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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  August 28, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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♪ come on baby ♪ don't fear the reaper ♪ martha: donald trump riding a surge in the polls. he says this is more than just a campaign. gregg: you have got to love it. i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer. donald trump offering his unique explanation for why he's doing so well. >> there is no better expression for ways happening, because this is a movement, than the expression "silent majority." because that's what's happening. gregg: the headline from
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"politico," "the invincible trump." martha: byron york is an editor for the "washington "examiner." and he's with us. is that's what's happening? >> i don't think it's a movement about taxes or even immigration. i was in south carolina and i asked voters what was most important to you in evaluating a candidate, none of them mentioned issues. they were looking for character and adherence to the constitution. look at this new quinnipiac poll it shows 80% say donald trump
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has strong leadership qualities. martha: that's fascinating. when you think of the criticism we have heard of president obama. it has been around leadership quality and executive orders that they feel he overstepped his bounds. he deals with the corporation where he can pretty much say what goes. but if he had to deal with the bureaucracy in terms of executive orders and leadership, you have got to wonder how that would fare. >> one of the things voters like about him is they believe he's fearless. he's not afraid to speak his mind. they themselves are sometimes afraid to say because they think they would get hauled into human resources they did. because he's beholding to no one
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they think he can push the bureaucracy in the direction he wanted to. martha: he's even fearless with it comes to his hair. >> i don't wear a t toupee, it'y hair. look. come here. >> yes, i believe it is. martha: the new york accent, it's my hair, it's my hair. he's having a blast out there. >> the crucial issue of trump's hair aside, he has a knack for creating moment at almost are every event he goes to. sometimes there is somebody else involved like jorge ramos or he creates one like the one about
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his hair. he create moment like others in the gop field have not been able to do. martha: critics say he's putting on a show. but he's bursting through the haze and there is a lot of haze. hillary made a controversial comment yesterday. i want to know what you believe motivated this moment. let's play that. >> extreme rues about women, we expect that from some of the terrorist groups. we expect that from people who don't want to live in the modern world. but it's a little hard to take coming from republicans who want to be the president of the united states. so in the most recent cushion around the political table and hillary clinton camp, what was the conversation that led to that? >> there is a general consensus she is doing that to distract
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from some of the problems she has had about her emails and the f.b.i. investigation of the secret email server. don't think she'll keep saying that in the future. i think even some people on democratic side felt she went too far. of course, she can accuse republicans of extremism on some issues, but bringing in terrorists seemed to be a little over the line. martha: the next big step for the gop candidate comes from less than two week. one candidate who may be left out of the prime time is carly fiorina despite the fact when you look at most of the real clear politic averages, she is clearly in the top 10. >> i'm in the top five in he statewide * poll. we have state primaries and not
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national primaries, and i'm in the top 10 in the national poll. maybe them using all these polls before august 6 is like keeping a football team out of the playoffs because of a preseason game. martha: carly fiorina will join us. gregg: tropical storm erika is covering a path through the caribbean and heading straight for florida where they just declared a state of emergency. look at that. four people were killed in rushing floodwaters like these on the island of dominican. rescue teams searching for survivors. erika has a chance to become a category 1 hurricane as it churns in the waters off the
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coast of florida. this would be the state's first hurricane in 10 years. if i keating is there. but first let's go to maria molina tracking erika. >> reporter: it packed quite a punch producing a foot of rain and tore region flash flooding. but for now the store does remain relatively disorganized. as far as its future it's very uncertain, especially more so than we would typically be with storm at this location. we have strong wind tearing the store apart. it does have maximum sustained wind at 50 miles per hour. it's forecast to move over hispanola. we have tall mountain up to 10,000 feet that could help
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weaken that storm system. if it does survive all these things we are looking at, it could bring tropical storm conditions across florida. i think the next 24 hours we'll have a lot more information and data we gather with hurricane hunters. the data get put into the computer motto models. but bates many so disorganized computer models will have a tough time as well. close to 90 degree off the coast of florida. that should help the storm intensify. right now we are watching it closely. the next 24 hours will be critical. gregg: thanks very much. martha: it's been a long time, 10 years since the hurricane hit the miami area in florida.
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how's it looking there today? >> reporter: quite rainy and thunderous. this is just another day in the hurricane season. but the last day in the hurricane season. will it max out as it is as a tropical storm? either way, a lot of rain and heavy wind are most certainly on the way for florida's heavily populated coastline. about 20 people reportedly missing in dominica. some of the outer islands have received up to a foot of rain. the national hurricane center predicts it to hit the keys first, then the southern tip of the mainland. it's pounding the virgin islands
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and puerto rico. florida's governor says the national guard in the state is repairing for a catwalk. >> i want to talk to he family in our state. think about your family. we all love our children, our grandchildren, our parents. think about what's going to happen in a storm. we'll prepare -- hope for the best, prepare for the worst, but get ready. >> reporter: wind sheer and dry air kept erika from getting organized. the center is to the west of where all the rain is happening. a come computer models have it veering on the west side of florida. if that happens it goes into the gulf of mexico and it becomes a threat for the gulf states. gregg: on this day 10 years ago
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hurricane katrina became a monstrous category 3 storm. katrina changed everything for the gulf coast. the storm one of the deadliest natural disasters in american history. this morning former president george w. bush is in new orleans. he will bring that to you live when it happens. martha: you saw president obama there yesterday as everybody revisits the tragedy that happened and we'll cover that story the next coming days as we watch the path of it. a plea to the united states, save christians in the middle east before isis wipes them all out. what can be done to save them? >> new evidence suggesting this guy, the shooter planned to go
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on the run. just ahead, what police found his getaway car. >> what words come to your mind when you hear the name hillary clinton? how about donald trump? what word pops into your mind? that's the result of a new poll and the results are quite interesting. did you know that good nutrition is critical for brain health? brain food, hmmm. ensure has b vitamins that help support brain health - now that's smart nutrition. ensure's complete balanced nutrition has 26 vitamins and minerals and 9 grams of protein. ensure. take life in.
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gregg: new polling data out showing the most associated words with the front runners. here is the word "cloud" forhil. the biggest word for hillary is "liar," "dishonest," and "untrustworthy." for donald trump it's arrogant, blow hard and idiot. arrogant, blow hard and idiot are pejorative to be sure though
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many americans use those words to describe all politicians. nevertheless, they are not as disparaging anvillifying as liar, dishonest and untrustworthy. >> no. this is a delight for all the hillary haters out there. but i think it's a reflection of the email scandal, the foundation scandal, a rough summer for her politically. all that attention has definitely damaged what people fear. she was the most popular politician in the country while she was secretary of state. gregg: the terms describing hillary clinton are far more insulting and severe and condemning.
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the other top 12 descriptions, crook, unfourthful, deceitful, and criminal. is it any wonder that new rasmussen poll thought she is in such legal trouble she should suspend her campaign? >> you can imagine donald trump saying yes, i'm an arrogant blow hard. he would embrace the terms. where hillary clinton is not going to stand up and say she is a liar and dishonest. this is free pork yaition. -- free association. it's not surprising that they are coming up with liar. in political circles it's not allowed to say liar. liar is a nuclear term when it shouldn't be. donald trump has more variety in the words used for him than she
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does. the impressions for him are not as set in stone as hers. gregg: one is honest. she got honest before it was way low. it's true clinton has dropped precip usually in the polls. but the "new york times" says there is nobody else. >> that's a good point. i was going to say to you guys, for all the people who want to say trump is arrogant, he's doing well in the polls and his lead is growing. with hillary people might say liar. but she is ahead in the democratic field. we'll see once the critics begin to tear into biden we'll see what word associations are used there. but both trump and hillary clinton in terms of whether or
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not you would vote for them, whether or not you like them might be separate from the issue of what do you think of their character. gregg: i want to take a live look at jeb bush in norfolk, virginia. a group of veterans, the reason we are looking at that because they did a war association with him. the top word for jeb bush was bush. go figure. then family, brother, dynasty, voters don't feel all that strongly or against him. >> i think the family thing and the dynasty thing has always been an issue that they perhaps have underestimated. that's naive for that team going through this and maybe why they got walloped by the trump phenomenon.
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i think it matters when you are talking about a general election. when people first think bush, they may be thinking about george w. bush and that's a fact of life they have to deal with. gregg: if i did a word association with you two it would be nice and smart. >> that what's we say about you. martha: i won't tell what you words came to my minds. >> the u.s. standing by south korea as it readies itself to defend itself against its northern neighbors. gregg: the survivor of the shooting in virginia facing a long recovery and the ongoing investigation. >> she tried to dive out of the
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gregg: brand-new video showing the largest military exercise between the united states and south korea. talk about a show of force. u.s. and south korean tanks hitting targets with real bombs just miles from the border with north coral ria. nearly 30,000 u.s. troops are stationed in south korea.
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martha: brutal details of the shooting that left alison parker and adam ward dead. what was just found in the killer's car. what did they find? >> reporter: a wig, a shawl and three license plates, things that could have quickly -- provided him an escape. the state police only got a hit on him when a license threat reader got a hit on the rented car. ultimately the piece of evidence that may end up offering the biggest glimpse into this
6:27 am
reporter turned murderer's mindset is a to-do list. what was checked off, what wasn't are going to reveal a lot. martha: vicki gardner who witnessed so much carnage that day, she is recovering. what do we know about her condition at this point? >> reporter: no change overnight. she is still in good condition. but the fact that she survived at all is even more mir a rack plus now that -- even more miraculous. her husband said he stood over his terrified wife and continued pulling the trigger until he was out of bullets. >> he shot her while she was on the ground. she just laid there because she heard the gun click, then she didn't hear anything for a long
6:28 am
time. she was afraid he was standing over her. >> reporter: it sounds like his wife vicki gardner who was being interviewed by alison and photographed by adam may be released from the hospital soon. gregg: hillary clinton comparing republicans to terrorists. did the democratic front runner go too far? the presidential candidate, carly fiorina. martha: this is a huge controversy. the controversy about cnn and carly fiorina saying they are rigging the game. >> i guess i don't understand why media companies are deciding who republican voters hear from. the rnc should be in charge it, not cnn.
6:29 am
in the end voters get to decide.
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martha: the next presidential debates are less than three weeks away, but carly fiorina may not be among the top 10 because cnn's criteria include older polls that go back as early as july. it necessity gaitds much of the momentum she saw after her strong debate performance. this is the latest real clear politics average. it has her in 7th place, well within the top 10 range that would put her in that prime time candidate debate that evening. carly fiorina joins me now. great to have you with us as always. what do you make of this?
6:33 am
>> well, it's frustrating to say the least that cnn is putting their thumb on the scale. i'm also comfortably within the top five in virtually he statewide * poll that has been taken since that debate and there have been many and of course we have statewide * primaries, not national primaries. it's frustrating that a media company would determine who gets to be on the stage. martha: cnn and the rnc say it's the rules are the rules. they are saying it's not a big deal. but i find it interesting some of them would be bumped down if you were bumped up. do you think there is any room for movement on this situation? >> who knows.
6:34 am
cnn could choose to do more polls between now and the debate. part of the problem here is there were so many polls in july and so few in august. that's how they are putting their thumb on the scale. they could choose to take more polling data to try to change the average. i'm not surprised the other candidate are not coming to my defense. i get it that it's a competitive game. but i also get that polls are a snapshot in time, so it makes no sense to me why you would and out polls over two months. i'm here in iowa, i was in new hampshire next week. i know what i see on the ground. way see is tremendous support for my candidacy. the more people hear me, see me, listen to me, understand what i will do as president of the united states, the more support
6:35 am
we build and i suspect that will continue. martha: maybe it other debate is a great place for you. you did so well the first time around and it clearly helped your campaign. i want to move on to the person you believe if you do win the nomination you would be running against, that's hillary clinton. she said something yesterday that's getting a lot of attention. >> extreme views about women, we expect that from some of the terrorist groups. we expect that from people who don't want to live in the modern world. but it's a little hard to take coming from republicans who want to be the president of the united states. martha: first literally what she said and the meaning of what she said and the potential politic that under lie this comment. she is comparing the gop, republican candidate, to
6:36 am
terrorists. what do you think? >> well, it's outrageous. it's an outrageous statement and she'll be called on it. but it's also typical of hillary clinton and typical of democrats. remember president obama compared anyone who opposed his iranian deal to the hardliners in iran chanting death to america. this is typical. what it tells us is hillary clinton has no a qualms about continuing to try and wage this supposed war on women card as she runs for president. we ought to expect this. democrats are continually describing republicans as extreme when the truth is it is democrats who are extreme. they are extreme as she continues to defend planned parenthood. it can no longer be testified and hillary clinton is out there defending them. it's unclear she has ever had the courage to watch these videotapes and see what planned
6:37 am
parenthood is doing. hillary clinton and her party are the extremists on a whole series of issues. her comparing any republican to a terrorist is over the line. martha: i remember the cycle of the last democratic convention. we were there. it was a lot about the economy, and when we watched the democrat national convention, person after person got and talked about the war on women. so this is what worked politically in the past for them. my question is has the land cape changed. do you think that it's different now, that that will not work in the current environment? >> i think the land cape changed to a certain extent. a lot of us, me included worked very hard in 2014 to push back against the war on women.
6:38 am
we saw cory gardner and joni ernst do it effectively. they talk about plan the parenthood being about women's health. it's not about women's health at all. but the democrats will play this card over and over again. that's why we have to have a nominee who is unafraid to push back on every single one of these outrageous charges. they will level them. martha: we have got to november the ball forward and we have got to talk about something else. >> what i intend to keep on doing and i have been doing it from the very beginning is calling her out and any other democrat out on the extreme positions that they hold. so, yes, she has lied about again ghazi, her emails and her
6:39 am
servers. now the majority of the american people agree with me. it's extreme to say it's not a life until it leaves the hospital. for almost 4 million women have fallen into povertiened this administration. the policies hillary clinton and other democrats will pursue are bad for women. we need to keep making that point over and over again. just a couple days ago there was an he can pose' on how women were paid in my campaign versus hillary clinton's campaign. women have higher positions in my campaign and they are paid more than hillary clinton's campaign. she not on is she extreme but she's hypocritical as well. martha: carly fiorina, always good to have you with us. we'll see you very soon.
6:40 am
gregg: we are waiting for former president george w. bush. he will be speaking in new orleans a short time from now. he's marking 10 years since hurricane katrina. afterward the former president and first lady will travel to mississippi as rebuilding along the gulf coast continues. >> reporter: part of the reason the storm was so deadly here in mississippi is the first responders themselves were overwhelmed. police stations, fire stations, all their equipment, even their homes often destroyed. >> reporter: this whole street was pretty much inhabited with businesses or houses. >> reporter: many paths lead to nowhere. >> there was a grocery store and liquor store. >> reporter: what happened to
6:41 am
waveland, mississippi. august 9, 2005 ... >> it was aan d it was. this officer feared his wife and 7 week old son were among the victims. before the phones died she told them they were standing in the bathtub and the water was rising. >> i wasn't going to aban do my postal the city. his wife put the baby in a car seat and wrapped the car seat in a life jacket in case she love the strength to hold on and climbed to the roof. >> she is a personal hero. it took a lot of strength to whole on to that car seat in 100-mile-an-hour wind. >> reporter: today brandon is a healthy 10-year-old boy.
6:42 am
his father says he likes to climb up on everything. gregg: what an amazing story. steve harrigan, thank you very much. martha: we saw too many people lose grip in tragic ways. what a fantastic story. isis going after christians in the middle east warning them to concert or they will be killed. now there are calls for others to get involved and to stop isis from wiping out an entire faith. >> reporter: a verdict will company minute on the prep school rape trial. will the jury buy the defense argument. >> we stopped, we were holding hand and we were pretty close. and we started to kiss. just a little bit.
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with humira, control is possible. gregg: christians will be wiped out from the middle east unless something is done soon. that's the warning as isis spreads in the middle east warning christians to convert or die. >> i feel like the jews before the nazi holocaust. now is the time to get them out. if we don't see them -- if we don't get them out they could see the total elimination of their faith and culture. gregg: elimination, extermination. those are the words being used. can comparisons to the holocaust and extermination be fairly made here? >> yes, they can.
6:47 am
the only difference between the islamic state and the nazis is the amount of power they have. they are the same in their desire to entire an entire race and other religion that are not in keeping with their purist form. the nazid had an army they were able to march over europe with. isis can march over an area but they aren't able to go everywhere yet. imagine what it takes for parents to take their three children and push them out on a raft into the mediterranean. these are desperate people fleeing for their lives. gregg: president obama is being criticized for not lifting a finger or doing anything or enough to help hundreds of thousands of christians in the middle east.
6:48 am
why do you think that is? >> the biggest thing you can do to help christians in the middle east is reverse the tide of islamists. it's a complete powder keg. in iraq we fled. i was in baghdad in 2008 when christians started coming back during the surge. christians were returning because it was traditionally a pluralistic society. but when you don't defeat this enemy there is little chance christians will be able to return. and it would be difficult to find homes for these christians in the middle east because they are not welcome there. gregg: the pentagon inspector general is investigating whether military officials conjured out
6:49 am
of thin air intel analysis about isis. inventing optimistic accounts about how the war on terror is going. your reaction? >> a lot of this is still speculative but it wouldn't surprise me. if there is top down pressure the white house, we heard of politicalization of intel before to say what he can't make it sound like this enemy is too bad. so let's soften the tone. minimize the numbers and make it look like a manageable problem. this is what the left accused president bush of doing before the iraq war. but in this case we are getting reports with a vicious enemy like isis we are under playing it. you can't have politicized intelligence. gregg: if you were saying military officials would never lie about a war. remember the pentagon papers case in which the johnson administration and members of the military at at pentagon
6:50 am
invented data, optimistic data about the war in vietnam, they were lying to congress and the american public and they got caught. so it does happen. >> it can happen with enough political pressure. we have seen the ranks of our military thins of a lot of the hard charging war fighters. so it would surprise me if there was at least knew of understand or subtle pressure to duffel it down? unfortunate live that could be the case. gregg: good to see you. thanks very much. martha: many professional pollsters are said to be stum muched at the rights of trump. gregg: jury deliberations underway at this moment in the
6:51 am
trial of the former prep school student raping a 15-year-old girl.
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6:54 am
martha: a verdict could come at any time in a rape trial that rocked a prestigious new hampshire prep school. the jury is deciding the fate of owen labrie in a proprocess known as the senior salute. >> can someone even remotely be put on notice that a person is acting against her consent when that happens?
6:55 am
>> for months before the senior salute receive knew of what he wanted. and this was the night he was going to get it. whether it was by surprising her by pulling every trick in the book, and whether or not she agreed to it. martha: molly line live in new hampshire. >> reporter: the jiewr is back behind closed doors. they hold the fate of this former prep school student in their hands. he's facing felony charges of sexual assault. prosecutors say owen labrie was an 18-year-old senior and his victim was a 15-year-old freshman. during his closing arguments the picture of an intentional attack. he says he brought a blanket and
6:56 am
condom and moved fast under the cover of darkness. the defense cast blame on the prestigious school for winking at the tradition for upper class students try to have sex with younger students. they said it was easier to lie to his friends to try to look good, that he was being boastful with his buddies. he would rather they believe a life and than admit the truth. >> had there been sex, i would have seen her again over the weekend. it wouldn't have been -- it wouldn't have been the a good choice for me. >> reporter: last week the now 16-year-old testified she feared
6:57 am
offending the defendant. she said she tried to say no when he tried to take off his underwear. gregg: are democrats frustrated with hillary clinton? there are new reports they are. - now that's smart nutrition. ensure's complete balanced nutrition has 26 vitamins and minerals and 9 grams of protein. ensure. take life in.
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martha: vice president joe biden creating a lot of buzz as he considers a bid for the white house of the clinton campaign may be moving to shut him down before jumps n welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. gregg: i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer. influential democrats gathering in minnesota to hear from hillary clinton. there are new reports that the party is frustrated with how her campaign has been handling her email scandal but as joe biden considers a challenge, clinton will reportedly flex her political muscle. chief white house correspondent ed henry in minneapolis at democrat summer meeting. what does clinton need to do, ed
7:01 am
in this big speech today in minneapolis? you know will joe biden kind of steal her thunder? >> reporter: well, that's right, gregg. i mean look, she has these dnc summer meeting and she is trying to show strength, organizational strength on the ground in the early states like iowa and new hampshire. also she has been rolling out key endorsements. she has a lot of money. you know what? money and endorsements didn't work for her in 2008. walking through the streets of minneapolis on the way here to this shot, there were a lot of bernie sanders supporters on various corners outside of dnc hotel saying we're here for bernie. he has been leading her, for example, in new hampshire. she has that problem. she has the email trouble. then of course as you mentioned joe biden. he met behind closed doors yesterday with the afl-cio president richard trumka. organized labor has not endorsed hillary clinton or anyone else yet. they're waiting to see if joe biden gets in here.
7:02 am
interesting at dnc hotel the draft biden movement is here. they're handing out literature, saying keep your powder dry. joe biden might get in, gregg. gregg: very interesting. so ed, why is hillary clinton comparing republicans to terrorists, you know or are some considering that over the line? >> reporter: yeah. republicans don't know why she is doing it. they say should apologize to jeb bush and marco rubio. jeb bush on planned parenthood funding and marco rubio on abortion acting if they're terrorists. you would expect these kinds of attacks from terrorists, not from republican presidential can diets. as you say the gop not happy with that i think what is going on behind the scenes, hillary clinton because of email trouble, is struggling with enthusiasm gap from the left. it is not locking this up anywhere near as fast as thee she thought or hoped but trying to get the left rallied at dnc
7:03 am
meeting and around the country, reviving that talk in 2012 the war on women. she wants, even if it crosses the line, attack the gop, to try to rally the left t could obviously backfire, gregg. gregg: i heard the crowds for her are small compared to bernie sanders and donald trump. thank you. martha: chris wallace, anchor of "fox news sunday." good to have you with us. laying out what is going on this minneapolis. i don't think hillary clinton ever expected she would have an uphill crime in her own party perhaps. >> a funny thing happened on the kay to the coronation, martha. i don't think the clinton camp thinks it is very funny and she is obviously struggling. the story here at dnc meeting in minneapolis she is trying to build support, saying i'm inevitable. the party needs to rally around me.
7:04 am
obviously joe biden who will not go to minneapolis to the meeting, i suspect his people or he directly on the phone to them privately saying, don't jump. wait and see whether i get into this race, don't too early, all of this of course against the backdrop of her favorability and her ratings for honesty and trustworthiness continuing to take a hit in the polls. martha: so fascinating, chris, you think back to last time around when hillary clinton tried to be nominee of her party. even back then everybody thought she would be inevitable. here comes barack obama, changing the dynamic completely for her. so now here she is again, in a moment when she thought, gee if i run one more time, i would imagine, thinking of course it will be me because people had some regrets about the fact, initially at least they didn't side with her. and now here comes potentially joe biden out of the woodwork to throw a wrench into her plans. it is really interesting. >> i agree but here's the big difference between 2008 and this
7:05 am
year. in 2008 she got beat by a newer, fresher model of hope and change. and the electorate chose change over experience, which is what she was offering. this time, her troubles are all of her own making. if we didn't have, think about it, if we didn't have the private email story, the mishandling of classified material, the question, the shifting story about i didn't send any classified material. i didn't send any material that was classified at time. i didn't send any material that was marked as classified. she wouldn't be in this fix. it is all self-induced because of the fact she wanted such control over all of those e-mails, maybe because she was so worried been a investigation after everything that happened in whitewater and lewinsky and all that but this is all of her own making. >> this obviously has some of the old guard kind of questioning which side they should be on whether looking whether or not hillary is invincible. here is ed rendell with his
7:06 am
thoughts. full screen clip. let me read it to you. they have handled email issue poorly, maybe atrociously he says, maybe horribly. the campaign is incredibly tone deaf, not seeing this as more serious issue. what do you make of that, chris? >> i love it, poorly, atrociously, maybe horribly. this is all self-inflicted. one they handled it badly. two, i don't understand the thinking -- if she had a regular email account, who knows what she could have done off the record on her private account, if she had regular email, government email account, state .gov would one would raise this issue. in 2009, when she took over as secretary of state, to have a email account and private server. exactly. the one thing people say if there is bad news out there, get it out as quickly as possible.
7:07 am
don't let it have breadth. to the degree things will be revealed it keeps the story alive. from the moment she held a news conference at the u.n. last march, she has had one retreating fall back step after another. why here we are end of august. we're still talking about it. with the fbi investigating and now the benghazi committee hearing her in october this will go on for couple more months at least. martha: chris, thank you very much. great to have you with us. >> you bet. martha: this sunday chris will speak with new jersey governor chris christie how he competes with donald trump. that is all what they're trying to figure out at this point. as well as his strategy to stay in the top 10. we talked with carly fiorina before. she is not happy how they're coming up with the top 10. chris christie is also trying to stay in that group. chris will speak with him on "fox news sunday." look forward to that. gregg: should be a good interview. fox news alert, we're awaiting remarks by former president george w. bush. he is in new orleans to mark
7:08 am
then years since that city was devastated by hurricane katrina. the storm crippling the region. and the government estimates it killed more than 1800 people. about this time, exactly 10 years ago, then the mayor, ray nagin went on live television to big citizens, get out of the storm's path. >> this is the storm that everybody fears. it is the one that is headed directly for new orleans. my strong recommendation, to everybody in this city, is to leave. to leave as quickly as you can. gregg: that was a frightening, sobering moment for everybody that waslousenning. casey stiegel is live in the lower '90 ward which was -- ninth ward which was especially devastated when the levees broke. what can we expect from the president and the first lady? >> reporter: they will meet with students and teachers from the warren charter school which is five miles from where i'm
7:09 am
standing in the lower ninth. the reason they will be in that locationed school benefited from what is known as the gulf coast school library recovery foundation. it was set up by laura bush to help gulf coast schools impacted by katrina and other hurricanes purchase new books and learning materials that are loss. president george w. bush will make remarks from there. all of that is scheduled to happen within the hour here. gregg? gregg: casey, how are residents there, you know getting along overall with the recovery a decade later? >> reporter: i got to say, gregg, it is a slow but sure process. i will hop out of the way because i don't think a lot of people understand that a decade later you still have homes in the city that look like this. abandoned, dilapidated. people just didn't come back. but there are glimmers of hope here too. we had great fortune of meeting up with georgia johnson and her family as they walked us through their brand new home, move-in,
7:10 am
scheduled soon. it has taken her 10 years to finally get back here into the house that has been in her family since the '60s. >> i can remember my daddy saying, georgia, i want you to have the house because i know, if ever your brothers or sisters need somewhere, you will take them in. so we wanted to make is home. >> reporter: have to admit i share ad couple of tears with georgia when we sat down with her. she got into her home through funding and volunteers with project homecoming. it is one of dozens of organizations that are still on the ground here working post-katrina. greg? gregg: wow, very, very emotional. i was reading about, 110,000 people never even returned. i mean they fled and they never came back. so, casey, thanks very much for
7:11 am
that report. and again, we're waiting for president, former president george w. bush to speak as he marks 10 years sincerricane kat. and celebrates the resurgence of new orleans and the gulf coast. we'll bring you that speech live when it happens. martha: now florida's governor rick scott is declaring a state of emergency ahead of tropical storm erika. forecasters predict it could strengthen into a hurricane before reaching florida likely on monday. erika is currently packing winds of 50 miles per hour, a tropical storm churning acrossport rico. the storm is blamed for at leave four deaths on the caribbean island of dominica. gregg: terrifying joyride as three children are spotted driving down the highway, children. wait until you see who was behind the wheel. martha: carly fiorina slams hillary clinton for comparing the republican field to terrorists. is the democratic frontrunner trying to stoke the flames of
7:12 am
so-called war on women? we'll debate it coming up. gregg: donald trump leaving political pollsters dazed, confused, mystified. why the experts say, i'm going to use another one, they're dumfounded by trump's rise? frank luntz will join us live. >> what we've done has been amazing. it is not me. there is movement going on. this is not like normal -- when you see bush with 300 people and they're happy and we have 17 or 1800 people and it is just, something is happening. there is something happening. [applause]
7:13 am
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7:16 am
gregg: fox news alert. a virginia teenage has just been sentenced to more than 11 years in prison for helping another teen travel to syria to join isis. 17-year-old ali amin, pleading guilty in june to conspiring to provide material support to terrorists. he essentially admitted to helping another teenager to travel to syria and using twitter to offer advice and encouragement for the islamic state. ♪ >> quinnepiac just came out, you saw it, 28%, more than double, much more than double second place. which i think was 12%. that's pretty good. but, the reason is, we have a message and the message is, essentially we're not going to take it anymore. we're just not going to take it
7:17 am
anymore. [applause] martha: the crowd starts at this timerring and cheering in the audience. we put donald trump up with a d, but obviously donald trump is republican. clearing that up. this man's meteoric rise in the polls and intensity of his support leaving many pollsters kind of scratching their heads what is going on out here. the latest national poll gives trump 28% over 20 from july. big move over course of a month as he turns all of the conventional wisdom about politics upside-down and loving every minute of it. joined by frank luntz, pollster and fox news contributor. good morning. good to have you with us. >> i to tell you i loving every minute of it, everything we assumed up to this point, everything you normally expect from voters and candidates has absolutely been thrown out the window. i like to say not only rule book
7:18 am
is gone but the replacement for rule book is gone. here is someone did not guarranty would support republican nominee. someone used very strong language on women. talks about buying politicians yet goes higher and higher and higher. i want to show you something. in today's "new york post," the lead story, take a look! they're even talking about trump's hair. who would have thought that, maybe it is just because they is dog days of summer number one story for "new york post" would be trump's hair. martha: at these forums holding up newspapers, see, i'm front of every newspaper in america. reading it. obviously having a fantastic time. but i want to go back to that moment right after the cleveland debate because there was a feeling after that debate, and your focus group bore it out he had sort of gone over the edge. that his popularity was going to be on the decline after that. here is what they told you the next day. >> he is splitting the party.
7:19 am
he will basically take the focus away from the candidate who will be leading. >> if he runs as an independent he is going to be basically handing the election to hillary. >> he has brought all the attention upon himself. he has sucked the wind out of the room. all he did point at himself and have no solutions for anything. >> i was repulsed by it. >> he is casino owner. he panders to people. martha: so at that moment in time, frank, a lot of people across the country who had watched kind of felt the same way. that is not looking in the numbers. >> i felt the same way. what you see in polling, important for people who are watching to know both sides of this. he is growing in support. this is a real candidacy. you now have to consider that he could be the republican nominee. but there is another question that pollsters are asking, which candidate would you not support? which candidate, absolutely could not win your vote? donald trump is leading that part of it as well. so what is happening, you're seeing people moving towards
7:20 am
him. you see people move against him. it is six months before the first vote. and that is what is so remarkable. feels like election day is coming up. and yet it is actually 18 months away. martha: there is such a long way to go in this. you know, frank, i don't think you're going to see these other candidates dropping out. why should they? until they figure out what will happen with donald trump. if, he either is going to succeed or he is going to implode. those are the two possible scenarios, right? if that happens, if he implodes, the chessboard gets thrown up in the air with all other candidates to figure out who is the next strongest one, right? >> let's give statistics. i haven't heard this discussed before. if donald trump is at 30% and eight or 10 candidates in the race he is probably the nominee. if it drops down to one, or two, or three opponents, then that 30% isn't enough. the real challenge, trump, how do you force people out of the
7:21 am
race, challenge for other candidates, force people out of the race so it become as one-to-one vote. if it isn't, if you still have bush and rubio and walker and cruz and paul and christie all of them, then trump really has a a genuine, solid shot at this nomination. martha: fascinating. there he is throwing the newspaper up in the air. frank, thank you. we'll see you next time. >> thank you. gregg: and we're standing by right now for a verdict in the rape trial of a new hampshire private school graduate. there he is. who insisted in court on the witness stand there was no sex between him and his 15-year-old classmate. our legal panel is taking up the case. martha: unexpected collision for the fastest guy in the world. this is so crazy. look at this. taken down by a segue when we come back. gregg: that's why i stay off segues. ♪
7:22 am
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♪ gregg: now an update on a story that sent shockwaves across europe. police making several arrests in connection with the deaths of 71 migrants found inside of a refrigerated truck in austria. amy kellogg following latest developments from our bureau in london. amy, what is the latest on this horrible incident? >> reporter: well, it comes on top of the fact, gregg, that we are so familiar by now with these stories of really unscrupulous people smugglers who have been, you know, sending refugees to their deaths, watery graves on unseaworthy boats. now we're hearing about this tragedy on land. the thought of all of these
7:26 am
people just, gregg, piled into the backs of a truck, running for safety but only to suffocate and then be left on the side of the road is simply too tragic for words. and it is not clear if it is actually been three or four people finally arrested in connection with this tragedy. they're believed to be part of a bulgarian, hungarian human smuggling ring. yesterday it was believed anywhere between 20 and 50 bodies were crammed into that truck found on a highway in austria. it turns out now that is 71. among them some children. at least some are believed to have been syrians. and, gregg, 2000 people are arriving in greece every day. most of them will go on to make the trip northward through europe along that same route where these 71 people died just yesterday, gregg. gregg: seems so inexplicable, but, amy, why does europe's refugee crisis seem to be escalating right now?
7:27 am
>> reporter: of course there are some people amidst these crowds are simply looking for a better material life but a lot of them are quite frankly fleeing for their life. that is people from syria, from afghanistan, and from other parts of the middle east. hungary is overwhelmed by traffic that ensued and put up this barbed-wire fence. that is controversial, saying increasing chorus of voices that europe has obligation to take care of people fleeing civil wars. most migrants want to be moved beyond hungary, they make a trek with germany and often clash with boarder agents who are simply not prepared to deal with these masses. finally, lastly, gregg, more deaths at sea today. at least as 100, as many as 300 drowned in separate incidents off the coast of libya. there are some arrests in connection with those. some people suffocated in the
7:28 am
hold of a boat. when they asked for air, having paid for the journey, they were beaten by their smugglers, gregg. gregg: unconscionable, evil. amy kellogg, thanks. martha: so important people hear this story. we'll continue to cover it. new developments on the hillary clinton email scandal as well. the government's own rule book showing the former secretary of state had duty to report instances of unsecured classified information. gregg: we're awaiting a verdict in the prep school rape trial. the jury delivering a verdict after the accused took the witness stand to defend himself. >> did she express to you that thee fast fearful? >> no. >> did she seem reticent? >> no.
7:29 am
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is it keeps the food out. for me before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now. martha: fox news alert for you now. we're learning that the fbi will determine if hillary clinton should have known that emails sent through her personal server were classified. the government rule book
7:32 am
shredding her defense she didn't know, stating clearly it was her job to know. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has more on this for us from washington. >> reporter: martha, this new information obtained by fox news through a source familiar with the fbi probe, that mrs. clinton's go-to defense is under fresh scrutiny. >> i'm confident that this process will prove that i never sent nor received any, any email that was marked classified. >> reporter: fox news has confirmed these rules known as the code of federal regulations apply to all u.s. government employees with security clearances and they clearly state that there is an obligation to report any possible breach by both sender and receiver of the information. quote, any person who has knowledge that classified information has been or may have been lost possibly compromised, or disclosed to an unauthorized person shall immediately report the circumstances to an official designated for this purpose.
7:33 am
it also strictly prohibits use of unsecured systems such as personal blackberry and ipad mrs. clinton used which were not provided by her employer, the state department, martha. martha: appears from everything she said she believes the information was not classified or marked classified at the time. so is there wiggle room in these rules, catherine? >> reporter: based on the federal regulations and a 2009 executive order for the safeguarding of national security information, there is no gray area. >> regardless of whether mrs. clinton sent or received this information, the obligations under the law are that she had to report any question concerning this material being classified. there is no wiggle room. there is no ability to go around it, saying i passively received something. that is not an excuse. >> reporter: the regulations also state that the affected agency, in this case the state department, must conduct a damage assessment. it reads in part, agency heads
7:34 am
shall establish appropriate procedures to conduct an inquiry investigation of a loss of possible compromise or unthor advise rised disclosure of classified information. at this time there is no evidence that a damage assessment is being done by the state department. separately fox news reached out to the fbi but the bureau has -- bureau has not offered comment on the ongoing investigation. martha: the investigation goes on. catherine, thank you. >> reporter: you're welcome. gregg: we're awaiting a verdict on the trial after elite prep school graduate accused raping a then 15-year-old classmate. they say the act occurred as part of a school tradition called the senior salute at st. paul school in new hampshire. owen labrie denying on the witness stand he had sex with the girl. the attorneys making closing arguments. >> he knew what he wanted. and this was the night he was going to get it. whether it was by surprising
7:35 am
her, but pull every trick in the book. and whether or not she agreed to it. >> you heard testimony by both of them, of kissing, hugging, rolling on the blanket, clothes coming off. and also that -- bra and underwear never came off. gregg: joining us now, robert bianchi, criminal defense attorney, former head county prosecutor. anna young a defense attorney and former prosecutor. good to he sue both. >> hey, gregg. gregg: he said/she said, there were no eyewitnesses but a pivotal key witness who tooked stand, a school nurse. turns out that the accuser, a couple of days after the alleged rape went to the nurse for morning-after pill. the nurse said, was it consensual sex? the accuser said yes. anna, does that equal reasonable
7:36 am
doubt? >> i think it does, gregg. look i handled a rape case which alleged victim in my case admitted lying to something during the course of the investigation. that was a main turning point for the jury. if she lied about something like that what else was she capable of being untruthful about? this will be a main issue for jury to wrangle with. if she lied about something like this to the school nurse how can we tell what she is telling on the stand is the truth? >> are you lying then or lying now, in the closing argument, every lawyer uses that. bob, let me go to you, interestingly, in this day and age of social media, it is often emails and texts that tell the true story. after the alleged rape, the accuser sent the defendant several emails calling him an angel. and a bunch of casual banter punctuated by ha, ha, ha. i'm not doing it justice. look, what about that, bob?
7:37 am
>> yeah, gregg. listen, what prosecutors do when we construct cases and for 26 years of doing look at conduct both before and immediately after the incident. those kind of texts afterwards, like you indicated, first part that we were dealing with is, what is happening with regard to the fact that she went up, seemed somewhat consensual, taking care of her pubic area, talking about performing oral sex and afterwards, not only telling nurse it was consensual but basically flirting with him. let's not forget the key point in my mind in this case when the facebook came out and indicated she had done this, her sister had been, here is the motive for her to lie, her sister had been dating him previously and she had wanted to keep it secret and she said beforehand. when the cat was out of the bag, then all of sudden all of these statements which would show consensual sex all of sudden became, i was raped. gregg: anna, she took the witness stand and at times very
7:38 am
tearful. she admitted yeah, i told the detective i was did i about what happened. she admitted she helped the defendant take off her blouse and pants. then she admitted she told a friend, quote, i think i just had sex with owen, question, by the friend, did you want it? answer, i don't know. i have no idea. i mean it is almost as thousand in her own words she is exonerating the accused. >> that's right, gregg. these are all building blocks for the defense attorney have argued in the closing argument about reasonable doubt. these are actions, words not consistent with someone who was allegedly sexually assaulted. the alleged victim said reason why she was flirting with him facebook messaging after the fact she didn't want to offend him and did not want to come across as inexperienced. if she was really was sexually assaulted why would you be concerned about offending someone? these are not actions what you consider common sense.
7:39 am
jurors will use common sense when deliberating back there. gregg: yeah. >> i would add to that, i agree with anna with this, she also indicated during the encounter she was laughing and giggling. the remember the law here, the law he had no know she was not giving consent. this is major issue. not guilty on forcible rape. may be either hung jury or guilty on statutory rape. this is reason why when he took the stand, he in my opinion may have been guilding the lilly a little bit, i didn't have sex with this woman at all, because he knows he can go down on that misdemeanor charge. gregg: everybody guilds the lilly, including the lawyers and the witnesses. you know, just -- >> not the lawyers. gregg: just about everybody guilds the lilly in a court of law. absolute truth doesn't exist. bob, anna, good to see you. thank you so much. >> thanks, gregg. >> nice to see you, gregg, thanks. gregg: yeah. martha: see what happens with that case. and a bizarre sight, three young children spotted in a car taking a dangerous joyride on a driver
7:40 am
was just eight years old. imagine. gregg: carly fiorina, taking direct aim at hillary clinton and her latest remarks comparing republicans to terrorists. >> we can't have a nominee that steps into their traps. it is a trap, to talk about planned parenthood as being about women's health. it is not about women's health at all. did you know that good nutrition is critical for brain health? brain food, hmmm. ensure has b vitamins that help support brain health - now that's smart nutrition. ensure's complete balanced nutrition has 26 vitamins and minerals and 9 grams of protein. ensure. take life in.
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7:44 am
scary. ♪ martha: carly fiorina pushing back after hillary clinton compared republican candidates to terrorists when it comes to women. fiorina also saying that the gop needs someone who can fight clinton on this issue she believes. here she is. >> it's a trap to talk about planned parenthood being about women's health. its not about women's health at all. the landscape has changed, but, make no mistake the democrats will play this card over and over again. which is why we have to have a nominee who is unafraid to push back on every single one of these outrageous charges. they will level them. martha: joined by catherine tims, reporter for "the national review" and fox news contributor. attorney jessica ehrlich, former democratic congressional candidate. good to have both of you with us today. did she go too far, do you think. >> i don't think so far. we've seen rhetoric -- martha: you think it is okay to
7:45 am
compare gop candidates to terrorists? >> it is not okay to compare democrats to communists and socialists. these things go on all the time. i don't think in her remarks specifically someone is going after them. she was saying mind set and frame they're looking at women is sort of in that same way keeping women down and keeping them behind. martha: so the way gop candidates talk about and treat woman is comparable to terrorists who rape and mutilate and destroy the lives of women in the middle east? >> well, i don't think she is going that far but -- martha: what was she talking about? >> she was specifically referring to the fact that they're trying to do away with exceptions for people who have been raped. so there is a correlation there between getting rid of the exception in the law that currently exists, for women to be able to have abortions who have been raped and with, what is going on in the rhetoric that is coming out of the party right now. >> how can you say that? how are they even comparable at
7:46 am
all? different, wanting to move things private. different views on abortion. they actually think it is okay to not just maybe not have the exception for rape but to actually rape women. to sell women into sex slavery. to kill women like you said, cut up their body. that is completely different mind set than being pro-life. there is nothing at all similar about that. this was a totally unfair comment. i'm personally insulted that she would think anybody would believe it. i don't know how anybody could defend her on this. martha: obviously it was planned comment t was, a teleprompter comment. it was part of the discussion, that she was having that day. it also, i mean it clearly signals, jessica, the war on women, was very, big positive for democrats in the last election. maybe not so much in 2014 as carly fiorina pointed out earlier. it worked for them in the last presidential election. is it sign of desperation she is going there again and do you think it can still work? >> i don't think it's a sign of desperation but i think it still
7:47 am
works in the sense, there are a lot of issues not just about planned parenthood or if we're talking about rape and different things. also about women in the economy. women are a huge voting bloc. so far still on national level in all the polls we've seen hillary leads with women. so i think that is one of actually carly fiorina's big points, she is only person on the republican side who could really go after hillary. martha: catherine, there are people who maybe don't follow politics that closely. that is sort of first thing off the top of their mind, if you say, who do you like, what are you interested in, look at 2016? i don't want anyone that will mess with women's rights in any way. that is a big factor for a lot of women. she is tapping into that there. >> so foolish to compared women's rights whether you support planned parenthood, i like carly fiorina pointing that out. and taking it nine million steps further by comparing it to terrorism? terrorism is in a whole different, whole different,
7:48 am
whole different camp than anything going on in this country. martha: the comment about whether or not it works politically? i think, that they're betting that it does. i think what jessica is saying, it is a trigger for a lot of women. hear buzzwords, women's health. that carly fiorina referred to and it works. >> unfortunate privatizing birth control is lot different than taking birth control away. someone wants to take your birth control away. no one is saying they want to take birth control away or end birth control, so it has worked to an extend with this brand of republicans totally anti-women because they have different solutions and they're pro-life. >> this is economic issue, take it away to make it private, there are people who can't afford. they are people get stuck in trap where they can't work, to get to jobs they need to feed their children. they stuck in the sort of system where if you can't afford birth control -- >> birth control is very, very cheap. it is very, very cheap. >> people making almost no
7:49 am
money, $20, whether that is food for your family, and for yourself or for your gas to getjob you need. >> that is nothing like terrorism. martha: that is what the debate will be and exactly where angle is coming from. something to watch. jessica, catherine, thank you you both. gregg? gregg: go to patti ann browne standing by for what is happening now. >> greggs as we mark 10th anniversary of hurricane katrina president bush is expected to speak. we'll hear from him. tracking a new storm taking aim at florida. we'll ask how much forecasting has improved since katrina. trump continuing his steep rise. he says he represents the silent majority. we'll get into a blast from the past. gregg, that is all ahead. gregg: patti ann, thanks. a nasa vehicle slamming hard into earth. this crash was intentional. why is nasa wrecking its high-tech machinery?
7:50 am
we'll ask a former astronaut. ♪
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
gregg: yesterday about this time we were showing you some terrific video of nasa crashing vehicles, on purpose? nasa was assessing the durability of such things like emergency locator transmitters, hoping to learn more on aviation safety. so joining us now to talk about it, mike massimino, former nasa astronaut, professor at columbia engineering school. professor, thanks for being with us. >> pleasure. gregg: explain more why they are purposefully crashing these things. >> it's a way to test the integrity, survivability of
7:54 am
aircraft. want to see if people are safe, with crash test dummy tests we've seen with cars. gregg: sure. >> also survivability of the equipment. in this case what they were testing was survivability of the emergency locator beacon. gregg: why is that important? >> if a plane goes down, if the beacon is working the beacon will go off. at nasa i was trained if we had bailout situation, ended up in the water, one of the first things you want to get safe, make sure beacon is working and should go automatically. that is the best way to find it. search-and-rescue wants to come find people. if the beacon goes off they have a way to find you exactly where the crash is and look for the exact spot and if they don't find it you're in trouble. gregg: also examining the structural integrity of aircraft and vehicles themselves, right? >> that's correct. some is in a crash situation at sea and how surviving and people will be in such a crash, but also some of it is sort of nominal.
7:55 am
for a landing, for a spacecraft landing, capsules that we are now starting to design like we had years ago, they will come down in water. they may come down in land. you want to see how that is growing to work. the way to do that is drop them and see how they will survive. gregg: you don't want to end up like sandra bullock in the movie gravity in the very end, but lands in the water and fire, but punches open the door, almost drowns because it sinks. >> i don't remember all details of that scene but it was, quite a thing. only a movie. but in real life things like that might happen. we test new spaceships, orion nasa is testing, they will put it in drop tests into the water. to see how it does. also see what conditions would make it so it would tip, if it tips in the water. that is what the facility allows them to do. gregg: didn't one of space capsules back in the '60s, gus grissom getting blamed, actually
7:56 am
sank? >> there was malfunction in the hatch and opened prematurely and water came inside and that was bad. i think what this shows is, there is cool things you can do in engineering. you can crash stuff on purpose and learn a lot. they're helping aviation safety and keeping people alive. it's a great service. gregg: looks like fun. so i will go out crash my car. no, i'm just kidding! >> let professionals do it for you. gregg: mike, good to see you. >> thanks, gregg. martha: thanks, guys. republican candidate donald trump reprofessorring to his supporters as silent majority. why some critics have allegation of --
7:57 am
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now find your perfect makeup in just 30 seconds. try the embrace your face makeup finder at martha: so, again, the fastest man in the world was taken out by a segway. watch this, the cameraman catches on the side of that bumper area, and down they go, plowed into usain bolt yesterday at the world championships in beijing. he had just won the 200-meter race, fans correctively holding
8:00 am
his -- collective breath. gregg: wow. martha: of all the people? he said, he's fine, accidents happen. gregg: don't operate a vehicle and a camera at the same time. martha: be careful on your segway. gregg: "happening now" begins right now. ♪ ♪ jon: if only i had one. do you have a segway? >> no, i do not. jon: i don't either. donald trump raising questions of racial insensitivity, i'm jon scott. patti ann: and i'm patti ann brown. trump has repeatedly used the phrase silent majority on campaign trail, similarly referring to people who feel overlooked. listen. >> so you have a solid majority in this country that feels abused, that feels forgotten, that teals mistreated. -- that feel


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