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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 2, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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we hope you set your dvr so you never miss an episode. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> we are telling iran that it can't have a nuclear weapon, period. >> the iranian horrifying some americans but it will go through. tonight, we'll have reaction from former vice president dick cheney. >> no, this is the question. you cannot deport 11 million. you cannot deport 11 million people. you cannot build a 1900-mile wall. >> univision anchorman jorge ramos unhe repentant after his showdown with donald trump. tonight mr. ramos will be here. >> new study says immigrant families use much more welfare than americans born here. in addition, the feds say many people on unemployment
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don't want jobs. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the iranian nuke deal will become reality. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as we have predicted, president obama will have enough votes in the senate to override a congressional veto of the nuke deal he wants to make with iran. although some democratic senators oppose it, at least 34 will follow the president and that's all needs. today secretary of state john kerry said this. >> critics tell us over and over again you can't trust iran. well, guess what? there is not a single sentence, not a single paragraph in this whole agreement that depends on promises or trust.
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not one. the arrangement that we worked out with tehran is based exclusively on verification and proof. >> now, mr. kerry is misleading us a bit. yes, the international atomic energy agency has the right to visit suspicious sites in iran. however, the iranians have 24 days to allow such a visit. more than enough time to get rid of incriminating evidence or pollute the site. there are a whole bunch of other things in the dealzl0j.xp÷ that will make it difficult to catch iran if it decides to cheat. but the real bottom line is that the deal helps iran and doesn't help the u.s.a. or our allies. everybody knows iran is a state sponsor of terrorism and is destabilizing the middle east. everybody knows that. it will now have more money, weapons and power to continue doing it. so what does america get? what does great britain get? what does france get? the answer is no war. at least in the short-term.
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and that is the reason this nuke deal will go through. the western powers do not want another war in the wake of iraq and afghanistan. no sane person thinks this iranian nuke deal benefits the west. it doesn't. a recent poll conducted by quinnipiac asked the voters do you support or oppose the deal with iran, 55% oppose, 25% support. fox news poll asks do you trust iran to honor the nuke agreement? 75% no, 18% yes. so you can see the folks get it. talking points understands the gravity of the situation and wishes president obama would simply tell us the truth. the deal is to avoid war, poured. nothing else. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction, with us, former vice president dick cheney and his daughter liz cheney, co-authors of the brand new book "exceptional, why the world needs a powerful
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america." mr. vice president do you believe senator kerry is an honest man? >> i think he has made othergáus promises that he didn't carry through. he said, you know, inspections any time, anywhere. that was sort of the standard going. in but now as you said, bill, we have got 24 days during which they can delay the actual on set of inspections. he doesn't talk at all with respect to the problem that this agreement will precipitate. i you think a nuclear arms race in the middle east. our friends out there, the saudis and the elm rites, others are seeing iran ultimately acquire nuclear weapons will he legitimized by the united states. >> they will make the deal, continue it but have to seek their own anyway. what i am trying to get at here is, there is two schoolings of thought. one that the obama administration and john kerry -- and john kerry knows the world. he knows. he deals with these guys, expert in foreign affairs, they sincerely believe this
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is good for america. that's one point of view. the other is that they don't really care whether our power declines, israel's power declines. there is more destabilization as long as they don't have to fight again. they don't want to fight and they're not going to fight. which do you come down on? >> i think that they were desperate for a deal. i think that they fell into the trap. >> why were they desperate though. >> i think partly was the president's legacy. president obama you had the national -- deputy national security advisor out there saying that the iranian nuclear deal will be as important to our legacy as owe he -- obamacare was domestically. it makes the deal more likely. when you look at what the iranians is going to get. ban on weapons will be lifted. ban on ballistic missiles lifted. $15 billion which the obama administration admits will be used to support terror and arsenal of nuclear weapons. >> he this dispute that. they will say they are not
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going to get the nuclear weapons. the left is so angry about iraq and afghanistan. >> um-huh. >> all right. would you cede that, furious. they are furious about those wars which were started in your administration and president bush's gration. >> administration. >> they are overreacting that we can't fight ever again. they won't even go after isis. that's how timid, and that's the right word. >> right. >> timid they are because iraq and afghanistan is so bad we can't get involved again. so, it's your fault. >> well, i think what that reflects in part, bill, and the iranians understood this very well, they never had any intention of keeping the military option on the table. >> why? >> because they didn't think barack obama would ever resort to it. look at what he did with respect to syria, drew a red line in the sand when it appeared that syria had violated and then he backed off um immediately.
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if you were an iranian supervising these negotiations, you knew you had nothing to fear. >> you are saying he is a weak president. >> is he weak. he conveyed that sense of weakness. what he ended up doing in order to get the deal done is he gave the iranians absolutely everything they wanted, military ops was never on the table and, therefore, his diplomacy was not effective. >> but the alternative if you don't do the deal is war. the other nations aren't going to impose sanctions now. they are not going to reimpose russia and china and even germany and great britain. they don't have any heart for it. so you would have to go with the israelis and you would have to attack them. attack their nuke sites. would you be willing to do that, liz? >> i think that we have to start by saying that the iranians cannot have a nuclear weapon. it may be that military action is necessary to prevent them from acquiring a nuclear weapon. i would be if it's necessary. the other step first though is to go back to the bargaining table and
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negotiate for a position of strength. >> they are not going to do that we don't have any strength. >> bill, think about what happened here, our negotiators gave away before the negotiations even began they told the iranians no problem you can continue to enrich. no problem we will pay to you sit at the negotiating table. those negotiations were doomed to fail from the beginning. >> that may be true. if you walk away from the÷óogq table, if you don't make the deal, all right, which obama is going to make the deal no matter what. we all know that but hypothetically, then iran is going to go well, we are just going to get the nuke. then you would have to go with israel and you would have to attack them. >> remember, bill, how we have dealt with proliferation in nuclear weapons in the middle east before. 1981, saddam hussein had a program going, the reactor outside of baghdad israelis took it out. we went in with desert storm and we shut down nuclear program there. military force. wept down in 2003 and took down saddam hussein himself,
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one of by products of that qaddafi saw what we did to hum he stuff. evidence had centrifuges. >> libya wasn't as powerful as iran. >> imagine the situation if, in fact, hadn't done that and isis had taken libya, they would have inherited that nuclear material. >> they might inherit it now. >> right. >> that's what we are worried about. >> can't now it was surrendered to us by the lubbians. we got aq kwon because he is the guy who supplied the libyans with the nuclear material. >> do you think obama and kerry didn't know. >> that didn't act like it. well established pattern of dealing through the use of force or the realistic threat of use of force. >> some on the hard right believe, liz, that president obama wants to it diminish america on purpose. that he doesn't have -- you write a book about exceptionalism. he doesn't want us to be leading the world against these people and, believe
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this is the hard right he is actively trying to weaken this country. do you believe that. >> i do. >> on purpose he wants us to be weaker. >> yes. because he very much believes in this progressive agenda. we detail it in the book through facts. his new mexico notion is america has been a maligned power in the world. he has made that clear in his own writings. he began his presidency by traveling the world apologizing for america. when you are in a situation where you think the history of this nation has been one where we have been a force for ill, which clearly believes for the most part, his efforts have been to diminish us. his enforce has been to reduce our footprint in the world because it also in addition to making america on a sort of level playing field with every other nation free's up resources for his domestic agenda. >> they don't want war. guy back to the main theme in the talking points they don't want war. they don't want it. >> weakness is provocative. and it certainly happened in
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the past in 1938 in particular. all right. the cheneys have been nice enough to stay for another segment. talk a little politics with them. jorge ramos advocating for illegal immigrants will enter the no spin zone up '÷ysm ♪ irresistible moments deserve irresistibles treats. new from meow mix with real salmon chicken or tuna. the only treat cats ask for by name.
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when heartburn comes creeping up on you. fight back with relief so smooth and fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. tum-tum-tum-tum-tums smoothies, only from tums. continuing now with former vice president dick cheney and daughter lynne cheney co-authors of the new book exceptionalism. have you been a strong credit tuck of president obama. do you see any difference between his leadership skills and hillary clinton's leadership skills? >> i you think that one of the most important things for people to remember, and there are different people, different types of leadership, probably. but the national security disaster, frankly that we are seeing around the world now, many of them are ones that began on hillary clinton's watch as secretary
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of state. and so she may try as best she can to sort of separate herself to put some daylight between the kind of president she says she would be and the kind of president barack obama has been. >> she hasn't thus far. we haven't heard any policy differences as all. >> she bears terrific responsibility. >> who is more liberal in your opinion president obama and hillary clinton. >> i think they are a different kinds of liberal. >> how? >> i think that hillary clinton is obviously extremely liberal or she wouldn't have served this president. hillary clinton seems to me to be sort of more of a cameleon. she watches bill clinton and she watches the kind of politician she has been and she aspires to be that kind of politician. she is not. i think barack obama is the more skilled politician. >> are you saying that barack obama is a zealot and hillary clinton really isn't? she is more practical. >> i think she is not as skilled as barack obama is. >> i'm wondering what's going on in their minds. we know bernie sanders is a socialist. where hillary clinton is as
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opposed to barack obama. >> it depends what day of the week you ask her. >> there is a problem in the republican party i'múk[32 hardhe aware of right, the purist, and that's what's driving donald trump right now who says we don't want to hear about any compromises. we want the illegal immigrants deported, all 12 million of them. we want the wall. we want this, we want that. and if you don't give it to us we are not going to vote for you. we are going to stay home. then you have the jeb ring or mitt romney wing that's trying to find a middle ground to solve these problems but still remain conservative. that looks like that's a growing problem in the g.o.p. to me. do you get that? >> well, bill, i think it's not a new problem in the sense that if you go back and look at the elections from my career, my time in '76 ford v. reagan. we have often had especially as we go through the primary process different wings of the party with, you know, remarkable battles. the key for us is to be able to put the party again once we get to the convention. that's a real challenge. >> it is. romney wasn't able to do it.
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>> that's correct. >> you know. and you had to end up sometimes with people staying home rather than going to the polls. >> he you could never figure that out and i don't ever say or endorse candidates who tell anybody to vote for. you are smart enough to know who he to voted for. progressive and stay home that's what you are going to get progressive agenda. it's a changinge graphics are changing. illegal immigration. there is a reason for that not the only reason. go ahead. >> i think there is great entrance. we have 17 candidates. some of them are pretty good. >> he they're all smart. >> broad range of capabilities, philosophy of ideology there. >> you see on talk radio that a lot of them are attacked. you know, if you say a moderate thing well i don't think gay marriage is so bad, wham, you are out of here. it's like this. i think you don't see that in the democratic party. they are much more, you know, even though there is a lot of difference of opinion, they are much more coalesced around each other. >> i don't know, on the democratic side you have the
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whole bernie sanders elizabeth warren wing of the party. >> that's like this, bill. >> i don't know, bill. one of the issues, area of issues that we can find unity on our side that we ought to find unity on our side are the national security issues that are the top priority for folks and ought to be. >> okay. now on the book exceptionalism, i you haven't read the whole thing, it's very timely and i will tell you one thing, because of our abdication of leadership in the world we have this migration problem in europe that we don't spend a lot of time on here. you have 350,000 people wandering on that continent. that's because we would lead and these people want to get the hell out because they are going to get killed by isis or the syrians or iraq or whoever. this is an unintended consequence of us pulling back. that's what your book is, about right? >> exactly. >> if we don't lead we can expect the world to unravel. >> there isn't anybody else to do what we do. >>. well, we appreciate you both coming. in and the book is "exceptional" you ought to check it out. very interesting read.
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next on the rundown federal government says most americans receiving unemployment checks are not looking for work. are you surprised? jorge ramos on why he is so invested in immigration up ahead.
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unresolved problem segment tonight, americans looking for work according to data from the bureau of labor statistics, just 18% of the nearly 3 million americans receiving federal unemployment benefits are actually looking for a job. feds say that on average day, 41% of the unemployed shop in a store or on the net. 84% watch tv or movies. 2 5% spend much of the day on recreational activities. this year american taxpayers will fork over $43 billion
8:23 pm
for the unpolice department. unemployment checks half a year. joining us fromxd tampa jessica erhlick. here in new york city andrea tantaros, host of outnourished. if you don't have a job you still have to live. you have to buy stuff and you should work out so you don't fall apart. the study under indicates that less than one out of five getting the unemployment check looking for work. >> that's right. >> that's outrageous. >> the time they do spend those looking for work that aren't sitting watching lifetime original movies. two hours, that's it it bill, when i was in political political campaigns and i didn't have a job i didn't go on unemployment benefits. i he you always thought look if i ran out of money i could waitress or do something else while looking for a job. i was spending hours, hours trying to find another job. they are not. do you know why? because this administration has made it so easy to collect benefits. >> they are on vacation. >> it's a temporary thing. it's a soffit net. a lot of people use it as a bridge. >> all right. but a lot of people are
8:24 pm
abusing it because he loosened a lot of the welfare requirements and >> you can get food stamps. i was surprised, jessica, now, from a progressive point of view, you know you don't want ever say anything bad about lay abouts, do you know what a about about is, jessica? do you ever hear that expression lay abouts? >> yes, i have. >> people on the doll that don't really want to work. in the pub drinking the guinness. that's what they do. i don't want to broad brush any group. i feel sorry for anybody that doesn't have a job. but if you are not looking, then you think we ought to do something about it what say you? >> yeah, i mean, we have got a sort of interesting dichotomy. i think the numbers are fairly interesting. first of all, they ask people directly and people just said oh, yeah, this are actually spending as much time watching television as they are. >> you have got to trust them. >> i am like who is answering. this there are also all these numbers in terms of
8:25 pm
people, i mean, it's kind of surprising oh, yeah, i was shopping today instead of looking for work. get unemployment actively looking for work. >> to answer your good question, i think they did it in an anonymous way. i'm not going to use knauer im. and people said okay i will tell what you i do. i'm out there with my slinky. remember the little slinkies? that's what i'm doing. this is what i don't understand. and you referenced it your parents were restaurant owners, every greek and american in the world is a restauranteur and you worked in the dine are, right? >> i did. all the time. >> now, when i didn't have a job, i drove a taxicab. and in new york city there have got to be 500,000 people from haiti, from pakistan, all driving taxicabs, they are all making 50, 60 grand, hard but they are making money. there is big signs. taxi drivers needed. all right? and, yet, we have people who can't find a job. every restaurant i go to, i see wait staff needed.
8:26 pm
you can get a job. they just don't want the job. >> why would they if they can get a check for it? why would this go out and look? even beyond that bill, there are jobs but there aren't that many jobs. it's a problem with this economy. and, listen, if you could eat bonbons and sit at home and get a check why would you go to a job you don't want to do? >> i mean, there is also an issue, we are not looking in terms of like the age groups here, right? there is a a lot of baby boomers or folks like my mothers who has a master degree from the london school of economics and other degrees: she is not going to be waiting tables in 64. >> wait a minute, jessica can. >> consulting. she has been in a situation that she didn't expect to find herselves n terms of looking for work. >> if i get fired from the factor, which is always a possibility, and i needed money, all right. i used to the paint houses. i was a teacher, i would go and take those jobs if you needed money. you mean, what's the matter with your mom? >> they are going to hauer you to paint a house now at
8:27 pm
your age? >> you know what i i could charge? because i paint no spin and i would put all that you stuff. i would be a celebrity painter. >> i'm not going to go there but a lot of these jobs are also being affected by illegal immigrants taking the job. >> i don't believe that. >> oh, really, bill? >> i don't believe it. >> really? you really don't think. >> drivers license, can you drive a cab. >> you are wrong on this. you are wrong. >> i'm telling you if you can speak english and paint a house you can get a job. all right? >> but they are not the ones going out looking for the jobs. it is. >> i don't think it had anything to do with that. i just think some people go that's beneath me, i don't want to do blue collar work. you don't have a job? until blue collar work comes along. plenty more athe factor moves along this evening. jorge ramos here. we have plenty of questions about you will legal immigration for him. lou dobbs opposing point of view from jorge ramos. view from jorge ramos. before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain,
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8:32 pm
more than native born households, correct, shannon? >> that's according this new immigration studies. more than half of households headed by immigrant. these are people who either came legally or you will legally admitted the mothers recent year they took these studies and democrat that that they axis i of the major welfare programs. that compares to about 30% of households of those they call native born americans, so there is definitely a spread there. >> why is that? education? >> that in part because a lot of people come here. they are lower skilled workers. they are looking for a better way. of this come to the u.s. but many of them have lower educations, too, a lot of these household especially where somebody didn't graduate from high school. not a single person. 76% of those immigrant households are accessing welfare. >> it's always the same if you have education you will pros officer here. if you work hard, if you don't you won't. the illegal alien who comes to the united states can get, and when we say means tested, that's food stamps and direct payments. not social security and
8:33 pm
medicare. >> right. >> they can get those entitledments, right? it's not hard for illegal aliens to get them, correct? >> it's easier than people would think. it used to be under the um congratulation and nationality act that you had to attest if you were coming here, and that's legally that you wouldn't be dependent on welfare programs that so many of them used to have some sort of gateway that would block people, especially if they weren't here legally. you have got to remember if people have children born here they are u.s. citizens they can get help. there are other avenues for getting the help. >> right, there are actually groups that tell people how to get it and all that. >> they do in many different languages. >> in california, this was a very, very under reported story. it just caught my eye in the "l.a. times." 240 in one sweep. all right. so ewes goes in and arrests 2440 individuals -- 240 individuals. >> 244. we just confirmed one convicted of murder. drugs, child abuse, sex abuse cases. guess which one country most
8:34 pm
of them came from? >> honduras, right? >> mexico. 80%. >> is that right? >> mental co. >> so these are all outstanding warrants. >> yes. >> all of these individuals had warrants out against them? >> they were already convicted in one case one guy already served 10 years in prison and left and just like kate steinle's alleged murderer came back. that's why they went after that. they said this was the most successful type of operation of this kind. ice arrested 27,000 illegals last fiscal year, 78% of criminal histories. >> wow. so they went out in a big sweep in california, violating the sanctuary cities and all of that. and how many ice agents were involved? this must have been a massive operation. >> hour days. big step for one because they have got some previously addicted horrible crimes. >> you didn't hear about it in the mainstream media, interestingly enough. truth serum, everybody. when we come right back, the most controversial story of the evening.
8:35 pm
jorge ramos, the man who challenged donald trump on um congratulation enters the no spin zone. right back with it. when i started at the shelter,
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i noticed benny right away. i just had to adopt him. he's older so he needs my help all day. when my back pain flared up we both felt it i took tylenol at first but i had to take 6 pills to get through the day. then my friend said "try aleve". just two pills, all day. and now, i'm back for my best bud! aleve. all day strong and try aleve pm, now with an easy open cap. thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the personal story seeing isment tonight, anchorman or
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activists on august 25th in iowa. jorge ramos confronted donald trump on immigration. we don't have to play the clips. suffice it to say, there was a little bit of tension. everybody saw it. it's all over the place. joining us now from miami is jorge ramos. so tonight i just want to get the audience to know who you are, jorge, you know? they may be horrified but i think i have to do it? >> maybe not. maybe not. >> absolutely. >> man they agree with me. >> question number one, you don't want a border wall. you don't want that. okay? why not? >> it's a complete absurd idea, why would you want to build a 1900-mile wall between mexico and the united states if almost 40% of all immigrants come by plane and they overstay their visas. so, based on some "new york times" report, it would cost about $20 billion. so clearly, mr. trump's
8:40 pm
problems and maybe yours is with mexicans, not with canadians. why do you want a border with mexico and not with canada? it really doesn't make any sense? >> we don't have an illegal immigration problem with canada. now, in israel, they put up a wall to separate themselves from terrorists. hamas, unfill traitors. this and that. it worked. millions of people have come across that border. most notably recently the man who killed kate steinle who came across that border, jorge six times. sanchez, so, for the benefit of all the people who would like to be south africa, for kate steinle's family, i think we need to put up the wall. >> well, first of all, the problem with on the immigrants has been -- in other words, it's been about 11 million people for the last six years. now, you are talking about kate and let me say something first of all. i you think my condolences to kate's family. as a father, i cannot even imagine what they are going
8:41 pm
through. and kate's brother said yesterday on this show, the system failed. having said that, that's why they are suing the county and a the city of san francisco but this is where we have a difference between you and me. i don't think that what you are opposing is going to work. the only thing that will work -- >> -- we respect your opinion. you don't think it will work. you think it will work. now, we want kate's law which would say if an aggravated felon, someone convicted of an aggravated felony in the united states is deported and comes back, mandatory five year prison, can get more in a federal penitentiary. you support that? >> no. because i don't think. >> that's outrawj just. that's outrageous. >> approaching the problem in a global way. this is a problem. i'm not here to be defend criminals. >> you are. you are an enabler. jorge, you are enabling that guy sanchez. >> to the full extent of the law.
8:42 pm
however, what you are proposing, bill, you would be putting in jail a mother or a father. >> oh, stop it. it clearly says. >> come bag back to see their children and you might be put in jail. >> jorge, you not supporting kate's law means that you don't care because all your theory, and all your stuff ain't going to stop them. >> i just think i don't agree with your idea. you have to concentrate on enforcement, background which cans, at the time you have to resolve the situation of 11 million people in this country. >> that's mother matter, jorge. >> you can chew gum and walk at the same time. it's another matter. do you believe that mexican nationals and you were one, you came to the united states on a student visa and then, i guess, you did everything legally and you are here and you are successful. >> i did. i'm a u.s. citizen, bill like you. >> guatemalan nationals, honduran nationals have a right to come to the united states? do you believe that? >> they have a right to come to the united states? if they do it legally, yes.
8:43 pm
now, on the other hand do you know why they keep coming? they keep coming for a is he simple reason. we give them jobs. there are millions of americans including you and the audience who benefit from the work. that's why they are coming and, therefore, we are also response suble for that. >> now, listen, so you said, you just said they have to come legally. they can't come illegally. but you, jorge ramos will not punish those who have come illegally. >> you want to criminalize a whole community for a crime that only one person did and then at the same time, we are also responsible. do you think this are just not coming because they want to go to disneyland, of course not. >> i have said that many times you don't want to hold them accountable. >> jobs nobody else wants to do. we are giving them jobs. that's why they are coming, bill. >> you can't have it both ways. you can't say they can't come illegally and then when they get here say that's okay, you can't do that.
8:44 pm
that's absurd. now, last question. >> you have a huge problem with 11 million undocumented immigrants. >> and we can deal with it. >> who are not criminals. who are not rapists. and, therefore, we have to find a solution. >> you have to pay a price. >> it isn't going to work, bill. >> not for mass depoor talking and you know it now, you are an anchorman, how you can possibly cover illegal immigration fairly when you are an activist, you are a proponent of allowing them amnesty? how can you possibly cover this story? you should6l from it or recuse yourself from it. or become like me, a commentator? >> i'm just a reporter. >> you are not. >> asking questions. you are an ache at this it vista. >> mr. o'reilly, i don't think you are the right person to lecture me on advocacy on when you spend most of your opinion giving opinion. >> i'm a commentator that's what i do. president president obama
8:45 pm
and. >> people will decide themselves. they can watch your interview with obama and watch my interview with obama. i will tell you. what my interview was 100 times harder. jorge, become like me a commentator. you are not a news man anymore. you are advocate anymore. >> i'm simply a reporter asking questions. >> you are not. >> sometimes as a reporter you have to take a stand when it comes to racism, discrimination. >> you are activist. >> corruption, public life. you have to take a position and that's what i'm too long. >> nobody has ever been in a reportorial range. >> do your job. >> what donald trump is doing is dangerous. >> >> jorge, that's your opinion. >> that's our job as reporters. >> a reporter reports, doesn't give an opinion. a commentator gives an opinion. >> we worth report but we also have to challenge those who are in power. >> you can challenge but you -- way beyond that.
8:46 pm
>> of a journalist is to challenge these who are in power. >> jorge, you are doing exactly what i'm doing, manual, you just don't have the title. goofed to he see you, thanks for coming on. >> i appreciate this dialogue hun national weather servicely, i think it's important that we have it. >> lou dobbs on deck. he will react when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini. [eerie music] i am the ghost of cookies' past...residue. gross. well, you didn't use pam. so it looks like you're stuwith me! bargain brand cooking spray leaves annoying residue. that's why there's pam.
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8:49 pm
back of the book segment tonight, let let's get right to lou dobbs who is a big time anchor he says on the fox business network. >> absolutely. >> your reaction to me and jorge? >> a spirited conversation you might say. >> yes. >> and as usual, jorge is a man -- i have known him for over a decade -- he is in the only an activist as you say and point out correctly, but he is also a propagandist. he is serving interests beyond the apparent.
8:50 pm
and you mentioned the fact that is an american citizen. he became an american citizen in 2000 2008. he is a citizen of mostly cloudy skies co. he comes to the issue with let's say a divided perspective. i divided perspective. i think that context -- >> i don't see the propaganda. i think he believes everything he says. he selects statistic to back up what he says and he doesn't look at other statistics to balance it out. >> et will's take a look at the balance. in mexico if you leigh the country or are deported and you return, you're subject to a ten-year prison sentence. >> even if you're not a criminal. >> just for coming back, jumping the line. >> we're a better country than mexico, our justice system. >> that's a condescending view. >> no. our justice system is better. >> we're treating mexico like a junior league partner rather than an equal partner. >> should we adopt their
8:51 pm
draconian laws? >> no. we should hold them responsible for their actions because the government of mexico is without question the right partner to build a laws or enforce border security. there are a number of way to do it. >> you think the wall would work? >> i think the wall. rick perry says simply put surveillance and troops, policem policemen along the border. >> there's got to be a penalty for coming across illegal. >> jorge doesn't want any penalty on anyone wib including felons for crossing the border. >> that's shocking. i want to tell everybody we had to edit jorge for time a little bit. but the whole interview is on and i told jorge that. i told him we had to cut for time. >> jorge said that he has to take a stand in responding to your suggestion of becoming a
8:52 pm
commentator against racism and corruption. where was his stand with what was going on in mexico. the country has lost 150,000 people to the cartels. >> look, i get your point. >> it's el salvador but they're working for the cartel. >> but what your passion, you started at cnn, is korg this issue from your point of view. >> that's one of the issues, absolutely. >> why did you take this issue and run with it? >> because the impact -- and i started back in the early 2000 focusing on this issue because the people of this country are being gamed. they're spending a billion and and a half dollars. there is no issue in the world that comes close to illegal immigration and the impact on employment, on our minority community that has extraordinary
8:53 pm
unemployment levels. >> you believe that illegal aliens take jobs from other people who would do them in. >> that happens to be a zero sum game. >> jorge would say no. >> i don't care what jorge would say. he says he should open the border and let semi trucks -- oh, i'm sorry. semi trucks are proceeding across the border. >> lou dobbs, everybody. factor tip of the day, is it possible for a conservative entertainer to win an emmy. is that possible? the tip, moments away. it's intelligent enough to warn of danger from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed, dropped and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken, rattled and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... the cold... and dragged through the mud.
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hitl hitler's last days, number two on the kids best selling list. "killing regan" out in less than three weeks. now the mail. asheville, north carolina, funny how president obama contacted michael brown's family but not the steinle's. for the record, mr. obama did not directly contact the brown family. les from arizona, suing san francisco is a good idea but the steinles are responsible for voting for the liberal politicians. you don't know know what you're talking about. the steinles don't live in san francisco. i cut you slack by not giving your last name but you need to wise i up. florida, i find it ridiculous how the sanctuary cities are designed to protect the illegal aliens but not people like kate
8:57 pm
steinle. perhaps we can organize a movement that says "innocent lives matter." achbt any from pensacola, three recent killing of police officers, you call it an epidem epidemic. five killings of african american men and you use statistics. 99.9% of all police interactions are peaceful. killing police officers is another matter. the recent rash of that must be reported in the context of civil unrest. my analysis is honest and fact based. mary ann, florida, a lot of floridians tonight. o'reilly i'm impressed that you know what a podcast is. i'm on one every day, mary ann. i also know what pod people are, from watching the movie
8:58 pm
"invasion of the body snatchers." and if we keep up this with these doping machines, many more pod people will be among us. fran see, south miami, florida, why can't we have miller more than once a week. that's all his patrol officer will allow, francine. miller is on vacation this week but i'm sending you two ticket to see us at the hard rock hotel in broward county on november 7th to the "don't be a pin head show." two other shows with tickets left. info on the factor tip of the day, in the august 24th edition of variety there's a big picture of me and my pal jon stewart. under the picture is the caption, "jon stewart won the variety emmy ten times. bill o'reilly has never been nominated in the category. i'm not in entertainment like stewart is but the point is well
8:59 pm
taken. fox news doesn't enter the emmy competition because we don't believe we'll get a fair shake there. but i must say the last year "killing kennedy" was nominated and this year "killing jesus" is nominated as an emmy for best film. will jesus win? we'll know on september 20th. and if it wins the emmy, i will pub liblgly say hallelujah. factor tip of the day. please check out the fox news factor website which is different from bill o' name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be a louche when writing to the factor. tomorrow we have an interesting report on dr. ben carson that i think you're going to want to see. all right? kind of controversial but we'll have it for you probably leading
9:00 pm
off the factor on thursday night. again, thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is next. please remember the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, two big items on donald trump, jeb bush and the gop field as trump gets very personal in a new attack on jeb bush. and fox confirms the republican national committee is now asking for a loyalty pledge that appears aimed directly at donald trump. welcome to the kelly file. i'm megyn kelly. fox confirmed these reports just a few hours ago, several campaigns telling us the republican national committee fashioned a pledge for the candidates to sign vowing that they will not consider a third party run if they do not get the gop nomination. it appears aimed directly at trump who refused to agree to that condition when pressed


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