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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 28, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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about the killing of two television journalists and his elaborate escape plan. anna kooiman is live at the hospital with the latest for us. >> good morning heather and ainsley. good morning to you. the reporter and gunman flanagan was carrying wigs more than a dozen letters, a hat, sunglasses and some sort of to do list. he talked about the disgruntled angry worker. we heard from the station manager jeff marks he said he made nasty comments when he was dragged police upon his firing. >> he reacted ang illy telling him he would have to call police he was going to make a stink.
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on the way out he handed a wooden cross to the news director and said you will need this. he made a derogatory cameraman adam ward as he left. i spoke to the wdbj anchor as the ambush unfolded. trying d out what happened. of course all they heard back, violence. >> after the show ended we heard three down it got really awful from there. they found out they both had been shot and vicki had been shot. we didn't know for a while how bad it was. if you go you never know when y go on a live shot. >> roanoke residents had a
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canned lit vigil outside of the studios. that was by the state attorney general. adam ward's family planned a funeral for tuesday. also coming up at 5:30 you will hear from tim gardener. he is the husband of vicky gardener the only survivor the woman who has been interviewed. he expects to get out of the hospital. you will hear how she remembers every single bit of what happened. she explains how she was dodging bullets from the gunmen. you will hear that at 5:30. out of a medically induced coma and in good condition. fired 11 months after he was hired. but less than a year earlier the station manager said flanagan was hired with positive references. >> i don't think he was the
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strongest applicant has ever had but he passed muster of our news management team. it is hard to get a negative reference these days. most have policies that is forbid the people from giving references. what you get a lot of is name, rank and serial number. >> he had troubles at a florida station years earlier. he threatened to punch people in the newsroom and was fired in 2000 for unprofessional conduct. >> another fox news alert, another a dead this morning after the shooting at a university in georgia. the shooter is still on the lose at this hour. christopher stark was shot during a site at a student building late last night. the university was put on lock down for a short time. classes are delayed until 10:00 a.m. and grief counselors
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will be at the campus. a 4-year-old boy is dead after being left inside a hot truck. the boy's grandfather was watching him and forgot him in the back seat after returning home from running errands. he was in the car for an hour and a half. the temperatures outside reaching 100 degrees. this is the 16th child to die in a hot car this year. an arrest in the murder of a 9-year-old girl in ferguson, missouri. she was shot while doing her homework sitting on her mom's bed. brown admits to shooting into the house. it is unclear if the shooter knew the family. he is charged with second degree murder. this happened a few blocks away from where michael brown was shot by a police officer last year. a virginia teenager hours away from learning his fate for helping isis. he admitted to using social media to raise money and support for the terror group.
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the former honor roll student also helped another teen travel to syria to join the extremists. he faces up to 15 years in prison. however they could recommend that he serve less time. a driver arrested for human smuggling after illegal aliens were stuck under a car. border patrol agents say the mexican men were sweating producely in the hot trunk. they were arrested, too. desperate times. gop by bashing its stance on women's health. this as a poll finds voters see her as a liar and untrustworthy. kristin fisher is live for us. >> good morning, ainsley. the republican party is asking for hillary clinton for an apology after she compared rival's views on health issues to those of terrorists. she took aim atef forts to
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defund planned parenthood and strict abortions pledging her campaign is going forward not back. let's listen to what she said yesterday. >> extreme views about women, we expect that from some of the terrorist groups. we expect that from those who don't want to live in the modern world, but it's a little hard to take coming from republicans who want to be the president of the united states. >> jeb bush posted on twitter hillary clinton compares pro-life americans to terrorists but defends despicable treatment of unborn? her priorities are totally wrong. no americans you disagree with aren't terrorists and he included a link to isis. a new low to her flailing campaign. it is showing signs of trouble.
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look at this. according to a new quinnipiac university poll 50 percent says clinton is not honest or trust worthy. you can blame the e-mail issues on a big part of that. what comes to mind when you think of hillary clinton 178 people said that word is liar. the word most people associated with donald trump, ainsley, can you guess, it's arrogant followed by blow hard. >> that's for donald. >> speaking of donald. you mentioned the quinnipiac poll, how is he doing on that poll? >> he is doing quite well so is ben carson. bad numbers for bush and walker according to the new quinnipiac poll he leads by 20 percent ben carson 12 percent and bush, cruz and rubio with 7 percent followed by walker with 6 and kasich and fiorina at 5 percent.
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good news for trump and carson bad news for bush and walker. >> businessman and surgeon. they are not politicians. maybe that's why. >> i think so. >> live for us in dc, thank you kristin fisher. that seems to be the trend this year. what was behind the remarks? mark teeson has a theory. >> seems like she is saying outrageous staples are working for donald trump, maybe it will work for me. this is her effort to copy donald trump. this is on the heels of just the other day when she was making jokes abouter had e-mail server saying she wiped it with a cloth and snap chat because the messages disappear. now comparing good half of the electorate to osama bin laden and a terrorist. this is not a candidate ready for prime time. she is not her husband. very, very bad candidate.
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>> dest and destruction in hits path. >> that is a church just swallowed up by raging flood waters. 4 people killed in mud slidz and 20 others missing. >> now it is taking aim at puerto rico and florida. >> it is bringing torrential rainfall across parts of the caribbean. we are seeing intense flash flooding across parts of the island. the storm is remaining relatively weak. it has maximum sustained winds at 50 miles per hour moving from the west to southwest at 17 miles an hour. it is battling dry air and strong winds. that is what helps keep the storm a little on the weaker side. keeping that intensity a little lower. it is still a powerful storm
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system and flash flooding is a real concern in the caribbean. they need the rain they have drought conditions across many of the islands. compared to looking at the last couple of days. it tracks off the coast. center of circulation has been shifting further west than originally thought. the environment not conducive for strengthening and we could look at it maybe even dissipating out there. a lot of uncertainty with the forecast track. high temperatures below average across the great lakes and northeast especially for the month of august. 10 minutes after the top of the hour and a challenge for the president. >> secret service protection for you for the first lady and your children.
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see what it is like to have to fend for yourself. >> david clark sounding off on the politicizing of the murders. >> a teacher gives a pass to everyone as long as they try hard enough in class? is that really good enough? >> i don't know. the best car consumer reports has ever tested reveals put on the brakes before you hit the road this morning stick around and find out. these two oil rigs look the same.
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can you tell what makes them so different? did you hear that sound? of course you didn't. you're not using ge software like the rig on the right. it's listening and learning how to prevent equipment failures, predict maintenance needs, and avoid problems before they happen. you don't even need a cerebral cortex to understand which is better. now, two things that are exactly the same have never been more different. ge software. get connected. get insights. get optimized. >> listen to this story at children's hospital in washington state. warning thousands of parents to get their kids tested now for hiv and hepatitis. the reason? surgical equipment over the past five years have not been
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properly sterilized. robert gray in our la bureau with what parents need to know. that's right. seattle children's hospital is offering three blood tests to 12,000 families after the discove disdiscovery. they may be at risk for bloodborne viruses including hiv. the surgery center have not been properly cleaned and sterilized. local parents are in disbelief. >> my son was sitting in the room with me and i read it i think i literally gasped out loud and looked at him oh my gosh. this is where you were. >> hospital officials say the risk of infection is extremely low. but some patients who under went surgery at the bellevue facility may need to be tested for hype at this timetis b and c as well as hifr.
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it went out to all 12,000 patients during the center's five year history. local health officials also weighing in. >> they are working with public health officials to prevent it from happening again. >> robert gray, live for us, thank you. >> the plague flames another victim. this time a utah man in his 70's. he was hospitalized with symptoms for gooif days before dying. he may have picked it up from a flee bite or contact from a dead animal. small pro dents in rule areas like prairie dogs are the most common carriers. there have been 12 cases of the plague this year and 12 deaths. >> follower and convicted murderer could be back on the
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streets soon. bruce cave have is is eligible for parole. he has been in prison for 42 years for the slaying of a musician and hollywood stunt man. they believe it is safe to set him free. he has been denied parole 28 times. charges have been dropped begins the guitarist who walked the national anthem on the florida sidewalk. >> 22-year-old lane bit man was sited for this for playing the star-spangled banner on july 4th. the charge, playing too loudly on the street. he joined "fox & friends" earlier this month with a promise to fight that charge. he sdp and he won. >> it is time to brew on this. have we become a rewards for everyone society?
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>> you got a reward. that's great. >> i didn't know they made 9th place ribbons. >> they got them all of the way up to 10th place. >> idaho school district is investigating middle schoolteachers, though. her no fail policy. promised to pass all students meeting certain guidelines. >> the milledton schoolteacher is offering minimum 70 percent grade as long as the students attend 90 percent of the classes turn in all of the assign ams and quote put forth a good effort even if they fail the course material. >> just because they are trying they pass. is trying hard really enough? send us your comments on facebook, twitter or e-mail them at even if some people didn't want to see the video of the tv
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shooting they did. should everyone have to watch it? >> trump settles the most burning question on the campaign trail. is that hair for real?
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>> welcome back to "fox and friend first. 10 years after devastation of hurricane katrina president obama walks the streets of new orleans and praises the resilient residents. how does it look out there today? >> good morning. president obama was here five years ago. it was back again to commemorate
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the ten-year anniversary of katerina. he met with residents of the lower 9th district as you recall that was the area hit so hard with so many lives lost and so many homes destroyed. the president calling the people of the area quote ir repressible. at one point even breaking out into song. the president says there is still much more to do. >> your efforts inspire me no matter how hard and how long the road ahead might seem you are working and building and striving for a better tomorrow. i see evidence of it all across this city. the people of new orleans, you didn't just inspire me, you inspired all of america. >> george w. bush visits today with his wife, tomorrow it is
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president bill clinton. full slate of people here. ainsley and heather. >> joel thank you. consumer reports just handed out its first ever perfect score. lauren simonetti is here with a car that turned the judges head. >> the best car consumer reports has ever tested is tesla's model x the 130,000 dollar electric beauty got a perfect store of it goes from 0-60 in 3 and a half seconds. big apple news is about two weeks away. apple is holding an event. we are expecting it to announce the iphone 6 x and 6 x plus. they may have a better camera and maybe a new color as well.
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a new i bpad and newer watch an new version of apple tv. instagram introduced a feature everybody has been asking for. pictures that post in a landscape or portrait mode not just a square t. should minimize the awkward photo cropping you have been doing to make sure your friend who stand on the outside of the picture actually fits into the pic tour. ladies, back to you. >> ooo-hah some sauce. it means extremely good. here's another one it is the appropriate time to start drinking any time during the day today. >> how about man spreading. ha if you haven't heard that's when a man sits with his legs spread apart mostly on transportation. hangry when you are so hungry you get angry.
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>> remember nut the polar bear? now we know why he died and it could save your life. the incredible discovery up next. >> the best deals on-line right now parents how does 90 percent off sound? first a live look out on the plaza. the concert series stick around blue oyster cult sticks around today.
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>> brand new details about the killer, the tv killer, what he was hiding in his car when cops caught up with him. the husband of the sole survivor what it was like for him and what his wife is saying now. >> hillary clinton comes out
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swinging comparing her gop rivals to terrorists? >> we expect that from terrorist groups but it is a little hard to take coming from republicans who want to be the president of the united states. >> she is calling them out by name. a response live from washington p. >> what do you do when you lead police on a high speed chase and crash? you dance. that's what you do. "fox friend first continues right now. >> good morning welcome to "fox & friends first". it is friday. i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. we begin with a fox news alert. it is half past the hour. he might have had an elaborate plan to try to get away with murder. >> horrible story. they found a wig, sunglasses ammo and several licenses plates
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inside his car. >> this as many are calling tribute to journalists killed and the third victim is recovering at the hospital. anna kooiman is live at a hospital in roanoke with the latest. good morning to heather and ainsley. i spoke to the husband of vicki gardener. she is the woman who was being interviewed the only survivor of the three there on-site. she remembers every single detail of how things happened. she was literally dodging the gunman's bullets. >> could have been a couple millimeters or centimeters to the left it would have severed her spine and a couple mill meerts to the left of that it would have severed her aorta. she was lucky the way she got shot. >> after flanagan fired at allison parker and adam ward he pointed the gun at vicki's head. she ducked he fired and missed she ducked the other way he fired and missed again.
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she crouches down in the fatal position that's the shot that grazed her spine and fires back. then she hears the gun click flanagan out of bullets then he fled the scene. canned lit vigil held last night. the virginia attorney general in attendance. tim gardener says he blames flanagan's crazed mental state not his weapon. >> if he had had a gun he would have had a knife or a machete. he was bound and determined to try to make a name for himself on live tv because he failed at it so many times. so no, i don't blame the gun. i blame the guy that was holding the gun. >> vicki is expected to get out of the icu in a day or two. she is in good condition. she lost one of her kidneys and also part of her colon.
2:33 am
recovery time is about three months but she is expected to make full recovery. she loves the lake where she was being interviewed. she is expected to get back to water-ski and sail with her husband. adam ward's funeral is planned for tuesday. >> our prayers for all of those folks there. thank you so much, anna. facebook and twitter users are calling on the social network to disable something called auto play after people got an unexpected look at the journalists being killed in the act. flanagan posted a video he took of the shooting on-line. because both social met work -- networking sites have auto play it began rolling on the news feeds. it is standard but it can be disabled. david clark sounding off on the immediate calls for gun control in the wake of the shooting and issuing a challenge to the president. >> shame on the left.
2:34 am
shame on the democrats for exploiting misery and tragedy to pursue a political agenda. shame on the president of the united states to invoke terrorism. here's my challenge to the president of the united states if you think this is so easy. secret service protection for you the first lady and your children and see what it is like to have to fend for yourself then we will sit down and have a conversation so you will know what we here at ground level have to deal with on a daily basis in terms of self defense. i am done asking people in my community to out source their personal safety to the government. >> what do you think? in the wake of the shooting the president pushing for gun control saying guns kill more people than terrorists. another fox news alert. a student is dead after a shooting at a university in georgia. the shooter is still on the lose at this hour. christopher stark a junior at savannah state university was shot during a fight at a student
2:35 am
building late last night. the university was on lock down for a short time. classes this morning delayed until 10:00 a.m. grief counselors will be there on campus. the shot that killed kate stein lee on the san francisco pier might have been fired accidentally. lawyers for the illegal immigrants they say the bullet rick shade on the concrete and then stit stein lee. the wound was rectangular in shape which is consistent with a ricochetted bullet. they will decide if the illegal will see a murder trial. >> to america's election headquarters now hillary clinton taking aim at the gop. the democratic presidential candidate comparing can don't
2:36 am
tells datz /* -- candidates to terrorists. how are this reacting? >> not well. not only did hillary clinton compare some of their quote-unquote views on planned parenthood and abortion to the extreme views of terrorists but she also went after three of them by name at a campaign stop yesterday in cleveland. >> marco rubio blames denies healthcare to abortion. jeb bush says planned parenthood shouldn't get a penny. the governor in ohio banned state funding for some rape crisis centers because they sometimes refer women to other health facilities that do provide abortions. >> both bush and kasich responded on twitter. let's listen to senator marco rubio's reaction who was asked about it on a radio talk show yesterday. >> she is a failing candidate has no credibility being exposed
2:37 am
for being deceitful on the whole issue of the server compromised the national security of the united states. quite frankly, she is going to be chasing bernie sanders and others in her party to the extreme left. >> clinton's sxan is showing trouble. in a hypothetical general election match up clinton is beating trump by 4 points bush by 2 rubio 3. compare that to joe biden. it has him beating trump by 8 points and bush by 6 and rubio by 3. we don't even know for sure if the vice president is running or not but this poll shows him doing better than clinton in a general election match up. >> there was huge news broken yesterday.ting rumors to rest on one critical issue. >> critical, heather. i watched this live. this is one of those moments, i thought am i actually seeing
2:38 am
this? it was at an event in south carolina. get this. he asked a random woman in the audience to come up on stage and touch his hair. watch. >> i don't wear a toupee. it's my hair. look. >> it is. >> yes, i believe it is. >> have i ever met you before? no. >> there it is. the record has been set straight. it is indisputable. >> i want someone to interview her. we need to get her here on fox friends first. >> appreciate it. you heard from marco rubio being called out on clinton. stick around he joins "fox & friends" live at 7:50 a.m. >> oo tropical storm erica leaving death and destruction in its path.
2:39 am
(screams) >> you can hear the screams. a church swallowed by raging waters. four people are dead 20 others are missing. >> taking aim at puerto rico and florida. maria molina is in the weather center tracking this. >> good morning heather and ainsley. the storm remains pretty disorganized. we have the thunderstorm activity and heavy rain. as far as finding the center of circulation or rapid circulation it is not occurring in the caribbean. we have a lot of dry air and strong winds. that is keeping the iven tensity on the lower end. we are looking at the forecast that has been updated to keep that in play as well. we are looking at a much weaker storm as we head into the time period this weekend and early next week. eventually we do expect some impact across parts of the southeast. we have to keep the close watch on the storms because it could possibly not make it out of the carry bee an.
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it is continuing to be shreded by the strong winds and dry air in place. otherwise high temperatures across the parts of the great lakes and northeast low average only in the 70's and 80's this afternoon. across the summer plains summer like temperatures in the 90d and triple dig get the. let's head over to you. it is 20 minutes after the hour. would you get away with being late to work more than 100 times. it's okay for one teacher in one district. >> also don't miss the incredible moment. look at this, ainsley. two deaf twins hear mare mom for the very first time. >> and parents, how does 90 percent off sound? the best deals on-line right now.
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times but a new jersey teacher is keeping his job. he teaches third grade at roosevelt elementary. the principal says last year he was late 46 times. anderson admits he never missed time with students just a few minutes before classes began. an ash traitor says anderson can't be fired because the school can't ginever gave him a warning. >> what about all of the teachers who can't find a job. >> ridiculous. educators at one college are having problems with pro nouns. so they are dropping he and she instead calling everyone z. the university of tennessee knoxville the office of diversity and inclusion they say they are concerned students might be offended if people use traditional pro nouns. they say they are working on making their campus welcoming for everyone. let's keep talking about this.
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is it a good idea or have the pc police gone way too far on this one? is facebook after the show live debate is #keep talking. >> more parents doing back-to-school shopping on-line. so what sites can you head to for best discounts? >> cheryl casone is here with the list. we all like a good deal. >> no kidding. don't we all. good morning ladies. i am as cheap as anybody. it is that time of year stressed out parents expected to spend 68 billion on back to school items. more and more are shopping on-line. here are five of the best on-line shopping sites for your kids' needs courtesy of the snag shelf is a place putting you in control. they can snag products up to 90 percent off then you write a review to help other users and it works with amazon to make sure the reviews are authentic.
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mojo has deals to offer discount coupons. has name brand clothing up to 70 percent off retails. up to 75 percent off on things like sneakers, apparel, backpacks and school uniforms. groupon living social and amazon local. i am going to get on that one. i love the kids but i love a good deal. to find cheryl you can go to >> you can come to work with a pack back. >> the time is 46 minutes. almost 15 to the top of the hour. past 15. a new warning this morning. beware of the sweet hearts. >> i love your skirt. where did you get it? >> it was my mom's in the 80's. >> vintage. so adorable. >> thanks. >> that is the ugliest fing skirt i have ever seen. >> you better watch out for
2:47 am
polite people. >> the world's fastest man can't keep up with the future. >> totally taken out by a segue. >> hope he is okay. >> steve doocy has what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> clothes in the 80's are considered vintage? >> look at this neck tie then. 13 minutes from right now, the left and the president continue to preach about gun control after what happened out in virginia. but is that really the problem? is it a gun control problem or a mental health issue? derek clark has a message for the president. have you seen the technology that helped catch the killer in virginia? we are going to demonstrate exactly how lance plate readers work. plus marco rubio is going to join us. rudy giuliani will be on the couch in about 15 minutes. and blue oustyster cult is our
2:48 am
today. the final summer show for the summer concert series. we have a busy three hours. kicks off 12 minutes from now right here on your channel for news. mornings. wonderful, crazy mornings.
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we figure you probably don't have time to wait on hold. that's why at xfinity we're hard at work, building new apps like this one that lets you choose a time for us to call you. so instead of waiting on hold, we'll call you when things are just as wonderful... [phone ringing] but a little less crazy. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around.
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a mystery is finally laid to let. a man who grabbed 150 head stones from a landfill used poor judgment, but ultimately did nothing wrong when he tiled his patio with them last month. >> i thought i was taking a few scraps and as i dug down through the scraps, there happened to be some intact stones. i had no clue that they were there.
2:52 am
>> the markers will be buried at a nearby cemetery. local veterans have offered to help him rebuild his patio. a celebrity polar bear's death, scientists may have discovered the reason. he has a. . excessively polite people are more likely to stab you in the back. fox 5 matt king hits the streets of new york to find out what people thought of this study. >> passive aggressive. insecure people. >> people with a lot of money. >> politicians. >> the ones holding microphones. >> i don't trust them any
2:53 am
further than i can show them. >> the friendliest among us might be the most likely to double cross this. he believes in kindness and recommends we receive whatever generosity we receive to a certain point. >> you should be suspicious of anyone who goes over board in trying to compliment you, especially if you don't think that compliment rings true. >> i expect them to do one thing to my face and turn around and do something else. >> many others trust the world to look after their best interests. >> you can never be too friendly. >> it just makes my heart feel good. >> i genuinely believe that people are good and that's how i prefer to live than thinking that people have an agenda and they are out to get you. >> well, the time is now 8 minutes till the top of the hour. and a teacher gives a pass to everyone as long as they try hard enough. but is that really good enough?
2:54 am
your brew on this response is up next, and what do you do when you've led cops on a high-speed chase and you end up crashing? of course you get out and dance. ♪ ♪ ♪
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happening today, the gunman who killed two journlts on live tv might have had an elaborate escape plans, police find elaborate disguises in his car. tropical storm erica gaining strength. powerful winds and mudslides already claiming four lives in dominica and the path of destruction heading for puerto rico and florida next. and tomorrow marks ten years since hurricane katrina hit the gulf coast. president bush will be visiting today. the moment that twin girls hear for the very first time. >> the six-month-olds were born with limited hearing. insurance considered the $6,000
2:59 am
aids elective surgery, a nonprofit stepped in to cover the cost. next the bad, break the law and bust a move, a suspected car thief dancing and smiling after leading police on a chase. and wiped out by a segway. it is time for your brew on this responses. have we become a reward for everyone society? what do you think about this? an idaho school district is investigating a middle school teachers no fail policy. it promises to pass all students as long as they turn in 90% of the classes. they have to turn in all their assignments and put in good effort. is trying hard really enough? susan on facebook says trying your best is wonderful but giving everyone a trophy is not. if you excel at something, you should be rewarded aaccordingly.
3:00 am
>> grades are an indication of what a child is capable of doing and many make the grades and others don't. and we should expect more from our kids and not less. stay tuned, blue oyster cult will be out here on the plaza. "fox & friends" starts now. good morning to you. today is friday, august 28th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. the president preaching gun control in the wake this week's shootings. >> here's my challenge to the president of the united states, you think this is so easy. forego your secret service protection for you, the first lady and your children and see what it's like to fend for yourselves. >> and here with us is rudy giuliani in a few moments. and hillary clinton comparing republicans to isis. >> we expect that from


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