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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  September 3, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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turn. good night from washington, d.c. we will see you tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. see you then.g >> tonight on "red eye," a new app lets people anonymously criticize hillary clinton. big deal. around here we do it in public. and why did the uk refuse to let the rapper tyler into the country? i'm sure it was for a good reason and not something he said in a song five years ago. and two women ran a fight club for children in a daycare. first rule of fight club, no running with scissors. our panel provides in sight and fore sight. but first, a news break. >> live from america's news headquarters, tips are pouring in, but no credible sighting of the three suspected it cop killers in suburban chicago. police have been concentrating
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in one area overnight after someone reported two men walking in a field. >> we do not have anybody in custody, and we have nothing that can substantiate that this scene is in anyway, shape or form associated with the scene in fox lake. >> lieutenant charles glonewitz was shot after radioing dispatchers to tell them he was chasing men on foot. he described them as two white men and one black man. the republican national committee is asking for a loyalty pledge from all gop presidential hopefuls. fox news confirming that several campaigns have been asked to sign the agreement vowing they will not consider a third party run if they don't get the nomination. the move appears directly aimed at donald trump who said he would agree to that when pressed on the issue. a state department worker who helped hillary clinton set up her private e-mail server will plead the fifth amendment. attorneys say
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their client will not testify at a hearing planned for next week. the congressional committee is investigating the response to the 2012 attack in benghazi, but has widened to include the use of a private e-mail server. five chinese navy ships spotted during a trip to the states. it moved to the bering sea after participating in an exercise with russia. u.s. officials say they don't view the ship as a threat to the u.s. military. they have been tracking the ship's movement since they moved through international waters. i'm jackie ibanez, now back to "red eye." log on to fox >> welcome to "red eye. hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levey at the news deck. >> happy skyscraper day, tom. >> the day to appreciate and
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admire the world's tallest buildings. >> maybe in your household. but for the rest of america it is a day to celebrate the fact that tall buildings make it easier to spread the word that tom shillue should go to hell. >> it doesn't even make sense, andy. >> it is a little known fact that skyscrapers were invented by sy scraper so he could have a high window to yell go to hell tom shillue. >> these things get dumber and dumber every day. >> you get dumber and dumber every day. burn. let's welcome our guests. she coined the phrase, i swear to drunk i am not god. joanne nosuchunsky. he is a pod cast host and fictional dependent created for a tax dodge. comedian dave smith. if grits could talk, they would sound like her. fox business contributor dagin mcdowell. and his album "first date with joe devito" is a first date with joe devito. next to me is comedian joe
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devito. let's blow this popsicle stand. does hillary clinton have a woman problem? according to the daily mail many are taking to the anonymous social media app to explain why they will not be voting for hillary clinton. here is one example. as a woman i feel like it would be a shame and a mockery if we have to present the honor of first female president to hillary clinton. and another nameless poster says i am a 40-year-old white liberal middle class woman and i hate hillary clinton. ii don't want her to be our first female president. and some anonymous lady writes, as a female feminist i will not be voting for hillary clinton. the fact she supports tracking and the nsa collecting meta data is more important to me than her gender. i assume andy wrote that one. dagin, what's up? are these women a traitor to their sex?
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we need a woman president because of a woman something. >> what's up with the anonymous thing? you need to grow some balls and step up if you are going to criticize hillary, like come out and do it by name and do it in a public forum like shout from one of the skyscrapers that andy was talking about. >> that's right. >> and of course you could also vote for trump because he -- women are tremendous. he cherishes women. he will be a champion of women as he said. >> you see, that's good he repeats that over and over. you remember that phrase, don't you? >> tremendous. i held back on my trump impression. >> the thing is we criticize hillary in the open here, but don't you need someplace where women can go and anonymously -- >> it is called pinterest. >> this is like pinterest. >> you can learn to like quilts and hate on hillary at the same time. why can't the two go hand in hand? >> that's true. >> you can make an i hate hillary quilt.
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>> you know what i'm talking about. >> and give it to the under privileged children in the world. >> they need something. >> dave, welcome to the "red eye" set. >> thank you for having me. >> is this going to sink hillary? >> i don't think why clinton is not the ideal feminist. she made a career being a defense attorney who got a rapist off and then laughed about it on tape. she defended her predator husband against anyone who accused him of anything. i believe her foundation took tens of millions of dollars from the saudi arabians. not so nice to the ladies. >> i said welcome to the "red eye" set and not the michael savage radio show, but i love it. that's excellent. joe, what do you think? i use this app. i like to post my thoughts on there. >> you certainly don't, but thanks foreman splaining. >> what better way to find out other than a yakity-yak social
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app. they couldn't have their hen party at irl? i think dave is absolutely right. if you take away the gender she is everything her supporters claim to dislike. she is dishonest and she supported harboredder line -- at the very least bill clinton was a serial harasser and a serial rapist. she is looking at the things with the server. she is essentially a wealthy white woman who claimed she was broke while she was charging for one night of making speeches five times what the average american makes. >> not a million. half a million. >> this is per night. >> also known as ten times what i make in a year. >> those college kids, you do pretty well. >> or equal what you pay for sex. >> and the first dates. >> joanne, maybe she will lose the support of women. all she needs is 60 or 70% of women and she's in, right? >> i think she is going to be in regardless.
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i know there is a lot of buzz about biden. if he does enter the race, hillary will still get the nomination because biden is an old white man and hillary is a woman, even if she is a lying woman she is a woman and that trumps everything in the democratic party. as far as this app goes, i love it. the saying is secrets, secrets are no fun unless you create a mim with hillary's face in the background. >> it is easy to use. you can download it and sign up and post your thoughts. they can be public or private, but mostly they are private. >> biden would be awesome for women. he gives great neck massages. >> and he goes in for a smooch every once in awhile. >> he can't pump to london on account of his chookine --
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cheekiness. the uk home office claims the rapper poses a threat to public order noting your albumss are based on the premise of your adopting a mentally unstable alter ego who describes rape in graphic terms that appear to glamorize the behavior. also in one of the songs he calls the queen a fat goose. i don't think he really does that. tyler who is also recentlym toun australia said in an interview that he was, quote, getting treated like a terrorist. he added, i feel like everyone is so sensitive to everything. and if they don't like something it is like, oh my god i don't like the color yellow. let's get yellow banned. let's sign a petition. let's start a hash tag to make sure this color is never seen. i don't like it and i never understand it. >> he's right.
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let's just ban the color yellow. >> this bothered me a little bit. >> interesting that the home office, they admitted that he was a persona. are they going to ban actors who play characters coming over? he has a home that he defends and these guys really were terrorists. i mean they had what's his face with the hook hands and the missing eye and the groucho nose. and they had no problem with that. not my cup of tea. it is ridiculous. >> good point. they have a lot of tolerance. england, australia, why are
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they the ones with the sensorship problems? >> what are you missing in england? tea stained teeth, flatulence, the royal family. >> they are probably doing him a favor. >> he is turning it to his advantage. why not fight it? it gets him in the news. it is like carly fiorina, right? the best thing that happened was bumped out of the debate and now all they do is talk about her. >> it is always the debate. let's reference everything back to america. that is so xena phobic of you. >> she is now calling herself carly the debater though. >> what do you think? i think these british are so sensitive. maybe they don't understand our native rap culture. >> i kind of love this story. i loved gangster rap in the 90s when i believed in it. i was a kid and it was like the wwf. back then the government hated rap.
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>> tipper gore. >> they were trying to shutdown death row records. now when i say jay-z and obama it makes me sick. what is this? you said you were a crack dealer and you say are you the president. when i see like -- >> and dre is working for the biggest company in the world. >> you see snoop doing something with justin bieber and in my heart i'm like, snoop doggy dog you should stab justin bieber right now. what are you doing? >> we don't want to encourage violence. the edge has gone on the when people are wining and dining at the white house. >> i would love to go back in time and show ice cube his page. he went from f the police to are we there yet? you can say is that what i have become? >> i mixed him up with -- who is the guy from snow dogs? they do all of those family movies? >> ice cube best remembered by
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felicia. >> he is a good actor. he is quite good. >> they are all theater geeks. >> that's the whole point. they were always good actors. >> you thought it was street authentic. >> the undertaker can't really fight. >> speaking of the performance though, in today's day and age you can't be banned in anyway, especially in art. with modern technology he should work on a deal with periscope and live broadcast a performance and everyone can see it. >> he is going to do it. they are working on it now. >> why did they give him the defense in their answer. you created an alter ego through which you expressed anger. they were giving him the excuse. >> i think they were trying to tighten up on paperwork on the back and forth, but it didn't work to their advantage. >> i looked up the lyrics to tron the cat, and i was hoping
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it was a song about a cat with laser eyes, but that's not what it was. it's scary. it is really, really scary. even for knee and that's saying something. >> we actually have a tape of the british official commenting on the band. take a look. >> it has been around a longtime. as a result it takes a longtime to make change. even the best one in the world. >> that works, right? i think that was just -- that's how we ended it. two women have been accused of running a fight club for children out of a nirnlg daycare. out of a new jersey daycare. they say they encouraged about a dozen boys and girls to duke it out on the playground. kenny sent video of the 4 to 6-year-old brawlers to friends via snap chat. police believe none of the children were seriously injured, but parents worry
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exposure to this behavior can lead to schizophrenia and anti- anti-capitalism and making soap. the two women have been fired and we have obtained a tape of one of their baby fight club trainer. >> do you think you can take your old man? >> up like this and then slam. >> i think that's good training. these kids do need to learn to fight. >> i watch that video once a day just because. i love how the local news lead the news report on this with a clip from fight club with brad pitt. it does make you want to see her like it makes you want it
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see the video. they all got participation trophies of course. >> the kids are soft these days. maybe they were just trying to toughen them up and show them playground justice. >> i do think we coddle our children too much, especially when it comes to bullying. you need to stand up for yourself and work out your problems on your own. i am curious what the video is. babies fighting, i feel like they must look like drunk adults. you don't have the motor skills. you are basically hurting yourself because you are falling over. this is wrong. an interesting idea. >> we are always looking for creative solutions in education, right? don't we want teachers, dave, to be pro active? >> i agree that we coddle our kids.
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i think there might be a happy medium in between coddling. like somewhere in between the self-esteem movement and the fight club. when they join a real fight club and their years of child fight club is helping them tear through the rankings we'll see how they feel. >> yeah, joe. you probably got in a lot of fights as a kid. s. >> have you punched a second grader? >> i like to reference the third rule of of child fight club which is everyone gets a juice box. this is obviously a terrible thing. i hate to say but, but i many years ago was an assistant coach and i was watching them have their matches and one of the kids had another kid in the headlock and was squeezing him until his head turned blue. i remember thinking i would pay to see this [bleep].
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this is a unique kind of entertainment. i remember some of the parents said this is like cook -- this is like cockfighting. >> welshing kids will fight anyway. >> they learn available cockfighting skills. >> when i was a kid they would put you on the playgrounds and there were the bullies and we learned then about the rough and tumble of life. >> what hurts more? getting hit with one of those rubber -- the giant rubber red balls in dodge ball or the fist of a 4-year-old? i would take the first of a 4-year-old over a giant rubber ball. it burns and it leaves a big mark. >> i didn't see the video. i didn't see the snap chat videos. i guess we have to trust the authorities. >> as hillary clinton said, that's the beauty of snap chat. >> if it disappears how did authority seize it? ? >> you can save the video.
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>> ashley madison, snap chat, none of them are living up to their names. >> where does the social progress institute rank the u.s. as a nation? the social progress suspension is killing me.
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the u.s. topped the world in gdp. despite the talk about china we are still number one by a wide margin. but stop crowing, says michael greene. he says gdp is an antiquated measure meant. he has a better method, the social progress index which is how the country is serving its people. guess what, the u.s. is not number one, but number 16.
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and in some of the index categories like the foundations of well being the u.s. is ranked as low as 35th behind columbia and croatia. who ranked at the top? round up the usual suspect, norway, sweden, switzerland, iceland. >> i like abba and ace of base too. they used to do a white house version of earth intruders. but it is not hard to figure out what these ivory tower researchers see as their ideal to the social governments. he should be writing a column about this any minute. oirks, there it is -- oh, there it is. he says the index, quote, should serve to -- should serve notice to americans and to people around the globe. we obsess on the wrong measures so we often have the wrong priorities. but having read his columns for years we are able to get an accurate picture of what his ideal country would look
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like. so ask not what your country's domestic product is, ask what the product is when your country domesticates you. can we let that simmer a little bit there? >> i like philosophy. >> are you a red pill or blue pill guy? >> which is the truth? >> i don't know. >> just give me one of those. >> any pill as long as it is not the black lick rish one. >> i take celexa. >> do you agree that nicholas
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kristoff is not for the united states? >> absolutely because none of the social democratic policies could ever or ever will work on this big of a country. it just doesn't work in that scenario. look, i am scape tau cal -- skeptical of this. did they rate columbia higher overall on one of those -- i know people who go to columbia every year and there is large parts where you can't go without a bodyguard because the kidnapping rate is out of control. but if the government is spending money the liberals will always say this is a better place. >> it is the wellness index. they compare the average per cap tau income to the services they get. since they have no money, then the services they get rank higher than in the u.s. it is like comparatively. >> and it will be a dodge from 1953. >> a classic. >> but do you think we should emulate europe?
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we are sliding that way. can we slide up the slope? >> according to the regress index we are kicking ass and that's something i just made up. if you look at the top of the list not only are they small countries, but they all have something in common. they are all huh mog nuss. people share cultural backgrounds. they are small countrieses. people have similar mind sets. >> and they are so cold you have to wrap your genitals into a blanket before you have sex. >> i thought you were going to say don't knock it until you try it. >> i would like to see that on a hot june evening. because they created the socialist utopias where they have unskilled people coming in from the muslim countries and seeing the crime rates
12:27 am
going up. it is hard to assimilate when everything looks like a viking. >> maybe our system is not as good as we thought it was. >> have you seen the matrix? did you know what i was talking about? >> sorry. >> do you think we should emulate our great countries? >> maybe the tourist destination. costa rica ranked high as well. it means the good life. and they say that all the time. then when you are taking the two-hour bus ride from the airport to your resort on the bump erode and you just see clickens everywhere and laundry on a clothes line on a chair and on a porch you are like, i don't want this life. a lot is perspective as well.
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we love being pis rabble. we love being miserable. we are creatures of habit and we don't like that to change. do we love being miserable or do we like hard work. i feel like people like the long vacations. they want to plug into the matrix and relax. >> we like the fact we are ranked highly on fatalities. i have the three reasons why america will always roll. the chocolate water fall fountain at the golden coral and andy [bleep] levey. >> that is it. i didn't know what you would do with number three. all america agrees on one and two. that's fantastic. coming up, when the levy breaks i will have no place to stay. when levey breaks i can have a cup of coffee. half time is next. stick around.
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live from america's news headquarters, i am jackie ibanez. president obama is wrapping up his visit to alaska on a historic note. yesterday mr. obama flew to the tine fee town that is beyond the arctic circle. he is now the first sitting president to travel that far north.
12:33 am
mr. obama has spent the past three days in alaska talking about the growing threat of climate change. >> we have longer, more dangerous fire seasons in alaska, thawing frost that threatens homes and infrastructure and faster glacier melt and rising seas and melting ice that leads to some of the fastest coast ali rogues in the world. >> the president scored a foreign policy victory. maryland senator barbara mccul ski agreed to support the agreement. the president could veto any attempt to kill the agreement. a kentucky county clerk could find out if she is going to jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to sim-sex couples. -- same-sex couples. a judge will decide if she defied a court ruling that she must begin issuing licenses. she is refusing to obey on
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religious grounds. european leaders are considering a human gridlock chaos in budapest, hungary. thousands of migrants, many from sear -- syria forced them to retreat. they want to go to western europe, but authorities say no trains will be departing anytime son. and to peru where folks are holding their own running of the bull. it doesn't quite ride the same in the annual ritual and at least 10 people are hurt. >> now back to "red eye." >> welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levey. >> anti-hillary women on whisper.
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you said -- you assumed that was me. it wasn't but if that lovely lady is watching, call us. i think we would hit it off. >> you said these women need to grow some balls and not be anonymous. here is the obvious point. how do we know that these are women? they say so? i can go on the app and claim to be a man. >> i totally agree. they could be trolls trying to take hillary down. >> every one of these could be from a dude. >> a girl can dream. >> you said hillary is basically a wealthy woman who said she was broke and charging insane amounts of money for one speech. but don't you see, man, that's why she was charging so much. she knows what it is like to be poor and she ain't going back. >> i believe they said she was wealthy white woman. people also get angry about that. >> joanne, you said the saying
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is secrets, secrets are no fun unless you create a meem. i never have heard that saying. >> you haven't? >> there is another version that is out there. this one is more fun. >> tom, you mentioned that it was an aside, but you are on whisper. >> i look around and i posted a few things. >> is your user name coolio queen? i was doing research today and i ran across these from coolio queen. i think there was another one i found too. >> i thought it was maybe you. >> by the way, i am not -- i was doing research for the story and i ran across some random ones that i thought was interesting. can you put those up? >> obviously those are yours.
12:37 am
>> somebody named ambient bronze? >> that must booy your handle. >> i am not on whisper. i just said that. moving on. >> tyler the creator is banned from the uk. this is where i am proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free. and once you start banning rappers what is next, banning rappers like mclemore? bad argument. why does the name bother you so much? >> i am old and crabby and i like names like destruction and mayhem. it is easier to remember. >> and probably itchy too. old, crabby and itchy. >> i am croob be joe and -- crabby joe and the fish. >> you asked what he is so upset about. i think it is the go --
12:38 am
cuisine. and the pudding i won't say because it is a filthy word and i won't go there. >> i thought the first two were filthy words. >> you said you think snoop should stab justin bieber. tom you said we don't want to encourage violence. i am trying to work out a way where you can both be right. >> he can either stab justin bieber orie fund -- or refund my 12 bucks for "doggie style." >> the album? >> if i had a nickel for every time i had to say that. >> what, refund my money for doggie style? >> i would like to return doggie style. >> you were talking about snow dogs? >> he was one of those too. >> you are right to say tyler
12:39 am
created an alter ego that did all of these horrible things. now are you to wonder why he didn't ban the american psycho. what is white? tom you are proud we didn't use one like they did in fight club. >> you are a great single serving friend, andy. >> dave, you said there may be a happy medium between cod lig kids -- coddling kids and happy mediums. >> i'll go fight club. >> basically everyone's opinion on this is this is wrong. >> tom, you said it is not hard to figure out what these
12:40 am
ivory tower researchers see as their ideal. the guy who devised the index said, quote, we are starting to understand that we can't put economic development and social progress in dilectic. >> tom -- dave, tom asked if you would take the pill of the matrix reference. and you said you couldn't remember which was the good one, the red or the blue. you can believe what you want to believe. you take the red pill and stay if wonderland and i show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. the blue pill sounds more like xanax. >> how about a handful of each. >> can you od on truth pills?
12:41 am
>> that's what happened to neo, isn't it? essentially? >> i don't think he od-ed. i am a bit of a neo nazi. >> i am surprised all y'all have known a woman. are you done, andy? >> i was done -- >> time to take a break. take it away, kennedy. >> on the next kennedy we will celebrate "red eye" past and present with shop tau slew and greg gutfeld.
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>> portable toilets, you finally earned your name. a woman attending the new flynn fish festival had quite the shock when the portable toilet she was using was lifted by a fork-lift and then transported to the other side of the harbor. the harbor master said she must have thought she tele ported when she stepped out of the toilet to a new location. the woman was uninjured and surely took comfort in the apologetic words of the
12:46 am
portable toilet provider who said, quote, it does happen quite a bit to be honest. i have done it a few times. that is sure new information i now have. a lot of people think this was an accident. >> uber, everyone's private driver. >> people were throwing up when they watched that stunt. it seems to affect you as well. i don't love porta potties.
12:47 am
but when nature calls, you have to. >> i think they are great. i said, oh great. they have the sanitizer there. you can go in -- here is the thing. obviously women don't like porta potties. >> you get a qud workout when you go in. >> there is nothing to hold on to. >> you are gripping the lock on the door with the handles like this. >> we don't care because we don't have to touch anything. >> they are never satisfied. >> we don't need to do anything. they go in and do their thing. you use it and get out of there and it is fantastic. >> it is a step above our plan like going out into the wild like the animals. i just hope it does president affect the -- it doesn't affect the fish festival's reputation.
12:48 am
when i first read he said teleported, i thought it was a british uh pho mitch. uh -- euphamism. maybe she thought she was stepping into a tortoise. remember grandpa pot? he took the outhouse. >> a fish festival and porta potties? it is a great combination. >> you have them make a circle and you cop a squat in the grass. done. >> one of them holds your hand so you don't fall asleep in the grass. >> it is probably a southern thing. >> i stripped buck naked. >> there are two types of women. one who can pop a squat and the ones who can't do that.
12:49 am
i wish i could. i really do. >> i am getting a pretty hot visual over here. i'm back. >> was it the pop a squat? >> i don't feel i should get into specifics. this is a fish concert. you are talking normal ladies. these are dirty, dirty hippie. >> this is why they -- it is even more than a fish festival you have people eating chowder. >> if that was an actual fish concert that would be one of the better smelling places. >> i don't understand why you have to move porta potties when an event is going on. if there are people there why are you moving with a fork-lift? >> why are you treating it like a home depot. >> maybe they had salmon
12:50 am
bites. they have to move the potties whenner they are needed. >> maybe princess k was there. they bring the toilet to her. >> first you knock on the porta potty. then you move the porta potty. you have to look and if it is green or red -- >> he might have knocked on the door and got the usual woman who said leave me uh -- alone. >> let's close things out with a bedtime story.
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when i was a kid homework was milking the cow and bursting the folds. or maybe it was watching tv shows where people did those things. now a days kids receive so much homework the stress and lack of sleep can be harmful to their health. research shows the amount of homework a student receives does not correlate with the improved academic performance. homework may be killing your child. they would be better off at fight club.
12:55 am
you don't have kids. >> i don't. i just think in general there should be a big revolution. it is a ridiculous -- do you ever hang out with like a little kid, like a 3-year-old? >> all the time. >> i know you have kids and i have kids. have i friends with kids. they just want to learn. some model says put them in rows and then regurgitate it back. it beats the interest out of them. it is terrible. >> it is about children staying interested. homework makes them not like their schoolwork. it makes them want to do something else, right? >> but carrying all of those books is important. as childhood obesity takes off, we will have jaba the tots. they need the books and the weight to hepburn the calories going to and from school. >> that's the thing. if the kids didn't have the
12:56 am
homework they can go out and play like i did. >> they will stair at devices and go like this. they will trade one immobile static activity for another one. it is not like the little rascals. >> i remember having a good teacher who would say your homework is you have to play outside for 15 minutes you are like, yeah, you are so cool. i blame it on common core. that's what i blame all of the world's problems on. >> common core, that's what is bringing us down, right? >> yes. >> fantastic. i think we are going now, right? we have 30 seconds. any final comments? devito? give me something. >> i thought we were done. >> i did too. >> i will be at fox wood casino. >> plug yourself. >> thursday, friday and saturday . >> opening for cher. >> a casino? >> yes. >> right on, brother. thanks to joanne nosuchunsky and dagin mcdowell and joe
12:57 am
devito. that does it for me. i'm tom shillue. see you next time. thanks for being here. >> can i get a hug? go get help, boy. go get help. go get help! right now! if you're a cat, you ignore people. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. go on kitty, kitty...
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instagram. >> we'll have a segment on that next week. that's it for us "special report" is next. is it open season on cops? the manhunt intensifies for three suspects in the murder of a popular police officer near chicago. this is "special report." >> good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. at least 100 law enforcement officers are looking for clues, running down leads, an conducting what are called saturation paroles in an expanding search area as the hunt for three suspected cop killers continues tonight outside chicago. correspondent mike tobin is live again this evening in fox lake, illinois. hi, mike. >> reporter: and bret, as the manhunt continues we have late developments. just a short time ago


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