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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 2, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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twitter. let us know what you think. that's all the time we have this evening. we hope you set your dvr so you never miss an episode. when you're not here, we feel your absence. anyway, thanks for being with us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. this is a fox news alert. an officer murdered and fear is growing that three violent armed and dangerous men will not hesitate to kill again, including the police that are now hunting them tonight. they have already murdered one officer, lt. joseph gliniewicz a police officer gunned down in cold blood. fox news has live team coverage on the ground. let's start with mike tobin who is live in fox lake. >> greta, you can see the makeshift memorial that is growing behind me. i can take you to live pictures right now of a candlelight vigil here in fox lake in the memory of lt. joe gliniewicz, a man who endeared by this community they gave him the nickname g.i. joe. the people have gathered here and rallied around the
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cause. we see they have already made bumper stickers. the mayor says they have gotten so much support from the public it's helping the leadership of this town and the police carry on, gather strength in a very difficult time. as far as the manhunt, and the investigation, it is still very intense. you have got over 150 investigators who are out here. we saw investigators, heavily armed, body armor, weapons at the ready descend on a house in fox lake earlier today. all we know is that they interviewed a few people. they took a few people away. i'm told by investigators to not make too much out of the body armor and the weapons. they are looking for cop kill ares. they are going to gear up before every stop they make. as far as the stop at this particular house it's one of many. it's all part of the investigation. we know that videotape from security cameras has been gathered up. too early to determine if anything valuable has been captured on camera. we know that an autopsy is complete and evidence gathered part of the investigation. it's not public. one thing would know now is why the initial stop was made on tuesday morning.
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lt. gliniewicz said radioed in that he had spotted some suspicious individuals. you are talking about an area that's an industrial park. a lot of abandoned structures out there. they looked like they didn't belong. lt. gliniewicz wanted to simply get to the bottom of what they were doing there. greta? >> mike, in terms of the body, i assume that there was a gun that was removed from officer gliniewicz. so i i assume that there is a possibility of d.n.a. around his body? i assume that they are doing everything they can to look at his clothing? do you have any information about that at all? >> you have to assume all that, but really all we have through the qualified source is simply that is part of the investigation. none of that is going to be released. >> all right. and nobody saw get away car? because those three men who were suspicious, they had to get there somehow. i take it i mean this is not an area where you are not going to have hitchhikers and not going it have pedestrians. looks like an area probably drive a car to get there? >> you could get there on foot. there were a lot of building. there were some retail structures around.
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some businesses that you wouldn't> around. like there is an oil change place out there. but the area where the shooting happened itself, you would have to travel a little bit on foot to get there. and it looks to me like as far as being close to another building have any reason to be there, they were a little far away for that all to make sense why you would be weren't looking for mischief. >> mike, thank you. obviously these men are very dangerous. thank you, mike. the manhunt is on. heavily armed police and federal agents are wydening the search area to capture these very dangerous criminals. the head of the lake county major crime task force chief george blanco and christopher can can cavelli go n the record. i have to extend our condolences. i know how tough this is. he was one of yours. this is happening across the country. i know how the police are feeling. i get the message on my facebook every day. my heart breaks for you. i know you have a mission now to find these killers.
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so, tell me, chief, first to you, what's the best evidence you have right now going after these killers? >> >> currently the best evidence we have is some of the forensics we have recovered from the crime scene itself and obviously the autopsy that was conducted yesterday evening. some of the other evidence that's coming in is some of the community support, tips and leads that we're receiving from the residents of fox lake. and actually some of the surrounding communities as well. >> detective, in terms of the forensic, what would make the most sense to me is that when that gun was grabbed you had to have contact with the officer went down. so i assume that, you know, what this are combing the clothes for is some d.n.a. to see if there is a match from the d.n.a. database. is there any recoverable d.n.a.? >> all of that is still being tested. it's all in the works route now. it's part of the investigation as it would be any homicide investigation that we would be working. >> chidd, you have to worry
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about your officers out there looking for these guys tonight because they have already killed one police officer. they have got nothing to lose. they are armed. they have a weapon. what do you tell your officers as they go out there and look? obviously extremely dangerous situation. >> yes. safety is of concern. we have got hourly briefings. we are putting the officers in a situation like this out in teams of five or six. that's why we told some of the media not to read too much in to some of what we are doing out there obviously described earlier we have cop killers on the loose so anything is possible. our officers are geared up and ready for any type of situation. detective, is there any indication that they might be in the area? i don't know the area. it seems to me they had to get there and i suspect that one of the drove there.
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after killing the officer they got there, drove away split up and who knows where they are now? >> all things we are looking into. yesterday we had over 400 police officers on the ground here searching the area. searching that two mile radius. we had over 49 canine units and six air support units in the air as well. today lake county sheriff's office illinois state police has dramatically increased their presence in the fox lake area. we are doing that for a couple reasons so we can quickly respond to calls from the public. in addition to that, we need to make sure that the public here in fox lake knows that we are with them. we are here to protect them. we are going to work every step of the way with them to get life back to normal here on fox lake. >> chief, as i understand, sort of an industrial park area from mike tobin, one of my colleagues. are there surveillance cameras, security cameras up in the%dy3 i suppose you have gone through all the feeds if there are. did anything get caught on camera? these three men approaching or walking in the area or leaving the area? >> yeah, part of our process
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is to collect any type of evidence, video evidence, of course is of we have collected numerous videos. not just from the industrial area but surrounding households gas stations. we collected a video today from a truck driver who had a self-purchased video within his truck that passed by the area. we currently are; with some of the federal authorities. homeland security who are bringing out some advanced technology to sort through the video and do some enhancements for us. >> and, of course, just a note to the public, i mean, any tip, you know, would be greatly appreciated. now, somebody knows something because if someone showed up at your house and said i just killed a cop you need to make 91 is 1 call very fast. i don't know if you can see this but there is a vigil going on right now for officer gliniewicz. a lot of people turning out to honor this man. very sad what happened.
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detective, are you getting tips? are people calling things in? >> people are calling things in. and we're major crime task force is tracking down every tip that does come in. the community is very involved, which is very important. in a situation like this. >> well, i don't know if you watched our show but we have been doing a lot of these topics of police getting killed whether the two in new york or the two in louisiana or the one in nevada or the one in texas. chief, what's going on in this country? is there a different -- i mean, is there a war on police essentially? >> >> you know, that's a question that's being asked i know nationally. speaking as aav;1q[@>jtt chief it is of great concern. there are several theories out there reluctance by officers, of course, to use applicable force. again, a national loss in confidence in policing. those are grave concerns. right now our focus is on
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the fox lake community. and, of course, involving this heinous murder of one of our brother officers. >> indeed. and i totally understand. obviously that has to be highest priority. thank you both for joining us. i hope you get these men and get them tonight before they hurt anybody else, especially since they obviously have killed already. thank you, sir. thank you both. >> thank you. >> "on the40+1;3bjd investigates the murder of police officer joseph gliniewicz. our own ted williams spoke with two people who knew that now officer who served his community for more than three decades. >> he was well-loved in this town. he family man. i knew his four boys very well. and he was a good man. i mean, he was always at community events. and always working with the explorers. he was in charge of the police explorers. he worked very well with
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kids and fox lake. >> what kind of a police officer was he? >> an outstanding police officer. i can see joe joe taking off after these suspects by himself because he was that type of guy. he showed no fear. >> there was no event you could go to on fox lake and not see joe. he was involved in the scouting community. he was involved with the youth. so this is literally one of these types of individuals that has been a model citizen. it's been really a model police officer and an honor to have known him. >> former homicide detective and criminal defense attorney ted williams is live in fox lake. ted, it looks to me in this investigation the best chance of getting these killers are a videotape caught something, d.n.a. on the descend officer's clothing that matches some d.n.a. in some database, or one of the three or all three say something really stupid to someone or show up some place and somebody steps forward. otherwise, these three are gone. >> yeah, greta.
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i have to agree with you on all of the above. when you go to any kind of a crime scene, and by the way i did, in fact, go to the crime scene here where lieutenant gliniewicz was shot and killed. and all of these crime scenes there is some physical evidence left, one way or another. it is my understanding that his gun was out of his holster. there may very well be some d.n.a., fingerprints there, clearly, they were there, greta. they left that scene, meaning law enforcement. i got the chance exclusively go by you there and i was exclusively by there when law enforcement came back and said that they were going to reopen the crime scene that i was in at the time. they are now looking, greta, for additional crews even -- clues even in that area. >> you know, here's the ugly terrifying thing is that they have killed. they have murdered. there is nothing to stop them from murdering again
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because they have got nothing to lose because you kill a police officer, and you are in deep trouble. you know, they have nothing to lose. so to approach these three, any citizen or any police officer is at >> you are absolutely right about that, greta. but what i have found in these kind of criminal investigations, when you are dealing with three individuals, somebody normally talks to somebody else and as a result of that, those people who they talked to will in touch with law enforcement. i don't know if that's going to happen. but it's rare that all three of them are going to be closed-mouthed and stuck together in this killing. >> all right. well it will be very helpful tonight to put out a reward for any information because people oftentimes talk when there is money on the line. ted, thank you for joining us. and, of course, we are going to continue to follow this manhunt in illinois. we will bring you the very latest as it happens. and right now tensions are very high not far from here but in baltimore.
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even after a judge refused to dismiss charges against six police officers in connection with the death of unarmed black man freddie gray. the 25-year-old died in april after suffering a spine cord injury while in police custody. gray's death leading to looting and rioting that shut down baltimore. tonight we have live team coverage from the streets of baltimore to the courthouse. "on the record's" griff jenkins was in that courthouse today and joins us life. griff? >> greta, -- here in the courtroom, judge handing down three rulings in pre-trial hearings. motions to dismiss all the charges and a motion to recuse states attorney marilyn mosby denied. of course, a clear victory there for mosby's office. the defense said that they were disappointed but many of these you, will resurface in trial. then this afternoon, we learned there will be six separate trials. judge williams ruled against trying any of the officers together. saying that to do so would not be in the interest of
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justice. he pointed to the problem of mutually admissible evidence in the case. so we will have six separate trials for each of the officers in this case. the next thing that will happen will be a hearing next week, a motion to change of venue, greta. judge williams was very animated 2c court at times arguing with both the prosecution and the defense. and at one point even lecturing everyone on legal etiquette and reprimanded anyone for name-calling. greta? >> was marilyn mosby there at as the head prosecutor and if so was she sitting at the table and was she the lead prosecutor or was she sort of sitting there watching? >> she was there for bothth morning and the afternoon hearing. she sat just behind her team. she did not do any of the arguing herself. interestingly, a bit of color, the fra of police union president gene ryan, lieutenant gene ryan very much at odds with
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mosby sat behind her in the audience. i asked her for a comment off camera. i said any reaction today ms. mosby. >> only this will be litigated in court. greta? and, no doubt, she is opposing the change of venue. now she has six trials to contend to with her office. next week there is going to be a hearing where those six trials are going to be. but she obviously -- she wants them in baltimore, right? >> absolutely she does. that will be a very big hearing. perhaps one of the biggest take aways today though, the defense attorneys talking to me off cameras cameras in courtm saying this was a big, big win for them to have these officers tried separately because mosby's charges range in the indictments so differently. so this is seen as a bit of a blow to ms. mosby today and, like i said a quote, big, big win for the defense. the change of venue is the next thing that will certainly be a blow to ms. mosby if, indeed, it's
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changed. >> i admit it's a bug win for the defense lawyers. i have got to tell you give lawyers always say they won no matter what. she would say what a big win it was for her that the judge didn't throw her off the case. anyway, they each got a big win. anyway, griff, thank you. and right now demonstrators in baltimore more protesters could erupt there is a baltimore orioles game in downtown baltimore. that was the scene of a large protest in april. earlier today these protesters taking to the streets of baltimore's inner harbor about a block or two from orioles ball park. leland vittert is live in baltimore. leland? >> greta, this evening's protests seem to be much more of a whimper than a bang. you can see a couple dozen or so [inaudible] they are outnumbered certainly by the police. two to one by the police here and you see how the
11:17 pm
police are handling this. no one is really concerned that it is going to turn into some type of violent riot it will be hard to show a greater difference. >> leland, we are having a hard time hearing you. i know that you can't hear very well there. i don't know if your mike is picking up the audio. we are having a hard time hearing you there. you might want to speak up a little bit. >> is this any better? >> not a whole lot. but we have got the point. you are there at a protest. we can tell that. and the protest is the result of a hearing today. and it looks like the protests is a peaceful one, right? >> >> peaceful indeed but just not very many of them and not that animated. >> what are they saying on the loud speaker? what's the conversation? [chanting] >> no justice, no peace. but it involves a lot of different issues that they are complaining about. >> no justice. no peace. >> leland, you are a good sport. thank you for helping us out tonight. and a short time ago, as you can see leland was having a hard time getting that mike
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a short time ago the judge ordering six separate trials for the baltimore police officers accused in the death of freddie gray. that ruling has to have prosecutor marilyn mosby fuming tonight. the "on the record" legal panel is here former prosecutor katie fang and former homicide detective and defense attorney ted williams. katie as a former prosecutor her head must be spuing.
11:22 pm
she doesn't have one trial but six. obviously the first bun one will be highest profile. >> the defense is row rejoicing tonight. it's the divide and conquer theory. six bites to knock maury lynn mosby off of her block. right now the defense is going to be preparing for that september 10th change of venue motion. we heard from griff how important that motion is going to be. not quite sure if judge barry williams if i can read tea leaves. not quite sure is he is going to grant that motion. right result to appellate you, that might arise later on. >> ted, i think it's a particularly good sign for the police officers with the least serious charges lodged against them. because i assume that she will go for the murder charge first she will try that prosecutors get pretty tired of trying the same4sd'ño% again i actually think it's good news for whoever might be at the end of the line. >> if i was a defense
11:23 pm
attorney tonight, i would be in my office popping the champagne corks. this was a huge, huge struck tri for them. the evidence in this going to come forward. and i agree she may very well go with officer who has been charged with second degree murder. but, greta, when you look at the six individual officers in this case, even our viewers can't tell you what any-you-individual officer did. that's going to be very crucial. she is going to have to show her hand. she is going to have to show her evidence. this was an excellent ruling for the defense tonight. >> you know, katie, what i would be doing if i were a defense attorney tonight representing the police officers, i would have a video camera down at that protest. and ill would be interviewing people and i would be taking video of that protest and that's what i would use next week in my change of venue motion when i would be arguing to the judge that my client, the police officers couldn't get a fair deal. i would present this evidence on the day of what
11:24 pm
is essentially an ainnocuous motion stay if they get a protest with that, what are they going to get with the trial? >> purely legal day for all intents and purposes. look at the amount of people who are there. look at the protests that are happening. look at the fact that they have already had to effect the arrest of a local activist and consider the following. they have been interviewing people who have said if the outcome from next week's motion to change venue is against the state attorney, there is going to be riots. and there is going to be some reckoning. that type of threat would be something for barry wums to consider. >> wait a minute, katie, the judge has to decide on a change of venue as to whether these officers can get a fair and impartial trial in baltimore. i don't know even if you look at as greta said the amount of demonstrators out there that's that's enough of the community to make that discussion. >> your jury pool. >> ted, absolutely. it may not be a big protest, it may not be a big protest,
11:25 pm
but for a rather innocuous court date to draw people out there, are you kidding? if you are trying to milwaukee sure that someone gets a fair trial and they get even a hearing stay to protest even if it's small. i think that's important. katie, i will give you the last word because i'm not going to let ted talk. >> here's the bottom line, that is your jury pool. you get a jury of your piers and that's what you get when you are a criminal defendant. so if it's people that are out there rioting and protesting and being out in the streets and those are the people that are going to be your possible venire, why not change the venue to somewhere other than baltimore? why not eliminate that potential issue greta and ted? >> that's why i gave katie the last word because she agreed with me. thank you both. do you like former secretary of state hillary clinton? apparently 50% of the country does not. that's a problem for her. karl rove is here. plus donald trump taking aim plus donald trump taking aim in latest
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it's gone from bad to worse. form are secretary of state hillary clinton has slipped further in the polls, a brand new abc news "the washington post" poll finds only 45% of americans have a favorable view of hillary clinton. now, that's a 7 point drop since july. so how;,dmv former secretary pull out of this downward spiral and you can vote now. you think hillary's email server scandal will doom her campaign? tweet yes or tweet no using
11:30 pm
#greta. we will show you the live results. now former senior advisor george w. bush karl rove goes "on the record." hillary clinton has unfavorable of a 3%. that can't be good. >> no, it's not. and it's likely to get worse we have got to remember this is being driven by generalized impressions about the email scandal, not specific impressions about her behavior in it. they just think when this listen to her on camera when she is trying to explain this to people that she is misleading them and lying to them frankly. can you see it in iowa where there was a poll, des moines register bloomberg politics poll where she has now since may lost over 1/3 of her support and dropped to essentially 37 points with bernie sanders on her tail at 30 points, which pretty dramatic turn around. i think it has to do with the problems that she has
11:31 pm
intrinsically as a candidate. >> i try to think how does she rauzi her favorability? and the only thing i can think of everybody going at her unfairly. only appealing everyone has unfairly gone after her. >> i couldn't agree more with you. if she had adopted right at the beginning the tone that she sort of has touched the last couple of days. she has been all over the board but the last couple of days she has tried to say you know what? if i had to t. do over again i wouldn't have done it this way. i would have had two devices. that is long after the cow has left the barn so to speak and is not very strong and not very credible. you agree with you, the only way it happens if s. if this thing gets overplayed and she is a victim. having said that, just remember she is leading the republican field still in the national polls. she is a weak candidate.
11:32 pm
and she is has largely solidified the democratic party. this will tighten up some. right now she leads marco rubio by just over two points in the real clear politics average. jeb four, scott walker 4.' 7. rand paul 5. ted cruz 7.6. mike huckabee 88 points to trump nearly 9 points. kasich 9 points. car sob 10.3, fiorina and christie in the 11. she is a weak candidate. but the republicans have got a lot of work to do in order to defeat her when the election rolls around next fall. >> karl, thank you. always nice to talk to you. >> thanks, greta. >> g.o.p. frontrunner donald trump and apparently the masser of instagram. using instagram to blast iran nuclear deal. >> a powerful display of american leadership and diplomacy shows what we can accomplish when we lead from position of strength, iran could move closer to a nuclear bomb.
11:33 pm
>> the "on the record" political panel is here from the "weekly standard" johncormie washington examiner" political correspondent byron york. i look at this and look at the visual i think to myself all the u.s. senators have taken to the microphone. all the op. ed's. donald trump shows up with a 20 second instagram and punches the issue out easier. >> absolutely. he is really good at this. this may be the first thing he has done in a few days that wasn't attacking jeb bush. this is, look, it plays very, very well with republicans who pretty much unanimously believe that president obama is giving away the store on this deal and just as we have seen in some of his videos attacking fellow candidates. he can be really, really effective in a very short period of time. >> you know what else i think is amazing, john, he really you is a good businessman. he is spending his own moneyed in the campaign but is he not spending money. instagram doesn't cost a dime. he is not rolling out expensive stuff. he is not spending any
11:34 pm
money. >> a master of earned media all the networks are covering him. >> even instagram is free. >> and picked up on the news. he is very savvy that way. it's effective ad in that there are so many parts of this deal you can get ross. $140 billion to iran go to terror self-inspections. the fact that obama went out there anding in united stated with hostage take ares and couldn't get the hostages back. that shows how pathetic if there was any good faith on the iranian part these people would have been freed at the start of the negotiations they wouldn't still be sitting there at the end of the negotiations. >> many would say you don't want to tie hostages to the nuclear agreement. that's a tough issue to make these pawns. people will go out and pick up a lot of americans. it was not so wildly unusual. >> here's the deal in which you do have bipartisan majorities opposed to this, the question now, it appears that president obama has gotten over the veto barrier, but they still may, both the house and the senate still may, if the
11:35 pm
senate can get to 60 votes pass resolutions of disapproval of this. so, trump is on very solid political ground with the republican base on this. >> fox news has just confirmed and you will love to harr this, john, 2:00 p.m. tomorrow ryans priebus business is meeting with donald trump in new york? >> yes there is a report out today that the loyalty pledge trying to get the candidates to take. not clear if there are any repercussions for not signing this pledge. >> you commit not to running alleges a third party? >> you would commit new lose the nomination to supporting the candidate. they want all the candidates to sign it came out just this evening. there is not actually any -- doesn't seem like there is any teeth to this thing or punishment for not signing it. >> it doesn't have law enforcement powers. it is striking that he is doing. this this is kind of the rnc version of bret baier's first question at the debate which is asking everybody to pledge to support the republican nominee and not run as a third party
11:36 pm
candidate. every other candidate 17 man race has already done. this so it's all about trump. and it's going to be yet another media event. >> bibut why -- what's in it for him to do it, john? suppose he says i'm not going to sign your stupid pledge. i don't want to sunni a pledge. i'm not going to commit myself. what's in it for trump to sign it? >> i think there are a lot of republican primary voters who are concerned about a candidate who might run third party. trump is doing well 20's maybe low 30's in some polls. >> is that a deal breaker? >> of course. i mean, that's 70%, 80% who doesn't currently support him. they are out there wondering -- he was a hillary clinton supporter a few years ago. can we trust him? >> trump has said running as a third party candidate in the race would be very damaging for the republican nominee. i asked him about 1992 when ross perot ran. i said was ross perot a spoiler? said in a second absolutely.
11:37 pm
>> i don't see donald trump cowering to the rnc. he hasn't shown any indication that he is going to listen to anybody. maybe he will sign it tomorrow at 2:00. maybe 2:300 we will know. we will have breaking news. >> we will. >> never dull. thank you both. president obama scoring a major win today. not everyone is happy about it. senator rand p
11:38 pm
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11:41 pm
president obama scoring a major win today as he gets critical backing for his highly controversial iran nuclear deal. retiring maryland democratic senator barbara mckowski announcing her support for the deal. with her yes vote, president now has enough votes to block republicans from veto towing the deal. g.o.p. presidential candidate senator rand paul goes "on the record." nice to see you, sir. >> thanks for having me. >> so, barbara mckowski puts him over the top? >> i think we have all prematurely given the president a victory without announcing how badly he is going to be defeated. 66 u.s. senators are going to vote to disprove of the
11:42 pm
iranian agreement. that's two thirds of the senate. it's all the republicans and 12 democrats are going to vote to disapprove of it now can overturn it with a veto and sustain a veto? yeah, but we haven't even gotten to the disapproval yet. i think we need to announce and go through the process of disapproving it before we talk about the veto. >> here is the thing that disturbs me. this isn't naming a post office, obviously. this is nuclear weapons. has a complete copy of the deal with all the side deals and all the secret deals been delivered to every member of the house and senate so everyone who is voting knows exactly what's in it and read it? >> that's crazy that we would actually be able to read the bills and read about what we are voting on. yeah, absolutely we should. >> but you have seen everything? >> no. i haven't seen the side deal. >> barbara mckowski hasn't seen this either then? >> no. and i think it's more party loyalty than it is anything else. i think he has gotten the people who will vote with the president because of
11:43 pm
party loyalty regardless of the facts. >> for me, i think that's insane. i don't know how you vote on something so important. i can't make a judgment on it because no one -- i can't read the bill. i can't see the side deals. and i think anyone who is going to be responsible to a constituent is going to -- this one, read it, understand it, know everything about it before making a decision. >> well, to my mind, what's very important is that there needs to be some leverage to ensure compliance by the iranians. i want it to work. i do want negotiations to work. i think negotiations are preferable to war. at the same time the iranians have a long history of duplicity and not adhearing to international agreements. so i had always hoped that if there were an agreement, that there would be a very slow releasing of sanctions over many year period to ensure compliance. i think that's a problem. >> do you know for sure. there is a report that the u.n. is going to outsource the iaea going to outsource the inspections to the iranians to do almost an honor system. do you know is that part of this? >> that's concerning.
11:44 pm
>> is that part of this. >> i think that's some of it i you think there also is some that will be be remotely monitored that will be 24 hour cameras and monitoring. i you think so. sampling will be done by the iranians. that also concerns me because this is about trust, but reagan's whole deal was trust, but verify, and the verification is the most important aspect when dealing. >> for the life of me, i don't know how anyone possibly votes on this without having a complete grasp on every single aspect of this. i think party loyalty on this is irresponsible way to vote. >> it's also why it's important that we not announce that this is a victory for the president. he is going to have two thirds. >> they have already announced the numbers. >> i know. there is going to be a vote of disapproval. two thirds of the senate is going to vote to disapprove of this. the numbers i believe they are announcing is that they can sustain a veto, right? >> i guess. >> so there is going to be a vote. there is going to be a defeat. there is going to be a rebuke of the president over 60 senators will vote to rebuke that. >> ultimately it's going to sustain a veto -- ultimately
11:45 pm
it passes and no one has read the thing. >> going to pass with the support of 34 senators. 66 are opposed to this. shows that two thirds of the senate is opposed to this. and the majority of the house is opposed to this. >> you and i are both have different upsets. senator, nice to so you, sir. >> thanks for having me. >> south american country trying to cover murder of an american teen. major5]y7
11:46 pm
11:47 pm
11:48 pm
11:49 pm
brand new development tonight in the case we can covering only "on the record." alex was found dead while vight paraguay. police unusually called it a suicide. new evidence forces them to reopen the case as mardi gras. tonight police may be closer to finding out what may have happened. former senior investigator
11:50 pm
test test. test test still pushing both the paraguay government and our own government to fully engage in this investigation. there have been no arrests. the likeliest suspect has fled to germany. and there is just no real forward momentum. >> all right. so what happened was that this young american, alex, was in paraguay, and there was a report that he committed suicide? is that the first report? >> the first report was that he had chitted suicide. in fact, what most lukely happened was a classmate, whom he was visiting, was playing with a gun, put the gun to alex's head and pulled the trying are, killing him instantly. we know that a ranch hand working for the boy's family switched out the guns and then later admitted to doing so. he has indicted on the obstruction of justice. the problem is the qjvestigation.c$e5 the paraguay investigator originally is said that alex
11:51 pm
had committed suicide. that was ridiculous. had no powder on his hand and the investigator didn't bother to check for powder on anybody else's hands. >> of course now the german friend has now fled to germany so we will see what happens there. >> correct. >> john, thank you very much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> and alex family's help from theirches for congressman. chris van holland has he called on investigation of the case. i know from speaking to the family they are quite grateful for your help because this is great -- when your son in another country gets murdered to try it get help. what you can tell me tonight, sir, in terms of pushing this investigation? >> it is a real tragedy, greta. alex who lost husband life in paraguay should right now be enrolled in montgomery college here in maryland. that was his plan before this tragic accident. get to the bottom of things.
11:52 pm
as indicated the investigation at the beginning was botched. i have spoken directly to the ambassador of paraguay. indicating to the ambassador that the fbi is ready to provide any kind of assistance to the fbi if they need it. the fbi has said they are standing by and ready. as of right now the current plan is for there to be reenactment of the crime scene this coming week, next week. you spoke to kim luck, the aunt today. and one of the questions, of course, will be whether this fellow renee, who fled to germany, will come back. there is no indication at this point in time that he would return to paraguay for this reenactment. so that's an update. we are working very closely with the family. we are in touch with the fbi. and, as i said, i have been in touch with the ambassador from paraguay to the united3÷aud states. the nothing could do
11:53 pm
the young man in germany to go to paraguay? there is nothing you can do there? >> well, my understanding is if does not come for this reenactment, then interpol will issue. they will seek an arrest warrant through interpol to bring him to >> all right. so paraguay is getting aggressive in it then? he you mean, at first paraguay sort of looked the other way. if paraguay is going to ask for that, that's @h]íká a big ? >> i think so. we are having this -- as i say they are going to have this reenactment. we have requested -- we have been in touch with our embassy in paraguay. we have requested -- our embassy there has requested that we have a representative from the embassy present for the reenactment. we are still waiting to see if that request will be granted. >> would you describe this paraguay being cooperative with us? >> well, as was indicated, you think the original investigation was botched. but, so far, at least in our
11:54 pm
communications with the ambassador there, ambassador here, they seem to understand this terrible situation. and understand the concerns of the family. we'll have tj66ait and how this reenactment goes. as you say, whether they doihzcw aggressively. >> or not. >> try to bring renee to justice. what the family is looking for is justice. >> congressman, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and coming up, i'm going
11:55 pm
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let's all go off-the-record, our top leaders must show top support four our leader's law enforcement. it's very important. not enough to issue a written statement. that's just an after thought. so last night, right here, i called out both president obama and attorney general loretta lynch for not making on camera strong public condemnations for what is happening to law enforcement in this country. you used the word condemnation because it requires condemnation.
11:59 pm
>> their statements need to be on camera, a full-throated condemnation of this violence on police. >> now, i'm not going to talk credit. but good for attorney general loretta lynch because this morning she did make a strong public statement of support on camera. even using the word i suggested last night condemn. >> i want to take just a few minutes and talk about some of the recent tragic events in some of our communities involving police shootings which effect us all. i strongly condemn these recent and brutal police shootings in texas and in illinois. we have had four more guardians slain and, frankly, our hearts are broken over this. i offered the families of these officers my condolences and i ask that all of us come together and keep them in our prayers. >> so thank you to the attorney general. it means a great deal to law enforcement. now we await the president.
12:00 am
mr. president, it's your turn. good night from washington, d.c. we will see you tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. see you then.g >> tonight on "red eye," a new app lets people anonymously criticize hillary clinton. big deal. around here we do it in public. and why did the uk refuse to let the rapper tyler into the country? i'm sure it was for a good reason and not something he said in a song five years ago. and two women ran a fight club for children in a daycare. first rule of fight club, no running with scissors. our panel provides in sight and fore sight. but first, a news break. >> live from america's news headquarters, tips are pouring in, but no credible sighting of the three suspected it cop killers in suburban chicago. police have


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