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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  August 26, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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emergency. the homeowner had a heart attack mowing the lawn. the first responders finish the job after taking him to the hospital. how about that? and the harbaugh look alikes. wear your khakis. thanks very much. gregg: this is a fox news alert. we are just getting news that in virginia two television journalists have been shot and killed during a live broadcast. we are told this is an active shooter scenario at the scene which likely means police are still on the hunt or have corners or having some interaction with the shooter. we have no knowledge whether the shooter is down. breaking news, two virginia television journalists shot and killed during a live broadcast
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in moneta, franklin county, virginia. in the meantime new reaction from donald trump after having a reporter tossed from his news conference in iowa in what has become a major dust-up over his immigration plan. jorge ramos was escorted from that news conference. heather: at the moment it was heated when jorge ramos started asking donald trump about his immigration plan. here's what happened. listen. >> who've next? >> i have a question. >> sit down, you weren't called.
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sit down. go ahead. >> you weren't called. gregg: that reporter was eventually let back in. trump did and his questions. trump talked about it today with no apology, no backing down. >> he was totally out of line. i was being asked a question by another reporter and he stood up and started ranting and raving
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like a madman. most newspaper reports said i handled very well. he was totally absolutely out of line. carl, you were there front row when this went down. >> reporter: the first question came to me and i asked it. then he went to chip reid of cbs. but trump identified reid as the next question. ramos got up and started asking his questions. trump signaled to one of his security guys making it clear he wanted jorge ejected. then reporters started asking a series of questions whether he thought he handled the situation
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well. and he said i'm happy to have him back. it's not the first time donald trump has argued with reporters. univision has a huge audience in latin america. this is going to have some fallout. when in trump got back, they had a lengthy exchange and it was very clear trump was frustrated. watch. >> here is what we are going to do. >> are you going to bring the army? >> we'll do it in a humane fashion. i have a big he heart than you do. the one thing we are going to start with immediately are the gangs. you do agree with that?
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we have tremendous crime, we have tremendous problems. i can't deal with this. >> reporter: trump showed strength, argumentativeness, willingness to stand his ground. a lot of voters love that, others take a different view. gregg: two virginia television journalists were shot and killed in virginia this morning just a short time ago. they were conducting a live television interview with their station wdbj, channel 7. it occurred during a live broadcast. you could hear shots and that
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sent the journalists ducking for cover. we have gone to the website and it has not been reported yet on their own website wdbjchannel7. a forrable, violent situation in virginia. you see the map. two television reporters shot and killed during a live broadcast. it happened in the plaza area where they were doing an interview. heather: i was looking at the information via twitter. the video has been posted there. you can see the beginning of it, then it stops after you see shots fired at the female reporter who was standing there interviewing a subject. a portion of it.
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you can see the photographer who was shotting the interview at the time, it appears he dropped the camera because the camera end up on the ground, then it stopped. gregg: always a risk doing live television or even live to tape out in the open. sometimes security is provided, sometimes not. we have no indication this would have been a situation in which security was needed. but we are seeing a terrible outcome to a live television reporting in which two journalists have been killed. they are allison park per and allen ward as they were doing a live interview. allison parker and adam ward
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doing their job. suddenly a gunman he mornings and begins firing. they were struck and killed during a live broadcast. we don't have any word on the shooter. we are told it's an active shooting situation. but that report may be a bit dated. it's unclear. heather: we don't know if they are looking for one shooter or possibly two shooters. the victims, their ages, allison was 24 years old, adam the photographer was just 27. gregg: let's turn to ted williams a former d.c. homicide detective. this is such a sad story to report, journalists out there doing their job and somebody
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opens fire tragically. >> it's a very tragic incident and a very confusing phase at this point because clearly first of all we don't know what the motive, we don't know what, were the two reporters targeted? whether ther. they were interviewing were the target. but as it pertains to this scene, law enforcement is trying to determine of course how many shooters. again as i said, what was the motive. i can tell you the work of reporters, i don't think you in the public realize at times how dangerous his working be. just recently myself and give -d
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griff jenkins with gretta were in ball moral and we were the target of a riot going on. so it's a very dangerous situation. as i said, in virginia we have a very, very confused scene. gregg: if you are just now joining us, 10 minutes past the hour, some tragic news out of virginia, two television journalists doing their job during a live broadcast were shot and killed by an unknown gunman. it's unclear if he's still at large or has been cornered. but the incident happened on a live broadcast. shots could be heard, and the reporter and her source duck for cover. you could hear screams.
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the station is saying the reporter, allison parker, and the cameraman died. they were in their 20s. heather: it appears she was interviewing people about tourism. you hear the shots fired initially and you see allison attempting to run away, and you see the camera drop to the ground, presumably that was the photographer holding the camera at the time. their ages just 27 and 24 years old. gregg: we can't say whether it was a targeted shooting or the gunman was targeting either of those journalists. female reporters in the past have been stalked, they have
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been harmed. one comes to mind who was killed by a stalker. that's a possible scenario. the other would be it was simply a crazed, random violent gunman who decided it's live television, i think i'll open fire. it's horrific. megyn: it's affecting wdbj7. we want to go to rick leventhal. >> reporter: we don't have a lot of new information at this hour. these two people, allison parker and her photographer adam world were doing a live shot in moneta, virginia when a gunman opened fire and killed them both. we don't have a lot of other
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information about why they might have been targeted, whether it was a shooting of opportunity, that they were standing there and this person wanted to shoot someone, or whether this person may have had a beef. we have seen that with people had an issue with a particular news station and wanted to take tilt out on someone representing that organization. there was a shooting, a tragic shooting of a reporter and photographer, and as you two well know, when you are pout working in the field you are often completely unprotected. you are standing there with a camera not paying attention to your surrounding. there are times when we are out there and are concerned about our safety because we are alone and exposed in many cases. gregg: we are getting a couple more details. allison parker, 24 years old, and it was her photographer, the
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other journalist, were engaged to be married which adds another layer of tragedy to this story. if you are law enforcement it adds another possible question as to whether or not they were engaged, if the shooter knew them, might be angry over it, that would be a possible scenario they want to run down. but all we know is two journalists are shot dead. they were engaged to be married. heather: there was a third person on the scene also standing in front of the camera. do we know anything about the subject being interviewed. >> reporter: not yet, i haven't gotten that information. but allison parker had gotten
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new job and she was planning to move on very soon, and her fiance, apparently, the cameraman was going to move with her. this was a young reporter who worked in this market in roanoke, virginia, and was planning to move to her next job in another market and her photographer was going to go with her. now the two of them have been shot and killed. gregg: just a short time agoat general manager of that television station had this to say to the audience. >> it's my very, very sad duty to report that we have determined through the help of the police and our employees that allison and adam died this morning shortly after 6:45 when the shots rang out. we do not know the motive, what he do not know who the suspect or the killer is, we do know
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that the franklin county sheriff -- i just got off the phone from them and the state police -- they are working very diligently to track down both the motive and the person responsible for the deaths of these two young journalists. i can't tell you how much they were loved by the wdbj7 team. they were both in love. we'll talk about it more with other members of the team. our hearts are broken and our sympathies go to the staff and the parents of adam ward and allison parker who were just out doing their job today. gregg: that's the general
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manager of wdbj channel 7 break the news to his audience, an audience that likely well knows these two journalists or at least one of them on camera. allen ward behind the camera as a photographer engaged to be married. 27 and 24 years old. she was moving on to another job. having worked in local news you can adjust to the fact at a station it's very close knit. everybody is close to everybody else. so it has to be heartbreaking. heather: as well as the community who happened to be watching this. they appear to have close ties to virginia. adam graduated from salem high school, and graduated from virginia tech. allison attended james madison
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university. they had friend, possibly relatives watching at the moment. i can't imagine what they are going through right now. gregg: let's go back to rick leventhal. >> reporter: a little more back ground on allison parker. she was just 2 years old. the morning reporter at wdbj 7. she was a former intern. she worked in a north carolina bureau. she graduated from james madison in harrisonburg in december of 2012, and learned the ropes of journalism in the media arts and design. she learned how to produce newscasts at whsv, an abc affiliate in harrisonburg. in her spare time she likes to whitewater kayak and play with
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they are parents dog jack. allison parker shot and killed this morning at bridgewater plaza in moneta, virginia, along with her photographer and fiance adam ward. just a tragic situation. gregg: we are going to continue to cover this breaking news story. two journalists shot dead live on television. we'll be right back. you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybe the better question is, why do you have that insurance company? with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light.
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screen on wdbj, roanoke, panel 7. two journalists are dead. they are alison parker and adam ward, engaged to be married. we'll not play videotape of the shooting. how we'll show you a screen grab of the moment just before the shot rang out. and here it is. alison is on the left, alison parker, 24 years old. she is interviewing someone at a shopping mall or shopping plaza called the bridge today per -- the bridgewater plaza. and they were doing a story about tourism. not something inflammatory that might anger somebody how irrationally. but a gunman approached and shots rang out. you could hear screams.
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the camera drops the at one point in time. we can assume the cameraman was adam ward her fiance. but we can't say that for sure. the general manager did deliver a statement to viewers on camera saying how heartbroken the newsroom is that these two individual were in love and they were beloved by those in the newsroom and viewers as well. let's go to rod wheeler who is standing by. rod, your thoughts on this? >> this is obviously a tragic situation. but let me share with you what law enforcement is doing as we speak. they are trying to figure out if this was a random or targeted shooting. that's the thing investigators initially try to find out. that will help us determine hot shotter or shooters are or were.
6:25 am
they want to know if a recent news story alison reported on got this person upset. then the other thing, what are some of the family relationships? i understand that alison and adam were even gained. was there someone else in the background who didn't like that? as investigators we are trying to figure all these questions out trying to determine who these person or persons are. gregg: we are getting different information, they were even gained but not to each other but to other people. that stand in contrast to what the general manager said in his statement on television. he said they were in love. we assumed that meant to each other. but if our information is correct they were engaged to other people.
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>> this is a fluid situation. that oftentimes happens. you start getting information from different people. as far as law enforcement is concerned we look at each and everyone of these possibility. what type of weapon was used? the type of weapon someone would use to go hunting in that area zpl that area where this tragic incident took place is right outside of roanoke, virginia. it's just off highway 81. a nice area, typical lisa quiet area and not a lot of crime. heather: a big piece of evidence is this video. you can hear the weapon being fired. that will give them a clue. i am being told now, if you slow
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this video down and watch it in full there is a portion of that video where you can see someone who is possibly the shooter in this incident. how much will that help investigators? >> that's got to be very significant, heather. the investigators are going over that video tooth and nail probably taking still shots that image you just talked about of that individual. they are starting to show that around in that community. someone down there knows who this person is. that's what the investigators are going to try to figure out and hopefully this morning they will be able to figure out who this person is. gregg: two television journalists in roanoke, virginia shot and killed during a live broadcast.
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gregg: talk a tragic incident live in roanoke, virginia, two journalists, one is a photographer on the right-hand side, adam ward, and alison parker a 24-year-old on-camera reporter during a live broadcast at a shopping plaza. shots ring out. both are now dead. we won't show you the videotape which can be seen on the internet. but we'll show you the screen grab of the moment just before 8 different shots were heard on that camera. you can hear the reporter screaming, duck for cover, trying to get away. the camera then drops the that one point in time and shortly after this incident as viewers were watching horrified at what unfold on live tv, the general manager had this to say to his
6:32 am
viewers. >> it's my very, very asked duty to report that we have determined through the help of the police and our employees that alison and adam died this morning shortly after 6:45 when the shots rang out. we do not know the motive, we do not know hot killer is, we do know that the franklin county sheriff, i just got off the phone before that with the state police, they are working very diligently to track down both the motive and the person responsible for this terrible crime against two fine journalists. i cannot tell you how much they were loved, alison and adam by the wdbj 7 team.
6:33 am
they both were in love and we'll talk about that a little more with other members of the team here. and our hearts are broken. and our i am a thinks go to the staff and the parents and familiar hill of adam ward and alison parker who were just out doing their job today. gregg: they were both out doing their jobs. they were both engaged. earlier reports that they were engaged are wrong. they were engaged to other people. their journalism careers and lives cut short today, live on television. the gunman is still at large. law enforcement diligently searching for him. >> reporter: at least three different law enforcement departments on scene trying to track count suspect, whoever that suspect is.
6:34 am
and a perimeter lockdown from what i understand at this hour. rick leventhal has additional information. >> reporter: i watched the video. anyone who has seen sit will have to be shocked by it. it's horrifying. she is standing there. she is interviewing this woman. it's quiet at this location, which appears to be a mall, bridgewater plaza on the water. very quite. there is no one around except a man with a gun. you hear him fire several shots, the woman is screaming and alison parker the reporter falls and adam ward the photographer shot and killed. the atf investigating the shooting. we don't have any information about a possible suspect but when know they are searching for
6:35 am
the shooting suspect. those two sheriff's departments and the atf and there may be others involved in the search as well. alison parker was dating an anchor at the station wdbj. the adam ward was engaged to a producer. alison had gotten another job and was preparing to leave and adam was considering a different career, and both were cut down at an early phage. we have no idea if they were targeted for some reason. but these two were work at bridgewater plaza in know moneta, virginia doing a live shot when someone opened fire,
6:36 am
killed them both. heather: you looked at this video as well. i know we have to find out what happened to that person. now there are elements of the video. if you slow it down, you can see a photo of a person holding a gun and pointing it towards the camera. it's very clearly visible in this video. did you see that when you watched the video? >> the quality of the video i watched looked like someone show it off the tv screen using their phone. so it wasn't as clear as it will be for investigators. we can also report that chris he
6:37 am
tweeted, we were together 9 months. we wanted to get married. it was the best 9 months of my life. alison and i were very much in love. i am numb, he wrote. heather: eight shots fired. you can heart reporter screaming and running away. the teen county school system there. the bedford public schools are on what is being referred to as a perimeter lockdown until further notice. what else do we know about the specific area in terms of what's being done. businesses in that area? what do we know? >> reporter: no idea. it's an unfortunate circumstance. it's a horrible set of circumstances. people get shot and killed every
6:38 am
day. this had to happen on live television. heather: you can speak from first-hand experience. you have been in the thick of things. you have been on the scene after story no doubt concerned about your own safety. >> reporter: it happened too many times to count but most often it happens where you would expect it to happen, in a war zone. where people are armed and shooting at email other and there are missiles and rockets being fired and munitions being launched and you are taking cover. you don't expect it to happen on a morning at this beautiful location at smith mountain lake. this is not the kind of thing you would expect to happen, but it does happen. unfortunately it happened this morning. heather: a beautiful place, bridgewater plaza. talking about tourism and what a
6:39 am
beautiful place it is and getting more people to come out there. this is not what people expected when they headed out to work this morning. >> reporter: federal law enforcement officials telling fox the f.b.i.'s rich monld field office responded. the f.b.i. is participating in the investigation along with the atf and the franklin county and bedford county sheriff's department. that. five agencies at least trying to determine who fired the shots that killed this cameraman and his reporter. heather: you can add to that the department of gameland fisheries as well. >> reporter: the f.b.i. is
6:40 am
involved as a potential terrorism link. gregg: we are going to continue to follow this tragic story. two reporters, two journalists in roanoke, virginia gunned down live on television. alison parker and adam ward. it happened a short time ago this morning. in the meantime we are keeping an eye on the big board on wall street. the dow jones has had huge swings. threw see lots of green arrows. the dow jones up 362.
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heather: a fk * at this hour. -- a fox news alert. we are just learning an increased presence is being put around local tv stations in the
6:44 am
new york area. perhaps due to what happened in virginia this morning. two virginia television journalists shot and killed during a live broadcast. those journalists, a report and photographer, they worked at wdbj tv. alison parker was just 2 years old. adam ward was 27 years old. at least 8 shots were fired in the incident. this happening in moneta, southeast of roanoke in virginia in what was described as a shopping mall just after smith mountain lake. suspect is on the run. it's an active shooter situation. two people killed in this incident and they continue to look for the suspect.
6:45 am
gregg: wdbj 7 have been updating their website and we are getting new videotape of the scene. there it is. this is about 5 miles from row -- this is about 25 miles from roanoke, virginia, the bridge water plaza. the interview was about tourism. an early morning broadcast. the gunman is out there somewhere. the f.b.i. is now involved. howard kurtz is in washington, d.c. this is so heart wrenching and tragic. live on television. ing two young journalists gunned down. >> reporter: absolutely horrifying that it played out on live television. it's and remind per as we learn
6:46 am
more details of their lives and how they were planning on getting married. local reporters take a lot of risks covering shootings and fires and neighborhood disturbance. they are out on the streets every day, no security. exposed to anybody who wants to walk up to them. what makes this one mistyifying and maddening is we have no idea why they were targeted. when you are out on the streets not necessarily in a war zone or riot zone, you are exposed to risks we might take for granted. gregg: most of the time we are on the beat and people are gracious and kind and they couple and want to chat. but now and again somebody will emerge who is utterly belligerent and it can get dicey, whether they are just a crazed person or angry at some
6:47 am
story you have done. but sometimes reporters do work in fear. and it's one of the things that goes along with the job. obviously riskier situations, war zones. heather: we do not know the motive in this yet. the circumstance just having to do with these two individual, something personal. something personal to the television station. maybe a story they covered. but the f.b.i. is involved in the investigation and nypd more than likely as a result just announced they have increased security at local television stations here. talk about the importance and the role that the media has in trying to disseminate this situation but at the same time maintaining calm. >> it would be easy for the press to jump' on this and create a sense of panic shooter.
6:48 am
this is very, very serious. i know law enforcement is swarming that area near roanoke, virginia. but it's a reminder that this is a seemingly -- somebody will decide if you are a symbol of the media or establishment get hostile man this case with fatal consequences. gregg: we are going to continue to follow this breaking news story out of roanoke, virginia. two journalists gunned down live on television this morning. we'll be right back, and we'll be talking to governor rick perry about his presidential campaign. don't go away.
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heather: a fox news alert. we continue to follow for you, gunfire erupting at a virginia television station. alison parker, a reporter, adam ward, a photographer. eight shots rang out. the suspect is still on the loose. the gunman is still on the loose and they are actively looking for him. gregg: a political battle for the border and immigration reform. the current front runner donald trump taking jabs at jeb bush in iowa saying the former governor those nothing about immigration. here is how mr. bush respond. >> mr. trump's plans are not ground in conservative
6:53 am
principles. it will cost hundreds of millions of dollars, it will violate people's civil' liberties and cause friction with our third largest trading partner. gregg: governor, i'm sorry we'll have to cut this shorter than we anticipated. we had some breaking news the last hour. donald trump claims you are part of the problem on immigration because he says you failed to secure the border. your response? >> let me just say i have been watching along with the rest of americ event that occurred and our prayer are with the families of those deceased and friends associated with this. the media plays such an important role in our country. i hope everyone keeps them their prayers and thoughts today.
6:54 am
let me address this issue of the border. nobody has dealt with it more than i have the last 14 years. i was the governor of the 12th largest economy in the world with a 1,200 mile border. the idea that a candidate for the st i would think it's a state's responsibility to secure the border is bizarre to me. that's the federal government's responsibility. that goes to the cause of a lot of issues we have in this country. a lot of academic debates occurring. securing the border, and you do it with personnel on the ground and in the metropolitan areas and aviation assets from tijuana to brownsville. this idea that you can build a wall and jeb bush is correct, the cost, the time, the maintenance of that is not reality. governors have to deal with
6:55 am
reality. gregg: a real clear politics poll average has you with a scant 1.3%. you probably suave the headline "rick perry death watch is on." even your top aides are conceding this may be the continuing of the ends. is it? >> we'll continue to go to iowa and new hampshire and south carolina. that's where the election will get decided. i remind people in temperature 2007, rudy giuliani who was a celebrity, rich candidate led the polls for a year until florida came around. this is about staying focused and disciplined, talking about the issues, talking about the record, not rhetoric. that's what americans will be looking for. not rhetoric.
6:56 am
gregg: we apologize we had to cut this short. >> thank you all for what you do in keeping this country on the proper path. gregg: thank you, governor, appreciate it. heather: that breaking news we continue to follow for you. a horrible incident coming out of southwest virginia. moneta, specifically. wdbj tv lost two of their own and it happened live on television this morning. shot. alison parker was just 24 years old. she was the reporter on the scene interviewing someone at the time. and adam ward, the photographer, just 27 years old. this was all live. in is some video. on the video itself you see the photographer drop down and you also hear the other victim
6:57 am
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gregg: violence and tragedy unfolding live on television this morning on the television station wd b.j. channel 7 in roanoke, virginia, two journalists doing a live broadcast, there they are. gunned down by unknown shooter. allison parker, cameraman, adam ward. alison interviewing somebody about tourism outside of roanoke. picturesque place. not a lot of people around. live television. a gunman emerges, fires eight
7:01 am
shots. you hear her screaming, trying to duck for cover. here is a statement by the general manager to the viewers this morning. >> it is my very, very sad duty to report that we have determined through the help of the police and our own employees that allison and adam died this morning shortly after 6:45, when the shots rang out. we do not know the motive. we do not know who the suspect or who the killer is. gregg: well, alison's boyfriend, chris hurst, tweeted out the following. she was the most radiant woman i ever met and for some reason she loved me back. she loved her family. her parents, and her brother. i am comforted by everyone at
7:02 am
wdbj7. we were a family. she worked with adam every day. they were a team. i'm heartbroken for her fiance. it was the best nine months of our lives. we wanted to get married. we just celebrated her 24th birthday. we didn't share this publicly. but, she and i were very much in love. we just moved in together. i am numb. go back to rick leventhal, who is covering for this live for us. rick? >> reporter: gregg, the video is shocking and horrifying. it is video about tourism at this mall which is empty at 6:25 in the morning. you hear the shots ring out. you hear the woman being interviewed screaming. reporter allison parker, is shot and killed. the cameraman is shot and killed. the camera falls to the ground, as it is falling, you see the gunman, what we believe to be the gunman. that is video that no doubt the
7:03 am
fbi, the atf and the franklin county and bedford county mission and virginia state police analyzing very closely. it captures image after man who appears to be wearing a black pants and blue top, holding a handgun. looks to me may have a beard but not clear. again a screen grab from video shot bit cameraman as he was shot and fell to the ground. this happened, again, at bridgewater plaza near smith mountain lake. you see there on the screen. it's a picturesque area surrounded by water. this in moneta, virginia, 25 miles southeast of roanoke, where the station, wdbj7 is located. allison, 24 years old, dating one of the station anchors. it was her last day producing that morning show. they were planning to celebrate.
7:04 am
but instead they are in mourning because of the senseless murder of these two people. again, several agencies, including fbi, atf, state police along with county police are investigating the shooting. they have not identify a suspect publicly. we don't know if they know who they should be looking for. whether this was a targeted attack or random at dach but there is an ongoing search for the gunman in this fatal shooting of two journalists this morning. heather: rick, we're getting additional information now at least being reported by the roanoke times. if we bring that picture up again of interview as it was taking place. the woman who was being interviewed at time in the white, her name is vicki gardner. she was being interviewed. she was shot and wounded according to the "the roanoke times." she is in surgery after being shot in the back. she is executive director of that area, smith mountain lake regional chamber about commerce.
7:05 am
you mentioned water there. there is actually a water park there on the scene. so, this is a light feature type story. these two individuals went to go cover. definitely not a situation as you mentioned, you've been in the middle of war zones. that is where this possibly could happen. this should not happen at a scene like this. >> reporter: well, that is something that law enforcement will no doubt be looking at very closely. why would these two have been targeted? was there some personal beef between the shooter and the photographer or the reporter? was there some history there that needs to be examined? or was this simply a random act? heather: rick, i wanted to ask you one more question about the fbi being on the scene. if you could talk a little bit more about that why they would be on the scene? we got word short time ago, nypd in new york city is picking up security around television stations here. >> reporter: they're stepping up police presence. nypd confirming stepping up
7:06 am
police presence around new york city, television stations. that is a natural response anytime there is an attack on any group, the nypd will step up its presence at affiliates to try to protect against copycats. the fbi typically gets involved in cases where there could be a terrorism link, or where skills at crime scene investigation could be advantageous to locals. typically happens when local agencies will call in the fbi. we don't know there is any obvious terrorism link but that is something we have to look at these days. heather: we'll check back with you as the story unfolds, the terrible situation that happened in southwest virginia. thank you. gregg: the gunman is still at large. law enforcement and several different agencies including the fbi are involved in the manhunt. let me turn to rod wheeler, who is obviously an extended career in law enforcement. rod, so how do you piece
7:07 am
together the evidence? first and foremost i would imagine you want to locate some eyewitnesses, somebody who might have seen the shooting, or, seen the gunman running away from the crime? >> that's right, gregg. this area where this unfortunate shooting took place this morning is actually an area that has a lot of people in it. it is a very busy area. there was a lot of traffic in that area. now the first thing that the investigators are going to try to take a close look at, i can assure they have already done this, is that video. and i actually just watched video as well. you're showing picture of it now on the screen. i can tell you that that suspect, he walks up very slowly, gregg, and he pulls out this weapon. almost appears as though he already has the weapon in his hand. he is dressed in all black. which to us as investigators, usually sign of somebody about to do something criminal. especially by the way this guy is walking, it appears, again i'm looking at video itself, it
7:08 am
appears he specifically targets the reporter, allison, the other woman standing there as well, she was hit, then he turns weapon on camera man. investigators are working diligently if anybody can recognize the guy. the picture is on internet, the suspect, around whether or not there is any rerace correlation between this guy, the news station, maybe even someone else in that area. gregg: if somebody saw him, for example, go out to the parking lot, get in a car and flee, a description of that car would be incredibly helpful? >> oh, absolutely. you know what? like i said, this area, and this is so important for the viewers to note, this area is a heavily populated area because it's a busy area. it is kind of early in the morning, there are gas stations in the area, investigators, homicide investigators and fbi are getting video from the fast stations, from the businesses down there.
7:09 am
if anyone saw anything that looked suspicious, they need to get on the phone and dial 911 and give that information to the authorities. >> rod, this is heather. you mentioned coverage happening on social media. on social media this video almost instantly was posted. almost instantly after that, there were screen grabs of the suspect. how careful to people have to be first of all when looking at this, this information is coming out so quickly but then secondly, how helpful is it to investigators? >> that is an excellent question, heather, and here is why i say that. a lot of times people look at screen grab someone, oh, it looks like this person or looks like that person, give that information to the police. don't sit around think, maybe it is not that person. it will be extremely helpful because somebody can recognize this guy now. like i said the other interesting thing, after the shooting, heather, this guy, appears he slowly walks away. you don't see him running in the
7:10 am
video. very short video clip. anything that anyone has, any information they need to definitely turn that over. one other thing i learned from my sources is that several fbi agent from the richmond office of the fbi are on the way. some have already arrived but they're on the way, including the fbi ballistics experts. heather: these young folks shot dead today. their whole future ahead of them. allison parker, 24, attended james madison university. ward he was 27, adam ward. he attended or graduated from virginia tech. our hearts go out to all the folks today. >> that's right. this also may have been a disgruntled worker there from what i'm hearing. we don't know, there is a lot of speculation. this is very fluid. main thing right now, heather that citizens can assist law enforcement agencies trying to determine who this individual is so they can quickly get him off the streets. gregg: rod wheeler, thank you
7:11 am
very much. stand by. we have many more questions as we continue to follow the manhunt underway by several law enforcement agencies and the fbi. a gunman, dressed in black, pulling out a weapon live on television, an outdoor broadcast and gunning down a television reporter as well as her cameraman. police are now looking for that gunman. we'll be right back with more of our coverage.
7:12 am
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gregg: alison parker, a 24-year-old reporter in roanoke, virginia, was just doing her job this morning, live on television. her cameraman, adam ward, behind the camera. they're live on television. she's interviewing a woman, there it is, just moments before tragedy struck, about tourism, something quite innocent. there are people milling around the bridgewater plaza there, about 25 miles outside of roanoke. suddenly shots ring out. and her smiles turn to screams. alison runs away. she can be heard saying, oh, my god. she falls to the ground. the camera drops. and the cameraman is shot. all the while, television viewers are watching this unfold. as the camera drops to the ground it does capture what
7:16 am
appears to be a fleeting image of the shooter. that person wearing black pants, a dark top, and appears to be holding a hand gun. and, there you can see the image of it. we can not confirm that this is the gunman but upon, if you isolate it and zoom in, you can see the gun, and we can't say this is the gunman but what are the odds that somebody else with a gun somebody else with a gun is there and captured on camera? you can draw your own conclusions. virginia governor terry mcauliffe tweets, heartbroken over senseless murders today in smith mountain lake. state police on the scene working with local law agencies to capture the subject. that's where we are. law enforcement trying to find the suspect. the gunman, the fbi, is of the very. let's bring in fox news media
7:17 am
analyst howard kurtz. you know, howard, most of the major television networks, especially those in new york, do have security details around the building, increased police presence. seems to be out and about at all times. but once reporters, sort of leave the building, they're exposed, they're at risk. >> when reporters go out on the street anything can happen, even as in tragically in this case when you're not expecting it. in a smaller market station like roanoke, wdbj, you can't expect to have high security measures. and i was so struck not just in listening to the tweets, for example, from alison parker's boyfriend, loving tribute pouring in, apparently the family atmosphere at the station but imagine the plight of the station where the top executive had to go on air and tell viewers that these two people had been confirmed dead, the shooting played out live on the airwaves, to cover local important story, two beloved
7:18 am
members of your team, your phamly, your corporate family, just a very, very difficult situation adding to the heart break. gregg: as a reporter, you never want to be the subject of the story. you want to get the story, and the story is about something or someone else. you don't want to be the story. the moment this crossed the wires initially by reuters news service, and then by associated press. i went immediately to wdbj's website there was nothing about it. it is very hard to cover yourself and at the same time not only inform the viewers but news staff. it is fairly small newsroom. i worked in local news, small and medium markets both. it is pretty close-knit. when something like this happens, my lord, people have to continue to do their job amid their tears and try to report on themselves. >> that sometimes is the challenge of journalism. you're shocked, you're numb, you're grieving. you don't even have all the
7:19 am
details and yet you have the responsibility to go on the air and piece together what you can. gregg: yeah. one well remembers, you know, the worst moment in many journalists life was 9/11. i happened to be on the air live when it happened. it is shocking to your spencabilities. you can't believe it is unfolding that buildings are actually falling. people before your very eyes are dying. >> or journalists in new orleans lost their own homes trying to report on devastating effects of katrina. you know, a lot of people don't like the media these days and i understand why, but the media are also people like these two young journalists in their 20s. we ought to remember that. gregg: yeah. howard kurtz. howie, thanks very much. adam ward, alison parker, lost their lives this morning live on television. the gunman is still at large. heather: we will continue to follow that story after this break. we do want to show you again a
7:20 am
screen grab, just a moment from the live video as it played out this morning there in southwest virginia. this possibly the suspect involved in this crime that left two individuals, two young people with their entire future ahead of them dead. those two television journalist, adam ward, the photographer, 27 years old, and alison parker, just 24 years old. she was the reporter at the time, at the scene. this affecting wdbj7 in monita, that is in south west virginia, 25 miles from roanoke. active search underway right now. several law enforcement units involved including the fbi trying to find the suspect, the person responsible which may be seen right there. the suspect behind the shooting. we will continue to follow this story right after this break. so stay with us. 's hurt,but thel still be pain.
7:21 am
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heather: breaking news we continue to follow for you at this hour. some additional information involved in this shooting that left three people shot, two of those dead in southwest virginia. apparently according to the governor there, governor terry mcauliffe, they have identified the suspect. the suspect said to be a disgruntled employee and they are actively searching for him. so once again the suspect at least at this point has possibly been identified as a disgruntled employee. what happened? well, it was this morning t was a live broadcast. during the live television interview, you can see the reporters standing there. she was shot. the photographer behind the camera, he was shot. 27 and 24 years old.
7:25 am
alison parker, and adam ward, both dead as a result. and also the person who was being interviewed there, vicki gardner, she was shot. she is being treated in a local hospital after being shot in the back. we will continue to follow this story and we'll do so right now with retired police detective steve rogers. thank you for joining us. i know you've been watching all of this unfold for us. first of all, what are your thoughts in terms where investigators are right now? >> well, what's very important now, they have what can lead them to a motive. you have a disgruntled employee. what they're going to do now is comb over every bit of his social media, if he has it, computers. was anything posted? did he speak to anyone prior to this? they will focus in on talking to a lot of people, a lot of associates of this individual. obviously his work place. that's where they may find a motive. let me add this because you've been talking about it, and it is a point that should be made. what a wake-up call to the people of this country to
7:26 am
understand your job as reporters and as news people. how dangerous this is for you to get us the news. so you know, heart goes out to you all and us why unfortunate and horrible it happened this morning. that needs to be said. that needs to be said. heather: okay on on the opposite side of the camera as gregg has mentioned, several others, rick leventhal, you never want the story to become about you. these two individuals just out there doing their job, a story that was a light topic, talking about tourism, bringing it to this area, water park there, at the scene. this particular spot, and the person that was being interviewed there with the tourism group, never expecting anything like this to happen. this wasn't a war zone. this was a light feature story this morning as these two individuals. in fact it was her last day on the job, was today. and now they're both dead. >> and you become targets.
7:27 am
look, we've all seen news reporters out on the street and these nuts, these, crazies come up there and make remarks and grab the microphones. i think those of us as viewers, you know, we look at this, we say, well that is part of job. we learned something today. how dangerous your job is. look, i've been a police officer 38 years. i'm expected to go into danger. you're not. so what a wake-up call. heather: lieutenant rogers, at this point though, the reports that are coming in, one from governor mcauliffe there, saying the suspect is believed to be a disgruntled employee, if that is the case, not some random person coming up to them on the street. we do have a screen shot of the individual that we believe may be the suspect in this shooting. i don't know if you've had a opportunity to see that as well. this unfolding live on television, there was video as it happened. you could hear the shots ring out. eight shots in fact. so when investigators are moving
7:28 am
forward, to try to resolve this case and find the suspect, they had a lot of evidence right there. >> well, they do. there may be more out there. this is another. you know this is the age where people have cell phones. they videotape everything. you may have video footage in the mall, around, in the area that the shooting took place, around that area. so anyone that may have been there could have been simply videotaping these reporters doing their job. they may have critical and crucial evidence on their phones. so, it is important that the police go out and find these people. that's very important. >> yeah. i mentioned this earlier. if you could just speak to this as well, in this world of social media, we get armchair detectives, people sitting at home, watching social media, pulling out different incidents and trying to solve the crime very quickly themselves, how does that hurt or help the situation? >> well, they come to a lot of conclusions based on little or
7:29 am
no information. it could hurt. when people make phone calls to the police, without any substantial information, look, all the information is important. but you know when people are trying to be armchair detectives, it leads police now paths they don't need to go down, a lot of manpower, a lot of money, time put into this investigation. heather: seems they know the suspect at this point. gregg: steve, gregg jarrett. let me throw in the latest information we just got. governor terry mcauliffe on radio station, saying they have not only identified the subject, a suspect as a former disgruntled employee, they know where he is. they're chasing him right now. there is a chase going on. and the governor says, an arrest is imminent. that is the latest information we have. meantime senator tim kaine has issued a statement. here it is. there are no words to express our heartbroken i am by the senseless tragedy in moneta this morning. my deepest sympathies go out to
7:30 am
the loved ones of alison parker and adam ward as well as the entire wdbj family. i ask everyone to join me praying for vicki gardner, who was seriously injured in this attack. all the local authorities and first-responders are working to find the perpetrator of this horrific crime. but again the latest news we're getting from the governor of virginia, terry mcauliffe in a radio program, saying they know who the suspect is. they're chasing him right now, and that an arrest is imminent. and that he is indeed a former disgruntled employee of that television station, channel 7, wdbj. on the right-hand side of your screen, reporter, alison, just 24 years old, alison parker, adam ward, 27 years old. both were engaged to be married to other people.
7:31 am
on the left-hand side of your screen. that moment just before the eight shots rang out and woman in the white coat is in surgery, having been wounded, reportedly in the back. alison and adam lost their lives this morning live on television. we'll continue to update what is going on and the manhunt as the governor says, an arrest is imminent. and that authorities are chasing the gunman.
7:32 am
7:33 am
7:34 am
heather: fox news alert. breaking developments we continue to follow here. shooting that happened in southwest virginia, live on the air, left two people dead. reporter who was at the scene, alison parker, 24 years old, she is dead. the photographer, adam, he was also shot dead, adam ward. he was 27 years old. the individual who is being interviewed there in the white, she is in the hospital apparently shot in the back.
7:35 am
the latest information though is that we know who the suspect is. that coming from the governor of virginia, terry mcauliffe, saying that the suspect is a former disgruntledded employee and apparently a chase is underway right now. he is in a vehicle and is being chased by police and, as you heard gregg saying earlier, the governor believes an arrest is imminent. let's bring in david lee miller for any additional information we've learned at this hour as it continues to come in by the minute. david lee? >> reporter: that's right, heather. one of the things that bears repeating this is a crime that took place on live television about 6:45 this morning. the crime itself happening, as thousands were watching. it happened just outside of roanoke, virginia, in moneta. it happened at a shopping mall. this tv station doing a live interview with a woman who is believed to have worked for the local chamber of commerce there. she has been identified as vicki gardner. she was apparently shot in the
7:36 am
back. she is now in surgery at a local hospital. the dead, 24-year-old alison parker, a reporter at the tv station. she had been dating a anchor at that tv station. there were eight shots that could be heard during the live broadcast before they cut back to the tv studio, heather. then off-camara, we actually hear someone say, oh, my god. the mandating alison parker, anchor at the tv station, sent out number about tweets this morning. one of them saying quote, she was one of the most radiant women i ever met. for some reason she loved me back and loved her parents and wroter. photographer killed, 27-year-old, adam ward, was engaged by the tv producer at the station. this was supposed to be the last day of employment for the tv producer at the station. adam ward, the photographer, told friends, i will get out of the news business.
7:37 am
i'm going to do something else. today of course, he was tragically killed just a short time ago. the governor, now saying that they have identified the suspect, former employee of the tv station. so far though, no known motive as why this shooting took place. heather: general manager saying that adam was the go-to guy. the anchor alison was dating saying simply, i am numb. we'll check back with you for additional information. right now gregg has some more. gregg: well the governor, who is providing a lot of information and obviously getting a direct update from law enforcement says, the chase of the suspect is now happening on interstate 64. so there may be some news helicopters in the region who are looking for that chase on interstate 64. the gunman identified as a former disgruntled employee.
7:38 am
we don't know if he quit or was fired or what the beef may be with the television station but let's turn to mary ellen owe teal, former fbi criminal profiler. the governor saying an arrest is imminent. police are chasing the suspect on interstate 64. they may have already closed in on him for all we know. we don't have our own chopper in the sky at the moment but what are your thoughts? >> well, what happened at that shooting scene i think is really very important. this man was not just out roaming around looking for somebody to shoot at 6:45. so he had to be aware of the reporter and the cameraman's schedule. so, that suggests to me then that the victimology of these people will be extremely important. and it is even possible that the fiances of both of those people
7:39 am
will be kind of at the center of the motivation for why this person did that. so that becomes really important. very high-risk shooting, very high-risk for the oaf spender. so you have to say why would somebody do that, shoot somebody on live tv? because it is very sensational. he wanted that kind of sensation. we'll know why we actually they actually, arrest him and hopefully interview him. i think there is likelihood he could suicide as well. gregg: let me talk to you about this a little bit more. he wanted sensationalism by doing live on television so he chose that particular moment. he knew where they'd be. maybe as you say he knew their schedule. as a former disgruntled employee he would be privy to that kind of information. but what about anger? it takes a lot of rage to gun down two people you know in cold
7:40 am
blood. again the key word may be disgruntled, he was mad about something. may be mad at them. they worked as a team. maybe they had an argument in the newsroom that led to being terminated. these are just some of the scenarios that i think law enforcement would probably look at, mary ellen? >> yes. they would be, but it is not really rage. rage is behavior where the person is yelling and screaming and. this person, if he was in fact disgran he willed employee terminated sometime ago, he was brooding over being terminated. he was brooding over being whatever it was that motivated him. gregg: yeah. >> that is more of an injustice collector. so people would have looked at him and not seen that the anger that was inside. so it is slow brewing determination to act out this
7:41 am
way. gregg: right. thank you. mary ellen o'toole, if you could, stand by for a bit more. the governor saying suspect being identified is being chased on interstate 64. you see a picture of a gunman caught on camera moments after the shots were fired and the camera dropped and cameraman was killed. that is probably among the best of the leads that may have led police to this suspect. so we're going to pause and take a quick break. heather: we are. the governor saying that an arrest is imminent. it could happen at any moment. we'll be here to bring that to you when it happens. let's show victims once again. we have three shot in this incident that happened around 6:45 this morning in southwest virginia, live on the air. alison parker, 27 years old. she attended james madison. lived most of her life in virginia. allen ward, 24, attended virginia tech. woman who was being interviewed at the time, vicki gardner,
7:42 am
suffered a gunshot to the back. she is in the hospital right now. stay with us. did you know that good nutrition
7:43 am
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is critical for brain health? brain food, hmmm. ensure has b vitamins that help support brain health - now that's smart nutrition. ensure's complete balanced nutrition has 26 vitamins and minerals
7:45 am
and 9 grams of protein. ensure. take life in. gregg: we continue now, our late-breaking details on the horrific shooting that occurred live on television in roankoke, virginia. those two individuals, too young journalists, were gunned down on television this morning during an interview. now, according to the governor, the shooter who is at large at the moment, is a former disgruntled employee, who is being chased on interstate 64, chased by police. here's the governor, a short time ago, terry mcauliffe, talking to top -- wtop radio. >> they are right behind him. they have the license plate. obviously they're being very careful. obviously we know he is armed, so i think the colonel of the state police and will let me know that, appropriate time, should be very quickly, he will be in custody. >> what do we know about who he
7:46 am
is? >> all we, we believe he is a disgruntled employee of the tv station. as i say, this is not some terrorism act. this is an issue, a disgruntled employee. so unfortunately probably knew both of the victims and this was a deliberate -- they were doing a live broadcast at the bridgewater marina. they were interviewing the head of economic development talking about bringing tourism to the submit mouth taken lake region. a region i know well. i was jaws there two weeks ago. that is region where we rent waverunners and ski boats. such a beautiful area. this is such a tragedy. gregg: there is governor terry mcauliffe talking about the bucolic setting where this shooting took place live on television this morning that claimed lives of two young journalists. the governor seems to have the best information of anybody. head of the state police has been keeping him informed as if
7:47 am
he is almost, getting a blow by blow description from law enforcement saying that they have the license number, they're behind him. the suspect who in a car, they're chasing him at this hour. heather: i keep thinking about all the individuals there who were watching this unfold live on television this morning at 6:45 in the morning. kids getting ready to head to school. standing there with their parents, people eating breakfast. this happens. these two individuals have close ties to that community. they weren't just working there at that television station. alison, she lived most of her life there in virginia and she graduated from james madison university and then you had adam ward, he graduated from virginia tech. so, you would assume that they have friend possibly family who were watching this unfold. and then of course all the individuals who worked with them back at the television station itself. and then, to find out right now that it was possibly a former
7:48 am
disgruntled employee, a former employee, that worked with them. so it has to be hard for a lot of people today. we also want to mention the individual as we've been saying, vicki gardner, as she is being interviewed, talking about tourism, trying to get people to come to this area where a water park is. lots of stores. she was also shot, sh back, and is now in surgery at local hospital. gregg: as we mentioned, the gunman is in large right now, according to the governor short time ago on radio describing a chase that is going on now on interstate 64, that we can't confirm that it is still taking place, or that it is taking place on 64. it may have merged into a different direction. we don't know if it's a high speed chase or a low-speed chase. of course we've seen them all. but, so far no chopper video, live shots taking place right now as law enforcement,
7:49 am
including the fbi, have given chase to the suspect, described by the governor as a former disgruntled employee of the television station, wdbj, channel 7. when we come back, as we continue our live coverage of this tragic shooting in virginia we'll once again be talking to a former fbi profiler about how law enforcement closes in and captures the gunman. we'll be right back.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
>> it is my very, very sad duty to report that we have determined through the help of the police and our own employees that alison and adam died this morning shortly after 6:45, when
7:53 am
the shots rang out. we do not know the motive. we do not know who the suspect or who the killer is. heather: but apparently that has now changed. we continue to follow breaking developments here on the shooting that happened in southwest virginia live on television. the governor, now saying that the suspect is known and there is pursuit underway right now. that is possibly an image of him, from the live broadcast, that was captured. being told that he is a former disgruntled employee. so apparently at this point they do know who he is. they know where he is. and they are in pursuit. we want to bring in, one of our experts, mary ellen o'toole. she canned talk to us a little bit more where we stand at this hour in the investigation. we learned a lot, as this unfolded we learned a lot very
7:54 am
quickly. talk to me more about the suspect in this case being a former disgruntled employee and the danger of him either taking his life, or, or causing suicide by cop. >> i think those are two very strong possibilities but and here's what they're looking at right now. this guy is probably not a career criminal. so he has never been in this situation before where he is just killed two people. he is being pursued by virginia state police, federal law enforcement. but it is hard to predict what his behavior is because he has not been in the situation before. if he had any drugs or alcohol, his risk for, his level of impulsivity and risk go up quite a bit. he is not, he is not pulling off to the side apparently. they're still having to chase him. so the police realize what they have and, i think there is a very good chance when they do stop him, and they will, they
7:55 am
realize that he is going to either try to shoot them or try to get the law enforcement to shoot him. heather: probably why the slow pursuit. we don't know what is in his head right now or what he is planning, but we do know what he did allegedly this morning around 6:45 this morning because it was on live television. fired eight shots and killed these two people. also, we're being told that the photographer was shot first. and then the reporter there on the scene. does that tell you anything more about a possible motive, if you were profiling this situation? >> i actually am surprised that the photographer was shot first. and, i would have expected the woman reporter to have been shot first. so that may suggest that the camera person was the victim, was the targeted victim. and they will have to look at that it also could be because the offender is not a good shot. but they want to also look at who suffered the most damage,
7:56 am
that also gives them insight into who it was that was, shooter was actually targeting. but it is also going to be important to really study the background of these victims. and what i mean by that is, were either of, did either of these victims have any negative interactions with this shooter. heather: of course, that would be one of the first things they look toward. we'll have to wrap it up. we appreciate your insight. once again what happened in southwest virginia unfolded very quickly around 6:45 this morning. two people shot dead and a third injured in the hospital at this hour. suspect known and on loots. we'll be right back. ng online... as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners... were just as simple? thanks to angie's list, now it is. start shopping online... ...from a list of top rated providers. visit today. diis critical for brain health?n brain food, hmmm. ensure has b vitamins that help support brain health
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>> tragedy unfolding on live television. two journalists gunned down as the cameras was rolling and viewers were watching. gunman is identified as a former employee. he is on loots according to the governor in virginia.
8:00 am
police are chasing him on interstate 64. this has been our top news story throughout the last couple of hours. "happening now" will pick up our live coverage right now. have a good day. jenna: we do pick up the breaking news. fox news alert. two young journalists shot dead during a live television broadcast in virginia this morning. a manhunt for the killer happening right now. we have live coverage. hi, everybody, i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. three hours ago the killer opened fire on live tv with wdbj7 reporter, alison parker who just celebrated her 24th birthday and her cameraman, adam ward, 27. both died at the scene. vicki gartner, who was the one being interviewed was also shot. she is in scourgery this morning. no word on her condition at this time. the governor of virginia says suspect has been identified as a disgruntled for


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