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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 25, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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that is all the time we have left. we hope you set your dvr so you never miss an episode. if you're not here, we're very upset. well take attendance every night. thanks for being with us. we'll see you back here tomorrow. you back here tomorrow there is no obvious reason for me why i should not run. >> looks like vice president biden may run for president and barack obama may well endorse him. obviously not good news for hillary clinton. we have the inside story tonight. we need limbs but no hands and feet attached. >> more barbarity from the company stem express which sells body parts from aborted babies. why isn't this outfit being investigated. >> i guess at the end of the day it may be a hustle. >> new york city may be the topless capital of the
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world. is there anything wrong with that? john stossel will weigh in. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. joe biden for president. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. with the fbi now investigating hillary clinton's email shenanigans, vice president biden, 72 years old, ramping up to challenge her for the democratic presidential nomination. so how do we know this? first, mr. biden met with president obama yesterday and somehow it leaked out that the president has no problem with old joe making the run. in fact, mr. obama sent a very public signal. >> the president does plan to vote in the illinois primary. and that ultimately it will be democratic voters who are responsible for choosing the democratic nominee. i wouldn't rule out the
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possibility of an endorsement in the democratic primary. >> that's big as president obama is standing in the democratic party is immense. the president and the vice president are close personal friends. it's almost inconceivable mr. obama would not endorse joe biden over hillary clinton with whom he has a distant relationship. also, mr. biden has been meeting with advisors, money men, democratic stall worths like senator elizabeth warren. if he he does run, biden will have to announce soon. talking points believes he will be in the race. that being said, once he does commit he will be hammered and there is plenty of ammunition. >> in delaware, the largest growth in population is indian american. moving from india. you cannot go to a 7/11 or a duncan donuts unless you have a slight indian accent. i'm not joking. >> romney wants to let-he-he said in the first 100 days is he going to let the big
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banks, once again, write their own rules. unchain wall street. they are going to put you a all back in chains. >> i'm very optimistic about iraq. i think it's going to be one of the great achievements of this administration. >> wrong. as we all know iraq is one of the great disasters of the obama administration. however, to be fair all politicians, pundits, american citizens have said dopey things. august of us are guilty of of -- all of us are guilty of that. now as far as hillary clinton is concerned, things may get even worse. the email evidence made public so far pretty much enough to indict her on a misdemeanor national security beef. if the fbi discovers she had her email server professionally scrubbed, the former secretary of state could be looking at a felony charge. bottom line, any charges, any charges against hillary clinton will take her out of the race and joe biden knows it so we have high drama. and the presidential contest is just getting started.
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that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction. joining us from los angeles matt libman. former speech writer for vice president biden and here in the city dr. jeanne zane where am i going wrong, professor. >> i don't think you are necessarily going wrong on this. i do think that hillary clinton is suffering from real fatigue this summer. people are really frustrated and fed up. the most shocking moment in this campaign so far is when josh earnst came out and made that statement yesterday. to imagining that obama would send that signal on purpose is amazing. so i i think that could really change the tide. i was saying biden wasn't going to run about a month ago. now i think he may very well make a go of it. it's going to be uphill battle for him though. >> you know him, having worked for him, i said monica crowley predicted this last week. i said you know what? i think president obama is going to sit it out not go one way or the other because
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of john podesta who is a vicious, as you know, infighter. he did work for president obama, now he is running hillary clinton's campaign. so, if obama tilted, podesta could hurt obama. he knows a lot of stuff about him. i didn't think he would be getting in but as the professor just said it's pretty clear that barack obama is sending out little signals he would rather see biden than hillary. do you read it that way? >> no. and i don't agree with a lot of your premise about john podesta. i also don't believe that the president will endorse. there is really nothing in it for him. i think that the president does like hillary and i think the president is. >> why would josh earnst who really says anything in a declarative sentence, why would he say that? >> that wasn't very declarative, bill. he said he doesn't rule it out. by the way, biden may not be in the race. if it's hillary against bernie sanders, is he probably going to endorse hillary. if it's hillary against biden, i don't think obama is going to make an endorsement. >> let's not forget, ernst
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also came out yesterday and said the best thing barack obama ever did politically was to nominate joe biden as vice president. >> they there is all kinds of stuff coming out. you know how this works, matt. >> there is leaks coming out. nobody had to know about the biden/obama meeting. it's a private meeting. they see each other all the time. this was leaked out bill, the biden folks can leak that out. you talk about biden met with elizabeth warren. hillary met with elizabeth warren. bernie sanders met with elizabeth warren. the biden folks are clearly leaking out some of this information. >> yeah. but you are saying he might not run and i'm saying is he going to run because they wouldn't be leaking it out if he wasn't. >> i think what it's going to come down to bill and i'm sure you are going to ask about this is money. biden has to raise enough money to compete with hillary. >> he will get in before the money flow starts and hope that he gets the mope train. but there really isn't any difference between hillary
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and biden policy wise. i don't see any difference, do you? >> they are the same party. do you see any difference. >> no. that's part of the problem. uphill battle it's not only money and staff what is the path forward? hillary clinton still has double digit leads in the polls. >> if she is indicted. that will all see evaporate. there is one big difference, i don't think mrs. clinton has ever been to a dunkin' donut or 7/11 so she doesn't know the indian factor. >> i can't speak to that. >> biden comes across as a nicer guy than hillary clinton comes across as a nicer woman. however i must say people that are friends are hillary clinton say she is a very nice woman in private. joe biden is a hugger, he is a massager. he is he a back pat.
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he comes across as apropos kind of guy. that's going to help biden is it not, matt? >> i do think that biden comes across as a happy warrior as people like to say. and hillary, i think that -- look, hillary has an incredible background, incredible amount of achievement. so does biden. hillary right now, she is doing -- in iowa right now. hillary suspect on -- by, he think 40 points on biden right now in iowa. so if i were hillary right now, i wouldn't be too concerned about the biden thing. >> they are. bill, i think that would be great if biden ran. right now hillary has. >> i would like to see what the difference is as we both pointed out we don't know any differences. it all comes down to this. i think hillary clinton has the money and the power, professor, to win the primary if she is not indicted. all right. if she is not. however, you know, the noises we are hearing is a pretty dam serious right
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now. >> absolutely. i think that's why the biden team is sending out these signals. they want to say that they are there should she start to falter that he could potentially step. in he would be, again, very similar. >> i think he is going to do it anyway and do it soon. we will see. we appreciate you both coming on. next on the rundown, more undercover video showing barbaric behavior on the part of a woman selling dead baby body parts. viewer warning, this is very, very disturbing stuff. later, bernie goldberg on how the liberal press might react to a biden vs. clinton race. the factor is coming right back.
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factor follow up segment tonight, selling the body parts of aborted babies as we have reported a company called stem express located in california buys aborted baby parts from planned parenthood and other abortion operations. they then sell the organs and limbs to research centers making millions of dollars. conducted a number of undercover stipulation. one of them on the ceo of stem express kate dyer. the conversation we are going to play you centers on getting material from a dead baby's head. known as a call -- calivarium. >> i know we get request. hardest thing to ship. >> you do the whole calvarium. >> that's the ease yes way
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it's hard to believe that think human being could laugh and make jokes about selling a dead baby's head. ms. dyer managed to accomplish that with us here in new york city monica crowley and know --nomiki. >> i think the woman is no longer affiliated with planned parenthood and very small contract with planned parenthood she is out of her mind to be joking about these types of things. >> would you support an investigation into this whole body parts industry? would you support that? >> i think that it -- i'm
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not against an investigation. i think there is several states that have already done this. >> but attorney general lynch says she is looking at everything now. we are calling for a federal investigation because in this is across state lines so the feds have jurisdiction. what could you -- do you say. >> this is clearly not the exception but the rule now. multiple videos. number 8 of top planned parenthood executive laughing, joking, cavalierly discussing the harvesting and sale of baby parts. look, all of this, bill, points to the extremism, the barberrism, the anihilism of the left in general but of the abortion industry in particular. >> how many people on the left would you say support the decapitation of a baby/fetus, depending on your belief system, for sale? i mean, i can't -- >> i can't put a number on it. >> i think this is the extreme left? >> and you don't have to be pro-life. >> no. >> to be appalled by what's going on here. the problem here is that
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when you see these videos, there has been some outrage. you have seen some pro-choice people condemn this kind of thing. but when you have the vast majority of democrats and those on the left either defending this or being silent, and then this supposed pro-life party, the republicans, not really moving to defund planned parenthood. >> they have tried. there was a vote in the senate on it. >> but not pushing it as they should. then you start to say that the moral bankruptcy and decline in this country is being so severe that we are becoming ured to this. >> reproductive rights crew. that's what they put on this. reproductive rights. they don't want to be confronted with the reality of what's really happening in late term abortion. remember, you can't harvest organs unless the baby/fetus is a certain age. all right? you can't. because it grows. with a head, a fully formed
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head, you are talking about a late term abortion. >> late term abortions after 23 weeks are illegal. so, the question here is, planned parenthood has services only 3% of their services are abortions. of those, the most of them are conducted in a very early phase. >> you know that 3% thing has been challenged. you know that? >> sure. >> it looks to me from our research that planned parenthood is the number one provider of abortions in america. >> that's true. that's absolutely true. >> so we are talking about millions of abortions. >> 97% of what they do is cancer screenings. >> why don't they just stop doing the abortions all together. >> it would be interesting if they thought about putting it two different entities. >> why don't they just not do them? >> because it's legal. >> so what? there is a lot of legal things. >> what about rape and incest and people that don't have access to birth control. >> birth control is not the same as abortion. >> and the issue here though if you say why don't they stop doing abortion. nomiki is right abortion is
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still legal in the country. the question is taxpayer money. we don't have to be footing the bill. >> we are not. >> no, planned parenthood is the abortion industry. they account for of the abortion family planning industry in this country. they are overwhelming in what they do here. and as a moral matter, bill, if we don't get a handle on this, this slippery slope goes. >> you made a good point. politicians are afraid of this issue. >> unborn babies can't -- >> short answers on both. okay? you know joseph mingula. do you know who he was? >> tell me. >> all right. he was a nazi doctor that performed experiments on children and babies, right? is there any difference between this and what he was doing? >> i think there is quite a bit of difference here. you know, it's the intent. a lot of our medical procedures are done on these types of tissues. we don't want to hear about it. it's legal.
11:19 pm
>> that has to be done under very strict supervision and stem express certainly isn't that. >> mengula in auschwitz he did experimentation on twins. this is what i mean about slippery i slope. >> he did them invitro not' just on base -- babies that are born. >> i would like to see pope francis speak out on this as well. is he talking about climate change. it would be nice. >> call pope francis up. >> i will get him on the line. >> he should get into that absolutely. all right, ladies, directly ahead. planned parenthood considering suing the pro-life group that's embarrassed them. is it legal on that case. new york city may be the topless capital of the world. is that legal? john stossel the libertarian has some thoughts moments away. you pay your auto insurance premium every month on the dot. you're like the poster child for paying on time. and then one day you tap the bumper of a station wagon. no big deal...
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is it legal eggment tonight, three hot topics, did you know that non-legal citizens can carry guns in the u.s. legally. did you know that a convicted isis sympathizer in minnesota getting leniency and did you know that planned parenthood may sue the center for medical progress which uncovered the videos. what's going on with planned parenthood? >> they are looking to sue. they are saying everything is a possibility '. what would they sue for? fraud? misrepresentation? right privacy? getting those videos illegally? but the center just came out
11:23 pm
with a statement about this today what they said is the center for medical progress followed all applicable laws and says, this is key, planned parenthood has a lot to lose in the discovery phase of any lawsuit. >> that's true. >> it's interesting to see what they do. big lawsuit it will be in the public eye. the networks probably still wouldn't cover it because they are proabortion, the networks news is. and they don't want to put planned parenthood in a bad light. cable would cover and some newspapers would cover and certainly social media would cover. >> all the access. the deposition, sworn statements. >> you would be getting investigations. >> discovery. >> all of that would come out. >> the center for medical progress doesn't want to sue because it's going to cost them a fortune to defend. although i think they would probably put up a fund and pro-life people would come in. >> and the california courts and a lot of this happened in california. courts have said that those conversations in those restaurants, specific cases ton saying they don't have any confidentiality in those
11:24 pm
conversations. >> they were smart the way they went about to do it in a public space like that. there really wasn't a reasonable expectation of privacy. they made sure to comply with the law. >> i want to make one more point about this that you can basically do undercover work. they did lie is said they had a company that wants to buy. they are trying to scare them off. >> let's go to minneapolis. right? >> right. >> >> so there is this idiot kid abdullah yousef. he wants to join isis and he gets arrested. >> he is. >> charged. not been sentenced could get 15 years. obviously not going to get anything because a judge just released him, right? >> what happened was so he pled guilty to this providing material support. pending sentencing, with no current date on the calendar, he was sent to a half way house. >> so he doesn't have to be in jail. >> he doesn't have to be in
11:25 pm
jail. >> that's a signal that they're not going to give him anything. >> no. >> and it was supposed to be to rehabilitate him he is 19 years old. >> had a box cutter under his pillow. >> ought to go back to jail now. he got into the halfway house and then he got a box cutter. >> how did that happen? >> that's not going to help him in the sentencing phase. >> no, it's not. >> we will keep an eye on this thing. illegal alien named marianne know rodriguez in milwaukee gets into a fight. gets arrested. and the cops find a cartridge. not a gun but a cartridge, a piece of ammunition on him: charged with illegal gun possession. that's enough. >> >> and what happened in the big federal court ruling, wiehl. >> 3 to 0 decision. the court -- it was kind of a screwy. >> second court of appeals in chicago. >> centered in chicago. said okay, the second
11:26 pm
amendment may apply to some imlegals who have substantial connections in this country. >> he had been here for more than 20 years. >> we are still not going to allow him to have second amendment rights. circular argument on the federal law. >> you have right under the second amendment, however there is something that defeats that under the federal law, so, therefore even though you have the right you really don't have the right. >> it makes no sense is. makes opening for illegal undocumented immigrants and say hey this chicago court said we do have the right. we want to have that right. >> you are illegal alien so you can't have the gun. >> that's one of the criterias that you can't have arms. >> like felons, for example. >> this guy rodriguez was deported. >> still in mexico and not coming back. >> how do you know he is still in mexico? you deported him and it's like you come right back. >> you got me. you are right. >> if he gun in mexico he goes to jail for like 60 years. that's the law down there. >> keep in mind that three
11:27 pm
other circuit courts disagree with this court. kind of an outlier. >> what did the other courts say that he couldn't have it, right? >> he doesn't have the right under the second amendment. >> because you are not an american citizen. >> absolutely. >> okay. all right. ladies, thank you. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. what it does libertarian john stossel think about the invasion of topless women here in new york city? we will find out. gut feld and mcguirk all three gentlemen warming up in the studio. goldberg is not talking about gutfeld and mcguirk they are all going to be on the factor. i'm going to have a comment on the kelly/trump feud. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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personal story segment as you may know the quality of life has drastically declined since the liberal mayor bill de blasio was
11:30 pm
elected. as part of the changing street situation, there is now an invasion of topless women in times square. ladies accept money while posing for pictures. >> do you feel this is indecent? >> not at all. we are celebrating new york. we are celebrating being a woman. we are times square. >> there is little children coming by i'm a bit shocked. there are so many young kids around. and there is also a lot of religious people around. he think it's really really inappropriate. >> here now the host of stossel and the fox business network john stossel. so, as a libertarian, what do you think about this? >> well, i think it's fine as a libertarian and certainly on private property anybody should be able to do what they want. but on public property, it is a conflict.
11:31 pm
>> i'm fine with topless, other people aren't. what if they get totally naked and what if they want to have sex in times square? you do need rules for the public square. >> let's just stay on the topless issue. right now, the new york city police department issued a memo that tells officers they shall not enforce any section of the law balance female individuals exposing in public. there are laws on the books that say if you are doing this, for commercial enterprise, to make money, that's illegal. you can't do it. >> the politicians hate anything commercial. it can always regulate that. >> this is obviously commercial. they are out there to make money. >> that's true. >> posing for pictures with tourists. >> not just tourists, some of your friends i have seen who live in new york city were up there. i vcket seep a lot of them.
11:32 pm
some of them out there. there is an exception for entertainment like theater. there is nudity in the theater. >> this isn't theater. >> clearly entertainment if they are getting money. they must be entertaining. lawyers can argue with this forever. this is in the most popular tourist site in new york. there are literally thousands of children and families from other parts of the country and the world that don't want to see this. so i say the city should zone it. >> fine. are you okay with that? >> giuliani did some of that when he cleaned up times square. >> move it over a bit. >> topless lady and pose for pictures, you can go to this place and give out fliers and direct everybody over there. fair? >> the women will say well then men can't be shirtless either. >> if they are posing for pictures i would say that's good. any kind of partial nudity for commercial reasons should be in this zone.
11:33 pm
and then you know, it's a public health thing with this. why would any sane individual want to be partially naked in times square? it's filthy. >> because people are different. they want to do different things. it's a nice thing that times square is now so safe that women feel safe enough to be topless. >> there is cops all over the place but they won't -- they are not going to do anything to the ladies. this is interesting because i think it ties in with the total disintegrations of street life in new york. it is totally out of control now. i'm sure you know that you live up in the upper west side. you see in two years what has happened in this city. bloomberg and giuliani were able to control it to a certain extent but de blasio doesn't care. >> there are more street people, no question. i think you exaggerate it. >> street people? >> now we are back to the grouchy old man. violent crime is rising in
11:34 pm
almost every category. penn station is absolutely out of control. ask any vendor down there, anybody that owns a store down there. the quality of life is deteriorating. you have people coming to the city that say i don't want to come anymore. that's where it's going to go. when tourism starts to drop because of all of this then you see the politicians swing into action. last word. >> we will see if it drops. by and large things get better. >> things get better, what? >> crime has been trending down. >> not violent crime. >> in america it's going down. >> this is times square. that's not america. that's for sure. >> there is stossel, everybody. when we come right back, bernie goldberg on how the liberal press may cover a hillary clinton vs. joe biden primary fight. and gutfeld and mcguirk on black lives matter. up ahead.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie segment element tonight. let's get to the purveyor of bernard it's t. looks like biden is going to run against hillary. how do you think that will shake down in the liberal media precincts? >> first, i think reporters desperately want joe biden to announce because they understand that journalism, like literature, thrives on confrontation. and apparently, despite the crowds he is drawing, bernie sanders isn't the opposition that they want. he you think they are salivating over a possible food fight between hillary and joe biden but then it can go in several directions. one, i think some liberal journalists are going to say that hillary clinton's problems are real. they are not trumped up. they are not the work of republicans or the media and she brought it -- she brought them on herself. and if they could have another liberal that they
11:40 pm
could rout for, i think they will. another group. >> for them, being part of history isn't enough. being eyewitnesses isn't enough. they want to help shape history. and they did that with barack obama in 2008. and certainly the feminists are going to want to do that again in 2016, since she is also historic candidate. there is something going on that's sort of like brand new, and that is the president, aapparently, has given his blessings to joe biden to run that's not a mutual statement. i think journalists who are still enthralled by barack obama may be influenced by that they may be influenced by that. >> the war on women thing though. i mean, look, i don't know how they campaign against each other because as we established there is no difference in their political philosophy. they are straight down the line doctrineaire liberal democrats. in never go against the party. never offer a solution out of what the party has said
11:41 pm
for the last 20 years. >> that's right. >> they're not going to go up against joe biden. joe biden is mini me to barack obama. is he never going to go against what barack obama says ever. hillary, there is a little bit of a difference. here's the deal. a owe he bama likes biden and i don't think he likes hillary very much. for him, knowing the president, the way i do, that means something. you know, if he likes you, and then he knows he can get you on the phone and say joe, you know, he will be the elder statesman out oof the white house but still a big advisor, right? >> absolutely. and i think barack obama is -- i mean, i think he is he a narcissist. i think he cares about his legacy. he said recently, as is well known, that if he were loued to run for a third term. >> he would win again. >> he would win again. well, you talk about mini me, that's joe biden. >> yeah. he will be right there with
11:42 pm
biden and he will still be actively involved. where the clintons would cut him cold. now, let me ask you this. if he does he get a uniform and go after the women? anybody goes after hillary that's a war on women play here. how does joe handle that? >> a uniform. my sources tell me is going to have a nice plaid skirt that is he going to go out campaigning. what do you mean a uniform? >> the war. >> what you said earlier as crazy as it sounds. i think you have got something right. that is -- am i still on? [ laughter ] and that is that the two of them-i mean, bernie sanders and hillary may have some differences. but you joe biden and hillary don't have any differences. >> nothing. >> but that's where the media is going to have a
11:43 pm
tough time. that's where reporters are going to have to decide which bandwagon they are going to jump on. in the case of one of them, she is a woman. >> right. >> she is not getting indicted. >> i think you might be wrong about that. >> that is never -- that is never going to happen. never. >> i don't know. >> that's not going to happen. that's not going to happen. >> last word real quick. why don't they like bernie sanders? how come bernie sanders isn't the guy? >> that's an interesting question. is he drawing big crowds. >> yeah. >> and i don't know. >> you don't know? he is going to take their houses too along with all the republicans? bernie wants to take everybody's stuff. >> you know what i think it is? i he think they don't take him seriously because despite the crowds, despite the poll numbers in new hampshire, they just don't believe that the american -- that even democratic voters are really going to. >> that crazy. >> a socialist as to dominate. >> thank you. gutfeld and mcguirk on deck. a new poll about black lives
11:44 pm
matter. and why are some political candidates so boring? factor tip of the day. i will comment on the trump/kelly situation. we are coming right back. we live in a world of mobile technology, but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you.
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back of the book segment tonight. what the heck just happened? new poll from rasmussen, among likely voters asked this question. which statement is closest to your own? black lives matter? all lives matter, or neither statement reflects your thinking. 11%. black lives matter. 78% all lives matter. 9% don't care about life in general. here now bernard mcguirk and greg gutfeld. what do you think the poll means gutfeld? >> i guess it's good news of the democratic voters
11:49 pm
23 percent said black lives matter. 67 percent said all lives matter. the remaining 9 percent said greg gutfeld matters. we have reached the point in life where we are having polls about who matters? this is scary. this is apocalyptic that we actually have to do this. i'm sure they would never do a poll who whose life matters with the unborn. they would never ask that question. >> they don't cross over because the reproductive rights crowd doesn't believe that babies are are human beings unless they are, i guess, born and in some cases they don't even believe that. >> they are useful. >> babies? >> no, they are useful for other living forms. >> yeah. in research. what do you take out of the poll? >> i'm not really surprised by it because i think black folks understand that police are the last line of last line of defense between anarchy and safety. they are the people who depend on the police the most in these harsh neighborhoods and the black lives matter stuff started with hands up don't shoot life. the phrase implies that cops are
11:50 pm
bad. >> 64% of blacks said all lives matter. >> i believe 68%. >> i agree with you. i think most african-americans are smart enough, i think, to understand that a pressure group like black lives matter just alienates their protection. >> it's run mostly by and organized and funded by white liberals and supported by leftists like bill de blasio. most were like hipsteres. >> radical left that wants to tear down all. they think this is a police state. boring politicians. we have them in the united states. >> we do. you know why? because they are weak, stupid, disgusting losers. how do you compete with somebody who speaks like that? you said it last week next to a
11:51 pm
guy lie donald trump they sime -- >> that is why trump has taken off. he brings passion and he brings authenticity and straight talk. you go to others and they are cerebral like you. all in here, nothing in here. >> i have no heart. let me tell you something. boring people are great. boring people make the best brain surgeons. they separate twins. >> you talking about carson? carson isn't boring. >> soft spoken low key. you want an exciting guy who wants to wage twitter wars or do you want a capable boring guy? >> i think you are using the wrong word for carson. what i think is boring is the talking points. they say the same thing over and over and over again no matter
11:52 pm
what you ask them. in my state it's like that drives me nuts. >> george washington wasn't a barrel of laughs. abe lincoln wasn't making shadow puppets. >> donald trump is like dating a stripper. it's exciting but it could be reckless though still exhilarating. >> you need an ointment. >> like dating a nun. >> i don't know if a lot of audience has experience dating strippers. >> you are not allowed to date nuns. >> times are changing. >> i have to get out of here before we are closed down by the board of health. factor tip ofrt day, trump versus kelly. i will have my comment on that in just a few moments as the factor continues all across the usa and around the world.
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donald trump disparaging megyn kelly again. hundreds of orders for "killing reagan" the violent assault that changed a presidency will be released on september 22. you can get it first if you
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preorder. if you become a premium member mandatory if you want the inside coverage of the upcoming election you get any of my books free of charge. you mentioned about immigrants having civil rights. i believe if someone is committing a crime they shouldn't have rights. once a person steps foot on american soil that person has due process rights. we have a justice system that covers everybody. in san francisco the illegal alien felon was in court exercising his right to a jury trial and using a court appointed lawyer paid for by we, the taxpayers. it's just the way it is in america. mr. o'reilly you and mr.
11:57 pm
krauthamm krauthammer bloviate. sunrise florida. even though illegal immigrants cannot be deported it is refreshing to hear a political candidate say they should be. north carolina, bill, the question you asked trump about the parents of two anchor babies living here illegally was unfair. totally disagree, jack. the scenario i posed is exactly the problem he will be faced with should he become president. bill, i'm touring berlin and reading "hitler's last days at the same time. on track to become my biggest best selling children's book. during the don't be a pin head show do you give miller the questions beforehand? no way. that part of the show where the audience writes questions and
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gives them to us totally spontaneous. upcoming shows in st. louis, chicago, south florida at the hard rock, phoenix. las vegas at caesar's palace sold out thanks to all of you. i think that is a sixth year in a row we sold out out there. happy birthday to mary irbaniak 100 years old this week and happy 75th anniversary to ellen and russell in iowa. way to go, guys. finally tonight the factor tip of the day loyalty. last night after speaking with me here on the factor donald trump once again tweeted some not nice things about megyn kelly. not good. the debate issue should be buried. it's over. folks can make up their own mind. fox news chief once again stood up for megyn because roger is a
11:59 pm
loyal guy. as the general here he protects his troops. he has defended me countless times against unfair assaults by vicious media people. the kelly/trump story is relevant to me because i am friends to both of them. ms. megyn has taken the high road by not responding. donald trump should cease and rogerels is a standup guy. factor tip of the day. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website which is different from bill o' name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day do not be perjurious when writing to the factor. a big word that will impress your friends. again, thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is next.
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i am bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. tonight on "red eye." a fraternity in virginia invites freshmen daughters and their m months to drop in for a visit. who says chivalry is dead? and jeb bush's mom says we've had too many bushes in the white house. sorry, jeb. george is still the favorite. and a boy accidentally punches a hole through a famous, would of art, but can you blame him? have you been toted -- have you been to the warhol museum? first, a news break. >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm jackie ibanez. investors are facing a white knuckle day on wall street. they


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