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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 26, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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after six days of truly ugly losses, the dow finally snapping back. it's a big rally. it's the third biggest dow jones point gain ever. the dow building on its gains in the final hour of trading, but it took one fed official to say a rate hike may not be coming after all to get this rally to stick. much more on that in just a moment. shot and killed on live tv. a reporter and cameraman gunned down at a virginia shopping center. now police are blaming a disgruntled worker. what drove vester lee flanagan ii to do it? we'll talk to the station
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manager who knew him very well. welcome, everyone. i'm stuart varney in for neil cavuto and this is "your world." it's a video so disturbing, so gruesome we won't show it to you. we are going to show you this still have a video shot by the gunman and then tweeted out by him for all to see. that twitter account has since been shut down. here's the latest from falls river, virginia. >> that gunman died here earlier today bringing an end to a very sad day. it began around 6:30 this morning when a local television station in southwest virginia sent a reporter and a photographer to do a live shot at a local vacation hot spot. that's when a disgruntled employee who went on air by the name of bryce williams showed up at the live shot. he had had a history of problems
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with this station including making a lot of complaints regarding race and other things and they say he opened fire shooting and killing two people while they were on air. alison parker, 24 years old, the reporter. adam ward, the photojournalist. he was engaged to a young woman who also worked at the station. she was in the control room. she would have watched and heard the gunshots that ended up killing the love of her life. parker was dating an anchor at the station. he later tweeted out that they had been dating for nine months and were very much in love. about two hours after the shooting, abc news received a fax from flanagan. in it he made a litany of complaints. it was a 23-page-long rant talking about mass shootings and complaints of racial discrimination, those things he said he felt as though he had been discriminated against because he was a black gay man. there is a third victim in this ca case.
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it was the local chamber of commerce person who was speaking on live television when the shooting occurred. she is currently in stable condition at a hospital near where the shooting occurred. if there are words in the english language to describe the sadness and senlessneselessness what happened today, i don't know them. >> thank you very much. the investigation is now focusing on the video the gunman posted online of that shooting. former nypd lieutenant has seen it. the shooter walks up, he raises the gun, you see it as he's shooting the video. mr. ward and ms. parker don't see him. he lowers the gun, waits, raises the gun and shoots. there's a gap of about 17 seconds there. what do you read into that delay, that hesitation? >> i think obviously he wanted to make this a callous act.
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he wanted to sensationalize this crime. he took time, he focused the camera, he wanted to get it on video, on the news media as it was occurring. it appeared the woman wanted her to notice him. >> he wanted to do this, he wanted the world to see what he had done. >> correct. >> and he took his time and he did it. >> correct. >> have you ever seen social media used like this before? >> nothing like this. >> he tweeted out this video after the murder. >> correct. >> and he was tweeting out complaints about racial discrimination after the murder, as he was fleeing. >> right. i think you have someone who wanted to make their mark in media. he failed to do it as a reporter. so unfortunately he decided to do something horrific like this. >> is this the mark of a mentally ill or disturbed man? >> everybody wants to say he was mentally ill. he was disgruntled and looked at himself as a failure, i guess, and decided to take these steps
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against these people. >> the authorities will look at that video. what do you think they'll get out of it? >> the biggest thing is they'll take a search warrant for his house, look at the information on his computer, in his house, what notes, what correspondence he has with other people. the video is minimal in this case. but that will be the biggest thing to discover some of the information behind this. >> it's so cold-blooded, it is shocking. >> it's horrible. >> john, thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. >> eventually after many incidents of his anger coming to the fore, we dismissed him. and he did not take that well. we had to call the police to escort him from the building. >> that was station manager jeffrey marks who we will be speaking with later this hour. you just heard him say this former employee had anger issues and called police to get him out. to former d.c. homicide
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detective rod wheeler on what companies can do to protect their workers. rod, what should an employer do, what policy here when confronted with a disgruntled -- i'm saying disgruntled as opposed to disturbed -- a disgruntled employee? >> i think you have a combination here of disgruntled and a disturbed employee. this situation goes back longer than a year ago. this guy wasn't just terminated, he was terminated over 12 months ago. so what employers need to do is first of all document any and everything that could remotely appear as though this individual has some mental incapacities. in addition to that, they need to let other people know what's going on. who are those other people? h.r., those kind of folks. you have to get people involved. anytime you see signs of an individual that make certain comments that seem to be way out of bounds, you have to definitely bring it to
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somebody's attention. >> rod, you've got the manager who has to make a judgment call and that's going to be very, very difficult, interpreting actions and words. it's a judgment call. >> it is a judgment call. but at the same time, there's a number of training programs out there that managers can take that can enable them to learn what are the warning signs, what are the things we need to be listening for? anytime you have an individual like this that oversensationalizes the charleston shooting, the charleston massacre like this guy did, when you hear a person like that, you have to address it. you can't just blow it off and say, he's just a little upset. when we look at the manifesto that this guy left, this guy talks about every mass shooting that we've had over the past few years including virginia tech where he thought the shooter was a hero. those are warning signs and we must heed to the warning signs. >> but the managers are in a very, very difficult position.
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it's not just a judgment call. they put one foot wrong, say one word wrong, they get a lawsuit aimed at them. it's their job that is on the line. >> stuart, you are exactly correct. i can tell you it's one of those things that they're going to have to do. if they take proper training course, there's a number of courses out there where they can learn what to do, how to do it, who to notify, at the very minimum, they need to notify the local police department if they suspect anything because the police will come in there and the police will make an assumption or make an evaluation of what they see and what they think about this individual. >> taking it a step further, should every workplace have an active shooter policy? >> absolutely. i can't emphasize that enough. i've been saying it for years. you've got to have an active shooter policy, stuart. we don't have a lot of time. but there are specific things that you can listen for. there's things you can look for and if you see any of these key indicators, you better take action because if you don't,
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you're going to end up with a horrific situation like we saw with this ambush just today. >> rod wheeler, thank you very much for joining us. >> sure. >> we'll have a lot more on this story including an interview with wdbj general manager jeffrey marks on what he knew about the gunman and what he makes of what police just said about this investigation. to the other big story we're following this hour, the markets really snapping back after six straight days of losses. but what finally broke this losing streak may not be all good news.
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stocks came roaring back today. the dow snapping a six-session losing streak. the dow industrials up 619 points on the day. liz, what changed? >> that's the exact question everybody wanted answered and there were a couple of things that helped stocks find their
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footing, take off sprinting for a photo finish. we saw huge gains for the dow jones industrials. 619 points. the nasdaq, too, up 191 points, rather stunning. a couple of things, number one, people like to say, oh, the market was oversold, meaning everybody had been so fearful the last two days, we had selloffs on the dow on monday of 588 points. on tuesday, a horrible gyrating swing in the final hour where we saw a loss of 204 points. then around 10:45 a.m. eastern time this morning, one of the federal reserve bank presidents, and there are a bunch of federal reserves, but the new york office holds a big punch because they have all the big financials under their wings. he came out and said, maybe we don't need to tighten rates in september. janet yellen, as you know, has been very firm and determined to say some time this year, probably in september, we will
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tighten rates, hike them just a teeny bit, we've been so low for so long. but william dudley came out and said, i don't think so. maybe a little bit later than september. that became a real propellant for this market today. >> so you want the federal reserve to raise interest rates? >> this is a huge mistake. they should have raised rates months ago. i don't know why no one -- we are on this network talking about what -- some of us are -- that this is a terrible policy, that they should have done this even last year. but how can we have this unsustainable inane monetary policy where we have the fed snapping up assets, keeping these interest rates low, what good is that doing when we have
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this hostile fiscal policy and -- >> wait a second. the world is slowing down. the united states economy is very weak. why would you raise interest rates at a time like that? >> what is happening right now, stuart, is not sustainable. the fed wants to have this target 2% rate of growth. that's not going to happen. if we have this target 2%, that's actually going to take away income from people over the next 32 years. so people are actually losing money if we have this target of 2%. that's not sustainable either. if we had just raised the rates -- >> we would have lost a whole lot more if the federal reserve had come out today and said, yep, we're raising rates. >> no, we wouldn't. >> the market would tank. >> maybe for a little bit. but we would have gained it all back. we have a more sustainable economy. and it's really about these federal regulatory tax policies. they're very hostile.
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when government imposes these on these companies, companies don't want to borrow because they're hostile -- credit demand isn't dependent on whether or not the rates go up or not. it's about whether those companies feel okay enough to borrow. >> if we delay and that fed governor suggests we will, do you think we kick the can down the road a little bit and the problem gets worse and worse and is a at the far end? >> i have to ask you a question, do you think this economy is stagnant? >> pretty much. you have, at best, 2% growth. >> so, yes. >> is that the right answer? >> yes, it is the right answer. if we continue to have these low interest rates, it's going to sustain this unsustainable growth. >> would we get more growth if you put rates up? >> yes. . >> where's the logic in that? >> eventually, yes. first of all, it doesn't matter -- people are going to spend regardless of whether or not those rates go up or down. right now, people can't spend because -- look at what's happening with the marks.
1:17 pm
they're volatile, all over the place. do you think that income they're generating from, those investments are going to spending? they're not. >> i want to ask you why we've delayed so long? why has the federal reserve kept interest rates at virtually zero or years? why have they kept on pumping out the money? a lot of people think they were simply financing president obama's mistaken economic policy. >> i have to tell you, stuart, you look at the growth rate of jobs, i think that's part of the reason why. we had this stagnant growth rate of jobs. yellen is looking at that saying, we're not having the growth rate that i would like to see. it's getting a little bit better but it's not quite where i want it to be. >> we just put up on the screen oil, $38 a barrel. >> there you go. >> what's that got to do with the federal reserve or interest rates? that's supply and demand, isn't it? >> it is. >> but we like oil at $38 a barrel, don't we? >> i guess so. >> i want gas at $2 a gallon. >> sure. but in the macro level, i don't think that's also sustainable either.
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>> all right. if you wish to take the punchbowl away, you're not -- >> if it was up to me, i would. >> thank you very much. two journalists brutally murdered by an angry ex-colleague. next, we speak to the man who knew all three of them. usaa makes me feel like i'm a car buying expert in no time at all. there was no stress. it was in and out. and it was just easy. usaa, they just really make sure that you're well taken care of. usaa car buying service. powered by truecar. save money, zero hassle.
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jeffrey marks is the general manager and he's in charge of the station t at the heart of today's tragedy in virginia. he not only knew the shooter, he also disciplined the shooter and he joins me now on the phone. jeffrey, what evidence -- how was his anger manifested in the newsroom? what was his behavior? >> yes, he -- kind of difficult
1:22 pm
to work with people. i know that sounds silly, but he had a short fuse. we've all known people who had short fuses. i think he just had difficulty with his anger. his work was not up to the standards we had hoped for, so as a result he came in for a lot of coaching which he did not take well. and so this just evolved to the point where it was better if we helped him find another position not here. >> i think it's a 23-page manifesto that he faxed to a newsroom. he suggested that he was the victim of discrimination because he was black and gay. was that manifest in the newsroom? >> never. he filed a complaint with the equal employment opportunity commission. it was found to be groundless. the incident he cited, we completely investigated.
1:23 pm
we have a diverse workplace. we have gay employees, we have african-american employees. and i personally followed through -- followed up with my employees, my h.r. people did. and we just could find nothing that indicated anything -- >> you did everything you could to prevent this. you did everything you were supposed to do in the newsroom when dealing with a very difficult employee. can you think of anything that you could have done or that could have been done which would have stopped this from happening? >> stuart, it's probably an overstatement that we did everything. you can always look back with hindsight and wonder what more you could have done. so i'm not in that mood today. i've got two dead employees, grieving families, grieving newsroom. and i'm not letting anybody beat themselves up, including me. but if there's anything we can learn from this, we'll try. do we send armed guards out with every journalist we send out of the building? are you going to?
1:24 pm
>> understood. >> i don't think that's the world we live in when somebody can shoot up a schoolhouse, a theater, an army base, you name it and we're all vulnerable. and probably we're more vulnerable because we report the news. >> this happened during a live newscast. were you in the control room or in the studio? did you watch it happen live, sir? >> no, i didn't. plenty of my employees -- i was very close to the office, i was here within about five, ten minutes. but i was in between home and the office. >> and did you see the video that was shot by the shooter afterwards? have you seen it? >> yes. i've seen it as well as the video that we had on the air. >> it is shocking. it is awful. i take it that that is your reaction, too? >> well, it is. and that's what he meant, i
1:25 pm
guess. was to be shocked and astonished. >> have you ever seen anything like this before, jeffrey? he was tweeting out that video and he was tweeting out complaints after he had murdered those two employees and as he was being pursued and running away from the scene or driving away from the scene. have you ever seen social media used like that before? >> i don't believe so. and you have more resources than we do. i suspect your people are saying the same thing. life gets more and more bizarre as we see what people can do with the internet. >> when you took him into your newsroom, were you aware that he had filed suit against a newsroom in florida some years previously? >> no, we weren't. there was a point at which he said -- he actually revealed it to us. and he made -- i remember that he said to one of the managers, i've done this before and i can do it to you, or something like that.
1:26 pm
now, that was not viewed as a violent threat, just that he was going to go after us by legal means if we let him go. >> now, he had worked, i think, in several newsrooms before he arrived at your newsroom. were you aware of that? >> no, we were aware of what was on his resume. but understand that he was applying to work for us under a name different from the one he had used previously. >> was he good at his job? >> no, not especially. >> what was he doing wrong? >> well, we expect our reporters to be -- like stuart varney in there questioning and approach to things. we expected them to investigate and be more than just a microphone stand. >> what are you going to do now, jeffrey? it's the evening after a dreadful event. what are you going to do?
1:27 pm
>> i'm going to continue to console my staff. i am going to help my people put out the best newscast they can and the best online material. and to congratulate them on understanding that while they grieve, they have a public obligation that we try to perform 24 hours a day. >> may i ask how the young lady's fiance who is on our screens at the moment, how he is holding up? >> chris is a rock. he is doing media interviews because he wants to talk about just how wonderful a person alison was. he is distraught, obviously. but he is pushing through that. >> jeffrey marks, this is a very difficult situation for you and for everyone in your newsroom and we appreciate very much that you are on our program this afternoon. jeffrey marks, everyone. thank you. >> stuart varney, thank you very much. >> yes, sir. we'll be right back. ♪
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fox on top of two storms bearing down, one heading toward florida, the other for the hillary clinton campaign. and it has nothing to do with e-mails. and meet the man who's promising to keep donald from playing his trump card. we're back in 60 seconds.
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130 yards now... bill's got a very tough lie here... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. this golf course is electric... hurricane season is just getting started. here's the latest from the fox
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news weather center. >> september 10th is the average when we see our peak. so we have a long ways to go still. not that much activity this season because we're getting into this el nino. but that doesn't mean we're not seeing activity. that's what's going on right now. here's tropical storm erika. not all that interesting at this point. bringing a few rain showers towards the lesser antilles. and the track of this storm is very interesting. the big implications, sometimes we have storms that we have very high confidence in and sometimes we have storms that we have very low confidence. this is the latter, very low confidence in what this storm is going to do. a lot of land potentially that it will interact with. that makes it a weaker storm. but notice as we go through time, we're mostly looking at a 45, 50-mile-an-hour storm. it's later in the forecast period where we have less confidence but potentially seeing a stronger storm. and the official forecast from the national hurricane center brings it to a category 1
1:33 pm
hurricane making landfall in south florida on sunday morning. some of the models take it out here and keep it out to sea. some pull it in toward the gulf of mexico. when you see that in the later period here, we have less confidence in it. also this storm has a lot of things that it's going to encounter including land, a lot of dry air, some wind shear that all these things that make this storm difficult or more difficult for it to strengthen. what it does have going for it, some very warm waters it's going to be going over as it moves through here. we're probably not going to have complete confidence in what this storm does until maybe saturday. so the next couple of days will be very interesting. but if you're in florida at this point, certainly want to watch in the next five days. we could have a very strong storm on your doorstep. >> rick, as you know, gas prices are coming down, the price of oil is coming down. what happens if that hurricane goes into the gulf and affects those oil rigs? i know you don't have a high confidence in prediction. but it's a possibility, isn't it?
1:34 pm
>> it is a possibility. i don't have a high confidence in this that i can say that it's going to stay out to sea and -- that means i can't say it's not going to go into the gulf. if it does, very, very different scenario. so everybody here is going to watch this. we have time. but we like it when we have a forecast that we have very high confidence in. when we don't have that confidence, that means a lot more people here need to be watching it. and the gulf certainly could be in place with this one. >> rick, thank you very much. from the storm facing florida to the storm facing the clinton campaign. hillary clinton cutting her vacation short and visiting iowa amid reports joe biden is leaning towards running. and even gave her thoughts on the rumors. >> i just want the vice president to decide to do what's right for him and his family. and i don't think it's useful to be behind the scenes asking this or saying that. i've done none of that. and i just want him to reach
1:35 pm
whatever he thinks the right decision is. >> to fox news's ed henry, are they worried, are they panicked -- i'll tone that down and say, are they worried? >> they're certainly worried about her current political situation. what you heard there was hillary clinton trying to be respectful of vice president joe biden, the situation with his son, bo biden dying so young, so tragically. she was saying the vice president deserves the time and space to make this decision carefully. but let's be clear. the vice president is dealing with that grief but he's also being very deliberative about reaching out to donors, fund-raisers, big money democrats that helped the obama/biden ticket in 2012. one of hillary's next stops will be minnesota on friday for a big dnc meeting. she will be speaking, bernie sanders and others will. joe biden will not. but today he held a conference call, he is this afternoon, with various dnc members headed to
1:36 pm
minneapolis to talk about the iran nuclear deal. gives him a chance to talk about his close proximity to the president, talk about his foreign policy credentials. but, oh, yes, leave the door open for politics by reaching out to these dnc members. why does biden maybe have an opening now? clearly because of this e-mail controversy, hillary clinton after this campaign event here in iowa a few moments ago took a few questions from the media. she was asked about the e-mail controversy. she tried to focus on her personal e-mail, not so much on the official e-mail that's caused so much trouble in terms of classified information. she said she takes responsibility for what's happened. but there's an fbi investigation that's still bubbling. she didn't help herself last week at that news conference in las vegas when she couldn't answer the question i gave her about whether or not she had wiped the server herself, of the data that the fbi believes it may be able to restore and find out what was on that personal server. today i'll note she didn't call on me, stuart. >> two points, ed, number one, hillary clinton cut short her vacation which implies a great
1:37 pm
deal of concern. number two, we hear that bill clinton is very upset, to put it mildly, that barack obama, the president, would be looking towards a run from joe biden? >> yes. and politico is reporting that. the clinton camp certainly not confirming that but saying that democratic sources privately are saying the former president is livid. if he's mad at barack obama, let's be clear. there's been tension there before. they came together at the 2012 democratic convention in charlotte. but plenty of tension going back to the 2008 campaign. there may be frustration on the clinton side obviously about the white house appearing to prop joe biden up a little bit and some of the comments from josh earnest and others in recent days. your other point is very salient, the fact that hillary clinton last week in las vegas said, only you guys ask me about the e-mails. and that the voters don't care about it. and then a few days later, she interrupts her vacation to come out to the campaign trail.
1:38 pm
there are poll numbers suggesting the public might care about this story. >> ed, thank you. donald trump refusing to pledge against a third-party run. one man is pledging to change that. he tells us how in a moment. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me... and you're talking to a rheumatologist about a biologic, this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me reach for more. doctors have been prescribing humira for more than 10 years. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contrubutes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b,
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maybe the better question is, why do you have that insurance company? with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. here's a question, is south carolina about to put donald trump's third-party threat to the test? to matt moore on the deadline to sign, matt, what have you got going here? you want donald trump to stand up, raise his hand and pledge that he will support whomsoever is the republican nominee? >> i was chuckling at the piece on hillary clinton's campaign. this issue with trump is a nonstory. thousands of candidates in south carolina over the past few decades have signed a similar pledge. but fully expect the trump camp to sign this pledge and look forward to having him on our
1:42 pm
ballot next february. >> what have they told you, matt? i know you're in close contact with the trump campaign. what did they say? did they say, yep, we'll sign? >> we've been negotiating the time and place to get his paperwork turned in. we have a great working relationship with them. we fully expect mr. trump will sign the pledge and so will every other candidate. we've had four already. >> this could put other candidates into a difficult position if donald trump wins because all the other candidates would then say, well, you pledged, you have to support donald trump. that kind of puts them in a bind, doesn't it? >> well, i will support donald trump if he's our nominee and i would call on every candidate to support donald trump if he's our nominee. we'll see where it goes but we're committed to a fair and open primary process here in south carolina. i can't say that enough. >> you think he could win? >> i think he could. i think any of our candidates -- we've got the best field in our history, better than the one candidate or maybe zero candidates that the democratic
1:43 pm
party has. we'll see. >> let's get clear here. you don't want donald trump to run as a third-party candidate and you will move heaven and earth to keep that from happening. is that about accurate? >> i think it's very accurate. we've had a great open primary here in south carolina. so far donald trump's been here a few times. had huge crowds for him. we want the republican party be united going into next fall and i think donald trump will be in that primary. >> when was the next primary? >> february of 2016. >> that's number three on the list of primaries, isn't it? >> it is. it's a bellwether for the south, a huge primary. 775,000 people will vote. it's indicative of where the race will go following. >> it will be into the sixth month before we get to your primary. matt, i think you've done your job there. thanks very much, matt moore, we appreciate you being with us. >> thank you, sir.
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the killings were disturbing enough, but then vester flanagan started tweeting and posting on facebook about shooting those two journalists in virginia. within minutes, the social media companies shut down his accounts. former cia operative mike baker says it's the right thing to do and social media companies need to do it more with other bad guys like terrorists. mike, easier said than done. you can't just shut down thousands of websites just like that. can't do it like that, can you? >> no, you can't.
1:48 pm
the site's users move around, names change. but i think there's a social responsibility on the part of these service providers to not proactively hunt down suspect criminal or terrorist sites in their services but to at least be aware if they come up and then take action or work with the federal authorities. today's tragic story, obviously they took these accounts down quickly. but at times, the technology can work in favor of law enforcement or the federal agencies. in this case, they were already monitoring the shooter via his cell phone. >> i can see how it might make sense to leave the site up and follow it and track it and wait till a person does something and you know what they're going to do and then go get them. i can see how that would be the case. >> right, much like keeping a suspect in place rather than just making the arrest, you want to build an understanding of what that world looks like, who
1:49 pm
the associates are and all the other activities. so there are times when that is beneficial, you're right. >> i think this is probably a good lesson for everyone because we've rarely seen social media used like this before as it was used in virginia today. this man, the shooter, he was tweeting out the video of the shooting and complaints about racial prejudice as he was getting away from the murder scene. that's a very unusual use of social media, but maybe we'll see a lot more of this. >> it's astounding. hopefully we don't see more of it. and i don't think it would shock anybody the way that people adapt to the technologies and the ways that they find to use the technologies, whether nefarious or for good. in today's situation, again, there was that period of time where it was unclear who the shooter was, where the shooter was. technology again working in favor of law enforcement in terms of tracking the cell phone. so that was very beneficial. everybody was thrown for a loop
1:50 pm
in terms of his then use of social media to post his activities. >> extraordinary stuff. mike baker, as always. thanks very much for joining us. >> sure, thank you. now, soon after the deadly shooting, two democrat presidential candidates tweeting two very different messages. twg two very different messages. first, former maryland governor martin o'malley tweeting this "senseless, awful, my thoughts are with the entire wdbj 7 family." then hillary clinton tweeted this "heartbroken and angry. we must act to stop gun violence, and we cannot wait any longer. praying for the victim's families in virginia "ings je" weinstein saying too soon to turn this into a political message. should it have ever been done at all? >> i think martin o'malley's tweet was entirely appropriate. what hillary clinton tweeted she couldn't know at the time,
1:51 pm
everything she possibly proposed to stop gun violence would have stopped this tragedy in virginia. i think to politicize something from the very beginning without even knowing whether the policies you proposed would have stopped it was just out of bounds. i think at this moment you should have just grieved with thelies families. >> why didn't martin o'malley do the same thing? >> maybe he has common decency and saw the tragedy and didn't want to exploit it. so kudos to him. hillary clinton is trying to reach out to a liberal base that wants to see gun control. maybe it's right maybe it's wrong. certainly it's unclear even now at the time she tweet it it anything she proposed would have stopped the tragedy in virginia. >> i have sound bites of josh earnest as he addressed this. >> as you've heard me say in the past, this is another example of
1:52 pm
gun violence that is becoming all too common in communities large and small all across the united states. >> again, jamie, it was josh earnest who raised that subject, gun violence. very quickly after the event. >> yeah. you know, stewart, the government can't protect us from all the horrors of life. it can't stop us from getting cancer, can't stop little children all the time from drowning in pools. and it can't always stop all these tragedies like we saw in virginia. maybe there are laws that could have prevented it. but at the time that josh earnest said that, even right now, we have no idea what law would have prevented a crazy person like that doing what he did. i think at a moment like this when you don't note facts or any policy that would stop it, 9 proper response is just to grieve kind of like martin o'malley in his tweet. >> jamie weinstein, thanks for with us. appreciate it. >> thank you. his girlfriend shot and killed on live television. the journalist who just spoke with him next. i have type 2 diabetes.
1:53 pm
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a reporter and cameraman brutally killed on live television in virginia. richland times dispatched reporter mike barber has ben to the scene. he also spoke with the boyfriend of one of those victims. he joins us now by phone. mike, you spoke briefly with chris hearst the boyfriend of miss parker. tell me what happened. >> it was a very difficult conversation for everyone there. everyone could certainly sympathize with what chris was going through and really respected his decision to come out and to speak about allison, her life and her work. he felt thought was important as a journalist to give people a perspective and a glimpse into her life. he thought it was what she would have wanted. but he did. he came out, and he shared with me his entire day. i asked him how he found out that his girlfriend had been
1:57 pm
murdered. and the whole sequence of events was very powerful and very moving conversation. >> mike, how did he find out about what had happened? >> well, he's actually the evening anchor. he comes home at night, gets an hour or two of sleep, wakes up and makes allison breakfast. she goes to work and he goes back to bed. he was awoken by a phone call after she had already gone off to work and he had gone back to sleep. he got a phone call, was told what had happened. obviously it was on live television but he wasn't watching. he was asleep at that point. a lot of people here, a lot of people close to them did see it happen live on television. he found out from a phone call from a co-worker. >> i think chris hearst the boyfriend was very brave to go out and do media right after something as dreadful as that. why did he do it again? tell me why. >> yeah. i asked him that exact question. and the reason he gave was he thought allison would have
1:58 pm
wanted him to do that. he's been so many times on the other side where something terrible happens, and a journalist you want to bring the story to people, you want to inform people. he's been on the other side of that. and i think he felt that it was his duty as a journalist, and i think he felt that it's what allison would have wanted him to do. but a very hard thing to do. i asked him will you be anchoring the news tonight? he said he didn't expect to be on the air. he didn't expect to be doing any of that kind of stuff for a little while. but he thought it was important to come out and speak about her and her life. he thought it was what she wanted. he thought it was the right thing to do. >> do you know anything of the cameraman? >> yeah. >> tell me about -- i don't think you had a conversation with his fiancee. but what can you tell me about the cameraman, his position in the news room, and the fallout after what happened. >> yeah. they were a team. very much. you know how it works in television journalism. they were the morning team.
1:59 pm
they went everywhere together. they did all their stories together. they're very close. and adam was described as a very hard-working guy. very jovial. happy to greet anybody. when something came on the scanner or something happened you didn't have to tell him to grab a camera and go. he was going to grab a camera and go. a very hard-work journalist. his fiancee as you mentioned is a producer there at wbdj in roanoake. today was her last day at wbdj. >> mike, i've got limited time. when you were speaking with krit hearst, the girlfriend of miss parker, did he mention at all the shooter? >> i asked him about the shooter. they knew him vaguely. the shooter had worked at the station. he apparently had been out with allison socially at least once. but the general manager described him as an angry guy, a guy with a temper, a guy they had to fire from the station.
2:00 pm
that appears right now to be the working theory for the motive. >> mike forgive me but i'm coming up against a hard break and i have to leave it there. mike barber, thank you very much indeed for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> "the five" is next. hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle and this is a fox news alert. it's been a very upsetting day. this morning a report and a cameraman from a cbs news affiliate in roanoke, virginia were murdered during a live newscast. n another victim is recovering from the gunshot wound. allison parker and adam ward of wdbj tv were shot and killed by a former anchor at their station who was fired two years ago. his name was vester lee flanagan but went by the name brice williams. the general manager of the news station told viewers more after what led to his firing earlier. >> vester was an unhappy man. we


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