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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  August 21, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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so low energy that every time you watch him you fall asleep. let's say -- hillary, too. so let's say jeb becomes president president. first thing that happens your schools go to hell. forgetting about that. let's say that jeb doesn't want this plant built. so they will call him, the head of ford and they are going to say, mr. president, we want to build it. he will say we don't want it built. the next day or the next hour he will get a call from the lobbiests and the special interests and donors and they will say jeb we gave you $8 million of your $120 million that you raised. we gave you $8 million. we want that thing done. you can't do that to our people. well, okay. it's going to get done. the plant will get built that will be it.
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let's take trump as president. is that better? [ cheers and applause ] who would you rather have negotiating with china and japan, mexico trump or bush? actually what a group. what a group. you know it is sort of interesting. thank you. cnn does this big report that came out last week. i was leading in the polls. everybody says why don't i have a pollster. every day i wake up there is another poll. they pay these guys like $100,000 a month and they can't
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function because unless they have it vetted with their pollster they can't talk. i say why do i need a pollster when every day there is a new poll. what do i need it? save your money. cnn did this very well done poll. they had leadership. i was way ahead of everybody. i was very good. the thing i will be great at i do very well at it military. i am the toughest guy. i will rebuild our military. it will be so strong and so powerful and so great.
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it will be so powerful and so great that we will never have to use it. nobody is going to mess with us folks. nobody. nobody is going to mess with us. beautiful. so i look at the various things to do with our country. by the way, one of them when are we going to take care of our vets? they did a poll on like who is one of the most popular with the vets. i was the most popular person. they liked me and i love them because for 35 years these senators and these --- have done
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nothing for the vets. they have done nothing. we are going to take care of our veterans. so they do this poll and in the poll i score really high in almost everything other than they thought i wasn't a nice person. i was like pretty low. i'm a nice person. a woman said i'm not sure you are nice enough to be president. this is not going to be an election based on a nice person. it will be based on a confident person. we are tired of the nice people. so i won on the economy. i won on jobs. i won on leadership by massive numbers like massive. you have seen it. i won on all of these categories. why do we need an election? these are such important
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categories. i have had an amazing experience because from the time announced other than last week -- the press which is largely very dishonest. the political media, i actually think that the political media is less popular than congress. can you believe it and congress has almost no rating. in all fairness they are trying to shut off the camera right now. they are all live. so many live cameras. look i will say this. the media is very dishonest but there is a certain group that are fantastic people. i cherish those stories not often but i cherish those stories. you have to understand and they
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really started treating me much better. don't forget when i first ran i said it's amazing went to a great school excellent student, smart guy. my uncle was a professor at m.i.t. do we believe in the gene thing? i do. they they -- i built a tremendous company. i did the art of the deal and many books that were best sellers. i did the apprentice. tremendous. nbc hates me. nbc hates me because they renewed the apprentice and i said i'm not doing it. i'm running for president. i'm going to make the country great again. they actually came up to my
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office and the top people great people they said please run it. they sold mostferring. they renewed the show. i said i'm going to run and make our country great. we are going to do something that's special. so i look at the landscape of our country. i look at where we are going. i look at where we have been. we have had a horrible number of years. a horrible number of years. we can't beat isis. i watched the other day on television just retiring which is fortunate. how do you think we will do against isis? it will be very tough. can you believe this? general george patton spinning in their graves as they listen
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to this. they are spinning in their graves. talks about a hard time. and i look at what's going on with the landscape and then i get to meet all of the people that i have met over the last period of time and i want to tell you it's been amazing. i want to finish up with a couple of little points. one of them is the ford deal. israel i love israel. by the way -- the bottom line when i get the call i say you are going to build in the united states. they are going to say we don't want to do that. i say let me tell you, sir, you are going to build in the united states and i will not have their
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money. i will call them in and say here is the story. you're building $2.5 billion in mexico. we are going to charge you a tremendous 35% tax. and that tax is going to be for every car and every part and every truck that comes into the united states. here is what is going to happen. here is what is going to happen. they are going to come back to me the following day, i would say the following afternoon. i say by the time -- this one is too easy. they will say mr. president -- they are not going to get called by the lobbiest. i will say no interest. within 24 hours they will say mr. president what you are doing to us is terrible. we will build a plant in the
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united states. i will say the same thing to nabisco. it doesn't help us when you look at what is going on when you look at what is going on where nabisco is closing in so many places when you look at the kind of money that these countries are making and i'm naming a few, i mean so many countries, we don't have anything left. we are running on fumes. we are running on fumes. there is nothing here. when you look at what happens they are so much smarter. we are not going to have a country left. we need to have our borders. we need to make great deals. the man in the back shouted israel. how would you like to be israel right now? they rely on us. they are a voice of sanity. they are great people and we
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have a deal that is so incompetent, think of the deal. we make a deal our chief negotiator goes into a bicycle race at 73 years old and falls and breaks his leg. that was the good part of our deal. think of it. i told people last week i swear to you i will never ever ride a bicycle at least in a race. we have a new thing that just came up yesterday in the deal. we know all about the 24-day period. the 24-day period doesn't start, that clock doesn't start ticking for a long time for a long time. so that could be forever. they are doing something believe me by the time we get there. here is the all-time great. why aren't they giving us back our prisoners? can you believe this? and second of all, the other day
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it was determined that iran in a very important section, maybe the most important, is going to do their own policing. they are going to police. they are going to tell us we swear we are not building anything. it's so sad. it's so sad. obamacare. we are going to repeal and replace obamacare. we are going to come up with a plan. you don't know this because you don't think of obama this way.
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you know who the biggest beneficiaryies are? the insurance companies. remember i told you special interests and lobbiests, the insurance companies love it. we can have such great plans if we get rid of the artificial lines around everything. i have a huge company. when i negotiate it's like one group you can't negotiate. some of the people that own businesses know what i'm talking about. the insurance companies are so protected they are making a fortune. we are going to end that. we are going to make it so competitive and get rid of the artificial barriers. you will get such great plans. and obamacare, you look at what is happening with your premiums. look at this. look what is happening. look what is happening to the deductible. they are so high it's
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impossible. trade, we are going to fix it. health care we are going to fix it. women's health issues we are going to fix it. you know my wife came up to me the other day and she said it's really sad because people don't understand how you cherish women. i will protect women. it's so important to me. it is so important. i heard some of the other candidates the other day saying we are not going to fund various health issues. i said that's the end of his election. women i don't think like that too much. do we agree? he said we are not going to fund women's health issues. a few hours later he said he misspoke. he misspoke. but women's health issues so
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important. we are going to end up taking our country, we are going to make it so strong so powerful so loved by people again, so loved. one of the problems that we have and you don't see it tonight is the tremendous lack of -- i thought that president obama, the one thing he was inexperienced and never produced a job, lots of other things. i actually thought that he would be a great, a really great cheerleader for the country when he was elected. i thought that he was. he has really turned out to be a great divider. really has. and you look at baltimore. you look at ferguson. you look at st. louis last night
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over the last week. you look at all of the things that are happening. we are sitting on powder kegs. there is no spirit. there is no job. there is no anything. we are going to take this country. i am going to be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. i will tell you that. i will tell you. [ cheers and applause ] you are going to be so proud. i often times say the american dream is dead but i'm going to make it bigger and stronger and more powerful than ever before. and that's what is going to happen. i am going to make this country bigger and stronger and better and you are going to love it and you are going to love your
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president. we are going to turn this place around. and you are going to be so proud. and you know our whole theme is make america great again. we are going to make america better than it has ever been and we are going to love doing it and have fun doing it. i want to thank everybody because this has been really really special. thank you very much. thank you. and you were just watching donald trump deliver remarks in mobile bm. the controversial gop front runner speaking to thousands. we will go right now to "the kelly file" which is already in progress. someone who appears to have committed a crime. >> you know the clintons have been tough. don't y think it happens again?
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>> i have seen this movie before. remember 1997. the clintons do what the clintons do. we are used to this as a country. they are going to deny. they are going to roll out their high powered lawyers and come up with creative excuses. the bottom line is kept classified information at her house and that is unacceptable. those e-mails are probably sitting in moscow and beijing. people who do those things need to suffer. >> that is something that john kerry thinks the other foreign governments that are hostile to the u.s. probably read e-mails. we will see if the investigations go anywhere and if there are formal charges coming. good to see you. the fallout from clinton's server scandal seems to be far from over. here next on how the controversy seems to be impacting the race for the white house. shocking poll numbers might have the clinton camp concerned
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tonight. >> it has nothing to do with me or the fact that my account was personal. it's the process by which the government and sometimes in disagreement between various agencies of the government make decisions about what can and cannot be disclosed. so i'm very comfortable that this will eventually get resolved and the american people will have plenty of time to figure it out.
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and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. raise your expectations. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, control is possible. by the way, you may have seen that i recently launched a snap chat account. i love it. i love it. those messages disappear all by themselves. >> that was hillary clinton last friday in iowa making a joke of her e-mail scandal.
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she may not be laughing now after being dealt a major blow by potential voters. a new poll showing she may be more disliked than in decades. a new survey shows unfavorability at 53%, a number clinton has seen one other time. our next guest says numbers suggest democrats could be having different thoughts. fox news digital politics editor. you know the landscape for decades and well before. you know the polls of all time. how bad is it for hillary? >> i remember all of the polling because i was a big dork in high school. i can tell you that this is -- i wouldn't say catastrophic except the democrats don't have an alternative. she has time. she is dragging through this. she is punishing her party. you say second thoughts. i say based on numbers like
6:24 pm
these they are having third and fourth thought. this is why they are to the point they say the 70 something vice president of the united states. what about that guy? they are lifting up every rock. is there something else that we can do. the answer is no. they have to eat it. >> okay. listen you know it's true. so low point for her right now. not a good time to have your worse ratings when you are running for president. our recent polling thinks 58% of people think she lied intentionally about what is happening with the e-mails. there are a lot of negatives for her right now. where does she go for anything positive? >> look there is not going to be anything positive for a little while because she made a calculated decision in 2009 that she would have this e-mail disaster and she decided the privacy was worth the risk. then busted on it she made another decision which has proved very fateful which was
6:25 pm
total brazen wipe the server. you all can just go away. we don't care. and we wiped it. it's gone. she takes this absolutely absurd position and the fbi says this is not over. her prior decision is going to hurt and hurt and hurt and it's all her own doing. >> well, that leaves us now to self-described democratic socialist, vermont senator turning up crowds of almost 30,000 people. do you think he has the chance to be the nominee or does someone like vice president joe biden who has positive polling in the double digits even though he is not running does it cause a fracture in the democratic field where it looked like it is a sure thing for her. >> did a swing state survey
6:26 pm
florida, ohio pennsylvania. they said who do you trust? they asked who do you find trust worthy. hillary clinton was i don't know how trump rated but hillary clinton was the lowest on trust worthiness. she was an absolute trust. what do you think of joe biden? he doubled her up. she had -- to put in the simplest way i can in the three biggest swing states only one in three voters found her trust worthy. and what that says to joe biden who was twice as good is why not? i got nothing else going on rock and roll it. >> do you think he gets in? what does your gut say knowing all you know about the political world past present and maybe future? >> my gut says milk shakes are delicious. it also says joe biden is not crazy. he has run for president twice before. the consequences of a loss
6:27 pm
aren't just that he would have a third loss but he would miss out on the brief window. he has a family to think about. he is not a rich guy. i think that pushes heavily against running but if there is anything that joe biden has ever been it is a guy who is willing to grip it and rip it. i will say i lean towards not but i also say he may biden this sucker. >> milk shakes are also the reason we have guts. >> accurate. >> have a great weekend. as new polls show voters may be turning on hillary clinton, a quick look at attacks from the media suggest maybe some of her liberal allies are jumping ship as well. howard kurtz and rich lowery are next on the left leaning journalists who seem to be losing their faith. >> during her news conference it was -- the problem is there is not a good answer. does anyone have a good answer?
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make up one.
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u.s. military air strikes killing the number two leader of the islamic state. that's a confirmation from the national security council that reports the air strike targeted on tuesday as he was traveling in a vehicle neurar the isis stronghold. he was coordinator for moving large amounts of weapons and people. two female soldiers making history captain greist and haver. physically pushing physical and mental limits with very
6:32 pm
little -- before the spring only men were allowed to enroll. now back to "the kelly file." voters may not be the only ones turning on hillary clinton as the former secretary of state finds herself fielding criticism from some of the more liberal corners of the media. while some are confused as to how clinton is defending herself others are beginning to admit that clinton is in a bad spot and could soon pay the price. >> during her news conference. >> terrible. >> the problem is there is not a good answer. does anyone have a good answer? really work on it. make up one. >> did she turn over all federal records to the federal government after she left. she claims she did. now the fbi has her server they are talking about going back and trying to investigate it and trying to recover some e-mails.
6:33 pm
that's never a good position to be in. >> the fbi is looking into this. the same person who prosecuted petraeus is looking into this. the same person who represented petraeus is representing hillary clinton. she's paying a big price politically and may pay a big price criminally. >> howard kurtz is host of media buzz and rich lowery is fox news contributor. welcome to you both. rich i know that hillary isn't one of the politicians who has necessarily had a super cozy relationship with the media. >> she is very cautious person so she is very guarded with the press and hasn't really established relationships. there is a lot of history there. when you spend years and years and years defending your husband from bimbo eruptions you have a combative relationship with the media. the history of 2008 when the
6:34 pm
media had a slobbering love affair with barack obama and threw her under the bus. no one can look at the press conference and say that was a good performance. the fact pattern is terrible. no one believes her even liberal columnists who really are rooting for her. >> howard when you see them we think about eugene robinson saying she has problems. there is so much information that continues to trickle out that they can't pretend like it's not an issue. >> hillary clinton was never a wild favorite of the left wing of the press. gene robinson the liberal washington post columnist writing she is insulting our intelligence with her mishandling. that tells you she has lost confidence of those who might be expected to defend her. when you look at the testiness and the rough treatment by the main street media and polls
6:35 pm
starting to dip, all of this has created kind of a bad storm from hillary clinton's point of view of negative coverage by straight reporters and those on the left. >> how do you think she is managing that now that it has come to fruition. she along with her husband has been in politics for decades. i think of her as being very smart and a more disciplined person. the press conference where she is walking away and throws up her hands and says nobody is talking about this but you guys it seemed undisciplined like she lost a little bit of the campaign displan you have to have. >> she let her irritation show which has been a common theme throughout this episode. you look at her first press conference when this broke and it was the same thing. she couldn't hide her contempt for the press and for the questions she was being asked. if you look at the column which is quite representative there is a pleading element.
6:36 pm
please come clean. just tell us the truth. say you want to control and hide the information. that's the one thing she can't say. >> howard she hasn't done a lot of hard hitting national media sit down things. we are told as evidence that she is going to do more media that she will be on ellen coming up when that relaunches for the fall. do you think she has to build bridges or sit down with heavy hitters and try to reestablish some kind of relationship or credibility with the press? >> she has been taking more questions on the trail. it was two months ago that hillary clinton's communications director told me she is going to start doing more national interviews. she has done two. if you compare in the periods since june 16 donald trump has done at least 66 national television interviews to hillary clinton's two. what happens is the pressure builds up. she is not out there with other
6:37 pm
kinds of message. e-mail story tends to dominate. she is pretty good in the news. and be more openly accessible. >> and she has had tough optics. i think back when she was walking in a parade and there were photos of press members being corralled. those visuals don't help her either. >> that sort of incapsulated the relationship and the distrust and control she wants to have. you look at donald trump and how she refers to him with 66 interviews and feels like more because he is dominating the coverage. trump is out there and just you can ask him anything and he just speaks off the cuff. it's all very natural. hillary is the complete opposite. she is so controlled. in the political moment where
6:38 pm
authen tisity and sincerity is so important. bernie sanders has it. trump has it. she doesn't at all. >> of course the press wants a democratic race so there is the natural interest to stop what many thought would be a coronation. >> we are out of time. howard we know you will have much more about this on media buzz sunday morning. up next james rosen is looking into the comparisons that some are making between hillary clinton, richard nixon and the lies that derailed his presidency. >> i have never obstructed justice and i think that i can say that in my years of public life that i welcome this kind of examination because people have got to know whether or not their president's a crook. i'm not a crook. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted.
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of real. real cheese people believe every casserole deserves a shred of authenticity every sandwich a slice of legit. natural cheese off-the-block 100% real. sargento we're real cheese people. hillary clinton's server scandal is inviting unflattering comparisons to one of washington's most notorious of all time watergate. james rosen has that story. >> reporter: at every stage the clinton campaign has dismissed the inquiries into her private server and destruction of e-mails. now comparisons with watergate are coming from figures nottypically associated with a
6:43 pm
vast right wing conspiracy. bob woodward who helped expose the water gate scandal recently urged today's investigative journalist to follow the trail here saying the clinton e-mails remind him of the nixon tape. >> thousands of hours of secretly recorded conversations that nixon thought were exclusively his, he was not going to get them. hillary clinton initially took that position. i'm not turning this over. there is going to be no cooperation. >> reporter: political cartoonists have found the hillary/nixon comparison irresistible. a question is whether hillary clinton should welcome comparison with our 37th president the victories offer only modern precedent for what mrs. clinton is attempting to accomplish mainly to capture the white house after a highly
6:44 pm
polarizing 20 year career on the national stage. evan thomas is the author of the new biography "being nixon" and says nixon and hillary both suffered from secretiveness and mistaken assurance that they wouldn't become meshed in scandal. surely she is hiding something. why else would she have erased all of the e-mails. >> reporter: of the 3,700 hours investigators ultimately discovered that 18 1/2 minutes or tiny fraction of less than 1% had been erased by a culprit never identified. of the 63,000 e-mails that crossed mrs. clinton's server she admitted erasing roughly 48% of the total. >> we leave the maps to james rosen. here with more on the nixon comparison we turn to host of the allen combs show. regardless what side of the aisle you are on you don't want to be linked to watergate.
6:45 pm
>> there is no comparison. saying crazy things on the tapes and then trying to obscure or obstruct an fbi investigation which is why had to resign the presidency. >> the fbi investigation now with hillary clinton. >> the investigation is nothing at all like what they were looking into with water gate. no burglary. >> there is potential. those who talk about all of the potential federal laws. >> talking about it. >> a former attorney general he is no slouch when it comes to the law. >> i'm glad there is -- >> he erased things in order to obscure or mess with some kind of investigation that is a legitimate legal issue. >> if she is cleared by the fbi that will silence her critics? i have been saying all along i think there should be an investigation.
6:46 pm
let them get to the bottom of it and if she is cleared will they finally shutup? >> how long do you think it will take? >> the sooner the better. i think she should get ahead of the scandal. she needs to identify why she used a separate server, why some were erased. i would like an answer to the questions so we can get beyond this. she is the only candidate with actual policy decisions. let's talk about that rather than e-mails. eople said they would have this ongoing educational campaign or process so that they can let people know exactly what is happening with the e-mails and what isn't happening with the e-mails. they say they need to clarify for people and if they understand what is happening it will go away. >> and the clintons have never been that great at handling scandal. >> you are in so many people wonder what the common thread it. >> i use the word in quote. >> innocent until proven guilty.
6:47 pm
we will watch and see where these go. >> likely to be guilty so jumping ahead here. let them investigate. >> in the meantime is this good for sanders and joe biden? >> if they were breaking through it would be great. i think it is good for hillary clinton to have competition. if biden jumps in it is great. if she wins with all the competition they can't say it is a coronation. >> how do you think it will be for her? the dnc has limited debates. she will have to talk about this. is it an opportunity for her to clarify? >> when she is facing the other candidates she will have to answer the questions. you don't need as many debates on the right because there aren't 17,000 people. >> the dnc debates if people are polling at 5% have nothing to lose going after her. will you pop popcorn?
6:48 pm
we will watch together. >> you bring popcorn and maybe i will bring a beverage. >> it's a date. >> thank you so much. >> good to see you. >> i am putting that on my calendar. does the gop have a hillary problem when it comes to women? what it will take to win the key demographic in this next election. >> you know when i talk about women and women's rights and women's opportunities and equal pay and health care some of the republicans accuse me of playing the gender card. well if that's playing the gender card to try to make sure half the population is treated right, count me in.
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6:52 pm
they brag about flashing women's health care funding. they say they would force women who've been raped to carry their rapist's child. and we don't hear any of them supporting raising the minimum wage paid leave for new parents, access to quality child care, equal pay for women or anything else that will help to you know give women a chance to get ahead. >> that was hillary clinton going on the offense against her 2016 republican opponents. but as the possible first female presidential nominee, hillary clinton may present a problem for the gop. how to attack clinton without angering the female voters they need to vote republican. meg meg megan mccain good to see you tonight. >> thank you for having me shannon. >> this presents a very interesting dynamic for republicans because last time around it was the first black president. now you've got the history behind potentially the first female president. so how does the gop work on that
6:53 pm
angle without offending women who may just say i want to vote for her because i want to make history. >> well first i want to respond to that video because it infuriates me. hillary clinton and the liberal media only thing women care about birth control and abortion. women make up 50% of the work force. when i go into the voting booth my biggest issue is foreign policy the economy, a lot of different things than hillary clinton is talking about. and it's very low hanging fruit for her to only talk about birth control and abortion. so i think you just have to hit hillary on basically anything other than reproductive rights. carly fiorina we were talking about in the break i think she does it very very well. right now she is squirming. this e-mail scandal, i know alan disagreed, i know it is truly going to be the waettergate of my generation. you have to hit her anything else other than birth control. >> it is interesting to have carly fiorina on the other side the only female running the gop side. but she is able to talk to hillary clinton on substantive
6:54 pm
issues without automatically having that knee-jerk reaction that's a sexist comment. which some of the male candidates if they attempted some of those tracks that's exactly what they'd get. >> there's nothing i want more than on planet earth is a hillary and carly debate. all these liberal tactics, she can't use it on her. republicans don't care about women, republicans are going to leave you high and dry, especially when you're talking to another female candidate. that's why carly fiorina is really speaking to me in a way i didn't expect. and i think she's our best weapon against hillary right now. hillary is come busting on her own. i'm enjoying watching it. >> she's talking about things like minimum wage and she wasn't correct on what she said because there are gop people on the other side of the aisle talking about those things. even though it's not popular. rick santorum even taking heat within the gop. but there are people addressing those issues. her base is not going to know that though. >> no her base isn't going to know that. the ugly truth of the past
6:55 pm
basically since 1988 is the last time the republicans have won the womens vote. that's a long time ago. a lot has to do i think with liberal spin. she jumps right to ring wing conspiracies and talking points that get picked up and are effective. i'm a millenial, i have a hard time talking to young millenial women, god pickit's hard to combat those things. i hope young voters see past it. i think again carly fiorina is a good weapon against that. >> i know you said probably shouldn't talk about reproductive issues with respect to hillary. >> we can. it just can't be -- she only wants to talk about that in reference to women. i get offended. i'm a pro life woman, there are a lot more issues to talk about. >> what do you think of the release of the graphic videos planned parenthood doctors and officials in compromising situations. maybe not necessarily illegal but in a gray area that doesn't look good for them when you see the graphic nature of it. she initially said she found it dus tushing but then has turned
6:56 pm
back and says she now stands with planned parenthood. you don't think that's an issue? >> she's flip-flopping as clintons always do. those are barbaric and big issue for the pro-choice movement. you can't see anything that they're horrific and legal action should maybe take place. >> meghan always good to see you. >> you too. >> we will be right back on "the kelly file." when it comes to quitting cigarettes, why does it feel like all or nothing? would you expect me to lose 25 pounds overnight? i'm taking it one cigarette at a time. that's how zonnic helps me quit. zonnic nicotine gum. every victory counts. ♪ ♪
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a quest. the next horizon. everyone loves the chase. so what do you think? is hillary clinton's campaign full of controversy?
7:00 pm
go to thanks so much for watching tonight. many more developments still to come on this unfolding saga of the e-mails and the private server. i'm shannon bream, this is "the kelly file." the hurricane is now hitting in south florida. a category 1 storm making landfall just south of ft. lauderdale. shepard, the wind has picked up considerably in the last 20 minutes. you can't even turn your face really in this direction because the wind and sand is blowing pretty hard. >> the better model of we're in pretty good agreement shifting more towards southeast louisiana and mississippi.


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