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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  August 30, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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americans proud and thank you for all of us there's so much good in the world. >> i am greg gutfeld your voice of reason in a cloud of unseason. to the tease, please. we asked owen wilson about his trump does he have some? he has some. hill country clinton's campaign turns to panic mode. they are claiming it is pornographic because he claims these about vaccination and other rale vaks two things i find disgusting. let's get started. >> he slipped over the last couple of weeks. >> he will be remembered for it negatively. >> he will fade away. >> not prepared for this.
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>> i don't think we have seen anything yet. >> as the love for biden starts to widen is it time for pill ry hillary? she is already begun the offensive. >> let me answer one of your questions because that's what i think you are entitled to. let me answer one of your questions because that's what you are entitled to. that's what you are entitled to. that's what you are entitled to. >> maybe not charming but it's panic in a pants suit as the coronation turns into an nile nation as benghazi binds to her like stick em on lester haze. marginal royalty from a european country smugly titled but no one cares. her crimes she mistook the cause of terror. she is seeking a scapegoat instead of responsibility.
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ash you'lly disposable. we need careful not careless. put personal privacy before public. both had a wall between prying oy eyes. what word describes her? scream liar followed by dishonest then unfrtrustworthy. she is less dependable than your cable guy. >> a white night with whitened teeth. as nice as joe is and reveals the silver truth no one wants hillary. look at the other options, sanders, jerry brown. it's a line of looney leftists who has progressive solutions. hillary rach ets up the rhetoric. >> extreme views with about women he expect that from the terrorists but hard to take coming from republicans.
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i know there are some on the other side who are seriously advocating to deport, 11, 12 million people who are working here. literally pull people out of their homes and workplaces, round them up put them, i don't know. in boxes, box cars? >> box cars? oo oo republicans are not just terrorists but also nads zis. forgot to mention pedophiles but maybe she can tweet about that later. >> let's welcome tonight's guests, not allowed within 50 feet of a water bed. dominic co founder of the federalists. she is so bright children are told not to look directly at her or she will -- they will go blind. funny as a whoopie curbon ben kiss el. he's speeted and she is tall.
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the only drop her and her classes are as real as the president's cert certificate is the bloomy liberal panel. fwirs ske for you. you can telegraph what she is about to say. you are a median. you can see it coming what she is about to say. >> when you are a writer, you write a great joke you give it to somebody who delivers it horribly you feel like you are in a tunnel and why do i even bother. the writers must hate her. all they want her to do is be funny and she fails every single time. >> you do tknew the box car was coming up and she sets them up. i know you love her and you love her dearly but is this rhetoric to deflect from the e-mail?
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>> yes it is to deflect from the other issues. unless you are talking about the terrorists don't make analogies don't like it. >> aren't girls flocking to isis? >> i like to look at the bright side. the two australia girls they can't get enough. >> there's a guarantee of the caddies of this generation. it is like they have posters every where there's a hot guy. >> they are fan gruelling. >> they are until they get there. to make that sort of comparison it is knotted only bad taste it is wrong. women have rights. take advantage of something lately. even if you think it's okay, it's kind of knot up with the times. nol t not the modern age with women.
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we agree women are equal to men. we have two bens here. what are your thoughts democrats are vulturing around her. now she is acting like trump in a way. >> if the past couple weeks have not convinced joe biden to get into this race i don't know what will. everything that she is telegraph can he ing here is weakness. lax luster approach using the extreme analogies it's not something you expect from a serious presidential candidate. this isn't an accurate comparison. there are so many going down around the world. >> crazy analogy. funny that you say that because there's another frontrunner in another party. >> get to that in a second. but there is a fair point about how do you deport 11 until people? how do you do that? >> you don't. >> you don't. >> actually, there's a great new
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proposal from ryes christie he wants fed-ex to track them. he wants the head of fed-ex to somehow how to twrack them likea fed-ex. >> all of the burritos he gets in as well. when hillary re -- referred to republicans and terrorists there were 245 million, 273,000, 438 people over the age of 18 in the u.s. so 27 percent of those were republicans the matt is super easy to do thin my head 66,223,828.26 people. >> technically i am .26. >> because you are short? >> kiss el is like 1.9.
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>> frnone of the tall jokes wor at home since we are sitting down. donald trump. 28 percent. upper 30 percent last month. you have jed bush, washing co. i have a feelingest supposed to -- that causes it to rise more and it keeps going. i don't know if it will ever stop. >> the numbers are significant. at thats kiit is kind of like yr opponents in the pageant plays. the question is how well but it is spik tack layer when they are skitting in their chairs they
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get a call and say, in a, i am foregone nald trump. >> you know what it is? if is like he's football and the other candidates are soccer. you like the quarterback sacks. you don't like corner kicks. >> exactly. he is playing politics. it should be played a full contact sport. >> wrer watching a revolution nature reeve vent. calvin cool lage embraced radio. kennedy dominated television understood the media. he is the first twitter candidates, obama is. >> he can make gap after gap after gap because they cancel each other out. in this era. >> you look at his tax plan. relatively pro grossive he. i am the person who is pretty
7:10 pm
centered. he does not tear about. he is pro-life. he's a new yorker from queens. he said these thanks and he is enjoying himself. >> i think the president -- >> you think one sitting president? >> who would sit -- >> get the basketball court out of this, wet the casino. liberal panel, what are your thoughts on hillary's huge decline? huge decline? >> greg gutfeld you racist gun freak who hates the poor. let me tell you she will be an amazing president. when she wins in november 2016 i
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will be here for you buddy. >> what is quinnipiac. bell, because they are one of the largest university polling centers. >> still could bomb they will return. let's check in with our studio audience. quick show of hands. how many wish you would have let me years ago when i was still single. oh, yeah, i get that a lot. it's from daddy.
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or lease a 2015 jetta s for $139 a month after a $1000 volkswagen bonus. >> i have a theory. job references are worthless. after the shocking murders of allison ward and adam he was a (bleep) and lunatic. his fast reveals racial acquisitions were his stick to ex tort and fright ten employers. this one speaks to a truth i have always suspected. no one gives honest job references ever. his various jobs he had a reputation of threatening behavior. the sales staff hid from him in
7:16 pm
a locked office. he left a string of perpetrated accusations and conflicts. he was a terrible worker. how did he continue getting jobs? even when hr recommended he seek help he didn't get bad references. the reason bad references that tip off future employers might get you sued or worse called racist. mayor giuliani talked about this. >> the employer was probably afraid to call the police and say this guy sounds dangerous and looks dangerous. looks like he had a couple of fights. he was a violent guy. >> we live in a time when we are intimidated of the truth. people push this grade school from job to job making him someone else's problem. a problem that eventually killed
7:17 pm
people. >> is this a problem that cannot be solved? >> the best bad job reference. >> we hired greg gutfeld. here is the way to do it. i don't know. who else are you looking at? that that let's people know you should look at somebody other than greg gutfeld but he can't kill me because i didn't say anything bad about him. >> why do we have to play games? >> because i don't want him to come and kill me. >> because you will get sued. >> it is the escalating victim hood. the guy is part of his life this constant thing the whole world is against me. everybody is a racist. >> it worked for him. >> i don't know codes or anything like that. >> take numbers and put them in an order with a pencil. you got to use a pencil.
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>> did you want to make a point of that? >> people are confused. it is a relationship. it is for a full year. it people are children. >> i have a solution. >> what? >> i don't know why this hasn't been developed yet. why isn't there yell am for employees that employers can use to rate the people. >> uber does that. >> amazon does this. it is like a culture where everybody is snieking at aech ear. >> -- each other. >> i want to move on to the other story. i don't have much time. while one was planning murder in virginia last week another was on a ter rhys and thank you to the sit tish -- heroism is
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awesome and the government failed. european official the have scrambling to increase public security in public areas. we have to recommit to national security because we can't on strangers on a train. this story was a great story, ben, but it -- i don't like the fact that security is dependent on here rows. they should be dependent on people like me that hide. nobody stood up and hero -- think about it ahead of them. amtrak is concerned about security. they are thinking about what they are going to do differently. they are really concerned if ridership increases they are going to have to apply. but they have a great policy towards it which is never increase ridership. >> they are very good at that. >> they are very good at it. >> we pay i would say when i was
7:20 pm
in kind guard ten tloofz a guy that i really almost -- big foot on one side. >> he's tall. >> these cases with the heros on the train they were trained for things like this. see something, say something or do something if you are prepared to do so. i think we need to focus than clan he have>> this guy was known by haut thorities and t p teeping i want to ask you, how -- can't any company do something?
7:21 pm
why don't former employers give job references? >> a lot of employers have policies to say as little as possible so you don't get stewed. i believe we should all be hoar open. wrak decisions you've any anything heroism you would no doubt express on a train. >> i think a conservative idea would be to park an army in every single train station. that's what i would do. >> conservative thinking. >> i want to make a point. that was what you call budget people guide kelled tick it. nobody remembers happy endings
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rms tea don't. >> coming up my interview with owen wilson. we talk about the controversy of his movie "the highs of con nald hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here!
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...of fixodent plus adhesives. they help your denture hold strong more like natural teeth. and you can eat even tough food. fixodent. strong more like natural teeth. fixodent and forget it. >> we need to move.
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>> what? >> (indiscernible) >> that's a look at the new film "no escape" in theaters this week. an american businessman moves his family to southeast asia to get caught in the middle of a political up rising. we have all been there. earlier one of the satellite junkets i interviewed owen wilson. he appeared interested. or he was faking it. either way we were engaged. i have to change out of my suit and put on a blue sweater. >> owen. good to see you. i have been a good fan of yours since 96 when you wrote bottle rocket, co wrote rush more. what's your favorite line that
7:27 pm
you have written that you are most proud of? >> you will mentioned bottle rocket there's a line where i say this ain't no trip to cleveland. i wish i could say that i wrote but we got it from a miami vice that sonny crockett says. a lot of lines that i like that i ended up putting scripts end up being homages to something else. >> if you are going to steal, steal from miami vice a classic tv show. your movie "no escape" it is a family movie that is an action film. vacation that involves peasant rebels trying to behead you. >> it was the director and the writer were sort of kidding me saying you bring the dad from marley and me and we will bring the unrest from southeast asia. >> yes. now of course when i watch these movies, i envision the actor
7:28 pm
going through it thinking there's a lot of running. do you ever notice there's a lot of running do i really want to do this? >> i actually end up sort of -- i wish i had a fit bit when i was doing this movie. i definitely was doing a lot of running. but it ends up being one of those things that is easier to be out of breath than to act out of breath. i am happy to do it. >> there have been controversy about the movie. in this day and age you have to be careful who the villages are? why does everything always have to be political why does everything have to be an outrage when it is an entertainment voek, it's a movie? >> yeah, i am not sure. i mean, i suppose the family could have moved to vancouver and political unrest broke out there but it wouldn't have
7:29 pm
been -- it would have lost something i think. >> if you had it in reverse where the asian family moved to texas it would have beenal loted by eatpeter travis of rolling stones. you had comments about donald trump's campaign. does he excite you intrigue you or square you? -- scare you? >> i think like everybody i tuned into that first debate. when is the last time you tuned in to a debate that was that early in the primaries with 10 people in it? it is because of trump. it is interesting to see -- you can't help but get a kick out of the guy to see sort of -- it is unusual to see somebody speaking their mind like that. >> he is more of an arrogant version of the bill murray character in rush more. he doesn't care. he doesn't care. >> the guy does not take a back step.
7:30 pm
i know. it's something else. >> would you vote for him or use him as entertainment value? >> i am liberal, so i wouldn't be voting for him for president. but i do get a kick out of him. >> charlie sheen wants to have a running mate so he can have a truther and a birther together. >> yeah. yeah. i actually was thinking charlie sheen is sort of someone else that so many actors when you see them it is like press junkets. when charlie sheen was doing things that was watchable. >> your family of actors. three siblings. my favorite of the three. sorry, is andrew.
7:31 pm
he was beef supreme in idiocrasy he was coach back in rush more. my favorite character of all time is future man in bottle rocket. >> bottle rocket. yeah. yeah. i will pass your compliments on to andrew. he's great. no way around it. >> future man what was the significance? >> oh, i sort of call him future man and bottle rocket because i believe in the future. what's that everybody will look like. >> he was a great bully. >> you know who was a weigood by is paxton. andrew has sort of a similar look. >> paxton was a weirdo in true life, great at being slimly.
7:32 pm
>> it was aliens the second one. -- he has been great in so many movies. >> i got to go. congratulations on "no escape" it wasn't once in a pill>> the return of mail doesn't that is it excite y
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♪ (dorothy) toto, i've a feeling we're not in kansas anymore... (morpheus) after this, there is no turning back. (spock) history is replete with turning points.
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(kevin) wow, this is great. (commentator) where fantasy becomes reality! (penguin 1) where are we going? (penguin 2) the future, boys. the glorious future. (vo) at&t and directv are now one- bringing your television and wireless together- and taking entertainment to places you'd never imagine. (rick) louis, i think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. >> welcome to greg's back to school silly bus. thees where i addressed the recent campus controversy. fraternity at old dominion university was suspended after hanging sexually suggestive signs including hope your baby
7:37 pm
girl is ready for a good time and freshman daughter dropoff. the signs made national headlines. you can find this sort of stuff on campuses all over the country. i am shocked. here's one that reads dads, we will take it from here along with a fellow in great shape there. 21 to drink, 18ish to spend the night. how horrible iss? from west virginia she called you daddy for 18 years now, it is our turn. >> clearly these are classy gentlemen. what do you expect? is it bad? >> i think it's sad they can't spell. that's the bigger problem. >> this is the sort of thing i find laughable.
7:38 pm
this stuff has been going on for years. >> you have children. >> i do. i do. >> this weerdz me, because i have a niece that went in as a freshman to college. she is sharing an entire dorm with a football team. >> i can't wait for my child to go to college. i can't wait to get a good night sleep. he wants to hang up sheets. hang them up. i just want to sleep in. >> that's selfish. >> yes, it is. i am proud of it. >> there's a real problem, right? >> i think the problem was the faw ternity was suspended or got to trouble for it. it was a private home they are hanging this from and not necessarily everyone belongs to the fraternity. if anything you give trem it's like something saying to the women, don't come into this
7:39 pm
house i thought it was very charming. >> i wish i had a daughter and i wish i was dropping her off at old dominion. i would have kicked down that door and gone room to room and beat up every one of them. the movie, no escape dgs dgs. sheer escaping it long. paternity sigma nu? >> what is so special? >> bob barker was a cigna muh. the sun shaped dyno you go et and whole brain bring.
7:40 pm
due won do you want to live in the world without dyno jug gets. >> it is a submarine too hot to handle. many are refusing to read the classic novel "fun home." it was adapted for broadway recently won five tonies. not an italian fellow. >> it contains seens of masturbation and other rale sex. who topics students know nothing about. the steer resome mick my fleelths is why don't you teach graphic novel. >> i am insulted by the fact it is graphic novel. it has none of the virtues of born. at thats a graphic knowledge for
7:41 pm
summer reading. they are not going to give them an actual book to read over the summer. who does that in leading anyway. >> what does graphic novels. i think it is the new children's book. it's the step you take when you don't want to write or read. >> the art is quite nice. >> i think these kids need to man up and do the assignment and stop being such with usases. >> there is a soccer mom in poughkeepsie 50 years old reading 50 shades of gray she is like a it is a bill tame har>> are these students trying to ban it would you mroch better for them to>> i thought kids loed to
7:42 pm
so micked bod toe>> it's important to be well read. you don't have to like everything. it isn't propaganda. it is literature. >> i think it is propaganda. that's where you are wrong. it is propaganda. i am going to keep relg at it until the liberal panel agrees with me. isn't it propaganda to put your lifestyle on college kids? >> you know, rob, define propaganda. >> i can't. >> sometimes scary and new ideas are -- new ideas are scary, greg. sometimes new thoughts and new things are scary. these students are being scared new ideas like wealth and equality is the result -- >> you are right wing professor from are trying to ban dangerous ideas people coming to speak on campus. which is worse. >> not true. we just want the white people to
7:43 pm
come. >> are these incoming freshman out of cubing -- it's a fun stool suns done. >> i didn't get in there. wasn't far enough. d- -- coming to campus. you shouldn't do it in it the same things. if you are conservative let them always be so sense. >> if you were a hib berle you have to read god's mind. up next with telling it with a
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>> my next guest is not just a
7:48 pm
comedic legend but a deep thinker who might have the solution to america's growing division and unrest. or not he could just be a come medic legend. >> more lawyers lawsuits and ensure domestic tranquillity. you know how oftf how much it costs to get americans tranquilized. >> col grin gwynn is the star of colin quinn now on netflix. a funny but powerful trip through american history and ends k a suberring note. the that you coulding lower has been increasing political kashthness. that's a guide wait>> that is why you need a live crowd. (laughter) >> i had to ask something
7:49 pm
terrible. >> yes, colin. >> the clip the most boring part of my hour long hilarious special. >> i picked it because of the cups. >> defensive cups. these cups -- you are not married. your wife wouldn't it is unconstitutional. that's that commune says 50 times. >> 13 colonies kind of a marketing hook. i did all of the average things we are going to break up as a country. i do believe we are going to get divorced as a country. the center cannot hold the eye wish po set -- texas they
7:50 pm
started applauding. so many people are going to h e have>> is it memorized. i don't. >> there are soenl four-pages. >> should i read it? >> before i watch your show will i understand your show better? >> no. my show is better. watch my so then. >> my voe it the song. she is were england. >> mel gibson. >> that's beautiful. i stick to the latin version. >> when you say divorce, do you mean violent revolution? >> not revolution. i mean civil war.
7:51 pm
probably like five civil wars. the acc, cabbing 10. >> if a civil wars. >> i just thought about that. it's a little warm that's it. >> is that cha what ump saying to go mad dal. feminist, right? >> your book. i want to talk about your book. you talk about how hard it is to talk about race. even when you talk about race, and i saw this in some interviews they try to paint you as a racist. at thats hail yilarious. >> i am trying to say, you don't take me as racist. my book is my life ex peer yes or nos. everything i ska not lace' see
7:52 pm
>> the book and your play are together. it is really about racial division. >> it is about racial and national division, yes. >> it is supposed to be a melting pot and all of the ingredients don't want to be together any more. >> there's a lot of identity problems. there's the whole conflict of the country. two pays of looking at the country -- like the pope. she believed in him. or -- or it is just like this hoesh ill race. like knows no place to ever have boit at the same time. >> could we start over? >> we could start over. right here. >> i think some of these people should just stay home. some of them can stay home. they can have thaefr che want on
7:53 pm
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7:58 pm
i would do all sorts of things. i would eat a block of cheese. i would write to people i have no memory of. this is what i did last time i was on applebee o -- ambion. ♪ >> we didn't to get him. >> next one from ron. ron asks greg, how do you control your emotions when you want to punch someone out? >> that's a great question. whenever i want to punch someone i think about how much they will sue me after i punch them so i hire a complete stranger to punch them then i have the complete stranger thrown into a river. solves a number of problems. this was the last guy i got into a fight with.
7:59 pm
(indiscernible) >> didn't end well. >> you are not supposed to hit them while they are down. >> just for people at home, he's fine. >> final letter from steve he asked, do you ever get really sad that brad pitt and jennifer aniston broke up? >> these breakups make -- if the brad pitt got tired. yours because. i am glad these two werer so together. >> after gay marriage they made it work. next step everybody.
8:00 pm
dogs and turtles. disgusting beau >> owen wilson, col lun quinn and liberal panel. hi, i'm eric bowling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this special edition of the factor election 2016. we begin tonight with more outrageous comments from hillary clinton as questions about her secret email server and falling poll numbers fall everywhere. hillary is unleashing attacks against the g.o.p. >> i know that there are some on the other side who are seriously advocating to deport 11, 12 million people who are working here. i find it the height of


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