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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 26, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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yellowstone park. very unhappy they didn't get to see yogi boo boo. it said our trip was wonderful but there were no bears. please train your bears to be where we can see them. it's an expensive trip. a brutal double murder live on tv. and posted on social media. a 21st century crime in real time, unlike any we've seen before. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. journalists are supposed to cover the news. but tonight they are the news in tragic fashion. two young people in their 20s, alison parker and adam ward, a reporter and a photographer working for a tv station in roanoake, virginia were gunned down this morning. and it happened on live television. the shooter, a former colleague later posted his own video of
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the crime on social media. and then he killed himself. we have fox team coverage tonight. shannon bream looks at the inevitable political fallout that comes after such incidents. but we begin with correspondent peter deucy live tonight in moneta, virginia. hello, peter. >> reporter: hello, bret. just after sunrise this morning, here on the shores of smith mountain lake, two members of the wdbj 7 morning team were working hard when a former colleague with a gun executed them on live tv. >> good morning, allison. >> reporter: it started like any other wednesday. adam ward had a camera. and alison parker had a microphone. but behind them, vester lee flanagan had a gun that he used to murder both of them in cold blood live on the air. and his own camera that he used to record the ambush. back at the station it didn't take long for behind the scenes
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bosses to get in front of the camera to share the sad news. >> we have determined through the help of the police and our own employees that allison and adam died this morning shortly after 6:45 when the shots rang out. >> reporter: as the third victim, chamber of commerce official vickie gardner, underwent surgery, authorities fans out looking for this disgruntled former employee turned fugitive. captured on camera by fallen photographer adam ward. his name and his complaints quickly hit social media, where he posted his video of the premeditated attack under his on-air name, bryce williams, and accused his victims of discrimination and undermining him at work. a long letter faxed to a news organization made similar claims. but nobody back at wdbj remembers things like that. their recollection is of a very tumultuous tenure for this reporter turned killer. >> after many incidents of his
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anger coming to the fore, we dismissed him. and he did not take that well. we had to call the police to escort him from the building. >> reporter: flanagan made it several hours north where his rental chevy sonic was picked up by an electronic license plate reader. >> once a license plate is entered into the system, that read will be able to identify that license plate when it passes. >> reporter: state police pursued flanagan, but he shot himself before they could arrest him and died after being airlifted to a hospital. now that he's dead, the big question. how did he know where to find allison and adam? >> did he know before this morning that they would be located at this remote location doing a broadcast? did he see it air that morning, this morning, as many people were watching? we're looking into that matter trying to discover that. >> reporter: former colleagues of the reporter alison parker have been quoted today as saying she was very ambitious and she would have been a big star on a
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network someday. but now she'll never get the chance. bret? >> sad story. peter doosy live on the scene, thank you. another very 21st century take on the tragedy involves the almost instantaneous reaction by supporters of gun control and other causes. these murders, though, come with an additional twist. chief legal correspondent shannon bream has that part of the story tonight. >> reporter: the suspect shooter, vester flanagan, alleged many times that he was a victim. he settled a 2000 lawsuit with the tallahassee tv station after claiming he suffered racism and was fired in retaliation for reporting it. a twitter account allegedly belonging to flanagan tweeted a claim today that one of the victims had made racist comments, and that the other had gone to human resources to report him. wdbj's general manager, flanagan's one-time boss. >> as a matter of fact, he did file a complaint and went to equal opportunity employment commission and they dismissed it
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out of hand. >> reporter: also today, abc news says it received a lengthy fax from someone identified himself as flanagan, and saying the recent charleston shooting of nine black church goers by a white man "sent me over the top." the fax also says he put down a deposit on a gun two days after the charleston shooting. the document reportedly contained a long list of grievances based on him being black and gay. abc says it contained the line "you want a race war, blank, bring it then you white blank." and "i've been a human powder keg for awhile just waiting to go go boom." a twitter account attributed to kanye rose, a self-described social activist aligned with the black lives matter movement tweeted this morning "once we put an endacism and white supremacy, we prevent incidents like what occurred this morning." also adding "i do not condone violence. that includes the violence which is perpetuated by white supremacy." there was another tweet saying this morning's incident was about racism, not guns. but that's not how some
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politicians saw it. 2016 democratic frontrunner hillary clinton tweeted "heartbroken and angry. we must act to stop gun violence. and we cannot wait any longer. praying for the victims' families in virginia." terry mccauliff said this. >> there are too many guns in people's hands. >> whether pressed if he knew the suspect had a permit for a gun or something in his past that would have prevented from buying a gun illegally he admitted he did not. >> shannon, thank you. a few minutes ago president obama talking to a local tv station said this along these lines "it breaks my heart every time you hear or read about these kinds of incidents. what we know is that the number of people who die from gun-related incidents around this country dwarfs any deaths that happen through terrorism."
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now to politics. hillary clinton cut her vacation short to head to iowa and to try to head off continued criticism of her handling of e-mail while she was secretary of state. chief white house correspondent ed henry shows us how she's going about that from newton, iowa. >> reporter: hillary clinton tried today in iowa to shift away from shaky poll numbers and her e-mail fiasco by taking aim at republican frontrunner donald trump. >> now, don't get distracted by the flamboyant frontrunner. most of the other republican candidates are just trump without the pizzazz or the hair. >> reporter: clinton also laughed as agriculture secretary tom vilsec endorsed her and dismissed the e-mail investigation. >> trumped up charges. that's with a small t. >> reporter: laughing off the controversy at a news conference last week in las vegas did not help clinton's case. and today she tried to focus
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less on the official e-mail that may have contained classified information. >> my use of personal e-mail was allowed by the state department. it clearly wasn't the best choice. i should have used two e-mails, one personal, one for work. and i take responsibility for that decision. >> reporter: republican senator charles grassley is now demanding to know if the fbi has revoked her security clearance. and while clinton insists only reporters care about the e-mails, troubles forced her to interrupt a hampton vacation and board a private jet to get back on the trail. 52% of democratic voters said the e-mail issue will hurt clinton if she becomes the party's nominee. 36% said it will not hurt. so the same poll also found clinton may be solidifying her frontrunner status in iowa. she has 54% to 20% for
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democratic socialist senator bernie sanders and 11% for vice president joe biden. biden is planning to shadow clinton ahead of the democratic national committee's summer meeting in minneapolis. with clinton sanders and former maryland governor martin o'malley planning to formally address hundreds of the dnc on friday, the president invited dnc members to join him on a conference call today to discuss the iran nuclear deal. a chance to highlight his partnership with president obama as well as foreign policy credentials. as clinton today offered her most extensive and emotional remarks about a possible biden run. >> i was at his son's funeral. i mean, i cannot even imagine the grief and the heart break. >> reporter: clinton stressed the vice president deserves the time and space to make this decision in meantime at that big dnc meeting the draft folks will be there urging democrats keep your powder dry. >> henry live in iowa, thank you. another wild ride on wall
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street. the roller coaster continues today. but this time fortunately it was on the positive side of the bottom line. the dow surged 619 points. its third highest point increase in a single day ever. the s&p 500 was up 73. the nasdaq finished ahead 191. so where are we going from here? put your seat belts on. joining us from our sister network, fox business network's melissa francis. so melissa, why the bounceback today? >> it was a wild ride. so much of that buying came close to the close. that's when wing seeing this action the last hour of trading really when you have to watch. new york fed president bill dudley came out and said that he thinks a rate hike at this point is quote less compelling. that was enough to send traders off to the races and go out and buy the really listening for every word that comes from the fed. another reason was just the chart you're looking at the screen right here. i mean, the dow had dropped 1900 points in the past six days. other traders said this was just
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a matter of it being oversold and it was time to get in and get some bargains. >> isn't this crazy? any little inkling that the fed is not going to raise rates sends the market soaring. and yet raising rates really may be an indication that the economy is getting more sure footed. >> absolutely true. and it really does become an analogy where it's like a market that's just addicted to the drug of easy money. one of the things that also drove stocks higher today was this idea that china is so actively trying to manage their decline. they're flooding the system with money as well. so it's just stock markets and economies around the world addicted to this easy money. today double indication that the governments were going to keep doing what they were doing before. >> all right. and very quickly, what's the next thing to watch? >> well, more fed speak. you hit the nail on the head. it's really about what the fed is saying. but you want to watch the real economic signs out there as well. i mean, look at oil. oil is at a 6 1/2-year low.
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that's an indication that economies are really slowing. that's another thing that worried traders are keeping their eye on. >> we will keep an eye on it as well. melissa francis as always, thank you. check her out on fbn. up next, donald trump is not the only outsider who wants to move inside the white house. first here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 31 in denver with the formal sentencing of convicted theater shooter james holmes. a jury already settled on 12 life sentences without parole, sparing holmes the death penalty. fox 9 in minneapolis where a construction worker is dead after falling 50 feet from the roof of the city's new football stadium. another worker was seriously hurt but did not fall. the facility is expected to open in the fall of next year. and this is a live look at sacramento from fox 40. the big story there tonight, the homecoming of one of the americans who helped stop a gunman on a french train last week. anthony sadler and his parents returned last night. a parade is being planned in his
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now to presidential politics on the gop side. donald trump isn't the only washington outsider looking to move into the white house. chief political correspondent carl cameron is in cedar rapids, iowa, with what some of the others are doing to attract attention. >> reporter: in remote alcatur, iowa, former republican governor mike huckabee held a breakfast meet and greet and shaufd off the huge crowds following donald trump. >> the way you win iowa is not by how many minutes of tv time. you win iowa by having people who show up and caucus for you on that cold february night. >> reporter: with crowds in the thousands, trumps brought new attention to outsider candidates but mocked his '16 rivals when
3:17 pm
it comes to their turnout. >> they make a speech in front of 21 people. >> reporter: trump's not the only candidate who's never held political offers. business leader carly fiorina has been steadily rising in the polls and has the added distinction of being the only woman in the gop field >> it is my single greatest asset. i've never held public office. people are sick of politics. they're sick of politicians. >> reporter: another political newcomer, retired neurosurgeon ben carson, also draws big crowds. his team boasts grassroots organizers in all 99 iowa counties and more than half of the 1700 caucus precincts. once iowa's frontrunner wisconsin governor scott walker has slumped in the poll. his schedule today is meet and greets at small cafes. >> just because he's using all talking points from the democrats doesn't make them accurate. >> people have really looked seriously at what's going on in wisconsin. and that has not been helpful to him. >> reporter: trump also went after jeb bush at low energy and
3:18 pm
marco rubio, who was once bush's protege' and is now running against him. >> i would really go after that guy. i'd say he's the most disloyal guy. he's a terrible person. he's horrible and i hasn't him. >> reporter: trump's rally was raucous but it was a news conference. when he had univision anchor jorge ramos ejected because he refused to wait in line to ask a question. >> sit down. you weren't called on. sit down. go ahead. you haven't been called. go back to univision. >> that made it hard for the other 16 to squeeze into today's headlines. and today trump added another issue to his portfolio, saying that the federal budget is so fat, republicans in congress should consider refusing to raise the debt limit and borrow more money. critics say that would amount to the country defaulting on its debts. trump says it's a fight worth having. >> carl cameron live in cedar rapids, thank you. now we have breaking news. shepard smith at the news deck
3:19 pm
in new york has that. >> reporter: unthinkable there has been yet another shooting under way right now. louisiana state police are just telling us that a police officer is among three people who have now been shot in southwestern louisiana town of sunset. not far from the town of lafayette. remember lafayette. that's where the movie theater shooting happened. police tell local media that the suspected shooter is now barricaded inside a mini mart store and that there's a standoff under way. what they haven't told us yet, here's the location of this from google street views, i believe. what they haven't told us yet is how badly injured the people are, what's the status of the police officer is and what's the status of the standoff. still ahead he says he is not in a food fight with donald trump. but jeb bush is doing everything he can to take a bite out of the frontrunnerer's lead. first putting a positive spin on the war against isis. did someone cross the line to make the administration look good? the promise of the cloud is that every organization
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a pentagon spokesman is confirming tonight that two american soldiers were killed during an insider attack yesterday in afghanistan. two men in afghan security force uniforms opened fire at a base in the helmand province which used to be the british military's camp bastion. this is the third insider attack on foreign forces this year. is someone cooking the books to make the war on isis appear to be going better than it really is? that's the charge tonight. correspondent kevin corke breaks it down for us from the white house. >> reporter: the president's relying on accurate, honest,
3:24 pm
candid analysis and assessments from his national security team when making those decisions. >> reporter: but that candor is being called into question. the "new york times" reports a pentagon inspector general is reviewing some of the intelligence assessments on the war against isis amid new concerns that some of the conclusions given to the president may have been reworked in an effort to show more progress than what's actually happening. in a statement colonel patrick rider of sitcom said the i.g. has a responsibility to investigate all allegations made, and we welcome and support their independent oversight. >> the president does have confidence that that's what he's receiving. and one of the reasons is that the intelligence community has placed a priority in trying to get a variety of viewpoints when offering up their analysis of what's exactly happening on the ground. >> reporter: a variety of viewpoints perhaps, but is what's being reported to the president faulty or even misleading? >> if the military is saying what they think the white house wants to hear, that we're
3:25 pm
succeeding in the war against isis when in fact the opposite is true, then not only are they lying but they're putting american lives atrisk. >> i'm confident that we will succeed in defeating isil. we have the right strategy. >> so you believe that isis is losing? >> no, sir, i do not. >> do you believe they're winning? >> no, sir, i don't believe they're winning, either. i believe they're at a stalemate right now. >> reporter: while some in the pentagon have called the battle against isis a stalemate intelligence reports have been more dire with many reflecting a strong isis insurgency despite thousands of u.s.-led coalition air strikes over the past year. >> it happened during the vietnam war when the military leadership was telling the political leadership at the pentagon everything's fine. we're winning. we're defeating the communists. it turned out that wasn't the case. if we're not winning the war against isis, the american people need to know. >> reporter: under federal law, intelligence officials are able to bring claims of wrong doing to an inspector general.
3:26 pm
if those claims prove to be credible, they're then required to report them to house and senate intelligence committees. thus the ongoing investigation right now, bret. >> kevin corke live on the north lawn, thank you. iran's form ministry is again calling for the release of 19 iranians held in u.s. on various charges. the spokeswoman did not specifically mention the ongoing trial of "washington post" reporter jason rezian in iran. today marks 400 days since rezian was taken into custody in that country. he reportedly faces up to 20 years of prison if convicted of espionage. he didn't invent the chicken or the chicken sandwich. what a judge tells a man who took his case to court. that's next on the grapevine. i accept that i'm not 21.
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now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. a law passed in 1914, 101 years ago, is being used to justify government regulation of corporate cyber security today. a federal appeals court ruled the federal trade commission has the authority under that law to fine a business that quote unreasonably and unnecessarily exposed consumer's personal data to unauthorized access and
3:31 pm
theft." it should be noted, congress has not passed legislation mandating a specific level of cyber security, nor has it passed legislation to enable the government to assist private companies in their cyber security efforts. the ftc welcomes the court's decision. while others are left with some questions. "so who gets authority to punish the irs and opm" in another offered a comparison. like when the epa hammers industry but gives itself a pass when it screws up a river. let ftc hammer the opm first. the ftc tells the grapevine under current law it does not have the authority to regulate government departments. school is back or soon will be. and healthy lunches are creating unhealthy school finances, according to one study. the study from the nonprofit school nutritional association finds 58% of districts have lost lunch participants because of the new healthy standards championed by the first lady. and seven in ten say the
3:32 pm
standards have hurt the financial situation of the local meals programs with almost half choosing to reduce staffing. many district leaders applaud the program's goals butter from us but are frustrated in goals "we have the healthiest garbage." finally speaking of food, the chicken sandwich is fair use. at least in the legal sense. a u.s. court of appeals has rejected a copyright claim on the intellectual property rights for a fast food chicken sandwich. after a former employee try to claim royalties on his particular version of it. the judge was not buying it "the combination of chicken, lettuce, tomato, cheese and mayonnaise on a bun to create a sandwich is quite plainly not a townsh quiette plainly not a
3:33 pm
copyrightable work." republicans are gasping for accomplice plit cal oxygen left in a room dominated by donald trump. jeb bush is trying to cast himself as a calm, reasonable alternative. but has he been too calm? senior national correspondent john roberts is in pensacola, florida where he just spoke with bush. >> leadership means you got to be all in it's not about yapping or talking it's about doing. >> reporter: with tropical storm erica taking aim at south florida, jeb bush today touted his leadership dealing with severe storms. experience, he insists, would serve him well as president. >> this is the experience that's etched in my soul. i could do this in my sleep. >> reporter: in 2004, four major storms hit florida in six weeks. charlie, francis, ivan, jeannie. bush earned high marks for his aggressive and quick response. >> jeb was awesome. he was all over the state. everywhere you turned there he was forcing everybody let's get back to work. >> i think he was a strong leader. i think he's been a strong leader as a governor and in everything that he's done. >> reporter: even as he seeks to elevate himself above the crowd
3:34 pm
with his extensive management experience, bush is still down in the mud trading bash barbs with donald trump. >> he doesn't have a plan. he's appealing to people's angst and their anger. >> why are you governor bush in a food fight with donald trump? >> i'm not in a food fight with the guy. he's the frontrunner, right, by all polls. he should be held to account for his ideas. and his ideas aren't conservative ideas. >> reporter: where the fight has gotten bush in the most trouble is on illegal immigration. voters are taking notice. >> i'm split between donald trump and jeb bush. >> reporter: james calkins is buying trump's line that bush is weak on illegal immigration but he could still get his vote. >> do you believe he need to be tougher on immigration? >> absolutely. if he was tough on immigration and gave specifics i could
3:35 pm
support him. >> reporter: despite donald trump's rise in the polls, this town hall meeting proved there's still plenty of air left in jeb bush's campaign. watch for him to continue attacking trump for being all talk and no action, hoping to convince voters that volume doesn't equate to leadership. and bush also told me today he thought the criticism of his brother in the wake of hurricane katrina was unfair, saying while mistakes were made at the federal level, clearly state officials in neither mississippi nor louisiana were prepared to handle what hit them. bret? >> john roberts live in pensacola. john, thank you. you heard john mention it there but tropical storm warnings are out tonight for puerto rico, the u.s. and british virgin islands and the leeward islands. the storm is located about 245 miles east-southeast of antigua with winds 45 miles per hour right now. erica -- officials of the failed solar energy company solyndra misrepresented facts and omitted
3:36 pm
key information in their attempt to get a big loan guarantee from president obama and his administration. that is the conclusion of the energy department's inspector general. his report says certain officials were reckless and irresponsible. the company's failure will likely cost taxpayers more than $500 million. hillary clinton goes after donald trump and tries to laugh off the e-mail scandal. we'll talk about her and the rest of the presidential field on both sides when the panel joins me after a break. seems like we've hit a road block.
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♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. it clearly wasn't the best choice. i should have used two e-mails, one personal, one for work. and i take responsibility for that decision. and i want to be as transparent as possible, which is why i turned over 55,000 pages.
3:40 pm
why i've turned over my server. why i've agreed to in fact been asking to and have finally gotten a date to testify before a congressional committee in october. and i'm confident that this process will prove that i never sent nor received any e-mail that was marked classified. >> marked classified. that was hillary clinton in iowa today cutting her vacation short to in part address this. she did laugh when tom vilsack said they were trumped up charges. trump with a lower case t. this as the "washington post" has a new story which they're talking about donors. of the 770 fundraisers who bundled checks for obama's 2012 re-elections, just 52 have signed on so far as a hill blazer fund letter for clinton or have hosted a fundraiser for her according to "washington post" analysis. "i think you're going to see a
3:41 pm
groundswell said one prominent party funder who said the top political aides and fundraisers who backed obama in 2008 and 2012 are now considering helping the vice president." there is a lot of enthusiasm on the wires. this feels real." again about vice president biden getting in. let's bring in our panel. steve hayes senior writer for the weekly standard. charles lane opinion writer for the "washington post" and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. first hillary clinton on the e-mails and this effort. >> you can basically replay the tape from march with her press conference at the u.n. it's the same thing. she hasn't updated her talking points to reflect massive changes in what we know about the talking points. the idea that -- the only change and you pointed it out was that she's saying she didn't send or receive e-mails that were marked classified, which of course is not a defense at all in any fashion. look, i think what we just saw from her again illustrates her problem. she's not giving good or compelling convincing answers because there aren't good or compelling or convincing
3:42 pm
answers. that's a problem. it's exactly why there's this opening for joe biden. it's why the honest and trustworthy numbers we've heard for so long continue to climb and why in real trouble when it comes to the democratic nomination. >> chuck. >> actually the way i look at it i think she has moved a little bit. in the mere fact that she's now sort of taking the initiative and talking about it, whereas before she was saying to reporters, you guys are the only ones who are asking me about this. she is clearly as steve suggests she's been alarmed by poll data. some of it was on earlier showing that 52% i think it was of iowa democratic voters think the e-mail thing would hurt her in the general election. that kind of number would have to frighten her. because of course it speaks directly to the possibility of an alternative, namely joe biden or somebody else, jumping into the race. so i think the fact that she's saying things like oh, yes, i take responsibility for this. oh, yes, it wasn't the best choice. is perhaps subtly but i think
3:43 pm
it's a retreat, and she's trying to find a new more defensible line that she can hold. >> i talked to a democratic operative today not with the campaign but he says this biden thing is real. he's been called to jump on. so we may get an announcement soon. here's hillary clinton on the prospect of vice president biden getting in. >> i have a great deal of admiration and affection for him. and i think he has to make what is a very difficult decision for himself and his family. and he should have the space and the opportunity to decide what he wants to do. obviously i was proud to be a member of president obama's cabinet. but i also have ideas where i want to go not just build on what was done but go beyond. and i will be laying that out. >> charles. >> look, i thought that was the right answer. it sounded sincere. and it was the right way to handle it. but look. the reason she had to cut short
3:44 pm
her vacation, the reason she is scared, is that up until now no matter how bad things got there was no alternative. so anything short of indictment and she would stay in the race. the clintons never quit anything anytime. and she would win. she had no opponents. what's worrying her, of course, is the biden challenge. and the words coming out of the white house from the president's spokesman earlier in the week were pretty ominous. it was just sort of short of an endorsement. saying choosing him was the best decision he ever made when obama obviously chose hillary as well. so it was a signal. and if she loses obama's support, if there is only a hint or a nod to the previous obama supporters, bundlers, et cetera, a success be would be a biden it could create a real challenge. with the e-mails out of her hands that's the only way she could lose the nomination.
3:45 pm
>> a question in democratic politics, where does the african-american community swing? one would wonder as we saw with barack obama whether they perhaps would swing to vice president biden. and reportedly bill clinton is not too happy about all this talk about biden getting in. >> especially if she gets -- especially if biden gets the implicit nod from obama. that could have a huge effect. i want to turn to the republican side. we sought back and forth with jeb bush and donald trump and how they continue to take swipes at each other. but take a listen to this. donald trump on a bloomberg interview asked about specifically the debt ceiling vote that's upcoming in congress. >> good republicans later this year agree to raise the debt creeling, or is there too much of a danger to the economy if they don't agree to raise it? >> i would like to see them not have to do it. i think there's so much waste and actually scandalous waste in washington you shouldn't have to do it. >> be realistic. >> if they had people that knew
3:46 pm
how to cut and make deals. we're rebuilding the world. chan what's happening there. short term maybe it's going to happen. i would not be a very easy one to do it, however. >> chuck. >> what did he just say? did he answer that question? not all that clearly to me. which was striking that this is a -- boy, if there were ever sort of a red meat issue for the republican base it is by god let's not raise the dead ceiling. and he completely waffled on it. he didn't seem even really prepared to talk about it. so again, that's just donald trump being donald trump. he turned it into something about china and the subjects he's more comfortable talking with. but for a guy who's been going around saying how much he knows about how the system really works he didn't really seem all that familiar with the issue. >> which seems like a different
3:47 pm
tact for some of these opponents. instead of going after personality and some of these issues about how he handles things, substance on policy seems to be where some 069 answ of the answers are interesting. >> we'll see fit works and if his opponents do. you sound surprised he didn't offer much substance or that he wasn't prepared. it was a very revealing answer in its own way. the reason we're having fights over the debt ceiling is not merely because of the scandalous waste in washington. lord knows there's plenty of that. the problem is the structure of our entitlements. everybody understands that. it's the biggest driver of the debt. it's been the biggest driver of the debt for the last couple decades. the fact that he didn't cite that and more importantly i would argue the fact that he's on the other side of that, he wants to basically preserve medicare in its current state, that he defends social security as it exists today, suggests to me he's just not serious about these issues. >> ted cruz would answer that question completely differently. >> right. and cruz knows the issue. he would also know that there's
3:48 pm
a difference between the trade deficit and the fiscal deficit. the debt ceiling is about what the federal government owes. the trade deficit is completely different and irrelevant on this issue. but of course trump was trying to find a way in which he could implicate china in whatever issue is at stake. and that's why he did that pivot. >> next up, did the obama administration cook the books to make it seem like the u.s. is winning the war on isis? 23 test test test. test test test.
3:49 pm
test test test. test test test. test test test.
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3:51 pm
isis is losing. i do believe the momentum has checked strategically, operationally and by and large tactically. >> this has all been blunted somewhat. they have not made any progress since we started air strikes.
3:52 pm
you think right now we are kind of at a stalemate. >> this is going to be difficult and it's going to take some time. but the strategy is is the right one and we are just going to have to keep working on it. >> if the the military is saying what they think the white house wants to hear, that we are succeeding in the war against isis, when, in fact, the opposite is true, then not only are they lying but they are putting american lives at risk. >> well, this whole thing comes after a "new york times" report in which it says this: the recently open investigation focus on whether military officials had had changed the conclusions of draft intelligence assessments during a review process is and then passed them on. recent intelligence assessment, included some by defense intelligence agency, the iaea about how little the islamic statute has been weakened the past year. classified assessments. they said is the documents conclude that the year-long campaign has done little to diminish the ranks of the islamic state committed fighters. and that the group over the last year has expanded its
3:53 pm
reach into north africa and central asia. just one example, back in may a brigadier. isis on the defensive. three days later ramadi fell. we're back with the panel. steve? >> the "new york times" reported the inquire arery is looking into whether this happened. the people i talk to say there is no doubt that this happened. the question is why it happened. after three possible explanations, did these intelligence reports say what they said because simply the military wanted to tout success, which would be understandable because this is what they thought the white house wanted to hear which is what kt mcfarland suggested or because they were told that such reports that contradicted the president ideologically were unwelcome? and i think the consensus is that these reports were unwelcome. and there is precedent for. this go pack to the scandal, i think, about the usama bin laden documents, you had senior officials. senior intelligence officials were told by the white house and people close to the president, not to present reports that contradicted what the white whie
3:54 pm
house's line was on usama bin laden, on the defeat of al qaeda. i think you this is one of the greatest undertold stories of the obama administration and i do think it's a scandal. >> chuck? >> i will be honest and say i have no idea personal live whether isis is winning or losing and i have no basis on which to say whether these intelligence reports are cooked or not. one thing i do know from my own experience and reporting on insurgencies, there is no more difficult task on the intelligence community than to test the strength of insurgency is. these organizations tend to be very difficult to penetrate. very good at disguising their actual strength. whether to the upside or the downside. it's an incredibly difficult task to assess even when you are doing it straight. we also have a lot of history in this country of cooking the books on these insurgency is going back to vietnam and value america. so i'm content to let this ig report play out. i would say, this the good news about isis is last summer at this time a lot of us, and i think i even said it at this table were
3:55 pm
worried they were headed into baghdad. they were already at the gates of baghdad. that didn't happen. and that tells me maybe those generals we had on there a minute ago weren't just doing happy talk when they said they were at a stalemate. >> of course. but they pointed to intel saying that isis was on the defensive numerous times and that evolved as we showed there over the months. >> we just heard ordinary on the other on the other. -- you have simply have to look at the map on the ground and of course they have prayed progress. the iraqi army has done essentially nothing. the kurds has done something in the north and in the meantime isis has spread to north africa and central asia. i you would say isis is obviously at least gaining what and to say otherwise, you know, whatever the reason that the intelligence is suppressed, there is reality. >> that is it for the panel.
3:56 pm
but stay tuned to meet a new kind of super hero.
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finally tonight on a tough news day, we need to smile. when your kids are not listening to you, sometimes you may have tone list the help of a super hero. one dad has been bringing in batman to have the kids do their chores and eat their fruits and vegetables. >> you need to eat your carrots. >> no. >> then no desert. >> ah. >> why are you still in your pajamas. >> it's sunday. >> hey! didn't i say no more snacks? >> maybe. >> face forward, you are spilling macaroni on the floor. ben, you need to put your shoes back on. >> no. >> your feet are stinky. >> no. >> a little scary. just a little. we are going to continue the conversation online. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and
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unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now, "special report" online, if you haven't been there, it begins in six seconds. this is a fox news alert. a police officer shot in sun set, louisiana. two other people were injured. but there are conflicting reports they wereshot or stabbe. and at this hour 8 people reportedly being held hostage inside a mini-mart. >> the suspected shooter has barricaded himself inside and a standoff with heavily armed officers is underway right now. that officer was injured was airlifted to a hospital but his condition is unknown. right now police are not sure why the gunman opened fire. we're going to keep you updated as the story develops. and this is a fox news alert. "on the record" is coming to you live from virginia from the scene where a reporter and her cameraman were murdered. they were gunned down and a


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