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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  September 4, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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"on the record" investigates every angle. we take tout denver company managing the server. plus is the campaign doomed? tomorrow night at 7:00. good night. plrk tonight on "red eye." could far right conspiracy clothing be the latest fall fashion? >> no, but will children see you anyway? and donald trump and kareem abdul jabar go toe to toe. and feminists are upset that kermit's new girlfriend is younger and skinnier than miss piggy. funny. i would think they thought all women are pigs. first, a news break. >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. fox news has learned all three men shot at sacramento city college were students. one of the victims died. two others were injured. it happened near a baseball field at the california
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campus. the gunman still on the loose, classrooms and offices are on lock down. police say they are still looking for the dwun man -- gunman, but it is unclear if there are ties to the school. police are hoping security video will help them identify the men suspected of killing a suburban chicago cop. lake county police say a homeowner handed over the footage and says it shows three men near the shooting scene. the victim was a 30-year law enforcement veteran and the father of 4 sons. explosions injuring four u.s. soldiers and two international peace keepers in egypt. in a statement the military says the injuries were nonlife-threatening. they were evacuated by air and are being treated in a medical facility. they are supporting a peace treaty between israel and egypt. vice president joe biden is giving an honest answer about whether he will run for president in 2016. speaking at the annual
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memorial lecture he simply said i just don't know. before he makes a decision he has to be sure that he can dough vote his whole heart to the endeavor. right now he said, quote, i can't look you straight in the eye and say i can do that. the american airman injured while helping stop a train attack in europe last month returning home a hero. the airman first class spencer stone arriving in california to a cheering crowd. stone has been receiving medical treatment since he and two childhood friends tackled the heavily armed gunman. i'm patricia stark. now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines, go to fox >> welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey at the "red eye" news deck. andy? >> tom. >> it is a great --
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>> it is a miserable day. >> the judge ruled against the nfl. it is obvious the league was wrong. [inaudible]. >> we can agree [inaudible]. >> lets ay welcome our guests. she is the opposite of a tee totaller. it is joanne nosuchunsky. and he looks like the default character of a video game about white guys. sitting next to me is writer, producer for, anthony fisher. she is is a funny mom like roseanne or kasey anthony. comedian and author of the book "take my spouse please." i know what you are thinking and , yes, he smells like axe body spray. let's start the show.
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>> you know a conspiracy is real if it is on the back of a t-shirt for dogs. yes, right wing conspiracy theory appears to be a growing category in the world of on-line custom apparel. or is it? the website gawker searched internet retailers and found, for example, a remember benghazi dog t-shirt. it is down from $24.50. and what about this thong? it reads "four dead in benghazi. denied help three times by obama." and here is a hillary benghazi clinton notebook. i bought one for each of my daughters for school. and i almost wanna have another kid so i can put him or her in this onesie. it is not just about benghazi. look at these chem trail earrings. they read lies in the skies.
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my wife's birthday is coming up. here is a shower curtain. fantastic. and for those cold winter nights. footed pajamas that say it is pay back time, isis. screw you, isis. now let's make some hot cocoa. a wake up 9/11 job. the only hours are 9 and 11. that is nutso and only that last one. all of the others are completely legitimate. danny, welcome to the show. do you think a benghazi thong is inappropriate? >> depends on who you are dating. >> you can spice it up with the right guy. >> the right guy. it could be a turn on. >> did you think they are selling these things? >> i haven't checked the numbers on it. i don't know why they don't have the benghazi push up bra. you don't want to wear the
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thong without the top. >> that's right. >> how do you coordinate that with victoria's secret? >> did any of these products catch your fancy? >> nothing soaks my panties more than something that says obama is a terrorist, especially with the thong aspect. my own is inside job, that's a good one. or make yourself great again playing off trump. i created those myself. >> like perm ones? >> of course. >> you use it as an opportunity to improve yourself. >> like affirmations? >> i swear this will be great for you, i promise. >> so you are inspired by the product? >> yes. >> a lot of these are intimate things. it is strange. i think if you want to get the political word out there, you would want as many people to see you. it is like a bumper sticker. >> yes, but the way we affect change is person to person. that's how you know the domino affect. they should do dominoes.
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>> listen, we'll let the market decide. we will see if this stuff sells. listen, benghazi is selling. they are making a movie about it with john craw -- krazinski. so obviously that will be a big seller. we need other merch to go with it. >> there are markets for everybody. why not the conspiracy theorists? >> they are getting in on it. there are tens of thousands of things on there because anyone can make anything. it is on demand. it is like publishing your own book. it is not like they are sitting in a warehouse. they print them out when you order them. >> that's right. >> and characterizing it as a right wing phenomenon is missing the point. in my experience most 9/11 truthers are of the left wing variety. alex jones and his info wars aside. the 9/11 job thing would be huge on college campuses and other places. >> that's right. it is true.
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did we say right wing in our story intro? >> i believe so, yeah. >> you really caught me there, an thon nee. anthony. >> the fact you were representing a gawker story was a clue. >> it depends on where you get your info. >> who knows if it is even selling. it could be a conspiracy. >> they sell a lot on these sites. if you sell a thousand t-shirts, you make a dollar. >> it is like having a million views on youtube. you will get a solid $5 check. >> i have my iraq terrorist cards. remember the deck of cards? i have that. i play drinking games with those. >> this was the u.s. government and we were nailing guys, right? trying to get all of the people in the deck of cards. >> go america. >> are they all dead? >> let's hope we got them all. go bush. >> the jack of iraq. did trump get kareemed? kareem abdul jabar wrote a piece attacking donald donald trump for among other things having a vendetta.
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he calls him a last call candidate who looks like the boozey dark of political inebriatio for a change the billionaire decided to fight back. he thanked the hall of famer for opening a dialogue. i'm kidding. he scrawled a handwritten note over the former laker's article. trump wrote, now i know why the press treated you so badly. they couldn't stand you. the fact is you don't have a clue about life and what has to be done to make america great again. best wishes, donald trump. that was nice at the end there. and if that is not enough, trump also sent his son personally to go after kareem. >> i think you are great. my dad said you don't work hard enough on defense. he said lots of times you don't even run down court. that you don't really try except during the playoffs. >> the hell i don't. >> he tries, right. >> during playoffs and the regular season, danny.
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>> the poetry is what caught me. i caught that line as well. that is like an edward hopper painting. >> it is amazing. >> it is too flowery for trump. he is at the table playing cards with dogs. that's his version. >> he wrote the note over -- he just scribbled over -- >> you know why? he has a girl who types. that's for losers. he doesn't type, police. he has a broad that does that. >> don't you like trump? don't you like his spirits? isn't it refreshing? >> i totally envy his ability to be popular with fifth grade bully language. like if i can do that i would run for president and be a billionaire. >> i know you probably don't like trump, anthony, but i like his blunt style. >> i like kareem. i am team kareem. and for him to say you know nothing of life, kareem was --
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say what you want whether you agree with every bit of his politics. he is an activist and i highly recommend his memoirses. and he also fought bruce lee in a movie. i think all of those things beat anything donald trump can claim to accomplish. >> and funny too. he can handle the comedy in the airplane movies. >> joanne? >> i am siding with trump on this kind of. >> good. >> i mean, really, though, when you think kareem abdul jabar you don't typically think, oh this is someone i should get political commentary from or someone who should be penning something like this. he is doing it for press. he is doing it for attention. >> kareem writes all the time. >> he does, and he is a very good writer. but i get trump's point. his saying you don't know anything about life is a translation that means why are you getting into this? you don't need to get into this. >> did he have a reputation of aryan nateing -- of alienating
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journalists? >> i didn't even know kareem was still alive, to be honest. literally he means nothing to me. >> he is doing very well. >> obviously. >> kareem is actually very active in politics. >> it was well written. >> and he made a point that trump is an overreacting childish bully and then he reacts calling him a loser saying he doesn't know anything about life, and it fit exactly foo what kareem was saying. >> we need activism like charles barkley. i don't need to listen to kareem abdul jabar when you have charles barkley who actually makes sense. >> he has an ecclectic way of thinking. and you can't pin him down. every couple of months i read a column and i am always surprised. it is always a little -- >> out there. >> yes. he is definately an independent thinker. why barkley? >> i think it may be because i am young, but barkley is the man.
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kareem abdul jabar, go away. you are not relevant anymore. >> he was a legend. >> forget the record books. >> while trump doesn't care for kareem, he does crave some kanye. here he is on thursday. >> kanye west, you know what, i will never say bad about him. you know why? he loves strum. trump. he goes around saying trump is my all time hero. so kanye west, i love him. i don't know, maybe in a few years i will be running against him so i take that bad. >> that was eloquent. i will never say bad about him. >> talking about himself in the third person. he loves trump. >> he is getting ahead of that. he is trying to buy himself some goodwill. he is playing to a guy who lives and feeds off his own ego. he may have bought himself
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some time. if president trump botches a hurricane -- >> did you say president trump? >> if president trump, imagining in an alternate reality as trump did, and if there is a bad hurricane then kanye may claim he doesn't care about black people. it may be a minute before he goes on tv and accuses him of something like that. >> i didn't hear anything he said after president trump. >> it was difficult for me too. >> do you think it is so improbable -- do you think he has no chance, some cans or a good chance of being president? >> i think he has some chance. i'm sorry, his numbers are too high. i was reading articles that previous numbers whose numbers are high and then after the primary -- >> reading, what, kareem abdul jabar articles? >> i read everything kareem has ever said and that's why i am devoted to his poetry. >> do you think kanye will walk into the trap or will he go up against trump and feud with him? >> i think they will do whatever they can to get the
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most attention. >> i am trying to decipher what he said in that 12-minute speech. >> they are kindred spirits. >> taylor swift's new music video sparked controversy. it is a big budget epic that tells the tale of a steamy love affair. take a look. ♪ >> that wasn't it. that was one of her earlier works. >> that was before she sold out. >> can we play the right one? it takes place in africa. but fails to include any black people. ♪ say you'll remember me
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♪ standing in a night dress >> fantastic. >> swift's voting and they tell npr that the movie predicts a glamorous version of white colonial fantasy of africa. and a white professor of african studies writes on, so thank you, taylor swift for proving once again that african stereo types are safe on top of the pinnacle of american pop culture. the video's director is hitting back saying it woulds historically inaccurate to load the crew with more black actors as the video would have been accused of rewriting history. that's right. joanne, we don't want to rewrite the history of a taylor swift video, do we
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sph. >> the way people are acting the director said we want to film a music video in africa. how can we get around having any black people in it sph. let's set it in the 1950s and have the story be this. that said, her song "wildest dreams" it could be anything. they chose to do this story -- i don't know, maybe taylor loves an african safari. but the proceeds of the video are going to benefit wild animals in the conservation. so taylor swift is wonderful and rich and pretty and can do no wrong. >> that's right. taylor swift looks great. and danny, joanne is right. in the 1950s there were no black people in africa. >> you might be right about that part -- well a couple of things about this. >> is that what i said? >> so you're saying --
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>> she's beautiful, so what the hell? >> couple of things here. hello, this is a music video. are we hiring taylor swift to do documentaries? >> they all end up on youtube and there is no money. it is probably a $10 million video that will pay out 50,000. >> she will not get the revenue, but she will sell records. >> maybe, but she will sell the revenue of the whole record? there is no single sales or anything like that. >> whose team are you on? >> the controversy should be she is still around. go away, already. this is like her eighth video. i am over taylor. >> i thought you liked all young people and you hated old people. >> i think taylor swift is very, very talented. >> she smells like love. >> she is an alien. >> this was a tribute to old hollywood films.
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>> movie sets by definition are not real. >> i remember "out of africa." >> academy award. >> it is a little like that. >> academy what? >> does anyone know who the handsome guy it was in that? >> clint eastwood's son. >> it is clint eastwood's son. >> his name is scott. >> well there now she is a republican. >> she will be singing into an empty chair. >> coming up, feminists attack kermit the frog for dating a younger skinnier pig. why it is not easy being green after all. [female announcer] if the most challenging part of your day
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girlfriend and feminists are not happy. apparently she is younger and thinner. the frog was spotted bag stage on his new show "the muppets" and the twitter verse was quick to blame him comparing him to an old man. "kermit's if you girlfriend is hotter and younger than miss piggy, # masogany." and one said, since miss pig go go -- piggy is a feminist kermit is dating someone younger. but why stay with miss piggy? she was self-absorbed and border line abusive.
12:24 am
>> brutal. i for one am glad kermit has moved on. why is kermit attracted exclusively to pigs? we all have our fixations. danny, did you realize how violent miss piggy was? >> they were together 40 yores and he never -- 40 years and he never married her. you can get violent over that. >> he did in the movie. >> and there is question whether that was an actual wedding. >> he is tweeting and he admitted they dated for 40 years and the relationship ran its course. >> think about that dating for 40 years. i think i would hit somebody with a ladder accidentally. >> do you think she was a feminist icon? she was honored alongside gloria stynum. >> well, that answers that. if you are with gloria stynum
12:25 am
you are with the -- with it. >> you don't even know miss piggy? >> well, i have spent some time with some pigs. >> on any other day that is offensive. >> take that back this moment. >> i thought he saw an opportunity and went for it. >> i am jealous of kermit because he is able to move on to -- sometimes looks matter. >> and she is kind of a hottie. >> she is so hot. >> i have seen denise. miss piggy is vaw will you please few us with. >> i always had a problem with miss piggy. it was not just the violence. it was always about her. >> and the fake french is obnoxious. it is pretentious. i didn't even realize that denise is a marketing executive. that's the ultimate hat tip that this is promotion for the show and probably three or four episodes in piggy and kermit will have an awesome
12:26 am
reuniting and we will be talking about it again. >> do you think they hillary unite? >> that would be cheesy. >> far be it from me to take it to the lowest common denominator. >> i model myself after kermit the frog. are there muppets you fancy yourself after? >> no. but in fourth grade i did a report on jim henson and there were crafts involved. i always enjoyed the muppets, but because i grew up with them i never thought of dating them. they were my friends. i don't like any kind of body shaming, so people who are saying she is too thin, okay, grow up. i guess that was mean. i should take pa back -- take that back. >> they say women are
12:27 am
sensitive. >> and it is weird that kermit is taking this so public when they only broke up so recently. i feel a little bad for miss piggy. and the hate mail that denise is gonna get. >> coming up, a nice warm cup of coffee paired with andy levey. "halff time is next. don't go anywhere.
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live from america niece news headquarters i'm patricia stark. investigators in illinois say they are making, quote, significant progress in their search for three suspected it cop killers. among the leads police were checking out, a video from a home security system. it reportedly shows three people near the scene of tuesday's shooting in the town of fox lake. investigators have also recovered the gun. >> was it recovered at the scene? >> the gun has been recovered. the gun has been recovered. that's all i'm at liberty to say. >> a clerk who defied a court order to issue same-sex marriage license licenses remains behind bars. a judge said he had no choice but to jail her after her religious beliefs did not have
12:32 am
her comply with the order. donald trump put his signature on the form that would support the nominee. though it is not legally binding, the front runner promises not to run as a third party candidate. hungary is a sea of desperation as thousands are reaching western europe. many are fleaing the mideast and africa. getting out of hungary and not possible. over loaded trains are now transporting the refugees to asylum centers. they can't decide how to diffuse the growing crisis. >> french investigators have identified a washed up plane of debris on a remote island in the indian ocean. as suspected it it is part of the flight 370. the boeing 777 that disappeared was 239 people on
12:33 am
board. i'm patricia stark. now back to "red eye." >> welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we may have missed in the "red eye" news deck. >> how are you? >> good. >> happy friday. >> crazy right wing apparel. i spelled wright with a w. >> they love that stuff. >> these are all awful. the chem trails lives in the skies series and i want the hillary benghazi notebook. i might actually buy it. the benghazi thong may be okay depending on who you are dating. that could be role playing. i'm healthy that was told. >> that would be very strong s and m.
12:34 am
that would be very dark. is that too much? >> no. >> it is not our place to judge. >> married a longtime. what can i tell you? >> you make it sound so appealing. >> that's my thing. i'm all positive. >> you said the way we affect change is person to person. >> i think you are confusing spreading change with spreading oboe law. >> same thing. >> you said you created a thong that said inside job? >> yes. >> i don't get that. >> wait until later and you will understand. >> you said categorizing this as a phenomenon is missing the point. >> i was shocked that they only looked for something for the article. that's not their usual mo. >> they are usually more balanced. including the 9/11 stuff that
12:35 am
sliped past their own -- >> that's true. it is more libertarian. the worst ones are for kids. i said it before and i will say it again, stop politicizing your kids. >> stop having kids. >> i would leave that up to -- if individuals want to make that mistake that's up to them. >> i saw a fish onesie. >> i thought youment a onesie for a fish. trump and kareem. you said kareem is a brilliant writer. the best part is he has a mofl coming out in a -- novel coming out. >> i will kindle that. >> i already pre ordered it. >> you don't think this is someone you should be getting political advice from. but anthony got that. he has a pretty good history of being informed and active. he has written books on
12:36 am
military history. you are stereo typing dumb jocks and you owe him an apology and maybe the world an apology. >> you just informed me of all of that. i just suggest he gets a better publicist or like a resume on a billboard. >> we don't need kareem. we have charles barkley. >> kareem six rings and charles barkley -- >> none, but reel vent. no definitely not. >> i am not listening to an athlete who has not won a championship. >> okay. tom brady. >> i am not listening to him either. i didn't say if you won a championship we have to listen to you. the trump-kanye thing is interesting. he kept saying i won't say anything bad about kanye, but after yeze -- i say that
12:37 am
because to show i am down. trump told tmz that west's behavior was disgusting and advocating boycotting him so this doesn't happen again. >> wow. >> by the way, how was that six years ago that happened? >> the thing with taylor swift? >> 2009. >> we are still talking about both of them all the time. >> too much. >> speaking of which, taylor swift's colonial video. joe, you mentioned that the proceeds are going to wildlife. i guess the counter argument to that is why does taylor swift care about african animals, but not african people? >> we can ask that about a lot of the country who are upset about cecil the lion. >> rip. danny you said it is a music video and not a documents -- documentary. the video was recreating something. if you want to take issue with
12:38 am
the romanticized and the racist view of colonialism that hollywood used to portray, you are probably right about that. but a three-minute music video about a relationship is not really -- it is not their job to comment. >> was that a relationship? >> i think it was more than that. i think if you looked into their eyes you saw it was a lot more than that. >> i if you look into their eyes you would see dead. that's what you see. >> that gets to why i don't like this video though. at the end she shows up at the premiere for the movie and her behavior is unprofessional. she is upset her co-star is with another woman so she doesn't smile. she leaves early. a lot of people worked hard on the movie. you need to suck it up and be a professional. you need to grow up. no one cares if you are having a bad day. you owe it to your public. you think i am always this happy? no.
12:39 am
why do you assume clint eastwood's son is a republican? >> because of his father and like father, like son. >> so everybody has the same political views as their fathers in guns land? by the way he shares his father's political views. >> there we go. >> he uses the word libertarian though. he doesn't say republican. kermit has a new girlfriend. have a type much, kermit? come on now. tom, i did a lot of reading about this important issue. from what i can tell i am supposed to be outraged, so can you just put me down for outraged and then i don't have to talk about it? >> okay. >> thanks. danny you said there is a debate whether kermit and miss piggy's wedding is real. are you saying "the muppets take manhattan" is not cannon? >> it is a bit of an out liar as opposed to the show itself. it might have been produced by other people. >> i am not up on the muppets.
12:40 am
i was literally asking. >> i am not much of a muppets guy. i do have a soft spot for waldorf. i gotta go. >> okay, andy. thanks a lot. time to take a break. yoga pants when we come back.
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students at a cape cod high school are the latest victims of the war on yoga pants. yes, a revised dress code says spandex pants must be worn with shorts, a skirt or a dress. students think it is a form of body shaming. and on the first day of class, hundreds wore the stretchy pants in protest. and it is not just girls who want the rule revoked. >> pretty much the same in the middle east. women can't drive because it is distracting. i don't think we should take something from girls because it is distracting to guys. >> cape cod is like the middle east. the new dress code seems sexist considering what their teacher wears to school every day. that's actually joe devito. thanks for sending us the pic,
12:45 am
joe, unsolicited. we are matching up with today's story. >> did the school cave to the student's demands? >> i read about this. they call it a teachable moment. how about forget the yoga pants and just teach? i don't have a problem with the yoga pants. >> so forget the yoga pants and lose the rule. >> i am going to flip-flop here. >> you know, at that age it probably itracting. >> that's it. you see the gals and you say i am comfortable. you don't want to shame me. it is not about the girls. it is about the guys who can't get their work done. >> i went to catholic school my whole life. the whole reason you go to catholic schools is for the skirts, right? they are being forced to wear yoga pants under the skirts. if i am a guy i am upset more than the girls are.
12:46 am
i don't want the girls wearing yoga pants as well. i just want the skirt itself. >> so lose the yoga pants and bring back the skirt. did you have trouble in junior high? the thing is they didn't have sexy outfits. they had thick stone wash jeans and i was still distracted. >> it was a constant distraction and it doesn't get better when you are older. like everything else you get over it as a second point. a lot of times yoga pants can be more revealing than a short skirt. there is a lot going on. it is very intimate with the body con fors. if it is the norm, it become a thing. >> the hormones will just become acclimated? >> there will always be a problem with teenage boys and their hormones. you will not be able to legislate them into being calm and respectful of the opposite sex. >> so, joanne should we change the world to accommodate girls
12:47 am
or the boys? >> i think we shouldn't think about gender. we think gender too much. we need to educate not about what is distracting, but what is figure flattering and the best way to present yourself because typically yoga pants are meant for yoga or the leggings are meant to be worn with a longer top, something that covers more. it is about proportion. you don't want to wear something totally tight. i was laughing because i was trying to imagine wearing yoga pants over my back brace in high school. that would not have looked good. >> let's go to the back brace. >> i had to wear large sweatshirts. >> that always works with the back brace. you agreed with joanne? >> i agree that teach the girls to have some style so they get out of the stretchy pants. >> can you let them express themselves even if it makes people uncomfortable in the
12:48 am
short-term? >> i wear girl jeans so i don't know what i am lying about? >> very distracting. >> guys in stretch pants is a different issue. why does everyone have to have their ult mall -- their ultimate expression. >> you have to give every kid a stypen. >> some of these leggings you dpet at forever 21 and they are $5 and they are made of no material and particularly see through. the school should give every kid an an allowance. >> i thought you are not about government intervention? >> that's me. yeah. >> isn't this the same thing? why do you want the school to intervene? >> that school is like a little -- i'm fine with it being a little totalitarian state. as long as the state i am in
12:49 am
is free. >> oh tom. >> thisy are adolescent. they don't have the rights i have. i have an important life. they don't. >> we will close things out with a bedtime story. [female announcer] through labor day at sleep train's mattress price wars,
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eye," remi spencer and ethan berman. back in the days before sexting the only way to accidentally send your boss naked pictures of yourself was to clip them to your w-4. oh how times have changed. a man accidentally texted a photo of himself in the buff to his hr manager of a company that just offered him a job. and then he did it again two days later. the hr manager contacted the police and then only realized the job applicant was behind the sext when he called her for the follow-up. cops figured out it wasment for another person. as for the new job, the police chief said, quote, there was a conditional offer of employment made to this applicant.
12:54 am
my understanding is they have rescinded their offer. tough break. our crack team here at "red eye." got uh hold of one -- got uh hold of one of the sexted photos. i want to warn viewers. this may be disturbing. joe does get around. he has to get his resume out there. anthony, innocent mistake? maybe the employer should reconsider. >> this is their per rag go tiff. what can i say? this is part of the vetting process. you are showing your judgment before the interview. you are careless. you are not counting to five before you send anything. even if you are sending it to yourself or loved one you have to make sure the address is correct. >> that's right. i wonder if they have the same first few letters. i type and someone else's name comes up. you have to do that, especially if you are sending the naked pics. >> a mistake, whatever. mistakes happen. but again? that's carelessness and you
12:55 am
don't want that person working for you. somebody that careless. >> i wonder if he went in there to say, look, this is the deal. she means a lot to me. >> seems like she is ignoring him. if she had to call police and then figure out it was him? you would be going nuts. >> wait a minute, them employer is not too sharp either. the employer had to call the police 1234 why not just look at the guy. he had the same aol address. ofapparently. technology we are living. you have to be careful. >> i don't. i have never been sexted. i am embarrassed because nobody sent me a nude -- >> you are not missing anything. >> i was going to say, what's your phone number? >> does your husband ever -- sexy text like fluff the
12:56 am
pillows? >> no, tom, he has not said fluff the pillows. >> that's my line. >> because he wouldn't want to steal it from you. >> i do think -- you just don't want to hire that guy. i thought he was hoping for an advantage by exposing himself. >> maybe it was more intentional than you think. if you do it twice. >> this is why millennials cannot get jobs. you are competing against people who are sending junk from their trunk. >> i read the article, but i don't know his age. is he your age? >> how did you know how old he was? >> well, maybe we can just relate on more factors than one. at least he is memorable. he does stand out. >> this is why we have to make america great again. think about it. thanks to joanne nosuchunsky and anthony l fisher.
12:57 am
i forgot the l before. that does it for me. i'm tom shillue. i'll see you next time.
12:58 am
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s. republican presidential frontrunner donald trump signs a pledge to endorse the eventual nominee and forego a third party run. why now? and does it change this republican race? this is "special report." >> good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. republican party leaders are breathing a tentative sigh of relief tonight after getting donald trump's assurance that he will not run against the eventual nominee should it be someone other than him. the signing of that loyalty pledge, trump's announcement of that, and the news conference that followed, became a big afternoon tv event and another opportunity for the


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