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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 27, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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left. we hope you never miss an episode. we take attendance. our feelings are hurt if you're not here so please join us. thanks for being with us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. factor. good night from washington. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> at least we know he didn't suffer. she led a happy life. but i just wish i could touch her soul right now because -- i'm sorry. this is tough for me right now. >> why would anyone murder an innocent television reporter? what is behind that kind of madness? and can anything be done to stop these killings? we'll have a special report. >> jorge ramos is the most powerful news man in spanish language tv. he is often called the walter cronkite in la la latino america. >> is jorge ramos being upfront with his audience? we will have a follow up this evening. >> also ahead, a newspaper
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tv critic says i am too soft on donald trump. and dana perino on whether joe biden can beat hillary clinton. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. killing innocence. that is the sung of this east coast's talking points memo. after the brutal murders of adam parker and virginia ward in virginia yesterday. the liberal press reacted in a predictable way. calling for stricter gun laws and more mental health monitoring. sadly, there is no way any country can stop disturbed individuals from killing can people and because of america's history, there is no way total control of firearms will ever happen here. americans have a right to bear arms in order to defend themselves. that's not going to change. because all of us have that
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constitutional right, criminals and maniacs will abuse it. and destroy innocent human beings. it is worth noting that chicago and he will know have ultra strict gun laws but cannot stop the gang violence that has brought shame to that city. but there is something else going on. and senator marco rubio identified it last night, quote: what has happened to us as a society that we now devalue life to such a level? what has happened in our society that people have become so violent? that's the fundamental question we need to confront. what rubio is spotlighting is the rise in nihilism, and a decline in spiritual belief. a person practicing nihilism believes in nothing but his or her own desires. those folks have no loyalties, no purpose outside of their own gratification. nihilism is a close couple of to narcissism where a person believes he or she is never wrong and lacks empathy for other human beings. in 40 years of covering the news almost every killer i
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have reported on has been a nihilist. for example, i just writing about the would-be assays sin john hinckley in the book "killing reagan." at the time shot president reagan, hinckley believed in nothing. there is no question that america is now turning away from spiritualism and embracing the culture of me. what i want. since 2007, americans describing themselves as christian declined almost 8%. while those who believe in no religious doctrine have risen almost 7%. in many media precincts, religious folks are openly mocked, considered to be fanatics. that message is seeping in. especially to younger americans. the killers in colorado, charleston, connecticut, and now virginia all young men who had few restraints in their lives. if you do not believe in anything, anything goes. so the next time you hear a pundit saying gun control or stricter mental health monitoring or whatever else they come up with is going to stop the senseless murders of human beings, no, you are being deceived.
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only a society that insists all human life is valuable and a mass media that promotes the message of that will begin to see a turn away from violence. it's all about the philosophy of loving your neighbor, not the myth that centralized government can preevent barbaric behavior. it cannot. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction. joining us now from boston dr. karen ruskin a psychotherapist and dr. keith ablow a psychiatrist. dr. ablow, what say you? >> bill, i will have to agree in general with you because the truth is that psychiatry itself has strayed away from its spiritual roots. the two things aren't entirely different. what are we doing with really good psychotherapy and even the use of medicines? we are restoring people to the best of themselves. but they also have to believe that there's a plan for them, that there is manifest destiny for them. that there is a higher thing
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to strive for. and once you love yourself and one might say because god loves you, too, you can love other people. and if you can't do that your empathy can be shattered so that as you say, anything goes. because if you don't believe you can't empathize. because, forgiveness is what's required of people and what prevents them from striking out. >> okay, now, dr. ruskin, the murderers that i referred to in charleston, in connecticut, in colorado, and now in virginia, they all have a common theme. all of these young men basically wanted to check out. all right? they didn't believe that life was worth living anymore. but the difference is, many people do that and commit suicide. they wanted to take others with them. they wanted to kill other people. they knew they were all going to go or go to prison for life. all right? but they wanted to hurt other people. and that says to me they were nilists. am i wrong? >> i respectfully disagree
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with with you, bill, in this case. when it comes to homicide or suicide, the feelings of hopelessness and helplessness to a point where you want to either kill yourself or take others down, there are many, many cases of where people are spiritual and they kill others. spirit. >> can you point to one. >> or non-spirituality does not mean that you are mentally healthy or not mentally healthy. >> outside of the jihadists, dr. ruskin. >> why do we have to go outside of the jihadists. why don't we say the jihadists it's a great example of that. >> can you point to one mass murderer recently i in this country who had a religious-based philosophy? can can you point to one? >> if i had the opportunity to interview all of the mass murderers and find out really what was going on, then perhaps i could truly answer your question. >> we know these people up and down, mr. ruskin.
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>> what i can tell you whether you are spiritual or not spiritual, there are mental illness either way. being spiritual doesn't mean that you have mental illness or don't have mental illness. >> listen, dr. ruskin, there are many times. >> that's what we need to be focusing on. >> all right. i want you to stop talking when i try to get in. all right? there are many kinds of mental illness, many. most people who despair want to take their own lives, do not kill other people. er single murderer over 40 years that i have covered in these circumstances has been either atheistic, agnostic, no religious basis at all. tonight on this program i asked you a simple question. can you point to one person who committed mass murder recently that had a religious background? you cannot, all right. there is a common thread in my opinion. >> can i ask you a question if you asked them if they had mental history as well and they all. >> i'm dealing with facts here. >> likely they all did. >> the spiritualism falls apart in the face of the jihad. okay. which is a perversion of
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islam. we all know that. but, over the years and centuries, religion has been used to justify murder. even in the christian precincts has that happened. but individuals in this country now, i believe, are tending away from spirituality and into the secular progressive. it's all about me. and then when you combine that with the mental illness, you have what you had in virginia yesterday. that's the equation. >> yeah. and, look, spirituality isn't what's unfolding with isis. they may claim religious motivations, but they don't have a love of their fellow man. and what i'm saying is agreeing with you, bill, that, sure, mental illness can erode your capacity to find yourself, that part of you that was instilled in you by god. and great psychotherapy and even medicine, sometimes, can restore that. partly what we are restoring is your spirituality. why can't we admit that part of the healing that happens
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in great psychotherapy is spiritual healing? i'm okay with that. >> because the secular society in which we live does not want to admit that, does not want to promote that that's my final point, dr. ruskin, if you have a society that does not value life, and surely we do not value it in america. you can just look at the planned parenthood controversy that we're covering now. whether you have a society that promotes secularism, that mocks religion, this kind of stuff is going to grow. i will give you the last word. >> i'm not against spirituality. i believe it's very therapeutic for many people. i certainly do not believe though that being spiritual directly means that you absolutely are mentally healthy and will not commit murder. >> all right. but it does provide restraints in almost every organized religion. doctors, thank you, next on the rundown some in the liberal press laura jorge ramos for donald trump. we will deal with that
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fact for follow up segment tonight bs as we told you in the talking points memo last night. jorge ramos no longer able to cover the immigration debate in a fair manner because he has become advocate for illegal aliens. and jorge ramos has deep among hispanics. >> latino walter cronkite. >> jorge ramos made "time" magazine cover earlier this year as one of the 100 most influential people. >> to be clear jorge ramos is the most powerful news man in spanish tv. often called the walter cronkite in latino, america. >> joining us now to analyze the situation enrique, syndicated columnist reuben.
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am i being too hard on mr. ramos here? >> not at all, bill, i agree with you. first of all, a pleasure to be on with you again and with my good friend aenrique. his heart is in the right place but head in the wrong place. you are wrong about ramos. he is try to being what activist and journalist. blending the two together is not working. clearly overstepped his grounds in iowa and i think donald trump acted appropriate i can't tellly removing him. even more appropriately to bring him back to field his questions. >> okay. i don't have any beef with jorge if he becomes a commentator like me or even if he labels commentary. it's a more difficult road, it's more difficult to do that. now, you are an activist. you are a person sticking up for people who come to the country undocumented. your organization does that.
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and, absolutely, that's your right as an american. some people agree with you. mr. ramos, he is you as reuben just said he is you. but now he is on the news media trying to cover news stories fairly. i think it's impossible. am i wrong? >> i think jorge ramos is a great news man. i followed him for a long, long time. he has the ear of the latino community not only in the united states but in mexico and other parts of the world. he is a strong advocate for justice and i think what he he did in front of donald trump might have been the best tactic but it is not uncommon for a journalist to ask a question even though they haven't been called on. and the fact that he has his strong opinion 's, i think it is really who he is. >> okay. but shouldn't he then switch jobs and just become a commentator if is he going to be an advocate and i said last night there is nothing wrong with being an advocate and i believe jorge
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sincerely wants to help undocumented people. but, mr. that -- marones you want amnesty for illegal aliens already here. right? >> i don't want amnesty and there is no such thing as illegal alien. we want people -- people are human beings. there is no such thing as an illegal person. we want them to be able to get in line. there is no line for the undocumented community today for the most part. jorge ramos is a great journalist. >> wait, wait, wait. let's stick with you for a minute. do you want everybody who wants to come in here from all over the world to be able to come in? >> most people all over the world don't want to come in here. most people go to other countries. they have a line to get into just like your father fathers and foremothers did. they should have a line to get into. >> illegal aliens jump the line. >> there is no line. there is no line. >> well, wait. there is immigration enrick quay, you know that. they apply and people are given work papers.
8:17 pm
>> very few people qualify for that very, very few people. >> well, that's the law of the land though. that's the law. i mean, made by congress. that's how it's done. if you want to change the law, shouldn't we change it in a democratic way or anarchy? >> no. we should change it the democratic way. >> all right. >> elect a new president. laws that are on the books right now are not just. >> that's fine if you do it in a democratic way, fine. i don't think you would ever get there, my opinion. but mr. ramos and you are simpatico. okay. you don't want to use the term illegal aliens. number one, they are not citizens so they're aliens. number two, they arrived here in the united states illegally. so you put the two words together and they fit. >> they have no legal way to arrive. they are not aliens. they are human beings. >> you either have your proper credentials or you don't. >> they don't qualify for this. >> you are living in the land of oz here. there are mechanisms to come here and millions of people do. reuben, you have heard
8:18 pm
enrick, you know him well. this is the mind set of the people who are advocating, not all of them, i can't generalize but he think jorge ramos and aenrique are pretty much simpatico can. >> you may not know this. not only do i know aenrique well. he is my come padre. he baptized my youngest daughter. he and i are very close. we disagree on this issue. i don't use illegal alien i use illegal immigrant. denial about the fact they break the law to come here. and continue to break the law fraudulent social security numbers to obtain jobs that i would agree that many americans don't want to do many cases. there is truth in what you say and what he says and the truth is somewhere in the middle. we have to speak honestly about this thing and i think jorge ramos is not speaking honestly. he is trying to be various things. wear all these different hats. he has confused everybody. he confused himself. he should have disclosed press conference that his daughter works for hillary
8:19 pm
clinton. his company is being sued by donald trump. these are all things that journalists are told in journalism 101. this is how we are supposed to behave. these are the rules and he broke them. >> all right. gentlemen. good debate. >> and, bill, reuben is a good friend but what ramos represents the overwhelming majority of the latino population. ruben represents a very small fraction. >> i don't know about that. we should have some polling pretty soon on attitudes among hispanic americans. gentlemen, thanks very much. directly ahead had, hillary clinton commenting on vice president biden for the first time. possibly challenging her. later, a tv critic says i'm too soft on donald trump. can the guy back that up? can the guy back that up? moments away.
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campaign 2016 seeing. tonight. joe biden possibly challenging hillary clinton for the democratic nomination. yesterday in iowa hillary clinton said this. >> vice president biden is a friend of mine. he and i were colleagues in the senate. i worked with him as first lady. i worked with him, obviously, in president obama's first term and i have a great deal of admiration and affection for him. and i think has to make what is a very difficult decision for himself and his family. >> joining us now from cleveland, ed henry, covering the clinton campaign. are they worried about joe biden? >> i think they are worried and i think they are also frustrated. you pick that up in hillary clinton's comments. trying to be nice. but you can see she is struggling with how do i respond here because what sparked some of this talk about a biden run, of course, is is the tragic death of his son bow biden and the fact before he died he told the vice president he wanted him to run one last time and also wanted him to make sure that he wouldn't just let the
8:24 pm
clintons have a coronation. this makes it obviously very difficult for hillary clinton to navigate. politico is reporting in private bill clinton is furious at the idea that joe biden might take this away from hillary clinton, sort of not at the last minute but late in the game when most people expected she was going to if not waltz at least have a relatively easy time. she does not have an easy time. the big reason is the email scandal. and joe biden may capitalize on that because he is seen as squeaky clean and more trustworthy in poll after poll. >> there isn't any ideological difference between hillary clinton and joe biden. they are pretty much the same on every issue. correct? >> pretty much i think the downside of a joe biden candidacy. not focusing on positive wave because hillary clinton has been in so much trouble the last few weeks. if he does in fact get in and it appears from his advisors that i'm picking up that he is leaning toward it but hasn't made a final decision. but he is talking to fundraisers and talking to the afl-cio today behind
8:25 pm
closed doors. all of that is getting organized labor and others ready for a run. it is simply that, look, this would solidify the effort at a third obama term which might rally some democrats, might keep some of the obama coalition together but it's going to disaffect others. you are right, he is, if not in lock step, pretty darn close to hillary clinton on one issue after another. >> there is no debate. it's like i feel the same way. i feel the same way. i feel the same way but you have a president who clearly favors joe biden. i don't think there is any question about that bill clinton should be mad at biden he should be mad at obama he says go ahead and sends josh earnst out there to go yeah he might make an endorse; wink wink wink wink wink. >> you put your finger on the flash point here, bill. which is that the obamas and clintons have some real history. it obviously goes back to 2007-2008 when bill clinton as running around saying this is is the biggest fairy
8:26 pm
tale i have ever seen. barack obama is going nowhere, this is ridiculous. they were angry then that it was being taken away from hillary clinton. you could see -- we are not there yet, you could see a similar scenario playing out here. >> what are you doing in cleveland? >> so hillary clinton was here today at case western reserve university. and a couple fascinating things. number one, you know, this is a college campus you would expect a big crowd, ohio a big state, cleveland a big city. she had roughly 2500, a few thousand people. covering barack obama on a college campus, he never really had a crowd that low. bernie sanders has been having crowds over 20,000 as you know. donald trump on the other side. 29,000 or so at that rally in alabama. she has a real enthusiasm gap. why? well, i tried at one point to ask about the email. >> what was she talking about at case? what was she talking about there? >> well, one thing she did was she is trying to shift away from her problems and go again and revive this talk of a war on women. >> marco rubio on abortion.
8:27 pm
>> war on women. so biden is going to have to enlist against is he is going to be be a war on women on the other side of that. that will be interesting. >> look, she said marco rubio on abortion. she went after jeb bush on planned parenthood. at one point went to far to say that it reminded her of terrorists who go after women. to compare some of the g.o.p. candidates to terrorists, this gives you an idea of how this rhetoric is going to jack up fast. >> if it works for trump, maybe she is going to use it. that's what it looks to me. i want to run a real fast clip of henry trying to cover the former secretary of state. roll it. >> secretary clinton, have you been contacted by the fbi yet? are you willing to take to the fbi. >> i need you to have my. thank you, thank you. >> have you been contacted by the fbi yet? >> you were like jorge ramos out there. >> she not only did not answer the question. she didn't even look at me. she didn't even want to make eye contact and go there.
8:28 pm
yesterday, by the way when she took questions, she wouldn't take one from me this time. interesting she had a binder. you wouldn't have seen this on tv. a binder in front of her. when she was asked about the reporter from email situation she read from talking points and notes. i think that's very interesting. she is concerned about going off the script like she did in las vegas last week. she is trying this time. >> stay right in there. don't make any mistakes. i will tell you what i'm going to do. i'm going to make a call on your behalf and tell her to treat you better. >> thank you. >> i'm going it do that. >> i appreciate that. >> plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. am i being too soft on donald trump that's what one tv critic is asserting. we will talk to him and see what he has got. also ms. perino on a possible biden run and misinformation about the isis trip. we hope you i'm not sick. i'm not sick. i'm not sick. she's perfectly healthy. cigna covers preventive care. that's having your back.
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as traders we'd want to use, like social signals, a tool that uses social media to help with research. 10,000 suggestions. who reads all those? he does. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. new analysis by a consumer company called flurry says there are 280 million people worldwide addicted to their cyberspace devices. i guess they counted all of them. 280 million addicted. also americans spend an average of nearly four hours a day on their dopey machines. obviously this is changing how the world behaves. with us now kennedy, host of the own program on the fox business network and from washington katie pavlick, fox news analyst. what is the worst. >> americans are more addicted to their machines and cell phones than they are addicted to coffee. i find that to be a major
8:33 pm
problem. i think i'm addicted to my cell phone. i think it comes with the territory. they need to take working on your phone because your phone is a tool for work. i emailed your producers about this segment on my cell phone. take that out of the equation when it comes to saying that people are addicted because it is part of our daily lives in terms of how we conduct business in the world. >> an addiction is that you can't stop. so, it would transcend just the work place. it's -- they have to check their emails every 10 seconds. the apps. i have never been on an app. in my life. i don't even know what an app. is. no, i do. i know what it is but i have never been there because i'm frightened. what's the worst thing about this machine addiction? >> people like you who are frightened of technology. this is fantastic. i wouldn't call it addiction. it's not the same thing as making meth in your bathtub and selling it in junior high school. >> if you can't put that machine down. >> yes. >> or get yourself away from it. >> yes. >> it's an addiction. it's a --
8:34 pm
>> i disagree because addiction is zero sum. if you are addicted to something that means you are not doing other things. >> that's right. >> if you are addicted to drugs you are not participating in society. >> if you are on this dopey machine for four hours a day. >> idm katie pavlick. >> dm? >> direct message. >> urchins, they used to go out and play sports and used to go out and play stuff. they don't go out. no, they are chained in their basement and you pull them away they are thinking about getting back to it let's go out and let's go swimming. let's go swimming. it's so cold. all right. so you are basically shrinking their world into this phony and that's what it is. because they are playing these stupid games. and adults aren't any better. i he i mean, look at the porn industry. what was it a survey the other day. >> you can do that with your phone now, did you know that? >> i didn't but i believe you.
8:35 pm
there is a huge percentage of adults every day that they are doing this on their crazy phone. and i mean i'm telling you this is changing everything, katie. >> it is. to your point about the kids not wanting to go swimming. the good news is they do make iphone covers that are waterproof and there is an app. that allows to you break your cell phone addiction by downloading the app. on your cell phone. >> i had a wise urchin say to me i will put on my bathing suit but i will play in the machine. that's the compromise. of course i threw the kid in the ocean and he couldn't come out for three hours. look, and i don't buy this flurry survey. how do they know there is 280 million? do they go door to door? >> they are working with the nsa. >> oh, that's why. >> that's what it comes down to. here is is the big question. when the emp hits, when the grid is fried, when the satellites no longer work, will you be able to mcgiver your way through society. >> i will be. >> i will be as well. >> because of things i learned on my smart phone.
8:36 pm
>> i'm a survivor. >> i have actually been in the jungle, all right? so i will be able to do that. >> i grew up on a dirt road, bill. i'm ready to go. >> okay. the addiction, do you believe there is an internet addiction, katie pavlick? yes or no? >> i do. i do think that there is a certain addiction to our cell phones. you know, i certainly will admit when i'm away from my cell phone i am having withdraws. >> you are thinking about it. >> how are you? i will be back soon. >> i also work in an industry where i have to respond to people and tell communicate. >> i'm divorce the work stuff. >> work all the time. >> i think there are some people who are addicted to everything. people are addicted to food and exercise. and even academia but i don't belittle all of those things. >> kennedy does not belittle anyone, everybody. very, very good. when we come right back, a newspaper critic belittled me saying i i have been too easy on trump. i do not agree. the debate up next. art health's.
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8:41 pm
your humble correspondent am too soft on trump. mr. zurich joins you now from baltimore. all right. back it up. go. >> i will tell you what, bill, you said in the last segment i belittled you. i would disagree. i don't think i belittled you because there was also praise for you in there. but here's what troubled me about that well, let me give you the largest context of what troubles me about it is the way you interview trump. you can ask him -- you are so good at this genre. you have so mastered performance in this genre that you are like a wrestler who can look like he is giving someone fierce bark, body slam but you are really not hurting him. and so you go through an interview and you ask questions, legitimate, good questions about deportation, for example. and that's fine. but then at the end of the interview, you say well, you know what, donald, i'm just afraid you are going to deport me, you know. and then donald gives you sort of a hug, you know, verbally.
8:42 pm
>> that's just basically. >> oh, bill we are going to keep you. >> all that is basically after a tough interview, which that was, with him, is just having a little, you know, goodbye, thanks for being here, and all of that. i don't bare malice toward any political candidate. i don't know what the beef is. that was a throw away line, and you are telling me i'm too soft? come on. >> bill, no, i really do. because, to the listeners and your fans really, i believe, take strong cues from you politically. and that says this deportation talk isn't that serious. donald's position is okay. don't be alarmed about it. don't be concerned about it. >> oh, come on. really. if that's -- if you are reading that in, look, i you say jorge ramos i liked him last night after i scorched him, okay? because i don't dislike jorge ramos and i don't dislike donald trump. i'm going to show you a
8:43 pm
montage right now and i want you to react to it roll the tape. >> i actually laughed when you said you are going to build this giant wall from san diego to brownsville and the mexicans are going to pay for it the mexicans aren't going to pay for the wall. what are you going to do to nate -- nieto you have to pay for the wall he is not going to do it. deportations. that's not going it happen. the 14th amendment says if you are born here and american you can't kick americans out o. if you wanted to deport the people already here, each and every one are entitled it due process and it would take decades to do that and gazillions of dollars and the courts would block you at every turn. you must know all of that. and you are saying i'm too soft on the man? i'm shredding his position. shredding that. >> cherry pick. look, bill i can cherry pick my columns and find three clips that say you are the greatest guy in the history
8:44 pm
of the world and three that say you are the worst. >> i can give you 30 of them. i'm going to tell you right now i'm the toughest interview on trump than any of them. there isn't anybody but me that has been tougher on the man, all right? no one. that includes jorge who didn't ask him questions. who just wanted to get his dopey opinion that we should let everybody in here and leave them alone. last word. >> let me say being the toughest interview on trump on tv right now is a very low bar. i wouldn't be so proud of it. >> what do you want me to do, call him names? >> bill, listen, i'm serious now. i'm going to take it in another direction here and this is really important. >> you have got a minute. >> i remember when npr fired juan williams how you guys came out breathing fire as a tribe at fox and defended him. i think you should be doing that on behalf of what trump is trying to do to megyn kelly. i'm sorry. you may have a different perspective. we all dealt with that, you may think it's not my
8:45 pm
business. >> you know why that would be wrong? because then you are making it personal. >> no, no. >> we dealt if n. a responsible, journalistic way. all right? ailes dealt with it i dealt with it and i don't think you are going to hear any more about it but you don't make this stuff personal. that's when it goes off the rails. >> but, bill, and, by the way, i don't know if it was monday or tuesday, i heard what you said about to him at the end of your show. >> right. >> basically stop it. that was good. and. >> the other 35 things that i said and challenged him on. all right. i think you are wrong but you are a standup guy for coming in mr. zuurawik and i don't want to deport you. >> bill, i can't even laugh about that. >> see, i give you the same courtesy i give him. >> that's how good you are at this. >> all right. dana perino on deck.
8:46 pm
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biden is number one, right? >> most exciting story of the 2016 cycle so far bar trump. trump, obviously has been exciting this summer. on the democratic side for several years since president obama won re-election the only person we have been talking about as a democratic nominee has been hillary clinton. her campaign has had so many false starts, reboots, and her numbers keep going down that joe biden, over the summer, i think he has decided he is going to get into the race. he even asked president obama for his blessing. it was given in a private lunch between the two men, and then they leaked that to the press. that's a big deal. >> all right. so you think he is going. then he goes and meets with
8:50 pm
elizabeth warren, okay. that was leaked out to the press. what's that all about? >> i think that's a little bit of a tweak to hillary clinton. right before hillary clinton announced, there was some desire on the far left that elizabeth warren get in the race. they got bernie sanders instead because warren was going to take a backseat. she doesn't seem that warm towards hillary clinton and there is the race. but she doesn't seem that warm towards hillary clinton and there's a fracture many the democratic party. the week before biden met with warren, there was a big picture all weekend, the story of the week was obama and clinton going golfing together, obama and bill clinton. five days later, joe biden see i'll see your golf game and meet with elizabeth warren. >> do you think he would put warren on the second, the vp? >> he might not have thought that far ahead. but one of the things he might have asked her, if i decide to go forward, could count on your
8:51 pm
support? >> but then he would have to move further left than hillary clinton. so you think he's going wob so do i. what is this isis information story? we haven't covered it. can you tell me a little bit about snit. >> there's an initial report out of the department of defense. inspector general is looking into whether military analysts for intelligence have been providing the white house and president obama with rosier scenarios about the fight about isis. >> this happened in vietnam and it was a mike>> there's the acct central america and the iraq evasion right before. >> so there's an inspector general's investigation attached to the department of defense into allegations that certain analysts in the d.o.d. gave the president false information that he was kicking the butts of the isis people and doing stuff when that was not true? >> that is the initial report of the "the new york times." i'm for the inspector general looking into it and giving us a
8:52 pm
little more information. i actually tend to think that analysts with, because they're using their judgment, it's never going to be excelly perfect. i don't want to impede anybody -- >> but in vietnam, they were inflating body counts and doing things that were dishonest. >> and the media followed up on that. >> and they got sued, remember that case? >> absolutely. >> here president obama has been accused of pretty much orchestrating everything that happens in the federal government, you know, attorney general, we had an attorney general that basically didn't investigation things the president didn't want to investigate and now they're investigating whether the books were cooked at his request. >> president obama reluctantly finally said we're going to destroy and degrade isis. the reports from the ground and what you hear from the administration do not match up. you had general ode nair ro who dust retired last week saying things are not as good as we would want them to be. and president obama just has 14 months left >> he's not going to go jack.
8:53 pm
he's going to hand this off. >> he needs to. >> he's not going to do it. he doesn't want to do it. he's going to hand at off to the next president. >> that will be a shame. >> let's hope it's not bernie sanders because isis will be here -- >> bernie is not going to utilize military action. >> no. dana pa reno, there she is. factor tip of the day, i explain how i committed a doers. they don't worry if something's possible. they just do it. at sears optical, we're committed to bringing them eyewear that works as hard as they do. right now, buy one pair and get another free. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical pwhat've we got? 5. bp 64/40 sterilize sites. multiple foreign objects in the body. tweezers. (buzz!) (buzz!) if you're the guy from the operation game,
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world. that's excellent. if you become a premium member you get any of my books free, including the upcoming "killing regan" coming out. now the mail. you did your viewer as disservice by not mentioning the confrontation between trump's bodyguard and who ray ramos in the hallway. no such confrontation took place. miami florida, trump and ramos are two sides of the same coin, egomaniacs who put themselves ahead of the country. o'reilly, your analysis of jorge ramos is fair. bill says, your analysis was off base, you objected bias against ramos. you give no exam. s of that in your e-mail. bonnie from concord, north carolina.
8:57 pm
mr. o'reilly why did you not mention that jorge's daughter works for hillary clinton because it is not relevant, bonnie. what an adult child does have no bearing on a story like this. car lease johnson from guatemala, making charitable donations for a candidate is a disservice for those who do work for a candidate. i disagree. charitable contributions shed light on politicians. it's relevant. richard did he recollects, in the pachk, i'm soon moving to wooum. that will be a change. and because of the factor i have a good grasp of the important issues in the state. guam is a u.s. territory. welcome back to the main land. i'm 15, just finished hitler's final days. very well-written. thank you for reading my book over the summer.
8:58 pm
will burn smith, miller was wrong about biden. he was elected senate at age 29, not a congressman. thank you for correcting the record, counselor. i hope you can catch a "don't be a pin head" show. in the fall we seal see everybody in st. louis, chicago, south florida at the hard rock hotel in phoenix, vegas, charlotte sold out, info on very big happy birthday to world war ii and korea vet george vice 101 today in california. way to go. and finally tonight the factor tip of the day. last night i told you guys adds a kid i was committing a misdemeanor. actually i committed many of them. now that the statute of limitations has run out, i can finally come clean. when the new york mets started up in 1962 i was immediately on board. but i didn't have enough money to attend many games. so one day while at shay stadium, courtesy of my father,
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factor from anywhere in the world. o'reilly at fox word of the day, do not be a teratoid when writing to the factor. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, big news for the 2016 gop field as donald trump surges to new heights in the polls and proclaims this is not about a man but a movement. welcome to the kelly file, i'm megyn kelly. today the well-respected quinn pea yak university releasing its first national polling on the 2016 race in nearly a month. donald trump maintains his number one spot and widens his lead. rounding out the top five are dr. carson, former governor jeb bush and senators mayor corubio


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