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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 3, 2015 5:00pm-5:24pm PDT

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take her off the sage. >> mtv has abandoned. very important. they talked to politicians h debates doesn't exist anymore. they got rid of it in 2011. >> i don't know what it is. >> she has much more of an impact in 2013 when she performed at the show. she is not a very talented host. >> i don't care about her. i just think that there should be a line, all right. and there isn't a line anymore. i have to call you on one thing. when you everywhere on mtv, you did a little gross thing with rudy giuliani and a mike. i don't want to you defend it or even talk about it i will just assume you were very much more immature. >> it was my 22nd birthday. it was live tv. >> i know i will get letters. 10 seconds each, if you were running mtv would have you put that show on the air. >> i understand the justification of putting. >> would you have put it on the air general. >> i have higher broadcast standards mtv is not mine. >> i will take that no.
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>> no you can be rock and roll and edgy without this vulgarity and that's exactly what it was. i have a 22-year-old sister. i don't want her watching this. i think it's a horribly bad influence. i sound like a grandma saying this. >> anybody over 18 in my opinion can watch what they want. >> i don't want young women. >> 10, 12, 14. >> i don't want young women only seeing miley cyrus. >> kids, if you are a parent, and you let your kids watch that shawm on you. gutfeld and mcguirk have trip envy. the boys moments away.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the what the heck just happened segment tonight, a record breaking pot situation with president obama in alaska. here now bernard mcguirk and greg gutfeld. the president spent three days in alaska, gutfeld. what was he doing up there. >> he was doing a number of things. alaska for people at home it's a state. it's actually the largest state in the united states but it's 48th in population. only 800,000 people in alaska. and the reason is, it's because it's freezing cold. the second state, the largest state is texas. they have 28 million. why is that because it's warm. president obama wept there because it's cold and he is worried about global warming. if he he only understood
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that a few incremental increases in temperature more people would live in alaska. but he doesn't like science so instead he watched fish spawn because that's what he does. >> what was he doing up there really mcguirk. >> commend the president he gave up his usual, traditional end of summer vacation. >> no. he was at the vineyard. >> hang out with the rich and famous. >> he had three weeks at martha's vineyard and then he went up to alaska. >> this wasn't vacation it was work. >> is he the kardashian and chief? >> look how hard he is working there. >> he did the dance. >> he went out with bear grills. >> who is that i thought that was a bar. >> liberal, you know, environmentalist, he is a former british special forces guy. good tough dude. they are not up there on some brokeback mountain. >> what was he doing? >> they went tout to check out the environment. >> to raise awareness for climate change.
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global warming. >> we don't hear about it enough. >> you guys both say this trip was oit promote global warming and fewer fossil fuels. >> except for the fact that president obama, like, for example, al gore said five years ago that the polar ice was going to vanish. nasa just came out a few months ago and said it's almost tripled polarized. >> antarctic. >> president obama is up there drinking his own urine and feeding us a bunch of crap. >> i don't believe that's true. >> you have guys ever been to alaska. >> no. >> i want to give them a plug. one of the best trips ever. i have trip envy of president obama. excellent place to go. okay. the university of michigan. good school, did a study that says that pot use in college is now the biggest ever, bigger than woodstock, bigger than the 60's when everybody was going nuts. bigger than more use on pot, gutfeld. and you say? >> no. i think they were comparing it to smoking cigarettes. am i right, mr. o'reilly?
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>> no. i think it's more than ever. but more than cigarettes. >> and the point is it's not about an increase in pot but decrease in smoking. fewer people are smoking cigarettes now more than ever. pot is more popular not just on campus but here at fox news. more at fox news smoke pot. i saw gretchen out there. it was disgusting in front of the children. criminalization makes drugs easier by creating efficient delivery systems. easier than buying cigarettes in the store. >> one in every 17 college students smokes pot daily one out of every 17. parents are paying their tuition. >> it's sad. you need every edge. it's a jungle out there. gpa is the only way. >> this is a serious thing. you have know what this k 2 is synthetic pot. do you know what that is. >> um-huh. >> that can kill you. that is a rage all over colleges now. this isn't the woodstock. this isn't cheech and chong. this is serious.
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>> it will fry your brain and you will lose that edge. >> i found these under lieu dobbs chair from last night. >> i you told you. >> we have lawsuits by gretchen carlson, lou dobbs, and barack obama. we have three. police direct them individually. i had nothing to do with it. >> dude, where's my class? >> all right, gentlemen. hillary clinton on deck. one of her aides now taking the fifth to avoid testifying on benghazi. not good. right back with the latest.
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more bad news for hillary clinton, a man name brine pagliano who set up her server in her home was called to testify in front of a house panel. but pagliano's lawyers say he'll
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take the fifth and not testify. joining us from washington, correspondent rosen covering the story. katherine, why is this important? >> maybe i'm old fashioned but when you're low level i.t. guy takes the fifth, that is not good. and on top of that we had this nine-hour deposition with this long time clinton ally, cheryl mills who was her chief of staff. it was clear that after that deposition there was some kind of agreement between the republicans, democrats and the committee that they would come out and give one statement to the press, which wasn't extremely professional. she answer all of the questions. nothing was left in question. but it's all classified so now there's like a lid on it. you've done big investigations. now know how this works. they start with the little people on the outside and moving in and building a paper trail so they can see who's been truthful, who's not and lay the traps for the big people which is going to be clinton and
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aberdeen. >> lois lerner got away with it, took the fifth, and pagliano is going to do the same thing. he's a low level guy, a tech guy, not an editorial guy. but he did see things or he wouldn't be taking the fifth, correct? >> absolutely. >> had to. >> he's got a lot of inside information. but the setup of that server, who was involved, who signed off on it, what kind of additional security provisions were put into place because one of the questions we're hearing increasingly is whether there was some kind of compromise by an intelligence service or hackers. there are reports that goose fer wants to sale the e-mails. he doesn't have a lot of cover with the clintons, necessarily. >> now, what is the committee trying to get rosen in the big picture of benghazi. it's gone on years and year and years now. how do you see the big picture. >> we should point out the
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clinton campaign encouraged brine pagliano to testify freely. i want to encourage you to step back and see this in broader terms. with bryan pagliano pleading the fifth, the story of mrs. clinton and her server takes on another feature of the e-mail scandal, the low level pepper who served in the campaign whose mean nothing to the general pub luck and who if presented with some form of immunity could conceivably be flipped to testify about the higher ups who he interacted. when you marry that to tend pg court cases and the fbi investigation and the more e-mails, checked just about every box for the making of a scandal with real legs in the presidential campaign setting. >> we don't want to speculate on it, but learn was not offered any deal.
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pagliano, i don't know a thing about it. >> the irony is that edward snowden would have us believe that the nsa can recover literally every key stroke that you and i type. the only people on planet earth -- every centipede is recoverable except if you're lois lerner or hillary clinton. then your stuff is just gone. in terms of your question about bengha benghazi, this committee is a little unusual in that it was formed two years after the events in question. so it started kind of behind the eight ball as opposed to other select committees like watergate. in this case what they're trying to determine is why was systemic -- were the requests for more security by the folks on the ground in benghazi automatic systematically rebuffed. what exactly happened during the eight-plus hours of the attacks themselves. and then why did the white house and other aspects of the
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administration pass a false explanation of what occurred. >> rosen is speculating that this is watergate, you know, bubbling up. do you see it that way as well? >> well, i think there are real sirius questions about whether there were efforts to cove up the extent of the classified. and that took place at the state department. we encovered new information this week, along with pamela brown, that there was a lot of among ki business with the codes. e-mails marked as classified and then went to the lawyer's office and the coding was change which make it impossible for the public and congress to see. the key thing is the lawyer in the office was the same lawyer who was handling the lois lerner e-mails at the irs. are you trying to -- i mean that's an internal thing. and that' key. >> it's a tight little dirty circle. i don't know if it's going to come out before the election. katherine, rosen, thank you. factor tip of the day, i am
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that's why i only choose nicorette mini. factor tip of the day, bill o'reilly magazine kor gie in a moment. >> ignoring common sense, ways to protect stuff like kate's law. he's a zealot on illegal immigration. nick as a young conservative i respect ramos. he only wants to help people. >> bill, you had jorge on the point about him being a commentator, not a news reporter. the federal government and business look the other way so more profit could be made. but that doesn't justify the nail your to secure our borders or to enforce the law. steve, florida, it's really quite simple, jorge should change the name of his show to the ramos factor.
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michael james, bolling green, kentucky, i had my mind made up i would hate the ramos interview but i was wrong. great interview. i'm a new premium member and love it. >> seriously, do you really think dick and liz chaney on credible on bias sources of information? most of our guests are strong points of view. that's what makes the factor hum. what they say is submitted if are your consideration, same thing with all of the guests. connor, new jersey, i chose to read "killing lincoln" for summer home work and it was amazing. i appreciate that. "killing lincoln" now out in paper book. thank you very much. sasha, staten island, new york, thanks bill for an o'reilly summer. read "killing patten" on the beach and caught the "don't be a
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pin head" show. only three shows in the fall have tickets remaining, chicago, south florida at the hard rock and phoenix. details on happy birthday to evelyn wagner, 102 in florida. way to go. and finally tonight the factor tip of the day. this coming sunday, september 6, i am once again a magazine cover guy. parade magazine which you get in your sunday newspaper has an article on my books called "bill o'reilly is killing it." the stimulator for the piece, "killing reagan" which will be released on september 22nd. the article is fair which is refreshing and don't forget, if you become a bill 0 rile premium member you get any of the books free of charge. check out parade magazine this coming sunday. this is it for us tonight.
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check out the fox news website. o'reilly at fox name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, no salebrosity when writing to the factor. pretty good word. trump hereby tuesday along with beck. wow. again thanks for watching us tonight. ms. meg, is next. please remember, the spin stops here. looking out for you. breaking tonight, jeb bush ramps it up in what is now a full-blown political war with donald trump. a fight that could help decide the republican nominee for president. welcome to the kelly file, everyone. i'm megyn kelly. this rivalry has been simmering for weeks but in the last few days it's erupted as trump continued to go after bush for
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being low energy, being part of the establishment and even for speaking spanish in response to a question asked in spanish on the campaign trail. bush pushed back first with campaign ads, then remark to the press and tonight in a town hall campaign stop in new hampshire, he made it clear that it is on. watch. >> donald trump has proposed in the


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