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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 26, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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police are chasing him on interstate 64. this has been our top news story throughout the last couple of hours. "happening now" will pick up our live coverage right now. have a good day. jenna: we do pick up the breaking news. fox news alert. two young journalists shot dead during a live television broadcast in virginia this morning. a manhunt for the killer happening right now. we have live coverage. hi, everybody, i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. three hours ago the killer opened fire on live tv with wdbj7 reporter, alison parker who just celebrated her 24th birthday and her cameraman, adam ward, 27. both died at the scene. vicki gartner, who was the one being interviewed was also shot. she is in scourgery this morning. no word on her condition at this time. the governor of virginia says suspect has been identified as a disgruntled former employee of
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the television station. police and fbi agents are pursuing gunman who can be seen in a snippet of the video as a result of the cameraman dropping the camera during the live shot. david lee miller joins us live in new york. he has very latest for us. >> reporter: jon, this bears repeating this is crime that took place on live television, 6:45 this morning. as you points out, appears the shooter himself was captured during this live broadcast. now, here's what we do know. at this hour as i speak to you, according to governor terry mcauliffe a chase is now underway on i-64. it is believed the shooter is a former employee of the television station. not clear why he was motivated to open fire. according to the governor, a short time ago, he said that law enforcement is right behind him. they are being careful, and that they know he is armed. now, two people have been
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killed. at least one wounded. the dead, 24-year-old alison parker. she was a reporter for tv station wdbj. she was doing a live interview when suddenly shots rang out. if you listen to the live broadcast, there were at least a total of 8 shots before the live shot ended. and the anchor in the studio, a very confused, distraught anchor, tried to make sense of what had just happened. off-camara, jon, you can hear it said, oh, my god. jon: this is governor terry mcauliffe of virginia speaking live about the shooting. let's listen. >> i assume, very soon we'll have an arrest of the suspect. >> can you tell us anything about the suspect at all? >> all we know, word is he may have been a disgruntled he will employee. that's all we know at this point. >> this is breaking news story. you say that on a program
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unimaginable. someone said to me, you know, unfortunately it is not unimaginable. it can happen anywhere at anytime. >> i find it unimaginable that poor victims lives could be taken out doing their job, talking about economic development and bringing folks to smith mountain lake and this tragedy occurred. this breaks your heart. think of families and so many friends and coworkers impacted by what happened today. >> you were very cautious saying that the law enforcement, state police, franklin county, are all trying to handle this as safely as possible so there won't be any other injuries. >> we know that the suspect is armed. we want to do this in peaceful manner so nobody else is hurt or involved in the situation. we have the best law enforcement. they will do it and bring the suspect into custody in a peaceful way. and protect lives of other individuals in commonwealth of virginia. >> governor, why are guns continuing to get into the hands of people who shouldn't have them? >> i continually raised this issue. twice i have brought legislation before the general assembly.
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twice i have asked we have background checks. twice now they have rejected background checks in the commonwealth of the as you know this year, out of general assembly, i had to veto a piece of legislation that allowed individuals to buy machine guns in the commonwealth of virginia. i had to veto another piece of legislation that allowed folks to carry loaded shotguns in their cars. now that is a tragedy. we have incidents in the history in virginia, a state trooper came up on a scene, loading the car on to wrecker and shotgun went off and state trooper was killed. i had to, those two piece of legislation actually passed our general assembly. i'm trying to bring common sense idea. i'm a gun owner. i'm a hunter. goes through background checks. takes five minutes, hand the license over. run the data. there are individuals in this country not to be allowed to own a firearm. to me common sense and just tragic this kind of legislation can not be passed and signed into law. >> governor, thank you for
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talking with us. we alter your schedule at this moment. do you have any anticipation you -- >> not at this point. i'm letting law enforcement do what they're doing. i'm in contact with colonel flaherty, head of state police and secretary moran. they need to do their job. they need to the got suspect. they know who the suspect is and need to bring i am into custody peacefully to protect lives. >> governor, do we know he is not a permit-holder or a crime background and not allowed to carry guns? >> at this stage i don't. >> i want to ask you about the new urban mobility study and talk about this very -- jon: appears governor terry mcauliffe is moving on to some other topics. we brought you held lines there in that live news conference. police in virginia actively pursuing the shooting suspects in the deaths of two television journalists, wdbj7, who were killed this morning while preparing the most innocuous of live shots on economic
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development there in virginia. we had to interrupt the report on this story from our david lee miller in our newsroom. let's go back to david and pick up that report where we left off. david? >> reporter: jon, one of the things the governor said, headline, if you will, that the authorities now believe that the shooter was a disgruntled employee of that television station. actually, in the video captured by the now deceased photographer there is a frame or two of the man who is believed to be the shooter. he is now being chased by police on i 6-64. according to the governor, they're right behind him. they're being careful. because they know he is armed. as for those who were killed as we were just mentioning, 24-year-old alison parker, there you see her literally seconds before she died. this is a still frame taken from the live broadcast before at least eight shots rang out.
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seconds before the live shots, and you can hear someone say off-camara, oh, my god. she was dating a anchor at that tv station. he sent out a tweet short time ago, chris hurst. i quote him. we were together almost nine months. it was the best nine months of our lives. we wanted to get married. we just celebrated her 24th birthday. now also killed, the photographer. he apparently was first shot, 27-year-old adam ward. he was engaged to a producer at that television station. he recently told a friend, i'm going to got out of the news business. i'm going to do something else. now tragically his life cut short. and the wounded, the woman who was being interviewed this morning, she is vicki gardner. she worked with the chamber of commerce. she apparently had been shot in the back. she worked with the tourism for smith mountain lake region. apparently she was being interviewed for very innocuous subject this morninged. that had to do with improving
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the economy ever the local region. it does not appear the subject matter this morning had anything to do with the shooting that took place and at this time it is not believed what happened was in any way connected to an act of terror. the television station, general manager, took to the air shortly after the shooting to say, quoting him now, jeffrey marks, this has been a terrible crime against two fine journalists. i can not tell you how much they were loved. and lastly, jon, this incident taking place in roanoke, virginia, having implications that extend beyond that region. just a short time ago john miller of the new york city police department, he is the deputy commissioner for counterterrorism and intelligence, sent out a statement saying that out of an abundance of caution, the nypd counterterrorism, critical response vehicles and hercules teams have been deployed to television stations in the new york city area. there is no threat to any media outlets he says, but, we provided additional layer of security until we have a fuller
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understanding of what took place a short time ago in virginia. and, repeating the headline at this hour, a suspect still remains on loots. authorities are in pursuit, at least two dead. television reporter, television photographer. and a woman, they were interviewing worked for the local chamber of commerce. all this unfolding on live television this morning, horrifying thousands at 6:45 and this story continues and of course if there are any developments i will get right back to you. jon? jon: again police apparently in pursuit of the suspect. they believe they know who that gunman is. david lee miller. stay on top of it for us. thanks. jenna: what is key getting suspect into custody? steve rogers, retired lieutenant detective for the nutley, new jersey, police department joins us now. steve, what is key at this moment getting the suspect into custody? >> what is key to get him alive. once they have him alive, jenna,
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they can question him and find out what the motive is. the governor talked about disgruntled worker. i hope that is the possible intelligence that the police received. they need to get him alive. they need to find out where he got the gun. they need to find out if he interacted with anyone before he committed this horrible, horrible act. this is what is important right now. obviously, as the governor said, they're chasing him. no doubt they will have their s.w.a.t. teams out, negotiators out, so they could talk to him if he puts up a fight. that is the key, get him alive. jenna: at this point do you believe they have made contact with him? >> oh, look i don't know. i hope they have and if they have they have got him surrounded but this is a very, very sick individual. he may want to go down with a fight and that would be a problem for police. jenna: if that is the case, that is the always the concern more people could be injured, innocent bystanders perhaps, how do you prevent that from happening? >> real easy. you take him out before he takes anybody else out. if he raises that weapon, starts firing it, the police will take him out if in fact he is killed,
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the police will have to depend upon their forensic investigators. they will have to look at all, and any social media devices he had. you talked about a video this morning, very important. that is a crucial piece of evidence. what about the videos we haven't seen? was there anyone out there with cell phones taping interviews that journalists were conducting? any videos of the shopping area? very important they pick this information up. it is interesting to see, if he spoke to anyone within the past week or put something on his social media that would lead one to believe he would commit such a horrible act. jenna: that is a good question we have, perhaps are to the general manager of the television station impacted, jeffrey marks. he will join us in 20 minutes for latest on all this. television crews have become leaner and leaner over the years. we only know of the cameraman and the on-air reporter at scene. perhaps there were other employees there as well. we know, vicki gardner, david lee miller mentioned her name, woman being interviewed, the
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latest we have on her she is in surgery because apparently she was shot in the back. that was information we had several hours ago. we hope to get an update on that. motive, steve, how crucial is that in this case? >> very crucial. did he know the victims and did he interact with them in the past let me add this, jenna, and this was mentioninged this morning itch to give kudos to fox that you brought this up. wake-up call to american people how dangerous your job as news people is. we take it for granted. you go out and do stories in harm's way all the time. what a wake-up call this morning, realizing at least in my own view of this, how dangerous your job is. we need to appreciate you work you do. jenna: certainly a lot of great work is being done really on local level as we can appreciate the team that was covering a local community of the at a spot where there are boat rentals and miniature golf talking about development in the area. i'm just getting new information by way of associated press, steve, this coming from the
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augusta county sheriff's office identifying suspect. this is first time we have name. 41-year-old vester lee flanagan ii of roanoke. we heard from the governor, disgruntled employee. we are making sure the suspect named seeing on the screen right now is the alleged shooter in the incident. steve, from this point on, how do you see this playing out? if he is still the suspect on the run how far can the chase go. >> it will go to the point where they will bring him in alive or they will kill him. right now, because they have a name, they can run the name through every single data bank law enforcement has throughout the country. believe me as we're speaking they probably know all about him right now. they know his psychological makeup. they know where he was. they know if he has a criminal record. based on criminal profile they
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put together that is how they approach him when they actually see him with their own eyes. jenna: as of right now for the television station that is obviously continuing to cover this, steve, is law enforcement already there speaking to those on site about again getting back to the motivation perhaps of this? >> no doubt about it. they're at the television station. they're actually, probably in the area where he lives, speaking to neighbors, speaking to friends. they may even go as far back as people that he went to school with. they need to know the mental makeup of this individual. and it is important to them, because it will reveal to the police, did he in fact speak to anyone or put anything on social media leading him up to this day? jenna: a lot of questions of course about gun control and guns. we heard governor getting those questions already. we're not having that conversation yet today until we know more about the suspect, steve and find out exactly what transpired here. thank you very much. rawls great to have your expertise, steve. >> you're welcome. jon: according to the augusta
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county sheriff's office, quoted by associated press the suspect in this shooting on live tv this morning 41-year-old, vester lee flanagan ii, of roanoke, virginia. a pursuit underway according to the governor. the latest straight ahead. you're here to buy a car.
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for a free quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. jon: again, a very sad story that seems to get stranger by the minute. a former employee or perhaps a disgruntled employee, current employee of a roanoke, virginia, television station now the suspect in on-air murders of a reporter and cameraman out doing a story this morning regarding economic development. there you see the reporter, was shot and killed. the woman she is interviewing in the white jacket, also was shot in the back, a leader of the local chamber about commerce. the cameraman also killed in this horrific and senseless murder this morning. howard kurtz, the host of
8:19 am
"mediabuzz" is with us. howard, you've seen many media events over the years, some of them terrible but rarely do they approach of horrific nature of this one. >> just absolutely heartbreaking, jon. and as the tweets come out and we learn more about these two young journalist is in the roanoke area. what a family atmosphere, two of them engaged at somebody else from the station. the station covering this in midst of its own tragedy is very, very difficult. a reminder, jon, to all of us, local reporters are out on the streets every day, they don't have security, sometimes covering police actions, fires, tense situations, they take a lot of risks we all take for granted. this seemed like you utterly routine interview at quarter to 7:00 in the morning and turned out to be ultimately fatal situation. jon: not only folks at station know the victims but apparently
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know the shooter as well. we're toldthe shooter is some one that worked at station as well. >> right. imagine shock and horror to cope with losing two of our colleagues and knowing somebody that was or is your colleague apparently allegedly responsible and having to go on air to report the story that your newsroom is at the center of. it is very difficult thing to do. i want to make one other point. fox took part of terry mcauliffe 's news conference. one of the reporters, we didn't even have the name of the shooter, said to the democratic governor, does it show that guns shouldn't get to people that shouldn't have them? we don't know that to be the case. i don't blame mcauliffe for answering question. he talked about his effort to get stricter background checks before the legislature. but can the press wait to get the fact before turning this story into one about gun control? jon: appalling story.
8:21 am
the governor said they are in pursuit of this suspect. we have been told he is vester lee flanagan ii, but they're also appears to be another twitter profile for this particular individual under a different name. again it is very he confusing, howie. when we are, you know, all of us in the media have been out there doing live shots. we've had scrapes from time to time but when this kind of thing happens, are we, we take it to heart because the television industry is such a small business, relatively small. a few thousand people, and you know, we're all affected by this because there but for the grace of god we go i, you know, that kind of thing. >> exactly but i can't imagine anybody in the america, what their profession watching this, seeing stories unfold about this 24-year-old reporter around 27-year-old videographer, not being touched and deeply
8:22 am
affected by this senseless tragedy. a lot of people resent the media. don't like the media. i understand that some of that is self-inflicted but media is also local reporters, local journalists like these who go out on the streets every day, sometimes without realizing put themselves in harm's way. it is a stark reminder that this can be a dangerous business, even if you're not anywhere near a war zone or a riot. jenna: howie, if you would stand by a moment. we're getting some news as well. as we mentioned to our viewers from the associated press we identified the name, at least of the shooter at this time. i will go ahead to pull that up because i make sure i'm having the exact name. vester lee flanagan. at the same time there is an interesting and new development to this story. we believe this suspect at this time, under a different name, using social media, using twitter, has posted video of the shooting taking place. we know this because we have been able to view this video,
8:23 am
although we can not confirm that the suspect and person on this twitter account are the same person. that said, the video is horrifying, and shows the view of the shooter, shooting the anchor, the reporter that is on the scene. and committing this crime. from what we see at this moment on twitter, it appears that the suspect is posting this video as we are on the air right now. so we're seeing pictures, we're seeing video. we're also seeing some claims about why the shooter, perhaps targeted these two individuals. jon: jenna, just as you have been speaking, twitter has suspended that account, that you have been referring to, jenna. we both have seen it. it is, if you will, cell phone camera shot from over the shoulder of the cameraman, looking at the reporter and the interviewee, and then, the gun comes up and you see the
8:24 am
reporter screaming and running away. this is not the shooting that was played for horrified viewers this morning in the roanoke area at 6:45. these are not the same images. this is actually apparently something the gunman himself took as he was taking the lives of two fellow human beings. jenna: clearly a different point of view and, as we continue to untaping gel the web of -- untangle the web of what this story is, i hesitate sharing some of these claims on twitter because we simply don't know at all at this time. this individual on twitter is talking about these two individuals, why he has gripes with them. at this moment, from what we know from law enforcement, the suspect is still being pursued and how he is being pursued and posting on social media we can't answer at this time. this is cing new for all of us, that the criminal, that murdered these individuals, is now attempting to tell his own story in live
8:25 am
time, using social media, with a record of all of this that has transpired this morning. let's bring back, david lee miller standing by. steve rogers standing by, former detective. steve, to you first, this is something we have never heard about or dealt with, live while covering a story. what is your reaction to a criminal doing this? >> when your staff told me this i was in utter shock and horror. i mean have we come to a point now where these criminals that are going to commit acts, atrocious as this, and film them, for the whole world to see? this is one sick individual. of course that evidence, that is now evidence what he put on twitter. i like what you said, jenna. it is very important before we jump to conclusions because we know the way social media is we get the facts. but on its face value, shocking. jenna: shocking. at this point is social media any help to investigators as the
8:26 am
suspect is still being pursued? i'm looking for a way that perhaps what is horrifying can be used for good, trying to bring this suspect into custody? >> yes, it will be used for good if the person, the suspect, the criminal, is captured alive and it could be brought before a judge or jury, et cetera. that will be good evidence. you know what? he is sending a message. he is proud of what he did. boy, like i said, that is a sick individual. jon: steve, he is not only sending a message to the station, if you will, he apparently targeted these two individuals, if these posts that we are seeing on this twitter page are to be believed, he targeted these two individuals specifically because of specific grudges he held against them. i guess that is no surprise. i mean when this thing first broke this morning i was under assumption that this was not going to be just some random guy with a gun who happened upon a
8:27 am
television crew. >> which leads us to this particular situation. did he have contact with them prior to this incident today? did he write letters? did he post messages on social media? that's why it is so important for the police to get the totality of information because in any event they take him alive, they will need all this to have very successful prosecution. you know what? my fear is he will plead insanity and we'll have a real problem on our hands. jon: i wonder what do you think about the prospect of taking him alive? he made it so obvious what he has done and that he is responsible, in my experience in the field you don't often find killers like this who are willing to face the justice system. they generally take their own lives. >> you're absolutely right and this might be what you call a death by police situation coming up very shortly once they get their eyeballs on him. he sent this message out. his so-called 15 minutes of fame
8:28 am
is up. you're absolutely right, this guy might be end by end of the day. jenna: we'll wait and see about that. vester lee flanagan is name of the suspect. posted on social media, video of the crime posted this morning about 6:45 eastern time. twitter suspended the account. we know video is out there to view. we'll certainly not air it. what you do see someone walking along looks like this balcony, this build-up balcony where there are shops, restaurants, miniature golf, boat rentals at a place of community involvement really. this is a community park, if you will where you can come enjoy the outdoors. the person walks through this balcony. you can see him approaching the cameraman and reporter. they don't look up. they don't even see anyone there from what you can tell. then the view shifts as the shooter takes the life of the two individuals you see on your screen, adam ward, and alison
8:29 am
parker. vicki gardner was also shot. she was the woman being interviewed. we're waiting for a status update on her, potentially her injuries. we understand she was shot in the back. here we are as we're approaching noon eastern time. much of the facts of this case haven't changed. certainly elements we have are new. we're getting different point of view of potentially the motive for the killer. the killer is still on loots and in pursuit of the kilter, fbi, state police, franklin county police. david lee miller is standing by covering the story along with us as we continue live coverage. david lee, your understanding of pursuit right now? >> reporter: we're getting conflicting information about the pursuit of the governor. there is not a pursuit, let, the
8:30 am
shooter in this instance recorded what took place, using apparently his own cell phone camera. there is something that he wanted this broadcast. wanted a great deal of attention. he was apparently there before the crew went live on the air but he waited until his heinous act could be broadcast and be seen by thousands. very quickly, jenna, i will mention, having been under fire in war zones, and in some ways this is not that different, when you're a television reporter and you're on the air as you know and jon knows, you are focused on one thing only, that is the camera. you're looking at camera. the photographer is looking through the lens. you have tunnel vision. you do not see what is happening around you. it is very possible and almost certain after viewing actual broadcast itself that the
8:31 am
photographer and reporter had no idea what was going to happen until the first shot rang out. jenna: absolutely. david lee, you mentioned their colleagues talk about them being best of professionals and certainly they were doing a report. they didn't seem to be aware of individual approaching. the no clear, one if that would make a difference. and, two, whether or not they would even know what to do at that point. very, this is so beyond what imagine what would happen during a live shot. i want to focus on what david lee reported, virginia state police says there is no active pursuit of the suspect. the suspect is tweeting from live media. there are conflicting reports. take a quick commercial break. try to understand the status of this investigation. we'll be back with more breaking news here on "happening now." did you know that good nutrition
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is critical for brain health? brain food, hmmm. ensure has b vitamins that help support brain health - now that's smart nutrition. ensure's complete balanced nutrition has 26 vitamins and minerals and 9 grams of protein. ensure. take life in. a fox news alert. we are told the name of the suspect in the shootings of these two individuals, a reporter and camera man, a ve vester williams to second. he was known to viewers after spending a year on the air going by the name of bryce williams. and that is according to reporting from several of the stations in the area, other
8:36 am
local media as well and according to his own by-line and information posted on his facebook page he has worked in other stations as well in north carolina, texas and in other places. he got this start in the san francisco market. bryce williams was his online name and he worked as a reporter at this particular station from about 2012-2013. vester flanagain is his given name. alison parker, 24 years old, adam ward, 27 years old were doing a live shot on television when the gunman walked up literally behind them and opened fire shooting them in the back and shot the woman in the white blazer you see who is a representative of the local chamber of commerce. she was just part of the story.
8:37 am
bob strang is here from the co-chair of the anti terrorism task force and joins us now. bob, based on the posting this guy has made on facebook and twitter, both have been suspended now by the way, it is pretty obviously what happened here. he had a grudge and beef against the station and also these two individuals. where do we go from here? >> the police are looking with the assistance of the fbi and atf at his social media and cellphone and pinging him to find out this location so they can get closer. they want to find out whether anybody else is involved. did he act alone? is this a conspiracy? anybody involved back at the station that is working there? there are so many questions coming up with active shooters and questions like this.
8:38 am
just on the investigation alone it will take time to sort it out. >> bob, stay was. president and general manager of wbbj is joining us now. his announcement that two of their own have been murdered this morning. we are in the business of words but there are no words to express our sympathy to you and your team on this horrifying event. what do the names vester flanagain and bryce williams mean to you? >> they are the same person. bryce williams was the air name and vester flanagain was his legal name. he was a reporter for us for about two years until he left at our request and before and after
8:39 am
the termination he made complaints he was mistreated and those claims were refuted. he was still in town. we knew this. he had into employees from time to time but no threats were ever reported. >> what is your reaction to him being named a suspect? >> you know what? the police have their job to do. we are trying to assist any way we can in the investigation so we are the victims in that way. as journalist, i would like to say i am surprised. i guess i am not. but you never expect this to happen. all of the cliches apply. senseless and all of the news
8:40 am
phrases we use to describe unfathomable killings. that is what this story is about. two people who had not done anything to anyone, who were wonderful individuals, just doing their job on an otherwise mundane news story. it is difficult to understand at this point. >> we are showing the photos of alison parker and adam ward on the screen. we want their names to get equal play today as the victims in all of this. i know jon, my colleague, has a question for you. >> according to the postings we saw on bryce williams's twitter page earlier he complained these two individuals had beefs with him at work. he claimed that alison had made
8:41 am
racist remarks. we are showing on screen so our viewers know the image of vester flanagain who went by the name of bryce williams. this was him in a photo taken at a different station in north carolina. was there that kind of friction between him and alison and adam? >> there may have been. i don't recall if there was friction. he was a difficult person for a lot of people to work with. as for the allegations of racial insults or whatever as soon as we heard about this, we surveyed the staff, which is diverse, and talked to people who might have come into contact with them or had any reason to hear about this and they cannot substaniate a thing. we filled the claim and they
8:42 am
dismiss candidate it out of hand. i will not say -- to the best we can determine there was no data there. >> you describe him as someone difficult to work with. why is that? tell us about his time at your station and what you and others experienced. >> first of all, at the time we are talking no one has been charged. certainly no one has been found guilty of anything. so i want to put it on the record first and foremost as a journalist or with journalistic training i want anyone to have due process but it would be fair to say that others witnessed anger. i don't want to go beyond that at this point.
8:43 am
>> was there any, you mention there was somerun-ins with employees since you left the station, in the last week was there any contact made between you and others in the station? >> not that i am aware of. no one has coming forward saying i just saw him. when i said encounter it wasn't a run-in just an encounter at the grocery store or something. >> you mentioned, jeffrey, that due process is deserved in this case and it appears he may have issued it himself. there are now multiple reports from credible other news gathering organizations that the man known as vester flanagain the ii also known as bryce williams has shot himself.
8:44 am
we don't have conformation from the police but that is what multiple outlets are reporting. >> let me walk away and check on this. >> we appreciate your time. our prayers go out to you and your staff. jeffrey ward, the general manager. >> we had mixed reports from the governor of virginia this morning reporting there was a pursuit with the suspect. and a few moments ago we heard no active pursuit of the suspect. they are referring to it as an investigation. and we were curious if that meant something changed or a pursuit ever happened. jeffrey mentioned they are continuing to report the story
8:45 am
even though they were the ones affected. i believe steve rogers is still with us. if he is, steve, i am curious about the change of language. no active pursuit and investigation taking place. we don't have official word from law enforcement that perhaps the suspect has taken his life but it is being reported on several news outlets. how do you see it in >> i know our political leadership want to be transparent with a heart in the right direction but to go on the air and state for there was a pursuit and state there may not have been -- what is important is that once information is reported it is correct. as a law enforcement officer and i hear there is a pursuit and they have their eyeballs on the suspect and i am not in the area i may not be too concerned where the suspect may be. secondly, you handed law
8:46 am
enforcement exactly what they needed through your interview with this individual. you did an outstanding job. i was absolutely mesmerized over your question. you allow law enforcement to establish a motive: anger, alleged racism, complaints against these people. outstanding. >> what stood out the most to you? jeffrey was generous with him time and they are going live on the air at noon by the way. what stood out most to you based on the conversation and what we learned about the dynamic? >> what stood out was they knew they had a troubled employee and tried to assist this individual get through any problems he had. they probably did the best they could. within the framework of the law to do what they could to help this individual and unfortunately it turned out this way. but you did establish, what i
8:47 am
see, as a motive for this horrible act. >> again, and steve, with all due respect, it wasn't necessarily us who put it together. this guy put it out there on twitter and facebook claiming the reporter who was shot and killed this morning made racist remarks and the photographer worked with him once and refused to work with him again. this sounds like someone who was unhinged from the get-go working at a number of stations and markets throughout the south and even the west. bob strang is still with us. he is the former head of the new york's antiterrorism task force. bob, there is an awful lot of individuals like this out there but they don't have pick up guns and blow away their former employees. >> not all of them.
8:48 am
but take a look at what happened here last weekend in new york in the federal building downtown. we are seeing more and more of this across the country. an investigative management group has had multiple cases where we had to do surveillance on individuals who were terminated because their employer was afraid they would hurt someone who worked there. workplace violence is increasing and this is an ongoing issue. look at the television stations with some contract employees, daily employees, not full-time employees and they go through like a revolving door from one station to the other and it is difficult to track them and get them in an employee assistance program so they are stable and not going to hurt someone. it is combination of making sure there are no psychological problems, leave and give them other job preparation so they can move on in a positive way. this is a complex issue and
8:49 am
becoming a big problem across our country. >> this is a guy apparently who had a chip on his shoulder. went to a tallahassee station. i am looking at a clip from a florida newspaper. went to a tallahassee station and ended up leaving and suing for racist behavior. >> you can tell when you do due diligence and background check you can tell there is a history and you have to make sure they dealt with the issues whether they were real or siege psychological but they have to be on the right track when they come and when they go. >> there were some of the usual warning signs that is of a disgruntled employee. jeffrey, the manager of the station where this took place, said the guy was a difficult
8:50 am
employee and there were complaints about him. how do you sort out somebody who is not a good employee from somebody who might pick up a gun and come back and take revenge? >> you try to prevent that from happening. you can see if there was anything in the past indicating he was violent or has a criminal history or broken the law or carries weapons or has domestic violence issues and other types of issues that would reflect and give you insight into what is happening now. you can help prevent these things in terms of the due diligence and information and background work and when the person is let go and giving them the job placement opportunities and monitoring them after they leave this is a huge problem in our country and because of the turnover and the lack of the full time jobs we are seeing more of these kinds of cases
8:51 am
because they are more contract employees and part-time jobs and more revolving door in every corporation across the country. >> and just looking at his own career path, he worked a number of smaller markets for short periods of time and that is not unusual. you move up by moving to bigger and bigger cities in the television business. but it seemed everywhere he worked he filled a suit or complaining about something and leaving after just a year or two. i guess that has to be a red flag. >> absolutely. that is why you do background checks so you can see what is there. if you filled a lawsuit for every jobdiscrimination or disputes there is a pattern and something wrong there. you either have to deal with it head-on with the potential or current employee or potentially
8:52 am
something could happen to you and your company or your network whatever the case may be. >> bob, if you would stand-by. i want to explain this train here. we are getting the wttg live shot of what we believe is the end of a pursuit of a man by the name of bryce williams or vester flanagain same person as jeffrey marks who is the station manager confirmed for us. i want to recap what we learned from the station manager. the station manager wdbj-7, cbs affiliate in this area thought was impacted by the shooting around 6:45 eastern time. we heard there was a pursuit ongoing of the shooter and heard it was no longer a pursuit but investigation perhaps this is why. it is difficult to make out as you can tell what exactly transpired but the large police presence tells us something has
8:53 am
happened. i don't know if there is a car parked on the embankment but it looks that way. we are waiting for a little more information from law enforcement as to what transpired over the last several hours. the governor of virginia said there was a pursuit ongoing and an arrest was imminent. and now according to reports the suspect has taken his life. we will wait for conformation on that. interesting talking to the station manager, jeffrey, because he was able to close the circle. vester flanagain or known as bryce williams is the same person. bryce williams worked for the station. he had a difficult relationship with some of the employees at the station. as the general manager told us he filled a claim with the equal opportunity commission and that cause dismissed.
8:54 am
>> it appears the end has come from bryce williams also known as vester flanagain along i-66 in folklore, virginia. i-66. you can see a car with a door open and what appears to be a sh roud. we are told the suspect jumped out of the car, ran and shot m himself. we are told the suspect shot himself along i-66 in folklore county, virginia. everything has transpired so
8:55 am
quickly. a local tv crew in roanoke, virginia was out talking about economic development int interviewing a local chamber of commerce and on live television shots rang out. one report, according to someone who has monitored the tape, at least 15 shots were fired. the camera man was killed. the reporter was killed. and the woman who was the subject of the interview, the member of the chamber of commerce, was shot in the back and went to surgery and we have no update on her condition. and then the name of the suspect. vester flanagain, resident of roanoke and a man who worked at that station and several others
8:56 am
under the name of bryce williams. then a chase began. the governor said there was a chase underway and he would be arrested. but it appears bryce williams/vester flanagain ended his own life. >> one of the most remarkable parts of this story as horrific as it is is over the last hour we received videos and photos posted by bryce williams on a twitter account and facebook page showing him committing the crime. you are actually watching him walk up to the reporter and the camera man from behind and take their lives. facebook as well as twitter took down the video and pictures as well. but it does lead to a question, jon, at this time, which is how is he posting those video? was there a negotiation happening with law enforcement? are there other videos there as
8:57 am
he was attempting to record and report this entire crime. >> it is one of the strangest and saddest things i have seen. because of the power of modern smart phone technology while he is rolling down the interstate with police in pursuit and maybe not he would have been able to upload the videos he shot himself aapparently or filmed himself of him shooting this camera crew he had this beef with. he could have done that using cellphone technology as he is rolling down the highway and that is apparently what he did. because we have both seen the videos prior to them being removed from facebook and twitter. >> jeff marks, again the station manager, did admit to us while bryce williams worked for the station he left at their request. interesting to note when asked mr. marks about whether or not there was any contact over the
8:58 am
last week, any recent contact with the man you are seeing on the screen, he said no. while there had been run-ins it was casual around the area. he admitted, and this is the case, but this is such a difficult situation or any boss or company to handle, he wasn't necessarily surprised and he wished he could say he was but because of past behavior when he heard the name it wasn't a total shock. >> and this complaint posted on social media. he complained one of the victims in this particular case had made racist remarks. he complained the camera man worked with him once and refused to work with him again. the general manager, jeffrey marx, said there had been complaints from this individual
8:59 am
and he was subjected to racist remarks at the station. they did an investigation among their quite diverse workforce and found there was nothing to support this guy's allegations of racism. >> let's take a moment to talk about the victims. alison parker just turned 34 and was described as a rock star and talented in her news gathering working as a reporter and anchor at time. adam ward, 27 and engaged to the producer of the morning show. it was supposed to be her last day with a big celebration planned. alison brought balloons and cake what was a promotion for her. and adam was hear fiance. two young lives and you can only imagine the pain this family is going through and we can only hope that they feel our prayer
9:00 am
for them today. >> and it is a tragedy made all of the more profound because adam and alison came from the viewing of channel 7. more coverage in the next hour. >> more on the murders of two journalist during a live broadcast in virginia. this is "outnumbered" and we have been all over the story on fox news channel. the gunman is believed to be a disgruntled former station employee. the associated press identifying him as vester flanagain also known as bryce williams. reports that suspected shooter has killed himself. fox news is working to independently confirm the death. we know someone posted a video on a twitter feed that appeared to be taken from the killer's advantage point. 24-year-old reporter alison parker and 27-year-old photographer adam ward were


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