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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  August 23, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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she's totally right. i messed up, i'm sorry. cancel the ipo. research, price, find. now get the right service, without all the drama. all drive. no drama. >> i am greg grutfeld. thank you for being a friends. a sorority video so out landing it upset a single feminist after a complaint it wasn't the verse they pulled it off the web. jeb bush abusing an offensive immigration term. they tell reporters go pound sandwich as of august 23rd is not an offensive term. >> the ads lashley madison hack has made a lot of people nervous. not me. i can't emphasize this enough. let's get started. >> tit is ridiculous. absolutely ridiculous. >> he talks, talks, talks, until the time is up.
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>> it is not journalism. it is -- almost said a bad word. >> this poor guy sits up there and makes a fool of himself. it is just bad. this is your chance to hit you. >> so like a chocolate ee claire onnal lick baldwin's plate it seems hillary's campaign is fished. she is sticking to her story misses on a private server in new jersey backed up by another server in the closet in a bathroom in a loft in colorado which is as safe as no big deal. doesn't every respect secretarye do this? did she try to wipe the server clean? >> i have no idea. that's why we turned it over. >> you were in charge of it. did you wipe the server? >> what like with a cloth. >> you know how it works digi l
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digitally? >> i don't know how it works at all. >> i know you want to make a point and i can repeat what i have said. thank you all very much. >> you think this will go away for the remainder of your campaign? >> nobody talks about it but you guys. >> a federal judge says clinton's e-mails violated government policy. usually what a federal judge says is fairly important at least in my house. what does the clinton campaign think of this? let's ask a fox chief white house correspondent and my squash partner ed henry. i am wondering if below swing you are wearing swim trunks? >> it could break out at any point because hillary clinton is vacationing. >> did you expect her to kind of flip out like that? >> i thought it was a very direct but pointed question.
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a fair question as well. she seemed to struggle with a simple yes or no. did she whiept server? if she didn't the fbi has a bit of power than i do. now they are investigating this. they have subpoena power and criminal investigation over. that's been the game changer in all of this. it is one thing the republicans on the hill to be beating uphill ry clinton to take the play book and say this is part nisanshipa. the fbi which supports the obama justice department it has been a lot harder for her to answer these questions. >> biden is going to dc for meetings. what do you think? is he jumping in? >> i think joe biden is edging closer to getting in. you have the facts that the story leaked wh son's dying wish which is father gideon to run for president one more time. in part the leak at the beginning said to block the
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clintons from getting the white house back. if you look at this six months ago it would have seemed ridiculous to think this particular vice president who made a lot of gaffes it would be a third obama term by the way which usually you don't win if you try a third term of a sitting president. it would be improbable he would have a good shot. now given all of hillary clinton's e-mail problems the clinton foundation, now the clinton campus saying our strategy at the end of the summer will be to go back to her time as secretary of state focus on the positive. what is that the russian reset? the iran deal? she has a lot of explaining to do. >> enjoy the hamptons work plan. i am sure it has your spf really high. >> good to be with you greg. >> go away now. let's welcome tonight's other guests she has more chops than a ruth steakhouse.
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look at him in that shirt. she democratic strategist with dug show an consulting jessica tarlin. he's so bright sailors follow him home at night. she is here to finish up the empties then finish up the table. it's our op ed tip from national review. finally last and most certainly our liberal panel. i want to go to you first. is hillary clinton over or is she over? >> i will put it like she did. >> she created the biggest people in internet history. >> it is not going well for her either is it? >> she is very testy. she gets very upset easily.
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>> she seems like -- it's like at the end of far go the movie when they quoted jerry lund gartner. she can't get away. >> sheik. you won't see her for another month now. i don't think she expected it. the exchange was 4 and a half minutes. she engaged with that. the i think it's a good thing we are moving in the right direction. this is on the heels of the snap chat joke it will go down in history with one of the bigger mistakes you could make with a federal indictment. if she is over she is still leading in the polls. i know it is 18 points it used to be 60. bernie sanders is gaining. joe biden needs her infrastructure. it is interesting at the end of the day they are going to be going for the same people. democrats aren't ready to abandon the ship here.
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>> it seems to me she is lost control of the event. it is like a child who let go of his birthday balloon and is heading towards the power line. >> it is still so early. that is what is important here. all of this is playing out in if the heat of the election. i wonder if we keep talking it now the voters don't fatigue on the issue. the only thing stopping it from making a federal case is it making a faed rale case. >> what is your advice for hillary rit now? >> she has to fully commit there's someone on the staff telling her you need to make these jokes. >> i am suggesting that next her campaign songs she needs to add it to the joke and it should be "wipe out." >> very nice. she can always answer to that and everybody laves. >> katherine apparently the
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democrats want a woman in the white house. it is a historical first. i want a clarn met player as a first. do any of the candidates play clarinet? >> yes. jim gilmore plays the clarinet. he made it to the band. >> does that play a role in his candidacy? can that bring him back. people who think it was whacky. >> speaking of whacky. liberal panel are you worried about your chosen candidate? it was supposed to be a coronation now it is an annihilation. that almost rhymed. >> no, greg, and i am shocked and offended you would mal line our greatest secretary of state of all time in this day.
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if there's one thing about the clintons they don't like away evidence. >> that is true. >> i think her jokes are hilarious and if i were a brick wall ailed want her to stand in front of me. >> by all accounts carly fee reas -- fee or reason knee crushed it whatever that means. the poll numbers jumped the latest fox news poll puts her in 7th place among the candidates. if cnn keeps to the rules ooze they are krar lcarly won't go f. they go back to july 16th before the fox debate. is that fair? >> i think cnn is keeping her off because they are scared of her. >> this hurts the republicans, too. >> it does once the trump so is over. he is sucking up so much energy so much air time because he has his 25 percent of the vote. then you have all of these people who have legitimate ideas. they deserve to be heard and
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they are getting pushed out because of it. i mean the public has spoken. they are into trump. they are into carly but many others are into trump. >> it is not right to me. i don't think it is fair camille? >> cnn is entitled toous whatever methodology they willed they would like to. they want to their what many voters have to say. >> carly fiorina has. she has these new ideas. >> we need her on the stage because where trump doesn't give any sort of policy or stul statistics or facts fiorina does. >> the fact that he is not saying a great deal of substance. he is giving great laugh lines and pushing back. >> entertainment at its finest of course. we are getting closer to electing a president who needs the facts. >> i finds facts to be complicated cat. i am learning through the
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process that the fewer facts you have the further you go am i correct? >> no. >> or further? >> no. you have to be a little whacky and fun and interesting, but facts are a nice bonus. especially with the internet available with all of the facts. >> i have a question for the liberal panel. as much as obama might loathe the clintons i don't think he will have the justice department intight hillary. they are like obama's obnoxious neighbors. you don't want to start a fight with them because they will run over your mailbox and probably drug your dog. >> once again not shocked and offended you would ask me that. i think hillary will get a congressional medal of honor. she is not only destroying printed e males but digital e-mails. think how small her carbon footprint is. >> before we go a quick update
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on the story we have been following earlier this week off the coast of cape god an actual place a gray seal escaped certain death. why do we have to worry about the color. at the jaws of a great of courts white shark. the incredible video went viral but i couldn't help but wonder what happened to these animals. we have a great installment of where are they now. >> a luck yie seal he is fast. he leaps there goes the great chiet shark. he is right after him. >> what happened? >> he got away. >> he wasn't dinner or lunch. >> he wasn't dinner or lunch. >> that was on wednesday. great white shark carl became instant celebrities after the confrontation was broadcast on tv. it took them in
7:13 pm
he swam to the deepest place on earth the mary anna trench and never was seen again. he had a meeting with producer jerry bruckheimer who introduced him to another famous seal. sources say the pair are now developing a new game show for nbc called seal or no seal. the legendary performer called the move a no brainer. >> when somebody asks you to be a part of something so wonderful it is an invitation you can't resist. >> congratulations to both seals on the project. we discuss a guy who's name rhymes with donald trump. yes, ronald clump my opthalmologist. wonderful guy.
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>> here's the thing. the word anchor not offensive. the word babies not offensive. but if i put the two words together i better have the trigger warning handy.
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>> trigger. >> anchor babies. donald trump used the term a few times this week while laying out his immigration plan until a reporter told trump he can't go around saying that. >> when you hear the word anchor baby that's an offensive term. >> give me a different term. give me a different term. what else would you like to say? >> american born child. >> i will use the word anchor baby. >> do you regret using the term anchor baby yesterday on the radio? >> no, i didn't. i don't regret it. >> do you have a better term? >> i am asking you. a lot of folks tell me it is offensive. >> don't ugive me another term. don't yell at me behind my ear,
7:19 pm
though. >> he tweets the jab they are called babies. unless they are at planned parenthood then they are anchor tissue. when did anchor baby become offensive? cat, do you know when it was decided why? >> 2006. >> brant barrett of the new york sometimes declar -- new york ti called it der rinflammatory. >> maybe that's why america is embracing him. >> isn't this a strategy of the left to go after the language and decide what words we can use and what we can't use? >> i have seen that strategy i am employed. the reason anchor baby isn't offensive is because it is the description of a phenomenon isn't accurate. they get to stay here forever magically.
7:20 pm
>> they don't? that's not how the whole process works. there are plenty of immigration lawyers that sits here happily and explain it. i am not one of those. that's not how it works. i am just saying they would be better than me at explaining that. do you think it is a minuscule problem or not a problem at all? >> they are the rashest people that have having people here and give them the ability to do something starts at like 18. you have to hide this child away so they can do something. i happen to have a stack of names. i wish i did. if it wasn't happening at all why would they have made up an offensive term about it. >> simply becauses in not factual doesn't mean others don't talk about it. >> why did it happen so often they came up with a catch phrase about it. it must have happened quite a few times.
7:21 pm
>> at least 10 times. >> in 2006 it was a debatable issue. a lot of people were talking about immigration then and that's why it kept coming up. >> welfare queen was a tribute ban to queen. it got twisted into something weird. the problem with this thing is they were great in trump's list of things to do there was some good stuff in there. >> it is all lost now to the constitution. >> there were a lot of good or maybe he said terrific lawyers who agree with me. they talk about verify when he is talking about tougher enforcement. that's all we are focusing on now we are focusing on anchor baby. this is a problem on the left. the pc police. you start missing the point.
7:22 pm
you can import american s. >> i am only for supporting people with hand guns. >> not the really good looking ones, please. >> there's none, trust me. i have been doing research. >> i want to move on to friday's alabama rally which was pretty amazing. i spoke to -- donald spoke to a crowd of about 30,000 in alabama where he took a duke key on a cookie. >> i love othreooreos. i will never eat them again. i will never eat them again. nabisco closes the plant they just announced a couple of days ago in chicago and they are moving the plant to mexico. why? why? >> this is the firstive hea i h heard. he's actually correct about it. why are they moving the plant? >> because policies in america
7:23 pm
make companies pay twice the world's average for sugar. >> is that necessarily nabisco's fault? >> no, it is the government's fault. sugar is the number one ingredient in these cookies. can't have cookies without sugar go to mexico you can have a lot more cookie profit. >> you shouldn't blame nabisco he should blame the government which he happens to be good at. >> nick, i watched the rally last night. i he is very entertaining. kind of like your rich uncle he wants to tell you a bunch of stories it is fun but then he wants to go home. >> i have heard the stories about ford. i know he's a great guy. it is working, right? >> he is like a stand-up. >> i have seen him a couple
7:24 pm
times on once live, it is hilarious. that sort of aspect of this campaign is sort of irresistible. i kind of went from thinking he was funny to thinking he was awful and dangerous. now back to thinking he is funny again. >> winning me over with his i don't give a... attitude. now he is kind of entertaining. >> this is my theory. if trump could split these things apart if he could take the enthusiastic phenomenon and separate it from the unrealistic quick sodic like stuff about anchor babies, but he wants to take a real advisor or have infrastructure or read about policies or study history there are things you can do to campaign that way. that makes him so relatable and why people love him. so much of the country is very opinionated and very passionate. he sounds like me. he sounds like my family.
7:25 pm
as you get further along that is not going to>> you know what would make me work for trump if he is in confrontation the way he is with bernie staanders wit black lives matter if he handled a confrontation like that the way you would expect him to i think you would stand up to people who are aggressively pc. >> that would be nice. >> battling the facts would be nice. if he has sophistication that makes it hard for american companies to operate here within the borders of the company instead of pandering to the audience. that is a sij reason why america isn't doing as well as it could be, build the mek canized drones along the border. >> making america great again
7:26 pm
doesn't require you to report everybody that is illegal. there are other things terror especially is important part he is missing. the other thing i like about him is he remind me of me at a bar. you have been there. you kind of laugh and smile. >> i have a flask hidden in my jacket i can only listen to you when i am equally intoxicated. which if i were going to one of these events i am sure they pat you down and you can sneak something in. that is a tailgate for you. >> it was fun. at least he's having fun p. if people were having fun liberal panel you are probably a guest spot. >> this is clearly cookie privilege. with know you should eat hydrox instead of oreos.
7:27 pm
>> what about people who are lactose intolerant i think they are under represented. >> he will play a game that you are always consumed with color. >> we have to take a break. offensive commercials and e-mails. not all at once of course. that's why god vinted the mention of time so we can spread things out. first it is time once again to take a look at some of the tougher questions facing presidential candidates on the 2016 trail. i am excited. >> coming up this week on the campaign trail 2016. hillary clinton heads to fund raisers in new england. is she promising to build a real life death star by the end of her first term? >> we have done the numbers on this. we can do this if we are committed to it. >> plus ben carson rallies voters in iowa. if he is elected what sports
7:28 pm
will he outlaw first? >> baseball, basketball, football, dodge ball. i don't believe in any of that crap. finally john kasich holds a town hall in new hampshire. do you think he could bring back? honestly until next week on the campaign trail 2016. ♪
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>> a recruitment video by a university of alabama sorority alpha fee is the subject of grave outrage by grave outraged merchants because of this. it shows the girls having fun. >> the push back was led by angry writer al bailey because it lacked ethnic diversity. see the evil again. >> horrible. they even gave each other piggyback rides in bikinis.
7:33 pm
>> that's great. >> really mocking one eyed people. >> bail beacon demes the video as so racially and aesthetically whom moj nows so hyper feminine so reduct tive in object fying so stepford wives. somebody took gender studying. how else was sheable to string together so many tax phrases and still say snog whatsoever. who was the stepford wives exactly? i guess you would have fooe preferred this instead. >> i want sol long. >> the old group. >> like typical cowards a university of alabama said this video is not expectant of
7:34 pm
student organizations. no disciplinary ks a is being taken. the backlash is so harsh they deleted the video from all social media. it is a spokesperson for black lives matter. he denies this saying he doesn't know who his daddy is. rachel dole czar who claimed to be black and who knows. both suggest his way out of the girls from alpha b when someone accuses you have being too white or too blonde since hopes they are acceptable who is to say you aren't. as for now the transgender ex k -- he is kim mow. >> i go to you for no apparent reason. why can't they say they are black if identity now seems to be a choice? >> i am fine with that actually. as we discussed before i am
7:35 pm
racially agnostic. i don't self identify as black race is a social conflict. you don't consider yourself black? >> i don't care about the first one. >> it is really great stuff like a business owner and nephew. i don't need the other stuff. it's not necessary. >> i could use some of that stuff. >> i was offended by the lack of men. >> because of the hyper femininity in the video i am going to do a little man spreading if you don't mind. >> you know that they have man spreading is when man's spread on the subway. they don't have signs please don't throw up on me>> you may
7:36 pm
be closely locked in. you need a video to explain to the public. >> a diverse one. >> exactly. they don't look like they are homeless. they look like hipsters from brooklyn in if i had doras. >> they don't want to talk about busing in sororities now? >> jessica? major social change is brought around for pressure. i am not advocating for that necessarily in this instance. i saw a brunette like hated it. i went to all women's college, though, it was kind of like a sorority anyway. since when do they hold them up is to such high esteem. if you don't want to be a part of it save your money for
7:37 pm
something else. >> in that article they talked about the racial discrimination case. a black girl got amazing scores whatever that means she was still rejected. they said undoubtedly on the basis of her race. >> we know that's not right. >> why did you ruin it with facts. >> i shove an entire cocktail nap can but first what's the latest on the ashley madison hack? it is over between us and i am keeping the fair recap tan. 130 yards now... bill's got a very tough lie here... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator,
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7:42 pm
of users. they did it because of the full delete picture for 19 bucks repentant cheaters could scrub it. users almost always pay with credit cards. their purchase details are never removed as promised and included real name and addresses. the most important information the users want removed. the hackers exposing the cheaters themselves which seemed wrong to me. >> were you glad your name was left off. >> i was trying to get on that site for years. i don't think i was checking enough boxes. things i referred. >> a lot of fetishes involved, nick not just wearing loud shirdz with razors. i have a theory why did so many people join ashley madison? because it is advertised late at night. it used to be advertised during red eye. it is 3:30 in the morning and you are alone and all of these
7:43 pm
nice people are alone and they sign up. they are targeted. these are our people. >> we need to go back to late night home shopping network kind of stuff. you need your guilty pleasure to be spending your hard earned money on things you don't need. i do feel really bad. we think about this but this is like a global site. people around the world. it is outing a lot of homosexuals. in some countries, too, even cheating is fun nishable. >> they could be killed. >> he could this be killed. >> you know, we can like joke about it whatever these cheaters are getting what they deserve but a lot of people are getting what they really don't deserve. >> it is a very good point. somber one at that. took a lot of humor out of this. say what you did last segment. >> i wholeheartedly apologize. no, i agree with you. there are so many venues for doing this now. it is ridiculous. i am sure people are on tinneder
7:44 pm
ever are i day. that's another place where you think you are not going to get caught but you are in the same network with a million people you know. there is nowhere safe to cheat. maybe that's a good thing. >> i think camille you have to go back to the oral legend of talking to people face to face. you go down to the regal beagle. remember the regal beagle? was that the bar at three's company. >> i have no experience with any of this stuff. i will admit i searched for bunch of my buddy's e-mail addresses. i found one hit. i had to say sir why did you use your real e-mail address. it wasn't mandatory. >> or the government employees. >> apparently it was a scam. most of these guys were hooking up. you talked to women who were really there. >> who is ashley madison? >> ashley madison is not a specific person. what they did was combine ashley
7:45 pm
and madison because they were two common female names to try to attract women. that way woman would say wait i am ashley, too. i should p have an affair. >> we have to take a break. when we come back some of the most offensive commercials you will ef see. first a word from our sponsor. >> looking for a pretentious sport that makes you look like a dork while doing it? try segue polo today. bring us your aching and sleep deprived. bring us those who want to feel well rested. aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid... plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve.
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>> honda waudz pores -- was for pull this because it created dangerous driving. what kind of ads are poisoning our airwaves. katherine watched 7,000 hours of tv to have the best of the worst for a news segment we are calling... >> thanks, greg. i was bloern away by the disgusting content of some of
7:50 pm
these commercials like this one for a web domain company. >> you never know when an idea will hit you. when it does make it official. >> you saw that correctly. a black car chasing a white person. all right. we get it. white has to be afraid of black. isn't that engrained enough already in our society? you don't seem upset. you are probably thinking it's just a cabbage. but the cabbage is driving a black car which is clearly meant to represent a black male. right? just because you have to look really hard to find micro aggressions doesn't mean they are not there. >> yi agree. aren't they all macro aggressions if they hurt you?
7:51 pm
why does size matter. >> maybe there's another one for a slow jackian car company. >> the message is pretty clear, right, greg? white men think that chicks can't take care of themselves. can you believe they even used chicks to represent us? we all know that chicks is a derogatory term. look at this. he is literally picking up a chick which is the exact kind of attitude that perpetuates rape culture. does that look like the face of someone who is consenting, greg? >> it is hard to say because as you said it's like a chick. i don't look at women's faces because i find my eyes are vessels of patriarch key.
7:52 pm
>> that is true, they are. i have one more. i want to warn you this one is very up setting. >> all right. >> i am mini baby bell. >> what's your super power? >> i am super g. >> that's impressive. i am super cheese, too. >> super cheese. >> made with 98 percent milk. >> the super hero comes out. it's a white male cheese. it's original. >> it is one nonwhite feminist nonconforming chief. it is 2015 for crying out loud. it is not diversity. it is a problem.
7:53 pm
>> it is the debut of greg's mail. that's when i answer the questions that you send in. it has never been done in the history of cable i believe. the studio audience, thank you for being here everyone. you look at great as always. how many think i look like a young mel gibson. heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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>> it is time for greg mail. the address is greg we thank god we are not related to him. here we go. the first one comes from pam. greg, would you please consider running for president? is you have fantastic insights and ideas.
7:58 pm
>> that is true. i have many insights. i have been approached to run for president. i have given it serious thought. then i realized it would be a grave mistake there are many things in my past that i would refer to keep in my past. >> actually proud of that film. to the german art films i made in the 80's. >> your campaign wouldn't have a leg to stand on. next one, linda wonders, what are you looking at over your left shoulder during the show? >> wow, she is quite observant. >> i often get easily distracted. here's why i look over there.
7:59 pm
>> he's our nude cameramen. maybe it is time you should, too, america. >> i am trying not to be fleshist. >> gary asks when are you getting fox's most frequent face mr. william due vain on the show. >> it has been a long time since we talked. he no longer speaks to me it was after an incident that took place at his farm in dallas seems it was not the correct way to ride a horse. i am for the allowed any more on any of the properties. i am quite the outdoors men joanne here's a video of me at my own ranch.
8:00 pm
>> it's over, isn't it? thank you, joe ann. kneel foster and ed henry. the liberal panel. i am greg gutfeld. i love you. >> hi, i'm jesse waters in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this special edition of "the factor". since announcing he's running for president, donald trump pushed immigration front and center. trump making headlines by calling for mass deportations of illegal aliens, building a wall on the southern border and ending birth right citizenship. now, his use of the term anchor baby is stirring things you. it is used to describe the


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