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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  August 29, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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air champion. the first russian won the title a huge global competition in this 20th anniversary year. two americans finished second. thank you very much for joining us on "america's news headquarters." we'll be back next week. are we really making progress in the u.s.-led fight against isis, or are reports of progress against these terrorists being hyped up? the pentagon now investigating if the intelligence has been skewed somewhere between the front lines and the white house. plus, we're remembering a somber anniversary as we reflect on america's response to the thousands of people left devastated a decade ago as hurricane katrina ravaged the gulf coast. we're live in new orleans as that proud city celebrates its rebirth. plus -- >> the world should be uniting in helping 3,000 girls that are going to get used as -- as human
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shields in the very near future. and one determined canadian jew on a mission to rescue young girls and women used as sex slaves at the hands of isis. why he says he needs all the help he can get. all that just ahead right here on "america's news headquarters." but first, to our top story. police in texas asking for the public's help at this hour as they search for a suspect in a deadly ambush of a sheriff's deputy. >> what happened last night is an assault on the very fabric of society. it is not anything that we can tolerate. it is time to come forward and support law enforcement and condemn this atrocious act. >> officials say deputy darren goforth was filling up his patrol car at a houston gas
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station last night when the suspect approached him from behind gunning him down in cold blood. will carr is following the story now from our west coast newsroom with more, will? >> hi, uma. in an emotional press conference authorities made it clear that they are still on the hunt for the man gunned down deputy goforth last night in harris county, texas, with that in mind take a look at a surveillance picture that they've released of the man who they say crept up behind goforth last night just after he had finished filling up his car with gas. and without warning or any confrontation between the two, opened fire, shooting goforth in the head, in the back, as goforth fell to the ground authorities say the suspect then hovered over him and continued firing. he died at the scene. the sheriff calls this an assassination, an execution-style murder. the working motive right now they say absolute madness. they're saying there was no reason to gun down deputy go for
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forth other than his badge. >> there are a few bad apples in every profession. that does not mean that there should be open warfare declared on law enforcement. >> we've heard black lives matter. all lives matter. well, cops' lives matter, too, so why don't we just drop the qualifier and just say lives matter and take that to the bank. >> as the search continues for the suspect, authorities passed along surveillance picture of a red ford ranger pickup which they say the suspect was in. we've warned that they've spoken to at least one person of interest in regards to a similar truck. at the same time, the local police union said it's giving goforth's family $20,000 immediately to help. will also help his two children go to any college of their choice down the line. deputy goforth is the 23rd member of law enforcement who has died this year after being shot. the sheriff saying at a press conference just about an hour ago that this really hits her the hardest and also causes him to doubt humanity as the members of his department, uma, have to
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go back out onto the streets, the men and women of the harris county sheriff's office, to keep the community safe while they are also trying to search for the man who gunned down one of their own. >> such a tragic story, indeed. all right, will, thank you so much for that update. now, turning to a somberan se anners is anniversary, since hurricane katrina, carved through the city of new orleans a devastating path of destruction. ♪ city dignitaries laying wreaths earlier today at a memorial for the victims just one of many events being held across louisiana and mississippi to honor those who died and to thank those who came back to rebuild. it was ten years ago today that katrina made landfall as a category 3 hurricane on the gulf coast. killing 18 machi ining 1,800 peg over $150 billion in damages. the hardest-hit neighborhood in new orleans was the lower ninth
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ward. and while the recovery has been slow today residents are celebrating the progress that they've made so far. casey steagle standing by levee in the algiers neighborhood in new orleans. what's the mood like right now? >> reporter: well, uma, it is estimated that ten years later, this is hard to believe, but some 5,000 people are still displaced from their homes. many people left and they never returned to this city. but that was not the option for a family that you're about to meet. georgia johnson and her family. georgia johnson's father gave her the family home in the lower nin ninth ward. katrina ruined it. but this week a decade later, georgia gave us a tour of her brand-new house rebelt from the ground up. she's about to move in any day now and we shared an emotional visit with her. and she told me if there's anything she's learned through this crisis, it's patience. >> if i could take out what i'm
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feeling to put inside of you, you'll be doing just what i'm doing. just -- and it's not sad. they're really tears of joy, because it feels so good to have such a beautiful home to say this is our family home. >> reporter: all of that made possible through volunteers and funding from a faith-based group called project homecoming. and to commemorate this anniversary, other groups hosting a 48-hour home build across the city. volunteers working six-hour rotating shifts through the st. bernard project. the build 48 homes in 48 hours. translating into another 48 families who will soon have a new roof over their heads. the one thing georgia johnson tells me she is most forward -- looking forward to when she gets back in? sitting on her front porch with her coffee and reuniting with her neighbors. uma?
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>> all right, casey, thank you very much as we reflect back a decade ago. you know, when hurricane katrina hit new orleans, people around the country came to its aid. among those who lent a helping hand was louisiana's neighbor arkansas. 75,000 displaced people were sent there, many covered in mud, injured, with no identification at all. some were even separated from their families. arkansas was able to transform church camps into several counties into temporary communities. i spoke to former arkansas governor and gop presidential candidate mike huckabee about it a bit earlier. >> i've been thinking about it a lot this week with the tenth anniversary and a lot of coverage. when that happened, i made sure we didn't treat these folks like victims but as neighbors and family. arkansas is just to the north of the border of louisiana.
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our hearts were broken as we saw these neighbors of ours inundated with what was the catastrophic hurricane and the breaking of the levees which created the most damage. >> you stepped in and acted. you didn't wait for the federal government to direct you on this one. >> we actually argued with the federal government. i had to tell them that we weren't going to listen to them. i got into a shouting match with michael chertoff and i just told him, look, you got to do what you got to do but we're going to take care of these people. for us it's people first, paperwork second, and i instr t instructed everyone in my state dealing with these folks. here's what i want you to do. this is real simple. we're going to practice the golden rule. if you just treat people like you want to be treated, like you would want your relatives to be treated. forget the paperwork. we'll take care of that later. >> amazing it's been ten years. now, moving on to politics, i know you would like your poll numbers to be a little bit
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higher, but you are focusing a great deal right now on the early states and caucus states where people are going to be voting within a few months. you say it's not about the big crowds. but that it's the one-on-one with voters who will be caucusing, for example, in iowa. and because for you it's about the grassroots team that you're building right now. as i understand it, you have already 73 county chairs in place across that state who are supporting your campaign. and you really believe it's that on-the-ground networking that will make all the difference. >> well, it always has been, uma. a lot of times people think that if you have a big event and it gets a lot of media attention that's that's what wins a caucus. but a caucus people forget is a cold february night that people are supposed to come to a drafty school building somewhere and stay there for two or three hours convincing their neighbors to vote for a candidate. you have to organize down to the
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precinct and that's what we put a focus on. we've had some good poll numbers. reuters had us number two this week. they fluctuate and come up and down, but the one thing that doesn't change is the absolute necessity of building grassroots structures. >> i know you said that donald trump is a force to be reckoned with. he's cast in to what has confounded so many of the so-called experts about the deep anger and resentment that many feel towards washington and the establishment. what can you tell me about this whole phenomena? do you really believe that what we're witnessing right now is what some are describing the silent majority ready to revolt at this point and to take a larger stand in what happens to this country? >> well, frankly, i really hope so. i think it's time that people rise up and tell washington they're sick of the donor class driving the political class at the expense of the working class. this is the message that frankly got me so pilloried by the likes
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of "the wall street journal" and many in the donor class eight years ago when i ran for president. you know, i was labeled a populist and didn't understand big business. look, i get it. i understand it quite well. and i'm not against business. and i'm certainly not against even big business. but i'm against any business that puts global interests above american interests. i'm not a globalist. i'm an american. and i believe very strongly that what we've seen is the implementation of policies that has been a gut punch to american workers. it's frankly a good thing that people are rising up and saying, we're not going to take it anymore. that's a healthy moment in american life. >> moving on to another big issue that you're very concerned about is the upcoming vote on the iran nuke deal. you know, in this week alone we learned that the ayatollah published a book calling for the obliteration of israel, that there are more pop ganda videos out there showing iranian troops
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overtaking jerusalem, all happening at a time when the congress is going to vote in a few weeks on whether to make this deal go through or not. what impact is it having with our ally, israel, and our other allies in the middle east in your point of view? >> well, it makes us look like chumps and we're weak. it scares the daylights out of people in the gulf states and certainly israel. i was just there a week ago. there are just perplexed why would the united states trust a government who for 36 years has funned terrorism through hmm, hezbollah, funded the ieds that have sent american soldiers back either in body bags or sent them back without arms and legs. >> where do you see this going at this point, then? >> let's hope that when people are home during the congressional recess that they listen to their real bosses. because their real bosses are the people who elected them. and these members of congress, both democrats and republicans,
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i hope get an earful while they're home. and at every up to hall people show up and tell them, don't make a deal with the devil. and this iranian government is about as close to the devil as we're going to find on earth. >> our thanks to governor huckabee. to the fox weather alert and news of a storms generating headlines right now and has many on alert. the remnants of tropical storm erika gaining stren ining stren moves toward florida. it kills 20 people in the caribbean. and more than 30 others remain missing at this hour. many residents in its path are saying they are not taking any chances. >> i'm going to take every precaution that i can, because you don't know what will happen. whether the storm will strengthen or not. okay, janice dean standing by live at the fox extreme weather center with more, erika is regaining some strength, huh?
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>> we're thinking that the area of low pressure that was erika could begin to develop a new area of low pressure. so, we had erika. the national hurricane center said, okay, erika is no longer. however, we're starting to see a new area of low pressure develop. and if it develops, we think it will get another name. and the next name on the list is fred. but it's still what was erika. so invest 90-l is what we're calling it now what the remnants of what erika was, and 40% chance it could redevelop. some of the computer models are picking up on this and bringing it into the gulf of mexico. so that woman that we just saw in the clip was right, always be prepared. it is tropical season. we're reaching peak hurricane season and anything is possible at this point. we are already seeing moisture streaming in from the gulf of mexico. heavy rain from what was erika, perhaps a new storm forming in the next several days.
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inches of rainfall as we head into tuesday and wednesday for our sunshine state. watching this, tampa got record rainfall just a couple of weeks ago. in the pacific incredible category 3 or higher, we have hurricanes 1, 2, 3 of them. this is the most crucial. hurricane ignacio we think moving towards the west-northwest 8 miles per hour. category 3 ignacio. as we move closer to hawaii over the next several days we think most of the computer models say north of hawaii but we still got that cone of uncertainty here and we are dealing with a major hurricane, so watching this track very carefully over the next several days, uma. it's busy. we're reaching peak hurricane season. and if you're a weather geek to see erika completely obliterated and now another area of low pressure forming from the remnants of erika, it's pretty incredible. back to you. >> it is incredible indeed. and very busy for you. >> yes. >> so, thank you very much for updating us.
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>> of course. and in the meantime there's plenty of news happening in the world of politics, and we're going to get to some of those headlines in just a bit. but, first, we want to hear from you. you know, donald trump has been saying that his success isn't about just him. it's what he's calling a movement. but is it enough for him to win the nomination? tweet me, and we'll try to get to some of your answers a bit later on in the show. well, top military leaders are taking the fight off the battlefield and into congress. it's a showdown over the upcoming iran nuke deal vote right after congress returns from its recess. why they're saying any deal with iran is a threat to our national security. lieutenant colonel ralph peters will be here to weigh in. the democrats are buzzing over new reports that key fund-raising donors upset over hillary's low favorability numbers will defect if vice president joe biden decides it's time to weigh a presidential bid. does it mean hillary should be
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well, the intense debate over the iran nuke deal continues to raise big concerns from critics urging lawmakers to reject the deal and now comes news of more than 200 retired a millers and generals who are sending congress a letter condemning the deal saying, quote, the agreement as constructed does not cut off every pathway for iran to acquire nuclear weapons. to the contrary, it actually provides iran with legitimate path to doing that simply by abiding by the deal. it goes on to say, in our professional opinion, far from being an alternative to war, the joint comprehensive plan of action makes it likely that the war in the iranian regime waged against us since 1979 will continue with far higher risk to our national security interest. but this letter follows a move from three dozen other retired military leaders who say the deal should go through, writing in part, there is no better option to prevent an iranian
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nuclear weapon. military action would be less effective than the deal assuming it is fully implemented. if the iranians cheat, our vagesed technology, intelligence and inspections will reveal it and u.s. military options remain on the table. joining us now lieutenant colonel ralph peeters fox military analyst with his thoughts among the military brass. great to have you here. >> how are you doing, uma? >> i'm doing great. it looks like there's division about whether the deal can ultimately curb iran's nuclear ambitions, but any way you look at it law makers feeling the heat as they get set to vote in a couple weeks. >> there's actually very, very little division in the military community. i do not personally know a single retired officer or active who really thinks there's anything good about this deal. on the other hand, you had the administration going out and just beating the bushes as hard
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as they could trying to get some retired flag officers, generals or admirals, to come out in support of the deal. they scared up about three dozen. in response over 200 first-tier generals and admirals say this is a bad deal. that's almost a 9-1 ratio, so there's no question about it. the military overwhelmingly thinks this is terrible and i can tell you also the intelligence community thinks this is a terrible, terrible deal. and even beyond what the excerpts you read from the letter and it's a very good sober letter the 200 generals and admirals sign. it goes on to point out that we have a real problem with the deal pouring hundreds of billions of dollars into iran that they will use to improve their air defenses so it will be much harder if we have to take military action and they'll use that money to improve conventional forces and above all to continue spreading terrorism and pursuing regional
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hogemny. i want to point out one more thing if i may, it's really disgraceful and infuriating to me that secretary kerry and president obama knew -- they knew -- in advance about the iaea's side deal with iran that iranians can basically inspect themselves and they didn't tell the american people. they didn't tell the congress. what have we come to when the president of the united states is more forthcoming, more open and forthright with our mort at enemies than with the american people? that is shameful. >> it's caused a big uproar in congress, as many people know already, and the fact that this deal, the side deals, were never discussed, not just with the american people, but with lawmakers themselves who have to vote on the situation. and you point out about iran right now making moves to build up its arsenal. i mean, the reports are already out there about making moves with the russians to try and buy some strategic weapons. you know, the military leaders who remain critics are not
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mincing words like yourself, with one saying it's the most dangerous accord in history. what impact is it having with our allies at the moment? >> well, among our european allies it's mixed because european businessmen just want to do business with iran. within five days of the accord being agreed, the -- basically the equivalent of the minister of commerce, the department of commerce chief here in the united states, flew from germany, flew to tehran with a plane load of europe businessmen. another thing that obama is dishonest about, if the iranians violate it, there will be a snapback of sanctions. no, there will not. the horses are out of the burning barn. it's over. we are utterly screwed. it's a shame. it's a disgrace that we're playing politics with this. this is not about politics left or right, it's about our security. >> i want to -- speaking about
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politics, really quickly, just a few seconds left. i want to move on to another bit of news this week with the revelation the pentagon watchdog group is now probing whether intelligence reports about the u.s.-led campaign against isize in iraq may have been skewed to be more open toptimistic? how dangerous is it? >> it's very, very dangerous, i spent almost 22 years in military intelligence and i will tell you that although obviously every administration tries to put a little spin on intel jedge to favor them, we've never seen an administration simply corrupt the intelligence, reversing analytical conclusions and for the obama administration intelligence is all about domestic politics. no, it's not. it's about the security of the united states. and when you corrupt the intelligence system as this administration has wantonly and willfully done you endanger our security on yet another level.
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