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tv   Stossel  FOX News  August 29, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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husband andrew sansone a happy sixth wedding anniversary. there we are. i know, six long blissful years with two children that run us to the ground. love ya, andy. thanks, for watching. stossel rate the candidates starts right now. >> do you care who the next president is? >>. but i care. i don't want her to win. i don't want him to win either. >> this type of ricked economy is not what america is supposed to be ability. >> democrats want to spend all our money. republicans claim they won't. >> i cut taxes every year. >> we balanced an $11 billion deficit. >> but is it true? >> we need to build a wall. >> this candidate makes the race more interesting. >> if it weren't for me you wouldn't even be talking about imr illegal immigration. >> but is he the best of this group? >> we balanced the budget, cut taxes. >> republican voters have lots of choice this year, lots of
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candidates say they want to leave people alone. >> all that stuff can be arranged through contracts. >> some are sure eager to go to war. >> we've forgotten why we have a military. >> and happy to lock people up. >> you are against marijuana legalization? >> oh, yeah. >> which candidate is best? who is the worst? that's our show tonight. >> and now john stossel. [ applause ] >> who are you going to soet for? who is likely to win? let me ask the audience. do you have a favorite at the moment? most of you,? yes. how many for rand paul? how many for donald trump? one. i'm happy about that. how about jeb bush the republican front runner?
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nobody so we will check back with you later about that. see if any of you change your mind. because we have some people that spend every day obsessing about politics so we don't have to. and that's mary katherine hamm, ed to have in large of the website "hot air." recent magazine jack welsh and a libertarian, a republican, i'm a libertarian, i'll start with you, of the republicans, who is best, who is worst? >> rand paul for me is by far the best in the republican field. he's the most serious libertarian rung or having a serious chance at winning the nomination in generations. the worst for me by far is donald trump, who i think is someone who can't open his mouth without saying something that isn't true. he lacks the temperament. >> like what? >> the mexican government is
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engaging in a emptying of its prisons into the united states of america. on and on, every day he says things that are demonstrably untrue, wants to deport 4 million american citizens in addition to building a wall, the type of big government populism i think this country does not need to see. >> mary katherine, who is best, who is worst for you? >> i like walker's record, scott walker's record of wisconsin and i like rubio's performance on the trail. i think walker's performance is less to be zoird. we'll see how that pans out. >> and worst? >> i have a long-time differences with huckabee on many policies and i don't like that he kneecaps the entire field talking about entitlement reform as if it's some kind of crime that we can't even brooch that subject. because it has to be dealt w. i think that's a cheap shot. then i am also not a trump fan. >> ellis. >> the best to seems to me rand paul. as a libertarian, that means he will be right about half the
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time. right. so on the drug use issue. >> not on that, from your democratic point of view. >> exactly. so he wants to avoid some of the same oppression i would like to avoid, an over interventionist foreign policy, i say you go rand t. worst though, i'm torn a little bit, bobby jindal, my home state governor from louisiana has done a terrible job seems to pander more than anyone. but he has so little chance i don't want to waste it on him. i'm afraid i will have to deal you guys on trump. he doesn't seem to have any idea what he's talking about. he has hugely confident opinions, many of which he's wrong. >> he sounds like he know what is he is talking about. >> the number one qualification for running for president is you think you are awesome enough to think are you a president he's got that in spades. >> to me the biggest one is the deficit spending and the growth of government. many earthquake is going broke because current and previous politicians spent so much and
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promised to much. now today's candidates, i'm say, i'm be responsible. >> we balance the budget and jobs and budgets. >> we cut tack, we balance budgets. >> which balanced every bucket. they could me veto corleone because i vetoed 69 line items in the budget. >> what's the truth? that governors running have actual spending record we can compare. so we did. they showed that governor bush did make
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republicans like to spend that . publicans like to spend that >> don't forget what governors like to spend money on, it's huge defense budgets, corporate wealth, the kind of thing that as a president you have the opportunity to bust the bank. ask george w. bush. >> republicans are worse on corporate welfare than democrats? >> oh, absolutely. particularly the military side. those wars aren't cheap. >> neither is all that solar energy, it turns out. like cutting spending is really really hard.
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so when someone can do it even at a state level, i think that is something to commend them. you are not always taking things away from people that need them, you are often making the system of government that is supposed to help people do the things it's supposed to do and do them in a better way, frankly, if it can be smaller and more manageable. >> john kasich says the commerce department ought to be closed down, it's an attic for political junkies. somebody works on the campaign, their kid goes to the commerce department. >> he's right about that. mitt romney decided not to talk about either entitlements or cutting military is not serious. rand palm is the only one that will talk about it, though. >> walker just said let's spend wisconsin taxpayer money on the milwaukee bucks statement. >> he clound himself in this presidential race so far. he will spend corporate money on basketball. he changed his mind in iowa used tof the right positions, saying
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this is crazy. no you he wants to be president so badly, it's been embarrassing to watch. >> you have been burned by republicans coming in and doing something kind of different when they get there, right? >> that's part of the reason trump catches fires, people say, why am i going to believe any of these guys? i will believe this guy who is more fun to listen to. >> and wants to spend. >> trump says we have to rebuild our infrastructure, our bridges, our rodways, our airports, people like hearing that. >> for conservatives upset with people not being conservative enough, the answer is not to support a guy who's liberal or has been liberal up until -- >> a democrat as a grandfather when nancy pelosi was taking over the house, his mouth is moving. words are coming out. he doesn't know what he's saying. that's just sound. it will change tomorrow. >> i think he's smarter than that. let's go on the point about
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entitlement cuts. this is what is going to bury america. there won't be money left for everything else if you will pay medicare and social security. huckabee says the horrible things he does. walker at least says i'm not going to touch anybody that's currently retired. for my generation, there need to be reform. christy proposes an increase, carson wants to raise the retirement age. this used to be political poison. >> it's interesting to watch christy, he has decided to make entitlement reforms central to his campaign and good on him for doing that. yet his pension reform in new jersey has been a hot mess. he has been shifting money from this pot to that pot. it hasn't delivered on any of its promises so far. >> let's talk about what we do to keep marc safe. at the debate, rand palm and chris christy fought about that. >> i want to collect more records from terrorists but less records from innocent americans.
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>> that's a completely ridiculous answer. i want to collect more records from terrorists, but less records from other people. how are you supposed to know, megan? how are you supposed to -- >> get a warrant. get a judge to sign the warrant. >> get a warrant. so, panel. thoughts? >> i wanted to hear rand paul's argument about this and appreciate him going up against christy. i thought christy was a little emotionally manipulative. i'm rooting for rand paul to bring in some of this discussion and say, look, we're a country that exists on a balance between security and freedom. if we can't recognize that, we're in deep trouble. >> i think even rand paul made a judgment that's a political loseer in the republican primaries this year. >> no question. ask my twitter and facebook followers who they thought should be president. be presiden. stefan van and said donald trump is the hold and to no one, america needs a president that will kick butt and take names. >> there is always an audience for loud anded a mamt.
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>> that may matter more than comba he says. >> may? it definitely matters for more than what he says. if you point out to people his contradiction, that he was in favor of single payer health care recently. if you point that out to trump fans, they don't care. if you point out some of the things they say, it does not matter. even if you say it's not true, he says things others will not dare say. he is running against the media. everybody hates the media and running against the establishment. >> why hire a guy saying he paid a politician to come to his wedding? i don't believe that guy even though he has a bunch of money is going to fix the problem. >> or the guy that used eminent domain to kick a lady out of her house. >> bunch of facts. [ applause ] >> and the anti-establishment attitude showed up on my facebook page t. most liked comment was from john mace one said the next president should be deez nuts.
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somebody actually registered but turned out to be ar-old high school student that wanted to protest the dominance of two parties in the country. they got 9% of the vote in a north carolina poll. in minnesota 8%. 7% in iowa. >> this gives me hope for america i need a handkerchief i think. >> with so many peanut allergies, that's going to be a problem. >> look, as i say about this entire primary process, it's an emoticon. in high school they knew i would be able grow up and say deez nuts in america on tv who would have been surprised? >> finally for this segment, who is most likely to be our next president? i don't care about the polls. i don't trust them. they're silly at this point. but i do trust the betting. betting on prediction markets is the most accurate predictor of
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elections and lots of other things. it's better than any poll. but since useful prediction markets are stupidly illegal in america, we have to turn to europe where the big betting market bet fair is allowed. bet fair has hillary as the overwhelming favorite. over odds of winning are now less than 50%. the betters say it is likely that someone else will be our next president. but hillary is way ahead of every other candidate, governor bush comes in 2nd at about 18%. among the republicans, bush has about a 37% chance of getting the nomination. he's way ahead. then come rubio, trump, walker. my favorite rand paul has fallen in the betting, he's now down to 2%. but it's early yet. he will make a comeback. when we return, more on differences between the candidates, their positions on guns, immigration, gay marriage and drugs. [ applause ] . you owned your car for four years.
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they're bringing drug, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. >> that was trump during his first official campaign speech. he attacked immigration from mexico and his popularity exploded. apparently lots of americans are upset about illegal immigration and legal immigration, too. >> send them back. stop them at the border. >> even the little kids? >> everyone. >> everyone? is that what americans want? i don't, i agree with littlery, of all people. >> we can't wait any longer for a path to full and equal citizenship. >> our panel has been watching the immigration debate. what's your take? who is telling the truth and making stuff up? >> it's certainly not donald trump or ben carson who says he wants to seal, that's his phrase, not just the southern border but also the northern the pacific and the atlantic borders. think about it for a second. republicans who have this fiction that we can secure the border in some kind of air tight
5:19 pm
way that, will solve the immigration problem. this has been a fantasy in republican circles for nearly a generation. you can't do it. >> illegal immigrants can't overstate. they came here illegally. they didn't swim. that overstay their visa. the only way you can seal the border against those people is to put an ankle bracelet on them when they enter the country. >> couldn't we evict them and their thirn and relatives? won't that work out? >> let me take l tell you why the trump message is working. >> just before you do, explain, people say, yeah, they're here illegally. why not, get rid of them? >> a bunch of reasons. the first thing is we don't really want them to leave, right? they do all kind of stuff we need. some jobs not many americans want to do. that's just the truth. >> when it comes to immigration, i think a lot of people feel like the feds are talking out both sides of their mouths.
5:20 pm
oh, yaem, we're totally going to take care of illegal immigration and take visas, take care of those with criminal records every day that is not the case. so when someone like trump comes up and says we're going to build a wall, mexico is going to pay for it. end of story. it sounds simple and something that washington could plus aably accomplish. i think there is a fundamental mistrust particularly on this issue that leads people to go, throw their $00 up in the air. there has to be a simple solution. >> i agree and think the tactical approach of ten years with eneed comprehensive immigration. we have to do everything at once. >> that has led to actually really bad policies like the proliferation of e-verify, you get a job as an american you have to have your da information checked. all the candidates love that, they want to make it mandatory. >> make sure you are legal before you are hired. >> it sound good, you are
5:21 pm
getting the government involved every single relationship between consenting adults. usually, we don't like that, suddenly when it's about immigration, they want that to happen t. problem is we don't look at illegal immigration as a prohibition problem. it fundamentally is. when that many people are doing something illegal maybe something is out of line. ronald reagan understood is that. >> understood that and said lets more people that want to work legally. fewer will cheat? >> the trump campaign, you would think republicans don't want this. yet the polls show they do. should undocumented immigrants currently in the u.s. who meet certain requirements be allowed to stay in the country? 61% of republicans 80% of democrats, but 61% of republicans say yes to that, too. >> on the other hand, you think, then what about all the people that stood in line like suckers? that's how a lot of people have. they're torn on that. >> and the audience response to that? and three candidates have
5:22 pm
flipped. the last several republican nominating fields have totally mangled people's immigration. john mccain was a comprehensive immigration supporter. almost sunk his 2008 campaign. he had to make that terrible ad let's big build the dang fence. it was totally opposite to his career in order to get nomination. >> now president obama in the 2007 debate like comprehensive immigration reform always has some objector who proceeds the thing up. maybe little things would work. >> what do you mean a poison pill? >> president obama threw in some ames to be a poison pill and later said -- >> said late 24 years washington didn't touch this. they could have, they did not. enough of immigration, next the candidate's position on guns, gay marriage and drug. >> what happened in colorado? legalizeing marijuana. >> a big mistake. >> if i was the president of the united states, i would enforce
5:23 pm
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her. ♪ ♪ >> now, let's talk about guns and gay marriage and taxpayer's funding apportion and legalizeing marijuana. let's start with that. >> i personally think it's a very bad idea. >> you are against marijuana legalization? >> yes, it's a scourge in this country. >> i don't think we need to legalize it. i don't think states should legalize it. >> what happened in colorado, legalizing marijuana? >> a big mistake. >> if i was president of the united states i would enforce the marijuana laws in the state of colorado. >> governor christy says he'd have the feding march tanks in colorado? let's go to the panel. what is your take who is best and worse? >> christy by far is the worst. to the point where new jersey is
5:28 pm
denying medical marijuana to patients who desperately need it. it is interesting the republican field now half say colorado, walk, leave them alone, regardless of my personal opinion. people like rand paul and rick perry are leading the way on criminal justice reform they're taking away lots of bids of the drug war. >> texas dropped its prison regulation 10%, crime went down 18%. >> rick perry will tell you there i'll take a candidate who says as cruz discuss, he makes a constitutional argument. look, there are supposed to be laboratories of democracy. while i don't think that's the greatest yrksd i'm happy to let colorado and walk experiment. >> so one of the issues that the left and the right ought to be able to get together on. we could save some money for the conservatives. we can let people get stoned for the liberals [ applause ] >> actually, that's part two. >> no, but i mean, it's frankly, i think i'm a little sad that it
5:29 pm
hasn't gone further. rand paul is a perfect example. he knows this is right. he ought to step up and do it. >> let's go on to day marriage. democratic candidates all now suddenly support it. the republicans all disagree. >> i have always said that government shouldn't discriminate and so i have been in favor of civil unions for a long time. >> a marriage is between a man and a woman. >> define union as between one man, one woman. >> the court ruled, i accept it. >> all that can be arranged through contracts. >> a special for bobby jindal, if you don't mind, after it came out, ordering the parish clerks in louisiana not to issue the licenses, dragging -- he really as christ christy was to marijuana reform, bobby jindal is the gay barber. >> tread cruz wanted to subject the supreme court to elections. which is crazy. >> by the way, can the press, pleads stop pretend, a,
5:30 pm
democrats have been in favor of this for as long as they can remember. asking republicans to go to a same sex marriage is the most pont issue in america. >> they have been asking as long as they can remember and all democrats. >> just to add to marco he opposed gay adoptions saying, oh, we're not going to have another social experiment. >> i think trump has been on the other side of that issue and spoken strongly about it. >> taxpayer fund abortions. you have probably seen planned parenthood workers callously talking about selling fetal tissue. every candidate has pledged to defund planned parenthood, does that upset you? >> it's terrible. we see this fetal tissue saves lives, if you are right to life, don't you want to save lives? >> did you watch the videos? >> the key to everything and
5:31 pm
every clerk does. but the basic policy is right. we ought to get out there and cure the people who are suffering from all those terrible diseases. >> that's an easy thing to say within are you not watching the video in the way they talk about. >> all these appendectomys are gross. medical stuff all makes you want to put your fingers in your ears. >> you said it, not me. >> aside from that, why must taxpayers fund it? >> they don't. >> they do. we give money to planned parenthood, some goes for abortions. i think abortion should be legal in most cases. some people consider it murder. why should they have to fund it? one rich liberal could pay for all those abortions with a to donation there. >> we have to have the argument of being a democratic society. there are some wars where that issue cale up in, right? >> which is bad? >> big government by itself is definitionally offensive. when the government is doing a whole lot of things, it will do things to offend your values is there things you don't like.
5:32 pm
listen, if we will live in a democracy, right, sometimes we have to swallow things we don't like. boy i hate it when it happens to me. >> finally, guns, republicans go out of their way to show support now for fun rights. >> i strongly believe in the legal right for ill citizens to carry an army in there. >> they ought to be able do it. >> i'm a big second amendment person, you need protection. >> there is donald trump who wanted a ban on assault weapons. >> if you point that out, people don't believe you. >> there is not a lot of difference between republican candidates. they're all pro-gun. democrats for the most part with bernie sanders as the exception, they're anti-gun. it's not really a live grenade here. >> bernie is in vermont where guns have been legally available for areas. so he can't oppose that. >> he has an idiosyncratic exercise of freedom. >> crazy talk.
5:33 pm
>> and people, what is he thinking? >> people in new york find this crazy talk. did you realize in vermont, bernie sanders, you can get a conceal permit and have a gun on your person legally and there is no more crime because of that. next the panel takes on the democrats. bernie sanders is drawing huge crowds and i am told hillary is in trouble. is that true? choosing a wireless plan can be complicated. so verizon made one simple plan with four sizes that you can switch at any time. small... medium. large. and extra large. if you need less data, pick small. if you need more, go with extra large. a whopping 12 gigs for $80 a month and $20 per phone. one plan, four sizes. it's the simple way to get the best network. only at verizon.
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♪ >> i want to get up every single da i want to get up every single day, going to work for you, standing up for you. i think by now people know i don't quit. >> she won't quit until she's president, but now i'm told she is no longer a shoe-in, the race for the democratic nomination is getting tighter. >> there is such an enthusiasm gap. bernie sanders has 28,000 people
5:38 pm
at his rallies, hillary clinton can't get five. >> hillary clinton is loadsing position in the polls. who is in the best position to exploit it? >> i think vice president joe biden. >> biden? han panel, has there been a single shred of evidence that joe biden has been trying to run for president there has ever been a ground swell of support for the man? >> third is a charm they say? >> i have been through a joe biden offense in iowa in the past. it's a desolate thing. i do think it's likely he would have more support this time around. people have a genuine affection for him. he will be incredibly gap prone on the trail. helps, it's very entertaining the press will be friendly to him. >> hillary is not the perfect candidate. >> are you kidding? >> no, my problem with her essentially is i think she has a charmd deficit and that she can smooth out a lot of this stuff, honesty deficit. >> you notice what, i think all politician versus that, there is
5:39 pm
nothing unique about that. but when you have personal skills, sometimes you can smooth over some of those little unpleasant things. >> when you have it honestly you don't want to sound like siri on the stump. >> the biden candidate daisy is interesting. conan o'brien made fun of his convoluted answer when asked if he was going to run. >> there they be reasons i don't run. there is no obvious reason for me why i think i should not run. >> now, i think this is unfair, if a camera is on you all the time, you are going to say some stupid thing s. he that much worse? >> yeah. the guy has been in public life since before our grandparents were born at this point. he is a funny figure. i think what he doesn't do is scratch a democraticich right now. >> and while there are plenty of people that might find fault with joe biden, i don't know
5:40 pm
anybody that really hates him, doesn't like him, doesn't think he would be an adequate democratic nominee. >> let's look at the most accurate predictor, the betting in bet fair, we say hillary is fading. but she is still at 71%. biden has now passed sanders 13% for 12%. the others, martin o'malley 2%. elizabeth warren, jim webb, 1%. it looks like it's hillary. she and all of your people want to spend more. >> i don't get this. we are going broke. how can you justify this? >> the republicans spend tons of money. >> at least they say they won't. democrats. >> we'll admit it. we want to help people. >> biden is in the 2008 campaign said even amidst this financial crisis, we're going to be able to pay for everything. this is just nonsense arithmetic. >> john, greece is a beautiful and functional country and i don't want you talking about it any other way. >> drug reform.
5:41 pm
the democrats are better than most of the other republicans. >> hillary says she's okay with medical marijuana. states can experiment. the others? bernie is for it. biden not. >> biden's an old drug warrior. >> invented office of the drug czar. what about real war? hillary is as hawkish as the republicans. >> yeah. many of them. >> are you finding the stuff i agree with? >> yeah. >> what did she have to do to not get your vote? >> that's the thing. >> did she have to be led away in handcuffs by obama's justice department for lying every single time she talks about it? you'd still call it a conspiracy. >> as a card carriers. >> i would assume you would think about all what is it 27 of them at this point. i mean, they're all bad. >> 28. i'm sorry. >> gilmore. >> but you know what, in the end you write, i don't love her.
5:42 pm
she's got that charm problem i hate. i still think she's way better than all the others. >> tell the democrats, whose best, who's worst? hillary can whip the butts. none of them seem onerous to me. martin o'malley, mary katherine? >> you know what, i'm not going to give worse to bernie sanders. because he's honest about what he believes i will give worse to hillary clinton. because she is lying about the e-mails. she pretends she doesn't have to follow the rules that everyone else will follow. >> best probably jim webb. >> jim webb best for sure. hillary clinton worst for sure. she can smell it and taste it and in addition to being untransparent in everything she does, she has one of the worst records of any major politician against the freedom of speech. she has a long record of going against video games, all this
5:43 pm
kind of stuff. her reaction to benghazi, she drew free speech and blamed it on a crazy guy in california. she's awful. >> i'm seconding that. >> thank you, panel. up next, have our audience members changed their mind at all about their presidential preference? based on this discussion? i'll see you get to confront our pan eelist panelists. that's next. [ applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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can go side by side. ask how enbrel can help relieve joint pain and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. ♪ ♪ [ applause ] >> now, audience, it's your chance to get involved. some of you already have. josh guckert says rand paul is the only candidate who understands and defends the principles of liberty. >> yes, i agree, except what about gary johnson? well, he hasn't declared yet. did any of you change your vote during there discussion? still about ten rand paul supporters? anything you want to ask our panelists? go ahead.
5:48 pm
>> i hear a lot of these candidates they're scapegoating foreign countries for a lot of our economic woes. >> china, it's all their fault. >> i want to know why most of the candidates won't speak about the real culprit the federal reserve and how come many aren't pushing for the bill like rand paul has. >> it sound complex and boring to most normal americans. you are not normal. >> also true. >> but the scapegoating, you are right, is real. it's also something that the sitting president has his spoir career, scapegoated china. >> who is next. >> a question for the democratic party representative. with obama doubling our debt almost 18 trillion given greece's situation, at what point is the magic number where we become greece? >> let me ease your anxiety right here and now. >> greece is a beautiful and functional country. >> one of the great things. >> i actually prefer rome. one of the things is to begin to
5:49 pm
lower those deficits, turn that curve, reduce some of the expenses that are actually causing it. what might surprised you to know is how much of that was created by those wars that came up in the last administration. so we're actually turning the corner on that. if you wanted to continue in the good direction, make sure there is a democrat in the white house. >> oh my lord. >> very skillful. >> to turn the corner, you have to cut a few things and they don't, you don't want to cut anything. at that time absolutely not true. what this is about, john, which are our priorities? do we care about taking care of the folks who need it? do we want to go off and fight world wars? it really comes down to that sometimes. >> hillary wants to do both. >> i'll embrace her on one and fight her on the other. >> cowgillmoon tweeted, scott walker took on the teachers union and won. he's fearless and my choice. did he flip-flop on immigration? >> i believe mary katherine believes that as well until
5:50 pm
recently. >> he was a top choice of mine on somebody to watch. because he had chased the fire. because he had taken on these high profile and tough fight and won. yet in the presidential campaign, he has shown a tendency to buckle when >> he has compared gay marriage to bestiality. he has called obamacare a residence of nazi, germany. he has the same ability to say things that make you say, my god, is this actually happening? but he does it in a very soft voice. he is the anti-trump. >> exact opposite. >> delivery. and, you know, he is learning and he is one of the best speakers out there. >> and if you need surgery, he's the one. >> i also like that donald trump is very charismatic and specifically charisma in the campaign. what is your view on that as the chief issue of electing
5:51 pm
the next president? >> so we can say that you are a fan of barack obama then? >> barack obama is very charismatic person. that is his selling point in many ways is his charisma and his personal narrative. >> thank you, panel. ma'am. >> on that note. >> mary and ellis. coming up, my spin. i will rank the candidates best to worst. [ applause ] ♪
5:52 pm
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smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. [ applause ] i made a les of this year's presidential candidates and rudely ranked them from best to worst. here is my list. yes, all these people really you are running or about to run. including some you probably never heard of like lawrenceha lesic. i admit that my list isn't scientific. i'm libertarian. it probably isn't fair that you gave a lower ranking it my former mike huckabee who denounce lib terrible. i take that personally. makes me think they are clueless about what government really does. but, basically, i you rank the candidates on how much
5:56 pm
they want to micromanage our lives or involve us inmu dubious foreign wars. those who do, lost points. those who recognize the harm often done by state control gain points. i also gave one candidate bonus points just for shaking things up by being g politically incorrect. you know who that >> our leaders are stupid. our politicians are stupid. >> yeah. he really says some things that really make sense. and i love his willingness to speak his mind. but it's absurd to think that mexico will fund construction of a giant wall on its border and whatever trump is doing, it isn'tio outreach. one poll has hispanic voters favoring hillary over trump 70%. i want an american that trades with the world and brings the message of free markets and liberty to every part of the population. not just angry white guys. liberty is good for everyone. i like marco rubio's speech about his parents coming to america so they could have
5:57 pm
what we have. >> you know, both of my parents were born into poor families on the island of cuba. they came to america because it was the only place where people like them could have a chance. >> so good. but, unfortunately, he and other republicans are big on banning things, gambling, drugs, gay marriage, and, like hillary, they seem eager to get america into more wars. >> radical islam is on the rise. iran is on the verge of acquiring a nuclear weapon. china is waging cyber warfare against america. >> so we're going to go to war against all of them? please, no. war should be a last resort.wa i would really like for change to see a president who iss humble, who recognizes the limits of state power. many control goes bad. that's something donald trump and hillary do not understand. hillary says this about her republican opponent.nd >> if you look at their
5:58 pm
policies, most of the other candidates are just trump without the pizzazz or the hair. [ laughter ] >> ha ha ha. but that's not true. many of this year's republican candidates are serious people proposing serious policy changes. and a couple are very different because they acknowledge the harm that government often does. >> i don't want my marriage or my guns registered in washington. >> sadly, during that first debate, rand paul didn't seem all that likeable and he has fallen in the polls since. maybe former new mexico governor gary johnson will catch on with voters once announces. he also wants government to do less. if only more politicians believe that but most don't.
5:59 pm
i would love to know what you you think. tell me where i'm wrong or where i'm right. i real liz that it's not likely that next year will bring us president rand paul or gary johnson or we'll get who wants to control everyone's life: fortunately, presidents don't determine most of what goes on in our lives: who is going to run the country, the media say that: politicians just run the government. the important stuff in life. friendships we form. products that fill our homes, books, videos and music we consume. almost all of that happens free stuff. free markets: independent of who is president, or senator or governor.t we run america, they don't. let's not forget that that's our show. see you next week. [ applause ]
6:00 pm
right now on justice. >> the working motive for this at this point is salute absolute madness. gunned down in cold blood. a sheriff's deputy executed. sparking a manhunt in houston. >> i can't he has been so nice to me. >> donald trump, mr. nice guy? why is is the donald softening up on some of his closest g.o.p. rivals? and if she doesn't have enough problems defending herself, hillary has to answer questions about a familiar topic. i go one on one with a top defender. justice starts now. >> breaking news. the suspect in custody after


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