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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  August 26, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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they are saying it's really hard to find a man if you live in manhattan, heather. >> all of our friends that are single in manhattan -- >> tell me about it. >> they say there are many more men here than there are women. hope you have a great day. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. ♪ ♪ good morning to you. it is wednesday, august 26th, 2015. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. donald trump gives a reporter the boot from his press conference. i'm not kidding watch. >> excuse me, you were not killed. sit down. sit down. go back to univision. and this afternoon the end of the story because trump then invited him back. the fiery exchange for you. you are not going to want to miss it. coming your way, straight ahead. meanwhile, espn suspending kurt schiling after a tweet on
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muslim extremists and is there a double stand ard. a black bear running free in our residential neighborhood. you got to see how this ends. the bear will be available a little bit later for comments. >> let me remind you that mornings are better with friends. >> thanks, yogi. ♪ ♪ hi, everybody, welcome to studio e live from new york city, it's the world's number one cable morning news show. speaking of number one, donald trump number one in the polls yesterday. new polls came out at 35% in new hampshire, 30% in south carolina, and last night in dubuque, iowa he was on fire. >> he was. he faced an anchor on univision and ended up giving him the
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boost, that anchor, jorge rooms ramos was kicked out of the conference. donald said it's not your turn if you are going to keep shouting questions at me. watch it for yourself. >> excuse me, you weren't called. sit down. sit down. sit down. >> go ahead. >> i have the right to ask questions -- >> no, you don't, you have not been called. >> i have the right to -- >> go back to univision. go ahead. >> you cannot deport 11 million people. you cannot -- >> go ahead. >> you cannot deny citizenship to children. >> sit down, please. you weren't called. >> i'm a reporter. >> go. >> i have the right to ask a question. i have the right to ask a question. >> yes, go ahead. >> i agree, obviously he has the right to ask the question, is he asking a question or making a statement. you cannot deport 11 million
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people. when you are a reporter, you ask, how can you deport 11 million people? however, you can't stand up in the middle of a press conference and start shouting and it does -- he is a human being. he's not really a politician, and he is suing them for about $500 million. >> he's not really a reporter, though. he's an anchor who is also an amnesty activist. >> probably one of the worst visuals for his campaign to be seen pushing someone from univision from the room, one of the most awful visuals for this campaign. >> i disagree. this is one of the reasons that people love donald trump because he gets tough with people. jorge ramos was grandstanding talking about deportation. he had not been called on. he was breaking the rules.
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there was some rules of decorum in a donald trump press conference. what did he do? he threw out the grandstander because he was heckling. >> he was not being called on after multiple press conferences. >> he realized it was a mistake. he brought him back. it might be better to address this topic which i brought up with this gentleman in a loud maybe. better to have him. when he did come back, he call him on some numbers. ray most says you do not have the hispanic vote. trump stood by it. said i believe i can win it particularly in nevada. this is part two. >> i think so, because i'm going to bring jobs back. >> the truth is --
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>> i don't think. >> nationwide -- >> i have not even started. >> in nevada, did you see the poll of the hispanics in the state of nevada? excuse me, did you see big hispanic population, i wiped everybody out. hispanic. i won the poll with hispanics. you saw that, right? did you -- did you see it? okay, he's an honest guy. now i like him. >> so here's the thing, donald trump is a guy who there are rules. it's the same thing whether it's immigration and he feels that, you know, people who are in the country illegally should abide by the rules. there were rules and he was out of order and so he kicked him out. on line, if you love trump, you love that. the alternative headline was trump rises another 10 points in republican polls, and so he was able to -- the great thing was he called him back, and so this morning we're talking about the exchange between the two of them
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rather than how jose ramos's rights were trampled on. he answered all of jorge's questions effectively. jorge did not like the answer. >> but he would have had a mass revolt had he not been brought him back. what if hillary clinton had decided to toss he had henry because i'm going to have him tossed. >> that photo will go down as a horrible moment for donald trump in his campaign pushing him out of the room. >> i disagree. >> the visual isn't great. >> it shows him in charge. ramos was out of order, i feel. >> it may be true, but the visual of it is not good for him and i believe that's why he ended up bringing him back, because it didn't look good to have him out. >> he went into this focus group and he came out and he says in a
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stunned way his support is much stronger than i thought. he's more solid than i expected can win the nomination. that brings us to the other statement and that is donald trump does well on just -- on most issues, speaking off the cuff because he very well-read. speaks to a lot of people. it makes you wonder why he doesn't stick to the issues more. >> on monday night, donald trump, somebody from donald trump's twitter account was tweeting out some things when megyn kelly came back to work on monday night. they were not nice things. yesterday, our boss, the chairman of fox news, responded with a statement that said in part, donald trump surprise and unprovoked attack on megyn kelly during her show last night is as unacceptable as it is disturbing. megyn kelly represents the very best of american journalism and all of us at fox news channel reject the crude and irresponsible attempts to suggest otherwise. i cannot be more proud of megyn
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for her previously -- professionalism and class in the face of verbal assaults. donald trump rarely apologizes. although in this case, he should. we have never been deterd by politicians or anyone else attacking us for doing our job, much less allowed ourselves to be bullied by anyone and we're certainly not going to start now. >> believe it or not, donald trump actually had a retort to that and he would disparage megyn kelly's journalistic skills, that's like saying lebron is not good at basketball. it's beyond debate cht. >> megyn kelly is extraordinary. donald trump should just stick to the issues. >> because he's strong on them. >> stick to the war on terror. speak to the issues that we're facing here in the economy and stuff and stop aiming at fox news. >> he's moving on. we're moving on too at the top of the hour.
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ainsley got some headlines. we start with heroes from france. >> the first of the three american heroes who tackled that gun man on board a train to paris arrived home there he is in california overnight. his name is anthony sadler. he's about to begin his senior year at california state university in sacramento. meanwhile, france is launching a terror investigation, revealing the suspect watched videos about jihad on his cell phone right before that attack. a fox business alert to tell you about. a fifth straight day of losses on the chinese stock market. the shanghai index had big gains for most of the day, but ended down by 1.3%. this despite the chinese government cutting interest rates. the u.s. stock market is hoping to rebound today. dow jones futures are up nearly 200 points this morning after the dow lost 205 points yesterday. a new twist in the hillary clinton email scandal. fox news kathryn herridge revealing an email sent by an
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aide contained classified information from three different agencies. and meanwhile, carolyn kennedy's email is in question this morning. a watchdog report says she sent sensitive but unclassified information on personal accounts. and americans spent a whopping 6.9 billion hours in traffic this morning. according to texas a&m, researchers found that washington, d.c. has the worst gridlock in america. the average commuter there, spends 82 hours a year stuck bumper-to-bumper. l.a. area, not much less, and san francisco, new york and boston rounding out the top five. those are your headlines. let's talk about what's happening on another network. yesterday, things are going fast and furious. you know on monday we told you about the tape that emerged that
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showed chris carter the hall of fame wide receiver who is also an outstanding broadcaster and opinion guy from espn talking to the rookies of 2014 and letting them know that they need a fall guy. in all practicality, you need somebody in your crew that's going to go to jail if you do something stupid. he repeated it for the afc rookies after the nfl told him not to. he came on the air and apologized. but more controversy comes up as chris carter remains on television. >> that's the curious part. espn suspended kurt schilling. he tweeted out a photographic that showed hitler. the fine print tes it's only 5 to 10% of muslims are extremist and down in the bottom of 1940 said only 7% of germans were nazis. how did that go? the math is staggering when you get to the true numbers. a couple of minutes later he
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deleted it and a little while after that, he got suspended. >> so then he apologized. look, that was an offensive tweet. any big company as you know has a social media policy, when you offend two large groups of people on your social media when you are supposed to be calling a game for the world series. you are going to have a problem and my husband works for espn. it's a happy place for him. the kids love it there. i might be partial here but i do believe that these are two different situations. chris carter was asked by the nfl to talk about how he hit rock bottom, those his techniques are controversial in terms of how to stay out of crime. he was asked by the nfl to do that. he did not take it to social media as kurt schilling did. two different situations. both people have apologized. what do you think about it? >> double standard? coop of looks like it to some. email us at fox
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>> there is no wrong opinion. there's just your opinion. coming up, one of the heroes who stopped that train terror attack has a message for you. >> in times of like terror like that, to please do something. >> so are you really the future of fighting? a retired navy s.e.a.l. says yes, get ready. he's next. >> incredible. we just put anna kooiman through fdny grueling training program. did she make it? i'm putting my money on anna. ♪ ♪ i have type 2 diabetes. i started with pills. and now i take a long-acting insulin at night. i take mine in the morning. i was trying to eat right, stay active. but i wasn't reaching my a1c goal anymore. man: my doctor says diabetes changes over time. it gets harder to control blood sugar spikes after i eat and get to goal.
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>> a group of brave americans rose to the occasion on friday night, taking down an arm terrorist aboard a train bound for paris. when asked what lessons could be learn from this event, one of those heroes spoke up. >> hiding or sitting back is not going to accomplish anything and the gunman would have been successful if my friend spencer are not gotten up. so i want that lesson to be learned going forward in times of like terror like that, to please do something. >> and anthony sadler by the way not militarily trained. he goes to sacramento state.
3:18 am
this as a new report says the train's crew actually turn and ran after hearing the first shot and locked themselves in a secure car, refusing to help the passengers. so are citizens now the first line of defense in the war on terror? should we depend on anyone to fight our battles. joining us is a retired navy s.e.a.l., clint emerson. >> at a minimum, should be crisis sensors as you well. powered by awareness. the professor felt something wrong, he alerted his wife and he did something about it, and he was fortunate enough to have, you know, three other motivated guys to help him end that fight
3:19 am
and save countless lives. people need a mental protocol to go through in their mind. they have got to either run, hide, or fight, but when you are in confined spaces, whether it be a room or a train, you have no option but to fight and if you don't, you'll just end up dead. >> your sense is and people are asking right now, what would i do in that situation? are you under the belief that we have to run it through our minds now? people walking the streets, whatever city, or town or farm you are working at now, here is how i prefer to ask, when it happens, a better chance of acting instinctively? >> without a doubt. the one advantage the bad guys these days is they are rehearsing in their minds over and over again until the point they pull the trigger. what are we doing? i don't think people are
3:20 am
what-iffing what could happen in a restaurant, in the lobby of a hotel, we have to rehearse these things what we would do before bad guys strike. >> don't play dodge ball and let's get away from contact sports in many cases. are you saying that maybe we should have a nationwide mma class? >> well, as many ma -- mma places we have in every corner and every town, you probably should know some macro movements. you got to learn a couple of good moves, and if you can't run and you can't hide and you got to fight, i would suggest you team up with others like they did, and -- >> you got it. >> and take the fight to the guy. >> and hope that maybe there's a clint emerson on your train to fight with you. clint, thank so much. >> thank you. >> coming up straight ahead, ten minutes before the top -- bottom
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>> there's a new faith-based film that hits theaters this week, one that encourages us to discover the power of prayer. >> this is my favorite place in this house. i call it my war room. >> you wrote prayers for each area of your life. >> prayer strategy, i sure could use some of that. >> you got to plead with god so he can do what only he can do, and then you got to get out of the way and let him do it. you need to do your fighting in
3:25 am
prayer. >> powerful, that film, "war room" a family seeking to overcome their obstacles and finding that prayer is their answer. joining us now is the writer and producer and stars in the film, brothers. >> why this story. >> we want to call the nation back to prayer. we believe prayer should be the steering wheel not just the spare tire you pull out in an emergency. we feel like that man is not doing a real good, through political correctness. we think it's a return back to go ahead and this movie walks normal people about what it means to fight in prayer. >> stephen you are in the film? >> i played jump rope coach. alex is a better actor than i am, though. >> you feel this message is not one that needs to be heard but is being heard.
3:26 am
war room is one. fireproof, facing the giants, courageous, thesis floims cost under $4 million to produce but have grossed $80 million. why are people running to these kind of floims? >> we're making the films that people want to watch in the theaters, ones that challenge you spiritually. we see how the messages of scripture transform people's lives, heel marriages. bring people together, so war room is a movie we think will be very unifying and across racial lines, prayer is great. >> we believe that the older generation needs to be mentoring the younger generation and ms. clara is a prayer warrior that mentors this young wife in how to fight her balingts the right way through prayer and we all need a mentor in our lives like that. xingt without a doubt. i want to mention to everyone the battle plan for prayer
3:27 am
inspired "war room". it opens nationwide friday, august 28th. you do not want to miss that. thank you for your time today. i'll be looking for my miss clara. coming up, presidential candidate carly fiorina is about to make a huge announcement. and it's one of toughest jobs on the planet. watch this? >> how long does it normally take you guys to get this on? >> a little bit faster than it this. does anna kooiman have what it takes to be a new york firefighter. we want to wish happy birthday to actor macaulay culkin. >> i can't seem to find my toothbrush, i think i'll pick un -- one up today. other than that, i'm in good
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the spokesman for the white house yesterday said vice president joe biden has received president obama's blessing to run if he decides to do that, not that he necessarily needs it, but biden hasn't made a decision yet but he plans to as soon as amazon delivers the magic 8 ball he ordered. he will shake it. [ drum roll ] >> shake it. ask again later. >> i think he's going. >> joe biden? >> yeah. the meetings he's had, the endorsements he got from josh earnest who is lauding him. >> i think joe biden has been plotting and planning this all along. >> he sees an opening. he sees an unbelievably vulnerable hillary clinton. >> would you be able to sit there with your son and when he spoke with bowe -- beau and not fulfill it? that might be the most
3:32 am
compelling reason he moves forward. >> it's interesting he had that meeting with elizabeth warren. >> she was the first star, will carly fiorina make the stage for the next round. i thought it was inevitable. >> not if cnn has its way. a big announcement coming just moments ago from washington, d.c. >> we got big news about what? >> they are saying, look, she clearly won the first debate. since then her name and favorability have risen by double digits, she's between fourth and seventh place, but she still may not make that cnn debate in september, here is why, cnn is averaging polls from mid july to the few days before the debate in september. the problem is there were nine polls before the first fox
3:33 am
debate and two after. if the rnc won't treat post debate polling consistently with pre debate polling, they are putting their thumb on the scale and choosing to favor candidates. despite being solidly in the top ten bymeasure, the political establishment is still rigging the game to keep carly off the main debate stage next month. to be fair, fiorina's campaign just released this statement, so neither cnn or the rnc had a chance to respond and it's tough when dealing with 17 candidates and you are trying to figure out who is on what stage and whatnot, while this is bad news for fiorina, it's good news for other candidates, chris christie, and maybe john kasich. as the rules stand now, it does not look like she will make the cut. expect her campaign to hit hard to try to get her on that main stage. back to you guys. >> don't blame her for trying.
3:34 am
>> she did so well in the other debate, it's definitely possible to make a difference. >> it's a fair ask for sure. we're going to turn now to ainsley earhardt with headlines. the moments before and after kate steinle was shot to death on a san francisco pier caught on camera by tourists. the two photos show the man running away after the killing. the final pictures sadly snapped with her family moments before she died. that was also shown in court. sanchez is due back in court today. that hearing will determine if he should go on trial for murder. a creepy new clue could lead texas investigators to who stole a woman's body shortly after her funeral. san antonio police identify a person of interesting who was
3:35 am
excessively calling and texting julie mott before she died. the man in his 20s was the last one to leave after the services. a veteran with ptsd has been getting packages addressed to cuckoo lane. guess who they are from? the va? he he says he was getting his medicine delivered to coo-coo lane for more than a year now. he fell humiliated. it is the mult bearhug. a deliver police officer carrying a baby bear to safety after it spent the day running around town. experts think it was wandering around looking for food. they found and tranquilized the tuckered out bear in someone's yard. the officer offered to carry the
3:36 am
bear because the team had been working 18 hours straight. >> the bear was tranquilized. the officer was safe. thank for that. they are known as new york's brave best but how do the firefighters train in the fdny. anna kooiman joins us live and they put you through the rigors. >> i'm still tired. in 2014, the fdny saved over 50,000 lives. that's a big number. so it's no joke when we call them our heroes, it takes a lot of hard work to become a part of our country's large he have fire department and i saw firsthand. with over 500,000 new york city fires last year alone, the fdny needs the best and bravest to help keep the big apple safe.
3:37 am
recruits have to go through a whole lot before battling flames which is why commissioner dan nigro is confident only the best come out of the academy. >> i think everyone looks at what we do. new york is the most difficult environment of any in this country. it's a very demanding job and therefore it's a very demanding academy. >> about 320 recruits push themselves through 18 week of academic and physical testing. >> what about the standards? are the same for the women and the men? >> absolutely the same. >> now i'm joining in to see if i have what it takes. >> how long does this normally take you guys? >> a little bit faster than this. >> this weighs what? >> once you have all your gear on, about 120 pounds. >> first up, functional skills training where recruits get used to the physical demands of firefightering. >> flames, heat, tornado. >> we're out here. we train. this is our victim rescue, you
3:38 am
drag 165 dummy out simulating saving a person. >> next, we're getting hands-on. >> rescue simulation. if someone is trapped, if someone is unable to get down with a ladder, we'll go up above them. >> put your arms straight out. >> are you sure? >> positive. >> ah! >> and now the heat is on! >> oxygen on. it's go time. >> to be continued and stay tuned because at 7:45, it's the scariest portion of their training where we go into the flames and we do all sorts of training drills. one of those is saving a baby from under a bed and very often that's what happened, is
3:39 am
toddlers they get scared and that's where they go. >> one hour from now. >> incredible, anna. great work there. coming up on this wednesday, orlando's international airport gets a quarter of a million dollar prayer room dedicated only to muslims and the taxpayers are footing the bill. what about other religions? we'll have a fair and honest debate. is your back-to-school vehicle, the trick to letting them do themselves. coming up. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> 18 minutes before the top of hour, quick headlines right now. terrifying new video shows a group of people swallowed up by a humg hole. take a look at that. the pavement in china gave way
3:43 am
without warning there. amazingly, no one was seriously hurt. it's not clear yet what caused the ground to collapse there. and this, an suv plunges into a swimming pool after the driver loses control on a rain sliked road. the car in california crashed through a fence before slashing and splashing right into the water. witnesses rescued the woman inside. thankfully she was not seriously hurt. oh, my. what do you have there, steve? well, i tell you what, elisabeth, a new controversy over the decision to use taxpayer money to build a muslim prayer room at orlando's international airport. reverend franklin graham said this on facebook. let's call this what it is, a mosque. how loud do you think the objections would be today if they spent $250,000 in taxpayer money to build a new prayer room exclusively for evangelical christians, or for jews or more mondays or any other groups, why
3:44 am
do muslim get preference? >> good morning. >> now, let me start, franklin graham refers to this as a mosque because it's going to be used exclusively by muslims. do you see it that way? >> well, you know, i think definitely the issue here is the symbolism of giving preferential treatment to muslims and the question is what's the deal with the emirate airlines. is it a mosque? technically no. even in the airports of muslim countries they have prayer areas, not mosques. but bottom line is that semantics, i understand the frustration. we need to be proportionate or
3:45 am
not give muslims or islamists preferential treatment. >> you don't have a problem with using taxpayer money using this? >> absolutely. i think i can only commend the airport for knowing the need for the muslim community to have their own prayer room. they recognize spiritual needs. it's great. >> father, aren't there at various airports around the world, there are inner faith prayer rooms? why not use that? >> there is an interfaith prayer room at the orlando airport. you have to leave the secure side to get to the chapel. it's unacceptable. >> why doesn't everybody use an interfaith prayer room rather than use one for one particular religion? >> they should.
3:46 am
we can't forget the fact whether it's jews that need a prayer room for the orthodox community for three time a day, the sikh, the hindu community, at jfk itself, they have separate rooms, but they have one for the faiths. we have to be careful. symbolism is very important and we can't say that just muslims need preferential treatment because now the emirates have a direct flight to dubai. i use them in airports and i prayed in the room, i don't care if it's an interfaith room or a muslim area. >> some airports don't have any rooms and muslims have to use a restroom or things like that. so it's great that they would have an interfaith. the big question is whether or not, you know, having something specifically for one religion -- dr. jesser, do you think there's a possibility that there could
3:47 am
be a business decision on the part of emirates air to attract more muslim air travelers? >> we're going to come to orlando and the airport said we're going to give you a quarter million dollar area for prayer that your customers will appreciate, in the meantime we sort of forget that we're catering to islamic interests. even in their own countries, they don't do that. sometimes bending over backwards, we do something beyond our own cultural norms. >> i do see things differently. i work at jfk and see how those different religions intertwine. we work together. it's not separate. it doesn't look like this at airports. maybe on the streets, yes. maybe we work separately, but at airports, it's all one community. that's where we are there. >> a great discussion this morning. dr. jesser, and father, thank you for joining us live.
3:48 am
>> thank you. 13 minutes before the top of the hour, another massive va failure and it's caught on camera. >> this happens every day, around this time, no one is at the front desk. if there was an emergency, we're screwed. this is a front desk area. no one attending at all. >> that is crazy. abandoned paraplegic vets left alone for hours in that hospital. and tired of climbing over the seats to bulk in the kids, the trick to let them do it themselves and more back-to-school car pooling secrets coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> stopping school shootings simply with an app, one state paying $1 million to try to do that. and will your state be the next one to buy into this? we'll give you the facts on the real story today at 2:00.
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well it's back to school week, and that means planning for how to get children back and forth to school and all their activities. >> for soccer moms and dads we have the latest day for your car pool to soar and make things easy. lifestyle and consumer expert and mom of two joins us now and tells us how to make your minivan for effective. >> i have to start off saying thank you. it can be tough. show us getting them buckled. >> first off, michael hop out a second. >> this is michael and vincent rising kindergarten and fifth grader. what did michael sit on?
3:53 am
>> inflatable car booster seat ages four to 11. you can blow it up. takes like 20 seconds. under one pound. fold it up and put nit a bag. travel with this this. safety approved. you don't have to lug big car seats on an airplane. >> a lot of times you can't find the belt buckle. what do you have? >> my buckle mate. it looks like this. >> it basically crops the seat belt. >> my buckle mate is $14.99. and the inflatable booster seat $29.99. you've got a pillow on the other other side. this inflatable pillow. what's it called? >> the snack. it's $14.99 as well. has multiple uses.
3:54 am
wrap it around your neck, lean up against the window. very comfortable. $14.99. a lot of times kids fall sleep in the back seat. you can prop them up. >> this is so cool. >> they've been playing with this and adjusting it. >> this is the junky organizer, another bubble bum product. >> take out your tray. >> there you go. >> there you go. like the airplane trays. they can color on there, put all your zpotoys and things. ipads, watch a movie. $39.99. >> it's like a transformer in the back of the car. >> gives kids the feeling they're in a couch plane. >> this is sell and go. seven pockets, two cup holders.
3:55 am
put everything in here from phones -- >> this is great. you spend time reaching for things in the back of the car. if you don't have to do that as a mom or dad driving. >> elisabeth, you're going to be coaching and tim as well. make sure trunk is organized. you need? >> high land storage. this is keeping things from rolling around in the back seat. put groceries in here so they don't tip over and things don't fall out. >> how much is this? >> $14-19 on amazon or pet boy. >> once you arrive at your destination, this is? >> a water proof blanket. this is great for stadium seating if it's wet. put this on can -- >> there's only one sport to
3:56 am
play, it's soccer. there you go. >> have a great school year guys. enjoy. thank you. >> thank you. >> great model family. thank you very much to hertz for providing the minivan. never know how elisabeth gets home. now you know. >> thank you very much. coming up, another bad day for china's market. what does that mean for united states? we're live with what you need to know to start your day. and "the view" tv show got brand new hosts again. wait million you see who they recycled. are you ready to go grab life by the gills. would you like to make an investment you know will pay off? then you belong at bass pro shops. where great gear, great prices and the great outdoors all meet up.
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bill's got a very tough 13lie here...... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. this golf course is electric... to a mouthwash had to then i went pro with crest pro-health mouthwash. go pro with crest pro-health. it's formulated to target and kill 99% of germs without the burn of alcohol. so you move to a healthier mouth from day one. good morning to you. it is wednesday, august 26,
4:00 am
2015. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. donald trump is returning to a strategy paying him big dividends thus far, attacking the media. >> excuse me. sit down. you weren't called. sit down. sit down. go back to univision. >> they kicked him out. trump invited him back. the fiery exchange straight ahead. a fox business alert now. another day for china's markets. what does this mean for wall street and your wallet? we'll go to business channel and tell you. >> i'm going to lose my password forever. we showed you anna training to be a new york city firefighter. this hour she gets into the fire itself. >> looks like the flames are coming in. >> what are they trying to do? rescue a baby. that this hour. live from new york city on this
4:01 am
wednesday. you're watching "fox & friend.". ♪ ♪ if you want to learn how to do things yourself, we have an opportunity for you to do that on our astroturf, field turf. the furniture is a huge trend. >> those are actual pallets. this is a diy project having your sofa or bed in under $20. >> pick it and paint it. >> sand it. those things are rough. >> sanding and paint, you'll be fine. >> speaking of rough. >> it was. yesterday 6:00 eastern time. donald trump met his match for a moment with univision who
4:02 am
started question him at a press conference. donald trump ended up removing him as you see here. he asked him to get out. security stepped in to remove him are from the press conference. donald trump then asked him back in. ended up in a fire storm back and forth five minutes between trump and ramos. >> here's the friction. >> sit down. you weren't called. sit down. sit down. go ahead. >> i have the right. >> no you don't. you haven't been called. go back to univision. go ahead. go ahead. sit down please. you weren't called. >> i have a right to ask a
4:03 am
question. >> yes, go ahead. >> so here's the thing. if you've seen the donald trump press conferences on tv, you know he takes all questions that anybody asks. two minutes in at this event before he talked to a packed house there, ramos, who is an anchor at univision, really an amnesty activist. he started heckling donald trump. what happened to hecklers? you get bounced out. donald trump has rules. if you're out of order, you get bounced. >> he wasn't calling on him and hasn't because he's suing univision. they totally screwed him. he's suing them. he got up. he wasn't asking a question. he said you cannot do that.
4:04 am
when you get up and keep repeating that. he took action. he later understands. elisabeth, you brought this up up last hour. you can't toss out a member of the press who wants to speak because you don't like what they're saying. he brought them back in. >> if you're looking to be a vision for hispanic vote, the best way to not be that is kick someone out who's heckling you. it appears you're trying to deport someone from a room. critics will say and aim that comment at trump. >> keep in mind, donald trump has been kicking des moines reporters out because he didn't like what was on the editorial page. i thought what he did, he was 100% genuine, authentic donald trump. here's a guy breaking the rules.
4:05 am
law and order guy, says you get out of here. you're fired. he called him back. ramos and he had a five minute exchange talking about the things he wanted to know about. for instance, ramos said you can't deny anchor babies citizenship. trump said i disagree. it can be done by act of congress. ramos said how do you build the wall 1900 malls long. trump said easy, i'm a builder. he said what's harder, building a 95 story building. and ramos said you're unpopular with the voters. trump said i don't believe that. >> ramos is citing this poll favorable, unfavorable. trump minus is minus 56% pop
4:06 am
la -- popularity. jeb bush is next. they cannot win without getting 30 to 40% of hispanic vote. with negatives in these thing, they've got to be tactical how they approach it. >> in terms of favorability, you've got donald trump, carly fiorina, ben carson. one says this is antipolitician election. take a listen. >> that's a 51% majority. they're political outsider who is have never held elective office before. i thought this was anti-washington election. donald trump is anti-poll the tigs. >> i think he's right. last week donald trump was
4:07 am
hammering bernie sanders for allowing black lives matters protestors for seizing the microphone. last night, donald trump was not going to allow ramos to seize the podium and microphone. he threw him out. then he brought him in and answered all his questions. >> guy you've got to keep an eye on, believe it or not, is ben carson. he's risen the most. two-thirds of republicans are considering vote roing for him. that's the highest level of support for anyone. donald trump went up 20%. ben carson is winning over accept answanc acceptance. in the backdrop is carly fiorina who's doing well. 20 minutes ago she made it clear she's fighting back against cnn over tactics and criteria to get in evening prime time debate. >> she said three national polls since the debate, carly is
4:08 am
fourth and zechseventh place. she says we should be looking at that. >> as of post debate. >> cnn is waiting for carly fiorina polls from before the first debate to determine the next one. meanwhile, aexactly eight minuts after the hour in new york city. it's been a roller coaster around the world. we understand asian markets another bad day. >> it's really unbelievable. bad day for some asian markets. here at home, do you remember us talking at this time yesterday morning steve, elisabeth, brian. i said we've got a 500 point gain on dow futures. going to be a huge open. we had the huge open. everything changed, and we went south.
4:09 am
dow, s&p 500, nasdaq, everything plunged and lower on the day. now futures up 300 points indicating a dramatic open on wall street. are we going to see the sell off like yesterday? that's what we're talking about today. where is this market going? >> it looks like technology stocks are the ones people are really are interested in. when everybody's hair was on fire couple days ago on wall street, things were way down low. people started buying met flix and all that stuff. >> and facebook. a billionaire was buying 100,000 shares of because he considered it on sale. >> that's a billionaire. these are people that have cash. if people don't have cash in investment portfolio, this is a reminder you always want some sort of balance in the form of a money market fund or cash
4:10 am
instrument. >> and to define bargain, we just made an all time high in u.s. is stock market this year. what a bargain. coming off the off time high. >> and our panel this morning. are you going to ask my favorite this morning? >> that's too personal. real quick. what do we expect at the day to end with today? >> everybody is talking about any sectors that have gotten beat up, who's going to step in and buy. huge deal on the energy sector this morning. a lot of people buying big technology names. everybody is putting on seat belts. we're in for a wild ride. it's anybody's guess where this market goes. this stock market searches for direction and meaning. we're all over it. >> aren't we all? >> thank you. >> thanks.
4:11 am
meanwhile, it's 7:11 in new york city. we turn to ainsley with the news. >> thank you. the first of american heroes that tackled the gunman in paris arrives home. anthony sadler is about to begin his senior year at sacramento university. the suspect watched jihad videos before he boarded the train. marcie borders, the woman seen in this image, covered in ash and concrete after the collapse of the world trade center. she has died of stomach cancer. she was first diagnosed a year ago. she believed it was kcaused by dust from the twin towers. she fought an amazing battle. our thoughts with your family. mixing old blood with new blood. the original co host "the view"
4:12 am
making 19th season kickoff next month. star "full house" star cameron and farris will join. >> are you surprised? >> i'll pray for cameron when she faces off. she'll be outstanding. >> for two years, what do they do, rotate people out everyday? >> it's not working out. that show has fallen off since what's her name left? >> who? >> you of course. >> i love getting candice. i could look at her all day. she's great. >> another failure all caught on camera. >> this happens everyday. if there was an emergency, we're screwed. no one attending at all. >> that's the middle of the day. abandoned vets left alone for
4:13 am
hours. this sickening story and images next. >> sickening is right. major mishap at the washington monument. elevator break s down with to women stuck at the top. we mentioned they're pregnant sm. >> how do you boil water up there? ♪ ♪ with my moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, the possibility of a flare was almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor. she told me that humira helps people like me get uc under control and keep it under control when certain medications haven't worked well enough. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems,
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4:17 am
a sickening display. memorial fis hospital workers abandoned paralyzed veterans leaving them to sit hours. >> this happens everyday. no one at front desk. if there was on emergency, we're screwed. no one tending at all. >> this at a facility plagued with scandal. ceo for concerned veterans of american and fox news contributor. good morning to you. this is awful. >> absolutely awful. you've got a hospital where people have given arms, legs, limbs. they're literally unattended for long period of times. hospital says they can push a button. until they fall and they can't. the fact they're video taping is
4:18 am
clear they're showing the fact they're abandoned and not treated well in a hospital that's had problem after problem. >> looking at this video, it's so disturbing those that have given their best to the rest and no one is there for them. another injured veteran said they've been thrown to the wolves. listen to this pete. >> july 1 11 t around 7:40. once again, left to the wolves. no one at the front desk. >> what does this indicate on how much movement there's been to remedy the situation for our nation's great snes. >> unfortunately very little. there's been no overhaul at all
4:19 am
of va system. the hospital here has been cited for longest wait times, poor care. administrators have continued to receive bonuses. you know what these are? government run hospitals. this is government run care. veterans are treated like numbers like widgets, not human beings. until you treat this like health care system is instead of democracy, things are not going to change. these men say we're left like a democracy. we're barely able to get smaller reforms through congress. we're going to keep fighting for it because people want it. people are getting substandard care. >> you're doing great. we reached out to the medical
4:20 am
center. this was their existing statement out there to another organization. nursing staff are physically at or near nursing stations at all times. each patient has a button to call the nurse when needed. they didn't respond to our request for a statement. great work. what you're doing is valuable. great effort. continued service there. >> thank you. >> that was so disturbing. coming up, police chase kill 300 innocent people each year. police have to plan to stop chases. the gps technology that could save lives. president obama calling foul this morning calling derek jeter a cheater. are you still getting heartburn flare-ups? time for a new routine. try nexium® 24hr. the latest choice for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection.
4:21 am
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4:24 am
"news by numbers" now. wake the kids. they seem to love it. 2 million pounds of turkey bacon is recalled after people became sick. produced between may 31st and august 6th. you missed the cut off. >> call it curse. one sitting vice president has won presidency in 175 years. that's bad news for joe biden. last one was bush. and 60 years. that's how long this couple waited to taste their wedding cake. >> taste like cake. >> i found out according to our fruit cake reporter, they eat it every year.
4:25 am
they chow down the traditional fruit cake as part of tradition that keeps them together. they're celebrating 60 years august 19th. >> congratulations. brian, thank you. they look like scenes out of an action movie. they're not. they're real life criminals. they often put the public in danger like that. how many have been hurt in those accidents? in 35 years, 11,000 have been killed in high speed chases. now new technology could change that allowing police officers to safely pursue suspects without putting themselves or innocent bystanders driving along at risk. the chief of police many austin, texas, a new system has been implemented. he joining us live. how are you this morning? >> i'm doing well. how are you this morning?
4:26 am
>> you've been involved in chases where the helicopter is following the bad guy, driving on and off the road. this has been a problem for a long time. >> it has. we put the blame on police and not necessarily the suspects who know full well what they're doing is dangerous. we're trying to leverage technology to get bad guys to jail and bring justice to victims. >> there's a new gps device called star chase. the way i understand it works -- i've seen video -- many the font front of the cruiser, a hatch opens. it shoots out a project tile that attaches. it's sticky. attaches to the suspect's car, right? >> it sure does. that's like something out of star wars. it shoots out and sticks to there. officers back off and shut it
4:27 am
down. from the crime control center, we're able to direct officers where the suspect is going every two to three seconds. we've had 100% success rate. gotten the bad guy, car back and nobody has been hurt. >> here it is. first we saw the laser guider. it hits the car. there we can see the police officer just decelerates and lets the car go where it goes. then what happens? >> our command communication center mondays it. we call in for helicopter. from a distance, the suspect think temperatures they're get ago way. when they get to their destination, austin police department sweeps in middle of the night or day and takes them into custody. so far, been 100% success rate. we're proud of the fact we're one of the first in the country to utilize this n. >> absolutely. there in austin, it's been 100%
4:28 am
effective. chief, you're on tv now talking about it. all you've got to figure, if somebody is chase m.d. austin, texas driving along and hear a little -- they're in trouble. there's something on the trunk. >> what's happened now, folks know this is going on in austin. rather than get additional charges by evading aggressively, we hear suspects pull over when they hear the thumb on the back of the car. it's a great thing. >> do you have it on all cars or a fraction? >> fraction of the cars. getting ready to add to more. bad guys don't know whether it's on there or not. we want people to ultimately just pull over and not put themselves, innocent preponderance bystanders or police officers at risk. >> interesting. it will undoubtedly save lives. thank you for joining us.
4:29 am
>> thank you. >> that's really cool. if the president won't isis to do their job. >> we're marines. we're going to bring the fight to them. >> the family of marines on their way to take out isis terrorists. we'll tell you their story. these look like they belong in a warehouse somewhere. with do it yourself imagimagic, become furniture. we'll show you how to use pallets to perfection. ♪ ♪ your allergies bring more than sneezing... ...and itchy eyes. they also bring tough nasal congestion. so you need claritin-d. it starts to work... just 30 minutes. in fact, nothing works faster. so blow away nasal congestion, fast, with claritin-d.
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4:32 am
the reality is, floods do happen. protect what matters. get flood insurance. call the number on your screen to learn more. your "shot of the morning." life lessons handed down at the state fair. two boys on timeout for
4:33 am
misbehaving. the man crouched down next to boys to give advice. he said quote, when i was your age, i didn't listen to my parents. look at me. i'm selling crappy toy at the tear. listen to them. enjoy what's important. this photo has been shared 20,000 times online. >> as an adult, i get his message, the vendor's message to kid can -- to kids. if you're a kid, thinking of growing up selling toys at a fair. >> love that. it's 33 minutes past the hour on this busy wednesday. ainsley has an update. >> i do. two soldiers have been killed by an insider attack in afghanistan. two opening fire inside a military base in the province.
4:34 am
both gunmen were shot and killed. nationalities have not been released. this is third attack of its kind this year. it comes four days after a nato convey was attacked in kabul killing three troops. a father and son are taking the fight to isis. harry and his sons have served in the marines. they're now traveling to middle east. they're going to ask to be deployed under the direction of military leaders. new jersey men have asked not to release last names for security reasons. they believe they have the training to go and make a difference. >> my brother is a heavy machine gunner. my dad is a sniper. i was a rifleman. we're going to present that to kurds and aid them in whatever way possible. >> tough guys. loved ones are expressing concerns over the trio's mission. u.s. government will not endorse
4:35 am
this trip, but they do say it's not forbidden. scary moments at the time top of the washington monument when a busted elevator strands 50 tourists 500 feet up in the air. that includes two pregnant women firefighters had to carry down the stairs. they should be fine. everyone else had to walk down the stairs. no word on what caused it. this is not the first time the elevator malfunctioned this year. be careful if heading to d.c. even the president isn't safe from a scuffle. president obama revealing he was gofli i golfing with derek jeter who seemed to be off his game. jeter said he started golfing two weeks ago. the commander-in-chief handing jeter a bunch of cash at the end of the round. a one-two weather punch in
4:36 am
arizona. that's a massive dust storm sweeping through. you can see the great storm clouds behind it. those dumped rainmaking it dangerous in tucson. maria has the forecast for the rest of the week. >> hello everyone at home. we could see more like that across the southwest with possibility of isolated storms later today. high temperatures across the nation, big story especially across great lakes and new england. going to be a cool day. high temperatures in the 60s and 70s for some of you. chilly start for the day. temperatures below average in that region. in the plains, summer like. high temperatures in the 90s. we're tracking storms early this morning across parts of the west including the southwest. relatively busy out there with moisture trestreaming in. in the atlantic, we have a look
4:37 am
at erika. eventually threatening bahamas and potentially east coast. many days out, a lot can change. we'll keep you updated. now over to brian. >> hi. thanks. now to a segment that's going to benefit me more than anything else. you've seen pallets in the back of super markets. with diy, you can transform your house, your apartment, to something special and make furniture. here's to show us, the experts, owners of a design and renovation company. let's take a tour and do some work. what can i do with a pale let--m with a pallet. indoor you can make a bed frame. spruce it up by doing l.e.d. lights, rope it in. >> i would never think of that
4:38 am
for a mattress. >> pallets have strips of wood. you can rip those off and put it on the wall to make a nice feature wall. third thing you can do is cut in thirds and make a shelf. >> you can grab this stuff. we recommend going to a pallet yard. we went to our friend dominic. what happens is -- let's say you pick up in super market -- you don't know what's been on it. power wash it and use it. take the one step. this is basically an outdoor couch. stack it together, build the back with two by four so it doesn't fall off. this is what i love the best. i've got a green thumb. got to water plants and take care of them. >> action.
4:39 am
nice let's build something. i can't afford to hire you. got to do it myself. >> cut the pallet in thirds. see we cut this bottom portion. it has an opening. this is where the forklift goes in and picks up the pallet. to pa make this functional, take a strip, take a couple screws. >> a lot of kids moving to dorms now that need ideas for your first apartment. >> these go three to $15 a pallet. >> i need a coffee table. >> absolutely. that's what we have here. it's real simple. this one pallet i've got four. going to put one more down. >> you hammered out the holes. >> i got it set up. i measured it.
4:40 am
>> flip it over. these cost $2 each, right? >> let's flip it over. boom. we stained this here. we got it prepped up. look at that. there it is. simple as that. sit down on the couch, enjoy. have a seat. >> you get a lot of glorification by doing and yourself. you can talk about it. >> i feel good watching you do it yourself. they painted it. don't have to worry about splinters. >> i'm not sure the paint is dry though. >> oh. >> great job. >> thank you. >> i almost feel i did it myself. >> that's iy, almost. >> a lot of people don't realize the curvy couch here made out of pallets and pleather. >> we made it while you were constructing on the plaza. >> maybe not.
4:41 am
we told you about the challenge that put america's honesty to the test. turns out bald people were most dishonest. what does bald doctor keith ablow think about this test. anna kooiman goes into the fire. >> looks like the flames are going into the bed. got to get this out. >> can anna cut it as a new york city firefighter? she went through the test next. ♪ ♪
4:42 am
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4:45 am
got some quick headlines. good, bad, ugly. first, the good. brian, this is for you. forget starbucks. m&ms are releasing pumpkin spice latte flavor. it's going to release next week. the clock at big ben state your names out the hands have been running six minutes late. english officials say now back to normal. all rise. it's 11:30 in london in that tape. and the ugly. you know what they say about the napoleon complex. it turns out it's probably true.
4:46 am
a study says men worried about their height are more likely to be violent and engage in risky behavior. according to "elf." >> right. meanwhile, they're known as new york's bravest. how do big apple firefighters train to serve on the fd? >> anna goes through parts of training. you're so brave. >> we do training exercises and battle flames. we save a baby from under a bed. not a real baby, a dummy baby. more than 500,000. that's how many they faced last year alone. how do they make sure every fire is put out safely? how do they get those day in and day out?
4:47 am
let's take a look. >> no one said it was easy being one of bravest. recruits are tested, trained, and tested again. >> the biggest fire department in the country. we like to say we're the best. we keep our standards as high as possible. >> at the start of 18 week academy, 300 recruits began. 285 to 290 graduate. only the strong survive. >> i made my way are through the functional skills test and got hands on in practical training. now time for my toughest task, facing a fire. >> recruits go through controlled burn scenarios with temperatures between 600-1000 degrees. thank goodness we're wearing protective suits. it's going to be hot. it's go time. one and three quarter inch hose
4:48 am
here simulating a structure fire. now we're going to put it out. we're down on the ground right. looks like the flames are coming from the bed. we've got to get this out. here we go. >> the flames may be out, but the heat is still on for the fdny. they train multiple scenarios including those still stuck inside. >> last you search for victims. we're going to make a left hand turn to the left. go ahead. let's go. >> we have got a baby. toddlers hide under the bed because they get scared. we got the victim. mission accomplished. >> giving me chills going through it again.
4:49 am
wow. not only are men and women trained to put out fires and search for victims, they're trained in cpr and more to be first responders for fire or medical emergency. for folks at home in the new york area, if you're interested in joining, the next exam will be administered in 2017. it's tough man. there is no way i could have pass had the exam that day. it is very tough. i like to think i'm fit. not that fit. >> you're completely covered in protective gear. you can feel the heat. >> you feel like you're melting. i came out and lost like ten pounds of water. that's part of the training. >> what incredible look and all they do to rescue and keep us. well done. >> thank you. coming up straight ahead, we told you about the honest t challenge that put american honesty to the challenge. turns out bald people was the
4:50 am
least honest. what does bald dr. keith ablow think about this advice on whether or not it's a lie. bald was on the teleprompter. the 1986 steve winwood had the number one song in america "higher love." >> one of my favorites still. >> i hope so. ♪ ♪
4:51 am
i hate cleaning the gutters. have you touched the stuff? it's evil. and ladders. sfx: [screams] they have all those warnings on 'em. might as well say... 'you're gonna die, jeff.' you hired someone to clean the gutters. not just someone. angie's list helped me find a highly rated service provider to do the work at a fair price. ♪ everyone can shop, but members get more with reviews, live customer support, and better pricing. visit today.
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4:53 am
yesterday we told you about the honesty test. they gave out ice tea for a
4:54 am
dollar. take the tea, be honnist a isnn be honest and give a dollar. >> atlanta, georgia took home the most honest. providence, rhode island was the least honest. that was sad. >> bald people were found to be the least honest by hair styles. is that true? >> let's ask dr. keith ablow because he went to college. >> and he's bald. >> are you telling us the truth today? >> this is my real hair. that's what i have to say. i think bald men are in general willing to tell the truth. if you wear a toupee, that's your own business. if you get a transplant, that's your business. bald men are willing to say this is me. i think the study didn't control who was wearing a hairpiece and
4:55 am
who shaves their head to look bald. that thing that guys do, weight lifters, right? they are not authentic bald men. >> i love the way you compare yourself to gandy. there are times you say it's okay to lie. for instance, when you're asked if you're sexual involved with somebody. why is that okay? >> because it's nobody's business. to defend a woman's honor, that matter a man's honor, you don't kiss and tell. it's okay to say no. >> why don't you say it's none of your business, inappropriate you're asking me. >> you can say that if you don't think it will fuel the flames of inquiry. >> whether you like what someone is wearing or not, it's okay to lie. i love what you're wearing even if you don't. >> even though i'm a psychiatrist and not welcome at
4:56 am
dinner parties because i tend to give the truth, if someone says what do you think, i bought this dress in it's beautiful. it may look terrible. i'm going to say nice because i care about people. >> is that in the category, do i look fat in these pants? >> that i might say yes if i thought i need to get you to lose weight. >> never answer that question to a woman when she asks you. you say a sociopath or dangerous person asks you a question. it's okay to lie. why? >> being hon toast a fault is possible too. if somebody said i'm a serial killer, where do you live? answer is way over there. you don't want to divulge things to people who aren't worthy of the truth. to quote jack nickelson. >> overall, what did you think of the study? >> it says blond women are less honest than brunettes.
4:57 am
i know elisabeth is as honest as the day is long. >> thanks. >> i love your baldness. coming up this wednesday, 10-year-old boy lost in the rugged mountains of utah more than a day. he survived thanks to what his dad taught him. he joins us live with his parents next. does all greek yogurt have to be thick?
4:58 am
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4:59 am
5:00 am
but this athlete is still on their roster. >> just in case y'all not going to decide to do the right thing,
5:01 am
if y'all got a crew, you got to have a fall guy in the crew. >> if you get into trouble. >> so is that a doubled is in? we're going to report, you're going to decide. we'll read some of your tweets. soon you can have it your way and be loving it all at the same time. the burger battle truce between burger king and mcdonald's. can't we all get along. >> cats and dogs living together. >> i don't understand how this could happen. the king of arch and morning with burgers are better with friends. ♪ ♪ fox sports kicked off the college football season. what a great time to open up
5:02 am
officially on our veranda. and all of elisabeth's action wear. >> that's right. college football now going to join us to talk about kickoff of the season is. you're looking at marvel high school giving it a test the. my kids are going to go nuts when they see this. >> should have brought them today. this is a bring your kids to work day. >> they're watching. thanks for joining us on this wednesday. were you watching last night here live on fox news channel? it's interesting. donald trump was in iowa for one of his big meeting all the people. thousands turned out. about an hour before, he took questions. two minutes into a press conference there, he called on somebody who's straight ahead of him, pointed and said your
5:03 am
question please. over to his right, univision anchor george ramos started barking questions without being called on. trump told him to sit down. ramos kept interrupting. mr. trump had it up to here. here's the exchange making headlines on this wednesday morning. >> excuse me, sit down. you weren't called. sit down. sit down. sit down. go ahead. no you don't. you haven't been called. go back to univision. go ahead. go ahead. go ahead. sit down please. you weren't called. yes, go ahead. >> then it was time to move on
5:04 am
with the press. george ramos was tossed out but brought back. it made a lot of people uncomfortable watching. even though he stood up and shouted, for the most part he was being ignored. donald trump is suing univision for a great reason, they back e out of his also huffington post said i'm going to cover you in the entertainment section. he said okay, then you're not covering my events. tossing out somebody in the press. fox knows how important it is for press to stay together when candidate or president doesn't like -- >> this is not a shining moment for donald trump. he does better battling someone in the ring than kicking someone out. he benefits through a sharpening debate with someone. as the past has evidence, he wins when he goes head to head. he brings george back. this is the exchange that took
5:05 am
place. watch. >> i think so. i'm going to bring jobs back. i don't think i will. i haven't even started. in nevada, did you see the poll of hispanics in the state of nevada? did you see that? excuse me. big hispanic population. i wiped everybody out. hiss ppani hispanics. i won the poll. did you see it? wait, did you see it? he's an honest guy. now i like him. >> when you watch the whole thing, keep in mind he threw him out two minutes into the press conference. donald trump answers everybody's questions eventually. so he invited him in. that's why nobody is talki inin about george ramos rights being
5:06 am
trampled. watching that exchange reminded him of ronald reagan when he said i paid for this microphone. he said it rang that reagan bell, helps trump. i'm sure main stream media is upset about trump throwing the guy out. i felt the guy was grand standing. remember the caller guy interrupted the president of the united states and main stream media said he was heckling. when george ramos is doing, it it's simple questioning. to me it looked like heckling. >> it draws critique because you're talking about deporting and kicked a guy out of the room. >> they have to find a way to get hispanic voete in a way romney and john kerry were not able to do. they need numbers. i'm not sure that image helps him. >> i think the image shows he's
5:07 am
a law and order guy. there are rules at the press conference. if you're not following the laws, he'll bounce you. he did a show people got fired once a week. he brought ramos back, answered five minutes of questions. what do you think? twho's the winner here? >> facebook or tweet us. >> much better just dealing with issues. >> do let us know what you think. many the meantime, we say hello to ainsley who brings us details on a train. >> thanks so much. good to see you. details about the man accused of trying to release the train attack in france. the suspect's brother says the suspect had no ties to terror and had no money.
5:08 am
the suspect is faces terrorism and attempted murder charges. investigators say he watched a video about jihad before the attack. one of the videos who prevented the attack, an american, arrived home in california. now to fox business alert. stock markets bracing for another wild trading day. early signs are very good. dow jones futures up more than 250 point this is morning. this after the dow lost 205 points yesterday wiping out a 440 gain during the day. fifth day of losses in china. shanghai had gains most of the day but ended down 1.3%. new twist in the hillary clinton scandal. an e-mail sent by her aid back in 2011 contained classified information from three agencies. meanwhile, u.s. ambassador to japan, caroline kennedy, e-mail
5:09 am
also in question. a watchdog report found she sent sensitive unclassified government information on her personal account. they were arch enemies, but -- get it, the arch? the battle of the burger could be over for one day. burger king could team up to create a fast food lover's dream. it's a hybrid big mac and whopper combined. if you live in atlanta, it's good news. it's to promote peace one day. customers reportedly do not have to pay a dime. tho they have to agree to end beef with someone they know. mcdonald's has not commented. this is burger king's idea. what do you think? are you mcdonald's lovers or burger king? >> is it a sesame seed bun?
5:10 am
>> that's a good question. are there sesame seeds on both buns? i think there is. >> can you have a real burger piece without wendy's? >> you're right. what about the scare burger. >> most go to wendy's for the frosty. >> who? how do you know me? >> we're talking about them putting them together. everybody is going mcdonald's, your mood. >> this is the first time talking food on the show. >> thank you for that. let's talk about yesterday. little league world series is going on. curt schilling is one of the commentators. a year ago he took on cyber bullying going after his daughter for picking a certain college. that's where he made headlines. yesterday he made headlines for a tweet. here it. >> the tweet said this. it said only 5 to 10% of muslims are extremists.
5:11 am
in 1940, 5% were nazis. how did that go? >> he put that up and then apologized. espn has suspended him. is there a double standard? chris carter had this advice to rookies what's year. he apologized but didn't get suspended when he said, hey, you need a fall guy. watch. >> y'all not going to decide to do right thing. if y'all got a crew, you got to have a fall guy in the crew. i let my home boys know, y'all keep rolling like this, i need to know who going to be the fall guy. who going to be driving? y'all not all going to be the right stuff. if y'all going to have a crew, one of the fools have to know he's going to jail. we'll get him out.
5:12 am
>> even though the nfl told what you said to nfc, don't say the same to rookies. he did it again. >> he's encouraging criminal behavior. >> it was hooked up to the website. >> he hit rock bottom, what his story was. his advice. >> he's a perfect guy to do that. >> curt schilling apologized but got suspended. we asked what you thought. >> espn uses stats everyday to make statements towards athletes. kurts stating of the obviously gets him suspended. >> there are separate issues on my mind. when you talk about what kurt
5:13 am
shri curt schilling online. >> are you saying if he tweeted out what he gave in the seminar, that would have been zmircht. >> -- been different. >> he apologized for it. my husband works at espn. he's disciplined on social media accounts. he keeps talking about sports. that's what he's supposed to do. >> 13 minutes after the top of the hour. the agency that loves to blame big corporations for ruining the environment. when epa accidentally poisons the river, things go differently. wait until you see how the agency is trying to cover that up. a 10-year-old boy lost in the rugged mountains more than a day reunited with his family.
5:14 am
that boy surviving by what his father taught him. we are joined with that incredible tower next. ♪ ♪ (wolves howling) when heartburn comes creeping up on you. fight back with relief so smooth and fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. tum-tum-tum-tum-tums smoothies, only from tums. don't eat pasteurized processed cheese food. it's only required to contain 51% real cheese. with sargento 100% real natural cheese slices, a patty melt becomes more than just patty. ham unites with its better half. and a club sandwich becomes part of a club you definitely want to be in. real cheese people would never eat a slice
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5:18 am
tears, hugs, relief as this 10-year-old boy from utah is reunited with his family. lost for nearly 30 hours as temperatures dropped into the 30s. malaki bradley has his father to thank for less sons that kept him alive. malaki and his parents join us now. thank you all for being here. i can't say i've seen something that moving really when you have a boy returned to his mom and dad after being out there. danny, you're hiking with malaki. you realize he's not with you any longer. just describe that moment for us. >> yeah, um, really concerning. just knowing how vast, how big -- calling for him and he's not calling back. we can reach really far with our yells. he must have been pretty far
5:19 am
within 30 minutes. >> sure. malaki, i'm looking at you now. we're all so happy you're safe. how did you survive? it was so cold. how did you know what to do out there? >> i didn't really, but i knew i needed to some way keep warm, and so i did. i hid inside some rocks and used body heat. i got warm. >> did your dad teach you that stuff? >> kind of. >> yeah. >> i just knew. >> it's so early. you had a rough weekend there.
5:20 am
we're glad you're back. mom, i see -- >> sorry. >> no sorries there. you did a great job. there are grown-ups that couldn't do what you had to do. mom, are these guys going out camping any time soon again? >> definitely. >> really? >> definitely. really. i think that malaki is smarter and danny is more concerned than ever. they're going to definitely be back on the trail. they'll be safer than ever. malaki is never going to come up missing again. he's definitely going to not stop being an adventurer. that's for sure. >> he did a great job. excellent survivalist out there. mom, maybe you'll go on the next trip to make sure. what a rescue. credit to all those people that spent time looking for you. blessing you're back with mom and dad.
5:21 am
good work bud. >> thank goodness. i'd be on the next camping trip for sure, helicopter mom. bob massie has the tips to help you next. you're selling the mitchmobile!? man, we had a lot of good times in this baby. what's your dad want for it? a hundred and fifty grand, two hundred if they want that tape deck. you're not going to tell your dad about the time my hamster had babies in the backseat, are you?! that's just normal wear and tear, dude. (vo) subaru has the highest resale value of any brand... ...according to kelley blue book ...and mitch. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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5:24 am
hi. quick headlines now. a teacher hailed as a hero after a teen holds 29 hostage at a high school. the 14 is-year-old held a loaded pistol on classmates. the teacher kept him calm two hours until he surrendered to police. he's in custody now with charges on the way. water contaminated with deadly chemicals. epa is blocking the release of critical documents related to
5:25 am
the gold mine disaster in colorado. officials say quote disappoints but not surprising. imagine if we tried to cover that up. steve in. >> it would be in the blogs brian. a family walks away from a mortgage handing the keys to a bank. the house was not foreclosed. the bank asked the family, can you move back into the house even though you can't afford it? this increasingly common situation. host of the new show "the property man." bob massie, good morning. >> good morning. how are you? this is a story you're featuring this weekend. >> yes, it is. a couple was in a house and were basically having trouble making mamt payments. >> why were they moving out? >> they said enough is enough. i don't want to put up with it
5:26 am
anymore. they said we're gone. they left the house. after they leave the house, they find out there's people living in the house. >> squad rants went into the beautiful house. next thing you know the bank or whoever owns the paper on it says hey, we know you can't afford the house, but can you move back in? why? >> they wanted them to protect the collateral. the bank has the right to go back in and change the locks. they said get your butts back in. we have trespassers in there. they moved back in anticipation that the bank is going to work with them to try to save the house. when in fact, that's exactly what is not happening. they've been trying to mediate and get issues resolved the last couple of years. still to this day, they can't get anything resolved. >> how often does it happen
5:27 am
these days? >> happens a lot. the one message i try to send people on "property man" and "fox & friends" when we cover this. any time you vacate a home, any time you file bankruptcies. we talked about zombie foreclosures. go back, check and see if in fact that house was taken out of your name. in this case, these people have tried to mediate under the law in our state. to this day mediation gets put over and over. they finally moved out of the house. they said you know what, take the house. you know what you can do with it. we are finished with you people. the house still has not been foreclosed on. >> this is the problem. when the housing market was going to heck in the hand basket. so many took the keys and three them in, walked away. it comes back to haunt you.
5:28 am
"the property man" airs here on the fox news channel. we'll be watching for you. >> thank you buddy. if the president won't take out isis, i know one family that will try. >> they came out and said, every military member needs to watch out because we're coming for you. we're marines. we're going bring the fight to them. >> the family of marines on their way to take out isis terrorists. we'll tell you what we know about them. they may not be able to talk, but dogs have stories too. the owner giving these adorable pups a voice joining us live for professional dog day. ♪ ♪ a rolls! ahh! they're ready! make summer awesummer with totino's pizza rolls. and get a free movie ticket when you spend $10. every time you take advil you're taking the medicine doctors recommend most
5:29 am
for joint pain. more than the medicine in aleve or tylenol. the medicine in advil is the number one doctor recommendation for joint pain. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil
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5:31 am
all right. welcome back. we've had a really busy wednesday. >> we sure have.
5:32 am
we're going to say hello to ainsl ainsley earhardt who's going to make it more busy. two men wearing afghan army uniforms opening fire in the military base. both shot and killed. nationalities not released. this is the third attack of its kind in this year. tour americans were killed in the previous two attacks. this comes two days after a nato convoy was attacked killing three troops. she was the star in the first gop debate. carly fiorina may not make the stage for the next round. the former hp ceo is coming out hard against the debate selection process going against polls for july when carly fiorina was near the bottom of the pact. >> cnn rules are particularly
5:33 am
good especially since they go all the way back to mid july. but you know what, i don't have any impact over the rules. and i think that's why people are losing trust in the media. >> carly fiorina plans to get as much face time with voters ahead of the debate. justin wilson just saved six lives by donating his organs. his brother stephan revealing the news on twitter saying with this #giftoflife. justin saved six lives today. he just keeps setting the bar higher. keep julia and girls in your prayers. wilson is the first indy car driver to be killed since 2011. a texas woman is struck by lightning inside her home while she was doing what we all do, sitting on her sofa. >> it was so fast. it pushed me back into the couch like that.
5:34 am
god, please don't lets me die. i can't breathe. i just got truck by lightning. >> she says a huge bolt of lightning came through the window, surged the tv box and hit her. her arm was numb, but otherwise she's fine. those are your headlines. >> she's probably lucky she was sitting on the crouch and not grounded. that would have been hair raising. >> she's great. we're going to toss outside now to maria. what's going on with the weather? >> reporter: beautiful weather in the northeast. we have sunshine. highs as cool as 60s in parts of new england and low 70s across parts of great lakes region. again, starting out a little below average especially this time of year out there. meanwhile, across parts of the plains, temperatures summer-like, 90s and tripleckot.
5:35 am
across parts of the tropics, very active out here. tropical storm erika, maximum sustained winds 45 miles per hour. it has intensified. the track is somewhat worrisome. it's many days out. talking about impacts to u.s. come early next week. a lot can change before then. it looks like the storm will bring impact across parts of the caribbean islands puerto rico and leeward islands producing heavy rains, strong winds and eventually could threaten the bahamas. we'll keep you updated. now back inside. it's national dog day. one author is celebrating releasing a book capturing pictures of our furry friends. jones is the author and is photographer of dog years faithful friends then and now. she joins us with ladybug. >> are those professional dog models? >> they are not. >> they look like models.
5:36 am
>> they did a very good job with their photo shoots. >> the book looks great. >> thank you. i've been photographing dogs 20 years. my own dog lily passed away. i had photos of her over her lifetime. it made an impact seeing her age through the years. i decided to call old clients and see if dogs were still around. >> look straight ahead. there's eight months and 15 years. >> that's my girl. so she was the inspiration for the book. >> he is also a dog in the book, right? >> yes. that's caden and brody when they were younger. caden grew up passing brody. >> my impression is when dogs get out of puppy age, they look the same, but they don't. >> everything drops. they get gray. >> they need a lifestyle list.
5:37 am
>> maddie and ellie then and now. >> yeah. they got in the same position which was wonderful. brisco grew a beard. >> wonderful. was that your intention to take pictures of dogs and 15 to 20 years later take pictures? >> not at all. i did portraits and went back and did them again. i got on the phone and called people and said do you have that dog i photographed 15, 20 years ago. >> tell us about that dog on your lap. >> this is ladybug. i found her on instagram. i follow foster dogs nyc. i fell in love with her and picked her up.
5:38 am
>> new book called "dog years." thank you. z >> you're welcome. it's available online, autographed copies. >> perfect element to add. thank you. >> thank you. they rioted the streets and burned ferguson to the ground in certain neighborhoods. one judge handing get out of free jail cards. peter johnson jr. explains that next. "the view" got brand new hosts. elisabeth is not going back. someone else is. joy to the world.
5:39 am
you premium like clockwork. month after month. year after year. then one night, you hydroplane into a ditch. yeah... surprise... your insurance company tells you to pay up again. why pay for insurance if you have to pay even more for using it? if you have liberty mutual deductible fund™, you could pay no deductible at all. sign up to immediately lower your deductible by $100. and keep lowering it $100 annually, until it's gone. then continue to earn that $100 every year. there's no limit to how much you can earn and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509.
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call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. the problem with the iran nuclear deal is that it would increase the high likelihood of the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the region. saudi arabia, egypt, t. let's not forget that iran is the largest state sponsor
5:41 am
of terrorism in the world. the deal will increase the likelihood of terrorists getting a hold of a nuclear weapon. so, that's why we need a better deal. we've got quick headlines for you now on this wednesday.
5:42 am
carmax recall roul et. 13% of cars at two connecticut dealerships last year had recall notices but still labeled quality certified, available to buy at that particular location. meanwhile "the view" getting a make over again. that show bringing back that woman and making new additions starring "full star" candice bure and faris. the city has seen violent protests. the department of justice investigation into the police department and municipal courts. remember? >> this investigation found a community that was deeply polarized. a community both policing and municipal court practices were disproportionately harmful to african-american residents.
5:43 am
>> we are going to use all power we have to insure that the situation changes there. >> does that include dismantling police force? >> if that's what's necessary. we're prepared to do that. >> wow. now ferguson municipal judge ordered withdrawal of all warrants issued before 2015, affecting nearly 10,000 cases. is this amnesty arrest warrants in ferguson? is this going to make people safer and smart senater. >> i don't know if it makes people smarter and safer. there's overwhelming evidence of minor municipal code violations. what they've done in that jurisdiction, that town and city said we're going to throw out, give amnesty on all warrants for
5:44 am
any current traffic violations or housing code violations. you're not going to have to post bond or face jail. this is different than many jurisdictions in america. in a lot of jurisdictions, if you don't appear for a moving violation, you can be arrested at some point. they're saying that's out the window because there's disproportionate targeting in the community there leading to lots of confidence in the policing system in that jurisdiction. >> you know peter, it's not like we're saying look how peaceful things are now and how bad it was then. look at last weeks and knowing those people are now exonerated. >> it's type of community policing, a philosophy that says bail is punitive, bail punishes certain communities in the
5:45 am
united states and not effective. what they're going to do now with regard to ferguson, give new court dates, set up payment plans, set up potential community service in place of jail. they're going to eliminate funds. they're taking away arrest warrants older than five years. on top of that, we're reinstating certain driver's licenses. the question is what is this really about? is federal government putting the hand in the state of missouri and say well you have a problem in that community, we couldn't get indictment on the hate crime. we've looked at the entire police department and the criminal justice there. it's wrong and targeted african-americans. that's what they've done. in one way, this could be a dish for the rest of the country. if they do this with ferguson, it could be nationwide.
5:46 am
>> they could. it's a political solution. if obama administration had their way, they'd do it in a lot of cities across the country. future plans are up to next administration in terms of how this goes forward. it puts into play what is the important justice in our society? should people be held to account for violations of law whatever race they are? i think one of the quieter situation, the obama administration didn't want more riots in ferguson. they said this is one way to quiet a community. is it long term solution for better policing in the country? no. these type of phony arrests and highway violations, that's wrong. is this right? >> we're about to find out this very much has to do with race. thank you peter johnson jr. i want you to stick around if you
5:47 am
can. we have an obstetriacle course. football season is here. elisabeth and i go head to head to find out who's team is more fit for this upcoming season. let's go to see what is coming up. >> who's more fit? it ain't you pal. >> don't turn on me. >> little angry. >> just like trump aren't i? >> i'm out of here. rick perry loses a top supporter amid report his presidential run is on a death watch. we'll talk live to the governor about. that. there's trump, yet another dust-up with a reporter, this over immigration as trump claims hispanics love me. you may want to check those polls mr. trump because they don't. we'll talk about it coming up top of the hour. (trader vo) i search. i research. i dig. and dig some more. because, for me, the challenge of the search...
5:48 am
is almost as exciting as the thrill of the find. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we rebuilt scottrade elite from the ground up - including a proprietary momentum indicator that makes researching sectors and industries even easier. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours.
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5:51 am
it's that time. college football season is about to kick off. fox sports is is literally hitting the road with anticipation of opening drive tour. how fun. >> this morning they have stopped by "fox & friends" bringing the buzz and drills putting elisabeth and brian to the test. >> one of the best in the business, play by play guy. gus johnson is here to tell us about the much anticipated kickoff game, utah and michigan. welcome. >> thanks for having me guys. >> a lot of years man. >> what a pleasure. how fun. what can we expect this year? opening game september 3rd, michigan travels to utah. we'll hear you. >> that's right. what's important is this is going to be jim harbaugh's first game on fox sports 1.
5:52 am
>> the michigan quarterback. >> as you moe wears his khakis. michigan jim harbaugh look alikes with the khakis. it's the khaki look. you know what i'm saying? we talked to him. he said it's okay. >> you put his pants on a bus? >> that's right. i saw him at practice the other day. he had on khakis and sweatshirt. it's 90 degrees. he's ready. coach harbaugh doesn't talk a lot. he feels he's got a good team, a lot of tal eent and they'll tur it around. >> i think brian can do anything he wants to do. >> tell me about it gus. >> you can tell he's been training. he's in shape. very fit. 30 inch waist big size.
5:53 am
>> 28. >> all right. he's ready to go through drills. >> we're going to do high knees. >> you moe about this game, don't you? >> for some reason, i think you know about football. >> you and i stand here. we need to thank the iron dukes for squaring off. and cleatus. >> that's right. >> i am going to take elisabeth. she's fit, looks quick and has experience. i think there's some people in her family that know a little about the game of football. >> just a little bit. >> brian and helisabeth. three, two, one. action. >> tucks the football, high need, gets over the dummies, spins, into the end zone. look at elisabeth.
5:54 am
fires. got it to go through. >> brian, nice looking toss. >> very nice. >> just kidding. >> gus, what's better about the upcoming season? >> we have a great schedule especially kicking off with michigan and utah. seeing harbaugh and utah. last year ranked in top 25. they have a terrific leading man in their head coach. very aggressive physical. did as the season goes on, schedule on fox sports 1 for college football will get better. >> going to be like any other season, any other sport. >> what a great season we have ahead. mainly because we have you. >> you're too kind. >> you bring excitement to everything. where does that come from, voice, cadence, passion? >> i'm a loud guy from detroit that loves sports. i can't believe they pay know do this. every time i step in the
5:55 am
broadcast booth, i'm on bonus coverage. it's really fun. i love my job. thank you. >> got to get you out there. >> he's toured the sports department. this is fun. hard to believe it's already college football time. and action. elisabeth and brian. >> hut, hut, hut go. . look at her. great knees. great knees. brian looking athletic as well. he spins to get there. the fire. go one more. elisabeth has got a great arm. how about that? high five. >> coming up, this is not the suspect officers expected to run into. the story behind the ultimate bear hug. "fox & friends" live are from the gridiron in two minutes. ♪ ♪ before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain,
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well, we'll call this ultimate bear hug. a denver police officer carries a baby bear to safety. police and wild life officials found and tranquil xized the bear in in someone's backyard. michael vick signed a four year contract as the team's backup for roethlisberger. even at his age he has unique mobility. >> i like your style gus. now this. a group of firefighters spotted mowing a lawn after
6:00 am
responding to a medical emergency. the homeowner had a heart attack mowing the lawn. the first responders finish the job after taking him to the hospital. how about that? and the harbaugh look alikes. wear your khakis. thanks very much. gregg: this is a fox news alert. we are just getting news that in virginia two television journalists have been shot and killed during a live broadcast. we are told this is an active shooter scenario at the scene which likely means police are still on the hunt or have corners or having some interaction with the shooter. we have no knowledge whether the shooter is down. breaking news, two virginia television journalists shot and killed during


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