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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 1, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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also arthur, back together again at last. it's september to people are actually getting back to work. labor day will hit and we will all take four days at least i will. thanks for watching this is the kelly file. see you tomorrow at 9:00. >> tonight -- >> it clearly wasn't the best choice. i should have used two e-mails. one personal, one for work. >> the clinton server scandal deepens with the state department releasing thousands of e-mails. >> then it's the rise of the political outsiders. >> who knew this was the summer of carson. >> why are these candidates surging in the polls? >> they know it. now they're going to have to live with it. >> larry and ron go head to head over the black lives matters
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issue. all of that plus governor chris christie is here in studio. right here right now. >> welcome to hannity. the clinton campaign is in full damage control mode after releasing hillary's e-mails late last night. the e-mails appear to show that she used extremely poor judgment in protecting very sensitive information. as a result the state department had to sensor 125 e-mails that now say contained classified information. >> out of those new 7,000 pages perhaps the most remarkable moment came in 2010 when hillary clinton's e-mail went down and not even the state department's it team knew about the personal use of the e-mail and server. your e-mail. it must be back up. they had no idea it was you.
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just some random address. that raised another new question, of course, for the state department. which officials inside that department were in the loop on this unusual arrangement. >> i'm not going to answer that question. >> you mentioned all of the e-mails that have been partially or completely blacked out. roughly 125 of them that contained classified information. all of this comes despite hillary clinton as you remember at the very first news conference at the united nations, she made this vow to the american people. listen. >> i am aware of the classification requirements but do not send classified material. >> as you know she has now amended that to say that she
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never sent or received e-mail that was marked classified. there's a lot of debate about whether or not she should have known some information was, if not classified, was very sensiti sensitive. remember on the campaign trail, hillary clinton has said his advice was unsolicited because the white house didn't want him advising her. that is why he was blocked. in this new batch he pops up in no less than 297 e-mails, at one point attacking justice clarence thomas telling secretary clinton how he should be impeached. also slamming john boehner by claiming he is loose, alcoholic, lazy and without any commitment to any principles. politics are creeping up despite all the diplomacy, we reached out to speaker boehner's office. they didn't want to respond to the personal attacks but the
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reason why the clinton camp may be upset is that john bainer and the special committee on benghazi that forced the revelation of the server and the turning over of some of the official e-mails. >> and there is a contradiction here because she didn't know how to recharge her ipad. she was excited about having the one i-pad. she said she wanted one device and that was a blackberry. >> we are not just assuming that she used the blackberry for e-mail. we have seen some e-mails that at the bottom said sent from my ipad. so the fact that there was that exchange where she said i'm so excited about getting a new i d ipad, some people might think that's frivolous and we're picking on her but she said the reason for this whole deal is she wanted the convenience of one device and even that does not appear to be true. >> there were pretty unkind
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words. what do you know about hillary. one was asking george mitchell, a special envoy that told him to send sensitive information to a private e-mail related to the italian foreign minister. >> i would also add that tony blair pops up who also in recent years obviously has been a special envoy and t a one point he is recounting an important meeting he had with sensitive information and tony blair said you know what? i shouldn't be doing this by e-mail. maybe i can find a secure phone to get you this information. so people around her who were trying to help her, advisors and not critics or enemies but people like tony blair who were warning her maybe we shouldn't be having this conversation over e-mail. >> and here with reaction is the
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author of a brand new book. the one and only mark stein is with us. i don't know if her biggest problem here is political. by that, we have rudy guilliani. thoughts? >> yeah. there is no doubt about that. i think it does actually have a political component when you listen to what ed henry was saying about tony blair. clearly all america's allies were aware of the problem with hillary clinton's sister. and it does raise the question how did foreign governments communicate with the secretary of state? foreign ministers more than heads of government get by on their personal relationships. and in this case, hillary clinton was unable to forge any personal relationships because by definition, communications
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from foreign governments are confidential and classified for the very basic reason that if they're not, then they're not going to talk to you. if they can't get in touch with her, if they have to go through whoever and then those two have to somehow relay the information it seemed like america was cut off from the world. all the foreign ministers can talk to each other but none of them could talk to hillary clinton. >> i seem to be the only person willing to raise this question. john kerry admitted that he just assumes that the russians and chinese are reading his e-mail. now we have all of these e-mails for the entire time hillary clinton is our secretary of state on a server in a bathroom of a mom and pop shop. isn't it pretty safe to assume that's likely that the chinese, the russians, maybe the
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iranianss have hacked into her system, have all the e-mails including the deleted ones which would then, if she became president, would make her susceptible to blackmail, especially if laws were broken? >> you're absolutely right. look, it's obvious that the other guys, the good guys, the allies knew the problems with her server so we can conclude that the russians and the chinese and the ones in tehran and all the others did, too. and the question then is what does moscow or beijing do with that information? there's all kinds of people they can give it to, you can cite different statues that she has
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broken. she's just a chump or an idiot and she was out of the loop. that means she can't run on her expertise when she's running for president. but the two things are connected. you can't -- this is a disaster for her. it goes to competence. it goes to judgment. it goes to all the most basic issues you ask of a candidate. >> last night you talked about the offers that were coming in from the congo. north korea. even people with ties to where bill clinton would give speeches. this new batch of e-mails points out a very close relationship that her aides had with the global clinton initiative and hinting at the important role that the charity the government and norway. she's the secretary of state to pledge $600,000 to the global
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clinton initiative in september of 2010. they are a major clinton donor. and the international times pointed out and reported that she approved a huge spike in arms sales to countries that had donated to the clinton foundation. >> i think what is clear is that she saw herself as a clinton first and as an american government official second. she is hedged in and a couple of people who act as her gate keepers. the world can't get to talk to america's secretary of state. but syd, who we are expected to believe is a tireless charity worker because he's on the payroll of the clinton foundation, so tireless charity work worker gets to communicate directly with hillary clinton because he's part of the clinton
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family circle. but major figures around the world. that is the issue here, that she decided she was essentially part of clinton inc, who happened to have a little part time job working for the united states government. rather than as a full that you can stick with this level of drip drip drip water torture all the way until iowa. we will be talking joe biden and all kinds of other stuff before then. >> that's true. my book is about the most famous science grab of the 21st
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century. the hockey stick which says that the temperatures shot up. >> you can't make this up. >> the fact is you can't. he was talking today. he said we're damaging the planet beyond the children's ability to repair it. and this cartoon climatology, nobody really knows how the earth's climate all fits together, how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. they have descended into cartoon climatology. the pope has declared the first international day of prayer for climate change and the president up in the arctic today was making his own contribution to that.
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that kind of cartoon is nonsense and has to stop. >> thank you and appreciate it. coming up tonight here on hannity. >> one day before the violent chant was caught on tape the democratic party passed a resolution supporting the black lives matter resolution. we will debate that coming up tonight. >> i would have taken a little chunk of my worth to pay the national debt off. i said i would do it if other people would do it. >> donald trump was on my radio show today. we have the highlights. and a special report on the rise of the insurgent outsider candidate and governor chris christie in studio as we continue.
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fox news alert. a massive manhunt underway in fox lake, illinois right now, 55 miles from chicago. police armed with rifles and they are using helicopters and dogs as they search for the suspected killers of a 30 year law enforcement veteran. the victim is describing them as two white men and a black men. the 52-year-old father of four was shot early tuesday and died at the scene. >> many residents here knew him as gi joe and knew him as deeply committed to fox lake. >> the suspects are considered
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armed and dangerous since they stripped a lieutenant of his gun and other equipment. now back to hannity. >> welcome back to hannity. on friday the democratic national committee threw their full support behind black lives matter. the dnc joins with americans in affirming that black lives matter and say her name to make visible the pain of our fellow and sister americans as they condemn extra dishl killings of black men women and children. the same group chanted this outrage about police during a protest in minneapolis. [ chanting ]
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>> pigs in a blanket fry like bacon. the black lives matter has rejected the statement saying it doesn't want to be aligned with any political party. larry elder as well as fox news political analyst ron williams are with us. see you. pigs in a blanket, fry like bacon? i understand they don't want to be associated with the dnc. >> the dnc associated themselveses with them. >> i think political leaders, that's their function is to give voice to people who have a grievance. there is a legitimate grievance and that language is highly offensive. >> there has been other offensive languages. this is not the first time that have aligned themselveses with a radical group with a racist
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agenda. governor o'mally says black lives matter. white lives matter. all lives matter. listen to the crowd reaction. >> every life matters and that is why this issue is so important. black lives matter. white lives matter. all lives matter. >> as soon as he says white lives matter and all lives matter, the democrats booed. >> that wasn't democrats. that's like you're saying democrats got up and interrupted bernie sanders. this is black lives matters. by interrupting bernie sanders which is odd, why aren't they going after trump or bush? they think interrupting allies -- >> why would they -- >> they are damaging -- they are hurting themselves. >> but the democrats, they praise them in this statement. they align thems with it. >> they are trying to give voice to people who feel that no one is standing up for them.
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when you see police use excessive force. >> how do you boo saying all lives matter? help me out here. >> i don't know how you do that. >> i haven't seen this kind of mass hysteria since the o.j. simpson verdict. i read your book. this is about people wining and bitch i bitching and moaning. the number one cause of death for young black men is homicide at the hands of other young black men. and the number one killing of white males is car accidents. if the black lives matter want to do something, come down here where black people are being victimized. >> you are preaching to the
7:21 pm
chir. i think they need to pay more attention to black on black crime. >> it requires attention in terms of policemen who are trained and have authority in the state. >> it was not necessary. there was a legitimate movement. >> equal feeling. >> it is 57 times higher, the incident of black on black crime than incidents involving the police. >> so we should ignore the police problems? >> no. but people have rushed to judgment and been wrong. the president was wrong on michael brown and on trayvon martin. >> get out of here. >> yeah. >> and blacks are six times more likely to be victimized by murder.
7:22 pm
that's why the cops are there. what this black lives matter has done is caused an increase in cops being shot year to year. >> prove that. let me hear you prove that. >> two cops shot. >> he didn't say that. >> what did he just say? >> the rhetoric matters. let me get to sheriff. pigs in a blanket fry like bacon. we had a shooting in chicago today. a shooting in texas. do you think it's open season on cops and do you think this rhetoric leads to violence? >> you bet it's open season on american law enforcement. american law enforcement are under siege. we recognize it and we see it everywhere we go. this all started on the false lie down in ferguson, missouri, hands up don't shoot, black lives matter. all based on a lie. we all know it's a lie.
7:23 pm
law enforcement across this country are under siege. we know we're under siege. everybody is scared to death to do our job. the police officer was pursuing three suspects, he is gunned down and left his family behind in the last seven days we have lost seven police officers. not once have we seen or heard the president of the united states denounce the killings of law enforcement around the country but he is quick to weigh in on michael brown and trayvon martin. >> i'm glad you said this. this is not right. >> sure he called the widow. he made a private call to the widow. but he said nothing pubically to denounce killing of our law enforcement officers. he attended the law enforcement memorial service in washington. he has spoken about the tragedy of police officers serving our community. by the way, serving the black community that is most often
7:24 pm
victimized in violent crime. how did he get in there? >> he was wrong on trayvon martin. >> larry, go ahead. >> sean, there is no connection between black lives matter and cops being killed. they were killed by a guy who posted on facebook his anger over ferguson. >> it was crazy and acts out now is being linked to black lives matter? >> there certainly is a greater connection between that and the confederate flag. >> i don't think so. >> my goodness. my goodness. in texas alone, just days before the sheriff deputy was shot you have black guys on internet radio urging people to kill cops and you tell me there is no connection? >> this guy who killed that police officer in houston has a long record of criminal activity. it had nothing to do with this movie. >> we got to leave it there.
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passionate debate. coming up, dr. benjamin carson is surging in iowa. why are the dc outsiders resonating so well among voters? and co-host is here with a full report on the latest poll numbers and also tonight -- >> so if you're not a democrat, what are you doing? again, i was a business person. it was important that i get along with everybody. >> donald trump was a guest on my radio show. and later tonight chris christie in studio as the road to 2016 continues here on hannity.
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7:27 pm
welcome back to hannity. this election cycle has been all about the insurgent outsider candidate and a new poll proves it. standing by at the big board with the very latest is the co-host of fox and friends
7:28 pm
first. >> how about these numbers, sean. there is very good news for the 2016 gop candidates trying to shake up the establishment. the big headline is dr. ben carson ties with trump with 23% but the top three spots are occupied by candidates who are not politicians. carly has worked her way into the first spot after the strong performance in the debate. ted cruz has proved many times he is not afraid to take on the political establishment in washington. we will continue to follow these polls. we will bring you the latest. back to you. >> you have trump, carson, carly and ted cruz as well? unbelievable. >> pretty fun to watch.
7:29 pm
i can put up on the screen, here is bernie sanders up by 7.5 points in new hampshire and now within seven of iowa, 37-30, that is a dramatic drop by hillary. so it's on both parties really where this is happening. how do you explain it? >> yeah, what we were seeing is kind of similar to what we have seen in past augusts. i remember in august way back in 2003, this is when howard dean was having his moments as well. it doesn't necessarily always translate into who was going to win the caucuses but what you are seeing is that people do want to take a look at what else is out there. mrs. clinton has said i welcome all those who want to enter into the race and i look forward to many of the debates that we will be having and people are giving everybody a little bit of a look. i think that's what you're seeing on both sides of the aisle. >> how do you analyze this? >> just because hillary clinton says something doesn't necessarily make it true.
7:30 pm
but otherwise i agree with both of you that at least at the moment, that this is a moment for insurgency. we don't know yet whether it tees year of the insurgent. it may simply be the summer of the insurgent. i think penny is absolutely right. howard dean had a long run right up until the voting started in iowa and then he had his pry ma'am scream moment. it remains to be seen whether these guys and gals can carry forward this momentum going into the fall. but if i were jeb bush i would be very worried. >> it's interesting. we got a back and forth. let me go to what's happening. first an attack ad on trump and then trump responded on instagram. let's show the back and forth. >> partial birth abortion.
7:31 pm
>> i am pro choice in every respect. >> as far as single payer, it works in canada, it works incredibly well in scotland. >> 25% are high income people it should be raised substantially. >> who would you like representing the united states in a deal with iran in this regime? >> i think hillary would do a good job. hillary clinton is a terrific woman. i have known her for years. i know her very well. i live in new york. she lives in new york. i have known her and her husband for years and i really like them both a lot. >> we recognize the commitment of someone who has devoted her life to public service. i want to say thank you to both secretary clinton and president clinton. >> what does that make hillary clinton to the bush family? >> my sister in law. >> and donald trump told me this
7:32 pm
earlier today on my radio show. >> when you say a democrat, everybody in new york, you know, new york is like 9 to 1, 10 to one. >> people don't come and campaign or waste their time. if you're not a democrat, they're like what are you doing? i was a business person. it was important that i get along with everybody. >> my question to you, you have been a trump critic, but, i don't know if going back to 1999, he went to a long answer today about how he basically was playing both sides of the aisle for business purposes, for his employees. right or wrong he doesn't like the system. i don't know if that attack about what he said in 1999 or 1987 is really going to have an impact on this race. do you think it will work? >> i think you're probably right. to stipulate, i find his explanations and why he took positions that he took almost entirely unpersuasive but on the
7:33 pm
level of politics, i think maybe what jeb is trying to do and i think the real risk is for jeb here, what he is trying to do is create a fire break so that trump doesn't keep gaining in support out there. >> an undercover video exposing planned parenthood, we will show it to you. and chris christie was on with jimmy fallon. shared a few laughs. >> right there. congratulations. you won. you're the lip sync champion. >> my first first place. >> the 2016 presidential candidate joins us in studio. that's next. stay with us as we continue.
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this is a fox news alert. a massive manhunt underway for the killers of a 30 year law enforcement veteran. police are armed with rifles as they search from the sky and ground in the area 55 miles from chicago. the officer, you see him right there describing them as two white men and one black men men. no word of any creditable sightings right now. he is the fourth law enforcement officer gunned down in the united states in the past week. now back to hannity. for all your headlines, remember to log on to
7:40 pm
last night 2016 gop presidential candidate chris christie took a little time away from the busy campaign schedule to have fun on the "tonight show" with jimmy fallon. it was pretty fun. watch this. >> i am so fired up. >> we are going to do it. ♪ >> all right all right all right. congratulations. you won. you're the lip sync battle champion. >> that's good. my first first place. really good. >> all right. joining me, the man himself, new jersey governor chris christie. you like bruce springstein.
7:41 pm
does jon bon jovi get mad that you're always talking about springstein? >> he's not all that fond of me either. politically, i'm not his cup of tea. >> i don't know why. he lives on a farm and gets farm tax benefits in new jersey. >> i can't understand everything. >> let me ask you this, 59% of americans in a poll overwhelmingly agree with trump's immigration plan that you have got to leave and then come back. does that phase you any? >> this past week about the fact. we have got to track people who have visas who have overstayed their country.
7:42 pm
. >> you want to put a chip inside. there is technology available today. and people are frustrated about, 59% represents in my view is that the folks are angry. >> everybody was urging you to run. seems like in this campaign up to this point, you are sort of rebuilding your campaign. rebuilding the popularity and obviously donald trump is sucking out a lot of oxygen in the room. do you feel that way? >> people take it seriously whochlt is going to be the president of the united states. what is going get it done is getting government to work again. hard work. the people in my state realize what we have done when i have
7:43 pm
vetoed more tax increases more than any governor in american history. all of them sustained. that is the same kind of activity we have got to bring to congress. they have done a lousy job. >> i'm glad you're saying it. >> why isn't tax reform on the president's desk? >> i don't know. >> why isn't a repeal to obama care on the president's desk? >> i think they're timid and will get blamed for a government shut down. you tell me why don't they use it. >> they need a president who will give them the courage to do it. that is what i have done in the last six years. all of these things should be put on the president's desk and force him to photo it. let the american people see what the real instruction is. >> you know what i'm worried about? this keeps me up at night. 94 million americans out in the labor force, 54 million in poverty, 46 million in food
7:44 pm
stamps. 128 trillion in unfunded libltd. i almost wish i was ignorant because i don't think we should fix it. do you think i'm wrong? do you think it's fixable? >> i am running for the president of the united states. think about what i confronted when i got to new jersey? we were six weeks away from not meeting payroll. that's how broke new jersey was. we had increased spending. we had increased taxes 118 times. we were broke. >> i know you have all these vetoes but you still have a democratic legislature so new jersey is still in difficult financial straits because they won't let you fix the state. >> of course. they won't let me do the last final things but if you look at what the rating agencies have said about us, what they have said is that everything else other than the pension is now fixed in new jersey. everything else is good. they didn't downgrade us any
7:45 pm
more because of the tough things i have done. cut programs, cut taxes, created 200,000 new jobs. >> do you have opportunities in new jersey? >> we don't have any shale. >> how stupid is new york? >> ridiculously stupid. they passed two fracking bans. i vetoed them and they have been sustained. >> governor, good to see you. great to see a governor with a sense of humor. coming up, yet another video exposing planned parenthood. it keeps getting worse. we will play that next straight ahead.
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should black lives matter be
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7:50 pm
. we warn you again, language and content in the video we're about to show you is extremely graphic. if there are children present, we suggest they leave the room. here is the video. >> the point is not to have a
7:51 pm
live birth. so unless it's someone who had six pregnancies and six vaginal births. i have had women come in and they'll go to o.r.and back out in three minutes. the fetus is already in the vaginal canal and just fell out. >> joining me now, the president of live action, and fox news contributor tamara holder. what i'm hearing is fantasizinf. >> it is infanticide. >> lastly, planned parenthood said they get $60 admitted in a letter to congress, $60 per part of the baby, up to hundreds of dollars per baby, born alive
7:52 pm
babies they're lying about the fact the babies are making hundreds of dollars off of them and that they're manipulating abortion procedures, lying to the american public and getting $500 million in taxpayer money. >> how do you not say this is repugnant? >> do you want me to say that? >> do you believe it's repugnant? >> no, i don't. >> selling body parts? >> that is not what this is. >> babies are born and selling their body parts for lamborghinis. >> that is what we're told by this organization that 42 times there was an investigation, an independent investigation done by a former fbi agent. >> it doesn't atake away from the truth. >> nine times in texas they said they do not earn a profit. 13 times in colorado they said
7:53 pm
we need to speak to an attorney before we go any further with this. and -- this is a war on womens' health and poor womens' health. 99% of the people or 150% below poverty line that get these services. >> how can you defend the fact that the president admitted in a letter to congress, after defending and saying they weren't selling body parts? >> $60? >> no. >> the companies are are the ones doing the cutting open of the child. this is profit. hundreds of dollars for these children. >> no. no. this is reimbursement. >> you're okay with selling body parts? >> that is not what this is. >> i'm not okaying -- >> next week -- everyone will sign that petition. >> i am not okay with selling body parts. there are investigations in five
7:54 pm
states that found this is not what is going on. they have not been selling body parts and this is a violation of public trust. on a part of the -- no. the message is -- >> the whole video? i've watched it. >> for deleting and redacting video. they're a fraudulent organization. >> when we come back, our question of the day is next. why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction ou can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night.
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left this evening. we hope you'll set your dvr, 10:00 p.m. eastern. we take attendance and take it personally if you're not here. thanks for joining us. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> we are here to make sure that a change is made so nobody has to unduring pain my mom and dad and i go through on a daily basis. >> the family of cottrell steinle who was murdered by illegal deportation to five times. we have factor exclusive. kate's family will be here tonight. >> a veteran has been murdered. >> they are searching for three men believed armed and dangerous. >> this


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