" video. he wrote "chronicle" as well. jesse is a stoner who has no idea he's an agent. he becomes an unstoppable killing machine and essentially teams up with kristin stewart. we know her from "twilight" movies. this is great separation for her
5:27 am
from those movies. they did "adventure land." their chemistry transition ises to this movie as well. it's tarantinoesque. they have a lot of amage to that movie. the movie overall has the tarantino vibe. it's top for everybody. it's a violent hue have i. it's done in a way it makes you laugh. overall three and a half out of five. i think it's a solid effort from max. he's a young writer. the dialogue is great. john steals the movie. he's absolutely hilarious and so is britain. >> whacky violence and dismemberment in that movie. let's talk "hitman agent 47."
5:28 am
>> yeah. "hitman agent 47" is the new movie. they made one in 007 based on video game franchise. that was okay. i don't know why we're see another film in 2015. this is from homeland. great actor. very bland character here. nothing in this movie is memorable whatsoever. there are sequences sgi looks like a video game. in this day and age you've got to step up and make it look good. music is absolutely horrible. the script is one of the worst i've seen on film in so many years. there are two scenes that work action wise. overall, a forgettable film. gave it two out of five. do not waste your money. if you want a i good action
5:29 am
movie, see "mission impossible" best action movie playing now. >> i thought "south paul" was a great movie. >> it is great. that park jake played was originally eminem. great movie. >> brian you redeemed yourself for fred clause. >> still my favorite. they now have recliners in the movies. >> you can go to sleep at the movi movies. finally some rest. have a great weekend. >> you too kevin. where will the terror suspects go? is your backyard on the list? mine is. middle east is burning, stock market collapsed.
5:30 am
we're $18 trillion in debt. our government made it a priority to rename the raisin because it's offensive. >> the raisin? >> get how it is. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ and free of stuff i don't like. we only eat chex cereal. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. mom, brian threw a ball in the house!
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5:33 am
fox news alert.
5:34 am
a florida sheriff deputy is fighting for his life, shot while responding to a call last night. >> andrea joins us from florida. >> reporter: good morning. we are here live at scene. i'm going to step out of the way. still an active crime scene behind me. the florida department of law enforcement is out in full force in morning. they continue to work this crime scene gathering evidence after this late night shooting. it all started last night. here's what we know as we go to crime scene video. deputies were investigating complaints about prostitution, clearly marked as law enforcement officers approaching this house on the corner to make an arrest when someone on the property opened fire. the deputy was shot. in the exchange of gunfire, the suspect was shot. he's in stable condition and taken to a nearby hospital. as for the deputy, he underwent surgery overnight. we understand he's currently in
5:35 am
critical condition. the brevard sheriff's office posted on their facebook asking for prayers. he's a husband and father. they're hoping he makes a full recovery. >> andrea, thank you for the live report from florida. it's exactly 25 minutes before the top of the hour. ainsley earhardt starts the news at the pentagon. >> that's right. thank you steve. the government is looking for new places to stash gitmo detainees. other u.s. prisons will be inspected in coming weeks. 116 detainees are in gitmo. it hasn't happened in a century. this picture of gray wolves snapped in northern california. there are five pups and two adults in the pack. it's the first sighting in the state since 1924.
5:36 am
gray wolves were hunted to brink of distinction. lightning strikes an airplane with people in it on the tarmac. look at this. 117 passengers and crew members were on board that delta plane there. no one was hurt. it took off two hours later with no problem. a snapshot from mars taken from curiosity rover from the red planet. the images were combined to one epic self- portrait. >> i hope he tells us once he finds out how mars evolves. >> that's a heck of a mission statement. keep in touch. in honor of donald trump's war on political correctness, there are a couple of stories out there this morning we
5:37 am
thought we would bring to your attention. first off, down in washington d.c., he's the senior at the holy comforter church, senior charles pope. you know what? facebook sent him an alert, we're shutting you down. we don't think your using your real name. >> he doesn't think he's particularly targeted but doesn't understand why he can't have his name be mon senior. this is my name, my title. what's the problem facebook? >> he says i think it's incredibly foolish. august 19th, he's now off facebook. >> interesting though is the fact that facebook went out of their way a couple of years ago. the chief product officer wrote an apology to drag queens, drag kings, transgender and other members of the lgbt community that focused on site's real name
5:38 am
policy is. they say you don't have to use your real name. now they're shutting down him because he's using his real name. double standard? we're wondering. now to knoxville, iowa where atheists are upset about this. it's a cross memorial honoring a fallen soldier. somehow they're upset. >> one guy was really upset. he took his protest falling on deaf ears. he called in another organization to help sell his story. >> the americans united for separation of church and state. they have written a letter to the city attorney out there in iowa saying you've got to do something about it because the constitution says, they say, that you can't have that because it promotes another religion. the people of knoxville have actually, for the most part,
5:39 am
supported -- for instance, there's a navy vet that said this kind of political correctness stuff is getting out of hand. when we bend to will of one person in the town, you know there's something wrong. is this the pc thing? let's talk food. who's hungry? good. let's talk raisins. the u.s. department of agriculture is making a change to be politically correct. they're going to stop referring to midget raisins after they were called offensive. i guess they're small raisins. >> tree say e say -- teresa sa is why trump is doing so well. >> kevin says america, wake up. in god we trust. live somewhere else. >> protests for raisins came
5:40 am
from a non profit group in america that wants the raisins to have another name. when i was younger, we won the midget division. we weren't short, we were young. >> does the league still have a midget division? >> we do not. >> there are midget race cars that run every weekend. i wonder -- >> i don't know are we allowed to use the word anymore? >> the little people of america can use that word in conversation. thought we'd give you an update from the world of political correctness. hillary clinton tried to be funny.
5:41 am
>> did you wipe the server? >> like with a cloth or something? >> was anybody laughing? frank is here to tell us how voters and viewers are reacting to her laughing. women kicking down the door. the navy is set to open the s.e.a.l.s team to anyone that can pass the training. how will this pass the face of military if at all? it's a must-see real story today at 2:00. don't wait for a chip like this to crack your whole windshield. with safelite's exclusive resin, you get a strong repair... ...that you can trust. plus with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. really?! safelite repair, safelite replace.
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5:44 am
of terrorism in the world. the deal will increase the likelihood of terrorists getting a hold of a nuclear weapon. so, that's why we need a better deal. ♪ [ female announcer ] everything kids touch at school sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. you handle life; clorox handles the germs. man, she's gotten testy, tries dismissing the drama with humor. she denied wrong doing countless times. that e-mail scandal continuing to dog hillary clinton's campaign. are her own words to blame for making the situation worse? >> dr. frank luntz.
5:45 am
good morning to you. we're going to run a clip from ed henry asking hillary clinton a question in las vegas after a town hall. he's trying to pin her down. did she wipe the server clean? here's what happened. >> did you try to wipe the can -- no e-mail, no personal -- >> my personal e-mails are my personal business. we went through a pain-staking process and turned over 55,000 pages of anything we thought could be work related. under the law, that decision is made by the official. i was the official. >> you were the official. did you wipe the server in. >> like way cloth or something? >> i don't know. >> we turned over every single thing. personality stuff, i did not. >> frank, what do you think? three issues there.
5:46 am
number one, it's her responsibility. she made the decision she would operate outside the traditional procedures of the state department. she's completely responsible. number two, she refuses to accept responsibility. criticism people have is people don't have credibility. she hasn't shown it. she tried to tell a joke. there's nothing funny about breaking the law. one more actually. these are top secret e-mails. every american understands the concept that top secret is not meant to be shared. her language is wrong, tone is wrong, delivery is wrong. that's why she's dropping in the polls. >> a federal judge said she did something that was wrong. that hasn't stopped her from playing partisan politics. here's an example. >> it's not about benghazi.
5:47 am
you know what, it's not about e-mails or servers. it's about politics. i will not get down in the mud with them. i will not dishonor the memory of those we lost. i won't pretend that this is anything other than what it is, same old partisan games we've seen so many times before. >> she's fighting back. the right way? >> no. three points here. one, she's clearly reading a teleprompter. if you mean it, speak from the heart, not some camera. playing two, she's playing out of bill clinton's playbook, blame is other side rather than taking responsibility. and three, i won't, i won't, i won't. it's not about her. it's the voters she will represent. once again, she hasn't done it
5:48 am
effectively. >> the contrast is stark between her and her husband. >> when bill clinton wanted you to understand he felt your pain -- he caused it for millions of americans but at least felt it. he was smooth and sincere. he never used a teleprompter. he draped hands over the the podium and would get to you. she's exactly the opposite. she's fingernails on the walk board. >> he's nowhere to be found. i wonder if we'll start seeing him front and center. thank you frank. night ranger performing their biggest hit "sister christian." good morning you guys. they had to move trump's alabama event to a football stadium to handle the 30,000 plus crowd. thousand jeb bush is fighting
5:49 am
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night ranger wowed the crowd. am i right kids? >> thanks everybody. bill: donald trump may be taking it to a whole new level today. 30,000 are expected in mobile, alabama to see one donald j. trump. martha: that's a decent size crowd. that rally was originally going to be held at a civic center that hold 500, but the demand became so demanding they had to move it to


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