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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  August 24, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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opine. the word of the day. we would like you to be sagacious. thank you for watching. miss megyn is next. please always remember thepin stops here. we're looking out for you. tonight, republican candidate, ben carson unleash as drama new message in the 2016 race for president as he launch as scathing critique of the black lives matter movement. some of america's big city mayors and the entire democratic party. welcome to the "kelly file." it hit a couple hours ago. a usa today editorial from ben carson that speaks to black voters but concerns the entire country. he goes directly after the black lives matter movement saying they are distracting people from what matters most. he said the real problem for minority communities is not the police departments. it is young people who cannot
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find jobs. parents who don't have the skills to compete. and violence that tears apart these neighborhoods. he writes about growing up with bullets, drugs and death in the places he played tag with friends. how his older cousins died on the streets but his mother made sure it didn't happen to him using little more than a library card. dr. carson issues his own call to action. telling people if they want to march, they should on education schools. on an entertainment industry that glamorizes black men as thugs and women as trash. on city hall to ask how living behind three dead bolts is living in freedom on. crack houses before they tear them down. on washington to ask about a war on poverty that left poverty winning and black communities losing. on democrats to tell them, black americans don't want to be clothed and fed and housed.
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they want their honor and dignity. and on the republican party, to tell its members, they have ignored black america for far too long. dr. ben carson is a republican candidate for president. dr. carson, thank you for being here. and whoa! way to lay it out. we have been talking for months on this show about how some believe too few in the black community have turned and said, stop, don't act as victims. and don't look squarely at the police. start looking inward. it is not that you don't look at the police at all. not that there is no police brutality. but there is a major problem plaguing inner city america that in too many circles has been ignored. >> well, it is a big problem. and actually, there are a lot of people in the black community who actually think the way that i do.
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but it's very risky to actually say it. because then you'll be called a name. you'll be scorned. that is what the established progressive party wants. they don't want anybody to speak out against this. and they want to demonize anybody who does so. they want to maintain their power. i think a lot of people are starting to wake up. i'm not sure they'll be able to maintain this grasp over the black community going into the future. i'm certainly hoping that's the case. >> you talk about how you believed it was your destiny to wind up dead on the streets. that you also thought like your older cousins, you would not live to see adulthood. but your mother changed everything for you. and you've said similar things in the past and people have dismissed you as oversimplifying the problems in inner city america with the library card.
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>> well, i can tell you, if i could multiply my mother and put her in all of those homes with little kids growing up, you would see a very different outcome. >> how? what was about it your messaging to you? >> well, she refused to be a victim. and she refused to let us be victims. and she always said, there is something that you can do. you do not have to sit around and wait for somebody else to do things for you. and that really informed the way that i thought about things. the way that my brother thought about things. and there were other people that i knew in the that neighborhood whose parents were like that. who also turned out to be shining examples. it is not a fluke. >> you talk about the schools and how abysmally they have failed inner city america saying the teacher's unions, their failures don't kill as quickly
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as a bullet but they do kill as surely as one. >> absolutely. education is the great divide in this country. it doesn't matter what your ethnic back ground or your socio check back ground is. if you get a good education, you write your own ticket. end of story. no ifs, ands and buts about it. during slavely, it was illegal to teach a slave to read. why do you think that was? because even those evil masters knew an educated man is a free man. >> what are the, i know you said you believe the democrats want to provide public stance for these communities as opposed to help them, encourage them to lift themselves out. to change their lives as did you in your own family. but you also cast blame on the republicans for ignoring these communities. do you sense a real tut?
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i think the assumption by many is that black voters, in inner city america, are not going to vote for a republican. even a black republican doctor success story like yourself. >> well, you know, i've had. black democrats come up to me recently and say, you make so much sense. i'm a democrat but i'm voting for you. i get that all the time. and i know that's exactly what the progressives are afraid of and don't want to haefrl at some point people will start thinking about their own interests. and myself and a number of my republican colleagues are very interested in putting together mechanisms that allow people to climb out of dependency and to become strong parts of the fabric of america. that's what we're working on. it doesn't do any good to pat people on the head and give them all the little things that they
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need so they're satisfied in a state of dependency. that's exactly what we don't need. that's killing us. i think people are up to that. >> you write in your piece, we don't want a plan to give us public housing in nice neighborhoods. we want an toenld excuses for schools that leave us without the means to buy our own houses, where we clues to live. we want the skills to compete. an prize of lifetime of government paperwork. to the republican party, we need tell them they have ignored us for too long. dr. carson, great to see you. thanks for being here. >> thank you, megyn. >> dr. carson is not tonight african-american lashing out at the black lives matter movement. one woman takes on a message that has racked up more than 7 million views in just a few days. watch. >> you're kidding me. police brutality?
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how about black brutality? you black people, my black people, you are the [ bleep ] most violent [ bleep ] in my life. >> up next, debating her message and to react to dr. carson's comments moments ago. don't miss this. then new outrage as a decorated green beret fights to keep his job after gets in major trouble for defending a rape victim overseas. it turns out he roughed up the rapist very little and now bees to get cut loose from the army. really? plus, family values advocate josh duggar is in new trouble, you may have heard, after his name turns up on a website for people who cheat on their spouse. and he's admitting being ensconced in something.
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for president. he is not the only one lashing out at the black lives matter movement. a woman takes to facebook with an epic critique that has been viewed by more than 7 million people, or at least 7 million times. it posted last week after protesters marched through st. louis. they were angry about police shooting to death a young man who allegedly pointed a gun at an officer. what you did not hear them protesting was the murder of a 9-year-old girl, killed a day earlier in ferguson as a stray bullet came through the walls of her mother's bedroom. she died in her grandma's arms. listen to the message from peggy hubbard. >> are you [ bleep ] kidding me? police brutality? how about black brutality? a little girl is dead. you say black lives matter? her life mattered. her dreamed mattered. her future mattered. her promises mattered. it mattered. night after night after night,
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murder, murder, murder, murder, murder. black on black murder. yet you [ bleep ] are out there tearing up your own [ bleep ] it's not your other people's [ bleep ]. you [ bleep ] yell at the police. you. you're shooting at the police. police drops you. all so and so. he died from police brutality. 127 homicides later, you want to yell police brutality? black people. you're a joke. you're tearing up communities over thugs and criminals. you think the police are out here for fun? do you think they're out here for game? you shoot at them? they're going to shoot at you. that's the realism of it. their job is to serve and protect. not serve and die. >> conservative radioactive host
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kevin jackson joins us in a moment. first, dr. cornell west. what do you make of peggiy hubbard and her message? >> i think she's traumatized and tear tiesed. and she is right to have the empathy she has. we have to make a difference between speight state sponsored violence and violence to black people. they're not the same thing i come from a strong family. strong church. one of the three in france, his father is a pastor of my church in shiloh. i come from a strong family church. i know that there is a state of siege taking place in black america. the tremendous emergency situation that dr. carson is talking about. he is right about the state of emergency, he is right about we
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must have jobs a living wage. at the same time, we can't get that given the way in which our society is organized. bernie sanders comes in. >> to his point, that's actually, dr. carson -- >> jobs a living wage will. >> dr. carson was making the point, black people should not be focused on bernie sanders. be he says my mother who got me out of poverty was not focused on a socialist in a small state. she was focused on teaching me to read and learning to pull myself up. >> but martin luther king jr. was a democratic social. i. he was concerned with strong, jobs with a living wage, dean wages. >> what about, you're part of
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the black lives matter movement. >> i'm a small part. a very proud part. >> the point peggy was making. and dr. carson too. you go out and you protest over this one guy who gets killed by a cop after he pulled a gun on the cop but no protest over the death of this little girl. where is the protest over the state of iner city america and the policies that have lecht african-americans in these communities in the state they are? >> the sister in detroit, 7 years old. shot by the police. we are to be full of righteous indig nation. she was killed by some black person. we ought to be rightly concerned about. the focus on the state sponsored violence, versus the individual violence across the board are two different things. >> the number are staggering. huge. the numbers on the one dwarf the numbers of the police brutality. >> when you associate, when you economically abandon people,
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when you transof wealth from them to the well to do, generation after generation, how will they respond? they'll respond with unbelievable levels of very sad forms of despair. true for anybody. i don't care what color you are. true with brown, with black, truer for irish and greek. >> i have to go. great to see you. >> kevin jackson is here as well. the director of the black sphere. kevin, your thoughts. >> hey, megyn. dr. cornel west is stuck in the 'cities. everything he's talking about don't apply today. what peggy said is what is happening. i grew up, my dad was in san quentin prison. my mother died when i was 5. i could have been in prison. he got raised by my grand parents who instilled the right types of things in me.
9:18 pm
we're instilling violence and craziness in the black community. and peggy got it right. dr. carson got it right. strong black family members raising children correctly that will correct this problem. not more enabling by these cocktail sipping left dlifts and enabling leftist policies. >> but you heard the messaging. you heard the messaging from cornel west. income inequality. the messaging is that it is rigged against these communities. >> he's lying. it isn't rigged against you. the only thing that's rigged against you is when somebody can get inside your mind and make you believe you're less than somebody else. and dr. carson is an example of somebody who didn't believe it. and inas well. when we empower these young kids to believe they are worthy and it isn't the thug life that will make their lives different, it will change.
9:19 pm
it isn't going to change if we don't allow people like peggy to speak their mind. she is from the same streets. i'm from the same vicinity she is saying the same thing. we shouldn't be looking at her as a hero. she should be the shining example of what many black people are doing. and unfortunately, she is not. she is more anecdotal. you alluded to it. many more blacks killed by blacks than cops killing black people but that's not the narrative that sells. >> that's not what pushes people to the streets, the death of the young girls, the young boys who get shot in the drive bys. when you have the criminals dolg doing it, shocking and deeply sad. great to see you. >> you too. >> extraordinary, right? extraordinary. so we've got ben carson
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editorial on our web page if you want to check it out. and we have some news. governor jeb bush goes after trump's plan as unrealistic and not conservative. next, the gloves come off and we get some new polls on hispanics and mr. trump. plus, three american heroes. >> i turned around and he had what looked to be an ak-47. and it looked jammed or wasn't working and he was trying get ♪ ♪ (dorothy) toto, i've a feeling we're not in kansas anymore...
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tours the u.s./mexican border with illegal immigration becoming the top issue, mr. bush suggests donald trump is way off base. >> mr. trump's plans are not ground in the conservative principle. would it cost hundreds of billions of dollars. it will violate people's civil liberties. it will create friction with our third largest trading partner which is not necessary. he is a serious candidate. he needs to be held to account for his views. >> governor bush is talking specifically about recent suggestions that include calling for mexico to pay for the wall on the border, deporting the 11 million plus illegal immigrants now living in the u.s. and taking away automatic citizenship for children born in the u.s. if their parents are not american citizens. chris, good to see you. trump was just on o'reilly
9:25 pm
saying, if you have a mother and father living illegally with american citizens, do you order them taken into custody in trump says yes. we have to bring them out. if they're wonderful, and a lot of them will be, we'll bring them back in in an expedited fashion. realistic? >> well, the wonderful assessment bureau will be -- >> you pass! >> hard to set up. i will say that. but at this point, where trump, if you listen to him, where he goes to in this one, when he is getting pinned down. whether it is o'reilly or whoever, saying what are you going to do? he says basically, i'm going on hire great people. the best people. we're going to work it out. don't worry about it. i've got this taken care of. and he is banking on the fact that his supporters are so loyal to him, the core of supporters that he has are so loyal that it doesn't matter what says or what jeb bush says and it doesn't matter what the reporters say,
9:26 pm
they think trump will do it for them. >> is that true? there is a report from the american action forum, the conservative organization that says that, doing that, taking all, deporting all the illegal immigrants, would take 20 years and cost between $420 billion and $620 billion them claim would it reduce the size of the economy by 5.7%. >> but if you believe as some of donald trump's supporters do, that the single greatest threat to the american way of life are immigrants from mexico and central mexico. if you think that's the single biggest problem. not moral decay, not joblessness, not these other things, that hispanic immigrants are the core of the problem. you say i'll pay any price. i'll have a million ethan gonzalez. >> there's a new poll that shows trump has a problem with the hispanic voters. 65% say they view him
9:27 pm
unfavorably. 14% say they view him favorably which gives him a net minus 51. the lowest by far in the gop field. he says hispanics love him and they're going to love him because he will bring them jobs. as jump takes these positions farther to the right on this issue, and the other republicans seem like they're running to go with them, what does that do to the republican field and what happens in the general election? we saw mitt romney do something like. this it didn't boring out well. >> they start creeping and then start sprinting after the front-runner. they chase the votes and then find themselves maroon there'd and unable to get back. if jeb bush can't get this done, if marco rubio can't find a way to doer and win the nomination, there is a fairly grim boss protect of a wannabe and then finding himself weakened against hillary clinton.
9:28 pm
the tremendous bureau and the wonderful bureau. >> you pass. thank you. >> he is full of wonder. >> there's news on hillary clinton and the wonderful explanation she's told the country. a must-see fact check. i was on vacation last week. this is one subject i want to share with you. then josh duggar admits to being a member of ashley madison, a dating service for people who want to cheat on their spouse. we'll look at what it means for josh and the duggar family. >> the main charge we've heard from your critics has been they are hypocrites. they preached family values. josh once said, we are the epitome of conservative values. and yet they had this secret. why are you deleting these photos? because my teeth are yellow. why don't you use a whitening toothpaste? i'm afraid it's bad for my teeth. try crest 3d white. crest 3d white diamond strong toothpaste and rinse... ...gently whiten...
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so when i was on vacation last week, hillary clinton's e-mail story officially appears to have collapsed. it is a dudesy. he is a former attorney general. all right. let's go through it. we're going to go through the most recent claims. first she said she opted to do all of her e-mail on her personal e-mail as opposed to because it was more convenient. >> she she said she did it because she wanted to hold more than one device. >> number two. she said the vast majority were captured because they went to government employees at their government e-mail addresses. so not to worry that they were not coming from her government address. >> the next day state department's inspector general said, hey, we're not capturing these things.
9:33 pm
only 61,000 out of over a billion e-mails in the state department in 2011 were captured. gone. >> she said other secretaries of state did it. >> powell didn't have a serve. he condoleezza rice didn't have e-mail. >> she said there's no classified material. period. in these e-mails. >> period. we know that's not true now. because of inspector generals who have found four out of a small sample of 40. but the state department has also classified now and are looking at over 300 additional e-mails. and they have tugs more to go. >> she says, the use of personal e-mail was permitted by the state department. i did nothing wrong. ethically or legally. >> this is one they think if they keep saying it, someone will eventually believe it. it is not correct. the state department allowed occasional use of e-mail. in order to protect sensitive
9:34 pm
but unclassified information, said, our general policy is you have to use the state department server. >> and she herself said you shouldn't use personal e-mail. >> she sent a cable out to the field in 2011 that said stop using your personal e-mails for official purposes. she didn't send it to herself. >> once it became clear there was classified material, she said there was no class if i had material that was classified at the time it was send. >> well, first of all that's generally irrelevant. some of these laws don't even relate to classified. you can be found liable for giving up national defense information even if it is not formally classified. that's number one. but secondly, and more importantly, the very nature of this information from the beginning showed that it should have been classified. again, the inspectors general
9:35 pm
said at least two of these e-mails were classified top secret from the beginning and should have been treated that way. >> which speaks to the final claim she made, well, as it urges the out, they were classified at the time. she said it was never marked way. and your point is she should have known. the reason they don't rely on exclusively the markings, because it is not a reliable system. sometimes comfortable and classified information shows up in the e-mails. that's why they don't want you to do it on your personal information. g-mail it turns out isn't as secure. so after all this come out, every claim she's made has been reversed and it has been fact checked organizations left and right. not true, not true, not true. her campaign has come out. and said they're launching a public education effort because this is a confusing and complicated topic. you say what? >> there was a great politico story on friday. an op ed by one of her
9:36 pm
supporters that said classified is just hard. it is hard, yes, but there are rules in place that someone like hillary clinton should know. and it's not just about the technical question of whether this is classified. remember she took an entire system offline. an entire e-mail system and privatized it. that in and of itself wasn't allowed. it led to the very risk of disclosure of important and sensitive national security information. >> it is as judge sullivan, as you point out. a clinton appointee that pointed out, we wonderful be here today if mrs. clinton had followed government policy. great to see you. tyou. there's also new outrage as a decorated green beret fights to keep his job after getting in trouble for defending a rape
9:37 pm
victim overseas. it turns out he was not as nice to the rapist as he was supposed to be. we'll speak to the congressman trying to help this soldier. plus, three great americans take down a gunman on a train. now they're being honored. >> the gunman would have been successful if they had not gotten up. i want that lesson to be learned going forward. in time of like terror like that. to please do something. don't just stand by ask watch. when heartburn comes creeping up on you. fight back with relief so smooth and fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source.
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a decorated green beret, sergeant first class charles is fighting to continue serving our country after being told he would be involuntarily discharged from the army. fox news broke the story how he and his team got in trouble for striking an afghan police commander accused of raping a young boy and then beating pup child's mother. joining me, a former teammate. he was there at the time. plus, republican congressman duncan hunter who is asking for help. this is unbelievable. you tell me, captain quinn, you were there at the time. this guy confessed to raping a child? what did you do to him? >> that's correct. he did confess.
9:42 pm
once we heard about the incident, we brought him in. the mother and her son came to the camp. he didn't just rape him. he chained the boy to his bed seven to ten days, raped him repeatedly. when the mother tried to intervene and save her sons, the afghan commander struck mother in the face and beat her severely as well. when they came to our camp, they both showed obvious signs of abuse and asked for help. they said the locals wouldn't help them. >> so you get into a scuffle. how badly was he hurt? >> it wasn't a scuffle. we brought him to the camp. we wanted to discuss the severity of the issue. we said here are the allegations against you. he said he agreed to them. it initially started out just as a verbal, an argument. then he started laughing. once we described how atrocious this was and how disparaging
9:43 pm
this was, he started laughing in our face and shrugged his shoulders to say it's no big deal. at this point, it got physical. i grabbed him, threw him to the ground. charles did the same thing a few times. and our intent, this was not an act of revenge or anything. we need to send a message. not only to him but to the other local policemen. this was the fourth offense of a sexual assault by our local policemen. that this was not going to stand. and we could no longer stand by and blame the afghan judicial system for not being effect yim. we have tea matters into our own hand. >> you left the army. he wants to stay. and you tell me, the army is saying no. get out. even though he is a decorated soldier. >> yeah. it's just stupid. this is one of the most disgusting foul things i've heard. the fact that they only pushed him down.
9:44 pm
i would expect any american here to do worse than that for his family. i think she showed major restrain in not bloodying him up more. how the lawyers are running the show, how there's zero, you have a zero defect mentality. if do you one thing that's perceived wrong -- >> over 11 years! >> so he has to stay in. these are the people we want on the ground fighting for us. these are the guys i want protecting me and my kids. hopefully ash carter and those in the defense department that are not just lawyers and bureaucrats in uniform. hopefully they'll look at this and take a second glance and change their minds. >> i know you were there. you graduated from west point in 2003. we thank you for your service. you as well. we'll stay on this. >> thank you. >> all the best. also tonight, france's big effort honor being given to three american heroes including two soldiers for their beretry
9:45 pm
in taking down the heavily armed gunman in the terror attack on a high speed train headed for paris. >> just hit me on the shoulder and said let's go. ran down. tackled him. it seemed like he kept pulling more weapons left and right. all three of us started punching him while he was in the middle of us. and i was able to grab him again. and choke him unconscious. >> i felt spencer get up, i saw alek get up. they were my close friends. i couldn't let them do it alone will. >> even if he just got lucky and did right thingering would have been able to operate through all eight of those magazines and we would have all been in trouble and probably wouldn't be here today. >> wow! joining me by phone, karen skarlatos, thank you so much. what is your reaction seeing
9:46 pm
this honor given to alek and his friends for bravery? >> as expected, i'm incredibly proud of him and the others as well and incredibly happy that they're safe. >> have you spoken with him? >> oh, yes, yes. we were able to face time him today. which was nice because it was a private talk with just his dad and i. we face timed him one other time and then actually spoke on the phone the day of the incident. >> let me guess. he doesn't feel like a hero, does he? >> no. >> they never do. specially military guys who are trained to do it. he was off duty. he is not in uniform or there in his official role and yet sprung to action. you must be very proud. >> i am very proud and not at all surprised. that's, it was always, alek would be the one. if write to clues in a room full of people would do that, it would be alek.
9:47 pm
>> they talked about on the trainering started patrolling, to make sure there was nobody else on the train. even after he had this gunman subdued. >> did he talk about whether he felt any fear? any moment's hesitation? >> no hesitation. i think they were so, acting on instinct that they didn't have time to be fearful until it was all over. and he just did what he knew he had to do. and otherwise, you're die. so did he what he felt like he needed to do at the moment and communicate that had to spencer. we need to go, go, go, just like the clip said. and they did. >> he and the others make us all proud to be americans. and sometimes, even though this started off as very dark moment, you need just a showing from guys like this of what it means to be an american. thank you for coming on and helping us get to know him a little better. >> absolutely. as he wonderful guy and a hero
9:48 pm
to us before the incident ever happened. >> all the best to your entire family. >> thank you so much. >> joining us for a bit more, a veteran of the iraq and afghanistan wars. pete, unbelievable. >> unbelievable. he makes all of us proud. think about if you were on a train. an islamist with an ak coming ought. he is on vacation, not on duty. he taps his buddy and he says let's go. like todd beamer saving flight people in. this is american ethos. here comes an american saving the day. it just reminds me how special they are. >> in defense of the french, one man did help and is being honored. one frenchman did help. there was a report in the new york fims the crew on board that train had run to hide while the americans took care of the situation. they had no guns. they didn't have their weapons. but they didn't hesitate for a
9:49 pm
moment. he had not only a knife but an ak-47. >> they acted unilaterally without asking permission, without concensus. this islamist wanted to kill people. i love this story. they never hesitated. like the generation of, he had just come back from afghanistan. what is so telling. i am proud of him and his mother should be as well. god bless him. >> thank you so much. great to see you. >> also coming up, josh duggar admits to being a member of ashley madison. a dating service for people who cheat on their spouse. i thought they said the family i thought they said the family troubles were over.
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this is it, right? it's not like another big duggar family secret that is going to come out. >> no. >> well, not exactly. in june josh duggar's sisters told me not to expect any other scandals out of their family. last week josh duggar was forced to give another mea culpa. welcome to life in 2015. joining us dr. robert jeff ris, the senior pastor at first baptist church in dallas. first he comes out and admits to a pornography addiction and to being unfaithful to his wife. then he takes away the part about the porn addiction. then he puts it back in there. then he -- i can't follow the story, doctor. but -- i asked the duggars about
9:54 pm
hypocrisy when i went down there to talk about what he had done when he was 15. >> yes. >> here we go again, right? >> absolutely, megyn. for josh duggar to be out speaking against gay marriage while at the same time he was committing immorality in his own marriage, that's the height of hypocrisy, which he's now conceded. instead of gloating about josh's downfall i want to encourage people to use it as a cautionary tale about immorrillity and hypocrisy. we saw today a san antonio police captain who took his life because his name was on the ashley madison list. this needs to be a wake-up call for people like myself who are conservative christians. sometimes we get the idea that, just because we believe the right things or say the right things, that we don't have to play by the same rules as everybody else. the truth is, god holds us not
9:55 pm
just to the same standard. he holds us to a higher standard and hypocrisy is always exposed. >> let me ask you this. you are not a perfect man. i don't know specifically but i assume. isn't there always risk in preaching morality or judging a life-style when you yourself live in a glass house. his house is like the thin light bulb -- the thinnest glass possible, yet he was still casting the stones. >> yeah. >> well, and again, i think there is a real danger. first of all when we talk about the value of life and marriage we're not preaching our own values. we're preaching what we believe the bible says. i think, even when we do that, megyn, it needs to be with humility. i am the first to say i am the biggest sinner of all, and i need christ's forgiveness just like everyone does. if we're going to address god's issues, i think we need to do so with humility. a pastor might preach on thou
9:56 pm
shall not steal but is still pilfering from the plate but what he's saying is still true. >> in josh duggar's career as a family values spokesman i think we can say is officially over. we can say is officially over. >> i think it ♪ love
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go to file and follow me on twitter. let me know what you think. thanks for watching, megyn kelly. this is "the kelly file." tonight. >> everybody is acting like this is the first time it's ever happened. >> democrats starting to panic as scandals swirl around hillary clinton. >> it happens all the time. >> new reports indicate that vice president crazy uncle joe biden might jump into the race. liberals take a page out of their worn-out playbook and try to start using the race card to attack donald trump. and. congresswoman mia love gets emotional over the disturbing planned parenthood issues. she will be here to react to the latest tapes. all that plus colonel allen west weighs in on the iranian


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