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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  August 29, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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rocking and slashing the air on his way to first place. at the air guitar world championships. this event a celebration in its 20th anniversary. >> wow. 20 years of doing that. think of it. >> the heavy metal scene. >> wow. julie banderas, coming up next. a texas sheriff's deputy shot and killed in cold blood. now the sheriff says they've got their man. i'm julie banderas. good evening, this is the "fox report." investigators say the deputy darren goforth was in his uniform pumping gas when the suspect walked up behind him and opened fire. they say the gunman continued shooting, even after deputy goforth fell to the ground. a memorial and flowers and candles is grow for him as we speak at that gas pump. after an extensive manhunt, deputies arrested shannon miles, facing capital murder charges. investigators say they are still working to figure out the motive but it appears, deputy goforth
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was targeted because of his uniform. the harris county district attorney today calling on the country to support law enforcement officials. >> what happened last night is an assault on the very fabric of society. it is not anything that we can tolerate. it is time to come forward and support law enforcement and condemn this atrocious act. will carr is live from the west coast newsroom. what else was learned at the nu news conference, will? >> throughout the course of the day, authorities have called this murder an assassination and an execution. they say that it took place last night in northwest harris county, that encompasses houston, texas. they say their suspect, shannon miles who we should point out, they issued the wrong mug shot for miles when they initially announced the charges. they say that the man that you're looking at right there,
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shannon miles, with no warning, no confrontation, shot deputy goforth multiple times in the head and back and took off in a ford ranger, the truck that ultimately led to myles' arrest. they found that red truck parked outside of his house. they then initially took him in for questioning. throughout the course of the day, they described miles as a person of interest, not releasing his name. they called on the public's help to find the killer. about an hour and a half ago, authorities said miles is indeed the man who gunned down one of their own. they say ballistics test matched a large gun found with miles to the crime scene. throughout the day, the sheriff has not minced words but is feeling on the murder. >> i have been in law enforcement 45 years. i don't recall another incident this cold blooded and cowardly. >> it strikes us in the heart, to simply be a target because you wear a badge and for no other reason, hit you where you live.
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>> the sheriff also says this has made him question humanity. >> will, how are his fellow officers? reacting in the department? reacting in the departmentreact department? reacting in the department? >> they've been on edge, we heard from the president of the local police union. before the shooting they had been warned about acts of violence towards police officers because of the rhetoric going on across the country. the sheriff expanded on that saying officers across the country needed to be on high alert. goforth was 24th law enforcement member to be shot and killed this year. there's no other motive than the fact he was a deputy. the district attorney and sheriff have had strong words for the anti-police movement earlier in the day. >> there are a few bad aprils in every profession. that does not mean that there should be open warfare declared on law enforcement. >> we've heard black lives matter. all lives matter. cops' lives matter, too.
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let's drop the qualifier and say lives matter and take that to the bank. >> darren goforth was a ten-year veteran. he had two children and a wife that he leaves behind, a local nonprofit police charity has already given that family $20,000, julie and also says this they pledge to pay for both of his kids' college education in the future. >> what a tragedy. will carr, thank you very much. the tragedy in texas leading to our question of the day. with homicide rates up in many cities nationwide, we want to know what you think. how can we capture cold blooded killers before they fall through the cracks and harm others? moving to extreme weather now and hurricane erika fizzling out but not before causing major damage in the caribbean. at least 20 people died and
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nearly 50 remain missing on the small island of dominica. in haiti one person was killed in a mud slide and four others killed in a weather-related traffic accident. erika also knocking out power to more than 200,000 people in puerto rico. estimates there topping $16 million in crop damages alone. and right now, the remnants of hurricane erika are heading north/northwest. the threat to florida isn't necessarily nearly as great as initially feared but it is not over yet. meteorologist janis dean is tracking it now with more. >> taking a look at it, this is the atlantic basin. i just want to point out we do have a wave of low pressure coming off of africa and we zoom in to erika. by the way, the pacific is very active with three category 3 or higher storms. we'll show you that in just a second. here's the remnants of erika. at 9:30 this morning, the national hurricane center said we are going to drop the advisories, erika is done. however, hours after that, they
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came up with invest 90-l, the remnants of erika that could develop over the next couple of days. there's a 40% chance we could see erika become a depression or tropical storm again. the bottom line is florida will get pounded with heavy rain. you remember tampa over the last couple of weeks. they had record rainfall. there's one of our future radar models as we go further out in time. it look like we have something there in the gulf of mexico. we'll have to monitor, perhaps a depression. the bottom line here is, julie, incredible amounts of rain over areas that are already saturated. flash flood watches and warnings are already posted. this is a story we'll follow not only sunday but into the early workweek. we were talking about the three category 3 or higher hurricanes right now in the pacific. these are triplets right now, incredible. we are watching those. the big concern is hurricane ignacio. that's a category 4 storm. look at that hurricane. perfectly symmetrical there.
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the tropical storm models right now show the storm moving north of hawaii but we still have to watch it very carefully over the next couple of days as it is going to come close. the big island is under a tropical storm watch and certainly something to monitor over the next couple of days. we are into peak hurricane season and certainly the maps prove it. back to you. >> we'll see you in a little bit. the concerns over erika comes as the country remembers hurricane katrina ten years later. right now, a celebration of new orleans resilience. president bill clinton will be among the many leaders speaking at the event which will also feature musical performances from artists with deep louisiana roots. hurricane katrina, the massive category 3 storm when it made landfall, the mayor at the time, warning folks in new orleans. this is the storm we feared. broken levees left 80% of new orleans under water. katrina killed month are than 1,800 people and caused about $151 billion in damage across
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the gulf coast region. earlier today, local and national leaders attended a wreath-laying ceremony at the hurricane katrina memorial where the bodies of more than 100 unidentified victims are buried. kasey steagall has more from new orleans. >> reporter: julie, a decade after hurricane katrina and it's estimated there are more than 5,000 families still displaced as of today. many left town as you know and never returned but that was not an option for the family you're about to meet. georgia johnson's father gave her the family home in the lower 9th ward and katrina ruined it. but this week, a decade later, georgia gave us a tour of herron brad new home, rebuilt from the ground up. she's about to move in any day now and we shared one emotional visit with her. she told me if there's anything she's learned through this crisis, it's patience. >> it is not said tears of joy,
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because it feels so good to have such a beautiful home. >> reporter: all of this was made possible through volunteers and funding from a faith-based group called project homecoming. and to commemorate this anniversary, other groups hosting a 48-hour home build across the city. volunteers working six hours, rotating shifts through the st. bernard project to build 48 homes in 48 hours. translating into another 48 families who will soon have a new roof over their heads. the one thing georgia johnson tells me she is most looking forward to about getting into her house, sitting on her new porch with a cup of coffee and reuniting with her neighbors. julie? >> kasey steagall, thank you. meteorologist janis dean and i were on the air together as hurricane katrina devastated the gulf coast. that was ten years ago.
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>> yes, i'll never forget it. we were just here watching. >> yes. >> and imagining what the people there were going through. >> at the time you and i were on, it was the strongest in its life span. it was a category 5 with 160 mile-per-hour sustained winds. it took up the gulf of mexico. people ask me what comes to mind when you think of being a forecaster for over ten years, what's the worst storm you've ever covered? katrina. >> it is the perfect storm. >> it was. >> it was the perfect storm. >> because of the sea level and a lot of new orleans is below sea level. we all read about it being a bowl, the storm surge was going to come over and fill up the bowl which was new orleans. we have to stress not only was new orleans affected but parts of alabama and mississippi, parts of those areas were completely devastated with a record storm surge. when it made landfall it was a category 3. it didn't matter. now we see what the damage was. >> i remember the anticipation and buildup was horrifying.
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as we can show you on the air the video of us ten years ago talking about this, you were talking about this is a category 5 and the likelihood if this were to actually hit at a category 5, it weakened a bit. this is the video back in 2005. i cannot believe it's been ten years since this hurricane hit. it was a category 5. it did weaken to a category 3. >> it still had the storm surge of a category 4 or 5. >> that's what was so devastating. >> the storm surge is always the deadliest part of a hurricane. people don't realize that. we did the best at the time for the forecasting. the hurricane watches were out, certainly. three days beforehand we were focused on the florida panhandle and it shifted. the forecast did shift. so we have gotten better ten years later, you know, and hurricane katrina can just remind us of the strength of mortgage natu mother nature and how we have to be prepared. >> we will never forget that night. ten years later we still don't
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forget the lives that were shaken by this horrible storm. janis, thank you very much. >> of course. >> hurricane katrina affected far more than just new orleans. just ahead, inspiring stories of resilience and hope as we check in with other areas recovering along the gulf coast. and now to the fight against isis. after pressure from washington, nato ally turkey is actually carrying out its very first air strikes against the terror group .pentagon confirming turkish fighter jets hit targets in syria. this comes weeks after turkey allowed f-16 fighter jets to begin targeting isis from the key air base there. now, officials at the pentagon say they are pleased to have the new help and issued a statement, in fact, commending turkey, saying that turkey will play a strategic role of degrading and ultimately defeating isis. right now, spectacular implosion. see, this building blown to
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pieces. plus, officials say they hope a change in the weather will give them much-needed relief as the resources they need to fight the devastating flames run out. >> it's like a slow motion tragedy. it's just -- i've evacuated three times. [ piercing sound ] daddy! lets play! sorry kids. feeling dead on your feet? i've been on my feet all day.
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lawmakers are grappling with how to cover the cost of the devastating wildfires spread across the western states this wildfire season really has been one of the very worst on record. officials have already blown through the funds budgeted by congress to fight the massive flames. what happens flex? well, now crews are hoping incoming cooler conditions can help calm the fires, giving more than 10,000 weary firefighters much-needed relief. kristen fisher has the story. >> reporter: the forest service is spending $10 million a day to
4:17 pm
fight these fires which are threatening about 14,000 homes in oregon and washington state. it means that this year for the first time ever, the agency will spend more than half of its annual budget to fight wildfires. the chief of the forest service says, quote, once again we have to shut down many parts of our mission to fulfill our wildfire suppression responsibilities. oregon senator ron wyden is calling on congress to support a bill that would allow the fores funds if firefighting costs exceed a certain threshold. maria cantwell is proposing her own bill that would increase funding for wildfire prevention efforts. firefighters in her state are burning the biggest wildfire in history. three phi fighters have been killed, thousands evacuated. that one fire alone destroyed about 100 homes. >> when i was 12, i had a dream that i was going to live in a place by a creek. and 35 years ago i realized that dream.
4:18 pm
and now it's over. >> it's like what do you really need to take is your prescriptions, pictures, your, you know, things you can't replace. but it's just get out and be safe. >> the hot weather out west that's been fueling these fires is supposed to cool off over the weekend. before that welcome relief will likely come strong wind storms, making a dangerous firefighting effort even worse. julie? >> kristen, thank you. out with the old and in with the new. in denver. demolition experts imploding a decades old hospital to make way for a redevelopment project. the former biomedical research lab will become part of a new mixed use development with residences, offices retail and restaurants as well as a park. well, a warning about a powerful new tool that hackers are using to get you to pay up. how they con seize control of your computer and hold everything hostage.
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we're making a lot of progress but like many other types of crimes, we're not there yet. it's still a problem. as i mentioned, we cleared up one, another one shows up on the market. >> hackers, freezing a police department's computer system and holding it ransom. and it's a growing problem apparently. the virus is called ransomware and it can start out disguised as something as innocent as an official-looking e-mail. once unlocked it takes control of your computer, businesses and local governments are even falling prey. brian, how does ransomware work? >> it's a type of malware, it encrypts all of your files and data, a message pops up on to
4:23 pm
the screen demanding you pay a ransom, typically between $200 and $10,000. all of your data is held hostage until you pay up. most criminals demand payment in bitcoin, a type of anonymous, easy to use online currency. once you pay the ransom your files are usually decrypted. ransomware has been around for years but the latest strain of the virus called cryptowall. the fbi received 1,000 criminal complaints costing individuals and u businesses over $18 million in losses. the most disconcerning part is even police departments nationwide are getting hit and paying up. this year, in a suburban chicago police department, they paid a $500 ransom to a hacker who encrypted files on one of their computers. another department in tewkesbury, massachusetts reportedly pay specialists and two private internet security firms to try and get past the
4:24 pm
ransomware but in the end they, too, had to pay a ransom $00. $500 may not sound like a lot but cyber security experts point out if you get $500 from a few hundred people all over the world, it becomes very profitable and at a very low risk. >> is there anything people can do to protect themselves? you have to know not to open this. if you don't, what do you do? >> it's about prevention. the police department can't even really stop it. the experts say use anti-virus software and a fire wall, enable pop-up blockers. be skeptical of unrecognizable e-mails and attachments and most importantly, back up your files and data. >> we're trying to get the word out that there are best practices to guard against these signer cyber attacks while the sophistication of those behind the attacks is better and better. we don't even know where they come from. >> cyber attackers are difficult to track and arrest. ibm warns this is the beginning of a long battle for all of us
4:25 pm
against a growing and evolving threat. julie? >> brian, thank you very much. republican presidential candidate donald stump on the campaign trail today. some accuse him of flip-flopping on several big issues over the years but will any of that hurt him at the ballot box? plus, three journalives accused of being mouth pieces for the muslim brotherhood sentenced to years in prison in egypt. but journalists around the world say they were just doing their job. >> they sent a very dangerous message in egypt. it sends a message that journalists can be locked up for simply doing their jobs. ♪ ♪ (dorothy) toto, i've a feeling we're not in kansas anymore...
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ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. insurance coverage has expanded nationally and you may now be covered. contact your health plan for the latest information. i'm julie banderas. this is the "fox report" at the bottom of the hour. police in texas arresting a suspect accused of gunning down a sheriff's deputy outside of houston. 30-year-old shannon miles faces capital murder charges. police say they don't yet have a motive but say it does appear deputy darren goforth was targeted because of his uniform. police in europe increasing security at train stations after three americans stopped an attack on a train. european officials warning train passengers to expect more i.d. checks and bag screenings at major stations. national security adviser susan rice meeting with top chinese officials in beijing. the white house says they talked
4:30 pm
about expanding cooperation on iran, north korea and global warming. china's president meantime will make a state visit to the white house next month. fox news of course is america's election headquarters. we are getting some eye-opening new polling out there out of iowa this hour. take a look at this. hillary clinton's lead in the hawk eye state down to just 7 points. she tops the poll with 37% support, down from her high of 57% support in may. independent senator bernie sanders a close second with 30%. this is the first time clinton's lead in iowa is in the single digits. hillary clinton is also taking incoming fire from some of her democratic opponents, right? >> that's right, julie. this past week the democratic presidential con tenders spoke to the democratic national committee in minneapolis. vermont independent senator
4:31 pm
bernie sanders, he's a socialist and he's getting the party's attention with his large events and increasing poll numbers. sanders suggested to the party's leaders that it's time for something new. >> with all due respect, and i do not mean to insult anyone here. that turnout, that enthusiasm will not happen with politics as usual. the same old, same old will not work. >> vice president joe biden who's considering joining the race did not attend the meeting. despite hillary clinton's problems with the e-mail server, biden could still face a tough battle to get enough no, ma'
4:32 pm
nominations. >> we are working really hard to lock in as many as supporters as possible and, of course, that would include superdelegates. >> senator sanders also says that clinton's long relationship with democratic leaders gives her, quote, a huge advantage. julie? >> mollie, on the gop side, wisconsin governor scott walker spoke to republicans in virginia. what did he have to say? >> governor walker said he'd love to go head-to-head with hillary clinton in the presidential election. he told a virginia young republicans group that hillary clinton's private e-mail server is a symptom of a larger problem. >> hillary clinton has failed as her job as secretary of state. in fact, everywhere in the world that hillary clinton has touched is more messed up today than before she and the president took office. we shouldn't be promoting her. people talk about this e-mail
4:33 pm
scandal as though it's about e-mails. it's not about e-mails. it's about national security. >> walker who's in the middle of the gop pac in most polls. he says hillary clinton measures success by how many people are dependent on the government while he, walker, says he measures success by how many people are no longer dependent on the government. also today on the republican side, donald trump, he's leading in almost -- in all the polls and some by a significant mar n margin. he was in nashville, tennessee talking to a gathering of republicans there. he was talking about why the political establishment can't seem to get a handle on his run year and he says there's a saline the majority out there that's supporting what he's saying and doing. that's what we're seeing in the polls. julie? >> thank you very much. donald trump changed his views over the years. on a wide range of major issues. but will this have any impact on him politically?
4:34 pm
doug mckelway has more. >> reporter: he signed into law an increase on recording device royalties after he said that. opponents relentlessly hounded him with accusations of flip-flopping on taxes. fair or not, the flip-flop accusation has damaged many a candidate. >> i did vote for the $87 billion before i voted against it. >> do you think a mandate, mandating people to buy insurance is the right tool? >> brett, i don't know how many hundred times i've said this, too, this is an unusual interview. let's do it again. >> if you like your health care plan you'll be able to keep your health care plan. >> reporter: donald trump sits high atop the republican field undamaged by numerous flip-flops on abortion, for example. >> i'm very pro-choice. i hate the concept of abortions. i'm pro-life but with a caveat.
4:35 pm
you have to have with the caveat. >> reporter: on campaign financing. >> i'm using my own money. i'm not using the lobbyists or donors. i don't care. i'm really rich. >> we have a lot of small contributors. i would even take big contributors as long as they don't expect anything. >> reporter: trump once favored the legalization of drugs, now he's opposed. he once opposed a flat tax proposed by steve forbes, now he wants a simply code. he once supported the privatization of social security, now he doesn't. why are his supporters so forgiving? >> he sounds like you talking to maybe your uncle who is a little cranky but is telling it like it is. people relate to that. he's funny. >> i think a lot of other conservatives who are supporting him are just not aware of all of the liberal positions he's taken over the years and until somebody spends a lot of money on ads publicizing those positions, they're not going to
4:36 pm
know about them. >> i've evolved on many issues over the years. you know who else has is ronald reagan evolved on many issues. >> reporter: reagan was a one-time democrat who defended his switch to the gop saying with quote, i didn't leave the democratic party, the democratic party left me. also frequently hounded for many policy and party switches, winston churchill fired back at his critics, quote, some men change their party for the sake of their principles, others their principles for the sake of their party. in washington, doug mckelway, fox news. we just got the latest bloomberg politics des moines iowa poll. donald trump with 23% of likely caucus participants followed by carson at 18. this is a pretty big development. now you're looking at trump and carson in a close fight in this iowa poll when first and second choices are combined, carson and trump are neck and neck in iowa. three journalists sentenced to years in prison in egypt,
4:37 pm
ending a controversial retrial but fueling the international outrage. it's our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. egypt, three al jazeera english journalists were accused of being mouth pieces for the muslim brotherhood. three press advocates argue they were only doing their jobs. one of the defendants wa already deported to australia but the other two still in egypt, say their fight for freedom is far from over. >> there was no substantial evidence that can incriminate us in any way. we hope that today's outcome is positive as i said. if it's not, we know you're out here fighting for us until justice prevails. belgium, honor a nurse who risked her own life to help american soldiers in one of the worst battles of world war ii. augusta helped save hundreds of soldiers during the battle of the bulge.
4:38 pm
at one point an explosion from a shell threw her through a wall. belgian veterans as well as the u.s. ambassador attending her funeral service as she was buried not far from the site of her bravery. mexico, a blind motorcyclist not letting his disability get in his way. and with the help of his wife, he is setting out on a 400-mile trip. guides him down the road by tapping his shoulder. he says it's less dangerous on the bike than it is crossing the street on foot. that's a wrap around this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. a road rage incident spirals out of control when two drivers decide to get out of their cars and fight it out. but that's not the end of it. we'll show you what happens next. and a tree that helped save a woman's life, just within of many symbols of hope and resilience across the gulf coast in the wake of hurricane katrina. storm victims tell us in their own words how they managed to survive and thrive in an
4:39 pm
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be able to access information, wherever we are. information for an athlete's medical care, or information to track their personal best. with microsoft cloud, we save millions of man hours, and that's time that we can invest in our athletes and changing the world. as we mark ten years since hurricane katrina, a quick reminder of just how devastating that storm really was and how recovery efforts have come. this is the iconic 9th ward in new orleans not far from where the levees broke. sending raging floodwaters, that storm surge that janice dean and i were talking about earlier in the program all into the community. this is the superdome which was controversially used as a shelter for those in new orleans with nowhere to go. after hurricane katrina hit. this date, not one that many
4:43 pm
people along the gulf coast would soon forget. it was ten years ago today that hurricane katrina made that devastating landfall. the levee failures around new orleans caused astounding damage in the days afterward. but mississippi experienced the brunt of the 125 mile-per-hour winds and 28-foot storm surge. katrina wiped out entire towns, including bay st. louis and waveland. shepard smith takes us back to the incredible story of recovery. >> that was actually a parking lot out there. >> reporter: as the storm surge pushed through bay st. louis -- >> the middle of the hallway. >> reporter: a nurse documented the chaos from the hospital. >> i picked up my camcorder and tried to video as much as i could and not knowing what katrina was doing on the outside. we were just staying busy inside. >> reporter: diane martin helped move patients and equipment to the second floor.
4:44 pm
>> part of the roof was down. >> reporter: as the flood destroyed the first. >> these are the windows holding back the water. i guess you can see the wind hitting on the windows right now. people started calling it the fish bowl. we'd come, check out the water rising. i take it it was probably about to here by the time it finished. >> reporter: when it finished, she kept recording as she made her way outside. >> i thought maybe i would go home and see my house. and things would be okay. >> reporter: but things in bay st. louis were not okay. >> this looks like a graveyard of all the houses up and down the beach. our houses looked like they were spit out of a blender. there wasn't a house put together. it looked like it had been shot out. >> nothing. >> reporter: homes were in pieces. the bay bridge had vanished and the wildlife it seemed had disappeared along with it. >> you usually hear the birds and the geese above or dogs barking. and there was nothing.
4:45 pm
not an animal around. it was one of the first things i noticed. >> look at this. dock of the bay is gone. >> reporter: the businesses were practically unrecognizable. >> this is where the bay on the end, the bed and breakfast. >> there was nothing left of the inn. i mean, it was 6,000 square-foot house gone. nothing left. >> reporter: the baytown inn was a landmark in a building dating to 1897. owner nikki moon was inside as katrina ripped it aparty. she survived, she says, along with a couple of friends and her dog by clinging to the branch of a tree. >> probably right in this area right here. straddling it with my dog under meej my stomach. >> reporter: they held on like that for hours as the water swallowed the city around them. >> oh, i thought i was going to die, yes, i did. i did. i didn't think we'd make it.
4:46 pm
but we did. somebody was watching out for me. yes. we made it. >> you'd have to live it to know, you know, to really understand what these people here went through. >> reporter: one town over from bay st. louis, cops in waveland fond themselves treading water as katrina flooded them out of the police station. >> clinging on to trees, holding on to the building itself, stayed in the water until it eventually started going down probably six, eight hours later. >> reporter: the water, of course, retreated long ago but much of waveland still has not recovered from how we found it a few days after the storm. the town of waveland, which along this stretch of beach no longer exists. hundreds and hundreds of homes are gone. behind me under that blue tarpolian, a family hangs out on a concrete slab where a building
4:47 pm
once stood. >> reporter: ten years later, those slabs are all over the place, driveways that connected to homes now lead into the woods. police operate out of a temporary shoulder and once where shops and restaurants were along entire drags are empty. >> none of the people have come back. >> reporter: chuck pruett is one of the folks who has come back. the storm scattered his home over a quarter mile area. >> the debris pile was probably about 4 feet. it was just huge. >> reporter: but while he had the ability to rebuild, he says a lot of his neighbors couldn't do the same after insurance costs spiked and stricter construction codes made it too expensive or impractical for some. >> you had to be hopeful, you know. it's just taken a lot longer. it's disappointing but in a lot of ways i understand. just money situation with a lot
4:48 pm
of people. that's basically what it is. >> reporter: yet back in bay st. louis, the recovery is moving much faster, traffic once again flows over the bay bridge, bringing visitors past a new harbor with colorful places to shop and eat. >> is that amazing. >> reporter: where a home video recorded a city in ruins, people now seem to be getting back on their feet. >> ten years and you still see things getting built and things getting cleaned up. it just takes longer than what you really imagine to come back. but sure, slow progress and it has come back and we love our community. >> reporter: one of the things they love about it is just down the street. >> i held on to the property afterwards, hoping that one day i'd be able to rebuild, hoping that one day the town would be ready for an inn again. >> reporter: it was in 2013. when the bay town inn re-opened
4:49 pm
and standing out front is the oak tree that saved nikki moon's life. it died after the storm but serves a new purpose today. after an artist carved two angels into the branches. a reminder both of what happened here ten years ago and everything that's happened since. >> you stripped these folks down to nothing and yet they were determined, i guess i should put myself in there, we were determined, to come back. better than we were. >> reporter: shepard smith, fox news. >> better and stronger. the tragedy in texas leading to our question of the day now, with homicide rates up in many cities nationwide, how can we catch cold-blooded killers before they fall through the cracks and harm others? it's our top story today. tweet me @juliebanderas. i'll read some of your answers right after this.
4:50 pm
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to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. welcome back. earlier in the show, we asked you with homicide rates up in many cities nationwide, how can we catch cold blooded killers like the man who killed a deputy in texas before they fall through the cracks and harm others? we got a lot of responses from many of you tonight atlink lingusp 17 tweets, the problem is that the police catch them and let them back out in the streets t. judiciary is the problem.
4:54 pm
12k3w4r6r7b8g zblrnlgs >> tweet me, i look forward to hearing from all of you. police are looking for that suspect that got away in a road rage beatdown. they just released the video. we have to warn you, it is a bit disturbing. it is our lead story as we go across america. >> california, the fight caught on camera in los angeles. witnesses say one driver cut off another and things quickly spiraled out of control. one man repeatedly bashing the other guy's head into a car. finally one witness breaks up the fight. the man in white gets away the other hospitalized with a fractured skull. he says he doesn't remember anything about this fight, which happened back in may. both men could face charges. new york, the new york air show goes on this weekend after
4:55 pm
a pilot died during a practice session. witnesses say the plane's tail snapped off midair moments before the crash. the ntsb is investigating. back to california, more than 100 people on board a track. police say the driver of that van jumped out of the vehicle just in time. no one was hurt. but train service was suspended in both directions for hours. it's unclear if the van stalled or the driver fails to yield for the oncoming train. and indiana, 18 teens hit the water for the sixth annual what floats your boat cardboard boat races? each team built the watercraft, themselves, using only cardboard, duct tape and paint. not everyone made it to the finish line. it's all for a good cause. the event benefits the united way. that's the fox watch across america. well, new york can be a
4:56 pm
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thanks to walgreens partnership with vitamin angels. when you get vitamins here... change lives everywhere. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. one thing new yorkers take very seriously is our pizza. that's why new york jets bryce petty is taking to twitter when he writes, gasp, dominos, by texting a pizza emoji is well done. oh my goodness, not well done. that didn't sit so well with pie lovers. petty later tweeted out an apology saying he's clearly got some pizza to eat. >> that is how fox reports this saturday, august 29th, 2016. before i go, i want to wish my
5:00 pm
husband andrew sansone a happy sixth wedding anniversary. there we are. i know, six long blissful years with two children that run us to the ground. love ya, andy. thanks, for watching. stossel rate the candidates starts right now. >> do you care who the next president is? >>. but i care. i don't want her to win. i don't want him to win either. >> this type of ricked economy is not what america is supposed to be ability. >> democrats want to spend all our money. republicans claim they won't. >> i cut taxes every year. >> we balanced an $11 billion deficit. >> but is it true? >> we need to build a wall. >> this candidate makes the race more interesting. >> if it weren't for me you wouldn't even be talking about imr illegal immigration. >> but is he the best of this group? >> we balanced the budget, cut taxes. >> republican voters have lots of c


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