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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 28, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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once a heretic. i just want to say today, thank you, pope francis. and thank you for being part of the real story. i'm gretchen. here's harris in for shep. >> a lot of action today in the race for president. democratic contenders gathering in minnesota as word comes some top people in the political party are unset over how hillary clinton has been handling the e-mail controversy, and we're learningmer team may be trying to but a little pressure on vice-president biden to stay out of the race. on the republican side, scott walker, marco rubio, laying out their foreign policy plan, while the front-runner, donald trump, says he is putting together a plan to change the way we all pay taxes. we're tracking a tropical storm leaving death and damage and agony in it path. right now, erika is moving in our direction. will it hit the american coastline?
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we'll give you the latest projections. >> i'm harris faulkner, in for shepard smith. hillary clinton's e-mail scandal, again steeling the spotlight from her campaign. fox news has obtained new e-mails showing former president bill clinton reached out to the state department when his wife was in charge. he was trying to get approval for speeches in the nation's with poor human rights records such as north korea and the congo. a short time ago ed henry asked hillary clinton about it. >> let me answer one of your questions because i think that's what you are entitled to, and the first question that you asked about the process that was set up in my years as secretary of state was for any request that my husband received, to be sent to the state department. to be vetted. >> all right. let's bring in ed henry live in
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minneapolis. so, ed, you used president obama to get yourself out of this if you're hillary clinton because what she is saying my husband would have wanted to go to north korea because he had already been sent there by president obama so he was just going to go back. >> right. she was leaning on the white house a little bit. what i also saw there was the fact that you heard her say to me, you're entitled to one question, not the throw that i'd asked her about various controversies swirling around here right now. that is a sign of maybe a more combative hillary clinton. it had not worked last week when i asked her in las vegas. -- that has backfired on her and she is trying to do a combination of being a built more combative, push back, make her case, but then she is also trying to say at one point that news conference, i'm not frustrated by this. i'm going to answer the questions, but i'm going to try
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to go back to my message, her message about the middle class. >> but so much of what we're learning today, ed, has been about what democrats inside her own party are saying how she has been dealing with this. she ought to be sending you a thank you note for asking the question. >> right. this is something that is blowing up social media, this "new york times" story, saying, there's all these democrats, not republicans, who are saying that hillary clinton has mishandled this, her campaign has botched the response and that this dnc summer meeting was a chance for her to finally show she can turn the page. she can obviously hear the footsteps of the other candidates out there, and i think is clear she has been thrown off her game and is at perilous stage here, getting closer to iowa and new hampshire. and you see beany -- bernie sanders who is leading her, has come out of nowhere.
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gives you an idea how the inevitable front-runner, the inevitable nominee is not inevitable anymore. >> quick to point out that's next to his home state of vermont so that might have play but it has been weeks running he has been doing well. so there's talk today about a group trying to get vice-president joe biden to join the race and maybe pushback against him doing that. >> reporter: well, you're right. you mentioned that there are reports that some clinton officials, maybe hillary clinton herself, has been pushing back in private, saying why would the vice-president get in. her public comments have been more measured, give him the time and space to make the decision. in minneapolis there's a draft biden movement saying, hold your fire here there may be another candidate getting into this race. listen to the biden team. >> i don't think that this has anything to do with hillary clinton nor bernie sanders or martin o'malley or other democrats running for president. i think there's a genuine desire
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to see the vice-president join the race and to add to the debate as we move forward. >> reporter: and the vice-president late yesterday met with the head of the. a. a. a, richmond trumpka, clear sign he is trying to see where organized labor is here in this race. they have not endorsed hillary clinton or anyone else. and worked closely with vice-president biden. if gets in, he would be trying to get that endorsement. >> it was so interesting to see the former secretary of state tell you what you're entitled to, ed henry. slower entitled to have a fabulous weekend. >> you, too. >> late bring in "fox news sunday" anchor chris wallace. how loud do you think the footsteps are with regard to joe biden? >> well, let me just say, first of all to pick up on what you just said to ed henry, i've been is in game a long time. i cannot remember a presidential candidate ever saying you're -- i'm only going to answer the one
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question. i've never heard that. and it's a mix of defensiveness and imperiousness that i don't think reflects well on hillary clinton. it's only going to get the reporters' backs up and if she wasn't going to answer one of his questions today, you know the next time he questions her or somebody else, they will bell sure to ask the other questions he wasn't entitled to ask. as far as footstep,s, see has to be worried. i don't know if she is worried about biden, she has to be worried just by in the fact that some of her support seems to dropping. you see she lost ten points in the polls, still well ahead of sanders and unannounced biden in the polls but dropped ten points in less thon a month. her monty and trustworthy numbers are cratering. this is not a good time for the
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clintons. her husband is the magazinesser politician and they can't be -- the master politician they can't be happy with democrats saying they're nervous. >> not just a few democrats. when you read the article it was in depth how many people they talked. to vessel for the discontent would be vice-president joe biden if he gets in. what would that look like, biden versus clip top? there are clear choices for people? >> reporter: not so much on policy. he is to the left or her, both on foreign policy and domestic policy. he starts at a huge disadvantage financially. he has not raised any money yet. he is apparently reaching out to some people. we found out that only about 10% of the big bundlers, the big fundraisers for barack obama signed on for hillary so 90% are still out there. he is at a huge disadvantage.
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hasn't got any ground organization, although obvious hi he would pick up a lot of support from obama people. but again, think that the best advantage he would have is not so much that he would beat hillary clinton burt -- but he would be there to pick up the pieces if disconsent and legal problems get bigger. he serve erv is in the custody of the fbi. so, is that thumbnail drive that was being handled by her launch that's in the custody of the fbi. who knows what they'll find. what they'll find about other e-mails, about efforts to wipe them clean, and if not legally, at least politically, raises the question, why go to such effort to erase her own e-mail server. there's a lot out there and he could pick up the pieces and i suspect that is what he is thinking about when he thinks of running. >> if jed henry is watching he is writing that down.
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chris wallace, they just keep coming. >> that is all i entitled to -- >> we're entitled to watch more of you this weekend heel traumatic to one republican candidate, chris christie. also, the wild week on wall street and what china had to do with it. chris will talk with liz sander as charles schwab, and nick lardy. that's on sunday, on your local fox station. check the tv listings, don't miss a second. the father of the reporter murdered on live television is now crusading for tougher gun laws. alison parker's dad held a news conference a short time ago. we cared -- carried it live. >> welcome effect meaningful changes in our gun laws here. this senseless act, this senseless murder, will not go in vain, and as i think you all know, this has been my mission. >> we know a disgruntled
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ex-colleague shot and killed alison parker and adam ward, the cameraman, she was with live on air. rick, it was interesting, that grieving father, we could see that and hear that. but the real push for gun control -- you asked an important question -- a background check had been done on this man who bought this gun and did this killing. >> reporter: first and foremost, harris, this man has shown remarkable strength in the face of an unspeakable tragedy. just two days ago the light of his life, his 24-year-old daughter, was murdered in cold blood while doing her job, doing a live shot out in the field, and he has had a very, very difficult couple of days. he said today was the worst. it was gut wrenching because he came here to wdbj, his daughter's home away from home, where she worked, came to work every day, job she loved. and this where is her colleagues were, and andy parker came here today to speak with the
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colleagues and speak with the governor who was here, who suppressed his sympathy and support to the staff of the station, and, yes, we heard from the father that he has now made it his mission to try to effect some kind of change in gun laws despite the fact that vester lee flanagan, the man who murdered his daughter, did in fact pass a criminal background check. there was nothing in his history that would prevent him from legally getting a couple of glocks, handguns. so, he spoke about that and he spoke about why he is so driven to troy to effect change. here's more from andy parker. >> this stuff can't go away. you cannot let this die. i know you have other news to report on but this can't be the story for three days and then, oh, gee, let's see what donald trump has to say next week. >> reporter: obviously an incredibly difficult time for the family. they told us they plan to memorialize alison on monday at an undisclosed location and
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eventually will spread her ashes in a river where she was the happiest of her life. >> we watched him choke up as he was saying that. so heartbreaking what is happening there, our prayers and thoughts to the community. rick leventhal, thank you. here comes tropical storm erika. headed toward florida. but will it lose some steam before it hits? our chief meteorologist will be here with his latest forecast model. why do so many people choose aleve? it's the brand more doctors recommend for minor arthritis pain. plus, just two aleve can last all day. you'd need 6 tylenol arthritis to do that. aleve. all day strong.
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the tropical storm causing devastation already in the caribbean is now headed toward our southeast, and here's a look at erika's latest track. forecasters say it could hit the southern tip of florida on monday and make its way north. it also will bring heavy rain to parts of georgia and south carolina. the storm has dumped more than a foot of rain in parts of the caribbean, causing flashflooding, and mudslides and four home have died. chief meteorologist rick reithmuth is live. the big question is, will it lose steam and slow down by the time it reaches us? >> this is an interesting storm for us to forecast. a lot of things going against until the short term and what happens is going to make a big difference on what happens if it does have any impact in the long term. this is where you see this blob here, the center of this storm kind of offset from the activity. that's not a good sign. already it's not an incredibly held together storm. bringing rain in puerto rico,
12:16 pm
but the rain will head towards the dominican republic and haiti. there are mountain peaks that are 10,000 feet high. that is disruptive to tropical systems. but you see all of the models track this here across hispaniola. what happens once it's merges on the other side is the big clue. it is completely disrupted no longer even a storm we'll be tracking? that could be the case by the time we get towards tomorrow morning, if it does survive, maybe interact with cuba, what we will see is whatever is left of this head towards florida, how strong? big question. waters not that warm, but if it does survive, water temperatures go way up here, and that's why we think it could intense identify a little -- intensify by the time it gets to florida. this is the official track, braining maybe the center of the
12:17 pm
cope towards south florida could be on the ear side of -- either side of this. a lot we'll find out about it. if you're in florida, bears watching and elsewhere let you know tomorrow. morning. >> we appreciate it. that warmer water, dent realize it was almost 90 degrees. that's a lot of energy out there. thank you. >> the white house says president obama is urging people who might be in the storm's path to get readal the governor of florida has declared a state of emergency and is warning people to prepare for the worst. we'll gate live report from south florida -- get a live report from south florida coming up. a prep school graduate found not guilty of felony rape but the would-be harvard bound student is not off the hook. >> 's decision and the punishment not so cut and dray. stay with us.
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the company in charge of the cheating web site ashley maddison announced its ceo is stepping down the latest development since are since hackers stole private informing from 40 million people who signed up on the web site, which has the slogan, life is short, have an affair. the massive breach supposed some of the company's big-name clients including josh duggar. duggar admitted he cheats on his wife while she was pregnant and is addicted to pornography. the company announces the ceo's departure was a mutual decision and it was the firm's best interests that happen. jurors cleared a form student of felon rape charges. we saw it live here. it's been a high profile case centered around an elite prep school. they found him guilty of lesser sex offenses and a felony charge
12:22 pm
of using a computer to lure a minor for sex, he faceses up to 11 years in prison and has to register as a sex offender, owen labrie wiped away tears afterring their the verdict. prosecutors say he raped a 15-year-old freshman when he was 18 and days from graduating help was set to go to harvard to study religion when prosecutor says he lured the girl into the attic of a building on school grounds as part of a tradition called the senior salute in which stern seniors rye to have sex with younger students. the attorney says the two never had intercourse. it has been an emotionally charged case, on wednesday the accuser ran out of the courtroom crying while owen labrie was on the stand. heather hansen is our trial attorney on deck, good to see you. so you watched this. i want to get your first thoughts. there was a lot going on inside that courtroom. >> absolutely. my first thoughts were, as soon as labrie heard the one guilty charge i think he thought he was
12:23 pm
going to be found not guilty on all charges. he immediately reacted and i think he knew what that meant for him. the guilty charge on that felony charge, means he has to register for the rest of his life as a sex offender -- >> i'm going to stop you there. there's a news conference right. in a representative of family of the victim. >> gives them the opportunity to reflex upon the harm he has caused. there's no joy in this outcome, however. our daughter can never get with what she lost or can the school become our community again we ever still feel betrayed by st. paul schools as they allowed and fosters a toxic culture and lets our daughter and other students at recollection of sexual violence. we trusted the school to protect her. and it failed us. we continue to feel anger and disappointment for the lack of character and integrity of the young men at st. paul's school. they laughed and joked with olen labrie about slaying our
12:24 pm
daughter. both the school and these young men should bear the shame for the crimes that were committed against her. while we stood together as familiar through through the process it was our young daughter who took the stand to speak the truth and request justice. we admire her bravery and coming forward and speaking out in the face of great at verdictty, it is -- at adversity. her courage made a measure of justice possible today. we would be remiss not to express our deepest appreciation and thanks the concord police, the concord child advocacy center, and the county prosecutor's office for their tireless efforts to pursue the truth and secure some justice in this case. they treated our family with dignity and respect during the long ordeal, and we are eternally grateful for their service. we would also like to thank the court, and its staff, for performing their civic duty, for the jury, which -- and their service, which required them spending time away from their families, for our extended friends and families who
12:25 pm
traveled here or otherwise sent their support, and for the complete strangers who offered a support and words of encouragement through the most difficult process -- >> we're watching right knew woman reading a statement from the family of the victim in the very case we were just discussing. and which a young man who was 18 at the time, was accused of raping a 15-year-old girl at an elite prep school, and as you heard the words from the family representative of st. paul's schools where were the kids were at the time, that the family is looking at that school in fact as being culpable in this as well. want to bring back heather 'hanson. you're insiding while this is going on and mouthing to me, lawsuit. >> that's what it seems like. there's certainly some sort of an indication that the family has some anger at the school. you saw that on both sides. in the closing by the defense attorney, he pointed to the school as well. so, some people had talked about whether or not had the defendant
12:26 pm
been found not guilty, whether he would pursue a lawsuit against the school for negligence in having this type of culture there, and now you see the mother -- listen. they're probably not thinking about gist yet but when hey start talking about the disappointment with the school, the school not acting appropriately, my lawyer'saries perk up. >> my journalists ears say they didn't write that without counsel. >> i want to talk about the charge today. not found guilty of rape. >> right. >> but of a felony charge in computer use. and how he reached out to hook up with an underaged girl. >> our sex crime laws are broad. he was using the school computer systems and also facebook in order to arrange force this meeting and the law in that state allows for you to be convicted of this type of crime if you arrange for the meetings through computers.
12:27 pm
so, because of that, he was convicted of class b felon, and, therefore, has to register as sex offender for the rest of his life. >> does this become a precedent in how widespread is that law? >> across the country, these laws are very confusing. we saw recently in the news where there was a situation where a young man was convicted of statutory rape and could never use a computer under the terms of his probation because he was registered as a sex offender. so there's a lot of overlap here when we're talking about statutory rape as the kid was convicted of, where simply because he had sex with a girl who was underage now. he is a sex offender and may not be able to use computers in the same way he did. even if hi doesn't go to jail it's not sure whether he can go to harvard if he is restricted from using computers. so a lot of things about the sex crime laws that get complicated, even if someone doesn't go to jail. >> every time somebody does a background check on him, sex offender will pop up. the sentencing for him has just
12:28 pm
been announced. it's october 29th. he'll face based on this computer charge, three and a half to seven years. >> i think the judge will listen to a lot of things. interviews with the psychologist and the victim and the victim's family so see if they feel as though he didn't lie, he has the ableity to redeem himself. maybe one or two. >> the st. paul's schools. does the school lose if they sue? >> i think the school has a lot to lose. the fact they could get a negligence suit against then and the publicity of it. the publicity case has shown. has to be education for the boys and schools to better handle themselves in these situations. >> for teenagers across the country i imagine. if you have somebody who is 18 and somebody who is 15 and they're talking to each other on a computer, and my goodness gracious, the social pages, you got to guess that happened. we have to have some good
12:29 pm
conversations with teenager. >> special, especially parents of boys need to understand that statutory rape charges can have huge consequences for their sons going forward. >> heather hansen, good to have you with us. some republican presidential candidates are outlining foreign policy plans on the campaign trail, and donald trump says he has a plan to change how americans pay taxes. we'll have a live report from d.c. stay with us. ♪
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g.o.p. presidential candidate governor scott walker says all openings to remain on at the table to defeat isis. he laid out his foreign policy agenda during a speech at the citadel. he slammed hillary clinton's record as secretary of state saying, quote, when you fail at one job you don't get promoted to another, you get fired. end quote. walker criticized the iran nuclear deal saying it was the
12:35 pm
worst foreign policy decision the white house made. this afternoon, senator marco rubio gave foreign policy speech, call calling for the u.s. to take a tougher stand against china, and jeb bush held a town meeting and took a swipe at president obama on foreign policy saying our enemies no longer fear us. then there's donald trump who says he will unveil a plan to overhaul or tax system, calling himself, quote, king of the tax code. tell us more about the plan, doug? report report he has had different proposals also different time. in 1999 he called for a bun-time 14.25 tax on individuals with trusts over $10 million to pay off the entire national debt. then proposed other taxes. he also suggested the elimination of corporate and estate taxes. this morning, he said he plans to put out a comprehensive tax
12:36 pm
proposal in four weeks. >> have to simply identify -- simplify -- i want to put h & r block out of business. it's so complicated. people making $50,000 a year, $60,000 a year, they have to good and pay a lot of money to tax -- these firms that do this stuff, it's ridiculous. at a minimum we have to simply identify it and i'm going to be coming out with a really comprehensive -- like i did on immigration. >> trump has recently suggested he might eventually want a flat tax but also suggested he wants a progressive tax system. but simply fix indication -- simplification is his message. >> a gave a tick talk on the campaign trail. >> scott walker delivered his first real major foreign policy speech. did it at the citadel military college in charleston, south carolina. he hammered the obama administration's foreign policy and its conduct on the war on
12:37 pm
terror. he said in effect the u.s. is in retreat all over. american leadership is back, he said itch he is president -- he said if he is president and with our allies we will not surrender another inch of ground to terrorist. walker also blasted trump saying now is no time for untested leaders. former florida governor jeb bush is taking more offensive approach to trump as well without actually naming him. he said trump's in your face style could put the world at risk. >> i think it's actually politically counterproductive to say that one's stupid or an idiot. has no relevance to the challenges we face. >> reporter: bush took a shot at president obama's foreign policy and military policy, noting our enemy not longer fear us and marco rubio speak can in south carolina today, urging the president to scale back next week's state dinner with the president of china. that after china has been linked to a number of damaging computer
12:38 pm
hacks here. here's what rubio said. >> they hack into our computers, steal our government and private sector secrets. i think it begins by downgrading the visit. not canceling but downgrading the visit. >> reporter: rubio called the relationship between china and the u.s. the single most important of the 21st century. back to you. >> good to see you, thank you. let's bring in sherry, a g.o.p. consultant and president of capital strategieses pr. welcome. i want to start with something that we're just learning more details and that is that team jeb, jeb bush, is looking to hire or -- not hire -- but looking if he were to get into office, he would look at putting on the supreme court donald trump's sister. is this like a political thing or -- >> i don't think jeb is considering that. i thick it's donald trump who has said he thinks his sister would be phenomenal as a supreme court justice. the problem with that, as a federal judge, she is pro
12:39 pm
partial birth abortion and donald trump likes to talk about the fact he is pro life, and if ice, very influential groups like concern women for american, put off strong statements and these little gaffs will hurt him as people find out more what he has to say. you don't put your sister on the supreme court just because she is your sister. and as we know these judicial nominations are extraordinarily important. one of the most important things the president can do. so, again, donald trump needs to maybe think a little built or perhaps those people who are so eager to support him should think a little bit. >> trump has put his sister in the mix, and jeb bush is reacting to that. it's interesting because donald trump keeps talking about those things that people open their ears about, and he talks so off the cuff. i want to speak with you've a little bit about his pros and cons, you mentioned one he should have not brought his
12:40 pm
sister up in terms of supreme court because it gets a responsible from a guy like jeb bush. >> i think he has become a circus show -- >> it's winning. >> hearings the way i look at it. we have wonderful candidate, some stronger than others. they're get nothing media attention. donald trump guess for ratings, everybody wants to have him on, and we see this wall-to-wall coverage of donald trump and the only time the other candidates get any questions is when it's about donald trump. i look at this is a almost like state-run media. feeding the propaganda to the masses, as these other candidates get stronger, scott walker coming out strong against isis, we have strong endorsements for people like john case sick, and you'll see the field narrow. but frankly this has been the summer of trump. >> state-run media. wow. >> propaganda to the masses and i don't have access to anything else. >> pretty harsh. i remember a time -- my friend says this on the time -- for the
12:41 pm
longest time republicans said they want more time for their front-runner in the media. this is the front runner in of the gm party. i'm -- by the g.o.p. party. i'm confused. they're defending press coverage they have been asking for. >> getting press coverage no, question, but we have a large field. he came in with very high name i.d. he is interesting and entertaining but at some point part of the problem is that when he says these outrageous things and rough and horrible things, crews and contracts things, any -- crass things, any other candidate would get pushback by the press. instead, press is saying, he guess to ratings. people are saying, are we doing this now? we shouldn't be accepting this and should demand more of our leaders. we're talk bath person who is leader of the free world,man commander in chief and finger on the button. >> if he stays the front-runner, i hope you think your
12:42 pm
front-runner needs all the press he can get. >> hopefully good press. only -- if he can manage to do that i think he is going to have to really clean up his act if he hopes to be the nominee. i don't think the way he is going now is sustainable. >> thank you very much. former president george w. bush and first lady laura bush on the gulf coast, marking a decade since hurricane katrina hit the region. and a special look at one family getting ready to move into a newly rennovated home in one of the hardest hit areas. stay with us.
12:43 pm
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12:45 pm
ten years ago this weekend hurricane katrina slammed into the gulf coast. a decade later, many in the gulf are still trying to put their lives back together. former president george w. bush and first lady traveled to new orleans. president bush spoke at the same high school he visited a year after katrina. >> the slowing began that guided the school -- slogan that guide the school is true today. we believe in success.
12:46 pm
and because of that success, schools like this have achieved you have given all americans reason to believe that new orleans is back. and better than ever. >> historians opinion out katrina marks one of the lowest points of president bush's legacy. today the former president thanked first responders and volunteers for their efforts and we have team fox coverage now. casey steagall is in the lower ninth ward. first to steve harrigan in gulfport, mississippi. >> reporter: one of the real challenges here for first responders in mississippi has been so many small towns along the coast. the first responders' own homes were destroyed by the storm. >> this whole street was pretty much inhabited with either businesses or houses. >> reporter: along the gulf coast of mississippi, many paths lead to nowhere. >> a little grocery store. and then a little liquor store on the side.
12:47 pm
>> reporter: what happened to waveland, mississippi, population 8,000, on august 29, 2005. >> it was annihilated. i'll be honest with you. we were ground zero. >> reporter: 238 people in mississippi were killed by hurricane katrina. officer feeder his wife and seven wield old son brennan were among the victim is. be of the phone died she told him they were standing in the bathtub and the water was rising. >> i wasn't going to abandon my post at the city. i was tasked to do something. justs i know these officers are taskerred to do the same thing. >> his wife put the baby in a car seat and wrapped the car seat in a life jacket in case she lost the strength to hold on, and climbed to the roof. >> she is a personal hero. she kept him alive. it takes a lot of strength to hold on to that car seat in 100-miles-an-hour winds. >> today bren fa indian is a
12:48 pm
healthy boy white house father says loves to climb on everything. >> hour team coverage -- our team coverage continues, casey steagall is in new orleans, lower ninth ward. i remember when the water was 20 feet high there. hard to believe people are standing in the middle of it. >> reporter: and ten years later, believe it or not there are still parts of the city that look like the tomorrow just swept through. as you drive around you see an awful lot of properties that look like the ones back there boarded up, in disrepair, the owners never came back. the johnson family home suffered extensive damage. it collapsed from rot. but now, georgia johnson is about to move into her brand new house, rebuilt from the ground up, and we were there this week as she took a look around with one of her daughters and proudly showed off her new digs. >> if i could take out what i'm feeling and put inside of you, you would be doing just what i'm doing.
12:49 pm
just -- tears of joy because it feels so good. to have such a beautiful home. to say, this is our family home. >> reporter: this our family home. all made possible through the help of funding from a group called project homecoming. one of the many faith-based organizations and others working day in and day out around the big easy, still today, helping katrina victims get back on their feet. >> donations are very much needed. funding is dwindling. grant programs are dwindling. ten years out people think that everything is fixed, and it's just not. so there's still more work to do. we're not done yet. >> reporter: to date project homecoming, for example, has rebuilt or renovated more than 200 homes in this region, including miss georgia's. harris. >> great to see her tears of joy there. thank you very much. florida's streak of ten
12:50 pm
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florida governor rick scott says tropical storm erika is a severe threat to the entire state. forecasters are saying erika could hit the florida southern tip on monday. anymore south florida are taking the warning seriously, stocking up on water, food and gas. forecasters say florida's streak of no hurricanes for a decade is safe since erika is expected to reach the state as a tropical storm. phil keating is life.
12:54 pm
a tropical storm still packs a purpose. >> reporter: definitely and after threatening florida with a hurricane all week long, the national weather hurricane center in miami now adjusting its forecast and assuming this will definitely stay a tropical storm. in fact, it may actually breck apart overnight and become just a tropical wave. the latest advisory shows erika weakening moving across the dough dominican republic and both have a chance to strengthen into hurricane status. however the storm brings rain, five to ten inches, and winds, currently at 50-miles-an-hour. about a dozen people reportedly died on the island of -- dominica when erika hit. florida's governor wants everyone in the state to prepare for erika's potential. >> the biggest thing to every family. stop and think about your family, your entire family.
12:55 pm
make sure every member of your family is ready. your parents, your children, your grandchildren do you have a plan? >> reporter: the white house press office says president obama will be briefed over the weekend with updates on the storm. >> so phil, it's been a while. we have seen people getting ready down there. one thing comes to mine, i know to remind people about their pets. i know from having lived in the southeast. >> reporter: a big concern among emergency managers i the concept of hurricane fatigue. it's been ten years since a hurricane got here, and since, seven hurricanes ravaged the state of florida in 2004 and 2005. more than 2 million more people have moved to the state of florida. so these people have not experienced the weeks without power and damage everywhere. so a lot of people have shown up to get sandbags and buy bottles of water and the national guard is on standby just in case.
12:56 pm
>> i just don't want to have to worry about it. it's just easier. easier to have it there it will get used no matter what. >> reporter: so again, this could break apart overnight. a lot depends on what happens to florida. exactly what happens as this storm is over hispaniola and then cuba tomorrow. >> thank you. and we'll be right back. i hate cleaning the gutters. have you touched the stuff? it's evil. and ladders. sfx: [screams] they have all those warnings on 'em. might as well say... 'you're gonna die, jeff.' you hired someone to clean the gutters. not just someone. angie's list helped me find a highly rated service provider to do the work at a fair price. ♪
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ooh pizza rolls! ahh! they're ready! make summer awesummer with totino's pizza rolls. and get a free movie ticket when you spend $10. on this day in 1963, dr. martin luther king, jr. gave his landmark "i have a dream" speech. as part of the march on washington for jobs and freedom. dr. king had apparently prepared a speech without the now famous posh i have a dream "after an advicer told him hits cliche. the improvised the line and it is now considered a turning opinion in the civil rights movement, but crowds heard one of history's great speeches 52
1:00 pm
years ago today. >> it's been a very busy week. glad you have been along with fox news. there's more to come, "your world" with neil cavuto. trish is in for neil. now. >> we do not need more establishment politics or establishment economics. what we need is a political movement. which is prepared to take on the billionaire class and create a government which works for all of us and not just corporate america and a handful of the wealthiest people in this country. >> there you go, bernie sanders blasting wall street and corporate greed as the democrats hold their big shindig summer event in minneapolis. but with stocks seeing wild swings


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