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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  September 4, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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if you like today's show, stay tuned for tomorrow. we have ideas for a barbecue. >> and movie reviews. we'll see you tomorrow at 6:00 martha: great show this morning, guys. a gay couple walking out of the kentucky courthouse this morning marriage license in hand, this 24 hours after kim davis landed in jail after she told a federal judge she would not issue those licenses because she believes it violates her religious freedom. gregg: davis is being held still this hour for attempt of court. she rejected the judge's proposal that could have gotten her released. martha: we saw one same-sex
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marriage license issued. >> reporter: five of her six deputies have started handing out same-sex licenses. the lone holdup is kim davis' own son. she is in jail for attempt of court. her attorney says it's the first time in american history that someone has been incarcerated for believing marriage is between one man and one woman. the couple who sued her said they didn't want her to go to jail. they offered her a compromise and she refused.
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for kim davis she says it's a heaven or hell decision. martha: what's the reaction to this? >> reporter: same-sex marriage has been such a big issue for the white house. >> same-sex marriage is about the rule of law. nobody is above the rule of law, certainly not the president. >> reporter: presidential candidate mike huckabee was praising her this morning. >> i think we are getting close to what jefferson said. he said if we allow the judicious branch to make up law without the people's representatives you turn the constitution into a thing of
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wax. >> reporter: she said she would do just that, he wants to keep her behind bars. martha: mike huckabee is going to talk to us. gregg: some republican presidential candidates are rallying around davis saying they support her. senator ted cruz and marco rubio weighing in. >> what happened today is an outrage. for the first time we are see a krifortian woman thrown in jail for standing up for her faith. i stand with kim davis unequivocally. i stand with her and anyone else the government is trying to persecute for standing up for their faith. >> people should be able to live before it precepts of their faith while following the law and there has been no work done. martha: we'll talk live with governor mike huckabee. you just heard from him a few
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moments ago. we'll speak with rick santorum also about that controversy. send us your thoughts on that on twitter. it's obviously a hot button. gregg: for lawyers and legal scholars it's an easy decision to make. not even the president is above the law. but religious leaders have a different point of view. a lot to talk on that today. former state department deputy chief of staff and close hillary clinton aide jake sullivan set to testify on benghazi today. a memo he sent the year before giving then secretary of state hillary clinton tips on how to talk about libya on the campaign
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trail. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge live on drks d.c. >> reporter: within the last hour jake sullivan has arrived at the select committee on benghazi hearing room. sullivan is a key player in the benghazi terrorist attack. he had a front-row seat as hillary clinton chief adviser. he made the decision to place a consulate in benghazi that did not meet the state department requirements and why the threats were ignored and why ambassador stevens was there in 2012. he's also at the center of the talking points fiasco. in the days after the attack the obama administration blamed an
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anti-islam video as the cause of the attack. the then acting director of the cia mike morell said in a series of emails he would work closely with sullivan and ben rhodes to work out any issues they had about the public explanation that would be offered on the sunday talk shows. that explanation did not adequately reflect the intelligence at the time. and just this week i learned from a former military intelligence official the intelligence was so specific within 24 hours they not only might was terrorism, they identified the groups and the likely suspects. gregg: what about the fallout from yesterday's deposition of cheryl mills, a former chief of staff of the secretary. >> reporter: she gave a 9-hour
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deposition behind closed doors. she came out with the republican chairman as well as the ranking democrat who clearly agreed to give one single statement to the media. they said it had been professional and respectful and answered all the questions. she did answer some of the questions, but there were many issues she had simply forgotten. >> she did. she does not have a good memory. but you have to understand this has been 2 1/2, 3 years ago. but she did remember a lot of things or didn't remember some of the finer details that we may have liked to have had. >> reporter: congress nean west moreland told me the memory lapses were far more common when
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she took questions from the republican lawyers on the committee rather than the democrat lawyers on the committee. you can make of that what you will. martha: the labor department releases their monthly jobs numbers. the unemployment rate is 5.1%. that's the lowest rate we have seen in unemployment since 2008. the adjusted real unemployment rate fell to 10.3%. joining me to break it down is fox business network's gerri willis. >> reporter: this is a surprise on both items. the 5.1%. they were expecting 5.2%, and they expected 220,000 jobs to be added this month. we got 173,000.
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a bit of a disappointment. but august is a weird month or collecting employment data and often it comes in lower than expected. having said that, i have to tell you the futures are way, way off on the stock market. so possibly because of these numbers, these numbers are critical because the federal reserve will probably decide whether to raise interest rates in september on the basis of these numbers. so one other factor i think are interesting. the jobs, you might ask where were the jobs. it would be in healthcare and social assistance. the number you are seeing, unemployment claims last week. this has been a critical number all along remains unchanged over the last couple months. the job creation is in service sector industry like helping the elderly and daycare.
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we know the fed guys are on it and it will be a critical issue in deciding what happens with those interest rates. martha: they indicated they will be data driven when making the decision whether to raise interest rates. do you think that's likely that they will move up? >> i think it's likely they will do it before the end of the year. there are questions about whether they will raise rates and whether they have been shy from doing it despite strong employment gains. but it's been 9 long years since the fed raised rates. the question now really is have we waited too long? maybe they will be held back from doing it for some time. martha: 9 years since an interest rate hike is amazing. gregg: a big promise from donald
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trump. >> if i win a nomination and go directly against hoff they put up, for that reason i have signed the pledge. gregg: can this pledge, this loyalty pledge, keep him from running as an independent if he should change his mind? chris stirewalt changes his mind. martha: chinese wearships seen close to the alaska coastline apparently inside u.s. waters. what the chinese say they are doing there. >> it's my first time seeing a hero in person. i have been so amazed seeing a hero like that. diabetes, steady is exciting.
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gregg: kansas state university is on lockdown amid a search for a possible individual or multiple individual who are suspicious and could be armed. the students and staff are being told do not come on campus until further notice. a director of communications is telling a tv station apparently this is related to an armed robbery off campus. stay tuned for further details.
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martha: donald trump met yesterday with the rnc chairman and signed a loyalty pledge vowing not to run as an independent if he does not secure the republican nomination. >> if i win the nomination and go directly against whoever they happen to put up, so for that reason i have signed the pledge. i will be totally pledging my allegiance to the republican party and the conservative principles for which it stands. martha: it sounded like a pledge of allegiance. what's the impact? >> i don't know if i would have
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done that if i were him. a lot of his supporters hate the republican party. some of them may be conservative. some of them are liberal and some moderate. but a lot of them like him specifically for the reason he represents a giant threat to the order of the republican party which many conservatives are frustrated with. martha: wasn't he making a business calculation when he looks at this? there is no reason at this moment in time for him to think he can't win the republican nomination. he will have the structure and the backing of the party, and that's huge. >> he also didn't have a choice. if he wants to be the republican nominee, he does get leverage and support for being an
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anti-republican republican. but if you want to be on the ballot in south carolina and other states you have to sign a loyalty oath anyway. he went for it in a big way in a grand fashion there in his own building and branded it his own way. but he was out of time. martha: reality shows love to have a twist. an unexpected development. something you have never seen happen before on this program. it's possible mr. trump somewhere down the road says i know i took this pledge. this was an intent at that moment. but the whole ball game is changed and clearly i need to do my own thing. >> then he brings in geraldo for the shocking reveal. that's not a legal document. that's his word, his bond, his
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promise. he could say the conditions of the deal changed and i don't carry inmore. he could do that. the threat is still implicit. if he got down to the end, and he said up until may he could seek the libertarian nomination and through the end he could play spoiler by spending his money to get on the ballot. he might be able to hurt that party. martha: he can't get into republican debates if he didn't sign the document. south carolina has a similar rule. down the road you can get in as an independent candidate in the head-to-head debates. >> if you have enough votes. martha: ross perot did it. he was up on stage. >> at one point he was in the lead in some polling.
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i don't know if that's what donald trump would be as an independent. the republic keans's counting on to support him and the reason he signed the pledge would probably not hang around. martha: thanks, buddy. gregg: investigators have a brand-new lead in the killing of an illinois police officer. the latest on the man opportunity for three suspects who are still at large. martha: the king of saudi arabia coming to the united states. why he's turning heads at the four seasons. let's discuss medical supplies i'm kind of happy with my guys.
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martha: saudi arake yeah's king in the u.s. meeting with president obama. but it's the combinations making headlines. the entire four seasons hotel in georgetown is booked through saturday for the king and his entourage. the lavish hotel even redecorated in gold to suit the king's taste. apparently there is enough red carpet to keep king solomon from ever touching the ground which would be a big no-no. you can say gold is my fast it color and i need red carpet because i don't want my feet to be touching the ground.
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gregg: new surveillance videotape could help lead police to the men who killed an officer in illinois. investigators say a homeowner came forward with the footage as at search for the three suspects continues. police also recovered the victim's gun. where does the investigation stand right now? >> reporter: a lot of hope is hanging on that video from a them security system. the house is somewhat in proximity to the murder scene. it would have been where the suspects are coming or going from the murder scene. he says he captured images of three individual. two white guys and one black guy he says. police sent the hard drive to the department of homeland
6:26 am
security because they have the most advanced equipment to review and analyze that video. police are hopeful we could at least advance a description beyond the broad description we have now of two white guys and a black guy. gregg: we understand the officer's gun was recovered. >> reporter: we learned that yesterday it was recovered near the scene of the murder. the police are very judicious with the information. they are trying to protect information that only someone at the murder scene would know. we don't know if he was killed with his own weapon. we don't know if the weapon was fired. police are stopping short of saying whether there was second weapon involved. they are saying they are cop killers and they should be very dangerous. they are holding back a lot of information because that's one
6:27 am
of the tools police have in a case like this. martha: big story that broke yesterday. patriots quarterback tom brady back on the field after a judge overturned his four-game suspension for deflategate. but the nfl is not taking that decision lying down. gregg: some republican presidential candidates are rallying around a county clerk. rirk santorum joining us live with his take on the controversy in kentucky. >> just follow the law. i don't know how she still can hold to her religious beliefs.
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she still can have them.
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martha: very good news for the campus of kansas state. they were given a lockdown but now all is safe on the campus of kansas state. good news for them. gregg: the first same-sex licenses being issued in rowen county as the clerk who refused to issue them is? r be. locked up than compromise her religious beliefs. there are a lot of people out there who support her including
6:32 am
republican presidential candidate rick santorum. you tweeted we should not have to choose between keeping our job or practicing our faith. why can't she still practice her faith but just not do it on the job in a way that interferes with the legal rights of other citizens. >> then she is not practicing her faith. why are we forcing people if there areways to accomplish what people want to do, why are we forcing people to do something that in some faiths is a grievous, serious sin. so why are we asking people to do that? gregg: the judge tried to accommodate her yesterday. he said i won't make you issue licenses, but if you won't interfere with your deputy
6:33 am
clerks then i'll let you out of jail. she said no, i'm going to interfere with my deputy clerks. >> what we are talking about, if we could pass a law that says to anybody, not just a clerk of the courts, but anybody who is acting in a governmental responsibility, we could pass a first amendment defense act that would give people the opportunity to live by their own convictions and allow accommodations for others to be able to take care of these ministerial duties. that's the balancing act the state of kentucky and the congress has to do. there is a bill out there that will do that and that will be taken care of. gregg: if that doesn't happen then we are back to square one. a lot of people will say when she took the job she swore to
6:34 am
uphold the laws. and we rely on officials to uphold the laws. i come back to the question that maybe she is one of those individuals who shouldn't have this job. >> the law in kentucky defines marriage between a man and woman. the supreme court said that's invalidated. you have this issue, how broad is the court's effect and what is the impact. justice robbers in the this court decision said that the court act unconstitutionally. so the question is when a court acts unconstitutionally what is the obligation of the branches of government. the county clerk may be taking it too far. it's the obligation of the president and the conscious to counter a court that is abusing its constitutional authority. gregg: you can do it with a constitutional amendment to say it doesn't apply to gay marriage. that's one of the ways you can
6:35 am
do it. >> i don't think you have need as constitutional amendment to fix this problem. when the court tacts wrongly it shouldn't take a constitutional amendment when five people can amended the constitution. it's incumbent on the congress. i was the author of the partial-birth abortion bill. when that bill was found unconstitutional we passed another law and said court you are wrong and they backed down. that's what congress has to do. >> we are going to put up on the screen the latest real clear politics poll average. you were in 13th place, third from the bottom. so what is your path to victory? >> i was in last place four years ago. way found was -- i was in 2% two weeks before the iowa caucasus
6:36 am
and i won the iowa caucasus at 26%. the national polls are fun to report on and they give you have guys something to talk about. but they have no correlation to who is going to win the nomination or who is going to win iowa. i laid out a strong vision jaig do we need someone who is a fighter and can shake up washington, d.c. but as a track record sticking to the principles these candidates say they are for, but then they get into the office. i have got a good track record of standing for it and winning elections here in washington. >> you mentioned washington and you spent a lot of time there. there is the poll, you are at the bottom 1.3%. you just completed the full visit to 99 iowa counties.
6:37 am
with that much familiarity you would think, would you not, that you would be better than 1%. >> the des moines register found 88% of iowans hadn't made up their minds yet. if you look at the candidates on the list in iowa, we are at the top. you are right, people do like us and they know us answer we are on their lit. they are looking at a lot of candidates. there are a lot of new cars in the showroom. they will test drive a few. in the end when they are looking at someone who has the experience to walk in as commander-in-chief, it's not an entry-level position. when you look at the field, i have been out there for a dozen years fighting against a nuclear iran. i put iran under sanctions for the nuclear program.
6:38 am
they will be looking for somebody with experience and a fighter who can get things done. that's what we'll do well. gregg: great to see you, thanks for being with us. martha: there are heavy hearts today. friends and family gathered to remember darren goforth. he was shot and killed while he was at a gas station on his own time. >> reporter: they are expecting to host 8,000 people. the main worship center can hold 6,000, and there is overflow seating for an additional 2,000 people.
6:39 am
family an friends of deputy goforth are in attendance including law enforcement. we have seen officers arrive from as far away as new york city. the funeral itself begins at noon. it's supposed to last about an hour. a short time ago the hearse was carried into the church. it was a somber moment. then the 10-year veteran of the sheriff's department will be laid to rest. the governor ordered all flags to be lowered to half-staff. the governor calling for he police officer and deputy trooper in the state of texas to turn on their squad car lights for one minute to show support and solidarity for the fallen
6:40 am
hero. martha: there is no reason for this event to have to take place today. casey, thank you very much. gregg: quite a racket at the u.s. open. a drone crashing into the stands during a match. martha: donald trump on foreign policy. his opponent slamming the republican frontrunner for the answers he gave during a radio interview. a fair and balanced debate on this. >> you need to know who the players are and what the capabilities of the united states are. you need a strategy. you can't flippantly say i'll hire the best people and it will be done. out is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief.
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martha: donald trump was speak to radio host hugh hugh with it. he was asked to identify the names of the leaders of some of the militant groups. >> are you familiar with general soleimani? >> yes, but go ahead. >> not the kurd. the quds forces. the bad guys. >> i thought you said kurd. i'm sorry. i thought you said kurds. i think the kurd have been very poorly. martha: he said it won't take long to learn all the players. >> i'm looking to the next commander-in-chief to know who
6:45 am
nasrallah and al-zawahiri and al-julani and al-baghdadi. >> those are like history questions. do you know this one and do you know that one. by the time i get into office they will all be gone. martha: mary katharine, is this damaging to donald trump or not? >> it remains to be seen, you have seen a lot of the donald trump fan base and supporters accept the fact that he doesn't know these things and fight for these but i do think it's a problem if you want to be commander-in-chief. this is a sitting of hugh hugh with it. -- of hugh hewitt.
6:46 am
he does know which is the kurds. instead addressing the quds force or isis and quied * and -a and their leaders. >> for most americans it comes across as a gotcha question. president bush was once candidate the difference between hezbollah and hamas. mary katharine makes a point when you go through republican campaigns, republicans value national security highly. republicans are typically given an advantage in terms of their foreign policy and their ability to handle the national security apparatus.
6:47 am
here is donald trump. even if it was a gotcha question, he's saying you are imposing on me. i'll get it when it's important. but it's important for a lot of people. but it may be the case that nobody who is a trump supporter values this question. there is no evidence this will make a difference for them. martha: a lot of his supporters looking at twitter and the like, sticking up for him saying it doesn't matter. he will study up on these people. when you look at the people he talked about, you are talking about the leader of isis. you are talking about the leader of hezbollah. you are talk about al-zawahiri, which is a name that's been around for many, many years. these are not particularly obscure issues. in terms of his campaign, do you think people around him are
6:48 am
doing a good job in tems of saying here is what you need to know before you head into this? >> i don't think it' a gotcha question to ask a presidential candidate to be conversant in iranian military forces and the qud force. they are elite forces. and hugh hewitt lays out the names for him. he's not saying tell me the leader of such and such. another thing trump says is he says i knew you were going to ask me this, but he didn't look it up? the larger issue is, when does he learn this stuff, how does he deal with islamic extremism? martha: i manage he will know them before september 16 before the next debate because there is no way anybody who's going to question him isn't going to want to know he understands the dynamic at play in the middle east. it's important for anybody who
6:49 am
want the job ultimately. here is what jeb bush said about this. >> the iranian deal combined with this existential threat to israel and the united states, the creation of a caliphate, you have got to know who the players are and what the capability of the united states are. his strategy, all this stuff you can't flippantly say i'll hire the best people and it will be done. you have to have some sense of what's at risk here. martha: who do you think is coming out ahead? >> without a doubt, it's donald trump. people say in a way it's a cliche', he's a great counter puncher, by is. he labeled bush at low energy, not that smart. i can't tell you off the top of my head. i can't even remember what jeb bush is saying about donald
6:50 am
and name calling. that's donald trump and it's working. >> he plays by different rules. there is no political calculus saying what he's doing should be working. martha: more on this to come. thanks, have a great weekend. >> i want you to come cook for me. martha: i have extra clam dip i can bring to your house. gregg: tom braisey emerging triumphant against the nfl commissioner roger goodell. commissioner roger goodell. but the deflategate saga apparently not over. crunch! crave those crazy squares. cinna-milk!
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gregg: the nfl filing an appeal over the judge's decision on deflategate. the judge effectively overturned the five-game suspension. heather, good to see you. i read the judge's decision. it was 40 pages of spanking roger goodell for violating brady's rights, violating the collective bargaining agreement saying goodell got everything wrong at every turn. >> i think the judge was right. even if you are not a patriots' fan you should be happy about this decision. there has to be consistent rules and policies for every player. the judge said the procedure was not followed and the decision was wrong.
6:55 am
gregg: this is the latest embarrassment for roger goodell but at least he maintained his perfect record of. goodell got it wrong he single time and it got overturned. this is a guy who makes $105 million on a five-year contract after making $44 million before the contract. if he were an nfl coach he would be fired for tim competence. >> i think he has done well for the league financially and bringing in advertising dollars. on this particular issue the nfl is the only sporting league that allows the person to instills the punishment to hear the appeal. that's where the problem lies. the nfl needs to change their policy so it many consistent with what other sporting leagues
6:56 am
do. i know you are a lawyer, too. just as we see in court, the same judge who decides the case, if the case is appealed doesn't decide the appeal. it goes to another forum. that's what needs to happen in the nfl. gregg: 40 pages explaining his decision. goodell has slim to none chance of getting this overturned by an appellate court, would you agree? >> absolutely agree. two of the three would have to say this judge is wrong. it's very unlikely. the standard is very high and it's unlikely. the nfl will be facing yet another loss and needs to see this as a wakeup call. gregg: they have a lot of wake-up call buzz they appear to be tone deaf. martha: vice president joe biden making his most direct comments
6:57 am
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get your free pair and valuable coupons at always martha: we are about 30 minutes into the trading day on wall street right now. dow isdown pretty sharply. 1.5% in the early going. we got employment numbers. may indicate economy is picking up. concern the fed may raise interest rates. that set the market off. we'll keep an eye on a it throughout the day. hillary clinton inner circle getting grilled about benghazi about a terrorist attack that left four dead including ambassador chris stevens on that awful september 11th day. good morning. welcome to "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. gregg: i'm gregg jarrett.
7:01 am
aides looking to nail down their testimony before mrs. clinton appears before the benghazi panel next month. today's deposition behind closed doors features jake sullivan, clinton's senior policy advisor, an aide to her presidential campaign. former chief of staff cheryl mills on the hot seat for nearly nine hours yesterday. >> miss mills answered all of the committee's questions and the dialogue was professional and productive. martha: that from trey body yesterday after a very long session with cheryl mills. chris wallace, anchor of "fox news sunday." chris, good to see you this morning. welcome. >> good to be it it with you. martha. cheryl mills for hours apparently things she could not remember but she answered all the questions. jake sullivan is in there now this morning. what do you think of the impact is of all of this? >> we don't know. it was interesting, another member of the committee, of the
7:02 am
benghazi committee, republican was not quite as nice to cheryl mills and said that she had some memory lapses particularly when it came to benghazi. she tended to have more problems remembering questions from the republican members of the committee than from the democratic members of the committee. may mean something, may not. it is kind of interesting. you know, look, the committee is doing exactly what an investigative committee should do. they are trying to get all of the information, to get answers to all the questions. so when he this get hillary clinton before the committee on october 22nd, they know exactly what to ask her and how to go in and be able to test her answers versus the answers that were given by the members of the committee. obviously any contradictions are always important but i have to say that the most interesting development this week aren't those members of the clinton team who testified. it was that i.t. officer, brian pagliano, who he will not testify and in fact take the
7:03 am
fifth amendment, protecting him against self-incrimination. talking about the fifth amendment and self- crime nation in middle of presidential campaign is not helpful. >> the discussion about hillary clinton is focused on this. if you are running a campaign you want to get it hard off of this subject. they tried a couple tames. it didn't get a lot of traction. you say she will be in front of the committee on october 22nd. she will hope to put the process behind her. but overall do you think she will be able to? >> probably not. i don't know what she can say to satisfy all critics. so far her explanations and news conferences and interviews has tended to raise more questions than it has answered them. i mean just think of her shifting explanations on the classified material on her private email server.
7:04 am
first, in that famous u.n. news conference in march, there was no classified material. there was no material that was classified at the time. now it is no material that was marked as classified. it couldn't be marked as classified because she apparently sent at least half dozen emails according to the officials at the state department that had classified material in it. if she was doing it on private server, not like some classification official saying, oh, mark that classified. it couldn't be classified if she was sending it on private server. martha: may come down to the fbi in terms whether or not they discern that there was information top secret compromised anyway the way it was treated while she was handling it. that is yet to be seen. i want to ask about joe biden a moment yesterday may have been a little bit revealing as everybody looks to answers whether he will run. let's look.
7:05 am
>> the most relevant factor in my decision whether my family and i have the emotional energy to run. the honest to god answer is, i just don't know. martha: joe biden yesterday, obviously talking about the loss of his son, chris. any thoughts on that comment and on what may transpire in terms of abiden candidacy? >> well it makes you realize how, this is much more personal decision than it is a political decision. yes, there are questions and his aides are doing all the things they should do in terms of reaching out to potential big donors to a campaign, reaching out to key operatives in various states. how to build a field organization, but this is primarily a personal decision. what you could see there, what you can feel it, you can hear it and in the vice president's voice, is he and his family are still grieving. you know, still mourning the terrible death of his eldest son beau. as he said in a conference call
7:06 am
with some of the top democratic party operatives a week or so ago, i have to be able to go into this with my full heart and soul and they're both pretty banged up. you could see that in that statement. they are still banged up. that wasn't the statement of somebody who is ready to charge the hill with flags furling. so he has got to come so some decisions in his own heart and frankly his family does whether to take this on. let's face it, once they get into the fight against hillary and bill clinton, they're all-in. it will be a tough fight. martha: it is an understandable situation. you can hear it in his voice so clearly as you say. we'll see what he decide to do. thank you very much, chris. we'll all decide to do watch you on sunday. as chris take as closer look at the iran nuclear deal which has support in congress to get through any veto attempt against it. chris will speak to two of the biggest critics former vice president dick cheney and
7:07 am
his daughter liz cheney. gregg: new revelations from the pentagon that chinese warships of alaska came much closer to american shores than previously reported. the five ships spotted earlier this week in the bering sea which happened to coincide with president obama's trip to alaska national security correspondent jennifer griffin joins us with the update. jennifer, what is the pentagon saying about these chinese vessels? >> reporter: at the press conference here at the pentagon yesterday they would not say much publicly but privately we're told once reports emerged in the press about the presence of the chinese warships in the bering sea while the president was visiting to alaska, for no apparent reason the chinese vessels reversed course. officials confirmed that privately. the warships were exercising with the russian navy in the sea of japan the day before. a strange alliance of unnatural
7:08 am
bedfellows. we saw this in the mediterranean after the start of the syrian conflict, chinese warships exercising exercising with the russian navy, very far from home. a clear sign to nato not to get. gregg: anything related to the chinese military parade in beijing yesterday? >> reporter: it is not new but when they saw the chinese ballistic missile known as carrier killer, a direct challenger to the u.s. navy in the pacific. they were on full display with the j-31 fighter jet which is remarkably similar to the american f-35, plans of which were reportedly stolen by the chinese. pentagon press secretary was asked about the chinese parade. >> people know the strength of the united states, the strength of our military and, i think it's safe to say that we don't need to display it at parades necessarily for people to understand what the united states is capable of.
7:09 am
>> reporter: what caught really people's attention the presence of vladmir putin in beijing yesterday. gregg? gregg: jennifer griffin. thanks very much. martha: a gunman in california is still at large after one person was killed and two why were injured in a shooting at sacramento city college. will carr live in los angeles with the latest on this will, what do we know how these students were shot on campus? >> reporter: well at this point, martha, police say this was an isolated shooting incident instead after campus shooting spree. it all went down yesterday afternoon on campus at the two-year community college in south sacramento which has an enrollment over 25,000. so a lot of students on campus when this went down. police say there was an altercation between two groups. at some point a gun and knife were pulled. in the end one person killed, one seriously injured, another grazed by a bullet. police continue to look for the suspect here. they have given a vague description saying looking for
7:10 am
an adult male pacific islander. many student were upset because it took more than 40 minutes from the time of the shooting to get a text message alert from the college. >> there is nobody giving us any information, like people are just walking aimlessly because they told us to leave. everyone is scared, where do they go. they told us the shooter hadn't been caught. someone was shot over there. someone was shot over there. someone thinks there is a shooter running around. that we're on the street like sitting ducks. >> reporter: students heading back to class with heavy police presence after the lockdown was lifted last night. martha if. martha: thank you very much. will. gregg: new developments in the search for missing malaysian air flight. what french authorities are saying about this piece of wing, quote, with certainty. martha: plus donald trump making an about-face and signing the republican pledge to support the party's haven't wall nominee but is issue really over? >> so i will be totally pledging
7:11 am
my allegiance to the republican party and the conservative principles for which it stands and we will go out and we will fight hard and we will win. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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7:14 am
martha: investigators now say that a wing part found on a remote island in the indian ocean is definitely from the missing malaysian airlines flight 370.
7:15 am
the section was discovered back in july. french investigators say a technician from the company that made the part match ad serial number to the plane. the plane was carrying 239 people when it disappeared over the ocean between malaysia and vietnam, causing a mystery that went on for all of that year. ♪ >> the best way for the republicans to win is if i win the nomination and go directly against whoever they happen to put up and for that reason i have signed the pledge. >> yeah. [cheers and applause] gregg: donald trump finally signing on the dotted line of a gop loyalty pledge after first declining to rule out running as a third party candidate. by signing, trump agrees, if he loses his party's nomination he
7:16 am
will nevertheless back the candidate that wins and not run as an independent. marc thiessen, columnist with the "washington post," fellow with american enterprise institute. fox news contributor. mark, good to see you. this is not a binding contract because it doesn't have what is called consideration, an exchange of benefits. so it is an enunenforcable promise. the question is, would trump abide by it nevertheless? what do you think? >> i think if he decided it wasn't in his interest he would bolt the republican party so fast. in 1919 he became independent because republican party was too far right he said. in 2001 he became a democrat and supported harry reid and nancy pelosi. in 2009 he became republican again. in 2011 he became an independent again. now he is republican again. it makes your head spin how many times he changed parties. donald trump's allegiance is not to the republican party. donald trump's allegiance is to donald trump.
7:17 am
gregg: point well-made, mark. a lot of people are wondering, why is he signing it now and they're suspicious of it. after you will before the august 6th debate on fox news he was ahead in the polls. well he is still ahead in the polls which invites the question, what's changed? refused to make the pledge then. why now? >> because he sustained those polls. i think he thinks he will be the republican nominee. he is 30% in the national polls. leading in all the polls but the specter of an independent bid was actually putting a ceiling on his support. you remember in the fox news debate he was booed by the crowd when he said he wouldn't give up option of an independent run. there are republicans out there who would not support him. a third of the republican party says under no circumstances would they support donald trump. people who wouldn't support him because he might run as independent because that would help hillary. he is trying to broaden the support to make this pledge. it is in his interest to do so
7:18 am
and there is no downside. gregg: let's say he take as precipitous drop in the polls and that certainly could happen and he doesn't win caucuses and primaries and so forth and decides to change his mind and move as independent. he would certainly be criticized as a hypocrite if not a liar but wouldn't he just turn around and vilify the republican national committee and others? >> sure. he is the arbiter, he says he is doing this because he has been treated fairly. a few months from now he could decide he has not been treated fairly, therefore that is why he is doing it. he will come up with an excuse to do whatever he needs. just like on "the apprentice" is he only judge. he gets to say, gop, you're fired!, if republicans are not being fair to him. but right now he doesn't want to run as an independent because one he is leading in the polls. he thinks he can get the republican nomination. second of all independent bid would be very difficult and very expensive. he is running on free media right now.
7:19 am
he sneezes and he gets free media coverage. he would have to spend a lot of money the second, it is not the path to the presidency. he is not interested being ross perot or ralph nader, a spoiler, he wants to be president of the united states, he knows to do that he needs to win the republican nomination and if he doesn't get it he can always change his mind. gregg: boeing back to '92, ross perot got enough votes to essentially take the presidency away from george herbert walker bush and gave it to bill clinton. so how relieved do you think reince priebus and the rnc is right now and, and other republicans? >> i don't think they should be terribly relieved because this means nothing. i think if donald trump thinks he is treated unfairly and wants to run as independent and thinks he could win as an independent would do it in a heartbeat. he is not pledging allegiance to the republican party and principles for which it stands. he is pledging allegiance to donald trump's interest and right now he is winning.
7:20 am
there is no reason for him not to pledge to be part of the republican party because he is the frontrunner for the republican nomination. he believes based on how it is going for the past month he can win it. gregg: pledge allegiance to donald trump. i like that. mark, always great talking to you. >> thanks for having me on. martha: there is growing chaos as the refugee crisis intensifies in europe. heartbreaking images of human misery riveting the world's attention on this is the situation there a moment of truth for europe and potentially for the the world? gregg: unexpected customer stunning one very surprised shop owner. ♪ ♪
7:21 am
♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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martha: pope francis sneaking out of the vatican on his own making a surprise visit at an eyeglass shop nearby. he drew a large crowd as you imagine he was walking down the street. i need some glasses. what is it called? gregg: sunglasses store. martha: not optometrist. anyway he insisted that his old frames be reused. he said they're perfectly good. he would pay for any upgrade that needed to happen. the shop owner who made eyeglasses for the pope saying he did not know the pope would come to the shop himself. the pope will visit the united states in a highly anticipated trip later this month. gregg: he needs a pair of ray bans. looks cool. hundreds of frustrated refugees are stuck at a train station in hungary for days
7:25 am
getting desperate. [shouting] >> hey. gregg: look at that. a cameraman catching moment a father throws his wife and baby on train tracks apleads with authorities to let them travel to western europe. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot joining with us more from london. greg, we're learning more about the little boy with lifeless body that stunned world as it went viral. talk to us about that. >> reporter: greg, that little boy is on front pages of papers here in the u.k. again, this time happier times, before his passing. he was found dead this week on a turkish beach, drowned along with his mother and his brother. his father survived. he and others today, in their hometown of kobani, in the kurdish region of syria buried the family.
7:26 am
it was in fact the fighting in syria that drove the family and tens of thousands of others right now to europe. the aunt of the child spoke out today. she lives in canada. here is a bit of what she had to say. >> they were going for a better life. this shouldn't happen. it shouldn't happen to them. >> reporter: there were reports that the family had applied for asylum to canada. canadian government saying that didn't happen, gregg. gregg: greg, what is the latest in hungary? >> reporter: that has in fact become another focal point of this european refugees crisis. let's start at that station, interest train station you were mentions. some refugees are remaining there. some have been brought to nearby migrant camp.
7:27 am
they're fearful if they sign up in hungary, they won't get where they want is germany, economy is better, asylum laws are more liberal. many are on the move by foot in many cases coming from greece to macedonia. from macedonia into hungary. even from that train station and the central train station in budapest by foot trying to get to austria, trying to move on inside of europe. they keep on coming from the mediterranean. that scene of a lot of death and heartache in greece. a large ferry disembarked a couple thousand more refugees who landed by dinghy on an island, just off of that turkish coast. as leaders and officials continue to meet here, gregg, trying to come up with some solution, the u.n. says europe must take 200,000 refugees in. it is reported that u.k. prime minister cameron today says, 4,000 could come here. back to you. gregg: it is a desperate situation as you described. greg palkot.
7:28 am
thank you. martha: tennis fans were caught off-guard at the u.s. open which is going on now here in new york city. what was a drone doing flying into the stadium? gregg: i think that was my seat. and kentucky county clerk kim davis gaining national attention for saying her christian beliefs prevent her from issuing same-sex marriage licenses. well, she is in jail for it and now, some republican presidential candidates are coming to her defense. mike huckabee is one of them. he will be joining us live. >> if he is we the people and that is what he is supposed to being a judge, he ain't we the people. it is all about him, him, him. diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. when heartburn comes creeping up on you.
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martha: gay couple walking out of the kentucky county clerk's office this morning, marriage license in hand, just hours after kim davis, the clerk who runs that office, was hauled off to jail for refusing to license
7:32 am
same-sex marriages citing her religious beliefs. her attorneys saying it is first time in united states history that someone has been jailed for believing that marriage is between a man and a woman. >> there are no religious liberties of conscience left, for elected officials. and regular citizens are next. >> religious liberty is not a sword which government through its employees may impose particular religious views on others. >> larger issues a big topic in terms of religious liberty. presidential candidate and former governor mike huckabee joins us now. good to have you here. >> thank you, martha. martha: you have a rally next tuesday. >> yes. martha: at 3:00 for kim davis. you're very supportive of her. why? >> this is criminalization of christianity. what she did was followed kentucky constitution voted on by 75% of the people.
7:33 am
she has not been criminalized. she is being held without bail. i want you to think about this. jeffrey dahmer got bail. albert desalvo, boston strangler, got bail. john wayne gacy got bail. kim davis because she followed her convictions is put in jail and is not given bail. this is an unbelievable moment in american history. and i think it may wake people up because who is next? are pastors next? florists? caterers? who else goes to jail before this is over. supreme court reached out into thin air around create ad redefinition of marriage. there is no authorization from the congress. president has never signed a bill that enabled this idea of same-sex marriage. and i think it is interesting in tennessee yesterday, there was a judge that dismissed a divorce case. he said if the court doesn't at this the people of tennessee are smart enough to know when a marriage starts and what it looks like, i guess the court doesn't give us enough sense to end one.
7:34 am
he dismissed divorce case. the implications are extraordinarily far-reaching. that is why we'll be in kentucky on tuesday, 3:00 to rally for kim davis and to rally for religious liberty and, most importantly, to rally for there to be consistency in the law. martha: so, what do you say to those, who say, well, when that decision came from the supreme court, kim davis should have said, you know what? i can't in good conscience keep doing this job. i will find another job because this isn't where i should be working? this obviously is the decision that had been put in place across the country? >> i went down to gitmo a few years ago when i visited. i was amazed how accommodating we were for all the muslim detainees that we had at gitmo. there was a stripe painted in each sell pointed toward mexico so this would know he which way to pray. there were prayer mats provided five times a day to pray. whatever the routine. they were served halal meals
7:35 am
consistent with what their religious dictated. all kinds of accomodations of the we can't a accommodate a county clerk because she didn't believe -- martha: other people signing decisions to allow her to keep her job and find common ground keep doing it but not violate her conscience. >> martha, it would be over her office with her name. interestingly the very form says male and female. so the form has not been changed. here's something i think, i hear a lot of people say it is law of the land. i would dispute that. if we go back to read what jefferson said, if we read what hamilton said, if we read what lincoln said, throughout our history, it is very clear, the court is not law unto itself. it can review law. martha: people walking in there to get marriage license. this is the decision of the supreme court. we have right to do this, in this state we have right to get
7:36 am
a marriage license from you. you're the clerk in this office. that is your job to issue that license. what about their, what about their freedom. >> then they need to to to the people's elected representatives, that needs to be enacted by the people who are duly -- martha: but they're getting them now. >> the question is should they be without enabling legislation? martha, when i was governor the state supreme court could come up with school funding law, which they did and they said ours was invalid. we didn't write new checks to the school districts the next day because we had to assemble the legislature, we had to create funding formula. we had to authorize it. i had to sign it. then i had to order the department of education to send the checks. the reason that is important, without enabling legislation you have only the court saying what you should do, but until those other two branches of government, equal to the court, has decided exactly what that is, you have no authorization just to go out and start doing it. if you do you end up doing what, again i quote jefferson,
7:37 am
hamilton, lincoln as well as the dissenting justices scalia, who said, at this point, you have five unelected lawyers who overrule everything else in government. martha: a lot of people see a difference in public position an are asking why -- >> why did gaff vin newsom get arrested? martha: situations that come came up in private enterprise. >> why did gavin newsom of the mayor of san francisco get arrested against the law same-sex marriage. why did jerry brown not get arrested. martha: for carrying out sanctuary city laws not on the books. this is very serious issue. >> it's a serious issue. martha: how is your campaign going? we know the numbers don't look great. >> i think they look pretty darn good. we're in the middle of the pack. i'm way ahead where i was eight years ago. typically if you're hot when it is hot you will be coiled when it is cold. summer blockbusters never win oscars. so just napped what we're doing, is what you do to win.
7:38 am
i've been in south carolina more than any candidate. we're organized in iowa. more than any other candidate. more than any other in south carolina. that is ultimately how you win elections. i would love to have all my speeches carried live, if you guys want to do that, i'm available. but meantime -- martha: when you're front-runner we'll carry speeches live. >> i will hold you to that. martha: absolutely right. we watch everything tossed up in the campaigns over and over again. the secret is to stay tuned. it is a long race ahead. >> martha, let me say, people want to go to the rally, mike there will be information there. a lot of people helping us cosponsor that. i hope they are a part of that. martha: when that is going on. governor huckabee, thank you very much. great to see you as always. >> thanks. martha: gregg? gregg: the new york city teacher that has been arrested after a drone crashed into some seats at the u.s. open in queens. david lee miller live at our newsroom with more. david, what more do we know
7:39 am
about the incident? >> reporter: gregg, you might call it a close encounter of the illegal kind. during a match last night a drone flew over the u.s. open tennis tournament in queens, new york. difficult to spot. look at video. it is highlighted in the corner of the screen. in fact you're looking at the aftermath. this is when it had already struck a seat. the players in the second round women's singles match kept playing as the drone crashed. police, as you sigh there, rushed in to examine the device. a short time later they arrest ad new york city 26-year-old high school teacher, daniel verley. arrested him for you will legal operation after drone and operating a drone in a public park, in other words a no drone zone. the stadium can seat as many as 10,000. this match was sparsely attended. one of the players, italian, flavia pennetta said it was scary she thought the device could have been a bomb. she went on to win the match. real loser here, gregg, school
7:40 am
teacher who allegedly flew this device. gregg: it was kind of scary. i was at the u.s. open this week. last thing i would have expected was a drone. but they, they're very prevalent. we seem to be hearing, david, more and more about them. >> reporter: you're going to continue to hear more and more about them. probably see more of them. a consumer electronics trade group estimates that there could be as many as one million daily drone flights by the year 2035. the u.s. open by the way takes place only three piles from laguardia airport where there have been repeated problems with airplanes and drones. the most recent incident was last may when a commercial flight preparing to land had a near miss at 2700 feet. gregg, the drones are not only a problem for pilot but for law enforcement as well, including secret service. in the incident last night fortunately no one was hurt. new york city senator chuck schumer says there needs to be more regulations of drones and a
7:41 am
matter of time a deay crash will take place. gregg: god forbid. don't want that to happen. david lee miller, thanks. martha: a fast-food chain is under fire after allegedly receiving service to a customer because she was a police officer. just how bad is anti-police sentiment in america in someplaces today? we'll have fair and balanced debate what happened there and what should happen next. >> for people to be treated like this, officers to be treated like this, it is inexcusable. we deman and apology. we're outraged. every backyard comes together around a grill and kingsford charcoal. gather 'round. and try our sweet and fruity charcoal with applewood.
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7:44 am
martha: well the last of three hero americans who took down a gunman on a train in europe is now back on u.s. soil. [applause] martha: that is airman first-classs spencer stone getting a hero's welcome from friends, family and strangers at travis airbase in california. the 23-year-old and the other men stopped potential terror attack on paris bound train last month.
7:45 am
stone spent two weeks in germany treated for injuries during the scuffle. we welcome him home. nicely done. gregg: arby's fast-food chain is firing a florida restaurant manager and suspending a clerk, this after the clerk at one of the restaurants allegedly refuse service to a police officer, sparking national outrage. pembroke pines police officer jennifer martin ordered at the drive-through on tuesday night. according to officials the clerk initially refused to serve her because she was in uniform and a member of law enforcement. richard fowler, joins us, nationally syndicated radio show host. kevin mccullough is a talk show host at salem media group. the author of, no, we can't, columnist for good to see you both. richard, let me start with you. it's got to be tough the attorney general loretta lynch
7:46 am
said earlier this week, to be a police officer these days. it has got to stop. in the last two weeks alone, four police officers have been targeted, apparently simply because they wore a uniform. >> well, listen there is no question being a cop is a hard job and i commend them for their service, right. i don't think she should have been refused service. she should have gotten service and respect them for hard work they do. i think what the secretary, what the attorney general was saying it is a hard job and there is no question that folks are targeting police. i wouldn't connect that targeting of police to the "black lives matter" movement. i would connect it to the fact that people are just angry and upset. a lot of individuals who were sort of, that have been found to target police officers have been known to be mentally ill. we clearly have a problem with mentally ill folk gets guns and we should do with that. gregg: are police in america under attack, kevin? >> they absolutely are and i think when you look atas something petty as arby's i'm
7:47 am
glad the manager was fired and clerk is suspend, what we have really detrimental effect to the future of law enforcement moving into place as well. first year recruiting is down. you have a lack of enthusiasm about people going into this line of work. here's the bottom line, friends, whether free society survives or not is dependent upon faithful and good law enforcement that has people filled with integrity that serve in that capacity. and when you look at the things that "black lives matter" are complaining about and walking around and talking about pigs in blankets and all this other disgusting vial stuff that comes out of their mouth, you're discounting the service of 99.97% of the police officers that serve. gregg: all right. now, richard, a moment ago you said you do not connect this to "black lives matter." and yet, when you see, as kevin pointed out, at a minneapolis rally, "black lives matter"
7:48 am
advocates, chanting, pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon, when you see them at other rallies wearing and showing posters, memorializing the words of a famous cop killer that just gins up the hatred, the confrontation and the divisiveness, doesn't it? >> not at all. here's the thing. i think -- gregg: really? >> we showed this -- gregg: cop killer? >> showed this clip over and over again of one group of protesters in one city, thousands of miles away from anywhere where the cops were killed, of them, saying pigs in blanket thing. it does not represent entire movement -- gregg: social media -- >> what the blacks lives movement is saying is not that black lives are more precious than white lives. >> certainly they are. >> they're is underlying truth and underlying fact that the black lives, worth of black liveses are in question. >> greg, the issue here, blacks lives matter is a organization that, movement that is sprung up
7:49 am
from ferguson. ferguson happened when a cop did his duty and lawfully executed a series of command to someone who did not obey the police officer's order and lost his life as a result of it. even eric holder's investigation into the matter proved it. but that didn't stop people with an agenda from starting this undermining effect much police nationwide. trace all of it to "black lives matter." started in ferguson war the cops were justified 100%. >> i'm glad you brought up the justice department report which indicates that the ferguson police department has unfair practices procedures when it comes to people of color. you may be un-- gregg: i don't want to relitigate ferguson all over again. but i will point out that i did see julius jones, the guy who confronted hillary clinton, he was "black lives matter." he was on network television, he said the phrase all lives matter
7:50 am
is a violent statement. now, go figure that. >> i don't agree with that. i don't agree with that at all. gregg: violent statement -- >> dishonest people are running the movement. >> i believe all lives matter but is what is in question. that is what history always shown us. that "black lives matter" is always a question. gregg: kevin, richard, good to see you both. >> thanks, gregg. martha: go to lee lan individual -- leland vittert what is coming up on "happening now." >> hi, martha. a third hillary clinton ally goes before the house benghazi committee today. this is of course a closed-door deposition. so, is team hillary's damage control a little too little, a little too late? karl rove will weigh in on that. plus a wife falls from a cliff to her death on a hike with her husband. now he is on trial for her murder. will the jury hear about the so-called frequent accident that killed his first wife? and, possible new evidence in
7:51 am
the illinois cop killer manhunt. will a homeowner's surveillance video possibly lead police to the three suspects accused of killing an officer? that is all "happening now." molly line and i at the top ofre the hour. ilosec otc. the number 1 doctor-recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 9 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. actually, knowing the kind of srisk that you're comfortable sure thiwith,ight? i'd steer clear. really? really. straight talk.
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7:55 am
trying to get residents to stop inadvertently feeding wildlife. they have beefed up enforcement of bear resistant trashcans. like child proofing. takes two things to make it open. if they don't, they will be hit with $250 fine. a lot of resident supposed to use them in the alley are not using this. boulder has a bear coalition. doesn't every city? and the boulder bear coalition sy saying that folks are not complying. they have been reporting to the city council and what to happen. in the past eight days, six bears, six bears have had to be removed from the city of boulder. martha? martha: wow. not just boulder. there is bear trouble everywhere these days. >> reporter: absolutely. a lot of bear trouble. in a suburb of denver they had to remove a 200 bound bear to lock down two schools while they got this female bear out of there. right now as i speak, martha, in centennial, colorado, they have another bear surrounded trying to get that bear out of there. i'm not kidding.
7:56 am
it is actually a big problem here in colorado. l.a. has the car chases. we have our bear chases. helicopters go up, everybody watches. you have to be careful. it can be dangerous, martha. martha: it dangerous. we have bears in new jersey, suburbs of new york. i don't know what is going on out there. alicia, thank you very much. gregg: i think we have coyotes. new developments in the man hunt for three suspects in the killing of a illinois police officer. why surveillance video from a nearby home may hold the key to catching the killers.
7:57 am
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only glucerna has carbsteady, diabetes, steady is exciting. clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. gregga fresno family okay aftera fire ripped through their apartment complex. this guy was barbecuing ribs when he spotted the fire so he did what any bash cure would do and ran -- what any barbequer would do and he ran in and got
8:00 am
the ribs. >> i take pride in what i do, man. gregg: a local television station posted the clip on youtube. it already got 800 million views. martha: he's the rib man. get out of the house, man. gregg, thank you. good to see you. happy labor day, every one rsh. happening now start right now. >> reporter: house republicans digging deeper into hillary clinton's secretary of state. another day, another top member of her staff in the hot seat. welcome to "happening now," i'm leland vittert in for jon scott.


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