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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 28, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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his -- collective breath. gregg: wow. martha: of all the people? he said, he's fine, accidents happen. gregg: don't operate a vehicle and a camera at the same time. martha: be careful on your segway. gregg: "happening now" begins right now. ♪ ♪ jon: if only i had one. do you have a segway? >> no, i do not. jon: i don't either. donald trump raising questions of racial insensitivity, i'm jon scott. patti ann: and i'm patti ann brown. trump has repeatedly used the phrase silent majority on campaign trail, similarly referring to people who feel overlooked. listen. >> so you have a solid majority in this country that feels abused, that feels forgotten, that teals mistreated. -- that feels mistreated.
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and it's a term that hasn't been brought up in years, as you know people haven't heard that term in many years, and it's interesting as to why. there are all different reasons, but i think it's a very descriptive term, every time i speak i have sold out crowds, i have standing ovations, every single time. it's the silent heart. they want to see wins. they want to see us have victory. jon: but as "the washington post" points out, quote: if for in the silent majority is a not so subtle reference to white people who need, want, to take their culture and their country back. and the argument goes they would be taking it back from those who aren't white. former communications adviser to president obama and senior vice president of vox global, vaughn christy is former special assistant to president bush and deputy assistant to vice president dick cheney. corey, when you hear silent majority, are you thinking donald trump is being racist? >> well, let's be clear, donald
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trump is the p.t. barnum of today, a carnival barker who is very good at getting attention for himself. and also the silent majority of yesterday is the tea party of today. and he knows exactly what he's saying when he says this. look, this has been a really tough week for republicans when it comes to racial issues. first you had jose ramos being kicked out of donald trump's press conference, then this notion of anchor babies by jeb bush, and then you had the former grand wizard of the kkk, david duke, endorsing donald trump. so reince priebus, i'm sure, is cowering in the corner because this is not the way to grow the party, move anything the direction that he needs it to move. jon: i'm old enough to remember when richard nixon was talking about the silent majority, and he seemed to be using it to refer to, you know, middle class americans who sort of weren't out there in the streets protesting the vietnam war. is it really a racist reference? >> i don't think it is, jon. good morning. if you look at that speech from november of 1969, president
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richard nixon was talking about a sense of, a, there are a lot of protests going on, there's the counterculture movement, and there's the silent majority of americans who want to take their country back, and they want to have pride in their country. the interesting thing about donald trump using the term, jon, is this: i think for those who believe the term is racist are going to say trump is being racist, but i think what trump is talking about, and corey my good friend says, oh, this is the tea party of today. the tea party was brought about by the fact that americans believe they're taxed enough already. they believe the size and the scope of the government is too big already, and i think that's the silent majority that trump is trying to build into. let's get america back in the hands of americans. jon: when donald trump announced his candidacy, corey, it fell during the hours "happening now" was on the air, and we carried his announcement speech live. he did it without a teleprompter. i always had the feeling that day and in every batch of remarks he's made since that
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he's completely winging it, speaking off the cuff. so, i mean, is the silent majority reheart attack really such a -- remark really such a preplanned and, i don't know, deceptive turn of phrase, or is it just something that came to the top of his mind? >> well, listen to what he said. he said the silent majority has been known and defined in other ways. trump has a way of being ignorant when it's convenient for him but very smart when it's p convenient for him. so he knows exactly what he's saying when he says it. and look, the numbers here especially with hispanic voters, this matters, right? at the high water mark for george w. bush in his two elections he received 4% of -- 44% of the hispanic vote, right? in barack obama's two elections, his high water mark was 71% of support from the hispanic community. right now donald trump, who is leading this the polls for rt republican, likely to be their nominee, has a a -51% rating wih his an panics.
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and if he's the nominee, there's no way you can win in the general election with a -51 president approval rating from hispanics, that's a real problem for them. jon: he was supposed to have an event this mobile, alabama tonight, they had to book the much larger 40,000-feet football stadium to get the people in who, apparently, want to attend. >> you know, jon, i think what donald trump speaks to is a dissatisfaction in the united states with people who are saying the politicians in washington, they make all these promises, they say that they're going to cut the budget deficit, that they're going to repeal obamacare, and you know what? they don't do anything. they don't actually mean what they say. and i think that as we head now past labor day and start whittling the field down to a more manageable size, i think people are going to take a stronger look at donald trump's positions and leadership skills and say do they match up with where we want to take the
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country. jon: some people look at him, corey, and say, look, he's done a pretty good job building a real estate empire, his golf courses are beautiful, he rebuilt the ice skating rink in new york using, well, you know, the city hadn't been able to accomplish in years, he did it in some number of months. he's a guy who gets things done. what's wrong with that? >> well, i think the problem right now is that his rhetoric is exclusionary. when he talks about the fact that mexicans love me, he's going to get the mexican vote, people see that as pejorative. jon: when president obama compares, you know, republicans to crazies, that's kind of the same thing, isn't it? >> well, that's not right either. i mean, we shouldn't be throwing names around in either party, that's to be sure. but right now we're talking about winning, jon. we're talking about winning at the end of the day, and this is not a winning strategy. excluding large swaths of the american public from voting for you because you either speak, you're either speaking against them or you don't support the
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policies that would help to make their lives better, that's not the way to grow a party. again, we're talking about the narrowest margins in presidential history in 2000 and 2004. george bush won, but he won by razor thin margin. you compare that to 2008 and 2012, the reason democrats won is because they grew the base of the party dramatically by having a bigger, open tent with rhetoric and with policies. you have the exact opposite of that with republicans right now, and it's not -- and because the other candidates are so silent, because they haven't spoke up against him, they are complicit in this as well, and that's why it's a negative thing for the party overall. jon: i don't think you can say they've been silent, there are a number of candidates challenging donald trump on much he says. ron, is he giving the party a bigger tent, or is he appealing to a very their owe constituency. >> i think it's too early to say, jon. certainly, there's some things
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he's said in weeks past that have been divisive. i do think americans are optimistic and positive by nature, i think americans are looking for a leader to actually act on what they say and mean what they say, and trump is tapping into that. but at the end of the day, i think we're going to have a republican nominee who is going to be able to contrast the record of the last eight years and say here's my positive vision for america, why we don't need four more years, it's not going to be about donald trump. >> it'll be about donald trump if it is donald trump, i'll say that. [laughter] jon: truer words will never spoken. corey, ron, thank you both. >> thank you. >> thank you. patti ann: well, trump is also under fire for changing his opinion on some key issues. flip-flopping has unreallied many presidential campaigns -- unraveled many presidential campaigns. doug mcelle way has more on that live from washington. hi, doug. >> reporter: whether it's fair or not, the political flip-flop has helped to define many an office holder. george w. bush's read my lips no
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new taxes, senator kerry's i was for the war before i was against can, governor romney's opposition to obamacare and president obama's use of immigration. but donald trump thus far seems impervious to damage. he used on the for the legalization of drugs, now he's opposed. he once supported a flat tax, now he doesn't. he once proposed a ban on assault weapons, he no longer does. he once supported the privatization of social security, now he doesn't. he's also flip-flopped on abortion and campaign contributions. >> but i am strongly for choice and yet i hate the concept of abortion. >> so pro-life but with the caveats. and you have to have with the caveats. i'm using my own money. i'm not using the lobbyists, i'm not using donors, i don't care. i'm really rip. we have a lot of small contributors. i would even take big contributors as long as they
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don't expect anything. >> well, despite all that trump hits high atop the gop field in 28% in yesterday's quinnipiac poll. >> i think because he's such a straight shooter. he sounds like you're talking to your, maybe your uncle who is a little cranky but is telling it like it is. people relate to that. he's funny. >> reporter: both trump's problems and his appeal can be partly attributed to, first, the fact that he does not use a teleprompter, and he speaks in this conversational yet very undisciplined way. secondly, his position changes are not all that uncommon for those in business who want to maximize their relationships to those in power, regardless of their politics. but now he is a legitimate political candidate. at some point the scrutiny is going to be heightened. as carl rove wrote recently in "the wall street journal," there's even a trump who was a registered democrat in 2004 because as he told cnn, quote, it just seems the economy does
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better under democrats. patti ann: doug mckelway lye in washington -- live in washington, thanks. jon: now this fox extreme weather alert. tropical storm erika takes a deadly turn. flood-triggered mudslides killing at least four people on the caribbean island of dominica. now the storm is pointing puerto rico with heavy rains and fierce winds. as governor rick scott of florida declares a state of emergency there, warning that erika poses a threat to the entire state. we have fox team coverage now with phil keating. he's live in miami covering storm preparations. first, though, let's go to meteorologist maria molina with the latest on erika's expected path. >> reporter: hi, jon, good to see you. hello, everyone, that's right, we're tracking tropical storm erika that's brought deadly conditions across parts of the caribbean, and it's more because of how much rain we've seen with this storm, as much of a foot of rain locally, even higher
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amounts have come down across some of these islands. that's been heartbreak out here, seeing some of the video. but the storm right now is actually rather disorganized. it has maximum sustained winds at 50 miles per hour, but it's been tough to find the center of circulation, and it looks like it's starting the move towards his pan goal will and, of course, that's a big concern in terms of how strong that storm is going to be because that's going to help weaken that system. we have a lot of strong wind sheer, and that's why erika has remained a weaker storm with the very warm water in place are across the caribbean and even in the atlantic. now, the big question is what happens after hispaniola, because a lot of people are wondering this. we have mountainous terrain there, and there's even a possibility of the storm dissipating before exiting the dominican republic and haiti. we'll keep watching that, but if it does manage to survive that, there's very warm water across the atlantic, near the bahamas, temperatures almost at 90 degrees in some areas, so that could help reintensify the storm, ask then we could be
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looking at impacts widespread across florida. if you live in florida, this is the time to prepare. it's august anyway, you should be prepared for hurricane season. we'll keep a close watch on this storm. again, a lot of uncertainty still with this forecast track even though impacts could be felt as early as this weekend. jon? jon: i was there when andrew hit. >> reporter: me too. jon: yeah, you were. thank you. patti ann: let's go on the ground in miami, florida, with phil keating. >> reporter: moments from now governor rick scott of florida will be meeting with miami-dade county's emergency operations managers. then he will make himself available to talk to the media and, of course, spread a message to the people of florida. this all coming after declaring that state of emergency this morning. miami-dade county expected to receive the brunt of this tropical storm if it stays a tropical storm late sunday night into monday morning. tropical storm erika remains exactly that right now. the governor says it poses a severe threat to the entire state. the latest track hats -- has the
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center of the storm going straight up the spine of florida, though it has veered slightly to the west as a tropical storm and hitting fort myers, naples, marco island, then going up north into georgia. where erika's already been, there's been major destruction. buildings collapsing into the street and down hillsides in the island of dom knee ca. the tropical storm costing several lives, reports are at least a dozen people and calamitous flooding throughout the leeward islands. another major point of concern though here this florida, the dirty side of this storm looks to go up the east coast of florida. that means the most wind, the most rain through miami, ft. lauderdale, west palm beach, and there's been a lot of speculation whether floridians going ten years without a hurricane aren't preparing as they could. jon: a wild week on wall street
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with the dow heading lower after a huge two-day rally. we will check on the markets next. plus, verdict watch in new hampshire where the fate of this prep school graduate on trial for rape is now in the hands of a jury.
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jon: a fox business alert now. stocks opening lower today after a huge two-day rally. the dow jones right now at about 16,620, this after a wild week that saw both the dow's worst day in four years and its biggest two-year gain since the financial crisis. investors also encouraged by a revision showing u.s. economic growth this the second quarter was much -- in the second quarter was much stronger than earlier estimated. patti ann: right now jurors are deliberating for a second day in a high profile rape trial in new hampshire. 19-year-old owen labrie is accused of raping a freshman as part of a prep school tradition known as the senior salute. a verdict could come down at any time, and molly line is live in
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concord, new hampshire, with that for us. hi, molly. >> reporter: hi, patti ann. the jury is behind closed doors, day two of deliberations. nine men, three women hold the fate of this former prep school student in their hands. he is facing multiple felony counts of sexual assault. prosecutors say that owen labrie was an 18-year-old senior at the prestigious st. paul school in concord, new hampshire, and that the alleged victim at the time was a 15-year-old freshman, taking place in may of last year. prosecutors say he preplanned that assault, luring the younger girl to a dark, secluded and loud mechanical room on the roof of the campus building, inviting her there as part of a tradition dubbed a senior salute in which older students seek out younger students. he brought out a blanket and a condom and moved fast under the cover of darkness. the defendant claims he did not have sex with the student and cast blame on the school for winking at this tradition, the senior salute. despite testimony from friends
8:20 am
who claim labrie told him otherwise. on the stand earlier this week, he said he lied to his friends to look good, and it was easier to just lie to his buddies than to tell them the truth. last week the now-16-year-old accuser testified said she ultimately said no when he tried to remove her underwear. labrie has pled not guilty, each of the felony charges could, if convicted, mean up to 10-20 years in jail. also he could be taken into custody immediately if he is convicted on any of those felony counts. patti ann? patti ann: molly line, thank you. our legal panel will be joining us later in the show to discuss this case. jon: it was ten years ago that hurricane katrina devastated new orleans and the entire gulf coast. it also left many first responders torn between doing
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their jobs and saving their families. we'll have one police officer's touching story and how new orleans is recovering now ten years later. also a follower of convicted serial killer charles manson up for parole again. how soon he could be set free. did you know that good nutrition is critical for brain health? brain food, hmmm. ensure has b vitamins that help support brain health - now that's smart nutrition. ensure's complete balanced nutrition has 26 vitamins and minerals and 9 grams of protein. ensure. take life in. irresistible moments deserve irresistibles treats. new from meow mix with real salmon chicken or tuna. the only treat cats ask for by name.
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we figure you probably don't have time to wait on hold. that's why at xfinity we're hard at work, building new apps like this one that lets you choose a time for us to call you. so instead of waiting on hold, we'll call you when things are just as wonderful... [phone ringing] but a little less crazy. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. jon: right thousand some new information on crime stories we're keeping an eye on. a soldier found dead in maryland identified as 24-year-old carr eleven ramirez. police say she was shot. her five month old baby found next to her unharmed. no word yet on a suspect. a college student dies after a shooting at saw van that state university. so far no arrests made. the student government association is planning a vigil for the victim later today. and charles manton follower
8:25 am
bruce davis up again for parole. he's been in a california prison for 43 years in the 1969 slayings of musician and a stunt man. the parole board recommending it's safe to set davis free now. governor jerry brown will make the ultimate decision. patti ann: ten years later parts of the gulf coast are still recovering from hurricane katrina. the powerful storm claimed lives, destroyed cities and forced some first responders to choose between doing their jobs and saving their own families. steve harrigan is live this gulfport, he's, with that story. >> reporter: they're getting ready to thank the first sunday us here with some music and some food. when that storm ten years ago destroyed 230,000 houses in mississippi, that meant in some places like waveland the entire police force was suddenly homeless. >> this whole street was pretty
8:26 am
much inhabited with either businesses or houses. >> reporter: along the gulf coast of mississippi, many paths lead to nowhere. >> it was a little grocery store and then a little liquor store on the side of it. >> reporter: what happened to waveland, mississippi, population 8,000 on august 29th, 2005? >> it was annihilated. i'll be honest with you, it was -- we were ground zero. >> reporter: 238 people in mississippi were killed by hurricane katrina. officer acosta feared his wife and ken-week-old -- seven-week-old son were among the victims. she told him they were standing in the bathtub, and the water was rising. >> i wasn't going to abandon my post at the city. i was tasked to do something. just as i know these officers are tasked to do the same thing. >> can his wife put the baby in a car seat and wrapped it in a life jacket in case she lost the strength to hold on and climbed to the roof. >> she's, you know, a personal
8:27 am
hero. i mean, she kept him alive. it takes a lot of strength to hold onto that car seat, you know, in 100 mile-an-hour winds. >> reporter: ten years ago waveland, mississippi, the night shift after the storm, all 26 waveland police officers -- many of them suddenly homeless -- showed up for work. back to you. patti ann: steve harrigan live in mississippi, thank you. and we are awaiting remarks right now from former president george w. bush on hurricane katrina. we'll bring those to you when they occur. jon: there are some new troubles for the hillary clinton campaign as she is set to make a speech in minneapolis. new reports that top democrats are unhappy with her handling of the to e-mail controversy -- the e-mail controversy. our media panel weighs in. plus, new evidence in the horrific virginia murders. what police found inside the shooter's car as the survivor of the attack faces a long recovery.
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tan years ten years after hurricane katrina devastated the entire coast president bush makes remarks. >> superintendent white and on and on thank you for coming. i want to thank the leadership of the school.
8:32 am
but the principal is always a teacher. she tried to teach me to second line with the band here. i know she didn't say it but was thinking this boy needs a lot of work. we are thrilled with your hospitality. in a cruel twist, hurricane katrina brought dispair -- despair and many had nowhere to live. the flood waters claimed schools and homes alike. this was under water. all of us will never forget the images of our fellow americans amid a sea of ruin and remember
8:33 am
the lives lost across the gulf coast. their memories are in our heart. hurricane katrina is a story of loss beyond measure. it is 30,000 people who were saved in the immediate aftermath of the storm by use military person person personal, louisiana law enforcement and citizens who voluntisraevoluntee volunteers. thousands came here to provide food for the hungry and help find shelter for those who had nowhere to live. many people around the country played and many showed up so they could help a fellow citizen who was hurting. one of the groups stepping
8:34 am
forward was the educators of new orleans. the educators here today thought of the children who would be left behind. you understood that bringing new orleans back to life requires getting students back to school. and even though some of the edgeicators lost everything you owned, you let nothing stand in your way. today we celebrate the resurgeance of new orleans schools, honor the resilience of a great american city whose levy gave out put people never gave up. >> president george w. bush making remarks on new orleans on the 10th anniversary of the devastation of hurricane katrina. we have the president streaming live on let's talk about a woman who wants to be president. hillary clinton set to deliver
8:35 am
remarks at the democratic summer meeting as party leaders are reportedly expressing frustration over behind the scenes over ms. clinton's e-mail scandal and growing doubts of trustworthiness. let's bring in judith miller and lynn sweet. i imagine, judy, hillary clinton would blame the media for stirring up the pot on these issues. is it all falsified? a narrative that doesn't deserve coverage or is she in real heat? >> she is obviously taking real heat. i think this week she kind of welcomed the attention to the c
8:36 am
claim that republicans trying to be president are like terrorist, she didn't use that word, but extreme and like the terrorist groups for wanting to kill planned parenthood. this has ever republican up in hands. but at long last the media are talking about something other than the e-mail scandal and the extent she botched the handling of it. her statement was too late, too little, she is taking lots of heat. it is not letting it up. the way she handled it is more important than what the content of the e-mail turned out to be. >> there is a long time democrat bing committee representative from california who is quoted in the new york times as saying what hillary clinton ought to do is go out and hold a news
8:37 am
conference and talk to reporters for five hours if that is what it takes to clear up the questions over this e-mail situation, why she ever used it, whether or not she accepted classified information, and why her server was scrubbed. what do you think about this? >> as a reporter, i love the idea. it is a lot to write about. but if we focus on the media angle this is a subject that has been reported. you could have a press conference for eight hours, if there is new information to come out you have to do it again another day. she gave, i don't expect any of the viewers to remember this, but when the white water controversy was flaring she gave the pink outfit press conference and sat were a lot of questions.
8:38 am
it should only be so easy to have a press conference and the problem goes away. it doesn't work like that. >> we need to change topics to another big media event this week. there is now information on the on-camera murders of the two journalist that happened on live tv and horrified the nation this week. in the shooter's rental car police found evidence he might have planned to escape after gunning down the victims. critics are blasting media outlets using stills from the video he shot saying they are sensationalizing a tragedy. you have seen the images on the front page of the newspaper. what do you think? >> the daily news in new york took heat for running three stills from the perpetrator's
8:39 am
video. if it bleeds it leads is a slogan of what news is about today. the daily news said we showed these stills because they demonstrate how horrific an act this is and it discredits the notion of him snapping. she didn't snap. i am one of the few journalist who said americans should watch the beheading videos to understand who we are fighting. news is difficult to watch but we are better informed if we do. >> lynn, would you have chosen those pictures to put on your front page? >> if i were the editor not on the front page. maybe one on the inside. and all due respect to judy, do you really need to see the
8:40 am
pictures to understand beheading is horrible? i submit you don't. if you have to be shown a picture of, the normalty of that horribleness around it, i don't know what else you would need to be convinced. i don't fault the other outlets for playing to their readers. but i think it was -- in papers that deal with the sensational. they wanted do this because i think it would help sell newspaper. i understand the business decision. i think i could have lived without it. >> this fox news alert. donald trump, presidential candidate, is getting renewed attention on policy releasing new plans on taxes which include a substantial increase on the wealthy taxing the rich more and
8:41 am
middle class less, wants to cut government spending and stop raising the debt ceilings. he said with bloomberg news that hedge fund people make a lot of money and pay little tax. have you seen enough concrete analysis of donald trump's position in the media or is it mostly about his style, hair or whatever? >> look. this is his mo. this is what he loves to do. he doesn't want to get into the nitty-gritty. tax the rich. but the fact of the matter is the media tried to press him on positions and his answer is the same. i am me, i am going to solve the problem, i will find a way balance the budget and cut your taxes and if you believe that i have a bridge i want to sell you.
8:42 am
>> trump charges when he brings out specific policy proposals those get ignored. >> well, one of the things that is happening, it takes a while because the showmanship and reality show tak of attention. but i think if there is anything me meaty for candidates is closing corporate loop holes if that is not he wants to do, changing taxation rates, and all of the hedge fund managers we wants to tax higher they are going to be heard from within the ways and means committee run right now by republicans. so the next question, whoever gets to him next, is what is your plan forgeting this through the republican-led ways and means committee. we should give him credit. he is worth $10 billion. if he wants to go to his wealthy
8:43 am
colleagues and say there is a tax equitty here and you need to be taxed more maybe he could sell it. >> give trump power to the treasury department. doug mcelway had a report about him being a democrat and now a republican and was for abortion and now he is against abortion. are the media holding him account? >> i think reagan was a democratic at one point. he is flip-flopping or changed positions based on new information. on this one, i will give him the benefit of the doubt. i think the great showman arrived to change his mind. >> the great showman. there is a campaign slogan for you. judy and lynn, have a great weekend. >> thank you. a jury in new hampshire sump
8:44 am
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and why we continue to create new technology to connect you to the people and places that matter. joining us now is criminal defense attorney and former federal prosecutor. there is a tradition at the prep school which graduating seniors can get a senior salute from a younger student. the 15-year-old girl admits to giving the boy a salute. sounds perfect. her best friend said she discussed which act she was per
8:48 am
prepared to perform. she changed her minds prosecutor says and said no. isn't that all that matters? >> no. you have someone's credibility who is questionable. in our criminal justice system the burden is beyond a reasonable doubt. if she is not more credible this guy walks. you had to prosecute the school because of the tradition and needs to be called out. >> she admits she helped remove the short and pants but held on to her underwear and was giggling and sent e-mails and she said she was frozen in fear and didn't want to offend him. might the mixed signals might have been confusing to an 18-year-old guy.
8:49 am
>> i don't think so. i think it will result in a hung jury or he may be found guilty. there are two pieces of evidence going against him. this wasn't at a party or someone's house. this was at a school where there was a known tradition of tallying up sexual conquest and having young girls lose their v virginity. the second piece of evidence is the message after it happened. he said i had sex with her and i used every trick in the book to have sex with her and i think that is a powerful fact to this jury because it suggests that maybe she wasn't consenting and he had to use these tricks.
8:50 am
>> the girl came for the morning after pill and the nurse asked if it was consentual and she said yes. >> brian is the defense lawyer and i am the prosecution. you hit the nail on the head, patty ann. the nurse said it was consent. you may find it distaste full and horrible but that is not the question before you. the question is whether or not the prosecution has proven beyond a reasonable doubt this guy raped this young woman. >> i am going told i will have to leave it there. quick last words? okay. >> well, yeah, i don't think you can have an epiphany and say i don't want to do this now. i don't buy that.
8:51 am
>> all right. thank you. >> enjoy your weekend. as california struggles in the fourth year of the historic drought we will tell you about the measures one city is taking there. there. taled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. new car replacement is just one of the features that come standard with a base liberty mutual policy. learn more by calling switch to liberty mutual and you can save up to $509. call for a free quote today. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners...
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>> it was known as a desert but with california >> martha: fourth year of drought the town of palm springs has to take drastic americmeasu deal. >> reporter: california got good news yesterday with the state coming out saying it reduced the overall water consumption by 31% last month. it is visible in palm springs where you can see grass that is dying as palm springs is doing everything they can to save as much water as possible.
8:55 am
in palm springs, once known as the desert oasis, the residents can face fines. earlier this year the governor man dated the three local water providers cut consumption by 36%. >> a $10,000 per day fine paid by the water agency is a fine. >> reporter: the city is spending millions of ripping up grass and parks and parts of the airport replacing with desert landscaping. they injected a million into a poplar turf buyback program. >> there is beauty that can be found in the desert and we are imploring that throughout the community. i like it.
8:56 am
i am proud of it. >> some of the most poplar golf courses switched to recycled water. >> we are making the change, conserveing and doing our part. >> reporter: california is going to continue to do their part saying we are still in the drought of a century and no guarantee we will get help from el nino. >> will car in palm springs thank you. vice president joe biden is considering challenge hillary clinton and is now the time to make the move? and tracking illegal ivory could be getting easier. we will tell you how investigators are using technology to crack down on smuggling. smuggling. did you know that good nutrition is critical for brain health? brain food, hmmm. ensure has b vitamins that help support brain health - now that's smart nutrition. ensure's complete balanced nutrition has 26 vitamins and minerals and 9 grams of protein.
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>> we will see you back in an hour. >> enjoy your friday. "outnumbered" starts now.
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and all of this fine friday this is "outnumbered." i am harris faulkner, jedediah bila, julie, and stacy dash and today's #oneluckyguy tucker carlson and he is out numbered. big day for you. >> and i am a hash tag. >> and you trend. >> you are welcome. >> and your hair! >> it is not real. you can touch and verify it. >> let's begin. a growing list of democratic leaders reportedly expressing new concerns about hillary clinton. the democratic frontrunner shifted her tone taking quote responsibility for the e-mail as secretary of state but "the new york times" interviewed 75


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