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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 23, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> it's over, isn't it? thank you, joe ann. kneel foster and ed henry. the liberal panel. i am greg gutfeld. i love you. >> hi, i'm jesse waters in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this special edition of "the factor". since announcing he's running for president, donald trump pushed immigration front and center. trump making headlines by calling for mass deportations of illegal aliens, building a wall on the southern border and ending birth right citizenship. now, his use of the term anchor baby is stirring things you. it is used to describe the children born in the uths to
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illegal immigrants. both jeb bush and donald trump said they had no problem using it on the campaign trail. >> people find it offensive. >> you known, it's not politically correct yet everybody uses it? >> i will use the word anchor baby. excuse me. i will use the term anchor baby. >> did you hear the word anchor baby? do you regret it? >> no. i don't. do you have a better term? i'll use it. if you have a better term. don't yell it behind my ear, though. >> are republicans making a mistake using the term anchor baby or is i just political correctness run amuck? and joining us is kathy orue, author of the book "latino wisdom". so i'm sitting in for bill
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o'reilly tonight, i'm the anchor baby. i don't find it offensive. you have to admit people break into this country and have babies in order to -- they cross the border illegally to gain citizenship. that is a fact. what do you find offensive? anchor? or baby? >> well, baby of course. no anchor baby. you're making it sound themselves they're anchoring to the ground so they're going to have their baby and you can't touch them. >> it sounds horrific. as if they break into the country. making it sound like immigrants are these horrific, greedy people, they get to our land, they're anchoring down. >> you don't know their motivation. you have no idea why they're coming here. if you think anchor baby is offensive? i think is more offensive is planned parenthood harvesting body parts and selling them for a profit on the taxpayer dime.
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isn't that more offensive? >> according to videos from the group, they made six videos. >> who cares about the stuff? it's the left trying to shut down the debate by name calling. we ought to be debating the policy, which is offensive. i won't blame the immigrants of taking advantage for the generosity of the united states. >> i'd come here, too. >> i would, also. but the fact is that 14th amendment was not designed to allow people from guatemala to give birth in public hospitals in texas but citizenship to free slaves, period. it has been misused in 30 years for what is just described. people coming here, taking advantage of the grengen -- generosity of americans. it ought to stop. >> do you know what it sounds like to me? i was in the airport and watching cnn because any time
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they watch cnn is in the airport. the only thing they're talking about is anchor babies. i think it's a diversion. they don't want to talk about hillary being investigated by the fbi or the president letting iranian nukes because this makes republican look insensitive, isn't that right? >> it does sound sensitive. >> sensitive? >> yes. >> what trump is saying is truly insensitive. >> define insensitive. how is it offensive? are the babies offended or the anchors? >> what about the people paying for this? american citizens? who is outraged on their behalf. you're mad because people are pointing out foreigners are taking advantage of the generous welfare state. there is no debate about that. and somehow you're a bigot for
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pointing that out? shut up and pay your taxes so we can pay for that? >> immigration is at 0%. >> 0%? >> what? >> you have 1.1 million -- >> 400,000 anchor babies were born in the united states last year. >> it is 0%. look it up. >> i will. >> so immigration is not a problem in the united states. as far as -- >> it's not a problem? wait a minute, tell that to indicate steinle murdered by an illegal alien. >> many non-hispanic people commit crimes. so just to point out hispanics. >> in a clever and recognizable way, you're not -- >> it's not about hispanics. it's not racially specific problems. you can come from any country. i could say china. i could say zimbabwe.
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30 out of 70 have birth right citizenship. south africa does. are they racist? it's about stopping the use of our taxpayer dollars for people that are not citizens. >> you know where they don't have birth right citizenship? in europe. in no country in europe do you have that. europe is supposed to be the sophisticated place. and you can't illegally immigrant in france. >> i can go to ireland. anchor baby is such a bad term. i can't believe you don't agree. >> so you're okay with aborting the baby, you don't want to deport the baby? is that what it is? >> come up with jeb bush challenge and come up with a better term? >> how about babies? >> babies being used for a
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specific thing. >> what do you have against an anchor baby? it's life. >> it's a fetus or a baby. >> these anchors. >> next on the run down, it's candidate in a heated debate over immigration. dana perino will be here with analysis. stay tuned.
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they're sleeping. they're sleeping now. >> mr. donald trump didn't have a proven conservative record. he was a democrat longer in the last decade than he was a republican. he's given more money to democrats than republicans. >> but trump does have a proven record shaking things up this political season, calling for an end to automatic citizenship to children born in the usa for parents who are illegal aliens, forcing other presidential hopefuls to declare where they stand on this explosive issue. joining us is dana perino, co-host of "the five" i think people like it when candidates take a strong, quick stand and stake their claim and say this is what i believe. do you think this is not a good idea for the republican party? to stand on birth right
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citizenship? >> notness necessarily. i don't think there was a lot of thought in the plan. >> you don't think trump planned this? >> it's not a new issue, right? republicans have been struggling on this almost a decade. i remember the debate in 2007, president bush lost that battle, mostly because of democrats and i actually think a lot of the problem we wanted to solve like o-verify, more ice agents, those could have been solved then. this issue of birth right citizenship is different, new, angry. i don't think it was well thought through. >> it's angry. >> it's angry. >> is it angry? >> you love feelings and feelings are important in a presidential race. >> i'm an emotional person. i know senator harry reid, years back, proposed ending birth right citizenship.
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they don't have it in the european countries. is it that radical to say let's wait in line to gain citizenship? >> that has been proposed, not on the citizenship part but whether or not what you do with 11 million. i do candidates were not prepared for the debate but you have to be prepared for the unexpected. what we have next lead up, we have no idea what that could be. this issue is drawn some of them out. republicans, i think, most of them haven't thought it through. that is why you see a lot of flip flopping and people aren't sure. some people just taking a pass. >> here is who i think trump is appealing to with the birth right citizenship thing. you have 400,000 anchor baby births. if i'm allowed to use the term in the united states each year. and middle class, working americans are getting hammered. and trump is saying listen. i want to stick up for american
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babies. we can stick up for foreign babies later, but right now, parents are saying i don't think my children are going to have as great of a life as i did. and an illegal immigration is killing the worker, causing havoc on public schools. it's the lies, sending money back, not spending it here. they're saying let's get our house in order, then worry about the rest of the world. >> if that were true, i could understand it. >> what is not true about that? >> i don't -- i think people do have a lot of anxiety about the future for their american-born children. i also think one of the things that makes america great is the value of birth right citizenship. if you get here, you can be an american citizen. my great grandparents left italy, a terrible situation, i walk out on the other side of the american dream. do we have to look and say going
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forward do we want to do this? we're having a debate about up rooting families and sending them back to where? what citizens are they? stateless people, running around the world? >> i say send everybody down to the border and let the illegal alien families build the wall. >> it feel goods -- good to say that. it's a repulsive fantasy but sounds good and fun to talk about. i think there are -- >> i am just thinking trump is a master negotiator. he wants to get this house in order. he's saying we've got to freeze this, rhetoric like this freezes the anchor baby industry. dana, thank you for taking the time. >> your mom is not going to be happy. >> no. she's not.
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tonight, more bad news for hillary clinton. her attorney says the private e-mail server used as secretary of state was wiped clean beforehanded over to federal authorities. a federal judge says hillary's e-mail set up a negative policy. >> i have encountered a lot in politics. people think the answer is more complicated than it is. and if she's bantered this many
8:20 pm
times and did have her own account, others have done it before. it was more convenient. she didn't really think, that is the thing. she didn't think it through. >> she didn't think it through. with us now, fnc's chief white house correspondent, ed henry, covering the clinton campaign. you're trying to trump up the potentially future leader of the free world and you're saying she didn't think it through? >> she wants to be the commander in chief? >> not a good look. she did think it through. she went out of her way to set this up. she kept it in an i.t.department. the question is, what is she hiding? this is a disaster pr wise. >> when the communications director is saying that, it shows they're running out of push backs here. i think they've taken a lot of blows this week. there is a reuters story.
8:21 pm
>> from you. >> well, i asked the secretary a series of pointed questions and i think her problem was the answers. >> she ran away. >> she wouldn't answer directly. did you wipe the server. importantly, it's not me. the fbi is going to be asking that question. >> good point. >> that has been the game changer for the clinton campaign. it was easy to dismiss these questions. do you add the fbi to the mix? and the fbi reports the obama justice department. not to john boehner or republicans on the hill. it's harder for them to make the case. that might be one of the reasons they're searching for answers. >> tell us about the reports coming out. it looks like some e-mails were clans fied since conception. they were like anchor e-mails.
8:22 pm
there is a hack, cell phones being destroyed? >> there is a reuters report saying the e-mails, some of them, had not all of the thousands they were classified immediately. >> right. >> and because say it was an e-mail describing a conversation between a foreign minister and then secretary of state clinton. >> it doesn't matter, but people knew it was that kind of privileged information. >> she should have known that. >> there were no markings saying this is classified. reuters is saying she had to know they were classified whether marked or not. so you go back to march and things she used to defend herself turned out not to be true. remember the march conference at the un? at the beginning she said there is no classified information in the server. that is turned out to be not
8:23 pm
true. >> she might have to be shopping for pant suits with prison stripes. now, you have bad polling. she's losing in pennsylvania, ohio and florida. she's losing to rubio, bush, and trump. >> biden. >> who is doing well by president joe biden? one nugget is that he's been talking about raising money saying maybe i'll run one term, one and done. >> what do you think? >> well, john mccain explored this in 2008. his insiders were telling me at that time, you'd become a lame duck on day one. joe biden is in his 70s. has a new generation of democrats behind him. he might rally the party if he says i'm in the going to clog this up eight years. and people are sympathetic about his son passing away so early and tragically.
8:24 pm
he's been someone who was the chairman of the foreign relations committee. however, people are looking for the unconventional, number 1, and 2, third terms don't win. if he's running as the third obama term, that is a hard mountain to climb. >> true. great job out there. maybe if she needs to wipe a server. >> there is a square right there. >> plenty more ahead as the factor move as head this evening, more drama on the campaign trail. donald trump and governor john kasich go head to head with bill o'reilly. [meow mix jingle slowly and quietly plucks] right on cue. [cat meows] ♪meow, meow, meow, meow... it's more than just a meal, it's meow mix mealtime. with great taste and 100% complete nutrition, it's the only one cats ask for by name.
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with so many lucky winners already, the next mortgage we pay could be yours. i could do this all day. enter the hole in one sweepstakes today at >> live from america's news headquarters i am kelly wright. president obama returning to washington, d.c. today following his vacation he spent two weeks on martha's vineyard with his wife and two daughters. he enjoyed golfing, biking and reading. he is scheduled to address the 8th annual national clean energy summit in las vegas. meantime top senate democrat harry reid says he's throwing his support behind the nuclear agreement in iran. he is approving the deal. the nevada senator praising it even promising he will do everything possible to help it survive. republicans have been critical
8:29 pm
of the deal. they are prepared to vote against it despite the president's veto threat. i am kelly wright. now back to the o'reilly special. continuing now with our o'reilly factor special, election 2016. candidates in the no spin zone. we begin with bill, trump, right here, in the zone. >> so the journal says you're killing the republican party over immigration. and you say? >> we have to bring our country back. we have at least 11 million illegals in the country. not only the jobs they're taking but everything else. you know about the crime wave. i think probably nobody covered the crime wave better than you. there is a crime rave going on. you know? if you look, we've spent last year, $113 million on illegal immigrants. we have to do something about it. and we have to start by building
8:30 pm
a wall. a big beautiful, powerful wall. it can have a gate and door, we'll let people in legally. we're losing our country. >> i want to advance the dialogue. the strongest part of your immigration plan, in my opinion is the wall. it's a doable thing. rudy giuliani came in here and you can do it. that could cut down a lot of illegal immigration and drug trafficking which is out of control. so i support the wall. but then, you say mass deportations. that is not going to happen. the 14th amendment says if you're born here, you're an american. you can't kick americans out. if you wanted to deport the people here, each and everyone are entitled to due process. it would take decades and gaz zillions of dollars. the courts will block you at
8:31 pm
every turn. you must know that. >> the whole thing with anchor babies, i think you're wrong about that. >> the amendment, if you're born here, you're an american. period. period. >> but there are many lawyers, many lawyers are saying that is not the way it is in terms of this. what happens is that they're in mexico, they're going to have a baby. they come here for a couple days. they have the baby. bill, they're saying it's not going to holdup in court. now, regardless, when people are illegally in the country, they have to go. now, good ones, and there are plenty of good ones will work so it's expedited. we can expedite it but they come back legally. bill, we have a country. you need borders and you need law. we have no law. >> i have said that but you're not going to be able to deport people who have american citizenship now and the federal
8:32 pm
courts will never allow mass deportations without due process for each and everyone. >> you want ground troops to go into syria to get these killers? that what you want? >> i don't want to go alone. i would like our allies to join us. we need to reestablish those relationships, but with isis, you pay me now or pay me a heck of a lot later. you read the articles about raping these young girls. >> it's awful. >> we have to destroy them. >> i'm your secretary of state after you get elected. that would be a wise move to appoint me immediately to be secretary of state. >> i'll consider that, bill. >> president kasich, how many american troops do we want to commit to getting isis so we can tell our ally what's we're going to do? how many? >> i'm not going to tell you how many troops until i have military experts tell me.
8:33 pm
i wouldn't keep delaying. i would get the numberses -- and go. >> you know general patton are using tanks and that could wipe out isis in a week. one week. in syria. you go in, we know where there are. there is no jungle, bang, they're through. a lot of civilian casualties. you get britain, france, maybe a few others. germany, maybe would give you three soldiers. you look at saudis and other gulf states but we're going to have to lead that ground assault. you know the left in this country does not want to do that. so you have a debate, very intense feelings. >> i think the country understands of the attacks not just what's happening there, but
8:34 pm
it's an attack on western civ civilization. i think we should take care of business and come home. this idea of converting people to our way of life is not the right approach. >> i think you're right about that. it's going to be a difficult sell for american people to get ground troops but we'll
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thanks for staying with us. i'm jesse waters in for bill o'reilly. continuing with our election 2016 special. bill's interview was with marco rubio and chris chris christie. >> this is a frustration that everybody feels watching what is going on in new york. look down, you know, bill, three years ago, we fired the camden city police department and brought in 400 police officers for the same amount we had 240
8:39 pm
before. with strict enforcement of the law, 61% decline in murder in camden. this can be done, but you have to have leaders that are willing to enforce the law. this president encourages lawlessness. washington, marijuana law, let them do what they want to do. if you want to be a sanctuary city, no problem. we need a president who understands how to enforce the law. >> here is what i don't understand. the stats are the stats. people in chicago getting gunned down in the streets, yet, in california they pass a proposition, last year, that let unbelievable amount of criminals out. what happened? crime is gone up in san francisco, in los angeles, every major city. so isn't it the fault of the people themselves? >> if you're going to put
8:40 pm
liberals like bill deblasio in new york city, what you're seeing in new jersey, you have someone like me in governor and cooperative mayors saying safety on the streets matters, protecting safety no matter where you live, matters. only way to do this, bill, just enforce the laws on the books. >> you need kate's law. you need kate's law. >> i support kate's law. >> we need it. in texas, 600,000 crimes committed by illegal aliens? 600,000? >> if we didn't have sanctuary cities and said we're going to defund these cities. >> that would help. >> kate's law should be done. >> if you have kate's law, authorities can go in and arrest on a warrant and put you away five years, just that crime. >> you know that these folks are committing crimes over and over
8:41 pm
again and because of sanctuary cities. >> they can hide. >> that is right. >> we're bringing people to justice in new jersey. >> isn't the anchor baby law destructive to the country? there are people sneaking in here, for the sole purpose of giving birth so their babies, themselves and extended family are here. >> right. >> isn't it a big ruse? and if so, why should we continue to have it? >> that is not the legitimate issue. i read about how that is happening california. people coming from china wealthy people are hedging their bets if something goes wrong in china. i see it in south florida. these are wealthy families come in, you know, eight and a half months pregnant, they go to the hospital, have a child, with u.s. citizenship. they go back and are hedging their bets if things go wrong, they have citizenship.
8:42 pm
i am open to exploring ways that are looking at people who are coming here for purposes of having a child. i don't know how you do that. >> you have to pass a new law f there is a republican thing. then, have you to take it up the chain and see how you can do it. it's a bad thing. it's not the rule of law. now, donald trump is winning in all of the polls, right now. it's august. but still, a formidable force. some of his supporters, not all, are very extreme people. and we see the far left how extreme the democratic party has gone. i just, i kicked it off on how many crazy things that these people are supporting. but i see a danger that the republican party may lurch into this nativist movement and hurt itself. do you see a danger there? >> well, look.
8:43 pm
in 2008, 2010 and 2014, the american people voted to change things and nothing changed so they're angry bit. he's tapped into that anger that should serve to motivate us. but we can't allow anger to define us. it should motivate us but should not define the nation. this is an optimistic country. a people looking forward to the future. >> directly ahead, things are getting interesting for the democrats in iowa and new hampshire. hampshire. we assess the situation when the go get help, boy. go get help. go get help! right now! if you're a cat, you ignore people. it's what you do. if you want to save
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personal story segment in 2008, hillary clinton came in third place in the iowa caucuses. a shocking result for the
8:47 pm
democratic front runner. she made it a priority to show that doesn't happen again, but polls show she's fending off bernie sanders in new hampshire. joining us from boston, james pinnedel and from iowa, kathy ibronovi ibronovich. hillary did not do well in iowa in 2008. we know it's about organization, energy, enthusiasm. does she have that this time? looks like when she's out there she's standoffish. are people excited about her there? >> i have to say in 2008 hillary clinton ran a good campaign in iowa, but barack obama ran one that was a lot better. iowa cut it's teeth where
8:48 pm
insurgent candidates have a chance to be heard and bring issues on the national stage n 1976 jimmy carter won iowa caucus on the run to the white house. he was not the washington establishment favorite. in 2008, hillary clinton went into caucuses as the favorite but barack obama came in, brought new people in and new energy and caught her unaware. she is not unaware this time. she understands what she did wrong in 2008, she understands you can't just blow into iowa and not meet voters face-to-face. despite bernie sanders, hillary clinton is more than 50% in iowa. >> she needs iowa or else she's not going to have that coordination she needs to establish in the minds of the voters. now, james, i just saw a poll that said hillary is losing in
8:49 pm
new hampshire. i remember she cried when she lost in 2008. is she going to have to cry again? >> there is no other state except for arkansas where they have deeply-rooted connections throughout the state, if every country. i tracked 115 biggest endorsements in new hampshire, she has 55 already committed to her. she has these relationships but as you mentioned she has poll numbers showing bernie sanders, granted, the neighbor next door in vermont within striking distance. this is concerning her. she's putting up tv ads. >> she's going to have to spend a lot of money there. if she loses iowa, she needs new hampshire in order to do that fire wall. i don't think she can afford to lose either. let's go to iowa now.
8:50 pm
bernie sanders, setting record crowds out there in iowa. this guy is burning it up. got the great hair cut, you know, people are coming to see this guy speak. does he have a shot there or not? >> i think bernie sanders is doing what he needs to do. he's spending time in iowa, he spent more time in iowa as of august than hillary clinton. he's getting to know people on the ground but these huge crowds, you know, i don't necessarily know that he's translating all of that huge curiosity into caucus goers. hillary clinton has the biggest ground game in iowa right now. so i think that bernie sanders challenge going forward in iowa is to take that real big curiosity and interest and energy that he has seen in the crowds and translate that into votes on caucus night. >> it's going to take money and
8:51 pm
organization. james, i was just in new hampshire doing a little "waters world" and i have to tell you there are a lot of them up there in new hampshire. they're fired up. they're not always co herent but there is some excitement up there. what do you think? >> the example is 1968. lbj maybe running for reelection. he wins the new hampshire primary but gene mccarthy gets so close that, lbj has to announce he will not seek, nor accept, the nomination to run for reelection and therefore, he's knocked off. people look at that scenario now. hillary clinton can win iowa. she's doing well, but still win the new hampshire primary. if bernie sanders get really close and she looks really weak, now we have a conversation about joe biden beginning his presidential campaign in south carolina. >> that is right. smoking joe might come in there. we'll see. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> next on the run down, carl
8:52 pm
cameron with the latest on where things stand in the republican woman: in a one-year span, i counted over 100 blood transfusions. that whole experience, lindsey's experience, changed our whole lives. just changed our outlook on everything. [ laughter ] sometimes you take things for granted that you shouldn't. we all do that, but... wow, we don't do that much anymore.
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this isn't lactose. it's milk. ♪ tonight, donald trump continues to draw massive crowds but is the attention for the billionaire businessman a bad thing for the g.o.p. ? joining us now from washington, d.c., carl cameron, so, carl, trump is out there moguling everybody. he's just monday -- alpha maling everybody. what kind of affect is this having on the republican primary? >> the republican party is eager to build the g.o.p.
8:55 pm
the audience he was part of was probably in part because of him. the republicans see an opportunity to perhaps attract new voters. having said that, it's drawing the rest of the republican field to distraction. there are a handful who have been trying to avoid him, a handful trying to beat him up. and a couple are waiting to sort of co-op his supporters should he flame out. they know donald trump is a major force. it's annoying some of them. >> is donald trump invincible? what is the line of attack against donald trump? we saw marco rubio take a shot at trump's motto. he says i think america is already great. you saw jeb say he's been a democrat longer than he's been a republican. are these lines of attack
8:56 pm
effective? >> they're reflective of what each candidate thinks is his strength. marco rubio can appeal to latinos the idea is a fresh face and someone not as bombbastic mate be able to grow the party. it's clear jeb bush is annoyed about the questions about donald trump, asking whether or not anchor babies is a good phrase to use. bush sees himself as a professional politician in the positive sense, one that understands how the levers of government works and sees donald trump something as an
8:57 pm
interloper. you see scott walker layout specific priorities and goals on immigration. now, he's saying unless and until the border is secured he's not going to discuss things like what to do with 11 million undocument immigrants in the country already because in his view, 25 years with politicians in both parties saying look, we'll build a fence and it hasn't happened. he's going to say fence first and other things later. that is an adjustment for walker. >> right. he's making everybody scramble of the people are off kilter. it's nice to see jeb showing fire in the belly. it's early for this. i'm seeing rumors out there, that there was a secret meeting between ben carson's guy and trump's guy. people were talking about
8:58 pm
alliances and tickets. are you hearing about alliances and tickets? >> there was an interesting moment from the iowa state fair when mr. carson's top iowa organizer and mr. trump's iowa organizer were hanging out in the shade and doing a lot of talking about it. ted cruz is most eager for trump's support. he's quick to point out trump is good for the party not just because of the focus on illegal immigration, but new eye balls that come to television and events. trump is an outsider and an insurgent. there is a long history of insurgents that have run in the past, and none have done much other than spoil it for others. you've got ralph nader that al
8:59 pm
gore's campaign thought he spoiled. you have ross perot who dinged up george hw bush and george wallace ran as a democrat and often, it hurt democratic party nominees. . >> i don't think trump is going to like it when you call him spoiler. >> no. no. don't put me in that box. i get enough mail from the trump folks. i don't say he's a spoiler. >> before we go, summer is a great time to catch up on reading. you might want to check out bill's killing books, including hitl hitler's last days. if you become a premium member, you can get any book for free including killing reagan, out september 22nd. that is it for us tonight.
9:00 pm
thanks for watching this special edition of the factor. i'm jesse waters. bill o'reilly will be back on monday. and presidentfacebook/.comtheke. i'm shannon bream. this is "the kelly file". right now on justice. >> drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes. >> getting personal. and i sit down with donald trump as he talks about his wife, his kids, and of course his vision for america that has anyone talking. >> do you have any doubt that i will get them to pay for the wall? they will pay for the wall. >> not apologizing. >> that is like a weak, pathetic baby. >> my one-on-one with donald trump starts now. hello, and welcome to "justice," i'm judge j


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