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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 3, 2015 12:00pm-12:10pm PDT

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busy day on "the real story" today. thank you for being part of it. now we'll go over to shepard smitp finely agreeing if he loses hi party's nomination he will back whoever wins and will not try to run as a third-party candidate. >> i have signed the pledge. [applause] >> there it is. like catherine herridge he holds it up. ahead what we now know about his reason for the reversal, and a new poll that shows the size of trump'd lead. they're trying to escape from islamic state terrorists, from torture, starveis, tens and thousands of more innocent people running for their lives and risking them in the process. today a hard look at the global migrant crisis with a reporter who has seen it for himself. plus, there's huge fastfood news. 7-eleven, taco bell and
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mcdonald's with game-changeres. details and analysis. please drive around. let's get to it. >> first from the deck this thursday afternoon, donald trump promises to support any of his republican rivals if he does not win the nomination. in other words, he is not going to get mad, pitch a fit, go run against the republican and give the nomination to the democrat. the republican front-runner today met with the head of the republican national commit knee, reince -- the pledge rules out a third party run. donald trump spoke last hour about his about-face. >> i cannot say i have to respect the person that if it's not me, the person that wins. >> i am discussing it with everybody, but i'm talking about a lot of leverage, so i will be
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totally pledging my allegiance to the republican party and the conservative principles for chit stands, and we will go out and we will fight hard and we will win. >> sounded very blago there. what changed? he i this master negotiator, he told us that one billion times, it's huge. something has changed there was a negotiation, right? just guessing. they already made the decision but what made him make the decision? what was the prom muss to the master negotiator, donald trump, the binsman, the developer from new york city. what changed? analysts point out that south carolina is first in the primary forces candidates to take the pledge to get on the ballot. signing fledge takes away a potential attack line from the rivals during future g.o.p. debates, and then there's the
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possibility that trump is sure he will be the nominee, and then there's the real possibility that something changed that we don't know about. today his support nationwide hit another ash-time high. a survey just out, 30% for donald trump. it's september, early september of 2015, and an election is in 2016, but still, dr. ben carson, another outsider, the only other republican in double digits with 18%. a tie for third place between jeb bush, who has all the money, ted cruz, who is calling out of texas, each with 8%. we have team fox coverage of the race as something has changed. ed henry is covering the democratic front-runner in washington. and now carl is in laconia, new hampshire? >> in the heartlands of the lakes region of new hampshire, shep. >> i want to know. i know something that changed because i'm not new. i fell off a turnip truck but
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that was decades ago and i've been listening to donald trump and i believe what he says because he is donald trump and tell mets he is a master gauchator. >> he said he wouldn't take the pledge and now has. one fact is that one cannot negotiate the law of us elects. must of the deadlines are set by states, and if you wanted to run, if they have to collect petition's an specific timetable for the general election. so were trump to try it, he would get caught given this pledge. can't do it in secret. you have to go to parking lots like this and get petitions in order to get on the ballot as an independent candidate. it is entirely possible he could decide i'm not going to be a
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republican anymore and the pledge doesn't stand but that would be breaking a promise. so for trump the meeting and discussion goes back to first fox debate when he was the only one who said he wouldn't take the pledge. from that moment on the republican national committee was deep, deep in discussion about what to do to control trump. as recently as two and a half weeks ago, top officials at the republican national committee shrugged their shoulders and said, what can we do? and when they were reminded that chairman and officials of the republican and democratic parties have been muscling candidates for decades-another discussion started. other'm campaigns were consulted and there was a consensus there would be a pledge, and trump, who has already told folkses in south carolina he wanted to be on their ballot and would take the pledge, did so today. doesn't change much in terms of the dynamic of the race. trump has luhr been the established front-runner.
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winningwinning in early staplese new hampshire, and south carolina and others. and the battle goes on. it's not 16 candidates battling against donald trump. at this point it's really jeb bush battling against donald trump, and donald trump loving all the attention, and having this brawl with the former florida governor. he other 15 are content to sit on the sidelines and see which one might survive and take the next shot at whoever the next front-runner is. >> i think i get it now. general -- jeb! and trump are going to go at it. he could just leave the republican party no matter what he just signed, run as an independent or whatever he wants, take a bunch of voters with him and nothing anybody can do because the pledge doesn't mean anything. >> but to run as an independent or a third-apart candidate there is a colassally heavy lift of getting additional petitions on
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a timetable show. wouldn't be able to run as a republican very long and collect petitions to run as an independent contemporaneously and not get caught. >> i want to see these elbows being thrown by jeb columbia columbia -- jeb columbia columbia and the rest. >> donald trump says head was inappropriate for jeb bush jeb to be speaking spanish on the trail and he takes great surprise in his ability. and trump said he thought it was inappropriate he would be a better example for jeb to speak english. theirs morning mr. bush teed off and donald trump responded. here's a little built of -- little built of the beginning. >> i think that when you get right down to it, we're a nation that speaks english, and i think while we're in this nation we should be speaking english and that's how assimilation takes and that's how -- i mean, whether people like it or not that's how we assimilate. >> well, jeb bush was up here in new hampshire today, he had a
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town-hall meeting and totally disagreed. >> we're on the the verge greatest time be alive, and there's one candidate in the republican part preying on people's angst and fears, donald trump's view is that the end is near. his pessimistic view is, let's close the borders, let's crete tariffs, do this, that, all based on negativity. and the net result is that all of us will suffer if that philosophy gains favor. >> reporter: and mr. bush makes the argument that it's important for people to come here as immigrants to learn the language and speak english, but also today in his town hall meeting spoke spanish driving hone the opinion he thinks it's perfectly appropriate to speak both. for the record, republicans have been sending out some of the trump industry's employee handbooks and some do say it's appropriate to speak english or spanish if you speak spanish to certain clients, customers and
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guests. >> summer silliness ends soon. thank you. vice-president joe biden in florida again today, meeting with jewish leaders outside fort lauderdale to talk about the iran deal. the vice-president's trip probably wouldn't have got an lot of notice, like dozens of other trips were it not for the guessing game whether he would get in the race. the democratic front-runner, hillary clinton, is taking a day off from campaigning but some of her former staffers are pretty busy after the benghazi committee called them in to testify. ed henry is with us. benghazi is back. exciting. >> reporter: the vice-president in miami today, and what he is doing is testing the waters. his staff has been talking about it in private for some weeks. he was meeting with jewish leaders and that's significant, he was talking up the iran nuclear deal the president has been pushing and now appears to
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have the votes to get through the house and senate. that enables biden to burnish his foreign policy credentials and reach out to jew rich leaders who could be potentially helpful with votes, raising campaign money. he is still weeks away, we're told, from a decision, and hillary clinton's aides are watching this very closely. in a conference call with reporters today they were asked how would it impact your strategy if the vice-president gets in? her top aide insist they'll run the same race either way. they acknowledge they have what they called head winds from the e-mail controversy, and it got a whole lot tougher today when a former clinton aide, who helped set up the server, his name is bryan paglio.


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